Aug 11, 2009

Tuesday August 11, 2009 Allan E. Parrish

Theme: Tread the Boards - All words related to the theater.

18A: Homemade radio: CRYSTAL SET

59A: Last part: FINAL STAGE

3D: Baseball play that may be "suicide": SQUEEZE PLAY

27D: Common autograph site: PLASTER CAST

Another pangram puzzle. All 26 letters are used.

Bonus fill: ACTION (24A: Director's directive), though theatrical directors don't use this, I presume, only the cinematic directors do.

Argyle...again. Yesterday was too easy so I had to blog today's puzzle.

Maybe "Baseball ploy" works better, as PLAY was part of the theme answer for 3D.

Considerably harder than Monday's but, for regular readers of this blog, it shouldn't have been too bad.


1A: Canseco of baseball fame: JOSE. You won't find this on a baseball card. Conseco stirred up the whole steroid scandal.

5A: Screen material: MESH.

9A: Diving ducks: SMEWS. Small European ducks, white crest.

14A: Quartet before S: OPQR. String of letters before S, alphabetically.

15A: Introductory drawing class: ART I.

16A: Gives a ticket to: CITES.

17A: Ship-related: Abbr.: NAUT. Nautical.

20A: Say "Howdy!" to: GREET.

22A: Settings for weddings: ALTARS.

23A: Co. that merged into Verizon: GTE. GTE Corporation (formerly General Telephone & Electronics Corporation) was the largest of the "independent" US telephone companies during the days of the Bell System. Merged in 2000.

26A: Lhasa __: APSO.

30A: Greek played by Anthony Quinn: ZORBA. Anthony Quinn won Best Actor Award for Zorba the Greek in 1964.

32A: Small waves: RIPPLES.

34A: Moravians, e.g.: CZECHS. But at one time, they were more than just CZECHS. The Bohemians are CZECHS too of course.

38A: Terminate, as an insurance policy: LAPSE.

39A: Mail Boxes __: ETC. Mail Boxes Etc. is a UPS company and is the world's largest franchisor of retail shipping, postal and business service centers.

40A: Follow: ENSUE.

42A: Source of Rockefeller's wealth: OIL.

43A: Seashore fliers: ERNS.

46A: Held protectively, as an infant: CRADLED.

48A: Chop up: MINCE and 57A: Chops up: DICES with 50A: Off one's rocker: INSANE. between them. Hee, hee, hee.

49A: Actor __ Luke who played Chan's Number One Son in old films: KEYE. Master Po on TV's Kung Fu.

52A: Nutrition letters : RDA. Recommended Daily Allowance.

55A: Louis who wrote Western novels: L'AMOUR. L'Amour's The Sacketts.

63A: "The War of the Worlds" enemy: MARS.

64A: Atmospheric layer: OZONE.

66A: DDE's alma mater: USMA. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

67A: Office copy: XEROX.


1D: Mah-__: JONGG. Also, mahjong, or mah-jong

2D: Eyeball-bending genre: OP ART.

4D: One-named Deco artist: ERTE. Romain de Tirtoff. ERTE is French pronunciation of his initials R.T.

5D: Brit's raincoat: MAC. "And the banker never wears a mac in the pouring rain; very strange." from the Beatles, Penny Lane. A "mac" is a mackintosh: a raincoat. Originally it was a brand name for a specific type of overcoat, now a generic term.

6D: Printing slip-ups: ERRATA.

7D: Turntable needles: STYLI. plural of stylus Alternate plural, styluses.

8D: Like chronicles of the past: HISTORIC.

9D: Capone feature: SCAR. Al "Scarface" Capone.

10D: Grammy-winning country singer Ronnie: MILSAP. Picture Milsap's "Lost in the Fifties Tonight" single won Grammys in 1985 and 1986.

19D: Patty Hearst's SLA alias: TANIA. The S.L.A.(Symbionese Liberation Army) became internationally notorious for kidnapping media heiress Patty Hearst, granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst. She ultimately joined her captors in furthering their cause. Despite her claim she had been coerced, she served nearly two years in jail.

21D: North Carolina athlete: TAR HEEL. and 48D: "My Little __": 1950s Gale Storm sitcom: MARGIE. Both were discussed lately in the comment section.

25D: "Numb3rs" network: CBS. "Numb3rs" is a show about a man using math to help solve crimes.

28D: Smooth transition: SEGUE.

29D: Big name in blenders: OSTER. We had Waring blenders, now we have Oster.

31D: Mil. training inst.: OCS. Officer Candidate School and 36D: Grads of 31-Down: LTS. Lieutenants.

33D: Primped: PREENED. Preen comes from the action of birds smoothing their feathers.

34D: Ticker: CLOCK. So simple, it gave me trouble.

35D: Congo, formerly: ZAIRE.

39D: Back-of-the-book listings: END NOTES.

41D: Pres. advisory team: NSC. National Security Council. Headed by NSA (National Security Advisor). CIA director is part of NSC too.

44D: Champagne-producing city: REIMS. ENE of Paris, France. City of Germany’s unconditional surrender.

47D: The "D" in FDR: DELANO. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His mother named him after her favorite uncle, Franklin Delano.

51D: Sophisticated: SUAVE. Oh, Bond.

53D: Skin layer: DERMA.

54D: Test one's metal: ASSAY. Nice play on "Test one's mettle".

56D: Mike Doonesbury's daughter, in comics: ALEX. She is a young lady now.

61D: Here-there link: NOR. Neither here NOR there.

62D: "Benevolent" fellow: ELK. The Benevolent & Protective Order of ELKS.

Answer grid.


PS: Here is a photo of our Canadian solver Geri in St. Augustine, Florida in March 2009.


Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - an enjoyable Tuesday puzzle; didn't catch the theme until the third theme fill.

'Tarheel' was timely, given our recent discussion. 'Keye' Luke was the only unknown, and I thought 'Test one's metal' was a great clue. Other than that, not a lot on which to comment, which is certainly not unusual for a Tuesday.

