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Sep 19, 2009

Saturday September 19, 2009 Merle Baker

Theme: None

Total blocks: 33

Total words: 64

Wow, this puzzle has no 3-letter word at all. Very low word count, only 64, our lowest since the switch.

PRESENTEES (6D: Oscar winners, e.g) and STATUETTES (27D: Oscar winners' winnings) are great anchors for the grid.

Besides the above "Oscar winners" echo, the below clues also have the "word association" Bob Klahn mentioned in his interview:

14A: Theoretical, as profits: ON PAPER

17A: Based on medical observation instead of theory: CLINICAL

24A: Chief Valhalla god: ODIN. The Norse Zeus. Dad of Thor & Tyr.

28A: God, in Guadalajara: DIOS. The Italian God is DIO, without the S.

A harder puzzle than last Saturday's. I had to look at my cheat sheet several times.

I asked Rich Norris (LA Times Crossword Editor) about the recent eased-up phase. He answered: "The easier clues will continue as we monitor feedback from solvers and local papers. Recent input suggests that the end-of-the-week puzzles are too hard for too many people. We'll be trying to find a level that brings more solvers into the mix on Friday and Saturday, yet still sufficiently challenges the more experienced solvers".

I asked Rich the question last month when I first sensed the ease, he answered immediately. I should have shared with you sooner.


1A: Speaker booster: PRE-AMP. No idea. Short for preamplifier.

2A: Overcharged illegally: GOUGED

13A: Western evergreen named for its eventual bark color: RED FIR. Oh, I was unaware of this fact.

16A: Unending, in poetry: ETERNE (i-TURN)

19A: White sale items: LINENS

20A: Like expensive fight seats: RINGSIDE. Boxing/wresting. The area immediately surrounding the ring.

21A: Bearded blossom: IRIS. See the white beard?

22A: Enthusiasm: ELAN

25A: Makes automatic: MECHANIZES

29A: "Don't move, Fido": STAY. Reminds me of the Steven Wright line Dennis quoted the other day: "I bought a dog the other day...I named him Stay. It's fun to call him...'Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!' He went insane."

30A: Adjective for a yellow bikini, in a 1960 #1 hit: TEENIE. "Itsy Bitsy TEENIE Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini".

32A: More shadowy, as evening: DUSKIER

36A: Slanders: MALIGNS

37A: Punctual: ON TIME

39A: Eddie __, New York cop involved in the actual "French Connection": EGAN. Unknown to me. I had difficulty focusing on the plot while watching "The French Connection".

40A: Winter Olympics contestants: SKI JUMPERS. Got the answer with the Down fill help.

46A: OR activity: SURG. Surgery I suppose.

47A: It might save your skin: ALOE. From sunburn.

48A: Mariner's heading: ALEE. Opposed to aweather.

49A: Shoves off: SETS SAIL. "Shove off" is a new phrase to me. I only know "Shove it". Teresa John Kerry is a very colorful character.

52A: Again and again?: THRICE. Great clue.

54A: Small and unimportant, as a town: ONE-HORSE. Learned this from John Kerry's presidential campaign also.

55A: __ powder: TALCUM. GARLIC, anyone?

56A: Garden tool: TRIMMER. Did not come to me readily.

57A: Plaza Hotel sprite: ELOISE. Learned from doing Xword. Have never read "ELOISE at the Plaza".

58A: Divers' fishing implements: SPEARS. I don't associate "divers" with fishing.

59A: Classified: SORTED. Was in ad direction.


1D: It's before the main event, briefly: PRELIM (Preliminary). My initial reaction is PRO-AM, thinking of golf tournament.

2D: Hang it up, so to speak: RETIRE

3D: Blissful: EDENIC. What's your idea of heaven?

4D: Anew: AFRESH

5D: State where the Mississippi R. originates: MINN. Gimme for me. Twins won! Twins won again last night!

7D: Have a wild time: GO CRAZY

8D: Modern way to shop: ON LINE

9D: __ arms: UP IN. Angry. A new idiom to me. I wanted OPEN.

10D: Turf controller: GANG. We've got Hmong GANG here in Minnesota.

11D: TV Series opener: EPISODE I

12D: Tough job for a beauty contest judge: DECIDING. Ellen Degeneres is a perfect pick for "American Idol".

