Aug 7, 2009

Friday August 7, 2009 Gareth Bain

Theme: TERminus (TER is added to familiar phrases.)

17A: Megaphone for a ghost?: BOO BOOS(TER)

27A: Fault-finding artist?: NAGGING PAIN(TER)

44A: Reason to bring a relief pitcher? FALLING STAR(TER)

58A: Drunk-as-a-skunk skunk?: LIT CRIT(TER)

FALLING STARTER tipped me off the theme. Only learned a few months ago that LIT can mean "intoxicated". LIT CRIT is a shortening of Literary Criticism.

I was surprised that both CTRL (19A: Key not used by itself) and MCS (21A: Mike holders) have no abbreviation hints in the clue. I guess CTRL is OK, as it's shown as such on the keyboard. It's indeed a "Key not used by itself", you often press CTRL with Alt & Del. Very clever clue.

A much easier puzzle than last Friday's, though I still had troubles here and there. This is an eased-up week I think.


1A: Longtime Boston Symphony conductor: OZAWA (Seijin). He was born in China. Lived in Beijing until he was 6.

6A: Pack: CRAM

10A: "Goodbye, Columbus" author: ROTH (Philip). Has anyone read this book?

14A: Rental sign: TO LET. Be careful of "letter" clue, as it might refer to one who lets.

15A: Senate garb: TOGA. Roman senate.

16A: Grammy winner for the New Age album "Amarantine": ENYA. Yanni, Enigma are New Age artists too.

22A: "Over here!": YOO-HOO

24A: Special something: AURA. And HALO (13D: Saintly symbol).

26A: Fill (with): IMBUE

32A: San __, Calif.: MATEO. Spanish for "St. Matthew".

33D: Negative link: NOR. Neither/NOR.

34A: Far from exciting: TAME

35A: Mount in Crete: IDA. Zeus was born in MT. IDA.

38A: Programme shower: BBC. Shower=show-er, one who shows. Programme is the British spelling. Hence BBC rather than ABC, my initial answer.

39A: Stereotypical escapee's tool: FILE. Not familiar with hand FILE tool. Wanted ROPE.

48A: Refreshing spot: OASIS. In a desert.

49A: City on the Irtysh River: OMSK. See this map again. The city on the Ural is called ORSK.

50A: Talk incessantly about: HARP ON

53A: Foot in a line: IAMB. Poetic foot.

57D: GM line until 2004: OLDS

62A: Oratorio highlight: ARIA

64A: Pal in a Stetson: PARD. Short for "partner", cowboys' way of saying "pal". Stetson hats are part of Cowboys's outfit.

66A: White poplar, e.g.: ASPEN. I can almost hear the ASPEN leaves fluttering at the slightest breeze.


1D: Gambling outlets, for short: OTBS. OTB = Off-Track Betting.

2D: __ suiter: '40s dude: ZOOT. Here are two modern ZOOT suiters. Very high-waisted pants.

3D: Flowering succulent: ALOE. Did not know "succulent" can be a noun.

4D: Wikipedia article, e.g.: WEB PAGE. Have you ever paid attention to Wikipedia logo? It's a globe of jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.

5D: Words on an initial reference volume: A TO. Volume 1, A TO ..., I was stumped. From A TO Z is more at my comprehension level.

6D: Diagnostic pic: CT SCAN. No idea. Also called CAT SCAN. CAT = Computerized Axial Tomography. I can only think of MRI/X-RAY.

8D: Just a number, it's said: AGE. AGE is just a number, so true.

9D: Gospel duo with the single "Shackles": MARY MARY. Unknown to me. See this clip. Sounds like hip hop rather than gospel.

10D: Election extender: RECOUNT. I did not expect the Minnesota Senator seat RECOUNT to last that long.

11D: Offered: ON THE TABLE. And its symmetrical partner A TALL ORDER (28D: One difficult task). Both are three-word fills. Nice pair.

12D: First-time: TYRO. Or TIRO. Latin for "novice".

18D: Katz of "Dallas": OMRI. Headache. I can never remember this guy. OMRI is of Hebrew origin, meaning "sheaf of grain".

23D: Sash traditionally tied with a bow: OBI. Yes, indeed.

25D: Actor Tognazzi: UGO. No idea. He was an Italian actor. UGO means "intelligence", variant of Hugo.

26D: Apple in your pocket: IPOD. So much free publicity for Apple.

27D: First name in Olympics perfection: NADIA (Comaneci). The first gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10 in Olympic history.

29D: Pesky swarm: GNATS

30D: Fireplace bit: EMBER

31D: Geometric fig.: RECT. Rectangle.

32D: Rub the wrong way: MIFF

36D: Acquired kin: SON-IN-LAW

37D: Follows tightly, as a curve: HUGS

40D: Slipped by: ELAPSED

42D: Stimulus check org.: IRS. Nice clue.

43D: Nevis's sister island: ST KITTS. See this map. Stumper for me. Wikipedia says The Federation of ST KITTS and Nevis is the smallest sovereign nation in the Americas. Nice crossing with ISLET (42A: Speck in the ocean).

45D: Prefix with therm: ISO. Prefix meaning "equal".

46D: Froot Loops mascot: TOUCAN. Not familiar with TOUCAN Sam. Chinese don't eat cereal for breakfast.

47D: Made in the U.S.: AMER. Called to mind this amazing Star Tribune article. What's your best flea market/garage sale find?

50D: Lion tamer's prop: HOOP

51D: Rootless plant: ALGA

52D: Move a muscle: STIR. Alliteration.

5D: Like mortals?: MERE. Us MERE mortals. I got the answer from Across fills.

56D: Falklands War gun: BREN. An acronym of Brno, the Czech city of design, and Enfield, site of the British rifle factory. I first wrote down STEN, which is derived from the weapon's chief designer Major Reginald Shepherd and Harold Turpin, and the same Enfield factory.

59D: "Mad About You" cousin: IRA. Easy guess. I don't remember this character at all. Did watch several episode of "Mad About You".

60D: "Hope __ good breakfast": Bacon: IS A. Francis Bacon's full quote is "Hope IS A good breakfast but a bad supper". I like the breakfast & Bacon connection.

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - this was by no means a cakewalk for me, but it did seem a bit easier than the typical Friday puzzle.

Caught the theme after the second theme answer, when I saw they had 'ter' in common. I got thrown a bit on the last one, though, and had to g-spot 'lit crit' to make sure it was right; I didn't know it was a standard abbreviation for 'literary criticism'. Ozawa popped out from God knows where.

Had several unknowns, including 'Mary Mary', 'Ugo' Tognazzi and cousin 'Ira' from Mad About You. Cleverest clue for me was 'Programme shower'.

