Aug 21, 2009

Friday August 21, 2009 Dan Naddor

Theme: 'N Sync (N is replaced by NN)

17A: "Cimarron" actress Irene's carriage?: DUN(N)E BUGGY. Knew Irene DUNNE. Not familiar with DUNE BUGGY ("The Other Woman" sounds sweet). It's used on sand dunes/beaches.

23A: Makers of knockoff artillery?: CAN(N)ON COPIERS. Had never heard of Ricoh until I came to the US. Xerox and CANON were the popular copier brands in China.

32A: Nordic winter wear?: FIN(NI)SH COAT. Nokia is all I know about Finland.

40A: Airer of fashion infomercials?: COCO CHAN(N)EL. Had lots of trouble obtaining this entry, despite seeing Clear Ayes' CHANNEL for CASSINI ("In My Own Fashion" autobiographer") mistake last Sunday. CHANEL once said "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." So true.

50A: Film festival city guidebook for pedestrians?: WALKING CAN(N)ES. CANNES Film Festival.

59A: Cruise down the Rhine, perhaps?: BON(N) VOYAGE. BONN is former capital of Western Germany. On the Rhine River.

Another special 15*16 grid. One extra row to accommodate the overlapped theme answers FINNISH COAT and COCO CHANNEL.

Dan mentioned that he always shoots for at least 20 entries of 6-letter or more in his puzzle. I counted a total of 24 in today's grid.

Bumpy ride. As planned yesterday, I dived into the lower right corner immediately and got BONN VOYAGE in no time. Found no unifying answer there, then returned north and got DUNNE BUGGY. Then I noticed the extra N pattern. Unfortunately it did not help me with the other 4 theme answers at all.

Quite a few obscure words/abbreviations for me in the grid.


1A: Dear columnist? ABBY. Dear ABBY.

5A: Neighborhood near TriBeCa?: SOHO. TriBeCa stands for Triangle Below Canal Street.

9A: Alternative to Hires: DAD'S. Root beer brands.

13A: SST nose feature: DROOP. Wikipedia says DROOP nose was a distinctive feature of Concorde. And pilot would lower the nose to improve visibility of the runway and taxiway. When in flight, the nose would be raised. New term to me.

15A: À tout __: at all costs: PRIX. Simply "price" in French, as in PRIX fixe.

16A: Aunt with a "Cope Book": ERMA. From ERMA Bombeck.

19A: Worker's end-of-week cry: TGIF. Proper for a Friday puzzle.

20A: Abbr. in some Canadian place names: STE. In Québec or other French speaking places.

21A: 2002 Best New Artist Grammy winner Jones: NORAH. Very nice "Are You Lonesome Tonight?". NORAH Jones is the daughter of Ravi Shankar, the sitarist.

26A: Masters partner: JOHNSON. Stumped. The Masters and JOHNSON was a research team (William Masters & Virginia E. JOHNSON). They pioneered research into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions from 1957 until the 1990s, a la Wikipedia.

29A: Film director Petri: ELIO. Big stumper. Have never heard of this Italian film director. He died in 1982, the year TV entered my world.

30A: D'backs and Cards: NLERS. Diamondbacks & Cardinals: National Leaguers.

39A: "Bambi" character: ENA: Bambi's aunt.

42A: Promotes: SELLS. OK, Obama promotes/SELLS his heath care plan. I had problem understanding the connection.

43A: Prefix meaning height: ACRO. As in acrobat/acrophobia.

44A: "No kidding!": THAT SO. Can you give me an example of how these two are synonymous? I've never heard of THAT SO.

47A: With sophistication: SUAVELY

53A: "80's Ladies" country singer K. T.: OSLIN. Knew her name, not the song.

54A: Eager, in dialect: RARIN'. RARIN' to go.

58A: Fish's last meal?: BAIT. Great clue. Got me.

61A: "__ the picture!": I GET

62A: Car with a four-ring logo: AUDI. Very straightforward clue.

63A: Greek New Ager: YANNI. Enya & YANNI, the only two New Agers I know. YANNI attended University of Minnesota.

64A: Deep-six: TOSS. Origin for deep-six (discard): a burial at sea (where the body is weighted to force it to the bottom) requires a minimum of six fathoms of water.

65A: Column-lined pedestrian way: STOA. Alright, here is the STOA of Attalos in Athens. Of Doric order.

66A: Spunkmeyer of cookie fame: OTIS. Total stranger to me.


2D: Moët et Chandon label word: BRUT. Literally "very dry".

3D: Elegant tableware: BONE CHINA

4D: Over there, old-style: YON. Hither and YON.

5D: Encourage: SPUR ON

6D: Heart, e.g.: ORGAN. And UNIV (48D:: Harvard, e.g.: Abbr.). Same style of cluing.

7D: Impressive note: HIGH C. Wikipedia says it's also called Soprano C.

8D: Moronic intro?: OXY. Oxymoronic.

9D: Holds for questioning: DETAINS

11D: Composer Shostakovich: DMITRI. Got his name with Across help.

12D: Like AAA-rated bonds, as bonds go: SAFEST

14D: Actor Sean et al: PENNS. The only non-theme NN answer in the grid. (Update: YANNI too).

