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Aug 5, 2009

Wednesday August 5, 2009 Gary Steinmehl

Theme: MONKEY AROUND (53A: Spend time idly (and a hint to what can precede the last word of 20-, 25-, 38- or 47-Across))

20A: Stage, screen, etc.: SHOW BUSINESS

25A: They have latte charges: COFFEE BARS

38A: Action in court: LAWSUIT

47A: Oxford brighteners: SHOESHINES

I always associate MONKEY BUSINESS with Gary Hart/Donna Rice scandal. MONKEY BARS are not part of my childhood memory. Only learned a few months ago that MONKEY SUIT is slang for tuxedo. MONKEYSHINE is a new word to me. Dictionary says it's usually in plural form, referring to "a frivolous or mischievous prank", similar to MONKEY BUSINESS.

Quite unusual to see the two non-theme Across fills SQUATTERS (17A: Occupants of abandoned buildings, e.g.:) and REPLAYING (61A: Using a DVR, say) have more letters than the center theme entry LAWSUIT.

MONKEY is one of the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac animals. People born in the year of MONKEY are highly energetic and inventive. Here are more traits. I am a pig. Generally I don't get along with those who were born in the year of snake.


1A: Wire wearer: SPY. Alliterative clue.

4A: Low men: BASSI. "Low men in an opera/choir" to be precise. Plural of BASSO. I was in the SERFS/ESNES direction.

14A: Witness stand oath: I DO. I really liked Merl Reagle's "Two words Oprah hasn't said" clue for I DO (forward to 6:03).

16A: Shire of "Rocky": TALIA. She played Connie in the "Godfather".

30A: It follows that: ERGO. Latin for "Therefore" or "It follows that...".

35A: Scientology's __ Hubbard: L. RON. Just learned that L stands for Lafayette.

36A: Big name in Arizona political history: UDALL. Learned from doing Xword. They are Democrats in a historically red state.

44A: Vena __: CAVA. Latin for "hollow".

45A: Nest egg initials: IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

46A: War honoree: HERO. Thought of VETS first.

52A: Homer Simpson's neighbor: NED

60A: Prestigious university octet: IVIES. The Ivy League.

66A: New parent's lack?: SLEEP. Great clue. Nice pair with NAPS (59D: Is off guard).

67A: "The Company": CIA. Does FBI have a nickname also? I only know G-MAN.

70A: Big fat mouth: YAP


1D: Skipper, to Barbie: SIS. Skipper's friend is Skooter. Tough to find a vintage barbie in mint condition.

2D: Brief "At once!": PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick)

3D: Uncle Sam poster word: YOU. I want YOU.

4D: LPGA Hall of Famer Daniel: BETH. Ah, the next Solheim Cup captain. She just picked Michele Wie as a wild card. She also tapped Julie Inkster.

8D: Bank named on a credit card: ISSUER

9D: Skylit areas: ATRIA. One letter away from ALTRIA (parent company of Philip Morris/Kraft), Latin for "high".

10D: Discouraged: DAUNTED

22D: Bring relief to: SOOTHE

23D: Catered event: AFFAIR. Waiting for it to be clued as "Extramarital relationship". Two people can have AFFAIRS without sexual relationship, correct?

25D: Potato's place?: COUCH. COUCH potato.

27D: Proctor & Gamble detergent: ERA. Nice new clue.

29D: Inexpensive former camera brand: ANSCO. Not familiar with this brand. It stands for Anthony & Scoville Co.

31D: Formation from steam erosion: RAVINE

32D: Stared angrily: GLARED. Not fond of the clue. Too many letter repetitions.

33D: Southwestern crocks: OLLAS

36D: Six-sided state: UTAH. Jazz-y too.

39D: Dubai's federation: Abbr.: UAE (United Arab Emirates). Dubai is one of the 7 Emirate. Also the city name.

43D: Cargo pants features: POCKETS

47D: Limit, in a saying: SKY. The SKY is the limit.

48D: Publisher who was the inspiration for "Citizen Kane": HEARST

49D: Race since 1911, informally: INDY. INDY 500. The Memorial Day weekend race.

51D: "The Lion and the Mouse" fabulist: AESOP. The man of morals.

53D: Junk drawer label: MISC

54D: Lionel layout, maybe: OVAL

55D: 15th century caravel: NINA. Pinta & Santa Maria. Columbus's ships.

57D: Receptive: OPEN

58D: Beekeepr in a 1997 movie: ULEE. "ULEE's Gold". Starring Peter Fonda.

63D: Peeples of "Fame": NIA. She is also in "Walker, Texas Ranger".

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - this seemed like a Monday/Tuesday puzzle to me; blew right through it with hardly a pause and just a couple requiring perp help.

Didn't know Homer Simpson's neighbor 'Ned', or LPGA golfer 'Beth' Daniel. And I didn't see the theme, of course, until 53A. Cleverest clues for me were 'They have latte charges' and 'Prestigious university octet'.

Today is Work Like a Dog Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "It isn't where you came from; it's where you're going that counts." -- Singer Ella Fitzgerald

More Interesting Quotes:

- "One of the good things about getting older is you find you're more interesting than most of the people you meet." -- Lee Marvin

- "Last week I saw my psychiatrist. I told him, 'Doc, I keep thinking I'm a dog.' He told me to get off his couch." -- Rodney Dangerfield

Hahtoolah said...

Good morning, All. A good challenge for a Wednesday morning. I liked the theme, but, strangely enough, had the most difficulty with the theme’s Hint clue. I got the word “MONKEY” but not “AROUND.”