Today is National Lighthouse Day. And tomorrow is a very special day, indeed - especially on this blog.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "One of the oddest things in life, I think, is the things one remembers." -- Writer Agatha Christie

Even more quotes:

- The real fountain of youth is to have a dirty mind. -- Jerry Hall

- When I'm not in a relationship, I shave one leg. So when I sleep, it feels like I'm with a woman. -- Garry Shandling

C.C. Burnikel said...

I echo your view on BBC. I am glad there is no ? mark in the clue. It would have spoiled the fun. Must be a zucchini day tomorrow.

Love your "Grandma's Teacup" painting, very beautiful.

Thanks for the red roses. Thank you also for the enormous dignity and restraint you've displayed.

Dennis said...

C.C., how'd you know? Peek?

Off to the gym.

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

I didn't get the theme until after I finished the puzzle and looked it over, so I had to do the whole puzzle the hard way. Overall, not a bad puzzle, but I got bogged down at the end where OMRI met MCS and AURA (and AURA met UGO). Fortunately, the name OMRI Katz was buried deep in my brain, although I had no idea who he was or that he was associated with "Dallas." But once I finally gave it a try I was able to get the requisite "aha" moment with AURA.

I was actually surprised when I got the "TADA" since I still didn't understand what MCS meant. The light did eventually come on, however. Like C. C., I was expecting some indication that the answer was supposed to be abbreviated.

The rest of the puzzle was pretty straightforward. Like Dennis, I didn't know MARY MARY or IRA, but both were easy enough to get via the perps.

And that's it for me. Have a great one, guys!

Hahtoolah said...

Morning All: I did better today than usual for a Friday, still, it had its challenge and I had to hit the g-spot for some answers. I never did get the theme. I got BOO BOOSTER and MARY, MARY (which I had to google), which made me think the theme was some sort of double syllable ~ NOT.

Having lived in Boston until the late 80s, Ozawa was a gimme.

Today's birthdays: Louis Leakey (1903) and Ralph Bunche (1904). Leakey and his wife, Mary, were paleontologists who first discovered some of the earliest human remains in Kenya. Bunche, a political scientist, won the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for work in the Middle East.

QOD: All progress depends on the unreasonable man. ~ George Bernard Shaw

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

stumped right away with OZAWA, and the theme did not come quickly as i was stumped with LITCRITTER. never like PARD, having lived in both oklahoma and texas, i've never heard it - but we've seen it often so it's easy to get. foot in a line was fresh for IAMB, liked it. IRA was a gimme, mad about you was the last tv show i watched regularly.

from yesterday:

mj: i agree, the jellies are spectacular.

jd: you're right, the seahorses don't photograph as well, disappointing. i have a couple decent shots i'll put up later.

kq: saw seven pounds in the theater, intense, right?

lois & wh: fantastic pic, thanks for sharing your meeting.

barb b: my bevmo doesn't carry the dogfish jin yet .. but your name's on the bottle when i find it.

Katy said...

I, like others, did not get theme until coming here. LIT CRIT new to me but good to know, being a high school librarian.

Fav answer BBC for programme shower - actually got that one. Aha! moment came after finally figuring out that PARD was shortened version of 'pardner'.

CC: Thanks for pointing out the Wiki logo as I've never paid it much attention. Does it remind anyone else of a soccer ball? I've been immersed in soccer for the past 25 years, two kids who played thru college, one now a starving doc film maker finishing up a project about pickup soccer around the world. Stay tuned: to be released in conjunction with World Cup 2010.

Have a great weekend - I'm off to the NC mountains one last time before school starts!

Anonymous said...

39A: FILE is "stereotypical", think, because the jailed hood's girlfriend always tries to spring him by baking a cake with a file or hacksaw blade in it. Common in slapstick comedies and animations. A very slow, noisy, way to get out of jail.

Had to find an ad for Froot Loops to see the TOUCAN mascot, but otherwise all the squares fell into place nicely. Stared at LITCRITTER for a while before it made sense, and AMER was a very lame clue/answer pair, IMHO.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Peek? How can I peek at your notes when you are so far away? But I hope the "Mark Felt" will reveal herself today. Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Doorsteps, correct?

Barry G/Lemonade,
Good to see you back.

Thanks for the great picture. Windhover looks very different than I imagined. I was really picturing a weathered farmer, not a polished intellectual. Harmless? Certainly not. Do keep us updated on Kenny's career. I am very intrigued.

Katy said...

Toucan Sam -- brings back memories.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Similar problems and unknowns to all that has been mentioned. Crashed and burned in the NE corner and couldn't fill it in without CC's blog. Couldn't seem to sync up with Bain's cluing.

Catching up on yesterday's posts...

ClearAyes, You rock! Those are among my favorites. I wore 1/8 inch grooves in my LP of this one.

Great Mac n cheeses all. Might whip one up this weekend.

Off to football camp!

Have a good one.

kazie said...

G'day all,
I saw all the names today and thought "Oh sh*t", but after I got a footing in the NE, and worked my way down to the bottom, was surprised at the success of some lucky and educated guesses, helped by perps. Eventually, after getting two of the themes, I figured out what it was, and the rest started to come easily. No g'spots and no wiki help!

My last fill was the A in A TO, and still didn't understand it until here. I was guessing the end of OZAWA. Several other unknowns too, but once a few letters were in, I remembered hearing of them before: SUE, LIT CRIT, MARY MARY, NADIA, ENYA, OMRI, UGO, IRA. Notice how many are names?

I had no idea about the TOUCAN, have never bought or eaten fruitloops, and I try to read while ads are on. ST. KITTS took a while, because I knew it but couldn't get past looking for a vowel where the K is, forgetting what the ST was for. Cleverest clue was for BBC.

MIKE is abbreviated, and so I think MCS is OK. I have read "Goodbye Columbus", but I can't remember the details, only that it seemed he was griping too much all the way through.

Anonymous said...

I had some trouble with this one, not knowing OZAWA, IDA, UGO, OMSK, BREN. Hmmmm. Lots of names here today. I have heard of ZOOT suit, but not suiter. I think of HARP ON as nagging about something, not talking incessantly about them. After looking it up, I am somewhat wrong I guess.

Knew CT SCAN right away. Have had one myself, and my son just had one the day he fell asleep at the wheel. My other son had one once when he was a baby too. They are quick, easy and much quieter than MRI's.

Never did get the theme til I got here. Thanks for panning that out for us CC. I would not have figured it out myself.

Off for now. Looking forward to an afternoon show. Finally raining here which we desperately need. MONK season opener tonight, so we are all very excited indeed.

MelissaBee, yes intense movie, especially at the end. He was quite determined to punish himself. Good message though.

Lemonade714 said...

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and mine is wasting away.

Not only have I read the book, I saw the movie Goodbye, Columbus, which starred Ali Macgraw who was made famous by the tear jerker Love Story and then hooking up with Steve McQueen. Roth’s books were unpleasant but popular.