15D: Contact the harbor master from one's ship: RADIO IN

23D: Inventive sort?: LIAR. Nailed it. By the way, look at the funny "Loose Parts" Dennis linked yesterday. Notice there are two number 1's in a grid? Impossible! "You lie!".

26D: "Sure __ standing ...": AS I'M

31D: Na or Cl, e.g.: ELEM (Element). Again, got the answer with Across help.

32D: Playground retort: DOES SO

33D: Salve: UNGUENT. Was this a gimme to you?

34D: Appetizers: STARTERS. Look at these Korean food STARTERS. Mostly fermented veggies. Hot and spicy!

35D: Royal office: KINGSHIP. Wow, have never heard of this word before.

36D: Magic charm: MOJO. Has Obama lost his MOJO?

38D: Tractor attachment: TILLER. Farming machine again. Hey, Windhover.

41D: Wilhelm's title in WWI Germany: KAISER. All German emperors are called KAISERS, correct?

42D: Sitting room: PARLOR

43D: Draw out: ELICIT

44D: Disqualify (oneself), as a judge: RECUSE. Used to love "Law & Order".

51D: Weapons, in Latin: ARMA. New to me. I suppose that's how we get arms.

53D: Head light?: HALO. My favorite clue today. Just heavenly.

Answer grid.

Picture of the Day: Here is a great photo of Wisconsin gang. From left to right: Kazie looks beautiful in aqua; Dot (81-year-old) is just what I've pictured in my mind, an elegant lady; Her husband Irv is 95 years old if I recall correctly. They do crossword together after dinner. And our radiant Andrea who owns Brasserie V on Monroe Street in Madison.



Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

This'll be short, since I've got to get ready to take my son to the science museum in a few.

Pretty straightforward puzzle for the most part, but I got really hung up in the SW corner. EGAN was a complete unknown, SURG is a horrible abbreviation that didn't occur to me, DOES SO didn't pop easily to mind (I was thinking it would be I AM SO or YOU ARE TOO, but those wouldn't fit) and I had to dig really deep to come up with UNGUENT. It was UNGUENT that finally let me solve that corner, though -- once I dragged that word out of the dark recesses of my cerebellum, everything else fell into place.

Have a good one!

Argyle said...

Good Morning C.C. and Sundry Saturday Solvers,

There is the scent of the sea in today's puzzle:
48A: Mariner's heading: ALEE.
49A: Shoves off: SETS SAIL
15D: Contact the harbor master from one's ship: RADIO IN.
58A: Divers' fishing implements: SPEARS. And, of course, 30A: ...yellow bikini...: TEENIE

Moon said...

Good Morning!
A big struggle for me but I managed to complete with red letter help.
The SW took a long time to figure out: DOES SO, EGAN and UNGUENT.
I dont like it when two unknowns cross each other. Ofcourse, for others they could be gimmes :)

I did like the Oscar winners clues.

Loved the pic of the Wisconsin gang. Is this pic taken at Andrea's restaurant?
Andrea, Wish your place was closer to home. So many different beers...I'm impressed. The only ones I've tried are Hoegaarden (love it) and Stella Artois (ok).
Will check out the local Bev Mo to see if I can try any of the others.

Have a great Saturday, everyone. I'm off to a 8-10 mile run/walk :)

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a fun puzzle today; still not up to normal Saturday difficulty, but enjoyable nonetheless. I loved the fresh cluing and got through this one pretty handily, except for the SW corner. I got stuck at the crossing of 32A and 33D, 34D and 35D. Couldn't get help in either direction. And you know what that means? Yes, that's right -- I was perplexed.

Still don't like 'edenic'.

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and National Butterscotch Pudding Day. AND.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILL (original Bill); hope it's a great day for you.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing." -- Michael Pritchard

Anonymous said...

CC, thanks for the info regarding the difficulty of the puzzles. I knew that Rich was easing up, but this week seemed a little too easy to me. Can't complain though when I complete every puzzle this week, on paper with no red letter help or g-spotting. Today went so smooth, I got it done over a bowl of cereal and 1/2 cup of coffee.

Many great clues but MOJO was my favorite fill. There were just a lot of good words: PRESENTEES, STATUETTES, and on and on and on. UNGUENT actually came to me right away, surprisingly. I have no idea how.