Argyle, great job again.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." -- Confucius

More 'Qute Quotes':

-- Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit. -- Elbert Hubbard

-- I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone. -- Bil Cosby

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, All. A good puzzle for a Tuesday. Not as easy as yesterday’s puzzle, but just the right amount of a challenge for early in the week. Fun with all the letters q, x and z.

Our recent discussion about TAR HEELS, made (21D) a cinch.

Thanks, Argyle, for explaining the Quartet after S. Got it through the perps. but still didn't get it.

I was in the CZECH Republic recently. Our family aren't Moravians, but did come from Bohemia.

Today’s birthdays:

1807 ~ David Rice Atchison (1807 ~ 1886). His claim to fame is that he served as the 11.5th President of the United States, serving for one day. He was the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (as a senator from Missouri) when Zachary Taylor was elected. President Polk ‘s term ended on a Sunday, March 4, 1849. Taylor refused to take oath on a Sunday, ergo, Atchinson served as president for the day. Is that like being Queen for a day?

1921 ~ Alex Haley, author of Roots, was born.

1925 ~ Mike Douglas, a talk show host and entertainer, was both born on this date and died on this date 81 years later.

QOD: The White House is the finest prison in the world. ~ Harry S Truman.

C.C. Burnikel said...

As Argyle said, I felt today's puzzle is considerably harder than yesterday's, even though I teed off perfectly. I adore "Test one's metal" too, excellent word play. Love the second Qute Quote. Geri looks very sweet, doesn't she?

I nailed OPQR immediately. Would have got CZECHS if it were clued as "Bohemians, e.g." as I did not know who/what Moravians are.

I spent 5 minutes locating that elusive letter K. Just like Barry Silk, Allan E. Parrish is well-known for his penchant for pangram. I hate what JOSE Canseco did to baseball. New stuff to me: KEYE, MILSAP, TANIA, "Numb3rs" and the OSTER blender. JONGG looks so weird, Mahjong (Cantonese) is more familiar to me. It's majiang in Mandarin Chinese. Thanks for the great write-up.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Congratulations to your Dad. Such a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing.

I've answered your question regarding crossword construction at the Gail's interview Comments section.

Great picture. Nice to see Chickie. Hope Clear Ayes and Melissa join you girls soon.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C., Argyle and all, today’s puzzle was certainly more difficult than yesterday, but enjoyable and doable. The south center was the last to fall as I had “leer” in lieu of “evil”, but as soon as I got “endnotes” that section filled. Argyle, I also read the clue for 54D as mettle and not metal and it took me awhile to see the error.

Other than the above there isn’t much to say about the puzzle.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Dick said...

PS: nice write up, as usual, Argyle.

Hahtoolah said...

Do all y'all know each other? The recent posts and pictures indicates that you know each other and get together. Am I an intruder?

Dennis said...

Hahtool, certainly not. Several of the women in California happen to live relatively near to each other, and are fortunately able to meet occasionally. It's the exception, rather than the norm; the rest of us are spread all over the country. Actually, the world.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c., argyle and all,

loved this puzzle. when i saw the two z's i checked to see if it was a barry silk - didn't remember that parrish was also known for pangrams. two x's and two y's also. needed perps for SMEWS, KEYE and ERRATA. left the last four letters of SQUEEZE PLAY blank for a long time because i was sure it had to be something else. ALTAR again.

doubled my yesterday's time. must've taken dennis seven or eight minutes.

great to see you geri!

Lemonade714 said...

If you look at the career of KEYE LUKE you learn many crossword puzzle facts, from the original Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto movies, to the Green Hornet and the wonderful David Carridine Kung Fu television series. Any thoughts on Mr. Carridine’s murder/suicide?

You have to enjoy a pangram, but I never saw the theme; thanks Argyle.

They made fun of Jose Canseco’s book JUICED when it cam out, but it seems he was telling the truth. For baseball purists who think the steroid use is an anomaly, I suggest you read BALL FOUR and Jim Brosnan’s PENNANT RACE .
I still like books, do you all think the Kindle will take over?

For those who do not like sports this was a harder puzzle.

Dennis said...

C.C., yes, you're right, Geri looks great. Also, the picture of the lunch get-together in California gave me a thought: have you ladies considered doing a TV series, 'The Real Housewives of Northern California'? You'd give the 'OC' show a run for its money.

Lemonade, I'm a tech gadget geek, but I don't think Kindle will overtake books, at least in our lifetime; I've tried it, and it just didn't feel right. BTW, did you see my response to you yesterday?

Melissa Bee, do you sleep, or just go to bed early?

melissa bee said...

occasional insomniac ... you have a cure?

Mainiac said...

Good Morning CC, Argyle and All,

This one required a bit of work. Had to erase a bit. Loons instead of Smews which is a new one for me. Had Final Piece instead of Stage which made that section with End Notes a pain. I also wrote Baseball Hat instead of Plaster Cast. That answer is kind of lame IMHO.

Sticky weather here again. The good thing is that the heat and sun has brought the tourists out and the merchants now have the "August Ugglys" even though June and July were really slow.

Thelma, Louise and Baby (Cats now) have now graduated to the outdoors. I was trying to snap a picture of them wrestling with Hank and Zivah (pups) on the lawn but I wasn't quick enough.

Add two kids and its a real zoo! Nothing better!

Have a great day.

Dennis said...

occasional insomniac ... you have a cure?

Depends on the individual; would require exhaustive research.

Martin said...

REIMS and L'AMOUR were unknowns and I had SCAN instead of SEEK so I didn't get SUAVE or STAGE either. The rest of the puzzle fell into place though. I didn't do yesterday's puzzle because it was still raining quite a bit so I didn't go out to get a newspaper: I just stayed at home and studied Chinese.


windhover said...

Paraphrasing Dennis, with the exception
of a couple of boorish commenters, there are no intruders here. Your own entry and participation, like many others before you, has been seamless. This is a geographically and philosophically widespread group (there is at least one of everything) that normally behaves as if they were old and dear friends, when in fact most of us will never meet.
I think most of us enjoy learning about the lives of the others, without trying to know anything they would not or do not choose to reveal. I do believe that unlike a lot of the Internet world, most people here are exactly
who and what they appear to be. In short, you are welcome. Not long ago, you dropped the phrase
"when I was a judge" into one of your posts. That's the kind of thing I find fascinating about people here. You can say something like "back when I was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police" or "when I drank beer on Willie Nelson's bus, and just roll right on.

