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Sep 15, 2009

Tuesday September 15, 2009 Donna S. Levin

Theme: LOST IN SPACE (57A: TV sci-fi series, first aired 9/15/1965, on which a robot spoke the catchphrase formed by the first words of 17-, 26-, and 42-Across).

I think that is the longest clue I have ever seen in a puzzle.

17A: Toon rodent who's a British secret agent: DANGER MOUSE.

26A: Suitor's proposal: WILL YOU MARRY ME?

42A: Shipwrecked literary hero: ROBINSON CRUSOE.

Melissa Bee blogging.

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! Even though I never watched LOST IN SPACE, I got the answer immediately. Wikipedia says the phrase was only used once on the show.

Fairly straightforward puzzle, with a few unknowns to make it interesting. Three letters short of a pangram (J, Q and X).

Donna S. Levin has a knack for tribute puzzles. We just had her "The Wizard of Oz" (70-year anniversary) last month.


1A: Actress Messing of "Will & Grace": DEBRA.

6A: Nothing, in Latin: NIHIL. “Nihil aude, nihil obtine." Risk nothing, gain nothing.

11A: 6-Across suffix: ISM. Who said, "ism's, in my opinion, are not good."?

14A: Typical: USUAL. I'll have the usual.

15A: Endangered layer: OZONE.

20A: Scenic routes, often: SIDEROADS. Like this.

21A: "Look Homeward, Angel" author Thomas: WOLFE. His autobiographical first novel. One of my unknowns. Easy to confuse him with "The Bonfire of Vanities" author Tom WOLFE.

32A: Baseball's "Big Unit" _____ Johnson: RANDY. 6' 10" Pitcher for SF Giants. "Big Unit" indeed. Left-handed. Second All-time in strikeouts (4,867), after Nolan Ryan. Don't confuse him with Baseball's "The Big Train" Johnson, Hall-of-Famer Walter Johnson (right-handed).

33A: Cattle drive buddy: PARD. If you insist. And 62A: Buddy: PAL.

36A: Bouquet: SCENT. I tried to 'smell' it first.

38A: Litter weakling: RUNT.

40A: German name for Cologne: KOLN. I must have been absent the day we learned that.

41A: Cup for cafe: TASSE. French for cup. Like this. Or this.

46A: "_____ directed": medication warning: USE AS.

47A: Ship, to a sailor: HER.

50A: Mike Nichols's comedy partner: ELAINE MAY. Improvisational comedy duo from the 1960's. No idea.

59A: Nipper's co.: RCA. The famous dog listening for his master's voice.

64A: Two foursomes: OCTET. Sometimes it's OCTAD.


1D: Bombs that don't go off: DUDS.

2D: Actor Morales: ESAI. Crossword staple.

3D: 1930s-'40s German-American political group: BUND (boond). Wikipedia says 'Its main goal was to promote a favorable view of Nazi Germany.'

5D: In a wary way: ALERTLY. Watchful.

6D: "Hold the Hellmann's": NO MAYO. I've never uttered those words in my life.

7D: Shirt that once had a reptilian logo: IZOD.

8D: Male Servant: HOUSEMAN. You're hired.

9D: Aetna's business: Abbr: INS. Aetna is named after Mt Etna, the Sicilian volcano.

10D: Moving toward the calmer side, at sea: LEEWARD. Opposite of windward. See?

11D: "Shoulda listened to me!": I TOLD YOU SO. Or, as my aunt used to say, 'I mentioned that.'

18D: Actor Calhoun: RORY.

22D: Hockey legend Bobby: ORR. Bruins #4. RANDY Johnson always wears #51, except when he was with the Yankees.

25D: Golfer's wheels: CART.

26D: Loony one: WACKO. Irritating word.

27D: How a debater's response is made: IN REBUTTAL. There you go again.

28D: Mormon's gp.: LDS. Latter-Day Saints.

29D: Philly Ivy League sch.: U PENN.

30D: Minister's home: MANSE.

31D: Art Deco designer: ERTE. A gimme, thanks to C.C.

32D: Trailer park resident, for short: RV'ER. Recreational Vehicle. Not so much. I don't normally think of a trailer park and an RV park as the same thing.

36D: Slugger Sammy: SOSA. Sometimes it's "Slamming Sammy", which could also refer to the legendary golfer Sam SNEAD.

37D: Forms an increasingly smaller circle around, with "on": CLOSES IN. Another long clue.

38D: Coll. dorm VIPs: RA'S. Resident Assistants.

40D: Prepared to say 26-Across: Kneeled. Aw. Two cross-references in today's grid.

41D: Seeks help from: TURNS TO.

43D: Cuba or Aruba: Abbr: ISL. Island. Nice rhyme.

44D: Common poolside chair: CHAISE.

