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Sep 17, 2009

Thursday September 17, 2009 Dan Naddor

Theme: TABLE (61A: Postpone, as a motion (and word that can follow the last word of answers to starred clues))

18A: *Singly: ONE AT A TIME. Timetable, schedule.

20A: *Gathering of reporters: NEWS CONFERENCE. Conference table. Often oval shaped.

31A: *Workplace gambling group: OFFICE POOL. Pool table. Billiards.

40A: *Furthermore: IN ADDITION. Addition table. Not used in my childhood education. Multiplication table, yes!

52A: *Negotiating for a lesser sentence: PLEA BARGAINING. Bargaining table. How many times has the unruly child Kim Jong-il walked away and then returned to the bargaining table? The kid is beyond the reason.

57A: *Credit company with a "Priceless" ad campaign: MASTER CARD. Card table. For card game. Also called poker table, correct?

Dan stacked the top and bottom theme answers again. This has become his signature, together with the heavy themage. Total 34 black squares in this grid. We normally have 38.

Today's Dan Naddor Index (total non-theme entries with 6 or more letters) is 11. Lower than normal. Is it because of long theme answers & overlapping restriction, Dan?

Almost aced this puzzle. Wrongly put SISCO instead of SYSCO for (21D: Big name in food service), so I had ION instead of YON for 23A ("... the morn ... Walks o'er the dew of __ high eastward hill": "Hamlet"). Hamlet is the ultimate flip-flopper, worse than Brett Favre.


1A: Giant Mel et al.: OTTS. Mel OTT is the only OTT I know of.

10A: Ballpark figs: ESTS (Estimates)

15A: Euripides tragedy: MEDEA (mi-DEE-uh). She helped Jason obtain the Golden Fleece, then was deserted. Then she killed her two sons by Jason.

17A: Pre-euro denaro: LIRE. LIRE is the plural of LIRA.

24A: Olympian's quest: MEDAL

25A: Sources of overhead costs?: ROOFS. The question mark signals that it's not the business operating overhead costs.

27A: Highchair feature: TRAY. Fit nicely with today's TABLE.

30A: GPS suggestion: RTE. And ROAD (28D: Turnpike) & WIDEN (50D: Add lanes to).

34A: "The Swiss Family Robinson" author Johann: WYSS. Obtained the answer from Down fills. Wikipedia says the book was inspired by Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe".

35A: Game for one: SOLITAIRE. I bet Dan tried to place some TABLE preceding word/phrase here.

44A: "I love," in Latin: AMO. "Wo Ai Ni" = "I love you" in Chinese.

45A: Topple (over): KEEL. Capsize.

46A: Stereotypical parrot name: POLLY. Oh, unknown fact to me.

49A: Cote occupant: EWE. Sheep, pigs and pigeons are all occupants of cote.

51A: Mormon initials: LDS (Latter-day Saints).

62A: Morales of "NYPD Blue": ESAI. Short for Isaiah (ahy-ZEY-uh), meaning "salvation". Loved his Tony role. Very cool, except when he reconnected with his stupid ex.

63A: Lowly laborer: PEON. Spanish for "day labor".


1D: Big-eyed bird: OWL. Ah, have to bring back the alert OWL Melissa linked the other day. It's now part of Argyle's avatar.

2D: Envision: THINK OF. And TIRED OF (3D: Fed up with). Odd to have two OF sitting side by side. But both are prepositions, so I guess it's OK.

5D: Gas giant that merged with BP: AMOCO. Merged in 1998. Just won a huge contract in Iraq.

6D: One of the noble gases: XENON. Rooted in xenos, meaning "foreign", as in xenophobia.

7D: First garden site?: EDEN. Nicely parallels LEAF (8D: Tree growth).

11D: Washer setting: SPIN DRY

12D: Alley prowlers: TOMCATS. Womanizers.

13D: TVs Remington et al: STEELES. Thanks, Lemonade.

22D: Guadalajara gold: ORO. Montana's motto is ORO y plata (Gold and Silver).

26D: Catcher Carlton __, who famously homered to win Game 6 of the 1975 World Series: FISK. For the Red Sox, though they lost the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. Calton FISK is a Hall of Famer, though his baseball cards are not worth much.