We’ve seen TAR in a number of puzzles recently. Each response comes with a different clue: pine resin / sea dog / and now something that blackens. What other definitions of TAR?

Favorite Clue? COUCH Potato. ERGO is a great word. I wonder how I can just slip it into every day conversation.

On August 5, 1858, Julia Archibald Holmes became the first woman on record to reach the summit of Pike’s Peak. Julia, accompanied by her new husband and two other men, began her quest four days earlier, on August 1. To make the hike, Julia was in what she called her “American costume” ~ in bloomers, a short skirt and moccasins. (She was also wearing a blouse.) Pike’s Peak, which is over 14,000 feet high, was named after Zebulon Pike. Pike, who first saw the mountain in the early 1800s, believed that this mountain could never be climbed.

QOD: You never think you’re the age you are, and, as long as you don’t look in the mirror, you aren’t. ~ Frank Gehry.

Katy said...

TAR River in eastern NC, where I used to water ski, amidst the stumps, in my undergrad years at ECU. Crazy the things we did in our youth...

Most trouble: Many variations of OOF before finally getting it right.

Fav clue 49D: Race since 1911. INDY -- my hometown. And still needed perp assistance to get it!


lois said...

Good morning CC et al., Not my favorite puzzle b/c of too many names but there were enough knowable perps to 'soothe' those feelings of wanting to get a hammer.

Loved 14A "I DO". How perfect! And yes, they said it and I gained a wonderful son & 2 new friends in his parents. It was superlative in every way -weather, environment, ceremony, people. It was absolutely perfect and beautiful! She was radiant. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes for the best b/c it was just that. I'll get pictures up asap...having technical difficulties. Sometimes it's just not easy being me.

Meeting Windhover was another big highlight. That man is adorable, first of all,very attractive with a great smile and cute laugh. He's funny, easy to talk to,fun to be with and a real KY gentleman with pictures of very pretty 'Little Irish' in his wallet. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet her too. She's a lucky lady. 2.5 hours seemed like 30 mins. I hated to leave. We had such a good time! But that notion of him being 'harmless'? I just have to wonder...the luck of the 'Irish'!

Enjoy your day. I'm off to can tomatoes w/a friend.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all. Not a bad puzzle for a Wednesday. The sticking point for me today was the very center of the puzzle. I did not know “LRON” and could not remember “Ansco” so that section prevented me from having a 100% fill.

I thought 53D should have indicated an abbreviation although the answer was easily obtainable.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Good morning. Fairly easy puzzle, but was stumped on a few answers. Had no idea of ANSCO, INDY wasn't coming to me. I think it is one of those puzzles that would have been better to walk away from, and come back to later. But I am off for a nice bike ride with my friend. Two of her triplets are with my son in Mexico, so we decided to do something together to celebrate. There is a nice new bike path that I have been wanting to try.

Lois, looking forward to seeing those pics. Glad that the weekend went so well for you. We are jealous of you getting to meet Windhover.

Dennis, good to see your name at the top of posts again. We always worry when it is not there in its proper place.

Hahtoolah said...

Katy: North Carolina is called the Tar Heel State, isn't it? Does that refer to the Tar River? What does Tar refer to in the name of the river and/or state nickname?

Anonymous said...

Just read last nights late posts.

MJ, thanks for the link. Wanted to make sure you knew that I received it. Nice to have a "new" xword to go to when I have time.

CC, Hope Wednesday is better.

kazie said...

Names! Names! Names! Far too many here. I didn't know BETH or SKIPPER, and ws going in the same direction as c.c. for BASSI. Had to g'spot HUBBARD, L RON, and VENA CAVA to check what it was after guessing the C. Why would anyone name a line of clothing after a vein? Had INRE for AS TO as well and that slowed me down for a bit.

Nice to see different cluing for I DO, but no real favorite today.

The theme came immediately after solving the first of them.

I have a question for the Hispanic language experts. I know SAO is Portuguese, but what's the difference between SANTO and SAN in Spanish?

I was born in the year of the dog, so if I work normally today that should be good, right, Dennis?

That Gehry quote is also my motto!

Since the clue for 53D asked for the label, it may not have needed the abbreviation. How many labels have it written in full?

treefrog said...

I was bored last night, so I did the puzzle then. Pretty easy. Got the theme quickly. Only goof was Beth/bassi. Totally screwed the pooch on that one.

Went to the top of Pike's Peak in 1958 on a family vacation. Long, slow trip. I was fascinated when we went into the small building on the top. It had oxygen available. Don't remember much more about that part. Heck, I was only 9.

Lois, looking forward to wedding pix.

I think our heat wave has broken. Only supposed to be 90 today.

I worked like a dog the last two days. I'm takin' it easy today.

Anonymous said...

Even with all the names, I only had to hit the g-spot once and that was for Beth Daniel. I don’t follow golf and know nothing about it. Other than that it was an enjoyable Wednesday puzzle. I got some perp help from Bassi, ansco, era, olla, ulee and Nia. I patted myself on the back for getting a Latin word “ergo” and then had to take it back when “vena cava” reared its head. My favorite clue was actually one of the theme clues in “they have latte charges”- coffee bar. I sat there staring at the answer I typed in for Lionel layout – oval until the light bulb went off and finally figured out it had to do with the train set.

C.C. I too wanted vets instead of hero. I hope your day is brighter today.

Lois, I am happy to hear the wedding was as wonderful as I had imagined it to be. However, Jeannie did assure me that Windhover was harmless. Hmmm.

Brady Joe has a couple pairs of cargo pants. You really have to check ALL those pockets before washing them. The things little boys collect!

Elissa said...

