Jun 11, 2008

Wednesday June 11, 2008 Norma Steinberg

Theme: That is to "SAY"

21A: Prohibition hot spots: SPEAKEASIES

56A: Ten items or less, e.g.: EXPRESS LINE

3D: Utah seagull, e.g.: STATE BIRD

36D: Limbaugh's milieu: TALK RADIO

And an "Animal World" sub-theme:

26A: Baby fox: KIT. Ha ha, our fellow solver KIT simply adores David Cook to pieces!

63A: Loathsome person: TOAD

66A: Pooch pest: FLEA. Would prefer the clue to be "Pooch biter" due to PESTER (48D: Annoy).

1D: Stand up to: BUCK

3D: Utah seagull, e.g.: STATE BIRD

10D: Bullwinkle, e.g.: MOOSE

25D: Peruvian grazer: LLAMA

27D: "Memory" musical: CATS

30D: Woolly moms: EWES

And don't forget the 2 animals in th clues for ORGE (16A: Shrek) and EAGER (40A: Like a beaver?). The clues for GRIND (68A: Pulverize) can be reworded as "Rat race" and LASSIE (5A: Highland miss) can be rephrased as "Timmy's dog".

Looks like our old Wednesday constructor Philip J. Anderson has been sent to EXILE (52D: Napoleon's punishment). Have not seen his work in a month. The difficulty level of the Wednesday puzzle remains the same though, very doable (sans googling). I still think Wednesday is the easiest, and Thursday is the most boring.

Quite a few SS in the grid: LASSIE, ASSETS, MESSY EXPRESS, PASSÉ. But they don't bother me much. I kind of like today's grid structure and fills, no ARCH style obscure words or old TV/movie names to frustrate me. It's "like the ocean under the moon...", so smooth, Carlos Santana style!


6A: Pay stub abbr.: FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act)

14A: Above and beyond: ULTRA. Do you like the Fleer ULTRA brand? I don't think I've seen 2008 yet.

17A: School session: CLASS. And 39A: School duration: TERM

24A: Inventor Howe: ELIAS. Or Walter ____ Disney.

26A: All the rage: TRENDY. And 22D: So last year: PASSÉ. Speedy In and Out!

27A: Bridge suspenders?: CABLES. Good one.

34A: Stopped slouching: SAT UP. Several actions in this puzzle. See 70A: Stand on hind legs: REAR. And don't forget the clue for BUCK (1D: Stand up to).

43A: Martyr of Egypt: SADAT. Yes, please stop calling those terrorists as "martyrs"and their cause as "Jihad". Don't unwittingly glorify them.

46A: Gymnast Korbut: OLGA. And 64A: Gymnast Comaneci: NADIA


55A: Kind of story or girl: COVER. COVERGirl is also a cosmetics brand of course. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl. Drew Barrymore is their new face now.


6D: Lines of marchers: FILES. This word "marchers" always reminds me of "The March of the Penguins" and Mumble ("Happy Feet").

8D: Bop on the bean: CONK

12D: Riled: IRKED. And 48D: Annoy: PESTER. What happened? Why are you so SORE (57D: Painful joint) this morning?

33D: Conceal in one's hand: PALM. Oh, I want these PALM dates, to go with my PEAR (38D: Bosc or Barlett) and my CIDER (55D: Apple drink). You can have the BASIL (1A: Pesto herb). I don't like it.

41D: Actor Novarro: RAMÓN. Unknown to me. Strung his name together from the across fills. RAMÓN is Martin Sheen's real first name.

50D: Get even for: AVENGE. What's the difference between AVENGE and revenge?

54D: Elite: CREAM. Eric Clapton fans probably know all about the Cream.

Finally 2D: Popular diet pill: ALLI. I've never heard of it. I am in "the Zone". Love Sheryl Crow's "ALL I Wanna Do". "ALL I wanna do is have some fun, I got a feeling I'm not the only one...". Enjoy!



Kim said...

Good Morning CC & all!

Two days in a row! I'm on a roll. Not Dennis time, but it only took about 20 minutes, but finished with no help!

Have a great day!

Bill said...

I'm guessing this was sub 2 min for Dennis. If I can do it in under 20 it must be pretty easy.
No trips except for the diet pill. It came from the other clues , but like you, C.C., I've never heard of it.