45D: Bridle part: REIN. Argyle has educated us about this before.

48D: Ball field protector: TARP.

49D: Peruvian of old: INCA.

51D: Former Ford cars: LTDS.

53D: Enhanced milkshake: MALT

54D: Entr' ____: intermission: ACTE. French for 'between the acts.'

55D: Mon., on Tues.: YEST (Yesterday). Today is Tuesday. Rich is quite attentive to this detail.

58D: Four quarters: ONE. Four quarters make one whole. "12D starter?" would be a great cross-reference clue too.

Answer grid.

Melissa Bee


Dennis said...

Good morning, Mustang Mel, C.C. and gang - Melissa Bee, nice job with this; you're definitely a natural. Great links, great write-up. And I agree about the difference between an RV park and a trailer park. Also, thanks for reminding me of 'nihil aude, nihil obtine'; great words to live by.

This was a fun puzzle today, with only the two German clues as unknowns. Got the theme after the first two theme answers, but I don't think it really helped, as the puzzle was fairly simple.

Today is Make a Hat Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." -- Socrates

Hahtoolah said...

Morning, All! I had difficulty with the top portion of this puzzle. I easily got WILL YOU MARRY ME and ROBINSON CRUSOE, so got the theme. I never heard of DANGER MOUSE.

Erte is a frequent fill. His drawings are so stylized and beautiful.

Esai Morales is another frequent xword clue. I never heard of him before. His birthday is coming up: October 1, 1962.

No favorite clues today.

September 15 Birthdays:

1946 ~ Oliver Stone, director of controversial films including “W”, “Nixon”, “JFK”, and “Natural Born Killers.”

1946 ~ Tommy Lee Jones, actor. He played Gary Gilmore in “Executioner’s Song.”

1907 ~ Vina Fay Wray (d. 2004), Actress who dropped her first name and went by Fay Wray, best known for her role in the 1933 version of King Kong.

1890 ~ Agatha Christie (d. 1976), English mystery writer.

1857 ~ William Howard Taft (d 1930), 27th US President

1789 ~ James Fenimore Cooper (d. 1851), American novelist, most famous for the Leatherstocking Tales, of which The Last of the Mohicans, was one.

1254 ~ Marco Polo (1324), Italian Explorer, famous for his travels to Asia.

QOD: There are two kinds of failure: Those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought. ~ Laurence J. Peter.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

I am only familiar with "The Bund" (rhymed with "fund") in Shanghai. Waterfront tourist area. Lots of foreign banks there, including Citibank, ING, etc.

Nice write-up, sweet & poetic, just like you. I was not familiar with LOST IN SPACE at all. Thought the catchphrase might be "Live long and prosper", Argyle's Spock link yesterday was still fresh my mind.

Dick said...

Good morning all, a relatively easy puzzle today. For me, there were a couple of unknowns today. I have never heard of Elaine May, 50A, nor am I familiar with Danger Mouse, 17A. Fortunately both of these were obtainable with perp help. I caused myself some problems in the NW corner when I put Eric in for Esai. Oh well there will be a new puzzle tomorrow.

Nice write up Melissa Bee.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday

Argyle said...

Good Morning, Melissa Bee and friends.

Great job, you should do it again! I loved the ALERTLY link. I'm going to use it for my desktop screen.

Did not like: 55D: Mon., on Tues.: YEST (Yesterday).
I can't find it used anywhere, except Shakespeare's use as a word for yeast.

Argyle said...

I must correct myself; I just found this:

Slang in 1811 YEST. A contraction of yesterday. Source: 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

But I still don't like it.

Hahtoolah said...

I agree with Argyle, that is a beautiful link for ALERTLY!

windhover said...

A star is born! Great job, Melissa Bee. I especially liked "there you go again", a reference I assume to the "rebuttal" of the Great Communicator (and lousy President). The only Presidential vote I now regret.

Lemonade714 said...

I thought this was a very easy Tuesday, with the work of Melissa Bee the highlight. Tommy Lee Jones has certainly done a few more movies than Executioner’s Song in fact he has a most impressive Resume although I did not care for No Country for Old men .

If you like 60’s comedy you should try NCIHOLS & MAY .

Anonymous said...


I guess you were not a fan of NYPD Blue. I was unable to find a you tube of the show when he was in the cast.

Lt. Tony Rodriguez was a fictional character in the television series NYPD Blue. He was played by Esai Morales for 48 episodes from 2001-2004.


Anonymous said...

I have not seen the puzzle yet but wanted to send a note to Linda since I haven't found time to do it in the last few days. Even though I haven't taken time to write, Linda, I have included you in my prayers. Fortunately, God never gets too busy to care for us & to work on our behalf. As I'm sure you well know, He has not promised to spare us from trials but He has promised to go THROUGH them with us. May you feel His sustaining power & may He give you wisdom for any decisions you have to make.


Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone. I thought this puzzle was slightly more difficult than a usual Tuesday, but certainly very doable. I had several unknowns, all of which came through the perps.

Nice job blogging Melissa Bee. Loved your picture of the autumn side road. We have several talented bloggers here don't we? Each has their own flavor, which makes it all very interesting indeed.

I spent the day yesterday at a golf fundraiser. Beautiful day, and my golf game held up pretty well considering it was my FIRST time out this year. How sad is that. It is an incredible foundation, all created in memory of a child who was disemboweled by a pool drain. Amazingly, she survived, but died about 9 months later from a rare cancer as a result of a transplant. The parents are the most inspiring couple. My husband has worked with the father in the past. They are so positive and loving and faith-filled despite their tragedy. If you would like to read about them, here is a link to their website Abbey's Hope. They put boxes of kleenex on the tables as you will not leave the room without shedding tears.

Did anyone notice Google's doodles today? They do not reference what they are, but apparently it is thought that they are crop circles. All science fiction today isn't it?

Hope everyone has a great day!

Anonymous said...

If you click on the Google artwork it leads you to links about crop circles.

Argyle, maybe you didn't realize that the abbreviated "Mon." and "Tues." indicate the answer is an abbr,:
YEST. It's not a phony shortening.

Melissa Bee, great job!

Anonymous said...


YEST as an abbr. can be found in Webster's New International Dictionary 3rd Edition. I should have cited that before.

kazie said...

Good Tuesday today. No problems, Köln has an Umlaut, and the German pronunciation of Bund is boont, with the oo short like in foot. I'd never heard of this organization though. In German it means federation, as in Deutsche Bundesland = Federal State.

Thanks Melissa B for the great write-up, and beautiful links, especially the owl and the side road. I'm not sure the bra cups are called tasses, but it was a cute joke and totally unexpected.

I got ERTE this time so no worms for me!

Have a wonderful day all of you!

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.
Nice Tuesday puzzle. And yes, Melissa Bee, a splendid job. I also agree that the link for alertly is worth keeping.

I did not remember Lost in Space and never heard of Danger Mouse. But I figured out everything except 1A, and therefore 2 and 3D. The rest was fun and doable. As I usually do the acrosses first, I put in label instead of title. But the perps quickly dissuaded me of that notion.


Anonymous said...

PS: I do remember hearing about the Bund as I grew up in a suburb of Chicago during WWII. My father was vehement about it, especially since the Chicago Tribune was against any involvement in the war – up til Pearl Harbor that is. There was quite a bit of noise from the Bund as I remember.

Crockett1947 said...

Good Morning, everyone. Nice blog, Miss B! Argyle, loved your links yesterday.

Needed perpassist help to get the DANGER part of 17A.

All in all a nice puzzle for a Monday night.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Melissa Bee, An excellent blog today. You definitely have a touch!

A smooth run for me with the exception of the NW corner. I was totally sure that SLOW ROADS was correct for 20 A which messed up the perps. Also ALERTLY wasn't coming to the front of my brain with its clue. Finished it in red.

Jeannie, Keep up the good work.

Kazie, Dot and Carol, Thanks for the tips. It looks like I'll be bringing them in earlier than usual. Probably a good thing in the long run, we're expecting our first frost tonight.

Have a great day!

treefrog said...

I was filling in my 3 letter answers as usual when I read the theme clue. I just laughed. I remember the show. Don't know how I knew Danger Mouse. Strange.
No Hellman's for me-only buy Best Food Mayo.

Nichols and Mya-he's married to Diane Sawyer.

Wacko was ok-In our family when someone does something outrageous we say they're a wackadoo. Grandkids love that.

Linda-hang in there. I also have you in my prayers.

Today is the day my granddaughter is having the kidney stones blasted. This is one of the times I wish we lived closer. But, it's a 9 hour trip to Idaho. Not happening right now. Would appreciate prayers for her from those so inclined.

Warren said...

Great job Melissa Bee! It was a very straight forward puzzle today for us. I didn't know danger mouse either but it looked like a dagger to me and my wife got the danger after I said dagger...

The Yest answer reminds me of the Beatles song Yesterday

melissa bee said...

good morning all,

thanks for all the nice comments. c.c. makes it look easy.

wh: you are correct.

kq: definitely a two-hanky charity, bless you for participating.

kazie: thanks. around these parts, demi-tasse is both a kind of coffee cup, and a style of bra.

treefrog: the same brand of mayo is called hellman's east of the rockies, and best foods west of the rockies. even their logo is the same. best to your granddaughter today.

Warren said...

If you read more about Esai Morales I found that he also stared in la bamba

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, It was a pleasant surprise to see Melissa Bee's name as our blogger today. What a nice job!