UGO TOGNAZZI was wonderful in La Cage Aux Folles , which was remade with Robin Williams playing the same character, in Bird Cage.

FILE, is from the cliché of baking a file into a cake to allow the prisoner to remove the bars from the window, and PARD is a Hollywood western movie word.

An entertaining puzzle; enjoy the week end all

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

Not bad for a Friday puzzle. But, sadly I had to google a few and there were others that I got from perp help of course. Figured the theme out after the second theme answer same as Dennis.

Have a agreat day everyone!

kazie said...

What station and what time for MONK? I used to watch it all the time, but then lost track. I'd like to see it again.

I tried Tarrajo's mac/cheese last night. It was yummy good, so I have the recipe printed out for re-use. Thanks!

Our paper has a lot of zucchini recipes today in the TASTE section. I'll have to research and see what they're like too.

We watched 7 Pounds just recently from Netflix. Very intense, but with a message apt for this day and age: Don't use cell phones while driving!

We have a few rainy days lined up, but today at least nice and cool, only 72 predicted, 92 for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

My hope of completing a Friday puzzle unaided is just that…a hope. I had to hit the g-spot for Ozawa, omsk, omri, and St Ktts. That’s too many in my book. I got lots of red letter and perp help with Roth, ida, iamb, ugo, and enya to name a few. I wanted suit for senate garb, and I thought pard was a stretch. I finally caught on to the theme once I got nagging painter, but my frustration level was too high so I threw in the towel and came here. New word for me today was imbue. Maybe not new, but forgotten. I thought about you Lois, for your newly acquired kin (son-in-law).

Katy, Brady Joe played his last soccer game of the season last night. One goal, two assists. Football starts up next week and he’s so excited. I have to go out this weekend and find some deals on pads and such. That stuff isn’t cheap!

Kazie, I am glad you enjoyed the mac n cheese recipe. Care to share some of those zucchini recipes? Yep, you guessed it, my neighbors will be getting a nice surprise tomorrow. I have lost count after 70 of those things. I have learned my lesson for next year.

C.C. Thanks, you are sweet.

Linda said...

CC and gang: First time to do the puzzle on white paper! (my "rag' has gone to yellowish paper...and I won`t make the obvious comment.)
Toughie for me...Fridays always are...I`m too literal...even after "boobooster" the theme eluded me. "Imbue" is not a common word...I immediately thought of "...and ye shall be imbued with power..." from the words of Yeshua/Jesus" KJV.
"Litcritter" was clever." I wanted "shame" for "senate' garb" but don`t want to start anything! "Negative link" could have gone many ways, also. Finally know how to spell "Enya!" Cleverest clue: "Apple in your pocket".

Clearayes: Ck. your E-mail

Kazie: "Monk" USA 10:00/9:00 Me too! He and I share many OCD characteristics...or are they anal/retentive... :)

Windhover: i`m prone to ask too many graciously answered anyway. I`ve always heard that if you look back far enough, every family tree has at least one horse thief and one preacher. I got the Irish part right!

Lemonade714: Also..."A waist is a terrible thing to mind..."

Lots of yardwork today...son cut the front yard while we are gone (for which I baked him an Italian wedding cake...)but the back looks like a hay meadow...must pick up limbs first. 60 Pine trees are a pain/pane/payne! Little Miss "Awange cheese" asked me once, "Grandma can I play in yoe-uh pahk?"

Jimbo: Please check in...I`m getting worried.

Joyce said...

Monk is on tonight on USA 8 PM Central and rerun at 11 PM. This is the first new show of Monk's last season.

Elissa said...

Didn't think I'd get here today, but I did the puzzle last night and decided to skip the gym this morning so I had some time.

So many names - 13 if you count ZOOT: I knew NADIA, MATEO (just down the road from me), OZAWA, ROTH, KITTS, BREN and ZOOT. I didn't know OMRI, OMSK, IDA, MARYMARY, UGO or IRA.

Hahtool: I also thought the theme was doubles. But even with all the names and not getting the theme, I didn't think this was as difficult as the usual Friday because the preps helped fill in the unknowns, at least enough to guess the rest of the letters.

Dennis: The WOW echos what we often say about things popping into our heads.

C.C.: In addition to Kazie's point about 'mike' in the clue, MC (also emcee) is more commonly what you call the person, rather than 'master of ceremonies'. For instance, we didn't feel the need any abbreviation indication for BBC.

Crockett: Isn't it amazing how we now depend on things we didn't even know we need 20 years ago? Thanks for the good wishes.

Lemonade: I was wondering where you were hiding. Glad to hear from you today.

KittyB said...

Good morning, all.

I agree with all that's been said so far. I worked this puzzle starting in the NW corner in a clockwise swoop. The west center section was the slowest to fall.

I didn't know UGO, IRA, OMRI, MCS, or MARY MARY, but they came from the fills.

I thought the theme would have something to do with double letters, and needed C.C.s guidance.

I liked the BBC clue the best.

Like Lemonade, I've read "Goodbye Columbus," and several other Roth books, quite long time ago, and I've never revisited them.

kazie, if your husband is in charge of the remote for the TV, you need to teach him to mute the commercials. It makes for better reading. *S*

I believe we may have blessed rain today! 70% chance after 1:00 p.m. We're desperate for rain at this point, so I won't be complaining.

I hope you all have a good day, and a great weekend.

kazie said...

Joyce and Linda,
Thanks for Monk. I guess I'll have to check the times locally to be sure. But knowing the network helps.

I will look through those recipes a bit later, and see which ones look good. If there are too many to copy out, could you email me and I can scan them to send back as an attachment?

Linda said...

An unsettling thought just occurred to me...perhaps we should have a "contact"' to let the blog family know is any unthinkable things happen in our lives...

Kazie...If it Is 8/9:00 for Monk, it`s an hour earlier than normal...perhaps it will be a two hour one...since the last post...I`ve thought Monk could also have a degree of Asperger`s syndome...just an observation.

MJ said...

Not bad for a Friday puzzle. I hop scotched all around until 44A came and with it the theme. Didn't know many of the names which came with the perps. My favorite theme fill was BOOBOOSTER.

Another birthday today: Minnesota born Garrison Keillor (1942) of "A Prairie Home Companion" and PBS broadcasts

Have a great day all!

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, this one was slightly easier but I still went online in red to make sure our guesses were right (not!). I did pick up on the ter ending theme which helped me a lot -- I'm usually terrible on word play answers.

Here's a link to quaking Aspen
We've seen these trees in the Yosemite valley.
"The Quaking Aspen of North America is known for its leaves turning spectacular tints of red and yellow in the autumn of the year (and usually in the early autumn at the altitudes where it lives).[2] This causes forests of aspen trees to be noted tourist attractions for viewing them in the fall.[2] These aspens are found as far south as the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, though they are most famous for growing in Colorado."