Much easier than I expected for Wednesday. I got all of the theme answers separately. I already had perps that revealed MONKEY AROUND, then was glad to see that it fit.

BETH/BASSI was an unfortunate cross for me and my last fill. Never heard of ANSCO, but got it from the perps. Most obscure clue was 15th Century caravel - NINA.

I'm a Dragon, which means I am free spirit, extroverted bundle of energy, gifted and utterly irrepressible, confident, fearless in the face of challenge, successful and self sufficient. I guess that describes me. But according to this I also have no need for close bonds with other people or for rules and regulations, which is definitely not me.

kazie said...

Re pockets, I pride myself on having taught all my boys (2 sons, 1 DH) to clear their own pockets before putting things in the wash. It really helps over time not to have to worry about it, so see if you can get him to start it too--you'll be glad years later.

Thanks for the info on WH. Sounds like he has an idyllic existence out there with Irish, the sheep and all. And we are anxiously awaiting those wedding pix, so good luck with the technology! So glad the wedding was a grand and glorious success. That's what we hope for all weddings.

kazie said...

My son is also a dragon and it sounds like the traits that you have and those you don't, match his. He's much easier to get along with than our other son.

Just looked up ANSCO because I thought I remembered seeing Ansco film in Oz, but maybe I imagined it. No mention of film at WIKI, but it was interesting to note that they became a subsidiary of the German firm AGFA in 1928. I used Agfa film almost exclusively for years, great for color slides, not so bluish as Kodak.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.
This puzzle was fun, although I didn't get some. That's why I come here. Plus I had it in my head that a caravel was a caravan. So even when NINA came up from the perps, I didn't understand it.

So glad to hear from Lois. Sounds like a perfect wedding.

Have a beautiful day.

Linda said...

Hi all: I hate doing the puzzle on line...having said that, I hate doing the puzzle on line...did I mention that I HATE doing the puzzle on line. But if it`s the price I must pay to stay connected to you guys, I`ll do it.

Kazie; I`d be interested to know the difference between Santo/San, too. Got a call in to my Spanish expert (niece who teaches it...)

Hahtool: Use "I think, ergo I am." BTW, did you know that the apostle Paul was actually Popeye?
He really said, "I yam what I yam..." Kehkehkeh

Lois: Canning tomatoes? I dip them in boiling water to remove the skins and freeze easy to "chip" off what you need for soups/stews.

For Dennis: A man told his Dr. he had a wonderful relationship with God. "He loves me so much that he turns on a light for me when I get up to use the bathroom at night and then turns it off again!" When the Dr. asked his wife about it she said, "Oh no! He`s P-----in the refrigerator again!."

Katy said...

From Wikipedia:

Tar Heel: The exact etymology of the NC state nickname is unknown, but most experts believe its roots come from the fact that tar, pitch and turpentine created from the vast pine forests were one of North Carolina's most important exports early in the state's history.

Because the exact history of the term is unknown, many legends have developed to explain it. Many believe it to be a nickname given during the U.S. Civil War, because of the state's importance on the Confederate side, and the fact that the troops "stuck to their ranks like they had tar on their heels."

According to an earlier legend, the troops of British General Cornwallis during the American Revolutionary War were fording what is now known as the Tar River between Rocky Mount and Battleboro when they discovered that tar had been dumped into the stream to impede the crossing of British soldiers. When they finally got across the river, they found their feet completely black with tar. Thus, the soldiers observed that anyone who waded through North Carolina rivers would acquire "tar heels."

I've lived in NC for over 20 years and am just now being enlightened. This is why I love this site - thanks Hahtool!

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone.

A bit delayed getting to the blog today. I had to go put the MISC label on my junk drawer.

@lois So nice to hear that you had a marvelous time at the wedding. Yes, pictures would be nice. Of course windhover is all that you said. You were expecting something else?

@treefrog How'd you get to the top? We took the cog railway and scared the crud out of our nephews by taking them with us. They didn't appreciate it very much!

Elissa said...

Linda@10:19. You put me in mind of one of my favorite jokes: The bartender says “M. Descartes, it is nearly closing time. Would you like one last drink?” Descartes says, “I think not” and disappears.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night after watching the news and seeing the story about the guy who hung the image of the congressman in MD hung in effigy as an anti-health care reform protest and some other like minded incidents. I'm all for vigorous debate and airing different points of view. I read up on both sides of issues and have done my share of debating. But I find the uncivil behavior of protesters at town hall meetings - shouting people down and not letting them speak or be heard - not helpful to discourse. And using violence or the threat of violence as a means to gain a political goal is just wrong.

As the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor comes to a vote in the Senate this week, my current hero is Senator Lindsey Graham who rose above partisan backbiting and interest-group pressures in casting his vote for her in the Senate Judiciary Committee, striking a blow for civility and intellectual honesty. Referring to Democratic members of the committee who voted to confirm John G. Roberts Jr., President George W. Bush's nominee, and concluding elections have meaning, he acknowledged that she is well qualified for the position and said "You decided to vote for a man you would not have chosen. . . I'm deciding to vote for a woman I would not have chosen."

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi, all -

I agree - too many names.

Liked the COUCH - CHIPS cross.

Could not fill the CIA - NIA cross. The Company? Peeples? OK, if you say so.

Did not catch the theme until 53A.

I have no problem with the 32D clue, but would have clued 23D and 68A differently.

I never read any of Hubbard's novels, and Scientology seems pretty wacked. Which one made him richer?

We're being invaded by plumbers today. Not unpleasant except for the $$$$.

I am so ready for vacation - and I'm RETIRED. Need to spend some time as a SQUATTER next to a lake somewhere . . .