18D: Activist Chaz: BONO. D'oh. Chastity BONO. Sonny & Cher's daughter. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) activist. She is going to have a gender swap surgery and officially become a "he".

22D: Peloponnesian War victor: SPARTA. Easy guess. Not familiar with that ancient Greek war. It's fought between SPARTA and the Athens.

24D: Author. unknown: ANON

25D: Belief involving sorcery: OBEAH (OH-bee-uh). New word to me. Dictionary says it's practiced in some parts of the West Indies, Jamaica, and nearby tropical America. Kind of like Voodoo, isn't it?

26D: Boss, in Spanish: JEFE. Also new to me. It's pronounced like HE-fe.

27D: "thirtysomething" actor Ken: OLIN. Nope. Have never heard of this guy or TV series "thirtysomething".

30D: Some PX patrons: NCOS. PX is Post Exchange.

31D: __ cit.: footnote abbr.: LOC

33D: Strands at a chalet, perhaps: ICES IN

34D: Athenian reformer: SOLON. No idea. Wikipedia outlines a bunch of constitutional, economic, moral reforms he conducted but failed.

35D: Acid in gastric juice, chemically: HCL (Hydrocholoric). Absolutely no idea.

36D: Nonstop: INCESSANT

37D: Jazzman Saunders: MERL. Obtained his name with Across fills. What's the model of his car?

41D: Church area: NAVE

42D: Leeward Island north of Nevis: ST. KITTS. I am going to eat worms if I forget this name again.

44D: Small-time: TWO-BIT. Both the clue and answers are new to me. Only know "Big time". TWO-BITS is also a slang for a quarter. (Thanks, Bryan.)

45D: Tries one's hand (at): HAS A GO. Alas, multiple-word problem again.

46D: Unites (with): ALLIES

47D: Lake Huron port in Canada: SARNIA. I forgot. It's clued as "Largest city on Lake Huron" last time. See this map. Northeast of Detroit.

51D: Tiler's need: GROUT. Thin, coarse mortar. New to me.

52D: Positive-thinking: CAN-DO. Like Dennis's attitude.

56D: Lambs: Lat.: AGNI. Did not know the plural of Agnus is AGNI. Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).

57D: Floral rings: LEIS

59D: Box score figs.: BAS. BA stands for Batting Average in baseball or "Blocks Against" in basketball. (Thanks, Dennis & Argyle).

60D: Shanghai-born NBAer: YAO. His surname. Chinese put surname first.

Answer grid.

Picture of the Day: Here is a great wedding photo of our fellow solver Linda. In her own words: "L to R: Brides Parents, bride and groom (our youngest son,) moi and hubby."



Hahtoolah said...

Morning, All. Wow! A Friday puzzle I could actually do! And it was so fun and clever! A challenge, but not impossible. I was even able to get all the right answers on the top row in the first pass.

Loved the theme.

Yesterday we had NOHO, today SOHO (5A). What will be the next neighborhood? We also had St. Kitts recently.

Favorite clue: Fish’s last meal: BAIT

I’m off for a long day in the Big Easy.

August 21 birthdays:

1920 ~ Christopher Milne, son of AA Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh
1936 ~ Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain
1904 ~ Count Basie
1878 ~ American Bar Association was established

QOD: Unemployment is capitalism’s way of getting you to plant a garden. ~ Orson Scott Card

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a rare Friday for me, especially with a Dan Naddor puzzle, but I had minimal problems with this one and got through it relatively quickly. The theme, a clever one, was readily apparent after 'Dunne buggy'.

I blew through the top without pause, and didn't need perp help until 'jefe'. 'Obeah' was another one of those words that just popped out when I read the clue; no idea where it came from, but I think we had it before in a puzzle, as we did with 'Merl Saunders'. Coincidental seeing 'Soho' so soon after discussing it. Didn't know 'Elio Petri' or 'Sarnia'. 'St. Kitts' was just an educated guess since you always see it paired with Nevis.

All in all, a nice way to start a Friday.

C.C., regarding 'that so?' -- you normally would say, "Is that so?"

Today is Senior Citizens' Day. Not sure what one is supposed to do.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Life is change; growth is optional." -- Karen Kaiser Clark

Some Friday Fun Facts:

- Ernest Hemingway's favorite food while writing: peanut butter sandwiches.

- There were 135 people on the ballot to be governor of California in 2003.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Do kids abbreviate "Is that so?" as "That so?" or adult also?

Stop playing game with me or anyone else. Go away.

Dennis said...

Do kids abbreviate "Is that so?" as "That so?" or adult also?

C.C., yes, matter of fact, most times when someone says it, it sounds more like "zat so?"

Linda, great picture!

Argyle said...

WORMS, C.C., worms.

B A = Batting Average
(Oh, the shame of it.)

Merl's car is a '50ish Bentley, like a Rolls Royce. I got that from the hood emblem.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yes, nicely SAUTED worms, with sprinkled chives. Dennis just mentioned earlier that you don't see the plural BAS often. BA does stand for "Blocked Against" in NBA, correct?

Argyle said...

Yawnni(double N): In this clip, Yanni is the guy with long hair and cheesy mustache. The featured violinist, Samvel Yervinyan, does one Hell of a job. I would love to see him do The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Argyle said...


PJB-Chicago said...