JIMBO said...

Hi C.C., Linda etal

Yes I'm alright. Just a better lurker than a commentator. Certainly not good on puzzles after
Thanks for your concern and I will chime in when I think I can add something worthwhile. In the meantime, I"ll just enjoy reading about my "Blog Friends".
Vaya con Dios

KittyB said...

You are all SUCH night owls!

From last night....

Linda, your garden sounds wonderful! I eat cukes the same way, skin and all. Occasionally we do decorative things to the skin, but usually we just wash and slice them. My favorite are the short pickle cucumbers.

PJB, that was a great Mac'n'Cheese story. Too bad the recipe is lost.

Liz, my hubby would love salsa in his Mac'n'Cheese. I may try it that way. I like the sound of the paprika gravy on the stuffed peppers. Perhaps Penzy's spices has the paprika. I'll have to check.

Carole, I'm so glad the recipe worked out for you. I don't see any problem with mixing cheeses. It would be a great way to clean out the refrigerator!

WM, Salmon Fettuccine Prima Vera, YUM!!!

Elissa, our best wishes to your father on his bar mitzvah. As Crockett said, Mazel tov!

lois said...

Good morning CC et al., Well, it's a Fri! The few answers I got were here and there and never got a toehold, let alone a foothold. Never got the theme until coming here either. Thank you, CC. You're awesome!

How cool is that to have 36D S-I-L today! And touching 'hugs' too. So sweet! Also did enjoy 2D'zoot'. Reminded me of Cherry Poppin' Daddies swing music. Love it! First attempt at a link. Good stuff. Try this 'webpage'. See if this works.


Wanted 'virgin' for 12D, didn't fit but still don't get 'tyro'. Kind of a 'tame' puzzle. Didn't electrify my 'aura' 'nor' slant my 'halo' but did 'stir' my libido with 'On the table'. This term not just 'mere'ly but most sincerely rocked my boots as I remembered serving up 'a tall order' way back when.. and I'm not talkin' about dinner. That was some kind of hot stuff, and those 'ember(s)' are still burnin', baby! Afterall,'Age' is only a number!

Been eating KY bourbon balls this morning already and even tho' they're not strong enough to get me skunked, I'm about to give a whole new slant to 'lit critter'. Oh, so good!

Thank you for all the sweet comments on the last pic. This new pic is of Windhover sitting across the table from me at the that quaint bar. Such fun!

CC: I was surprised too. Windhover is electrifyingly atypical.

Dennis: loved that Jerry Hall quote. I have met men lately HERE that must've bathed in that fountain of youth as they have the mindset of hormone crazed teenagers. Not saying that's a bad thing, now. Don't get me wrong.

Kazie: LMAO at your 1st thought of today's c/w. Loved it.

Am off to finish redecorating guest room, sew a blanket, plant 2 more coleus, and get ready for Las Vegas night w/friends (practice gambling and drinking techniques). Will tape that too.

Enjoy your day.

carol said...

Happy Friday all,

I did better today than yesterday but still stumbled on those pesky word-play clues/answers, I don't know why my brain shuts down over them. I never do well with 'new-age' anything, I don't quite know what 'new-age' really means but I do know I don't like the sound.

Jimbo, so good to 'hear' from you! I think you always have something to add here.

Kitty B, the mac and cheese was delicious...and I did use up that bit of white cheddar so the combination was very tasty. Joe said his Mother used to add finely chopped green pepper to her casseroles. I might do that just for him, but I dislike that flavor. I cook a lot of things for him that I would never eat. Yes, he is spoiled, but worth every effort :)

Elissa, I'll add Mazel Tov to your Dad too.

It is actually raining lightly here! First time in 3 weeks and it smells heavenly. So nice to have our cool marine air back again.

lois said...

Elissa: forgot. Mazel Tov to your dad from me as well. I want to hear all about it. Great pic of you and your store, BTW.

Jimbo: good to 'see' you too.

Warren: thank you for the aspen info. I love Aspen CO and it is truly spectacular there in the fall. Same happens here in Va, Blue Ridge Mtns. Gorgeous!

Liz said...

Fairly easy puzzle for a Friday. I thought perhaps I was on the wrong day. Liked boobooster and "speck in the ocean," can never remember that pesky S-shaped molding.
KittyB, nice to meet another Penzeys fan. All my herbs/spices come from there. I use their Hungarian sweet paprika.Their smoked paprika is an interesting spice to work with too.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Crockett1947 said...

@carol Rain? I didn't see any evidence over here, and we're only blocks apart! The cooler weather id very nice, though.

@liz Oh, gee, that's nice molding = OGEE. Works for me.

JD said...

Good morning CC and all,

Yoo-Hoo,are we still smiling? It's also Farmers Market Week for those of us who did not grow zucchinis.
70?! LMAO..oops, sorry Tarrajo. Many of us have done the same thing.Wish my lemon cucumbers were that prolific.

When I don't have to "G" on a Friday, that is good, but I needed all those perps:ugo, iso, bren,ida.Needed i in Kitts and d.. oops, I mean d in harp on.I wanted ace for age.In some games I don't know if the ace is also a one.
Ozawa, cram and Roth were gimmes which gave me a good start. Today's unfinished square was the G in ogee/alga.Just leaving a small opening for the bad spirits to leave.
BTW, my aloe plant never flowers.So, does that mean it's not happy, or it's a he?

CC, was that your "personal" hand file? :0

Katy, I've used that toucan in my art classes, so the kids could copy that simple s shape to draw a bird. They had to fill in the bird with designs.

The "Mary, Mary" clip reminded me of "Sister Act" with Whoopie Goldberg. Here is Oh Happy Day
and may all of you have a happy weekend!

JD said...

P in harp on..shame on me

Hahtoolah said...

Linda: I had the same thought as you about a "blog contact." I miss voices who don't chime in each day.

Elissa: Mazel Tov to your Dad! Did you ever have a Bat Mitzvah? I didn't as a child, but am studying now for mine, which I hope will be in December (4th and 5th). It will be a B'not Mitzvah, since there are two other women who will also be doing this. It wasn't a common practice for girls when I was growing up.

Fruit Loops were the only cereal that my sister would eat as a kid, so I saw lots of boxes with Toucan Sam.

It's only 89F here at the moment, and the humidity is fairly low so it feels relatively "cool."

Have a great weekend, All.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I saw the common TER after the filling in NAGGING PAINTER and added the letters to both 44A and 58A. It did help a little, but it still had quite a few bumps in the road.

I'd never heard of MARY MARY. All the rest of the names were known, even if I struggled on a couple....I had OZAMA to begin with.

The five letter "San -, Calif." is almost always MATEO. If it is four letters it is usually JOSE.

Lemonade linked La Cage Aux Folles. It has been well dubbed in English from the original French, so people who might be frightened off by foreign films can enjoy it. Personally, I liked it much better than The Bird Cage.