Bill said...

Heres the dope on ALLI. Doesn't sound to great to me!

Dr. Dad said...

Yes!!! 6 minutes, no googling. What a way to start the day!! Yeah, Dennis probably did it in 2 or 3.
Two gymnasts - Nadia and Olga.
I prefer to think of Eric Knight's book "Lassie Come Home" rather than Timmy. A much better story.
C.C. - you sure are good at finding the sub themes in a puzzle.
June 11, 1962 - John & Clarence Anglin and Frank Lee Morris escaped from Alcatraz. They were presumed drowned but bodies were never found and they were never seen again. The film was "Escape From Alcatraz" starring Clint Eastwood.
For C.C. - 631 - Emperor Taizong of Tang, the Emperor of China, sent envoys to the Xueyantuo bearing gold and silk in order to persuade the release of enslaved Chinese prisoners who were captured during the transition from Sui to Tang.
Timothy McVeigh executed for his role in Oklahoma City Bombing.
Finally, it is Kamehameha Day in Hawaii.

Have a great day!!!
1184 B.C. - Troy was sacked; end of Trojan War.

Dr. Dad said...

Bill - I just visited that Alli review site. Side effects of incontinence, gas, and oily anal excretions???!!!! That can go right along with Lois' case of anal glaucoma that she mentioned yesterday. As the review states, you can have a real "Party in your pants." YYUUUUCCKKK!!!! I think I'll just gain weight.

Katherine said...

Good morning everyone. I liked the puzzle today because I got it all! LOL CC, have you heard Santana and Chad Kroeger, Into The Night? I LOVE that song.
I never heard of Ramon Novarro either, and yes I remember Cream well. Great band.
Have a good day everyone.

Dr. Dad said...

By the way - Lassie is one of only three animals to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The other two are Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart (another German Shepherd aka Etzel von Oeringen - he made it possible for Rin Tin Tin to be a canine star).

C.C. Burnikel said...

How long have you been solving the TMS puzzles?

Thanks for the link. I wonder why they picked up this name ALLI.

Thanks for dog stars information and "Escape From Alcatraz". Interesting. Do you think those two might have "The Shawshank Redemption" end? Thanks also for the Tang Tai-zong story. Xi'An is the capital city of the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties.

"Into the Night", Yes!

Barry G. said...


I was going to say what a breeze this puzzle was, but then I discovered I made a mistake in the NW corner. I put EXTRA instead of ULTRA for 14A and, since I've never heard of the "popular" diet pill, it didn't occur to me that "AXLI" wasn't correct for 2D. Hey, it's a brand name -- they can call it anything they want, right? I was a little suspicious of BECK for 1D, to be honest, but since I was soooo sure about EXTRA I figured it was some obscure definition of the word ...

Ah well, better luck tomorrow, eh?

Anonymous said...

Good day today - only two googles (elias & ramon). Never heard of alli, but got it on the crosses.

cc: did you like the crossing of aria & area?

Kim said...


I started about 2 years ago. Never had done them before that. When I retired (my hubby says I just quit the working world) since I'm only 48, I started sitting out on my patio in the mornings reading the paper, then did a puzzle. Our paper has 3, but my favorite is the TMS. I don't start my day until I either finish or give up! I love doing them.

Anonymous said...

Good morning CC & DF's: Same here. Easy puzzle. Morale booster. CC, thank you for the great links as usual. Love Santana anything & really relate to Crow's song. Had to laugh at Rear(70A)thinking of Dennis and his'assets' exposing experience soon. Just don't put 'cables', 'grind', 'sore' in that same thought process... work much better in a different setting.

Enjoy this gorgeous day. Cold snap. Down to 88...

C.C. Burnikel said...

AXLI sounds like a better pill name than ALLI.

Alright, let's go "Into the Night".

Chris in LA,
AREA/ARIA. No. Does it bother you? Why? How about IDOS/IDEA intersection?

I've never heard any paper with 3 crossword puzzles. Your local editor must ADORE (35D) crossword. By the way, I am tired of seeing ADRORE/ADORER every day.

Sheryl Crow's song is for you!

Anonymous said...

drdad: That is hysterical! That's one party that I will try to avoid, even as avid of a pants party person as I am.