Argyle said...


What to wear while riding out of town on a rail...TAR and feathers.

Where you might have to live after your ride...TAR paper shack.

And if the neighbors there don't like you, they may beat the TAR out of you.

Jazzbumpa said...

Speaking of disappearing -

The psychiatrist's receptionist walks into his office and says, "There's a patient in the waiting room who claims to be invisible." The Psychiatrist thinks for a moment, then says, "Tell him I can't see him."

Words I thought I wold never say: Hooray for Lindsay Graham.

Judge Sotomayor is an extraordinarily well-qualified, non-partisan, centrist conservative-leaning nominee who has shown caution, prudence, and a great respect for law and tradition.

File under current events, not politics.


Argyle said...

And truely obscure,(to me, at least), TAR, a musical instrument.

treefrog said...

Crockett-we drove up. The road was either dirt or gravel. Lots of switchbacks. Heck, it was 51 years ago. Lucky I remember the trip!

Linda-great joke. When my oldest was about ten he got up one night, went into the kitchen and peed in the garbage can. Sleepwalking. My youngest son got up one night, took all the stuff out of his closet, was going to pee and then woke up. He was 12. Ahh, boys. Gotta love em.

Linda said...

Argyle: Don`t forget Brer Rabbit`s Tar Baby...I find it reprehensible that these wonderful stories have been relegated to PC hell...just as the "Sambo" stories have been...You don`t see Windhover getting all bent out of shape over "Deliverance" although he probably should...just like I don`t get bent out of shape over "Sgt. York" or "Grapes of Wrath"or "The Yearling." Uh Oh...said too much!

Be-partisan is another name for being a true Statesman rather than a politician. There are still a few...on both sides of the aisle.

Dennis said...

And growing up in Atlanta, I learned that there's four tars on a car.

Linda said...

Correction: By-partisan

Linda said...

Corection of a correction:Bi-partisan

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

not much to comment about the puzzle, like others it was the names that hung me up a bit.

palo SANTO ('holy wood') is wood from a tree native to south america. i burn it every morning as incense, the smell is heavenly. also use the essential oil for massage. dogfish head makes a palo santo marron in tanks made of the wood. delicious. available at bevmo.

anyone who would label their junk drawer probably doesn't have one.

c.c., recently added to my favorite birthday memories: driving down highway 1 on a spectacular day with my kids to the aquarium, music blaring, all of us dancing in our seats.

JD said...

Good morning CC and all,

CC, I hope this is a better day for you.

Lois, the wedding sounded lovely. I'm sure you were just bursting with love and pride, special memories to last forever. We all knew WH was quite a guy, but you confirmed it.

As Dennis said, the c/w seemed like a Mon./Tues. as I did not have to G, but Bob did give me Udall and Beth. I knew L.Ron and Talia. Ulee came with perps. I had to get 2 letters, both C's from CC: cava/ansco and CIA/icy.

Is ivies made up for c/w?

bassi: I usually get the root on many words, but sometimes have a hard time with the suffixes.

Oh, today I got the theme while doing the puzzle! Doesn't happen often.I was born in 44 which makes me a monkey. It's very close, although I have a terrible memory and am not a great decision maker.Instead of working like a dog, I will stir up some monkey business.

Has anybody mentioned what a spectacular place Estes Park is? Herds of elk are everywhere.

Elissa, good points! Kudos to Sen. Graham.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I liked the theme very much, but this puzzle did seem more Monday or Tuesday-ish than a Wednesday.

The only stopper was the cross of ANS-O and -AVA. I wasn't sure if it was KAVA or CAVA. I finally went with CAVA, but it was a pure guess.

I wonder what really important information remembering showbiz and authors names is crowding out of my brain? My favorite VAL Kilmer movie was The Doors, even though I wasn't a Jim Morrison fan. (Now, where did I put the dog?)

Cogito ERGO sum...LOL Elissa's joke! ERGO reminded me of a guy I dated a long time ago. It was one of his favorite "See how intelligent I am" words. It didn't take me too long to figure out, "See what a jerk you are."

My daughter was friendly with NIA Peeples when they went to the same Jr. high school in West Covina. Nia came to our house a couple of times, but I don't remember much about her, except that she was a very cute girl.

Hahtool, QOD....LOL, sad, but true!

Linda, why not print it out, so you can still get comfy in the den and use your sharpie on paper? Not quite like newsprint, but it might be nicer for you.

So glad to see Lois back and to hear about the wonderful wedding. We're really looking forward to some wedding photos. Is the Lois/Windhover photo posted on The Smoking Gun website yet?

Yes to both Lindsey Graham and Sonia Sotomayor.

What a happy day to see Laura Ling and Euna Lee back home.

PJB, Late (or very early) your posts are always worth looking for.

kazie said...

Noting that both guitar ans sitar end with tar, perhaps it's a root word for stringed instruments. any insight from others?

Thanks for the TAR history--interesting.

I'm with you on the disruptive behavior. It's so childish, but they have an agenda: that of derailing everything the president is attempting. And it's not the grassroots people either, they are nationally organized, just as they were in Florida with the chads recount.

Re plumbers and other overpaid tradepeople: You can live without an education, but not without those services, hence the low pay and status of teachers.

I looked SAN/SANTO up in our Spanish dictionary and all I learned was that SAN is a contraction of SANTO, but no explanation of why it is needed or when it is used.

I also have frozen tomatoes in chunks, but with the skins on, because after freezing, they only need partial thawing to get them off as if blanched. Only thing is, I think they lose flavor and don't taste as good as canned. But it certainly saves time and heat in the kitchen in the hot weather.