27D: Bottom line amount: TOTAL

33D: Woodsy aerosol scent: PINE

36D: Turn red, perhaps: RIPEN. Took a long time for my tomatoes to turn red this year.

37D: Janitor's tool: DAMP MOP

38D: Try to equal: EMULATE. The wonder kid Rory McIlroy seems to be unfazed by Tiger Woods.

39D: Regains consciousness: COMES TO

42D: Nasty geezer: OLD GOAT. New to me. Sounds awful.

43D: Where Hillary was sen.: NYS. Or "Where Eliot Spitzer was gov.". What a tragic fall! So much potential with Spitzer.

49D: Grammy-winning country star Steve: EARLE. Have vaguely heard of this name. What is his most famous song again?

54D: Victrolas, e.g.: RCAS. Ah, Nipper the dog. He is looking into the horn of a Victrolas.

55D: Ties up the phone, say: GABS. I like attentive & focused phone conversation.

Answer grid.

Congratulations to our fellow solver Kathleen Wolf (WM). Her "American Landscape" has been chosen as one of the top 10 art entries in Show us your America online contest. I would appreciate it if you would all vote for her. This time it's limited to 1 vote per person, so spread the words and tell your friends about her painting. Together, we can do it.

Picture of the Day: Here is a wonderful photo of our fellow LAT solver Col G and his family at his elder son's wedding in Oct 2007. Col G is a retired Army Engineer based in Bangalore, India.

He said: "L to R in the front are My wife's mother, My mother, My wife's father at the rear L to R, my daughter-in-law Renu (She is a Technical writer with Juniper networks), my elder son Vikram (He is a senior software programmer with ORACLE), my younger son Gaurav (He is a Captain in the Army, following the footsteps of both his grandfathers and father as well), yours truly and lastly my wife Gita (She is a Kindergarten teacher).

Just a snippet, my wife and my mother are wearing the traditional dress of Malayalees ie those who belong to the state of Kerala in India, the dress looks like a sari and is called a Mundu."



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a typically good Dan Naddor puzzle, albeit a bit simpler than normal, I think. But I always appreciate things that are well-stacked.

Took a while to catch the theme; I don't like to cheat and jump to the South to get it. As with C.C., I thought 'tray' (highchair feature) was a nice fit as well. Thought it was most unusual having 'think of' and 'tired of' side-by-side. And I don't think I've ever seen 'NYS' as an abbreviation for New York State.

Think we've seen enough of Esai Morales lately?

Today is Citizenship Day, Constitution Day, and National Apple Dumpling Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom, succinct but perfect: "I want to be all used up when I die." -- George Bernard Shaw

A couple interesting definitions:

- Chastity: the most unnatural of the sexual perversions. -- Aldous Huxley

- Cat: a pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings. -- Oliver Herford

Dick said...

Good Morning C.C. and all, this was another easy puzzle today. I was able to zip through the fills without hesitation or mistakes. There really isn’t much to comment on about the puzzle today. I am surprised that this is the fourth day in a row that I have completed the crosswords without outside help/ I guess the hammer is waiting out there somewhere.

I couldn’t agree more with your chastity definition Dennis.

Hope you all have a great Thursday

Argyle said...

NYS Nipper

Dick said...

Happy belated birthday Buckeye.

Hahtoolah said...

Morning, All! A fun puzzle today. I love this type of theme. Finding TABLE helped me with IN ADDITION. That area of the puzzle slowed me down a bit.

Loved seeing CARLTON FISK (26D). I used to watch Fisk when he was with the BOSOX (see yesterday’s puzzle). He was my favorite player.

The OWL (1D) made me think immediately of Melissa Bee and ALERTLY.

Thanks to Red State Democrate, I knew that NYDP Blues meant that Morales was ELAI (62A). We saw him earlier this week, too.

Favorite clues: Overhead costs: ROOFS (25D) and Turns red: RIPEN (36D).

September 17 Birthdays (A good day for the US Supreme Court):

1939 ~ David Souter, US Supreme Court Justice who recently retired, leading the way for Sonia Sotomayor to join the court.

1907 ~ Warren Burger (d. 1995), 15th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

1739 ~ John Rutledge (d. 1800), Second Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. He has the distinction of being the only Chief Justice to be forced out of office.