ZOOT Suit reminded me of the Los Angeles Zoot Suit Riots between U.S. sailors and young Latinos in 1943. My family didn't move to LA until a few years later, but my parents told me that there was still a lot of tension.

The play Zoot Suit, and later the movie, starred James Edward Olmos as the narrator, El Pachuco. It was about the riots and the Sleepy Lagoon murder. It's a good way to fill in on some lesser known American history.

JimmyB said...

Well, at least it was better than last Friday's puzzle, but it was still a Friday puzzle. Tried so hard not to have to Google, but had several stumbling blocks. Wanted BOOBLASTER in the NW. Then tried to make PARROT fit, then MACCAW (thought it had 2 C's) before the TOUCAN light bulb went on.

I don't know about you, but OMSK and ORSK just seem like constructor cheap shots to me. I never remember those.

Lois - I don't think it's just the men who can act like "hormone crazed teenagers" on this blog! I'm also not saying that's necessarily a bad thing.

WM and KQ - Curious to hear your remarks on Julie and Julia. Reviews I've read agree that there's not enough Streep as Julia, and definitely do not go on an empty stomach. Sort of like this blog: with all the recipes flying around, it is not the place to go when the least bit hungry.

eddyB said...

Morning everyone,
Re: 28D and 44A. FALLING may fit the theme. I like FAILING better with the clue. It wouldn't work with 28D.
When stars fail they become novae.


Elissa said...

Hahtool: I had a bat mitzvah back in 1965. At that time it was Friday night, leading the service and singing a haftorah. Back then girls didn't read torah. So for this event, at 57, I learned and it will be the first time I will read torah.

carol said...

Crockett, yes, it did rain for all of 3 minutes! (maybe less), but it did get the patio damp. Maybe we were just lucky and were under the cloud when it let go.

Lois, great picture of I said, doesn't look harmless to me! Maybe that is why he has such a great smile!

PJB-Chicago said...

Howdy, all! I am only three quarter ways through the puzzle, so had to cover the screen to click here. "Cheating" via Google is one thing, but reading C.C.'s blog or everyone's comments before finishing the puzzle (or setting it on fire, unfinished) is just plain felonious behavior in my book! lol

Gareth Bain is a devious trickster, I mean that in a good way.

Real line from one of Julia Child's recipes: Stir in three tablespoons of butter (optional).
We all know which option she took! Gotta love her for that.

Another line: If the fish flakes, it is overdone. Note that she doesn't recommend you start over or abandon all hope of ever getting it right.

Favorite cooking related film is "Big Night" with Stanley Tucci, Isabella Rossallini, etc. a small but wonderful movie about food, friends and "la famiglia." If you haven't seen it, find it. Really.

More later....

Jazzbumpa said...

Hey gang -

Just checking in, before we check out. I love this kind of a theme. Brilliantly clever.

OTOH crosing OMSK with STKITTS is just wrong. The empty square that is the alleged home of that K is glaring at me, but I refuse to fill it.

Time to go.


Argyle said...

Linda said...I wanted "shame" for "senate' garb" but don`t want to start anything!

You started me laughing and I LMAO!

Mainiac said...

Finished up football camp and back at it for a while. We're finally having a stretch of weather for awhile. Humidity is low with temps in the upper 70's. I can even handle that.

Elissa, adding my Mazel Tov to your father.

Dennis, I knew there was a reason I don't act my age. I guess I'll have to come into work for a bit to see what's happening tomorrow.

Well, the straw that broke the camel's back hit last night when the kids didn't show up when they were supposed to. They couldn't make a decent decision to get home on time. My wife was at her wits end calling me every ten minutes wondering if they had called, adding more gray hair to my head. Needless to say they are grounded. The only problem with that is it ruins my fun. They'll work their butts off right along side me this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

kazie said...

Joyce and Linda,
I checked: Monk all day until 4pm, probably reruns, then at 8pm central.

Kitty B,
I am usually in charge of the remote, and if he wants to do his usual thing flipping through channels at 60mph, he gives up and goes to watch in the bedroom. However, if I mute the TV, I have to keep looking up to see if the ads are finished. I find the reading easier with the sound on.

Isn't that true, that the French originals are always better than the Hollywood remakes. The "Look who's Talking" and "The Visitors" were both better in the original, though the latter was somehow with the same actors.

Patricia said...

C.C. - Really enjoy your crossword blog, and read it every day. It's so helpful when I get stuck on my daily puzzle. Have never commented before, but wanted to express my appreciation. Also, need to address a comment to Dennis. I live near Pittsburgh, but my daughter and son-in-law live in Medford. I have a funny feeling they frequent your hobby store, especially for Steeler memorabilia. Their most recent purchase was a Ben Roethlisberger rookie card for my grandson (a Steeler fanatic). Is this a strange coincidence I felt, or does it ring a bell for you?

Dennis said...

Melissa Bee, what's a 'bevmo'? So you're covering for another girl for the whole month, as well as your own clients?? Who massages you??

C.C., you are correct. What a great idea, slipping some zucchini to a neighbor. Now where's that green paint....

Lemonade, Jimbo, great to see you both back on the blog; I've missed the unique stuff each of you bring to it.

Jeannie, I know my limitations. The recipe was left in the capable hands of my wife.

Lois, another outstandng post. And a great picture of Windhover. About that picture -- Windhover, that sh*t-eating look like you just got, uh, you look like you just......uh, ok, I'll move on.

JD, 'the D in harp on' made me laugh out loud. Yeah, it was unintentional. Yeah.

Dennis said...

Patricia, a small world. I know exactly who they are and they've purchased several Steelers items over the past few months, including, I think, the new Steelers Monopoly. Good people; I always enjoy their visits.

Linda said...

Taking a break...heat is brutal out there (of course, anything over 72 degrees is brutal to me...might be why we had over $400.00 on electric bill last month.)

Argyl: My goal when I get up each day is to make at least one person laugh...glad it was your day!

Jimbo: Do you ever check your E mail?

On the mac and Granny made the best I ever ate...she put whisked eggs in it, cooked it in a china, meat-loaf shaped pan and baked it. All the daughters and granddaughters have tried it...just like her...and it`s never been the same. It was that "Sister Lula" (what my hard-drinking, skirt-chasing Grandpa called her out of R-E-S-P-E-C-T because she was always good to him, period) touch.

Dennis: One of my favorite quotes on preserving youth is "...He satisfieth my mouth with good things, so that my youth is restored like the eagles..." Psalm 105:5 KJV. My smart alec son once said, "Mama, He`s been satisfying your mouth with too many good things!" Note: He`s out of the will.

windhover said...