I liked this puzzle from beginning to end. BUND, NIHIL and KOLM were all "How did I know that?" fills.

RAS was one I didn't know, but the perps had already been filled and I saw RAS when I was looking the puzzle over. I had to come hear to see what it meant.

As soon as I had filled in the first two theme answers and saw DANGER and WILL, I knew it was going to finish up with ROBINSON. LOST IN SPACE was a campy adventure series that never took itself too seriously.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

Melissa - great job!

Didn't get the theme until I saw 57A, then it was a smile. Didn't realize that phrase was only used once. It's such a strong association.

Nice puzzle - just right for a Tuesday. Enjoyed the long fills.

We had ECARD last Tuesday.

Nice touches:

John HOUSEMAN - CLOSES IN on the role of Professor Charles Kingsfield

Since we're performing the Carmen Suite in our October concert,here is the Entr' Acte.

JzB the NO MAYO (prefers Miracle Whip) trombonist

Clear Ayes said...

When I saw Melissa Bee's beautiful link for SIDEROADS, I immediately thought of Robert Frost's poem. I know I have posted it before, but a good poem can always be repeated.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence;
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Anonymous said...

CA - I am not too familiar with lots of poetry, but that is my absolute favorite. Thanks for sharing today. I am trying to keep that in perspective as our college grad is already changing jobs to one which we don't think is as good long term. We hope the road less taken will be the better one for her. Certainly a chance.

Barb B said...

I thought of you, Melissa Bee with the link for THE USUAL (John Hiatt) and the comment “who said “ism’s, in my opinion, are not good”. Still, I didn’t realize You were the writer till I reached the end. Very nice job.

I got hung up with the names DEBRA and ELAINE MAY, and didn’t know NIHI, KOLN ir DANGERMOUSE, so I had to use Mr G. but it was a good puzzle for learning, with lots of straight forward clues to use for perps. WILL YOU MARRY ME and ROBINSONCRUSOE right across the middle made it a lot of fun.

That owl picture linked for ALERTLY is awesome.

Argyle said...

KQ, I guess I will have to take your word for it, since I don't have a $130 Webster's New International Dictionary 3rd Edition and they don't have it on their online site. In fact, That's why I doubted it because even OneLook didn't have that definition.

To the library, James!

Lemonade714 said...

For those among us who watch the National Football League, it is amazing how the culture of losing can truly control an organization. The two Monday night games each featured a dramatic underdog managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, with Cincinnati’s last second anti-heroics the most amazing of all.

Well it is barely 90 here today, so fall must be in the air.

carol said...

Morning Melissa Bee, C.C. and all -
I had fun with this one, and finished without help, thanks to the perps. Even though I completed all the long clues, I never got the theme answer until I read it in the write up. I have never watched Lost in Space. Also had never heard of Danger Mouse.

Melissa-great job! I loved the scenic route and the owl. I am quite sure the guys loved the other 'tasse' cup picture.

Dennis, just how does one make a hat? (and putting a paper bag over someone's head does not qualify as a hat!)

melissa bee said...

carol, lol! i was thinking a mushroom cap. you know, for morels.

MJ said...

Good day, all.
I found this to be an easy ride today, despite three complete unknowns-- DANGER MOUSE, RANDY Johnson, and ELAINEMAY. Fortunately they were all across, and there were no unknowns down. Really didn't know 57A either, but once I had LOST IN, somewhere in the cobwebs of the brain I found Yonkers/SPACE/New York. SPACE fit, and the cross fills proved it correct.

Melissa Bee--Thanks for a great job! I loved the SIDEROADS picture. My favorite way to travel.

KQ--Abbey's Hope is truly a very touching story.

Lemonade714--Thanks for the Nichols and May link. LOL!

treefrog--I am one so inclined and will exercise that right and privilege.

Have a great day, folks! I'm off to practice Grandmother skills with the triplets.

Annette said...

In reference to "Make a Hat Day":

Three years ago, we all got together for Christmas: my sisters, their husbands, and all their children (13 of us, and one that couldn't make it).

We picked names in advance and on Christmas, we had to present a "special" hat to the person we'd picked.

Examples are: a beret with paint spots, like an artist's palette; a golf green, with a tee and ball on top; a sunday gold lame church hat with teal fringe added; a bumble bee hat in Steeler black and gold; an umbrella shaped like a baseball cap.

The hosting sister was so busy, she received 3-4 hats!

It was a lot of fun, especially having everyone involved. We're trying to figure out a way to "top" the idea when we get together at Thanksgiving this year.

kazie said...

I have a bit more time to comment now after returning from a meeting.