QOD: Laughter is an instant vacation. ~ Milton Berle.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning. A pretty easy puzzled for a Thursday.

Nipper the dog may be looking into the victrola but he is listening to "His Master's Voice" that became a catchphrase. Francis Baraud painted the painting entitled "Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph." He renamed the painting "His Master's Voice" and the Gramophone Company first used it in literature.

Remington Steele and James Bond - both by Pierce Brosnan.

Carlton Fisk HR.

Have a great day.

tfrank said...

Good morning, C.C. and all,

A remarkably easy puzzle from Dan this morning; 18 minutes for me online. It was over too quickly, but enjoyable. What does the expression, "stacked" mean?

Thanks for your correction, Dennis, of my comment yesterday about Romo's girlfriend. I got Jennifer and Jessica confused.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Another nice puzzle that I didn't need any on line help. The NW slowed me because I couldn't get Press Conference out of my head. Once News entered, everything filled in. It was unique having Think Of and Tired Of next to each other.

I'm tired of Morales also Dennis but at least now I remember how to spell his name.

Catching up from yesterday.....

Happy Birthday Buckeye!!! Hope Nurse Ratchet didn't take it to easy on you!!

Hahtool, I clicked on that one too. Brings back some memories.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

This felt like a Tuesday puzzle more than a Thursday one. I cannot remember a time when I completed a Thursday puzzle in less than 10 minutes. While I like "getting it", I also like the challenge sometimes too. Oh, well, busy day ahead so probably a good thing.

Thanks CC for explaining the LIRE vs. LIRA - one being plural. As I was writing in the answer, I wondered which it would be. I was always confused by that. Now I know.

I liked MUMBO Jumbo, just cuz it sounds fun.

What a super pic of Col G and family. And a Happy Belated B-day to Buckeye. Sounds like you had quite the time yesterday. Good to hear from you the last few days. You are no OLD GOAT my dear man. Got any good birthday photos to share? Possibly you and Nurse Ratchet celebrating?

Dan Naddor said...

Yes, C.C., the low "DN Index" is due to the amount of themage plus, even moreso, the difficulty I had in finding a clean way to squeeze TABLE into the grid.

Hahtool, a quick Carlton Fisk story. In 1976 I was a college junior in Boston. A bunch of my fraternity brothers and I tried to bribe our way into Fenway Park for Game 6 by presenting the gatekeepers fake cardboard tickets with $20 bills poking out of the corners. Didn't work. So we watched the game at the House instead, two miles away. When Fisk hit his homer, we opened the windows and the crowd roar was so loud it sounded like a freight train coming straight down Beacon Street. An incredible night, to be sure!

kazie said...

Col. Gopinath,
Great photo! Much more relaxed looking than your avatar, and nice to see your whole family.

Tomorrow we should be able to take a photo of Andrea, Dot and myself at our rendez-vous in Madison. So that can be posted soon after.

I think today was the easiest Naddor or Thursday CW we've ever had. No hesitation, though some perp assists were needed. If this is a trend, we shouldn't get any more complaints from even the tyros.

If the Huxley quote is correct, it might explain the perversion of priests. They should be allowed to marry, IMO.

BTW, I also enjoyed the Stephen Wright quotes yesterday. I've always liked his humor.

Hahtool said...

Great puzzle, Dan. And thanks for the Carlton Fisk story. In the early 80s, I lived on Park Drive, across from the Roberto Clemente Park. We could hear the roar of the Fenway crowd from there, too!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I seldom check my puzzle time, but because this one seemed to go so fast, I looked at the online corner clock. Like KQ, this one was a little under 10 minutes.

Looking back at all the 7, 10 and 14 letter fills, I was surprised it was so smooth. I have to give all the credit to Dan Naddor's arrangement of words and clues. Simpler fills like OTTS, WHIP and LIRE set the stage for THINK OF and TIRED OF. Those, in turn eased the way for the whole top half. The same was true of DECK, AMO and MUMBO for the bottom half.

Nice of Dan Naddor to stop by with the Fiske story.