Also wanted to thank you for all the interesting things. My bro in law was in the OKC Murrah (sp?) bldg the day before the tragedy.
I often celebrate that same day that Hawaii is having today...maybe we pronounce it differently.

Dick said...

Good morning Cc and DFs. Today was a breeze. I think about 5 or 6 minutes with no help.

Barry I also had extra for 14A until I decided that 1D was buck in lieu of beck and this made 14A ultra.

Drdad you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge of filmdom.

Hope Dennis is doing OK this morning. His brief exam today along with Lois' case of anal glaucoma and the ALLI makes for a sh-- day.

Anonymous said...

cc: Not a particular fan of short (5 letter or less) homophonic crosses, but sometimes enjoy those that employ more letters as they require extra creativity on the part of the constructor. I agree with you on adore and would add era, idea, ogre, aria, ido(s) & atm to my personal list of "enough already" - you?

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - found this to be a very uninspiring/uninspired puzzle; no snags and not a lot of thought required.
I think the name 'alli' came from "all i want is a solid bowel movement."

Beautiful, sunny day here today; hope it's a good one for everyone.

Oh, and start getting your excuses ready - Friday is "National Blame Someone Else" day. Also Friday the 13th.

C.C. Burnikel said...

RE: AREA/ARIA. That's what I suspected you objected to. It's probably unavoidable from a constructor's standing point. I cringe only when the 2 words with the same ROOT WORDS intersecting each other, like AREa with AREeola, or MOOse/MOOd, or ADOre/ADOpt, etc.
But I am OK if ARId crosses ARIzona since ARI is not a word. Hope I make myself understood.

You will find more ADORE/IDEA style words tomorrow on Alan P. Olschwang's QUIP puzzle. We call them as Repeat Offenders here on the blog.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I am an early bird. I think I will start my "National Blame Someone Else" day tomorrow if it's a QUIP puzzle.

I thought today's puzzle is very well constructed. Nothing gnarly. I like the sub-theme. Probably too easy for you.

dons_mind said...

fun puzzle -- enjoy sipping my morning coffee and working these most everyone else never heard of ALLI (2d) either...did have to google the baby fox (20a), wasn't familiar with KIT...

Anonymous said...

those of us in Southern Wisconsin would love to give you some of our rain. Flooding, tornados and cool weather have been the norm for us lately. I have been lucky enough not to have water or wind damage. So far we have had two lakes that have drained because of failure. 50 or more highways and roads closed including part of Interstate 94.

Dr. Dad said...

Speaking of tornadoes, click on my new photo to see a picture of one that struck Kearney, Nebraska on May 29th. I went to undergraduate school there 1978-1982. Tornado was classed an F-4.

Jeanne said...

Morning all,
Late start today because I was out with five other women to see "Sex in the City". Movie was okay but the drinks afterwards were better.
Lois, there is a very good scene with a very naked young male you would love. I love movies that are inspiring!!!
BTW, we also get the NEA crossword and I very seldom do that one. Never liked the flow of that one.

Superfrey said...

Like most everyone I found this one pretty easy.... but after Monday's I needed one like this.
Dennis: good luck today... blessed be the cheese that binds you :-)
CC- Just curious, I have a nephew teaching in Ningbo. Are you familiar with the city?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Kit is always the last one to comment on the blog each day.

What's NEA crossword?

Ningbo: Yes. It's famed for the counterfeit Omega/Rolex watches, Gucci/Chanel bags, etc.

Dennis said...

Uh...just a point of clarification - my 'journey to uranus' isn't until the 'end' of the month.

Superfrey said...

C.C. Hey I will have to order some counterfeit stuff then.. :):):)
Dennis: Somehow we thought your space voyage was today... just make sure they put you out for it and hope they don't find anything unusual... like Jersey plates or something. Aren't you glad you brought this up? Sorry we have ragged on you about this.... we are all just relating so well to your situation. Been there and done that... have a great day folks

Dennis said...

superfrey, thanks for the good wishes - no, I don't mind the ragging at all, I've enjoyed it -- I'd sure be having a field day with it if it was someone else.

ndw said...

WOW - Record time for me!!! This one was very easy - the only problems I had was at first I put TOON for Shrek but then looked at down clues and knew it had to be OGRE!!! then I put BONK for the hit on head and couldnt figure out what FIBA was for paystub. Got the "C" from Bill's copy!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far and doesn't run into too many Conks today.