Near as I can figure from an online translation, a bra cup is un bonnet. It wasn't in any dictionary I have, and since bonnet can also mean cap, I wasn't sure it interpreted what I wanted, but I asked for cup size, and got taille de bonnet. Bra cup only got soutien gorge (bra).

Hang in there. My prayers are with you as well.

My first experience of Elaine May was the movie The New Leaf with Walter Matthau, which I saw with my cousin in Hawaii, when on my way home to Oz from Europe in 1971. She was hilarious in that.

I had no idea about the Robinson quote, never saw Lost in Space.

Beautiful pic of Shanghai! I'm a sucker for night photos.

I also use Miracle Whip exclusively--has more flavor than mayo.

Anonymous said...

Argyle, Sorry, I am stumped. What did I refer to that you need to look up in such a dictionary?

Treefrog - I too am very inclined. After yesterday's fundraiser, I am there. My daughter's friend also struggles with kidney stones, and has since childhood.

During Thanksgiving one year, my son's entire class made three corner hats. I think Barney does a song about that.

CC - are you bummed about the status of your avatar? What a loss.

melissa bee said...

kazie, i'll leave the language translation to you. demi-tasse is simply a bra style. french for half cup. like the small coffee cups used for espresso. i've never seen 'tasse' used by itself in lingerie, but demi-tasse bras are popular in america.

Dennis said...

And in Dennisville.

WM said...

First off...MelissaB what an awesome blogging job. I especially loved the Road link which was so restful and lovely and CA posting of one of my favorite Frost poems completed the image. The owl link was stunning and I saved it just look at again later. And, yes, bra cups are called demi-tasse.

Worked on this off and on while doing several other things and once I actually focused on it, completed it quickly. Didn't know DANGERMOUSE but eventually figured it out and then saw the clue for LOST IN SPACE, a very campy show which I, unfortunately, watched way too often, just because it was so funny. I could have sworn that DANGER, WILL ROBINSON was featured on every show...but that's memory for you. Guessed at KOLN since I already had the OL and it sounded right. I thought that the YEST clue was fun.

Used to love watching Mike Nichols and Elaine May. And, Like MelissaB have never said hold the mayo.

Treefrog, very positive thoughts for your granddaughter, I know everything will turn out well. It is difficult to be so far away. Be sure to update us.

Dennis, very funny and probably all to too true WoW today...I think I'll skip making the hat and just paint.

Another beautiful day. Enjoy!

WM said...

Kazie...Google demi-tasse bra and you will get pages...if I add "en France" I get coffee cups ot bras made by Lily of an American use of the term as MelissaB said.

Clear Ayes said...

I actually have made a hat or two in the past...daughter's wedding attendants, although I'm not about to repeat the frustration.

GAH and I were talking about Tommy Lee Jones a few days ago. Although I had read the book, I didn't see The Executioner's song until a few years later. We first noticed him in Lonesome Dove. Tommy Lee Jones is the absolute best at playing a crusty Texan. TLJ was the main reason both of us really liked No Country For Old Men.

C.C. The Shanghai Bund is spectacular at night. We were also there during the day. There were so many people, both young and old, strolling along the river bank and enjoying a warm spring weather.

The mayo VS Miracle Whip debate continues. GAH will not tolerate (at home at least) a sandwich made with anything other than Miracle Whip. I like Miracle Whip in other concoctions, but it is a little too sweet on sandwiches. I'm strictly a mayonnaise on sandwiches person.

Clear Ayes said...

I couldn't very well include the following on a previous post. On a more personal note, GAH's almost 91 year old mother died on Monday morning. It wasn't unexpected, progressed quickly and he got a chance to visit with her over the weekend. She was at home and had her children and many grandchildren there. Ever the practical woman, she had already nixed the idea of a funeral as too expensive and unnecessary. The weekend's family visits took the place of a post-death get-together with an absentee guest of honor. Always sad, but as easy as something like that can be.

embien said...

6:46 today. Any puzzle in which I learn something of importance is a good puzzle. Today I learned that the quote, DANGER WILL ROBINSON, which I knew, came from a TV program, LOST IN SPACE, which I'd never seen (and certainly didn't know the line was spoken by a robot). Forget your TASSEs and KOLNs, this is vital information and my life will be richer now.

And no, I'm not kidding.

All in all, a satisfying puzzling experience and an excellent blogging job by our resident masseuse. I'm off now to Google demi-tasse (just to check facts, ya know?)

kazie said...

If you're referring to the bra type tasses, be assured, they are as essential as any info on TVland quotes! If they don't fit right, they are a pain--literally-- and if they do fit and look good, they are the most important item of clothing a woman can have to improve the ego.

MelissaB and WM,
I wasn't questioning the correctness of the American term, though I'm not familiar with that usage. I was just curious about what the French for it would be, since I couldn't haul it out of the depths of my memory. I actually bought a bra while in France in 1970, and I remember it had two sizes in centimeters, one each for the cup and the equivalent of the numbered size we use.