You have a charming family, Col G. It is always nice to see a wedding photo. Everyone looks so happy.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, an easy Thursday for a Dan Naddor puzzle. I had only one goof, had lira instead of lire for 17A making it spaw not spew - didn't look right.

For C.C. I found a Nirvana song titled polly want a cracker by the late Kurt Cobain

Moon said...

Good Morning!
Surprised that I did so well on a Thursday and that too, using the newspaper with no red letter help.

Good to see Dan Naddor and his Carlton Fisk story here.

Fav clue: Sources of overhead costs?
I thought of middle management but sadly, it wouldnt fit :)

Thank you all for your wishes and suggestions. I finally followed CC's and took off from work early and celebrated with DH at a Moroccan restaurant, aptly named Moroccos
Tried some Moroccan, Kenyan and Czeck beer: the Moroccan was the best. And the food was great too.
Today I intend to try on a new bra and new perfume(fav: Beautiful by Estee Lauder) as I had no time yesterday.

Buckeye, Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had fun with Nurse Ratchet.

WM, Congratulations! I did vote for your entry. How do they make sure that a person only votes once?

Dennis, loved the definitions :)
I dont get why priests and nuns are supposed to be chaste.

Col G: Seeing the pic and the beautiful 'mundu', I knew you were from Kerala. I used to live in Bangalore and had many Malayalee friends who used to dazzle us on Onam with this beautiful attire.

Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.
Loved today's puzzle, mostly because I could do it with only a bit of head scratching. Clever theme that did help.
Does keel really go with topple? I had to come here for that. Missed also because I had Elia rather than Elie and had no clue about Lakers' star. Don't follow sports.

Sorry to have missed your b'day, Buckeye. I hope you had a good one.
And a belated happy birthday to Moon.

What a smashing photo of Col G at his son's wedding. Beautiful wife, d-i-l, and handsome sons.

Hope you all have a pleasant Thursday.

Col_Gopinath said...

Good evening from India,
CC thanks for putting up my family group. I found todays CW quite easy and got through with no hiccups, took me about 12 mins. Luckily for me, the few names which are normally my pitfall, were ones which I knew or had encountered earlier.
The only place where I got foxed, until I looked it up through Google was 61A because 'Table a motion' here in India means commence discussion on it, same is the case in the UK, whereas over at the US it means postponing, surprising to find a phrase with two diametrically opposite meanings.
Thanks to everyone for the comments on the family photo.
When were you in Bangalore and where were you staying. We celebrated Onam just a couple of weeks ago

JimmyB said...

I can't keep up with you speed demons: it took me 20 minutes. I got bogged down in the NE since ERAS (instead of ESTS) worked for awhile. Then again in the SW when the K in FISK made me go with PARK for a "BBQ site".

My new word for the day: cote.

Favorite clues: "Sources of overhead costs?" and "Turned red, perhaps".

Kazie - I'm with you on letting priests marry. But I don't think this Pope is going to be the one to push it.

treefrog said...

I got through this puzzle so quickly I had to check the day!!
I also had SISCO instead of SYSCO. That was the only error.

Col G-great pix of the family!

Buckeye-Happy Belated Birthday. Did you set the curtains on fire?

I'm going to a friend's today to start planning our Sewing Guild's annual meeting/auction. Her husband will disappear for the day if he's smart.

Catch you all later.

Jeannie said...

I think this is the first time I have finished a Dan Nador puzzle unaided, let alone a Thursday puzzle! I had a couple of slip ups as I put in lira for lire and got some perp help for medea. There was no misspelling of Sysco for me as they are one of our biggest competitors. I really wasn’t happy to see them in the puzzle!

Warren, I immediately started singing the Nirvana song Polly too!

Dennis, I am assuming you were referencing a well stacked deck of cards, no?

carol said...

Hi C.C. and all,

What a fun puzzle! I absolutely loved it. Couldn't believe it was Mr. Naddor's as it was so easy. That has never happened. My only slight stumble was 15A where it crossed with 6D - I didn't know either them and was having memory trouble with 5D (AMOCO). I finally lucked out with a guess or two.

Had to laugh at 42D (NASTY GEEZER)- we have all met one at least one time. There seems to be more of them lately.

Col.G - Beautiful picture and people. Thanks for sharing with us!