Melissa Bee/Dennis:
there are no permanent cures, but there are some very effective home remedies. Taking a ride in a fast Mustang is one that is guaranteed.

Moon said...

Didnt get the theme till I read Argyle's notes. Thank you Argyle.
Had to try all the letters of the alphabet at 2 places..the L at the intersection of country singer Ronnie and Home made radio and the L again at the intersection of D in FDR and Louis who wrote western novels.
Instead of CRYSTAL, I was stuck at CRY STA_ SET.

On the work front, I was concerned that I didnt know anything. Turns out that since this is a brand new concept and product and a new team, most people are also learning(they have a 3-4 month headstart on me). Already learnt some new stuff yesterday..cant wait to reach work today to learn some more.
Have a great day.

Moon said...

This is to the ladies of Northern California (based on Dennis' comments),
Please let me know when you are meeting up next. I'd love to meet all of you. I'm in Milpitas.

lois said...

Good morning Argyle, CC, et al., Took twice as long to do today for me as well. 1D w/2 g's threw me. Agree w/CC, mah jong is how I know it. Had to laugh at Argyle's pairing of 'mince', 'insane' and 'dices'. Funny, and another excellent job too, Argyle. Liked the irony in 'evil' crossing 'elk' and 54D's play on 'metal' was my fav. as well. But something about
6D 'errata' just seems so wrong
(LOL). Seems like a lot of gov't/ military refs today too w/naut, action, lts, ocs, usma, agt, the Doonesbury and SLA refs, delano, nsc, cites, pin, and even perhaps
'czechs' and balances. Ok, that one is a reach but still there was an 'historic' subtheme goin on. Capone could also be included and scarface was a good nickname for him. Geeze! Anyway, good puzzle and enjoyed it. Thanks Argyle. Loved the links.

KQ: great pic of your son and those sweet kids. What a remarkable job you have done.

Elissa: loved reading about your dad's bar mitzvah. Thanks for sharing.

WM: can you name our friends in the pic for me? I must've missed something along the way. Looks like a great time! Where are you all?

Tarrajo & Carol: I had changed the pic before you clicked on. Here it is again, I hope.

Patricia: welcome. Sweet comment yesterday. Stick around and join in.

MelissaB: the only cure for insomnia is ...sleep (LOL). However Dennis's in depth exhaustive research on the subject sounds quite appealing and I would make sure it would require several sessions personally. Keep us posted.

Enjoy this gorgeous day.

kazie said...

g'morning everyone.
I found this a lot slower than yesterday. I guessed it was a pangram pretty early, but never got the theme. Whizzed through the northern half, then I put INC for ETC, changing the I to E for END NOTES but not knowing what to do with the resulting ENC/LNS, and STATE for STAGE, didn't know MARGIE, couldn't come up with SEEK/ELK. No problems elsewhere, though I used perp help for KEYE and guessed PLAY after having BALL at first. TARHEEL was a gimme, but a week ago I'd have had no clue! I tried ANAT for ART I at first too, and the extra G on JONGG did look strange.

Terrific photo of Geri.
I wish there were tags on the CW ladies yesterday, I wasn't sure who was who. It's a pity those avatar pix don't go to a real "full size" when you choose that option.

There was some discussion yesterday of our thanking Argyle each Monday, but forgetting to thank c.c. every other day. I hope you both realize that we all appreciate every day's blog. If it weren't for you both, and expecially c.c., where would the rest of us be?

Martin is in the Philipines, and we had a poster in India until the change. We haven't heard from the Colonel for a while, have we?

I'm thinking about hitting up some of you people for a meeting if I ever get around to that big road trip in my future!

Fred said...

@melissa bee
When I can't sleep I take a couple of calcium/magnesium tablets. Puts me right out, a natural sedative. I will occasionally meditate until I fall asleep as insomnia is often due to a racing mind.


Dennis said...

A rubber mallet is also helpful. A well-placed shot, and the next thing you know, it's morning!

Elissa said...

The ladies in the picture are JD, Elissa, Chickie and WM.
Hahtool: WM and I decided to meet a few months ago. That went well, so the next time JD joined us. Then WM had her art show and Chickie and JD stopped by. This time we got all four of us, and Chickie suggested another get together that will, hopefully, include others in the Bay Area. We all first met on this blog, but clearly have things in common, so it has been an interesting addition to the daily on line get together.

As for the puzzle, SMEW was new to me and I have heard about Ronnie MILSAP but it didn't pop to mind, so the M was my last fill. I wasn't sure if it was going to be JONGG or JONNG, but got it from the perps. Got a few other unknowns, like KEYE from perps as well.

My military training was called OIS (Officer Indoctrination School), rather than OCS. OCS was for line officers. OIS was for staff officers - lawyers, doctors, dentists, nurses, clergy and such. We called it 'knife and fork' school. We learned how, who and when to salute (and the trick of crossing the street when you saw someone coming and you weren't sure what to do).

I know Louis LAMOUR well. My father-in-law has read all his books. Also I sort donated books with the friends of the library for book sales. While we don't bother with most novels that are more than 10 years old, we can selling any Louis L'Amour book, no matter how old.

I would miss holding a book, but I find the idea of the Kindle intriguing - the idea you can search back through what you've read (like when you can't remember who a character is!?!) and it has a built in light for reading in bed. But it is still too expensive IMHO.

Al said...

@Melissa Bee, one way to get into a sleepy state is to participate in some sort of activity that temporarily increases your endorphin levels...

Outside of that, our western diet with food grown in increasingly depleted soil is low in magnesium (note, not manganese). If you aren't against taking supplements, a good one for that is potassium magnesium aspartate. That sounds like something you would read on a warning label, but it is actually very important.

You see a lot about taking calcium, but magnesium is actually much more critical (and way better for you than taking boniva or those other iffy so-called bone density pills that can cause jaw problems).