Good morning!
Dan Naddor is true to form: tough clues, rough fill, but rarely crossing impossible acrosses with improbable downs. Many unknowns for me, today, but I successfully avoided over-reliance on random guesses. Cannot say that I'm getting much faster, but I am more likely to trust the tiny portion of my brain that knows things that I didn't know I knew.
The wheels fell off the bus with (17A) Cimarron, and (25D) Obeah. Let's try to forgive me for having NO clue on Irene Dunne. Who? 5D's "Grout" made me laugh, because I have been known to confuse "GROUT" with "gout". If you have tile worked on, please do not be like me and say the wrong word.Two very diffent things...
Was relieved to see SOHO, (5A) instead of NOHO, which stumped me yesterday.
Finally got to the end of the grid with lots of guessing and one half cheat (SOLON, 34D.)
Humbled but happy to enjoy the challenge
Enjoy the day! pjb

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Came in early and got a bunch done so I printed out the grid. Got the NW and SE corners and everything came to a screeching halt. Biggest hang up was not being able to get Walking Cannes and Coco Channel.

My favorite clue was also fish's last meal.

Wonderful picture Linda!

Been a wicked week, definitely TGIF!!

Have a good one!

Argyle said...

I did not get the cross of ELIO Petri and Spanish boss, JEFE. I guessed just about all the other vowels first.

C.C., Yahoo Answers said BA meant Blocks Against but most offical sites have it as BLKA, for BLocks Against.

If a player blocks a shot, it's BLK and if his shot attempt is blocked, he gets a BLKA.

Barry G. said...

Hey, folks!

Everything about this puzzle was going along smoothly until I hit a brick wall down at the SW corner. I was able to get WALKING CANNES, thanks to figuring out the theme, but OSLIN did not spring immediately to mind and I erroneously had LURE instead of BAIT for 58A and SINK instead of TOSS for 64A. I also had misspelled SOLON as SOLAN, which kept me from seeing THAT SO for 44A. All in all, a total mess.

After being totally unable to get any of the vertical crosses, I finally just deleted my answers for 58A and 64A and stared at the blank space for awhile. I eventually got TWO BIT off the W in WALKING CANNES, which gave me BAIT and OSLIN, which in turn gave me HAS A GO, ALLIES and ST KITTS. Voila!

Another small roadblock occurred in the east central section when I put ALTI instead of ACRO for 43A. That totally destroyed my ability to get 36D, 37D or 38D until I finally saw the error of my ways and then everything fell into place quickly.

The rest of the puzzle was much easier by comparison. I was proud of myself for getting AGNI for 58D. I'd never actually seen the word before, but I've sung enough Catholic masses in my life to know that "Agnus Dei" is "Lamb of God:, and it didn't take much to figure out that the plural of Agnus would be AGNI.

Have a great one!

windhover said...

I had to check the day on the front page of my paper, and amazingly, it said Friday. One of the few Friday puzzles, LAT or NYT, I have EVER finished.
Slowed way down in the center, had no idea on 27 D (no TV) or 29A, and guessed correctly on 47A.
The "easing up" rumors must be true. No complaints here. This is the degree of difficulty that suits my limited skills.
The wonder to me is that editors and constructors can keep the puzzle fresh and interesting even half the time. Having to be at the top of your game 365 days a year seems unattainable. These folks come pretty close.
Birthday addition:
my brother Perry - 1950

Did 24D trigger your ire this morning? Maybe Rich Norris is feeling our pain.

Very nice picture, just the color I would picture you in. A good looking family, the grandchildren
will be handsome.

Kelev said...

Happy Birthday to your brother, Windhover.

Anyone here from Hawaii? Today is the 50th anniversary of it's statehood.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for the extra NN in YANNI.

You should ask our Marine24D about ANON.

What's the difference between SAUTE & stir-fry again?

I don't think Star Tribune will change the puzzle. They obviously want no reader participation in their decision-making.

lois said...

Good morning CC et al., It's Fri all right. Top half went smoothly, bottom half did not. Got Yanni tho'. I think the guy is phenomenal and loved seeing Norah Jones here - one of my favs.

Argyle: I will put up a pic of my Silver Ghost Bentley (Percheron horse)soon. Loved that link. My dad had a Bentley in his day but sold it when he discovered that valets or whoever expected a bigger than normal tip whenever he drove up. So like him..even to his funeral. We got a refund from the funeral home.

Linda: great picture!

Off to OBX (Outer Banks,NC). Enjoy your wkend.

lois said...

Dennis: Forgot. I'll be back in time to see you and Jeannie at church.

Jeanne said...

Morning all,
I did today’s puzzle online at 4:30 a.m. Yes, a bad night’s sleep, but even in my groggy state managed the puzzle except for the SW corner. Caught onto the theme early on and that was a big help. Didn’t know Obeah or Jefe but eventually got them. This is a Friday difficulty level I could live with.

@Linda, beautiful picture. Don’t you just love weddings? We have been to a number of weddings in the last 5 or 6 years. Our own children, children of friends, nieces and nephews are all falling into that stage of life. The saying around here for the mother of the groom is to “sit down, shut up, and wear beige.” I was good on 2 out of 3!!!

The humidity is really high today and I am anticipating some nasty storms later today. Really makes me nervous after what we had several weeks ago. Take care all.