Linda said...

Afternoon CC and gang:

Did the puzzle during problems except for "nihil"...I`m guessing it is the root for anihilate.."

Great job...Melissabee.

Thank you for the concern and prayers, WM, Kazie, CC and Dot.

Clearayes; please convey my condolences to your husband. It`s never easy whether it`s sudden or expected.

The clip someone sent for "La Bomba' is actually Lou Diamond Phillips...the other guy may have been in the movie too...but I don`t remember him.

Having children at home during that time made us regular watchers of "Lost in Space." The girl was the same one who played Danny Thosmas` daughter in his show...if i remember correctly.

Which of our contributors is enduring chemo right now? I hope you say connected...these are caring people.

Are we out of blogger pix?

Jimbo: I know you`re still there...aren`t you? I could use a funny story.

windhover said...

Melissa Bee, Carol, and now Dennis:
evidently Randy is not just a nickname, it's a state of being as well. Who knew?
Hope this one is OK by Mom.

Chickie said...

Hello All--A fun puzzle today with just enough unknowns to make it challenging. I do have to eat worms though, as I misspelled Esai(Esau) and so didn't get Side Roads until the very last fill. I should know better as we have Esai Morales' name quite often. Maybe it will stick this time!

Melissa B., a super Blogging job today with several beautiful links. I especially like the Owl for Alertly and the Side Roads scene. Tasse was a fun surprise!

Treefrog, my thoughts are with you and your granddaughter today. It is very hard to be so far away. Let us know how things went.

CA thank you for another beautiful poem today. It is one of my favorites. Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. Sad, but a part of life, especially at our age. The memories you've made with her will be her lasting legacy.

Hahtoolah said...

CA: I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. It is good that you had a chance to say good-bye to her. Even when it is expected, it is still very difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Argyle said...

I'm sorry, KQ. It was anon, right after your 8:13 AM post. I apologize.

Anon: Our library did have a set of Webster's New International Dictionary 3rd Edition(even the librarian was surprized. Are you a librarian?)

The entire entry was:

yest: abbv. yesterday

Has anybody else found a dictionary entry for YEST?

Buckeye said...

Guday, my demi-tasse quibling buddies. Kazie, I think Embien was not sluffing off the "tasse/bra" info as unnecessary. Men, however, have only one concern about bras. Do they hook in the back or front.

M.B. Great job. You are a wonder. Loved the road and the owl and your comments.

Treefrog;M.B. is right.Hellman's and Best Food mayo are the same. Here in the Midwest, we put mayo on just about everything, excluding sourkraut. "Hold the mayo" is heard here regularly. (Miracle Whip is also very popular). Also my sister went thru hell with kidney stones. Said they were four times more painful than childbirth. I suffered twice. No picnic. My best goes out to your granddaughter.

Three more things to cover. Tune in.

I must be off

Buckeye said...

The puzzle today was fun for me. Loved Nichols and Mays. They were in the Newhart, Smothers Bros. days. Remembered "Nipper" and RCA Victor. Great clue. Also, as a sports nut, I got all three of those. "Nihil" slowed me down, but caught up there and got the theme, although I was not a "Lost In Space" watcher, but rather, for me, it was a description of my lifestyle.


Take a double page from your newspaper. Fold in half, with creased side at the top. Take the upper right corner and the upper left corner and fold diagonally towards you until they meet in the center of the page. Strongly crease the sides. Take one half of the open, bottom page and fold upward until the bottom of the fold meets up with the previously folded top section and crease. Turn everything over and repeat the upward fold with the second page. Crease all sides, open at the bottom and place it upon your big ol' mellon. WA LA! A friggin' paper hat!!!

You guys and your "Hoity-Toity" dictionaries and computers. "Fred's Community College Dictionary and Guide To Motor Cycle Maintanience" defines "yest" as, "A positive response to a question. (and a dumb ass abbreviation for yesterday)". Just look it up. AND IF YOU ORDER IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES - we'll throw in -ABSOLUTELY FREE - Hardan Young's new book, "I Like The Women
Who Live Upstairs, But I Love The Women Below Me". ACT FAST. (Limited time only - shipping and handling extra).


Anonymous said...

Melissa Bee:
Great job and I liked your links as well.

All the best to your granddaughter!

Clear Ayes:
My thoughts are with you and GAH.

Take care.

Picked up Dan Brown's latest. Lost Symbol.
I'm a big fan of his books.

Best to all,

Chickie said...

Buckeye, right after finishing the folding, put Yankee Doodle on the Phonograph, yes phonograph, and march with the hat atop your head.