Also, taking 1-3 mg of melatonin (which is something the body produces anyway) about 15 minutes before going to bed can really make a difference if you need something a little stronger. I was searching for a "natural" cure for sarcoidosis and ran across that as a side effect.

The mg can be taken any time, best during meals, but melatonin should not be taken during the day because it really can make you drowsy.

What you really want to stay away from are perscription sleeping pills, like Ambien or Lunestra.

Elissa said...

Just heard a report on the Kindle changing how students get their textbooks on Morning Edition on NPR. That makes sense and might even be worth the price if the on line text book prices were less than the print versions, which can be very pricey. And for textbooks, the ability to search would really be invaluable.

Anonymous said...

Good morning all. I thought today's was just about my idea of a perfect puzzle. I could do it with no help, except from the perps at times.
I too puzzled over jongg and metal. As with others I misread metal. It's interesting how often we read what we think should be there. That is, in fact, how we read.

Argyle, you mentioned Keye Luke as Master Po in Kung Fu series, but I have seen no one comment on the series. DH & I are seriously addicted, and nearly out of CDs from Netflix. I guess three seasons is all we get.


Anonymous said...

Well, this one was definitely harder than yesterday’s as there were too many name clues. I had to hit the g-spot for Keye, L’Amour, and Zaire. Got lots of perp help with zorba, etc, usma, erte, and mac. I thought the quartet before S was very clever, and only knew mah-jong but once I had jong, I just guessed and added an extra g. Wanted loon for smew. I have never heard of a smew.

Argyle, I had to giggle at your mince, dices, insane tie in.

Melissa, I too have an occasional insomnia problem. It’s usually brought on by thinking too much.

Dennis, what is the “today is…..?

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

Argyle, good to see you again. I'm sure C.C. appreciates the respite.

I like you suggestion for "ploy" to replace "play" in the clue for 3D.

Have a great Tuesday!

Linda said...

Great picture, you left-coast ladies!

Most of my problems came from wrong fills: cuddled for cradled, wire for mesh, usmc for usma, fed for agt and forgetting that "i" can also stand for "1". Not knowing that "Jongg" had two "g`s" didn`t help.
We have also discussed "Gale Storm" recently. Makes me think we have constructor lurkers...
Once my wrong fills were corrected, the rest fell into place. Still not as simple as yesterday.
Anything by L`amour is worth the read...(which is what my "sleeping aid" usually is...I read until I can`t keep my eyes open and then, my mind is "clear" and I go right to sleep. Laptops aren`t comfortable the way I read and so, Kindle isn`t an option for me.) "Down the long Hills" is my favorite L`amour work.

Question; Is there any way to underline words on this blog?

CC: I read your response. Thanks for taking the time.

Elissa: When I was doing my Master`s degree work,
just 10 years ago, my School would not accept any internet information sources. It had to be in book form...Don`t know if that would apply to on-line texts or not...anything on-line is subject to hacking/unauthorized changes, is probably why the restriction.

Good day to all my "swave" (51d) blog buddies.

Al said...

@Linda, there's not a simple answer to your underlining question, but the short one is no, not only underlining. The blog software won't allow <u></u> tags.

The purpose of underlining is usually for emphasis, and the tags for that are <em></em>. However, doing that will simply italicize words, so it is shorter to just use the <i></i> tags instead. As Barry G. explained in an earlier blog entry, underlining and italics mean the same thing in print. We're just used to seeing it because on typewriters there is only one font available, so the underscore character used to be used a lot.

Now, having said that, if you're still determined to underline something, you can fake it out by making it be a link like this:
<a href=""></a>
even one to nowhere, but then it will be blue too, not just underlined.

Argyle said...

Two things I would like to mention about Louis L'amour's stories: the hero has a cup of coffee in the first couple of pages. I remember once, the hero starts out naked in the middle of nowhere but has something that passes for coffee(chicory, I think), before he has covering. And two, he has a certain lenght for his story and often will close out a story in the matter of a few paragraphs.

I want to get the whole Sacketts series sometime.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I know it is common crossword solution, but it annoys me when the letter "i" is used in place of the number "1", as in "Art i".

I had to do some perping. Even though I didn't know "Moravians", I had ZAIRE and TARHEEL, so the only option for 34A was CZECHS. My stopper was the cross of ERNS and REIMS. The "R" seemed to be the only possibility, and it was my final fill of the puzzle.

Jerome mentioned a famous Oakland Raider the other day. The name that popped into my mind was Lyle Alzado. Is that autograph real?

Lyle Alzado was one of the first athlete's to admit to steroid use. He blamed the brain cancer, that killed him at 43 on steroids, even though his doctors said that wasn't the cause. Before he died, he said, "Ninety percent of the athletes I know are on the stuff. We're not born to be 300 lbs or jump 30 ft. But all the time I was taking steroids, I knew they were making me play better." That is a classic example of the end NOT justifying the means.

I haven't tried Kindle. I still love opening a book for the first time and getting a whiff of "new book" smell. But Elissa did bring up the point that it has a handy reading light. I frequently read myself to sleep, so an unobtrusive reading light would make GAH very happy. (He conks out almost immediately after hitting the sheets.)

Hahtool, new avatar??...who, where, when, etc.

Moon, I haven't made it to a California ladies' lunch yet either, but it sounds like the next one will be closer to a convention!

kazie said...

There's a popular German writer, Karl May, who wrote exclusively about the American Wild West. Although he'd never been in the USA, his books were wildly popular in Germany. I've often wondered if he and Louis L'Amour influenced each other, but on looking them up, I find May (1842-1912) preceded L'Amour (1908-1988) by quite a bit.

carol said...

Hi all -

I agree with others that today's puzzle was quite a bit more difficult than an ordinary Tuesday, but it was fun and even though I had to struggle a little to get traction, once started, it just flowed along.

I didn't know 'JONGG' could be spelled that way.

A while ago, Dennis pointed out that words we didn't realize we knew would suddenly pop to the surface and that is what happened with 'SMEWS'. Who would think a word like that could just hide in your sub-conscious? Seems a person ought to be able to tell is something that sounds like that is lurking around :)

Geri - Such a great picture of you! Who is your debonair date?