I am not Catholic, but I think in the case of the nuns, they are married to 'god' and therefore must be chaste. (doesn't make much sense to me)
I don't know about priests other than a lot of them are not what they seem to be and can be a danger to children. How sad that the way it is set up makes it a perfect place for homosexual pedophiles. I do not know why the Church looked the other way for so many decades... or how many children were scarred. I know that the Catholic church is not alone in having problems with it's ministry but in my opinion it is the most glaring.

Anonymous said...


I suspect that they monitor how many votes one casts via the email address you put down. I have several email addresses, so I might just vote through each of these. I could use my kids addresses too. Get the word out.

Bill said...

OK, what's up with this? Five completions last week and four, so far, this week! I've not been taking my smart pills regularly so I know that's not it!
And if I get tomorrows, I won't be able to live with myself. My head is expanding by the minute!!!
Bath ceiling tomorrow and a little more clean up on the walls behind the vanity and washer and dryer.
I'll be so glad when this is finished.
Well. best get back to watching the paint dry.
CY'all Later

Barb B said...

I haven't had time to do the puzzle. I've been in the hospital since 5am for baby Johah's birthday. It turned out to be a dramatic event, with emergency c-section, but mom and Jonah are doing very well. 5 lbs 4 oz, 19 inches.

I'm a godmother!!

Argyle said...


Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

Priests and nuns have to be celebate because sex is evil, wicked, bad and nasty.

Col G - Wonderful family pic.
Re: TABLE; Who was it who said the U.S. and Britain were two countries separated by a common language?

Liked the theme. Less than delighted with ESAI, ESTS, OKD, SSTS, RTE, and OTTS. Excellent long down-fills, though.


Somewhere in the cycle, your washer COMES TO SPIN DRY.

CEOS get lots of LIRE.

In 1820, Jos. Smith OKD the LDS.

Are AXELS OTTO parts? Nope. Not even symmetric.

JzB the OLD GOAT trombonist

Dick said...

@ jazzbumpa, "Priests and nuns have to be celebate because sex is evil, wicked, bad and nasty." You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis said...

Dick, yes, you're exactly right.

WM said...

First off...another thank you to everyone and especially C.C. for your post about the competition...keeping my fingers crossed as I could certainly use the $$ for frames...:o)

Col G what a besutiful family and the women's attire is stunning. So glad you shared this lovey family photo with us.

Cool that Dan Naddor stopped in because his puzzles are always great fun. This one did seem quite a bit easier than many of his headscrather ones but didn't lose any of the fun elements we have come to expect. Actually put in THINKUP first which messed me up a bit, but cleared that out quickly. At least I knew ESAI this time, but may forget again by next week. Loved OLD GOAT and MUMBO jumbo. Always thought a cote was for doves...learn something new every day and WYSS was a complete unknown, but took care of itself, just like I think it should in a well designed puzzle.

BarbB...Big Congrats on the new glad everything turned out well. After 12 hours of labor, Lucy was delivered C-section becasue she got wedged and wouldn't move...All turned out well.

A bit punchy today as I am a night owl and going to bed around 2 am doesn't bode well for getting up at six...nice nap. But we hung a show in the Border's books in Sunnyvale on El Camino and Mathilda. It will be up through October. Hanging another on Sat. And there will be a SV B of A in November...I May actually run out of paintings and must get back to

I think that maybe that Celibate thing was mistranslation by some monk working in the dark by should have read CELEBRATE!

Thank you again to all of you, it is very nice to such have such a superior support group.

WM said...

Forgive the typos...and I even proofread...beautiful and lovely...geez...punchy :oP

Dennis said...

Col G, a very handsome family.

Sallie, have you ever heard the expression, 'he keeled over'?

Jeannie, of course, cards. Yeah, that's it.

Barb B, congratulations on Godmotherhood. The c-section was a last-minute call?

WM, I just paid you the ultimate compliment - I voted for yours over the Marine one next to it. Since I'm on AOL, I've got 4 other screen names I'll be using later today. Good luck.

embien said...

6:28 today. Hard to believe this was intended as a Thursday puzzle, but there it is. Any puzzle with MUMBO jumbo and SPIN DRY in it is OK in my book. I don't think I've seen those in a puzzle before. The theme was fun, too, though not essential for solving.