And of course, how could I not love the MINN fill. I have been to the headwaters in Itasca. Amazing how that river could come out of almost nothing. I will post a picture of it one day when I get to the scanner.

Watched the Twins game last night. What a great one. The piranhas are back it seems. Lets hope they can keep it up. Still have 6 games left against Detroit.

Loved the Loose Parts from Dennis yesterday.

Lovely picture ladies. Andrea, your restaurant looks so inviting. We occasionally travel to Madison, and will be sure to stop by next time we do.

If anyone reads last night posts, PJB is in need of everyone's well wishes. I am sending mine pronto!

kazie said...

Thanks for posting our picture. We certainly had a great time at the Brasserie V yesterday. Dot and Andrea thanked me for driving all the way there (1 1/2 hours), but I made it serve three purposes. First and foremost, our get-together, then shopping and lastly a brief meeting with a colleague to collect some materials for my new "job" as news editor for a statewide newsletter for our organization. I think I may be in for more than I expected there.

I must have just missed your post last night right after I went to bed. Certainly a scary condition. Let's hope it was just a once only deal and the improvement continues until you are back to normal.

I found this puzzle harder than the rest of the week, but solvable with no help other than perps. I relied on them quite a bit. I solved counter-clockwise, starting in the NE and moving through each corner with the last being the NW.

I too dislike EDENIC. UNGUENT came because I had enough perps in already. GANG I had no clue about until I was here. I was thinking of turf from sod, and thought gang must be a brand name or something.

Favorite aha moment was THRICE.

Lemonade714 said...

Well the no stress puzzles continue, though the cluing did show originality, with my favorite being Again and again?: THRICE, which required some thought. Also, for those of you who hate SURG as an abbreviation, you really do see it in hospitals.

I wonder why C.C, thinks Degeneres is a perfect pick for American Idol ; judging, or DECIDING is not easy. When I was young, I was selected as a judge for a few Miss Florida pageants (tough work but someone has to do it) and the process was very difficult. It was not only hard to decide who to choose, but watching other judges promote entries you did not get was a challenge. Of course, as it was not too serious a process it was okay, but it was not easy.

I managed to not be aware that it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day but my niece was speaking of it last night at dinner. Arrgh, shiver me timbers….

Eddie EGAN and the reference to The French Connection reminds me that Gene Hackman has not appeared in film since 2004, and appears to have retired without knowing it. To me this is a true actor, who could range from the silly in Young Frankenstein and The Birdcage the inspirational like Hoosiers the power of Mississippi Burning and the cruelty of The Unforgiven or The Quick and the Dead . His life, the roles he turned down and his friendship with Dustin Hoffman make for interesting reading.

Off to pray.

Lemonade714 said...

Oops, I forgot to say out loud my thoughts and prayers are for all of us who are facing challenges or sadness, loved the picture from Madison, we have such an amazing and classy cast of characters.

boomermomma said...

Hi Everyoone- after a long silence I jump in this morning.
I am happy to read the posts and see that you all experiencd the easing up of the puzzles. Kind of miss the challenge Fri and Sat and wonder if.... I can complete them then aren't they too easy now for some of you? You guys are way better than me at the puzzles.
Life is busy in Illios with job and daughter's wedding and husbands health issues. But I am doing the puzzle daily and try to view your wonderful commentaries. Madison, WI only a couple of hours from me! Must try to stay up-to-date with the postings and maybe stop in Madison one day to say hi! Enjoy the Fall weather! Joan

Anonymous said...

I got hung up in the SW corner but I really enjoy Friday's and Saturday's ouzzles now. Thanks to Rich Norris


Linda said...

Good morning CC and gang: Arrrrgh and avast, Mates!
Actually had a respite from chaos this morning...hope it lasts...

Some uncommon words do you slip "edenic, eterne, and preamp" into casual conversation?
My spell-check (yes, Kazie, I do have one) even rejected "eterne."

I used to think I lived in a one horse town but I`ve grown to love the peacefulness (when the trouble makers stay away) of it. When we moved here, there was one stop we are up to 4! As with too many small towns, people move here to get their young people out of inner-city "culture" only to find that they bring it with them...