Melissa bee - cute, cute sea horse picture! Are they all that tiny or is that an illusion? I have never seen one 'in person'.

Kazie - I also noticed the avatar pictures do not get any larger when you click on 'full size'. Strange, they used to several months back. Hmmmm.

Lemonade - I don't follow sports except for NBA basketball but this puzzle did not give me any trouble in that regard.

JD, Elissa, Chickie and WM - you all look like you are having a good get-together. Wish I could have joined you. It's at least a 10 hour drive from Portland to SF, but I'd do it gladly to meet with all of you and with Melissa and CA too.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Kazie et al,
Here is a better picture (from left to right): JD, Elissa, Chickie & WM. JD's smile is demure, Elissa's confident, Chickie's happy, WM's enigmatic (Mona Lisa's smile).

Anonymous said...

I usually promote sleep by counting. I dont do it out loud, but silently "hear" the numbers and "see" them as I count. By focusing this way it keeps my mind from racing on other things and I usually dont get up to 500.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, CC and all,

Argyle, today you gave me so much added information about things I did not know.Thanks!Funny catch:mince/dice/insane :)

I always felt sorry for Patty Hearst. We would have to have "been in her shoes" to understand why she eventually sided with the SLA.Being rich does not protect anyone, and in this case was her downfall.

Dennis, that Confucius quote is my favorite of all time. Had it posted in my classroom. Also, those are wise words from Cosby.

Enjoyable c/w.. a little harder than yesterday. Had to G for Reims and Zaire.Like Moon, I went thru the abc's( I am relieved that I am not the only one who does that occasionally) for the "G" in segue, but left it blank. Didn't complete smews either. Forgot how to form the plural of style, and knew I had the sing. form which wasn't right.Also had errors for errata.That dead language will always be with us.Should follow Kazie's example and get a Latin dictionary.The right hand side of my Sunday missal can only go so far.LOL
Moon, didn't know you were so close. WooHoo! Send one of us your e-mail. Maybe you already have. We'd love to see you.Are our local guys interested in joining us?

Melissa Bee, another stunning seahorse picture. I had too much background in my shots.

Ca, I have a light that attaches to my books, so I can read in bed. I take it on trips, as there is usually no place to escape when I wake up early and want to read.I'm not sure I would enjoy reading from a kindle.

Barb B said...

What a scrabbly puzzle. I loved OPQU, CHECHS, OZONES. ZORBA, ZAIRE, and XEROX. Can’t believe all those words in a single puzzle. That is the work of a real pro. Hats of to Allan E. Parrish.

I was stalled a bit with the top center part. Blanked on all those clues, for some reason. Finally remembered MESH, and the rest unraveled with no problems. SMEWS is new to me.

Whenever I see RDA, I want RDI, instead. I don’t remember seeing in a puzzle.

Argyle, great job. A little more to sink your teeth into today. I thank you for the picture of Geri; what a treat. Now, Geri tell us about it, please.

Windhover - !!!!!!

Hahtool, forgot to ask yesterday, what is the story behind your picture. It’s beautiful. And you are very much part of the group. I look forward to reading your comments.

Lemonade, I don’t think Kindle will take over; I’ve never seen a real one. So much of our culture involves books; libraries, both home and public, are pleasing to the eye and great places to spend time both alone and with friends. And you can’t pick up a 25 cent bargain for a book for a Kindle. And what about the delicious, glossy pictures? Not the same on a small screen. Nope, I’m not even wanting a Kindle

windhover said...

BarbB - ??????

kazie said...

Thanks for trying, but that link takes me to a sign-in page for gmail. Is there another way to make it work? Thanks..

Barb B said...

CC, what exactly is suppose to happen when we click on your link for the crossword ladies? When I tried, it took me to my gmail account with an empty mailbox. Then I couldn’t get back to Crossword Corner, so I had to start over. And I’m leaving out the part about gmail not being my primary email address and how I had to repair that problem. I’m sooo confused.
I see that Kazie had similar problems

Carol, if you decide to join the crossword ladies for lunch some day, let me know. You can pick me up on the way, and we’ll go together. Maybe stop in Medford for another passenger.

Windhover, well, I am her mother, so it was a knee jerk reaction. What did you expect? ☺

C.C. Burnikel said...

Kazie & Barb B,
Looks like I have to put it on my Ginger Roots blog to make it work.

Great to see you again.

Thanks again for Geri's picture.


Blueberry & Patricia,
As Carol often greets the newcomers, we love fresh voices.

melissa bee said...

oh mom ...

C.C. Burnikel said...

When are you going to meet this guy?

Any picture for us? I am in such a linking mood today.

Clear Ayes said...

C.C. Thanks for the blowup of the "California Crossword Coven". (WM said she kind of liked the "coven" appellation that was bestowed by WH's Irish.)

I can now see just exactly what was going on. There were obviously some alcoholic beverages consumed, thus the happy grins on JD, Elissa and Chickie's faces. WM's enigmatic Mona Lisa smile is undoubtedly due to the fact that a round of Texas Hold'em has just taken place and she has cleaned everyone else out...notice the wad of cash she is holding. I am soooo in for the next get-together!

BTW, Moon, I think we all have email addresses listed on our profiles, so let one of know where you can be contacted for any future plans.

WM said...

Just laughed my way through the comments this morning..

Terrifically fun, scrabbly puzzle. Started at the top and just kept going...SMEWS? no clue, but it filled itself in and I loved the link...Got the theme early, thought the ACTION in the middle was cute, but it isn't really used in stage work...S-I-L is a fabulous Shakespearean actor and also a director...I'll ask him if he ever uses "Action".

C.C. thanks for linking the photos and Geri you are is fun to pu faces on names.

Hahtool..Elissa said it contact and slowly getting us together. We are lucky to all live so close and are definitely working on enlarging the group...possibly a picnic in a local park.

Moon...we live in the same me.

MelissaB/Barb...LMAO I also post on FB as do both my daughters and I try very hard not be "mom" or I get chastised. LOL

Dennis...great photo(Thanks C.C.)

Off to run errands before it gets too hot!
Great day to all.
ask if he ever uses it.

WM said...