I had just said to Lois that I never smile for pictures. If I told you what she said a split second before she snapped it, you would understand that the s---eating grin was actually something else entirely. If I smiled any wider it would have been a death grimace. The woman is very, very good.
It's been a week. I'm still smiling.

Clear Ayes said...

Maniac, Thanks. I may be old, but I'm not fossilized yet. Nice link.

PJB, about Big Night. A big Yes from me on the best food movie so far. I'm hoping Julie & Julia"" will give it a run for its money.

Kazie, I can't think of any American remake that I didn't enjoy more in the original non-English version. Hmmm, that reminds me of that adorable Italian in Rome.

Oh yes, I meant to be commenting on movies. I don't mind sub-titled movies, but they usually drive GAH crazy, so when I Netflix, I look for the dubbed versions.

Dennis, BevMo is a chain of wine/spirits/beer stores. They must only be located in California. Too bad, they have just about everything from everywhere and a lot of very good discounts.

Windhover, Hubba hubba! Your photo is responsible for adding to your following of blog groupies.

To all the northern Californians. Isn't this weather amazing? I can't believe I had to put on a sweater earlier this morning. It is now mid-70's and gorgeous outside.

JIMBO said...


I spend about eight hours a day between this blog and my E-mails. (May be a small stretch).
If you have graced me with one, I have not received it; But would love to. Try again and I will check to see if my address is correct.

JIMBO said...


E-mail address on my profile is correct.

melissa bee said...

dennis, bevmo is a liquor store chain, formally 'beverages and more.' great store.

this is my 3rd week with her clients and mine, at least 3 more to go. as to who massages me, qualified applicants are currently being considered.

Clear Ayes said...

We've been having a lot of posts the last couple of days about food. We might not agree with all the sentiments, but the last one is certainly true.

Lucile: Part 1, Canto 2

We may live without poetry, music and art;
We may live without conscience and live without heart;
We may live without friends; we may live without books;
But civilized man can not live without cooks.
He may live without books, -- what is knowledge but grieving?
He may live without hope, -- what is hope but deceiving?
He may live without love, -- what is passion but pining?
But where is the man that can live without dining?

- Owen Meredith

Kelev said...

"Eat Drink Man Woman" is another great food movie. It is a Taiwnese film by Ang Lee.

WM said...

Hi all, It thought this was going to be a breeze...started at the NW top and just zinged everything in. Originally wanted Fiedler(sp?) for Boston Pops but got OTBS so slung in OZAWA...he used to direct the SF Symphony before MTT and so I still connect him with the Bay Area. Things in the middle hung me up so went back to the bottom half, filled in a few and round and round. Somehow got OMSK, IAMB and a few others which gave me traction. FALLING STARTER actually gave me theme which allowed those final fills.

No clue on MARY et al, OMRI, IDA and it took perps for San MATEO because even though it is close by, there are so many SAN name choices in Calif.

I am mostly going to J&J because of the Julia part...I think I have mentioned it before, but I have a sign up in the kitchen..."If you are afraid of butter, use cream...Julia Child". I taught myself to really cook( I had been cooking all the family meals since I was about 12) out her first book and Jacques Pepin's La Technique and have never looked is always about taking things to the next level...I think my husband puts up with me because he eats so well...and stays slim and trim...go figure! Plus, we both have low it isn't the butter and olive oil.

Big Night is a favorite...but if you want something fun, track down "Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe". Old movie but hysterical...each chef is murdered based on his signature dish and it is filmed mostly in Paris. I started a collection of foodie movies, but have bogged down in recent years. Tortilla Soup with Hector Elizando is also and family(and funny).

C.C. Thank you...I thought you might enjoy the combination of tea, flowers and my grandmother's teacup...I used to help her serve at her "ladies" teas and used all her beautiful one of a kind cups.

Lois...thank you for the WH photo...hope some day to meet in person.

Dennis...please be sure to use water soluble green paint. LMAO

Jeannie said...

Hard, hard puzzle for me today. I've been working on the foodshow so after a fruitless few minutes of frustration I gave up and came here to scan the comments.
Lois, great picture of Windhover. I believe I was the one to attach the harmless to his persona, but that was so that Tarrajo would use him as a link to my e-mail. He looks as if he might have broken a few hearts. Got mine a pumping.

Dennis, I have heard of hide the banana, but hide the zucchini? I knew eventually you would come up with a recipe.

Anonymous said...

Last year, I enjoyed the Crossword Corner before it changed to LA Times. My first experience with the LA Times puzzle was in January when we were in Palm Springs--and the one I tried working was difficult--to me. Anyway, I'm back in Michigan, and the Detroit Free Press switched to the LA Times puzzle this year. So it was great to find the same group with the most interesting comments!
C.C. I even looked at your link for "Shackles". I agree--it's more like Rap than Gospel.
Golf Gal

Jeannie said...

Golf gal, if I remember right you are from Traverse City. My folks live in Ludington. I think one of our bloggers just recently visited your area. I can't remember who right now. Good to see you back. Are the cherries still producing?

embien said...

22:02 today. Anyone who has read my previous posts knows that names are my Achilles heel. This puzzle was no different. Oh, how I struggled, even after finding the theme very early on. I've never heard of LIT CRIT, so that took a long time to fill in.

However, the most difficult area was AURA crossing UGO and OMRI (the latter two are names I've never heard before). I probably spent a good five minutes getting those two letters, U and R (at last).

I'm looking forward to seeing Julie & Julia but won't be able to go until Monday at the earliest due to my wife's schedule. This is a big deal for me as I only see about three movies a year (and that includes watching on TV--dunno why I get all those movie channels in my DISH package since I never watch them).

@PJB: I second (or rather, third or fourth) your recommendation for Big Night. Kind of quirky, but a wonderful movie for a foodie like myself. Trini Lopez lives on!

Chickie said...

Hello All--Good, but difficult Friday puzzle for me. I had to Google many of the names. I'm not good with a puzzle which includes names from TV, movies, and such. I did finish the whole CW, (with the Google help) but didn't get the theme until I read C.C.'s explanation.

I did like some of the clues, however. Really clever Programme show-er-not shower, and Apple in your pocket. Just a number, it's said, for age brought back some of the discussions we had on the blog just this past couple of weeks.

Maniac, We are parents, regardless of the age of our children. I worry when my married kids say they'll be at the house or meet us somewhere at a certain time and they don't show up or call let us know they'll be late. That old pit-of-the stomach feeling is there until we hear from them. Hard work doesn't hurt anyone. We've "punished" in the same way. Helps to get frustration out of your system.

C.C., succulent is the collective name (therefore noun) for the group of plants called "fat plants". They are water retaining plants adapted to arid climates or soil conditions. They are great for people like me who don't seem to remember to water the patio pots as often as necessary.

Crockett1947 said...

@dennis File under Dept. of Small World. Carol just came into the library where I'm volunteering, and we had a quick little chat. 'Twas good to see her again.

lois said...