Barb B said...

It was a good puzzle for me, as a Wednesday puzzle, that is. I finished with perp helps (and some red letters.) ☺

Clever theme, but as usual, I didn’t get it till I finished.
OXFORD BRIGHTENERS, SQUATTERS, and COFFEEBARS all brought a smile, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen L Ron Hubbard in a puzzle before. I liked it, because it was new, and a gimme. Didn’t know the L is for Lafayette. Thanks, CC. Jazz, I don’t know, but I’m betting that Scientology is the biggest money maker.

If today is Work Like a Dog Day, I think I’ll call in sick, and stay on the couch.

Argyle, love the clues for TAR?
Dennis, LOL When we moved to Calif. from Texas, I worked very hard to say TIred, but my sister refused. She still says I'm Tarred after a long day of work.

Lois, so glad to hear about the wedding and about WH; can’t wait for the pictures.

Elissa, hear, hear. I totally agree.

Melissa Bee – happy un-birthday to you. And you are right on about the Misc drawer. Hee Hee

WM said...

Lovely morning...Started out with difficulty, erased a few things and started over and then set it down for a few hours. When I came back, everything just fell together, except the single letter "E" in the cross of BETH and ESTES. I don't follow mom does, with uncommon dedication...and so thought B-TH was Daniel's last name...DUH, what do I know? ESTES would have been a guess, so I just left it blank.

Also loved latte charges, oddly, remembered ANSCO and NIA but for some reason I was confusing caravel with cabal and NINA made no sense...maybe I was up too late!

Lois, can't wait to see photos and I am so happy you got to meet our resident farmer/philospher...probably a treat for each of you meeting the other. your WoW and especially the Lee Marvin quote...

I am year of the OX...which pretty much fits.

C.C. even though Yellow roses are not your favorite...this painting is called My Grandmother's Teacup...

Thanks again to you all for your voting and support. :o)

mamunipsaq said...

Tough puzzle for a Wednesday, too many names for me as well.

To address the SANTO/SAN question someone asked, it's mostly a question of what sounds better phonetically. One really only sees SANTO before some name beginning with TO- or DO-, like in Santo Tomás or Santo Domingo. If it were left as just the contraction SAN, then it wouldn't sound quite as good. And of course it's always SANTA before some female saint's name. And saying something like SANTO JOSÉ isn't wrong either, it just sounds awfully formal and really emphasizes quite how holy Saint Joseph is.

Similar rules apply all over the place in Spanish, like how the feminine word AGUA takes the masculine article EL, since LA AGUA would sound bad, or how Y turns into E before words beginning with I. IGLESIA Y ESTADO, but ESTADO E IGLESIA for example.

Al said...

@melissa bee and @WM, I think it's more likely that someone who labels things would have a Misc drawer, but it would be empty.

Xword Nia appearances:
From Greek Wedding, Antonia Vardalos. From Fresh Prince or Boyz, or Yao Ming interest, Nitara Long from Fame, Virenia Peeples. The same nickname but three different given names.

No one mentioned Monkey in the Middle yet. I'm definitely a Monkey (fire), nearly a 100% match, including the faults, according to CC's link.

Apparently the word Tar translates to "string" in persian, so probably is the origin for guitar, sitar, etc.

Anonymous said...

Tarajo, depite years of trying to train my kids to clean pockets before laundry, they do not succeed very well. My one son lost an ipod that way. Heck, they cannot even get the clothes into the right sorting bins and they are teenagers. I would keep on looking if I were you. I don't mind so much if it ruins their things (their consequence) but it burns me when it ruins my clothes too (as in ink pens).

Linda, I am with you on doing the puzzle online. I much prefer pen and paper, but don't always get to print it out.

MelissaBee, such a nice new photo. You look lovely, and the aquarium looks like it was very fun. Glad you had a good birthday.

Barb B said...

KQ, I think it's Melissa Bee's daughter in the pic. Looks more like her mom than I realized. I had to view it full size to be sure.

Look at my avatar -- she's on my right, and Melissa Bee's on my left. Reversed of course, when you view the pic.

Anonymous said...

I'm a rabbit. Have long forgotten what those qualities are.

I don't remember to empty my own pockets all the time.

A quote to share:
"The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be." --Paul Valery

I'm fresh out of the hospital again, so it's good to be able to read all your posts. I missed your knowledge and senses of humor.


Dennis said...

Doreen, great to see you back with us. Hope you're back to 100%.

Clear Ayes said...

Although there is nothing racially derogatory in either The Tar Baby story or the Little Black Sambo story, both terms have come to be been used extensively as racial epithets. AND I'm pretty darn sure that it was white people who started using them that way. Since it is impossible to walk in another peoples' shoes, I'll just have to take their word for it when they say they are offended. PC-ness can go way too far, but in the case of racial insults, I have to go along.

These innocuous little stories have become so entwined with their titles, that changing the names has been tried and didn't work. They are still recognized as The Tar Baby and Little Black Sambo.

carol said...

Hi all-
Good puzzle for me today, I even felt good about not hitting Mr. G. I did not know 'BASSI'...I'm with Judy on the suffixes. Other unknowns were ANSCO, NAPS, NIA,SPY and last but not least, SIS. Somehow Skipper sounds like a boys name to me. If I had had SPY dawn on me sooner (thank you V-8 can), I would not have spent so much time on that corner.

Lois, good you are back. Glad you enjoyed the wedding and your meeting with WH. What would be not to like?
We are all eagerly awaiting pictures.