Fun to PUT faces to names...and I proofread! ARRGGGHHH.

CA...I should have stashed the cash.

Mainiac said...

Its wicked hot up here today. I've got to take the pups to the vet for shots, then we'll go swimming!

All the talk of zucchini...I didn't plant any this year because I figured Dad would be bringing by his extras. Whelp, great minds think alike. There'll be no zukes this year. LOL I've picked my peas and we had a decent haul. Green beans are almost ready and squash are blooming fabulously. The wife's tomato plants are kicking ass on mine (friendly competition there). Can't wait for that first fresh 'mater! I actually need to water the garden again. Twice this week.

Thanks again CC and Argyle!

A couple Gin and Tonics knock me out after dinner!

Have a great evening.

Barb B said...

I think - and Mustang Mel can correct me if I'm wrong -- that we have learned to accept each other without expectations. I get to be mom, or jezebel, and I may get reproved, but never rejected. (I loved that "Oh, Mom")

That works both ways, but I can't find anything to reprove her for. She's pretty cool.

Linda said...

hahtool; You don`t fool are really Junior Justice Sotomayor... no es verdad? :)

Dennis: Other words of supposed, Confucius (or maybe it was Charlie Chan) wisdom:
Man who fly up-side-down in airplane bound to have crack-up.

Who said the quote something about: "There are fools and then there are damn fools!."

If I`m going to cook a real meal, I`d rather do it as I`m cleaning up from breakfast. Then we just have the left overs for supper. My doing so is so rare is why I`m posting it: Meat loaf, homemade mac and cheese, purple-hull peas, corn bread sticks and fresh peppers and cukes from the garden. It would really be "shutheren" If we drank sweet tea...but we don`t.

Al: Thanks for the "underlining" info. I just feel the need to underline when I write a book title.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the nice comments!
My debonair friend, not sure, but, he was making me laugh. I quickly had to go find a you know what.
Anyhow, I think he was a left over from one of the shipwrecks in the bay.
It was a fun time. I was fortunate to visit many places in Florida and loved them all.

Very nice picture JD, Elissa, Chickie, WM

Best to all,

Dennis said...


Barb B, pretty cool indeed. Obviously runs in the family.

I debated whether to remove anon's (I guess I'll still call him that)1:42 post, but since it's critical of me, I don't feel comfortable doing that. Besides, it'll make our friend feel better.

Dennis said...

And now I see that our fearless leader already has. C.C., shoulda left it.

As I recall, the picture C.C. posted shows me as arrogant, egotistical, and a jerk. I think I'll get a tshirt with that on it for my next avatar.

Anonymous said...

I missed it before my post.
You look cool!
Get the shirt and post it here. It will be fun.

Dennis said...

It's been pointed out to me that I forgot 'cocky'. Not sure how he could tell that, but thanks!!

Dennis said...

Sorry, tarrajo, completely forgot:

Today is Presidential Joke Day.

Nope, not touching it.

C.C. Burnikel said...

This is the original post from our ball-less jellyfish @ 1:42pm:

"C.C. that picture is just how I pictured that cocky, egotistical A-hole."

Still want to see the T-shirt?

Anonymous said...

Bummer, my post timed out b4 it posted, so now I have to redo it. Here we go again.

Thought this was harder than the usual Tuesday. Had a couple of errors in the end. Never got the theme, as I had MARTIE vs, MARGIE which gave me FINAL STATE - doesn't work with the theme. I am thinking I wouldn't have got it even if I hadn't had that error.

Left and came back to the puzzle several times, with a long break in between to head out to Hazeltine and watch the PGA practice round. Had a Tiger sighting there! Yahoo. Hoping to get back later in the week for one of the competition rounds.

Loved the clue for PLASTER CAST, especially as I watched Friday's episode of Monk last night, and that autograph on the plaster cast was instrumental in solving the case. How ironic.

Thanks everyone for the good picture posts. I too think it is frustrating that you cannot enlarge the photos from the blogs.

BarbB, anytime there is a link in the posts, just right click on them, and ask to open the link in a new tab or window. Then go to that tab to view it. When you close it out, you will return to the postings in the same spot you were before. Helps to eliminate a lot of headaches.

IMBO - Fun posts today.

PJB-Chicago said...

Great puzzle (so far) and loved the photos.

Quick break for "lunch," defined here as "Efficient consmption of presumably edible substances for a duration of no more than 540 seconds. No sitting or leaning permitted. Consumer assumes full liability for risks inherent to any products introduced onto premises.

What's the past tense of "smew"?
Will that be in tomorrow's puzzle? Still have a few open squares....
Dennis, please print me up one of your teeshirts. I know someone here (work) who actually proudly fits the description, even if I find him the most competent among our team. In your case, the shirt would be an ironic conversation starter, in his it would be Truth in Advertising.

Drawing of me is now posted on my micro-blog. Go to my profile and click on blog. I lost a bet on another site, so the picture is up until tomorrow, then destroyed Cocktail recipes to be posted after that. Good ones.
Back to HappyHappy Incorporated....later!

JD said...

Kazie, do you delete my e-mails? I sent you a copy of the picture.

windhover said...

BarbB and CC,
you're right of course. I'm sorry, sort of.

it ain't funny any more, pal. GTFA, please.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures today. WM, Chickie, JD and Elissa you are all so pretty. I bet you found more in common than just crosswords. Jeannie and I have thrown around the possibility of a meet and greet as well.

Dennis, what a handsome son of a gun. Got a brother?

My new avatar is the “real Windhover.” Hopefully he won’t be mad at me for sharing it with everyone.

kazie said...

Thanks c.c. for both pix! That works like a charm! Nice to see the ladies up close, and of course seeing Dennis was a plus--all the other photos have seemed so far off before.

Anonymous said...

I have been misunderstood! That is not what I was meant. Heaven forbid!
I was talking about what Dennis said he may put on his new Avatar.
What a spoiler after such a nice day.

Dennis said...

Jeez, Geri, I can't believe you think I'm an arrogant jerk.....I'm hurt.

And as C.C. knows, that pic of me is about 5 years old; it's all been downhill from there, and that was already downhill...