Elissa said...

This was an easier than average Friday puzzle for me - making it two days in row. I got the theme immediately with DUNNE BUGGY and all the other theme answers came fairly easily (except that I tried CANNE at the beginning, then with some perp misfits, moved it to the end of the fill.) Unknowns that were gotten through perps: ELIO, OBEAH, SOLON. Duh! answer: BONO. What held me up was the cross of unknowns STOA/BAS/SARNIA and MERL/ACRO. This is a pisser, since I suffer with ACROphobia (although it doesn't bother me in the small plane, but it does in really tall full wall window buildings - go figure). As for STOA - when will this stay in my head? Really have to eat a worm (which, by the way is what I first put in for BAIT). On the other hand got ST KITTS with just a moment of thought.

Lots to do today, including apologizing to someone who made me very angry. But I shouldn't have screamed at her the way I did. I'm sure it was very unpleasant for her and it didn't make me feel any better either. And I knew it was wrong at the time I was screaming. Wonder why I did it anyway? When I was working this kind of thing happened often. It is the first time since I stopped working 5 years ago that I was on such a tirade. Talk about eating worms!

Have a nice weekend, all.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a tough Friday challenge. I got all the theme answers as well as the theme (CC - nice 'N Sync - I like that title) but struggled with some of the other fills. OBEAH, JEFE, SARNIA, ELIO, SOLON, I always want LANGE for K.T. even though she wasn't a country singer. Cannot remembers OSLIN ever - so frustrating. This makes it hard. Have to eat worms on ST. KITT too. Why are certain things so hard to remember?

Loved seeing Norah Jones and Erma Bombeck, two of my favorites. thirtysomething was around when I was in my thirties and was very popular. Kind of depressing show though. Having been on a Concorde, I remember the droop nose.

Off to San Diego for a little family fun.

Lovely picture Linda. Keep them coming everyone.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

like others, i found the top half surprisingly do-able, but got a bit tangled up in the bottom half. SOLON, AGNI, STOA, SARNIA, and ELIO were all unknowns. 'd'backs and cards' sent me off in the card game direction. superb BAIT clue. liked the 30-something reference, enjoyed that show.

i only finished because of red letter help for the s in STOA/BAS and the a in STOA/SARNIA.

argyle, roxanne?

great picture linda.

happy friday everyone.

Linda said...

Hi CC and friends:
Made myself finish, with google and peeking at theme...I always hope seeing all the clues solved might help me next time...because they do have a way of showing up again. I put on that "cando" attitude! BTW, I grew up thinking there was no other rootbeer except A&W.

About the "pretty granchildren..." probably not from this third marriage. She has an adorable three year old and he pays too much child support. Her Mom is Korean and makes wonderful spring and egg rolls.
I love the pictures...keep them coming. (Hope you don`t get too tired, CC!)

Moon said...

Good Morning!
Wow! A friday puzzle that I finished in 20 mins...New record :)
(Dont think I'll ever manage it again)
I was prepared for a struggle as CC mentioned yesterday that it might be a Dan Naddor puzzle. I saw the author and was like; "Is CC Omniscient? "
Lots of answers that I got by fluke. Got DUNNE from perps and was able to add BUGGY thanks to some perp help. Had --HNS-N and I put in JOHNSON. Similarly for O-IN
(remembered Lena Olin) and put in L. Also for OTI-, I put in OTIS (Most elevators in Bangalore are OTIS). Forgot STOA and had STO- for some time intersecting SA-NI-. Remembered SARNIA (no idea, how) and filled it.
Fav clue like many others: Fish's last meal?

TGIF! Have a great day, everyone

Linda, Beautiful picture. I loved the color of your dress.

Bryan said...

A quarter is actually two bitS not two bit. That is because a bit is 12.5 cents. Four bits is 50 cents.

eddyB said...

Morning all and a good Friday.
Never thought about the extra row, the LAT download last night had an extra column that stayed blank. Go figure.

JimmyB said...

I'm convinced this is an "eased up" week. Yesterday and today only took me a few more minutes than earlier in the week. Usually Thursdays and Fridays take me at least twice as long as Monday-Wednesdays. There were a handful of answers I didn't know but were filled with the crosses and some good guesses.

C.C. - Thanks for all the pictures. I must confess I now scroll down to see whose picture we have today before reading more about the answers. What a charming group!

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all, for me not a good outing today. I seem to be in the minority in that I thought the puzzle was very difficult and I struggled in every area except the NW and SW corners. There were many unknowns for me, most of which has been mentioned by others.

There were some impossible crosses such as 26D “Jefe” and 29A “Elio”.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Hope you all have a great Friday.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

Linda, what a lovely picture. Your son looks very proud and happy. And you look terrific. Glad you didn't wear beige. At my son's first wedding, he asked what color my dress was for the corsage. When I told him multicolored stripes I wonder what the mother of the bride thought.

Got most of today's without much pain. All the top came easily – so easily I figured I must be wrong. Also liked fish's last meal. And Sarnia was a few miles from where my parents retired, as both were Canadians who worked in the U.S.


Linda said...