SYSCO was a gimme for me because they were one of our biggest customers at a company I used to work at (sorry Jeannie). Our equipment was used to scan in the route driver's delivery slips for billing purposes, so the scanning had to be 100% accurate.

Col G: I suppose Kerala is about the least-known (to Americans) part of India, though what I've seen of it on TV has been beautiful. And I love the mundu dresses.

Bill G. said...

WM, you got my vote.

Col G, I enjoyed the family photo. Very colorful.

carol said...

Help....I tried to vote for WM's painting, entered my e-mail address and hit vote but there was no way to say which picture I was voting for..the screen just said 'thank you for voting'. How do I know if I actually voted and for what?!

Barb B, congrats on your sweet little godson! That must have been quite a stressful time!

Jeannie said...

Carol, to the left of the picture there is a little circle you need to click on. It may not let you do it now that it thanked you for voting unless perhaps you use Joe's e-mail address. I have voted numerous times as I used my friends and family e-mail addresses. I know kinda sneaky...

Barb B said...

Thank you everyone for your good wishes.

Dennis, Yeah, last minute call. Very intense, and when the made the call, things moved very fast. They called it ‘abruption” meaning the placenta was tearing away from the uterus, putting mom and baby in serious danger. (It was abrupt all right.) The team at the hospital was amazing; From hospital room to OR and back with a baby in about an hour.

WM, I think we had the easier experience; Lucy must have been exhausted, and so worried. We barely had time to know what was going on. And now we have a great story to tell Jonah about his birth day.

Linda said...

Hello, gang,

I had no trouble with a Thursday puzzle...what is wrong with this picture????

Col., your family wedding photo is lovely.

Barb B: Beautiful child, fresh from the hand of God, "Trailing clouds of glory..."

BTW, celibacy is given as an option in scripture...never as a command. In fact, we are told to "not defraud one another unless it be for a time of fasting and prayer..." and that the marriage bed is `undefiled.' " God always gets it takes humans to muck it up...but God is restrictive on where sex is and is not appropriate...and I believe it`s because that is the only avenue whereby an immortal soul can be created. Even in a petri dish, the process of creating life still belongs to God.

Hahtoolah said...

Beautiful new baby, Barb B!

Jazzbumpa said...

@Dick -

@ jazzbumpa, "Priests and nuns have to be celebate because sex is evil, wicked, bad and nasty." You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, actually, I was referring to the Church's attitude, not my personal opinion.

They didn't want anybody confusing them with Gnostics!

JzB the evil, wicked, bad and nasty trombnist

jimbo said...

If you are not a minister, Linda, you should be. You are so well versed and of course GOD did not prohibit priests from marrying. That line of priests seem to prosper for hundreds of years beginning with Aaron. (Or was it Melchizedek)?

Vaya con Dios

eddyB said...

Hello all,

If any of the retired teachers are going to be in Paso Robles this Sunday and Monday for the CRTA meeting, say hello to jillB.


jimbo said...

On second thought Melchizedek had no beginning and no end, so perhaps the line didn't start with him. But he was a priest.

Linda said...

Jimbo: Have you resigned? Your name is not blue...

No preaching for me (although some think my opinions are just that...but I try not to have an opinion contrary to the Word)...just want to know everything I can about the Book I will be judged by...always did like to pass with an "A."

Clear Ayes said...

Barb B...proud godmother, Baby Jonah already looks like quite a cool customer. Happy Birthday, Jonah!

"til they all come home", a painting of a little blonde girl praying with a rosary before a table displaying an American flag and a picture of a Marine, is doing very well in the Aaron Bros. art contest. With all those emotional buttons being pushed, how could it not? It is very well done, but WM's painting is just as well executed and is much more inventive and unusual.

carol said...

Jeannie, thanks for the info in how to vote...I did not see those circles beside the pictures. That is not a very good voting site, no instructions at all!
Anyway, I voted 'again' and they thanked me so I guess all is ok.

CA - I agree, WM's style is unique. (agree about all the 'buttons' too)

Bill G. said...

A year ago I tried a crossword puzzle by Matt Jones. I enjoyed it. It was in a local paper so I couldn't do it online as is my preference. Have any of you tried the Jonesin' crosswords? Is there a place to do them online?