Anonymous said...

I dont beleive that about you or anyone here. I admire you for stating what you believe and sticking up for a lot of folks here.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Dennis said...

Geri, I'm only kidding with you. Thanks for the kind words; you're a sweetheart.

Barb B said...

I haven't heard any complaints from the person you addressed, so you're probably within limits. I'm still smiling, anyway. Sort of sorry is just about the right amount for me.

Dennis said...

Well guys, it's been fun, but I must leave the blog.

I've just received an email from a Mr. Hugh Jones, from Hugh Jones & Associates, barristers in Manchester England, notifying me that a dear relative, a Mr. Jurge Krugger, has gone to the great Oktoberfest in the sky, and left me all his assets, totalling "some Thirty Million, One Hundred Thousand Dollars", which he hoped I would use to "give out alms to the poor, the hungry and the needy." I will certainly do that, with whatever's left.

So goodbye, little people, I'm off to buy that Lear Jet I've been wanting, and then to do some visiting...

carol said...

Dennis, you hunk!!! Have you snapped your jock strap??? You can't leave for whatever reason. Who would yell at the trolls for us? Who would delete crude posts so we don't get cheezed? Who would you get to kiss your ring? How would we face our day? Blah, you'd better scrap the Lear and send all of us the money, you know we're worth it. I have friends in Nigeria, remember, and they have angry goats!

C.C. Burnikel said...

As Lois often says, it's all good, including the misunderstandings.

Tarrajo, Jeannie et al,
MOREL philosopher Windhover is making hay while the sun shine.

Anonymous said...

One never knows about you. I guess that is what makes you interesting. Now is that sucking up or what!!
Have a good rest of the day.

Argyle said...

Windhover, is that your border collie?

Hayrake said...

1a. Jose Conseco, who lives in Miami, was said to be the only player ever to hold the pole position in every city in the league. This is with respect to
his love for fast cars, and driving them that way.

Jeannie said...

Windhover, you good looking farmer! It appears that farming agrees with you.

C.C. thanks for posting the "bigger" version.

Dennis, you cocky guy...nice pic of you too.

Don't want to leave out you nice looking ladies. I saved you for last! It looked like you were enjoying yourselves.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Lois et al,
Alright, Red Hot Santa Baby (Argyle). I am so happy to get his gift every Monday.

Hey! How is your new toy?

eddyB said...

CC. Thanks for posting on Ginger Roots.
JD. Would love to join you lovely ladies for "what Ever". Of course, mileage would be extra; but, group rates would apply. Avail. 24/7.

Hahtoolah said...

Thanks, everyone. I guess I was feeling a bit out of sorts this morning. My husband is leaving town for a week and I worry about him driving with all the terrible storms we have been having the last few days.

My avatar is from one of last year's Mardi Gras balls. Mardi Gras is a big event in southern Louisiana. This is the daughter of a friend and Queen of one of the krewes. I think Mardi Gras is something one has to grow up with to really appreciate. I didn't grow up with the custom, so it is still a bit foreign to me. Still, the parades and balls can be fun.

Louisiana does not have counties. Instead, there are parishes, one of which is called Allen Parish. Thus, I did a double take when I saw today's puzzle was by Allen Parrish. I wonder if he is related to Robert Parrish, the Celtic great who was from Shreveport, LA.

windhover said...

We are definitely having fun today, aren't we?

that's one of three Border Collies living at Windhover Farm.
Molly (13), her daughter Maggie (3), and Biscuit, (5), who is like his master a gelded male.

Enough with the pictures, ladies. I
am definitely suffering from overexposure.

Thank you, Jeannie.

It is with the greatest reluctance that I pass up making the comment that popped in my head on reading your last post. But having already been chastised once today, I really need to be careful.

Keep the faith friend. We're getting close.

Chickie said...

Hello All--I'm late in posting today due to early morning appointment. I must say that all the comments about the "West Coast Ladies" were fun to read. But not as much fun as we had yesterday. We talked non-stop for about 3 hours. We apologized to the waiter when we left!LOL.

I put in Heart for ticker, but soon erased that with the perps that came afterward. Clock was too easy. I didn't know some of the names, like Reims, Imus, and Keyes, but they were easily done with the fills around them. Even though I thought it was a little more challenging than yesterday's puzzle, for once I didn't have to have any help. Another ego boosting day. However, I didn't get the theme until I read Argyle's explahation. Thank you, once again, Arglye and C.C. for your interpretation of the clues, etc.

My favorite clue was Test one's metal.

PJB I lauged all the way through your post today. Especially liked your likeness on the link you gave.

Moon, so nearby. I wish we had known.

melissa bee said...

thanks for all the insomnia cures.

al@9:51, what activity would do that?

love all the pictures flying around. c.c., perfect smile descriptions.

clear ayes, i agree, 'Art i' doesn't make much sense, but the roman numeral I, Art I / Art II, seems ok. btw, very classy the other day.

carol, it really is that tiny. that one was newly born.

jd, it was so crowded that day, getting good pics took alot of patience. the other shots were live, but this one was taken from a video that was playing. how's parsley today?

windhover, home remedies are always best.

dennis, careful about that exhaustive research, you could get buried in it.

Chickie said...

Oops, explaNation.

WM said...

Just got back from a Costco run...and...I have my Grandmother's teacups...YAY...

Today is just hysterical and it is good to see you C.C. All the photos are so much fun...maybe someday a gathering in our host's city.

Kazie...would love to have you out here in SF!

Reims was a given...we stayed a few days there and arranged a "tour" of Piper Heidsick Champagne cellars which turned out to be like a little Disneyland automated car ride through the cellars...except that my mom's friend decided to take a photo before we started and accidently leaned against the panel that set the language for the we rode through listening to everything in German!!!LOL. It was a very hokey tour which ended passing through a bar like in Casablanca with wax figures of Humphrey Bogart and others...didn't get the connection. They offered to send us through and friend went and I escaped to the tasting room upstairs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yea, I forgot. I got to see Ernie Els today on the course too. I was with three 17 year old boys, and I immediately told them how frequently he appears in crossword puzzles. My son retorted, "Well mom, its because his last name is els, and those letters are so commonly used". I might have a future puzzler in the house.