It`s me again, Margaret...
resting from housecleaning because that relative is coming this know, the one that looked at it and remarked (when I told her it took half a day to clean the crystal light fixture in the dining room), "It doesn`t last, does it?" Anyway...I was cleaning with my glasses on and it was taking soooo long. So I took them off and it`s going much faster! :)

Lola said...

Hi Everyone!

Dick, I must have been channeling you this morning. The puzzle seemed like a typical tough Dan Naddor. The NW, NE, and SE filled in pretty easily, but the SW defeated me. Iced in for strands at a chalet seemed like a bit of a stretch. For unites with I wanted merges. Oh well, if they all were easy we'd never learn anything new.

Linda, that was a beautiful picture. It is fun putting faces to all the names that are so familiar.

Whatever happened to Dr. Dad and Buckeye?

IMBO Adios

carol said...

Hi C.C. and everyone -

Strange Friday puzzle for me...I got the top half very quickly and completely stopped at 30A (NLERS) (I put in 'team') and it was as if a door closed! I could not figure out the bottom half at all. Gave up finally and here I am.

We are cloudy and cool this morning and it feels great! This is why I couldn't live anywhere that is sunny all the time. I'd miss the changes in the weather and would not have the variety to gripe about.

Linda - nice picture! Your dress is a beautiful color.

Jeannie - thanks so much for the fried chicken recipe. I have a question about the corn bread done in the cast iron pan. I am fixing corn bread tomorrow, I also just finished frying bacon (for Joe's BLT's-gotta use those fresh tomatoes) and I can save a little of the grease. What size skillet? What oven temp? How long to bake? The modern cook books do not have any reference to baking in cast iron.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, This a my idea of a near perfect puzzle. If it was an "eased up" version, I'm all for it. It was much more difficult than the old puzzles, but still doable while being a challenge. Can't get much better than that.

There were so many interesting fills. I really liked seeing BONE CHINA and INCESSANT.

The only place I ran into trouble was the middle area with the Downs ICES IN (I wanted something to do with SNOW), SOLON, HLC, NCOS and OBEAH. Thank goodness, I was sure of LOC. The theme perps kicked in and the middle finally finished up the puzzle for me.

I caught on to what I thought of as the "FuNNy PuNNy" theme early. We have "Cimarron" (Best Picture of 1931 in our DVD collection, so I got Irene DUNNE immediately. I had to laugh at COCO CHANNEL. If Dan Nador had been in charge last Sunday, my entry could have been correct!

Linda, What a charming photo. Your new daughter-in-law is very pretty.

Argyle, LOL about YANNI. I agree that he is pretty cheesy. He is in a close competition with another New Ager John Tesh. OK, Yanni & Tesh fans, let us have it!

Jeannie said...

No time for the puzzle at work today. I just read the comments. Carol here is your recipe and method:
2 cups of cornmeal (yellow or white)
½ cup sifted flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg lightly beaten
2 cups buttermilk
2 tablespoons bacon drippings or vegetable oil

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Put the drippings or oil in a cast iron skillet and place it in the oven for a few minutes until it’s sizzling.
Mix together dry ingredients. Set aside.
Whisk egg and buttermilk. Mix with dry ingredients
Take cast iron skillet out of oven, and pour hot oil into batter, and mix.
Pour batter into cast iron skillet, bake in oven for 20 minutes. Cornbread should be brown on top and pulling away from the sides of the skillet.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang.

Did rather poorly on the puzzle today. SW corner, OBEAH, MERL (never heard of the guy), spelled INSESSANT rong, so coodnt gett ACRO, THAT's SO unSUAVELY done. My thinking ORGAN was TWO BIT.

But, on the bright side, I got this.

Gotta run.


Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang.

Did rather poorly on the puzzle today. SW corner, OBEAH, MERL (never heard of the guy), spelled INSESSANT rong, so coodnt gett ACRO, THAT's SO un SUAVELY done. My thinking ORGAN was TWO BIT.

But, on the bright side, I got this.

Gotta run.


Jazzbumpa said...

Here's another try at the link


JzB the link challenged trombonist

luxor said...

jazzbumpa, can you please stop the incessant links to your own blog? It's extremely rude to the host, and very bad blog etiquette.

Once or twice is fine, but not every other day.

Anonymous said...

I knew I was in trouble when I had to hit the g-spot for Dunne. I also had to hit the g-spot for Sarnia, Merl, and Yanni. After trudging through I managed to finish it but got lots of perp help from ena, nlers, stoa, ncos, and jefe. I always thought the saying was Is that so. Funny to see Soho today and Noho yesterday. It looks like anon finally made the puzzle!

Linda, what a pretty lady you are and I absolutely love the color of your dress. It suits you.

Jeannie, thanks for the cornbread instructions. Now I have to find a cast iron pan!

Anonymous said...

Jazzbumpa, sweet picture. You must be an awesome grandpa.

Forgot to mention how I was singing Agnes Dei for lambs, but somehow couldn't translate to AGNI. Yep, that was my thinking today. Time to leave town.

MJ said...

Hej folks!

What a pleasant surprise for a Friday puzzle. A funN theme, clever clueing. Dan Nador's puzzles are so well constucted! My biggest challenge was the cross of JEFE and ELIO. Finally went (correctly as it turned out) with the E.

Linda--Lovely photo! Your dress is gorgeous, and I also noticed how complimentary the beautiful flowers behind you are.