Canned tomatoes are so full of flavor and thus (there's a word for you) the reason I can them. There is no comparision to the commercially canned ones and it makes such a huge difference in soups, spaghetti sauce, etc.

Tarrajo, had to laugh about your remark about what boys will put in their pockets. I've found worms (poor things, but yuk!), rocks, rubber bands, and the ever popular wad of gum!
I am sure others here have had similar experiences. Takes a brave hand to creep into shirs and jeans pockets at times.

lois said...

Ok, let's see if THIS works. Couldn't get the computer to get photos from camera, then lost the photo file, internet went down, ugh! Hopefully this is the Bride and Groom.

Really, thank you all for your sweet comments and support. It has been a fantabulous week. Windhover's pic is next...buckle your seatbelts. That is after I get it back from the cutie patootie magazine.

Speaking of which, Kenny is in the current Dig mag (biking), pg 14? pix 04 & 05. Small but good. I'm just relieved that they're innocent pictures. 05 is the spittin' image of his dad. eerie!

Happy belated birthday, MelissaB. Sounds like you celebrate like we do...full speed ahead. You go
girl! I wish you many, many more.

After getting sexual responses to each of the Rorschach Inkblot pictures, the psychiatrist says to the patient, " I think you have a sexual fixation." The patient replies: What? You're the one showing all the dirty pictures!

Mainiac said...

Afternoon All,

Late meeting (past midnight) and up early this morning for a paving job. I am certainly meeting the Work Like a Dog Day. But the theme doesn't match up. Hell, I'm starting with the theme now!

It will have to wait though. I'm having a kick the door shut session with the two "heebs" shortly. The wife has called the last two mornings with terrible reports of dogs not being watched and excuse after excuse. I hate these phases, which is all it is. Its hot and muggy and football camp is underway so they are tired. Too bad, so sad.

I did do the puzzle with all struggles that have been posted. Finally finished but had lots of erasures. Took all day. My brain is mushy.

Lois, Happy to hear the wedding went well!

Nice pic MelissaBee and I like the birthday memory. The boys and I enjoy rocking out down the road also.

Why do I get yelled at when the kids leave crap in their pockets? Oh, Honey, thanks for washing my keys!!

Have a great evening!

Crockett1947 said...

@linda How many cups of peaches would one need for the lazy man pie? Have you tried it with other fruits?
Are you sure about the partisan bit now? Want to try tri-?

@melissab Oh. Beer. How were the seahorses?

@jd Estes Park and Rocky Mountain are tremendous. One of my favorite NPs. but Yellowstone still holds top rank for me.

@al Thanks for the TAR translation.

@doreen Glad to see you back and hope you don't have to return any time soon.

@mainiac Clean keys work better, don't they?

Kelev said...

Mainsaic: what do you mean by "herbs"? In my world that word is used in the pejorative.

Kelev said...

Mainaic: not "herbs". You used the word "heebs". What does that mean to you?

Jazzbumpa said...

Kazie -

I do not mean to imply that trades-people are overpaid. I just wish somebody else was paying them.

I hear you about teachers, though. Teaching is one of the most important, underappreciated jobs in society. In fact, don't get me started.


embien said...

8:01 today. Not quite Monday/Tuesday time, but close to it (esp. for a Wednesday).

My only problem was the "C" at the cross of ANSCO and CAVA. I didn't remember the camera, but figured it had to end in CO (for company?). It wasn't until after I had gotten the "ta da" screen that I thought that "K" might also be possible (from Kodak).

Anonymous said...

I see that the crossword puzzle has changed, I would go to it after I worked the puzzle in my Birmingham news and now it says LA, is there any where I can go to to see the Birmingham crossword puzzle that comes every day. Thanks, Jim

Clear Ayes said...

GAH and I were talking last night about what we missed most about where we lived before we moved north and inland. He had lived close to the ocean for most of his life. This poem is for those who love the ocean -


For one carved instant as they flew,
The language had no simile --
Silver, crystal, ivory
Were tarnished. Etched upon the horizon blue,
The frieze must go unchallenged, for the lift
And carriage of the wings would stain the drift
Of stars against a tropic indigo
Or dull the parable of snow.

Now settling one by one
Within green hollows or where curled
Crests caught the spectrum from the sun,
A thousand wings are furled.
No clay-born lilies of the world
Could blow as free
As those wild orchids of the sea.

- E. J. Pratt

Hahtoolah said...

Katy: Thank you for the information on the derivation of TAR as it relates to North Carolina. I had never heard of the Tar River, so when you mentioned it earlier today, it made me think of the state's nickname.

Anonymous said...

Good evening, everyone.
I am a horse. Maybe I need to go on a diet. But it is true that I sometimes talk too much. C.C. that was a fun link. Thank you. DH is a dog, and I dearly love dogs; the description fits him. My older son is also a horse; my younger is a rooster.

Fun puzzle today.


JD said...

Melissa Bee, were the jellyfish still there? What a lovely picture of your daughter. How lucky she is to look so much like her mom.

Crockett,I agree. Nothing comes close to the beauty of Yellowstone, especially entering the park via Montana.

Chickie said...

Hello All--Very late in adding my contribution to the Blog today. I did the puzzle on-line late last night, so I didn't run into some of the problems with names that others had. The red-letter help was what I needed and really not much of that. I had other commitments today this morning.

I couldn't remember what a caravel was, but finally with the perps it gave me the answer. Duh! A v-8 moment for sure. I was thinking down the lines of a caravan/trailer rig.

I liked the clue, Potato place for couch and Oxford Brightners for Shoeshines. We lived in Colombia for two years and there were many young shoeshine boys around the Plaza down town. My husband wore suede shoes at the time and disappointed every time he went down town.