Fred said...

Go to and down the right column you'll see a click on for the jonesin' puzzle. It's in Across Lite format.

Andrea said...

Greetings all -

Four for four with today's puzzle. Will see how tomorrow's goes... should we be nervous?

Happy belated bday Buckeye and Moon. Now I'm hungry for Moroccan food...

Congrats Barb - Zoe thinks Jonah is VERY cute! She's also a c-section baby, although we knew she would be a couple weeks in advance. She was head down ready to go, and then decided to turn herself around breech and wouldn't be budged back the other direction. (We tried - she literally wouldn't budge.) Litte Miss Mind of Her Own right from the get go!

WM - I love your painting, and happily voted for it. Can't wait to hear the outcome!

Kazie and Dot - looking very forward to lunch tomorrow!!


Chickie said...

Hello All--I was surprised at not having to Google four days in a row. I pulled Fisk up from somewhere and won't have to eat worms as I did spell Esai correctly today. This was a fun puzzle with the long fills. I did go to the theme answer of Table early on and that helped get the last three theme fills.

Gol. Gopinath, such a beautiful wedding picture. The Mundu dresses are very lovely. Such a good looking family.

Welcome to baby Jonah and Congratulations Barb B on becomming a new Godmother.

It was nice of Dan Naddor to stop by and tell his story about Carlton Fisk's home run. It was a shame he couldn't see it in person.

WM, you've had the votes from our family. Too bad we can only vote once.

Jeannie said...

Just an update about my friend "Mare" and John. He was released from the hospital today which was a good sign. He is in some discomfort and had some nausea where in which he dispelled some neon green bile. He went through quite the procedure and is planning on returning to work on Monday. Thanks again for all your well wishes.

Okay Dennis I guess being from the northeast you were probably talking about a "well stacked" cord of wood. Being from up here I know I appreciate that.

Argyle said...

Yeah, Baby, that's what I'm talkin' about. Nice stack!

Jeannie said...

Argyle, I do have a wood burning furnace afterall. A gal has to be prepared up here.

JIMBO said...

No I'm not resigning. It seems that we have to redo the 'google account every now and then.
Vaya con Dios

kazie said...

Me too, Andrea--See you tomorrow!

Barb B,
Jonah looks all finished--by which I mean he looks like an older baby, not all wrinkly like a newborn. Should become a handsome lad.

Glad to hear John's news. Fancy going through all that and then back to work so soon afterwards though. We are a bit primitive here in health care, aren't we?

Jeannie said...

Here was John's procedure not a pleasant thing to go through.

JD said...

Good evening CC and all,

I seem to be running so behind, even though I finished the c/w this morning before school.I was my own worst enemy with one letter off here 'n there, like Arde for Arte,NYC,lira.Enjoyed "tired of" and "think of", and laughed at old goat and mumbo jumbo.
Got home and found that we have a huge leak from the upstairs bathroom, that is draining inside the walls and onto our patio.Doesn't look good.Might be from the shower as it got a work out with company. Plumber will be here in the am.Tomorrow is the day my girls had set aside to celebrate their 16th/17th Sept b'days, but Truman came home with pink eye. I have no problem with that. We will be doing a lot of hand washing.

Col G-ah...another beautiful family. I love the Mundu dresses.

Happy belated birthday Buckeye.

Barb B-Jonah is a doll. What a nice tribute to be chosen as his godmother. That says a lot. Truman also came emerg C section after 12 hours of labor.He ended up with 2 suction cup marks on his head that went away after a few days.They used to use those awful forceps.

WM, I'm using everyone's e-mail that I know.LOL! So glad you posted it again.

Chickie said...

JD, today must be the day for plumbing leaks! Yours sounded so much worse than mine. I hit an outside valve behind our greenhouse and got a good shower before I could back out of the narrow space I was in. I had to turn off the main water source into the house until I could get hold of my husband to find out where that particular sprinkler valve was hooked to.

I'm SO sorry that your leak is indoors. I hope that the plumber can find the source REALLY quick and get it fixed. Nothing worse.

You mentioned that you were at school. Are you back subbing or volunteering?