C.C.--Thank you so much for your explanations of the puzzle answers. I will often get the correct fills because of perps, yet have no clue what the answer means. Thank you, as well for posting the photos, and thanks to those submitting them.

Have a great Friday, all! I'm off to help a friend babysit her infant (triplets) grandchildren again. So much fun, and good practice for when we have grandchildren someday.

WM said...

WOW...I did this puzzle last night, wailed through the top and kept checking the date and the fact that it was a Dan Naddor puzzle which usually leaves me cringing and wimpering...Wha' happened today? Caught the theme with Irene Dunne(say done) and then CANNON COPIERS cinched it. Slowed down and danced around a bit on the bottom half, but the only true unknowns were OBEAH, totally new to me, MERL and ELIO. Everthing just filled itself in. The root beer took until I had the first D and I laughed at the CHANNEL after CA's comment the other day. Oh, and A & W was the big deal rootbeer when I was growing up too. Frosty mugs of chilly rootbeer on a summer day, yum. :o)

All in all the easiest, not to say fun, Friday puzzle ever, and I don't think it is because I am getting better, because last week was proof of that. LOL

C.C. Sauteeing is much more gentle when done correctly. A hint from Thomas Keller, when sauteeing fish, low and slow makes for lovely moist fish. Stir fry is fast, very hot and you have to keep the food moving, sauteeing it sits quietly. To sear a piece of meat to carmelize it is essentially a form of saute, but just barely.

Linda, what a lovely family. So nice to finally see you.

Jeannie, bless you for the chicken recipe and the daisies are next in line after I finish the current painting.

A bit of good news, someone from the company that makes the Blackberry saw my show and they want to rent several paintings for their offices. They will keep them for 6 mos to 1 yr. I get paid every three mos! More info after Sept 6.

Also, favorite clue, fish's last meal. Aha chuckle from that.

Good day to you all.

Linda said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments on the picture...the colors at my own wedding were lavender, pink and white. I will fly in the face of tradition and have those same colors at our 50th in a year or so...
I asked the bride what her colors were and she said lavender and white with a touch of red...I already had this dress and it worked well. Thank you all again for your kind comments...signing off for the day...

Clear Ayes said...

Jazz, I think your granddaughter's dancer is a perfect match for PJB's self portrait. Too bad she is much too old for him.

WM, What wonderful news about the Blackberry people. I hope you are getting a wad of money for the rentals.

Linda, keep those glasses off and don't be concerned about that relative's opinion....unless she is the aunt with all the millions who hasn't decided who she's going to leave in the Will.

Oberhasli said...

Hi all,it been a while. I liked this puzzle better than most Friday puzzles. Although, I had "hook" as fish's last meal. I knew "jefe" from watching American Family on PBS. Lot's of slang in that series.

The bottom left had me for awhile, but it finally fell into place. I didn't know St. Kitts or Sarnia. I googled.

Have a great weekend!

Jerome said...

How fitting that daNNaddor would create this puzzle.
Along with YANNI, we also have PENNS and ANNOY. Annoy is an interesting word. It was the name of an ancient city in Thebes before its name was changed to Luxor.

Hey, Dan, great puzzle!

kazie said...

I'm glad that most of you had a good time with today's puzzle. For me, it was a normal Naddor: too many names and sport references that meant nothing. I came here with only a third of the answers. Had DUNNE and thought it was going to be stars' names, so had TOM for BON, and lost it as far as the themes went (CANNON for 23A I thought was something to do with Diane Cannon). Got that 50A needed CANNES, but tried putting it at the start of the answer. Many others I simply took a wrong turn, and no time to myself to concentrate before younger son and girlfriend got up and we spent the day visiting. I really should know better than to try an end-of-week puzzle with house guests here.

Only positive comment: Linda, what a lovely photo of all of you!

embien said...

12:17 today. Pretty easy for a Dan Naddor (and very enjoyable, I might add). Loved the theme. My only real problem was the the 'L' at the cross of OLIN and ELIO, neither of which I've heard of.

My pet peeve is crosses of relatively unknown proper names (names are my personal Achilles heel as it is), though I imagine folks who watch network TV would not have a problem with OLIN, so perhaps that's only unknown to me. Still, ELIO? An Italian director who died 27 years ago? Was he ever famous or something that I should know his name?

Re: YANNI. We went to a John Tesh concert last night (another New Age musician who appears in the puzzle from time to time--ENYA being the other main one). If you've only ever seen his PBS concert specials, you'll be surprised at the evangelical slant to his live shows. Lots of "help others" and "do something more" stuff. That's OK, I guess, but at a concert billed as a musical event? We were bitterly disappointed.

My wife's comment on Linda's wonderful picture: darn, you can't see the bride's dress because of the lovely flowers! (Wife is a huge fan of wedding pictures, so I've been showing her all the ones from our fellow bloggers).

Wife and my sister briefly contemplated going into the wedding consulting business (not sure what that occupation is called) before deciding it might be a bit too much work.

@KQ: K.T. Lange not a country singer? If you're thinking of K.D. Lang (not K.T.), she started in country music (from Alberta, I think). Maybe you're talking about someone else (though Google seems to just have misspellings of KD.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for two-bits. Welcome to our blog.