Melissa B, I don't label my junk drawer as I don't want anyone to add to it. It is full enough.

Also will try the Palo Santo Marron. Sounds delicious.

Lois, the wedding picture is really lovely. They look very happy. BTW, can't wait for the picture of WH and you. That's next, I hope.

About Sotomayor--Well said, Jazzbumpa!

Doreen, I hope you are feeling much better now that you are back home. Stay well.

MJ said...

Hi all. Did the puzzle this morning during layovers while wearing my chauffeur's cap. Nothing to add that hasn't been said. The cap's back in the closet now, so I've had time to read the posts.

@Tarrajo--Although I tried to teach my boys to empty their pockets before putting clothes in the hamper, it didn't always happen. I usually did a double check, but once missed a pocket full of eucalyptus pods. Quite an aromatic load! :)

@treefrog--I drove to the top of Pike's Peak on August, 3, 1990, and the road was dirt and gravel at that time. The reason I remember the exact date is that it snowed at the top that day! The boys were young then, and had fun making snow cones with the Hawaiian Punch soda we had along.

@JD--My husband's great-grandfather built a cabin in the Big Thompson Canyon just east of Estes Park 100 years ago, and his grandparents had their home on an adjacent property. Our family still visits there most summers. If you didn't get a chance to do so in the past, the Old Trail Ridge Road to the top in RMNP is a beautiful drive. It's one-way, dirt and gravel (well maintained) and only open in Summer months.

@Lois--Glad to hear the wedding was spectacular. Beautiful photo, beautiful bride!

@MelissaBee--Great photo. Glad you had a stellar b-day celebration!

carol said...

Lois, great picture (the lighting could have been better) but I can see enough to know they are a lovely couple.

My contribution to the jokes on here today:

A man and his friend are playing golf one day.
One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the golf course. He stops in mid-swing, takes his cap off, closes his eyes and bows down in prayer.
His friend says: "Wow, that is the most thoughtful & touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man."
The man replies: "Yeah, well we were married for 35 years."

Linda said...

Clearayes: I found the online puzzle, tried to print it...and my printer went on a call in to my techie son-in-law... (see below)

Doreen: Stay OUT of that hospital, ya hear!

Lois; The bride and groom look happy. May they always be so.

Jazzbumpa: I`ve gotten a regular raise ever since I retired...something I seldom got while on "active duty." Athletics (while important, don`t get me wrong) seemed to always make their case better than we classroom teachers did.

Kazie: My niece says "San" means "saint" while
"Santo" means "holy."

Clearayes: Those stories in question are for children. I read/told them to my students all 27 years I taught...not one complaint from students or parents (in a district roughly 50/50). In fact, when I let them choose which stories, they often asked me to tell about "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby." That`s why it would be good if we all held grudges as children do, very lightly and briefly. When given a choice, most of my children loved oral the Brer Rabbit stories were meant to be told.

5 and out for me.

Argyle said...

and how the golfer's wife died...

She grew tired of being a golf widow, so she took up the game.
Playing with her husband one day, he hit his drive off into the rough, behind a barn. She came over to take a look, surveyed the situation, and suggested that if he opened both barn doors, he could hit his ball straight through the barn to the green.
He saw this as an excellent idea, complimented her for her suggestion, then opened the doors and stepped up to the ball. He made a swing and great contact. Unfortunately, the ball was off line, careened off the door frame, hit the wife in the head and killed her.
A year went later, the man was playing the same course and incredibly, the same situation occurs. The man is in the rough behind the same barn. His buddies take a look at his ball and suggest that he could make the green if he opened both barn doors and hit through the barn.
"No way," he replies. "I can't do that."
"Why not?" they ask.
He responds, "The last time I did that something terrible happened."
"What happened?" they ask.

The man answers, "I took a triple bogey."

Al said...

Did anyone else mis-read the answer for Oxford Brighteners: shoeshines as Shoshones, then think UTES, and then think: "Why would anyone with a Rhodes scholarship drive an SUV?"

OK, maybe it's just me...

Crockett1947 said...

@jd Which Montana entrance? West Yellowstone or Mammoth? Usually come in the West Yellowstone since it's the most accessible from OR.

@mj Yes, the old Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain is fantastic. Of course, so is Going To The Sun road in Glacier.

@al Yes, it probably is ...

carol said...

Argyle: Loved it!

Al: you to...LOL

Q: What did one saggy tit say to the other saggy tit?
A: If we don't get some support soon, people will think we are nuts.

Doreen - So glad you are out of the hospital...stay that way :)

Dick said...

@ Lois, Great looking daughter. Happy to hear the wedding went so well.

Clear Ayes said...

Doreen, Stay well.

I'm with you Sallie, Year of the Horse. The description is pretty accurate, even with the "talk too much" and "impatient".

Linda, I hope my instructions didn't mess up your printer. I agree that the stories are charming and harmless. It is too bad that the titles have been used by scurrilous bigots to inflame racial hatred.

Carol, LOL, I just told GAH your golf joke. He got a gleam in his eye. It's a good thing I'm not planning on having a funeral....wouldn't want to have to make him choose.

Argyle's golf joke, Yup, the writing is on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I too have enjoyed the puzzle in the Birmingham News and reading the blog afterwards. I have written to the Editor to ask them to put the LA Time puzzle back. He tells me to try it out a week and see how I like it. I sent him the link to this blog and told him this made the difference.

This is the first time I'm adding a comment but I have enjoyed all of you helping me with the puzzle. I especially like to know that I'm not the only one who thinks some of them are hard.

kazie said...