That's what my first graders (and I) used to do to celebrate Washington's Birthday. This was a paper folding method they could do! I'm really glad to see you know how to do that paper hat thing.

Try it, you'll like it!

Crockett1947 said...

@clearayes Condolences to GAH and your entire family. It's so nice that everyone was able to see her this weekend. My Mom passed in Ohio as I was hurtling down the expressway after my flight from Oregon. Missing her that close still hurts now, and will probably always do so. Peace to you.

KittyB said...

Ahhhhhh Buckeye, you make me smile!

Good evening, all. Melissa Bee, you did a bang up job blogging today. I love the owl, and the scenic road.

The puzzle was an easy Tuesday romp. I didn't know DANGER MOUSE or RANDY Johnson, but they came from the perps. As soon as I read the long clue, everything related fell in place.

CA, thanks for "The Road Not Taken." It's one of my favorite poems, and a beautiful accompaniment to Melissa Bee's link.

Lemonade, while I usually enjoy Tommy Lee Jones' movies, I didn't care for "No Country For Old Men," either. We've been watching his sillier roles lately, "Men in Black," and "Space Cowboys."

Nichols and May were a very funny comic duo. I was disappointed when they decided to break up.

Perpassist??? Ohhhhhhhhhh...perp-assist. DOH!!! Ya had me wondering, Crockett.

While "Danger, Will Robinson" might have only been said once on Lost in Space, we probably heard it hundreds of times in reruns over the past 44 years.

MB....that would be Ferris Bueller. Is that a quote that is now universally known?

treefrog said...

i got a phone call about an hour ago from DIL. In her words everything went as planned. The kidney stone was broken into a billion pieces. (Think that was the medical terminology from the Dr.) She will be out of school for a week and no physical activity for another couple of weeks. So much for the soccer season. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Clear Ayes-my prayers to your family. I hope you have some great MIL stories.

I forgot about the Hellman/Best Food thing. Despise Miracle Whip. I had to tread carefully as a kid at family pot lucks as an aunt used Miracle Whip. Didn't want to have to eat the damn stuff.

Catch you tomorrow.

Mainiac said...

Thank you very much Buckeye. As usual you make me laugh. Sitting in a Council meeting listening to the planner talk. Ooooooohhhhhhh my!
I snorted trying to stifle a laugh and got quite a few looks.

Have a great evening all! I'm heading into executive session and have to pay attention.

Have a great evening!

Mainiac said...

Treefrog, Positive thoughts heading your families direction.

I like mayo and Hellman's is definitely the best.

They're still talking!!

Buckeye said...

I personally ONLY use Hellman's. I use it in my award winning potato salad. I have won "Best In Show" five straight years in the "International Retirement Village Potato Salad and Straight Radish Eating Contest" held here at the GBRV.

Finally, (I hear the sighs of relief) Clearayes, my sister: my deepest sympathies and condolences go out to GAH and yourself. Even at a late age and even though ill, the loss is always profound.

We toil and love;
We do our best;
Our just reward;
Eternal rest.


Luxor said...

Melissa Bee,
you did as good a job as you are beautiful.


Clear Ayes said...

Thanks for your condolences everyone. I told GAH about your comments and he was very touched.

Just a reminder, see your parents, or brothers, or sisters while you can. GAH's mom had impeccable timing and was able to stick around until everyone got their five minutes worth. Not everyone is that lucky or stubborn. (Oh yes, she was!!)

Buckeye, I know you subscribe to the Captain Spaulding school of not overstaying your welcome, but this is ridiculous! Special thanks to you...just for showing up, and thanks for the personal message. You have been missed, brother.

That's #5 for me. See you all tomorrow.

Luxor said...

Tasse- her cup runneth over.

WM said...

Treefrog...that is very good news and I am sure you are much relieved.

Buckeye you can never overstay your welcome.

I'm with Treefrog on the Miracle Whip...have you actually read what is in it...BLECH :oP...Appologies to all who like it. Best Foods has out a new mayo made with olive oil like real homemade mayo and it is lower in bad fats than even their regular one and quite tasty...fewer ingredients and all pronounceable...a good test when buying food. If you can't pronounce it, don't buy it. Too many things out there can be listed as EFLS...Edible Food-Like Substances...if it has more than 5 ingredients...well, there ya go. ;o)

A lovely evening to you all.

Linda, thank you and I hope that whatever is at issue comes to a close for you soon.

CA...Condolences to you and especially GAH. She sounded like one terrific lady.

Jazzbumpa said...

Well, folks, there's mayo peeple and there's Murkle Wipp peeple. It's like relijjin and polytickin - things that peeples just aint never gonna agree on.

It's the great sandwitch spread divide.

I will concede, though, that my sister's tater salad with Heckman's (gotta mind my langrage) is eddabull.

Buckeye -

Didn't you mean unhook?