Dr. Dad can't access blog from his work any more. Buckeyes was just on the blog yesterday. Great to see you back.

Thanks for SAUTE & Stir-fry. Congratulations on the Blackberry rentals.

Wow, I missed the NN in ANNOY. How luxor-ing!

Anonymous said...

It May be a regional saying. Grow up around New York City and heard it all the time.

"I just bough a new car. That so!
Hope that helps.


Chickie said...

Hello All--I enjoyed this Friday puzzle because with some Googling of names and places I was able to finish it all! I got the theme early on with Irene Dunne so was able to fill in the rest with the fills around them.

I knew Jefe because we called our Colombian School Principal, Jefe. So--Johnson was filled in from the recesses of my mind. Obeah was another one that I could fill in as I had read a book which took place in the Carribean, and the grandmother was an "Obeah Seer".

My favorite clue was fish's last meal. However I wanted icicle for a Chalet Strand, but it just wouldn't fit and wasn't plural. Soon eventually righted itself with the fills around it.

WM, great news on the Blackberry rentals. Maybe some will sell while they are on display!

Linda, beautiful wedding picture. Good to see you!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to do some more prep for a large crowd here for dinner tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi C.C and All,

Just printed out the c/w, haven't had a chance to get it done as yet.
I was able to send a couple of pictures over to "My Pictures" file. When I tried again, nothing!. Anyone here have any idea how to do this properly?
If all else fails I will print them out and put in a album.

Windover..those smiles..such handsome men!

Beautiful, beautiful.

Best to all,

Warren said...

Hi C.C. and gang, I finally found some time to comment on today's puzzle. I printed out a hard copy and we (my wife and I) easily finished the top 1/2 in record time but then got stuck on the bottom 1/2 so I went online in red and we got it done that way.

Best Clue: Fishes last meal, we tried worm,hook,etc... before getting bait.

JD said...

Good evening CC and all,

Finished as much of the c/w that I could before going out to school and helping new teachers get ready for Monday.

The very bottom middle had me stumped! Didn't know sarnia, and had to eat a worm for stoa.Suavely did not come to mind, and since I never get the theme, I did not get cannes.

CC, thank you for the explanations on hires/dad's (doh!), droop, Johnson,NLERS. And, I was not familiar with a tout prix,obeah, Jefe,and HCL/NCOS.

I was not enamored by icesin and that so.:[

I never understood what Linda Evans saw in Yanni, but I guess if your lover was playing the piano under the moonlight in Greece at the base of the acropolis, ya might look at him a little bit differently than we do.Phew-long sentence.

Lovely lovely picture Linda.

Jerome, LOL! Did you make that up?

Jeannie, all of your recipes sound delish! I wish I had not loaned out our enormous skillet. It cooked the whole meal when we went camping- back in the day.

Have a great weekend. We're driving up to Sacramento to celebrate an old friend's birthday, and while we're there, we'll drop in to one of those new Indian casinos. Well, it's a good way to get out of the heat.

WM, so cool about your paintings.They better take good care of those beauties.

Buckeye said...

Guday all. Noho and Soho back to back. FUN. An old dance? "Gogo." Not bad or good; "Soso". A stutterer giving one of the names in "Little Women"; "Jojo." What my dates always say; "Nono". An extinct bird "Dodo". The beginning of a "round"; "Ro(w)ro(w)". A fun toy; "Yoyo". Two prostitutes; "Hoho". (Or a cheap pastry item; but that's not as much fun).

Linda: I have an outfit just like yours.

It's nice to know that most of us got hung up in the SW corner. Had a dickens of a time down there, but finally managed to pull it out.

From our Scotch discussion of yore. "Malt does more than Milton can, to justify God's ways to man". I think Mr Auden knew of which he spoke of on.

As I age, my rememberer ain't as good as it was when I was in my "silkeon" daze. But I followed the advice of my Great Uncle, Jazzovery, who wrote at me during his time in the Union Army during the War Between The States. "Buckeye," he wrote, "Ifin ya want ta member stuff ferever, writ it down in a dairy." I've done just that, but the older stuff is getting hard to read, what with all that mud and cow manure everplace. I don't know why I can't just writ it down in a notebook and put it in a drawer someplace, but that ain't what "Jazz" tole me ta do.

I must be off!

PJB-Chicago said...

Good evening. Finally cooling off here!
Linda, beautiful photo. To quote a colleague, "You look schnazzy!" That's even better than regular snazzy! Oh, don't stress about the housecleaning. Dim the lights and bring out the candles!

Jeannie. now I really need to get a better skillet. Out west, some people put chili peppers and cheese in cornbread. Not my fave.. As much as I love cheese, cornbread just needs a dab of butter and I'm doing my happy dance. It's not a well-performed or choreographed dance, but it's sincere.

C.C. Thanks for all the research you do and share when posting about the puzzle. I learn so much here. Jerome thanks for showing us how the mind of a constructor works--and plays. Dennis, thank you for the quotes. You know how to pick'em!
Jazz: your granddaughter's drawing is filled with joy. ClearAyes and WM have wisely suggested I could use a few drawing lessons. Perhaps your grandkid could write a book or open a correspondance school, teaching "art for dummies!"
WM: congrats on your deal to show your work. Good art tells you a lot about a company; I chose my bank because they have an amazing collection of prints and phographs. Each piece has a small sign with a brief description. Each branch is quite small, but has 4 or 5 pieces, including one Diane Arbus and a good Wegman at their office west of here. Much better than those crapola "inspirational posters" hanging at the megabanks.