JimmyB: Touche. What's good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa. I better clarify what I meant by 'here' tho'. I was thinking lately of men HERE in VA. Some are off the chain.

Windhover: I'm still smiling too. Thank you again for such a great time.

WM: I'm up for a meeting! Email me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I recall someone mentioning they were coming to the Cherry Festival which takes place around the July 4 week. The tart cherries are still being picked. Usually they are all done by this time, but the cooler than usual weather in July slowed everything down. The sweet cherries are about finished.
Golf Gal

Anonymous said...

Tarrajo, have you tried Craig's list for football gear. I have found some great buys there and had success selling too.

Maniac, sounds like you live in my house with kids being grounded. It tends to be a worse punishment for the parents most times.

Lois, you are in fine form as usual. Loved Windhover's pic. I like to put a face to the blogger.

ClearAyes, nice fitting poem today.

Jeannie, my daughter was at the food show on Wednesday. Wish I would have known you were there. She would have gotten a kick out of one of our bloggers looking her up.

Just came back from J&J. I really liked the movie. I have never read My Life in France, but it will definitely be on my list of must reads. However, I am glad I didn't read it b4 seeing the movie, as it was fresh for me. She was quite a character for her time. Absolutely LOVE Stanley Tucci as well as Meryl Streep, so it was a rare treat. They were great together.

I really liked the Julie story also though. She was a blogger you know. I am thinking this is CC's chance to become as famous as she is. She certainly deserves it.

Clear Ayes said...

Stanley Tucci was one of the stars of Big Night. He is one of those excellent actors whom you can use to gauge whether or not to see a movie. Most of the time when he is in it, it will be worthwhile.

Embien, Trini Lopez? Were you thinking of the Louis Prima connection in Big Night?

JimmyB said...

Since no one has mentioned it yet, I thought I'd chime in on my personal favorite "food movie": Babette's Feast. It won the 1987 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Lovely story, summed up well on Wikipedia (I'd link to it here if I could figure out that process for a Mac.)

After it won the Academy Award, a local French restaurant in San Jose ran the exact same menu for awhile during the time the movie was running at a local theatre. It made for a unique "double feature", which, coincidentally, I was able to take my wife to on her birthday. She still remembers that gastronomical evening as one of her fondest birthday memories.

Anonymous said...

WM: Is there Canadian blood in your grandmother? All my relatives were Canadian (except my brother – he too was born in the U.S.)and it was the custom to give us girls bone china tea cups for all occasions. I have about 12 mismatched beautiful ones. Your comment was the first I've seen of a similar assortment.

As to Netflix movies, DH introduced me to the Kung Fu tv series, which we both have been enjoying greatly. If you have not seen at least one CD, try it. I'll bet you'll like it.
They are interesting, thought–provoking, and memorable.

Cheers, all.

Hahtoolah said...

Sallie: I don't know that it is s Canadian custom to give girls china tea cups. That was something I grew up with as well. My grandmother and mother had lots of china cups and saucers, that were exchanged on birthdays, holidays, etc. I always knew what to get for my grandmother when her birthday came around. It was fun for me to pick out a pattern each time. Unfortunately, we no longer do this, so I never got any "new" china, although I inherited several pieces from my grandmother, which I treasure.

Linda said...

All edged, weedeat-ed and freshly cut! Smells and looks wonderful!

MaryMary are truly gospel. Just attend a multi-racial church and you`ll hear such music. It is my humble opinion that churches/synagogues should look like heaven...multi racial, multi education levels, multi jobs/professions in evidence. I heard a Pastor say once that his congregation was "White collar, blue collar, no collar and ring-around-the-collar." Sounds like heaven to me!

JimmyB; You sound like quite the romantic...lucky wife. My hubby gets up, (lights the fire in winter), puts on the coffee, sets out my coffee cup and creamer and lays the paper right where I sit to read it. In the winter, there is a draft on my back sometimes and he even puts a throw on the chair back to stop that. Think I`ll keep him another 48 going on 49 years.

We don`t have a theater any closer than 45 I seldom see a new movie unless I go to a matinee with the girls. (hubby is lots of things, but movie-goer isn`t one of them, although he did take me to see "Wall-E" on my birthday a few years ago.) I just saw MamaMia this week on TV. Cute, but Brosnan acts better than he sings. As always, Streep was excellent even though she was out of her element. "Dancing Queen" brought back so many memories. Who ever sees J and J...please give us a review. I read that the woman was 6 ft 2 in.!

treefrog said...

I'm here late today. Been busy. Car serviced, I&M & car registration. Even came home and painted the last three outside window frames. If the other half doesn't like it, he can paint the damn things himself!!

Knew I was in trouble right off. Could only answer a few clues the first time through. Soooo, I got out my trusty xword puzzle dict and looked up the ones I absolutely didn't know. Helped me lots. Still wasn't much fun.

treefrog said...

Just read today's posts.

Monk and Asperger's-ya think! That and his OCD.Season all set to record.

We seldom watch commercials. Record most of the shows and avoid that. I usually have the remote. I'm better at the buttons.

Still cloudy. But it's humid. My teeth and head hurt. Sinus are all screwed up.

Ok, I am going to go sit and relax now.

carol said...

Hi Crockett!!! So good to see and chat with you again. What a coincidence!!

Dennis, be careful where you slip that zucchini!

WM said...

Sallie...that grandmother was 1 generation from Germany and that grandfather also. I think it may have been customary ages friends and family often gift me with espresso cups, which makes it fun for after dinner espresso. My sister-in-law took off with most of the really special teacups and now that, years later, we are good friends, I am still trying to figure out how to politely ask her for them back as they were a very large part of my childhood...and then I have days where it just doesn't seem worth the hassle. My fault, actually, because my grandmother kept trying to get me to take things she wasn't going to use anymore...I felt awful taking them but my S-I-L didn't...maybe these days she would have a change of heart. My other sister in law saved all of my grandmother's Fostoria glassware, also used on those same occasions, because my mother gave it all away to her because they had a bigger house and entertained more...years later she pulled me aside at a family gathering and showed me that she had packed it all away...She also had my grandmother's silverplate and carving set...I am now reunited with the few things, with the exception of the teacups, that my mom at least gave to the family...everything else...gone.

Wow...don't know where that came from...

Treefrog...hope you feel better after a rest...sense frustration...

Lois...check email.

Anonymous said...

As usual when a puzzle has a lot of names, I had difficulty. had to google a lot. never got the theme.

Linda, When I read the word, imbue, I though of the same quote as you did. But it just didn't seem right so I had to look it up. Luke 24:49 says, "until ye be endue with power from on high." Then I had to consult Webster to see if the two words are synonyms. Not quite. Endue is to put on as a garment or endow. Imbue does mean to fill with. When the promise was fulfilled in Acts the disciples were endowed with a power that imbued their lives.