PS If you went into WalMart as much as I do, you would have known what ALLI was they had it as center aisle and end aisle displays for the longest time.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone! Got this one OK after I fixed the NW corner -- had EXTRA for ULTRA but that didn't work for 1D and 2D. C.C., BUCK is also an action -- a bucking horse. I also like the 27A clue. My clue for 57D is painful Point, not Joint. Never heard of ALLI as well. Barry, I gave in to my suspicions and used Mr. G to make corrections before declaring "finished!" Yes, there is always tomorrow. Superfrey, it's time for a knee report -- how is it?

C.C. Burnikel said...

"It's time for a knee report". It sounds so Dick! You are earlier today, did you solve it online? What's your theme title?

Superfrey said...

Crockett1947: The knee is doing better... the progress is slow but steady. I am out on the links now so that is good.... shot an 84 the first time out on a course I had never played... how did that happen? It's a miracle :-)

Jeanne said...

The NEA crossword puzzle is Newspaper Enterprise Association put out by United Media. You can do them online but they usually don't match the one in our paper. Never saw a Sunday one. Need help in incorporating a link in this comment section.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne: Thanks for the 'tip'. I'm sure I'll own it when 'it comes out'.
Dennis: That's funny. We're just keeping you 'pumped' and getting you 'primed' for your virgin voyage into the 'black hole'.

Jeanne said...

Lois, It's out!

Dr. Dad said...

Dennis - I certainly feel for you. Everyone else - give the poor man a break!!

carol said...

Hi C.C. and everyone: Good and easy this morning...about time!
I had never heard of Alli either.

Drdad and Bill, regarding "Alli"-you don't need a pill for those side effects..just eat a bag of fat free Lay's potato chips (the ones with "Olestra")!! I have NOT done this, just read about it.
Nothing like anal leakage to make your day!

Lois, how come your picture is not showing up beside your "blog" name today? Are you hiding? I know you are not shy, so just wondering.

Still cloudy and cool here, but a change is supposed to come tomorrow..we might get to 75 and actually see the sun!!! Yea!

drdad: also, thanks for all the neat info for today...I learn something each time I read these comments. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Y'all,

Almost finished this one without help, so it must have been an easy one!!!

Had same trouble in n'west corner though. Wanted to use Basil and extra, but could'nt make sense out of "beck" for "Stand up to". When you gave me "ultra", the rest was easy.
C.C. correct me if I'm wrong; I believe "Revenge" is a noun while "Avenge" describes action--like a verb.
Also FYI, My paper (The San Angelo Standard Times) publishes the same clues and puzzles as yours.
Hot and dry here. Hope you all are faring well today.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

breezy today, which is fine since i'm still smarting from monday's bear of a puzzle. i did notice all the critters.

@chris - i groaned to see erle and eire yet again.

@c.c. - i liked your speedy in and out comment about trendy and passee. avenge and revenge, often used interchangeably but avenge more often suggests vindicating someone other than oneself.

i remember ray romano's bit about olestra .. that the 'wow' chips containing it had to have warning lables. 'say what you want about cigarrettes ..... nobody's leaking.'

thank you for all the graduation well-wishes. one down, one to go.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mark - Buenos Aires

can anyone tell me the letter for 29 - i dont know any philbin and going thru the alphabet from aest to zest does not help.

i couldnt fit cub in for baby fox, but in Uk that what it is - to my shame now, I used to go cub hunting which helped train the foxhounds and cull the animals before they ate the lambs.
I also had bonk and not knowing any wiser had FIBA, FICA means nothing to me.

Why is Eire poetic, surely its just the Gaelic for Ireland ie the country¨s name?

Finally, a serious question - is the compiler restricted as to what words he can use, so many clues are repeated over and over again eg Olga, Nadia, Lisa, the Philbin clues. I wonder if I am unaware of some rules the compiler must adhere to.

Blue skies here but a bit chilly at 10 celsius.

have fun everybody.


Anonymous said...

Jeanne: Thank you. I'm on it.
Carol: Work. Restricted.
Melissa: Congratulations to both of you. Wish your daughter well. Where is she going? How old is #2?

carol said...