Al said...

@Melissa Bee, Any kind of repetitive physical exertion that gets your blood flowing, your heart pumping, and causes you to breathe rapidly for about 20 minutes or so. You know, like using a recumbent exercise bike...

Elissa said...

Forgot to mention that the wine bar/ restaurant had Truffle Mac and Cheese on the small plate menu, so, of course, we agreed we had to order it. It was infused with the essence of truffle - probably truffle oil. YUM!!!

Looks like we are getting critical mass for a get together. Definitely have to get that organized.

JIMBO said...

For you that want to enlarge the photos;
On the tool bar, in the right corner, is an icon called "page". Click on that and scroll down to "zoom". You will have several choices from 400 percent on down.
The larger prints, though, are not as clear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jimbo.

My toolbar has an item that says Resize, and has the little magnifying glass with a + on it to enlarge the picture. I suspect that it depends on the browser and toolbar you are using.

Elissa said...

The new avatar is the whole mishpacha (family) after the bar mitzvah. You can just see me next to my husband (the handsome guy with the mustache) peeking over my mother's head. In my next life I plan to be tall!

Anonymous said...

WM: I too had the good fortune to have a champagne tour. Mine was in English and all the rest of the group was German. The wonderful part was the guide was a US college student, and we sat and talked afterwards and he kept the bubbly coming. I was pretty smashed by the time I got back to the hotel.

Cheers, all.

Anonymous said...

Elissa, the picture of your family at your father's bar mitzfah is great. And it was wonderful to read of it. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

Linda said...

Jimbo: Listen to you going all techie on us! Next, you`ll be doing the Saturday and Sunday Puzzle with only perp help!


JIMBO said...

Linda, Dream on------

Clear Ayes said...

We just got back from seeing Julie & Julia. Can you believe that a Tuesday afternoon matinee in a small town theater was packed with women AND men, most of them over 50ish? Every minute with Meryl Streep as Julia Child was delightful. Amy Adams' Julie was cute and mostly likeable, but we could almost hear everyone in the theater voice a satisfied "Ahhh," when the scene flashed back to Julia. Yes, it is still worth it. There are so few movies that are geared toward mature adults and yet with no nudity and very little "language".

Sorry to make this the "All California, All the time" show, but the Perseid Meteor Shower will be on display tonight. If you are still awake after midnight, the show is supposed to be spectacular, particularly around 2:00 AM. Melissa Bee, you may be pleased to be an insomniac tonight. Here's a site for more information. We are very fortunate because we have no street lights around here at all. When it is dark, it is VERY dark.

Great photos of everyone, and by everyone today.

PJB-Chicago said...

Good evening. I am back from Utopia, Ltd., my beloved place of employment several days per month.

The Origin of a Suggestion
I was contentedly smewing my way through the lower half of the puzzle on the train home, and the nice lady next to me was sudokoing noisily. Grrrchgrr. Mmmngl. Rssshfkt. She started to say how brave I was for doing "that impossible puzzle" in pen. I 'splained that the Tuesday puzzles aren't too difficult. Fast forward: I told her about the progression of difficulty through the week... She raised the question, which I put before you, as to why the sudokus are given level of difficulty indicators in all three local daily papers (1 to 4 numerically or with stars) and the xwords aren't similarly rated.

What do you think? Helpful? Doable/possible? If this has already been discussed here, I'll let it go, but perhaps it could help get more people solving? Am not sure what to think....

Off to throw together some lemony garlicky hummus. A batch will last us till fall when we switch to chipotle hummus.Cheap, fast and easy. Hard on the breath though....
["Wow," the West Coast Coven ladies exclaim in unison, "what's that smell??]

Anonymous said...

PJB, I suspect the difficulty meter is more objective with the numbers game, more subjective with word clues. So much of the difficulty often depends on where your interests lie, as well as age, etc. Good plan, but I can see how it might fail too.

PJB-Chicago said...

@KQ; Thanks, I agree with your questions. I did read online that the LAT does follow a progression, but my fear that my new "noisy train friend" probably started trying the "new" puzzle mid to late week, and without the Chicago Tribune signaling how the weekly progression goes, she & others in the probable target demographic might have just said "this is too dang tough" and quit. Yes, difficulty is subjective; there have so many Wednesdays for instance that I have had to make sure it wasn't Friday, and vice versa on some Fridays! I don't jump on "causes" because I'm frankly lousy at it, since I always see both sides.
Let's see what other folks think Thanks again.
Pjb [@ garlicbreath dot com]

Al said...

Ok, it's been bugging me all day where I have seen today's constructor's name, Alan Parrish. That was Robin William's role name in Jumanji.

Just had to get that out.

melissa bee said...

@al, recumbant exercise bike. right. or ping pong.

Jeannie said...

Are there seriously any ping pong players out there? I started at a young age as my Dad took it up in the Army. He's a phenomenal player as am I (not as good as He, as he toys with you with his slices) you never know where the ball may land. I have not found a worthy opponent to "play me" as of yet. They claim it is a chore to chase their balls around.

melissa bee said...

jeannie, believe it or not, i just worked on a guy today who is going to be in a four day ping-pong tournament. it's actually a pretty popular thing.

Jeannie said...

Melissa Bee that is why I got into tennis as a young gal. I was a natural. The coach I had tried to change my serve until he realized it was lethal. I didn't serve over hand but side handed. I played a couple of times with my Dad at a local court for practice and he actually "kicked my ass." He knew when to drop that nasty dropshot with a slice. He probably taught me more about tennis than the guy I was taking lessons from. I still can't beat my Dad in ping-pomg.

PJB-Chicago said...

@ Jeannie & Melissa B.
Lots of competitive "table tennis" players here in Chicawgo (northsider pronunciation there...otherwise it's Chicaahgo). I have many Scandinavian & Dutch friends who are scary good @ it. Many of them played it in highschool as a sport. Hey, if beach volleyball is an Olympic sport why the hockey isn't table tennis? Plus both sexes are on equal footing and age doesn't matter.
#4 § pjb

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?