Chickie said...

WM ,Sallie, and Hahtool, My Mother-in-law had a large collection of china cups and saucers which she had received over the years from her mother and other family members beginning with her HS graduation. She said it was a family tradition--German and English. She gave my girls their first cups and saucers for their engagement gifts.

My china cups came the same way from my mother and aunts. I had a large collection, many of which were broken in the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989. My daughters have gradually replaced those with others.

When my Mother-in-law died her china was here in our home, as she lived with us. I've put aside the special cups and saucers and have started giving them to my grandchildren upon their engagement. I think it is a lovely tradition and my newest grand-daughter-in-law has told me several times that she was really touched when she received one of her husband's great grandmother's cups and saucers.

PJB-Chicago said...

Hullo, hello. Me again, now drenched from the rain. I had my puddle-stomping shoes on and dark trousers so I spashed every puddle I could on the way home (without getting anyone else wet, I promise).

Puzzle was fun. Young Mr. Bain had some good clues and fills. everyone has listed the same rough spots that I wrestled with. 9D's MARY MARY had me quite contrary [groan] and OMRI looked wrong but was right. Thanks, perps!

Other than the annoying cross of OMSK and AMER, the puzzle was very forgiving. Tough words crossed easier ones; I appreciate that.

Thanks every one for recommending more food movies. Netflix, watch out! Babette's Feast was a fine movie but the Swedes I saw it with sort of ruined it by making non-stop fun of the Danish accents. To their northern neighbors the Danes apparently sound like they're simultaneously choking & spitting up. Not such a good thing to accompany such good food....

Living in Colorado near the foothills meant a yearly road trip higher up to see the aspen in their glory. The weather people on TV would predict when the best time to go would's a short window of 2-3 days. What a great reason to call in sick to work! The tie in to the puzzle is my true-story advice not to make the trip with people addicted to ENYA (16A) because you will get either verrrry sleepy or sick to your stomach from the ethereal "music." Just my opinion...

Later....chow time has just arrived, and I smell bacon. pjb

MamaRuth said...

I foolishly didn't copy or print the mac n'cheese recipe and now can't find it. I'd appreciate having it e-mailed to
Some puzzles are too frustrating like today's and I give up and go to cc's blog for the answers without struggling too much. Thanks, cc

Linda said...

Dot: Thanks. I remember better than I spell.

melissa bee said...

pjb: i feel your pain. i have a regular client (read, 3x per week) that i see in her home. EVERY SINGLE SESSION, she plays the same enya album. too much of a good thing is not always good ..

PJB-Chicago said...

@MelissaBee; lol, I thought my car trip was bad, but three times a week Enya sessions seems like sheer torture for you! Perhaps you could find her or lend her something tolerable? I can't think of anything at the moment...but you definitely have incredible patience. Racking up some good karma there! Have to run, bus is here. pjb

Jeannie said...

Golf Mom, every time I see an Anon starting out with Jeannie I tend to bypass it as it usually isn't a good thing. Go BLUE. I mean that figuratively of course being reared in MI. I just knew the cherries were still if full swing. My parents actually met in Shelby/Hart area and we would go every year to pick lugs of those things. I know you know what a lug is. Now why wouldn't that be in a crossword puzzle?

KQ, what foodshow were you referring to? Mine isn't until October 20th. It just takes this amount of time for me to put it all together.

Melissabee, I feel your pain. I don't know if you are a Collective Soul fan or not (a band that should have made it big in my opine) but I had the experience of watching them preform live on a deck overlooking Lake Minnetonka last night. They have a new album coming out in October. I absolutely love this tune december they aren't hard to look at either.

Anonymous said...

Bradyjoe is, against my better judgement sleeping with a buddy in his tent tonight. It's kind of stormy here and he claims he wants to test his new tents' meddle. Just did the "mommy" check and they appear to be hunkered down with snacks and supplies.

We went to the garden first and are quite prepared for tomorrow's onslaught on the neighbors. I told LGJ about the day and he suggests he and his buddy go clandestine at dark in cammo to do the deed. I am thinking he is more than ready to get rid of these. JD if you are still counting...7 more tonight. I seriously lost track after 70+ so I would be willing to bet over 90. I hope you get a big BELLY LAUGH over that.

Clear Ayes said...

Everyone is certainly entitled to their personal musical preferences. I have to say, for myself, a little Enya (or John Tesh) goes a long way.

GAH inherited some antique furniture, several china dinner sets and some sterling, as well as some individual handpainted china service pieces and some teacups from his Czechoslovakian grandmother. One of these days, we'll go through it all and he'll have to decide how he wants to divide things among his nieces. It is so much easier when there is a "master list" of who gets what piece(s). That's what my mother did and there wasn't a single raised eyebrow between the three daughters.

#5 and out. Sleep well, all.

MJ said...

@elissa--Congrats for your father! We're never too old, and sometimes special times come later in life.

@JD-- Thanks for the "Oh Happy Day" clip. I loved the soundtracks for those movies. Also enjoyed seeing Maggie Smith. I'd forgotten she was in that film.

Anonymous said...

Ellisa, Wow...good for you and your Father. I don't know too much about the Jewish faith, but for him to finally experience that rite is very, very cool.

I just came up with an idea. Brady Joe and I come up with a theme dinner the first Saturday of the month and since he wasn't here it is supposed to be tomorrow. Would you be so kind to share some "traditional Jewish" recipes with me? I think it would also be a good learning tool as well. I am a pretty good cook and can decipher most recipes. By the way, do any of those recipes include ZUCCHINI?

Margie said...

tarrajo - How about zucchini latkes (pancakes) They are so good with a dab of sour cream. Here is a nice recipe.

Anonymous said...

Margie...Thank you! Post more often with recipes like that! I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. RECIPES boys. (Lois)

Crockett1947 said...

@tarrajo I'm always interested in looking at new recipes -- it's the follow through that is hard to achieve, at times. I've had a recipe for peanut butter cookies on the refrigerator for three or four weeks now. Maybe someday soon.

lois said...

Tarrajo 11:40p LOL funny!

Has anyone ever heard of Mississippi Stud Poker? I LOVE that game. Won big bucks and am ready for LV next week. That game is not everywhere but I'm going to find it wherever it is. Black Jack is still good, but craps still confuses me...the odds part of the game, but still fun. I'm ready! Look out LV!!!

PJB-Chicago said...

@Crockett, don't feel bad--I've had a cucumber salad on my fridge for almost a year, never made it but will Saturday after hitting the farmers' market. I overdosed on potatoes all this week, I think I've been personally funding Potato Lady's retirement fund... no taters this week for me, I need me some veggies! Everything is out of kilter crop-wise because the cool weather jimmied the schedule.

@TarraJo--good luck with your secret mission! Don't get caught, ok?

G'night all. pjb