Lois, thanks for the explanation! Keep those little "ogres" in their seats and enjoy the 17A :)

Kim, I like to start my morning like you do...I also "quit the working world" early and just love staying home!! Fun to linger over coffee and the puzzle (Can't do "Dennis Time", can't think that fast, never mind writing that fast) More power to you Dennis and to Bill too!!

I am working on Friday's comments already..never heard of "Blame Someone Else Day" but love the idea.

Kim said...


The TMS is located on the inside of the back page, the other two are on a Fun & Games page. One is the NY Times and the other is listed as "Today's Puzzle" so I don't know where that one hails from. I looked on the parent paper's website for the Palm Beach Post, but they don't give any of the puzzles online.

Carol, I love staying home too! I take care of the house and the animals and that's about it! I wouldn't venture back out into that rat race for anything!!

melissa bee said...

thanks lois :)). she's interested in journalism, and my boy is 15. three more years and i'm off to a cabin in the woods (but who's counting?) are you out of school for the summer soon?

Crockett1947 said...

C.C., just got a good start out of the blocks today. I have done the online version a few times for kicks, but I prefer the printed version. Don't know what I'll do next week when I'm crusing to Alaska, but I'm supposed to have wireless internet access aboard ship. I don't have a theme listed in my paper. I like want you came up with. Melissa bee, is that a new pic? The color looks different to me today. Mark, I think you're looking for a G. Regis Philbin.

Dennis said...

Kit, sorry I missed your question Monday night. No, I've not turned over a new fig leaf. I've tried to maintain my puritanical nature, but it's difficult on this board to do so with the likes of Lois, et al. constantly eroding my chastity. What's a person to do?

melissa bee said...

@crockett: cruising to alaska, i would so love to do that. a different pic, yes .. i like yours with the coffee and crossword.

Dennis said...

Wow, melissa bee, is that you, or is that one of those pictures that come with the frame? Stunning - absolutely stunning.

melissa bee said...

@dennis .. that deserves another smooch.

Der Katze said...

A friend of mine was in the examination room for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. He said, "Doc, if you plan on using the same tube for both examinations, would you please do the endoscopy first?"
Good luck Dennis.

melissa bee said...

c.c., i just got my copy of 'how to conquer the NYT crossword puzzle' by amy reynaldo (orange) and read your interview with her from february. enjoyed that, thank you for posting it.

also got 'cruciverbalism,' by stanley newman, and 'grid lock,' by matt gaffney. both look to be very interesting.

Dick said...

Drdad that tornado looks like it must have scared the hell out of you. Sure glad I did not look out and see that thing coming.

Melissa bee I agree with Dennis the pic is a beaut.

Lois l am so eager I was wondering if you I could go to a speakeasy, so I could get into your express line and give you my marker.

Anonymous said...


Just returned from visiting my 95 year old mother in FLA. She still likes solving the JUMBLE puzzle.

One more newspaper that carries the Trib crossword: Orlando Sentinel.

Next week I'll be in Hawaii, so hope I find my daily fix there!

carol said...

Dick, you naughty boy!
Lois, go to his "rescue" and "dare" him to "cover" you :)

melissa bee said...

@dick: thank you, a smooch for you, too.

lois said...

Dick: I'll take your marker and check out your 'kit' and 'cable' anywhere but under my 'term(s)' which include no "I Do's" and that we hold 'class' near some 'reefs'. I'm sure you'll be singing a few 'aria's before too long. We might be 'exile'd afterwards tho'. I 'adore' under'cover''spree's...a little diversion from the daily
'buck' and 'grind'. Have your people call my people.

Dick said...

Carol and Lois you are both crazy LOL!

C.C. Burnikel said...

It's unavoidable that certain crossword-friendly words will bubble up in the puzzles from time to time, but the frequency of their appearance in TMS puzzle is just appalling. It's not necessarily the original constructor's fault.

Yes, Orange's book is the best. Gridlock is pretty good too. I have not read Stan's book yet.

I've added "Orlando Sentinel" to the list, thank you. We've got many fellow solvers in Hawaii, so you should easily find a newspaper there.

Pallavi Narayan said...

call me ignorant but this is my first time here never thought of clubbing the net with crossword.. Thank you so so so much.. you have made my day!!

C.C. Burnikel said...

You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

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