I just object to paying mechanics and plumbers over $60 an hour.

Linda and mamunipsaq,
Thanks for the san/santo distinctions.

Thanks for the confirmation on the musical Tar.

Very glad you survived your hospital ordeal. Let's hope your recovery is fast and complete.


LUXOR said...

Since when does qualifications have anything to do with political appointments. the only requirement is obedience to the 'bosses'. no matter what the position is.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, Brady's eye is already fading to a light shade of red/pink; his favorite colors. Ha!
A list of things that I have found in his cargo pants or any pants for that matter include: a snake skin, (I put an end to that collection immediately) numerous rocks, a wad of gum for later in it's wrapper (good catch Carol), a jawbone from some sort of rodent, lures, bobbers, a cowpie as he heard we could use that for fuel, his house key, too much change to count and etc...Kazie, I am going to try your approach but am still going to have to check his pockets for a while as the rocks do some damage I am sure to my washer.

Jeannie said...

Tarrajo, I don't know that you know the significance of this, but you were number 69. That got me in trouble awhile ago, but I see your post was on the up and up.

Lois, I am so happy that the wedding experience in KY was beautiful and meaningful. Your daughter and new son in law look very happy together. May you reap many new grandchildren from that union! I bet meeting WH in person was a treat as well and am looking forward to seeing a pic of you two together.

Carol, you are a funny person...enjoy your jokes/quips always.

Getting busy working on the fall foodshow that takes place at The Rivercentre in St. Paul, MN. We are expecting about 160 vendors and it takes me about 2 1/2 months to put it all together, so you may not see me much on the blog here on out.

Clear Ayes said...

Tarrajo, I've heard that girls are more difficult to rear than boys. After reading your last post, I'm beginning to wonder. :o) Glad to hear that Brady's eye is healing.

Jeannie, That is quite some venue. Check in when you can.

Lois, A beautiful photo of an obviously much in love couple.

Melissa Bee, Meant to compliment your lovely daughter earlier.

#5 and out for me. Have a nice evening everyone.

Anonymous said...

anyone else has problem accessing cruciverb?

melissa bee said...

i tell my kids that whatever gets left in their pockets gets washed, and if it's money, it's mine.

forgot to say this earlier, but .. val kilmer ... mercy. something about those lips ..

doreen, welcome home!

lois: congratulations to kenny also, quite a week for your kids!

the aquarium was fantastic, took a stroll around cannery row afterwards. yes, the jellyfish are still there, which is strange, because the website says it closed last year. the seahorses were fascinating. watch this space for pics. son's favorite was the giant octopus, also very cool. there was a sign posted there, 'please do not flash the octopus.' fortunately, flashing elsewhere was permitted.

barb b is correct of course (she would know), it is my girl-child in the pic.

chickie: dogfish head is my favorite craft brewer .. a bit pricey but well worth it. i've never tried their spirits, but i'm headed to bevmo tomorrow to get this: "Dogfish Jin is a gin distilled with pineapple mint, juniper berry, green peppercorn and rosemary botanicals."

linda, loved the cheese story.

windhover said...

I imagine JD (I think) is talking about the entrance/exit that leads to the Top of the World Highway and on into Redwood, Montana. I rode that route 15 years ago on a Honda 650 Nighthawk, still my favorite bike of all that I have owned. It consists of quite a few miles of continuous switchbacks, and was fun but tiring. The next morning I went for my usual 7 mile run out of Redwood, elevation 5555ft. I live at 925ft. When I got back I had quite an oxygen deficiency, which until I can think of a better one is my excuse for my unnecessary excursion into religion last night. My next paragraph is the most controversial I plan to be for a while.

I agree totally that teachers are grossly underpaid. But tradesmen or skilled laborers are not necessarily overpaid at $60/hr. My youngest son is a plumber. He pays his guys $25/hr and their helpers $17/hr. You can't get good ones for any less, and he would like to pay more. But by the time he pays his part of their SS/Medicare and their health insurance (which he provides), he's barely making enough to justify employing them. Plus, he's taken a cut hself to keep from letting any of them go in this economy. (I have to say, his Mother raised this kid right, and I helped a little. We're liberals, baby). Athletes and celebrities and bankers making millions grates a little, but plumbers, electricians, and toolmakers (I used to be one) are still underpaid, as are teachers (who are more so). End of rant.

Not sure what you meant about my not objecting to Deliverance, Linda, unless you were implying that us liberal skeptics might be inclined toward that Ned Beatty thing in the film. All I can say is don't knock it till you've tried it, darlin'.

carol said...

Jeannie, please try to find some time for us in your new workload. We would miss your witty comments.

Melissa bee, great picture of your 'girl child'...:) Takes after her beautiful Mom.

Hope to 'the bad place' that 'ol Buckeye did not get hit with that lightning! When we don't hear from him, I start to worry...I seem to have an 'ear worm' that says: "you light up my life".. geez.

Jazzbumpa said...

Melissa -

I'm eager to get the Dogfish gin report. When we were in Holland last week, we ate at the New Holland Brewery. They also make artisan spirits, including Knickerbocker Gin (I bought a bottle - fine stuff) and a malt whiskey. I'll try that the next time we're in that direction.

BTW - I'm a dog, and the LW is a rat. Works well for us.

The gull poem reminded me of this one, by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1944-89.)

13. Pied Beauty

GLORY be to God for dappled things—
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;
Landscape plotted and pieced—fold, fallow,and plough;
And áll trádes, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:
Praise him.

I put one of mine up today, too.

Come for the poetry, stay for the politics.

It's late and ahm Tarred. 'Night, all.