Quiet night planned. Netflix and popsicles. Gotta recharge the old batteries!

MJ said...

Jerome--Thanks for the history lesson. I was a history major in college, and that's one fact I didn't know until today. :)

WM--Congratulations on the Blackberry contract offer. How exciting!

Thanks to all who post links to other sites! I know that if I have time and interest, I can pursue, otherwise ignore.

Clear Ayes said...

I have been having a heck of a time with posting. The other day I wound up posting the same comment four times and today my first comment popped up three times. Honest, I'm not hitting the Publish button over and over. I see that Jazz had a double on one of his comments too. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe it is just one of those glitches that aggravates us from time to time and will go away.

Jeannie, Thanks for the chicken and cornbread recipes. I tried to find a "fried chicken" poem on the internet, but (shame on them), I could only find a poem about KFC. I wouldn't insult your recipe by posting that one.

Daughter and S-I-L's 21st wedding anniversary tomorrow. I guess at 21, they should have finally grown up and their marriage is adult. LOL, just kidding, they are as argumentative as ever. BUT, they still do make each other laugh. That's in my top five for a successful marriage.

Luxor said...

I don't believe it! Someone has gone blue using my name and posting as me. Honest Jazzbumpa, it is not me attacking you. If you check the blue luxor profile, you'll see that they're only a blogger since August. I've been blogging longer than that. And I have a picture in my profile. Unfortunately, my password doesn't work so I can't use that account (blue luxor).

You should try to set somthing up
to prevent someone doing this kind of thing. It could present a serious problem and cause havoc to this 'blog community'.
Also C.C., I have never been anon. I've posted as Luxor and JDK , but never anon.

Dennis said...

luxor, you and all your screen names are the only thing "presenting a serious problem and causing havoc to this 'blog community'". Your act has gotten tiresome, especially since most people on here are onto your game. Time to grow up.

Jazzbumpa said...

Full disclosure -

Abbie is actually the LW's granddaughter. But we play nice together and share. Lots and lots of artistic ability in her gene pool. And I'm Bumpa to both hers and mine.

Thanks for the nice comments, all who made them.

FWIW, I link to my blog when I have something there that I think is worth sharing with my friends. Sometimes - like today - because it's both sweet and cool. Other times because I would appreciate commentary, wise council, or a reality check.

I'll stop if anyone credible asks me to.

Luxor - Having experienced identity theft myself, I feel your pain.

It's late. I'm tired. See y'all next week.


Anonymous said...

Good night, all.
Linda, my late m-i-l visited when I had an infant and a 3-year-old. I knocked myself out cleaning our small house. We had a few people in after the infant's baptism, but dear m--i--l went around dusting the tops of pictures on the wall before anyone arrived. I decided that if she wanted to find dirt, I'd surely leave some to make it easy for her.

WM, wonderful news about the Blackberry rentals.

Jerome, bless you.

Luxor said...

Don't you believe me?

Dennis said...

WM, I just read the earlier posts and saw your 'blackberry' post - congratulations!! You're really hitting the big-time; make sure you remember all us little people when you're famous world-wide.

luxor, no one believes you and your various acts. Don't bother trotting out the 'nice guy' bit now, ok?

Everybody, have a great night.

PJB-Chicago said...

Sallie: I love your attitude! I live in a open loft (except for a tiny walk-in closet & bathroom) so there's really no place to hide things. I clean on Sundays, but even if I dusted every day, there's no keeping up with the city grime and soot. I don't dust picture frames every week, and the bookcases aren't a top priority (the very few rare/heirloom books I own are sealed, though!) My obituary will not say "He kept a spotless home."

Cleareyes, I too have been running into blogger glitches: couple nights ago I reposted something without pressing anything. Password never is accepted the first time. I have also gotten the "timed out" notice when posting on my mini-blog. Erases everything. Not sure why. Let's see if others are having similar problems. Seems to be a newish set of glitches.

Time to fire up the TV for movie night and get out the popsicles! Have no idea what the movie is yet. I did politely request no more of the multigenerational epics spanning centuries that the Swedes love so much!

Luxor said...

Saunders car looks like a Bentley.

Jeannie said...

Hey all, glad you liked the recipes. I am looking forward to nice weather here (finally) and know some tomatoes might be for the picking. As far as the cornbread recipe...go for whatever you want to add to it. I was basically giving Carol the method to cook her cornbread. Someone must chime up once they have tried fried chicken recipe and let me know how it turned out.


Jeannie said...

Windhover, Lemonade, even C.C. I just made a faux pas on the #of the post. Wasn't planned...just happened.

Dennis, we'll discuss this Sunday morning after us girls kneel. I know you get satisfaction from that. It is Awe inspiring.

WM said...

Jeannie...this next week...promise.

Clear Ayes said...

PJB, Any movie with a younger Max Von Sydow should be at least three and a half hours long! Besides, what could be more interesting than watching snow falling on Minnesota or crops failing in Wisconsin? (As long as Max is brooding in the background)