JzB the stupidly tired trombonist

lois said...

Just wanted to add my heart felt condolences to CA and GAH for your loss. It's always sad.

Tree: great news about your granddaughter. Keep us posted.

Linda: you stay in my thoughts and daily prayers.

KQ: what tragic story but what an inspiration Abbey was! I will do what I can to help too. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa: great job! Love the links! You rock!

Buckeye: great to see you again.

Son is home for a visit...wiser, more mature, and showing sure signs of being like the remarkable dad he missed knowing. Guess it was high tide at the gene pool after all. Who knew!

Jeannie said...

MelissaBee, I read the blog comments (no time to do the puzzle) great job and great links! That country road is right around my bend.

It sounds like there is some angst on our blog. Clearayes, tell your GAH husband that he is in my thoughts.

Linda, I haven't had the time to go through the past comments and don't really know what's happening in your life, but it must not be good; so you are in my thoughts too.

People, put my friend John in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as he goes through a procedure to "freeze" two lesions on his liver that are cancerous. John is my best friend Mary's "life" partner and Mary has lost her brother and Mother in the last 6 months to cancer. It is a really hard time for her, and frankly me as I go through the third one with her. When she told me about John, I really didn't know what to even say, so I simply held her.

Anonymous said...

It's time to say goodnight everyone.

Just want to say it's good news from Treefrog. And send my condolences to ClearAyes and GAH. And best for Linda; I don't know what the problem is, but best wishes anyhow.

Buckeye, it's so good to hear from you, you smart ass.

Kazie, I have to laugh. I misread your post about buying a bra in France and thought you said that the sizes were for each cup. As I had a lumpectomy in 1991, that would be useful.

Sleep well everyone.

Anonymous said...

Cleareyes, My sympathy to you and your family. Although you can intellectually accept the loss; know that she had lived a long life & that she herself made plans for her departure when you come down to it, it is still a great loss. And if you visited her often or talked with her often, it will take some time before you adjust to her being gone. After my mother passed away at the age of ninety it was several weeks before my car didn't automatically turn down the street to the nursing home where I had visited her daily. And there would be many times that I would think, "I must tell mother this or take some of this to Mother."

Tree, I'm so glad the granddaughter is doing well. May she have a speedy, complete recovery.

I thought today's puzzle was easier than yesterday's. Melissa Bee you did a good blog job.


Jeannie said...

WM, I know you have been busy and so have I. I have to ask...where are my daisies? I am so looking forward to them.

kazie said...

Sometimes that is all one can do. And it probably works better than words.

I got back here a bit late, but I'm sure GAH really appreciates having had those moments with his mother at the end. The reality of her passing may not hit for a while, so my thoughts are for when it does. I was not so lucky with my parents at the end, but the loss is always hard nonetheless.

Great news that that ordeal is over. Now the ordeal is for her mom--keeping her quiet for the next few weeks!

Barb B said...

Just got home from work, and I wanted to extend condolences to Clear Ayes and GAH. There are good deaths and bad deaths. I’m happy to hear MIL had a good one.

Linda, if you have previously told us what sadness is happening in your life I missed it, and I’m sorry. You don’t have to repost, I just want to extend my sympathy and prayers.

Treefrog, I’m glad your DIL is ok.
I agree with you about Miracle Whip. But I often have it in the fridge for my sister and BIL, who
prefer it. WH, I agree with you too. I LOVE the new Best Foods.

Mainiac, LOL. I wish I was the kind of person who attended council meetings, but my eyes glaze over about 20 minutes. after they start. It’s a small town, and I could walk from my house, and at one time I dreamed of walking over and keeping tabs on what was happening, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Hats off to the people dedicated enough to give their time and energy.

Jeannie, I think you did the only thing possible for Mary. Positive thoughts coming your way.

And, last but not by any means least, Windhover, I’m cool with your post. ☺
It reminded me of a conversation I had with an Episcopal priest years ago. He was the first one I had ever met, and we were discussing Christian Mystics, He told me to be a mystic a person needs to be a whole person, body, mind, spirit; all the early mystics were randy priests. At the time I was shocked. If he told me the same thing today, I would ask about Mechtilde, Hildegaard, etc. See how I’ve changed.

Jeannie said...

Kazie, BarbB; thanks for your "boosts of huhtzpah". I know that is what my friend needs as we share laughter (and tears) on a daily basis. There hasn't been one day in the last six months that one of those two emotions hasn't been shared. We didn't laugh today though, mainly stared at each other in disbelief that we were going to go through this journey once again. Mary is a strong woman and I am a strong woman. We will manage to get through this process together just like any other "life altering" process we have gotten through together before in our last 18 years.

Crockett1947 said...

@jeannie Here's a BIG HUG for you too. You rock!