You "Gang of four" who met at Adreas`s are a fine looking group...and think of all the stimulating, intellectual conversation that must have gone on! :)
Favorite answer was "elan". I want to be known as the "Elan Lady!."

Jimbo: Way to go, my friend!

PJB: I will talk to my Father for you.

Lmnade714: Please talk to your Father for my family and me.

Hahtool: I will be trying your honey cake recipe. One of my favorite children`s books is "Bear and Duck Are Friends." In it...bear makes honey cakes for his I know what they are.

My LR is a disaster (and has been for almost 2 months) while I`m readying for the mother of all yard sales. The ironic part husband`s Th.- Sat. Am`s are taken up with buying at other`s yard sales. We have rent houses, storage bldgs. and garages full of his" treasures..."
I think there`s a name for that condition...does "pack rat" sound correct? His parents were children of the Great Depression and he inherited that gene from them...

Boomermama: Good to "see" you.

CC: Go Twins!!!!

My Sis lives in TN but grew up in she wins either way today! Don`t tell her I said so (because her blood "runs orange") but Go Tebow! Chomp chomp!

Going to bake for the deer camp.."see you all" Monday.

Col_Gopinath said...

Nice picture Kazie.

Annette said...

Hello all,

Today was enough of a challenge to spark the imagination, but not frustrate. My biggest challenge was the EGAN/UNGUENT cross and had to resort to WAGs with red letters.

C.C. - If you like 'Law and Order', you should check out 'Raising The Bar' on TNT, if you're not already aware of it. It's similar, but even edgier. You can find episodes from the first 2 seasons online.

Another nice photo today!

The sun finally came out - time to go out and enjoy it!

Linda said...

BTW: here is a fun link for toay.

Anonymous said...

It's just turned afternoon on the east coast. So good afternoon, everyone.

Wonderful to see Kazie, Dot & Irv, and Andrea. Looks like a lot of fun.

About the Hmong. There were quite a few in Denver – no gangs. And the Evergreen Friends of the Library had an exhibit of their needlework (beautiful), and we were told that they too always have a mistake in that gorgeous work because no one except God is perfect. Interesting that the Hmong and the Navajo have the same idea.


Crockett1947 said...

Good morning everyone!

Went through this one OK, but really got hung up on OR activity. Now, I'm in OR, so what activity do we have unique to the state? Floundered around and around and couldn't get off the OR=Oregon idea. When I finally got the SURG, I realized that OR=Operating Room!

Enjoyed the pictures. It's great when you can actually meet up and have a face-to-face.

Off to a quilt show with Jeanette. Have a great Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

PS: About the puzzle, I am delighted that they have eased up. Enough so that I can do most of them. Today I gave up on the NW corner. I got only linens and iris. The rest went fairly smoothly, but I did use perps and going back to get some. My favorite aha moment was for one horse.

Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone.

Andrea said...

Still an hour left so say Morning All -

I managed to finish this puzzle without any help, except for one letter G: couldn't get Egan/Unguent crossing. Other than that, plenty of lucky guesses that all worked. Overall, loved the cluing - provided a nice brain workout.

Kazie, Dot, Irv and I had a great time yesterday sharing stories and family pictures. It is so nice to put faces and voices with the posts and avatars! Kazie does still have a bit of her Aussie accent, so be sure to read her posts that way! :) Dot and her husband are as charming as charming can be.

Moon, if you like Hoegaarden Witbier, try St. Bernardus They've got a variety of styles which are all great; Abt 12 is one of our best sellers. You could also try any Belgian dubbel.

Off to Farmer's Market before it gets too late. Badger game has started, so traffic should be back to normal.

Enjoy the day.


JIMBO said...

Greetings all ya'll,

Well, my son came by this morning and between us (mostly him) we did the puzzle with no outside help. Very enjoyable but still pretty difficult.

PJB, I join Linda in talking to "THE FATHER" about your condition.

Several persons have had Birthdays lately and sadly, I neglected them.
So Happy Birthday to all of you and congratulations to WM for her painting in the "Top Ten".

Now I'll go back to my lurking.

Vaya con Dios

tfrank said...

