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Sep 3, 2009

Rich Norris Alias Names

Below are the pseudonyms of Rich Norris, editor of LA Times Daily Crossword

 (Updated on Nov 1, 2012. )

Cathy Carulli: Anagram of "Actually Rich"

Charlie Riley: "i.e., Really Rich"

Damien Peterson: "Editor's Pen Name"

Gia Christian: "Again It's Rich"

Lila Cherry: "Really Rich"

Meredith Ito: “I’m the Editor"

Nora Pearlstone: "Not a Real Person"

Sabrina Walden: "Brand New Alias".

Samantha Wine: "What's in a name".

Teri Smalley: "It's really me".

Rich also used Natalie Dyvens (anagram of "Valentine's Day") for his Feb. 14th, 2010 "Crazy Love" Valentine's Day anagram puzzle & Sheila Welton ("It's Halloween") on Oct 31, 2012.

Rich also uses Matt McKinley sometimes.

Part of the above information is obtained from here.


1 comment:

andrea carla michaels said...

I think it's interesting that so many of Rich's and Mike Shenk's aliases are women's names. It gives the impression there are many more women constructing than there actually are.
I won't get into all the ins and outs as to why that is, but it skews the numbers even more and hides the imbalance when so many of the bylines are on the editors' pseudonyms.
(Sue de nimes?!)
fwiw the NYT does not allow psuedonyms, nor credit for more than two constructors, regardless of how many participated in the creation of a puzzle.
Thanks for this fascinating list. I've known some of the parties involved for more than 25+ years an d didn't know that these were not real creators. Well, real enough, but separate individuals!