Good afternoon, C.C. and all,

This puzzle seemed intimidating at first glance, thanks to the stacked six letter words in the NW and longer ones in the NE. However, once I got started, the answers seemed to come to me. I finished in 29 minutes online. Eterne was my last fill.

C.C, Shove off is a very common nautical term, probably deriving from the fact that a ship or boat has to shove off from a pier or wharf before applying power to the engines or hoisting sail. It can be an aggressive term as in "beat it" or informative as in "I am going to shove off now".

Great picture, Kazie. I really like the picture idea because living in South Texas as I do, it is unlikely I will ever see other bloggers in person. I think there is only one other Texan in the group.

Cowboys and Giants Sunday night. It does not get any better than that!

JIMBO said...

And thanks for all the nice pictures. Everyone looks great and I'm betginning to fill up my album.

embien said...

10:38 today. The string of easy puzzles continues, and that's fine, I suppose, but is there anything more boring than an easy themeless? Give me a theme, any day!

Haven't done Friday's puzzle yet as wife and I were on the road to have lunch with my father (five hour drive, round-trip). I've got to find a better restaurant in Eugene--I wish Brasserie V were there!

As for the puzzle, I did have a stumble when I put in ARE TOO (with no crosses) for the playground retort. That messed me up for a good long while in the SW. It wasn't until I started doing the acrosses that I came upon ONE HORSE and SETS SAIL and got rid of the offending answer.

When am I going to learn that those "playground retorts" can be nearly anything. I hereby promise to never put in a "playground retort" with no crosses again.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I went through all the Acrosses once, then back to the beginning for a perp trip through the Downs. By that time I had enough letters to get serious.

The east side filled in pretty easily, but the NW gave me some problems. I blanked out on PREAMP, RED FIR and ETERNE and had to depend on the perps to finish that corner.

I liked seeing MOJO. When I met him, GAH had a beautiful German Shepherd/Malamute mix dog named MOJO. Unfortunately, like many large dogs, he only lived nine years. We've downsized our dogs over the years, but I can't imagine not having at least a little guy to keep us company.

My favorite Gene Hackman movie was The Conversation. Talk about paranoid!

Annette, Raising The Bar has become one of our favorites. It is an very interesting portrayal of our legal system.

C.C. "What's your idea of heaven? I don't have an idea of heaven after death. "Heaven on earth" might be a five-star hotel, with meals included, on Grand Cayman.

Today's photo was a good one. It looks like a group of old friends who really enjoy each others company.

PJB, I'm thinking of you and wishing you well. Take as good care of your body as you do your sprightly mind.

JD said...

Good morning CC and all,

What a great picture! It is so much fun seeing everyone. Andrea, your place looks wonderful. You must be so proud.

Today's puzzle was one of my favorite so far as I really had to think and I only looked up kaiser, although I should have known that. There weren't that many that just flew into place like Eloise, iris teenie, retire and lenses.(Today I'm attending a photography class to be better prepared to take good pictures in hunting for me!)

I loved that I had to really dig for words like maligns,mojo, unguent, preamp, and the l after episode!

Will return; haven't read anybody's remarks yet.

Can we continue voting WM???

JimmyB said...

If Rich Norris is listening, I really liked the level of challenge this morning. The right answers were often my second or third guesses, yet I didn't think any of them (ok, except maybe EDENIC) were really a stretch.

Like a lot of others, my last area to fill was the SW. I had to look up Eddie Egan to get things to work.

PJB -Thanks for your late night update last night (1:39 this morning actually). Hope your condition continues to resolve.

And Dennis and Argyle - Don't you guys ever sleep?

MJ said...

Good day, C.C. and all.
I enjoyed solving this puzzle very much, finding it just challenging enough yet not overwhelming. My favorite fills are the symmetry of PRESENTEES and STATUETTES, Also, some very clever clueing such as 52A THRICE and 53D HALO. Like others, I stalled in the SW until DUSKIER somehow fell out of the cranial cobwebs and the rest filled easily.

We've had a week filled with visits from family and leisure time with friends, so I haven't posted much since by the time I've read others' posts, it's all been said about the cwords.

On the personal situations shared by many--birth, death, health and relational issues with family, friends, and selves-- my thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing. This is a wonderful, supportive community of people!

Thank you again, C.C., for your blog and posts of all the fun photos!

WM said...

Good morning everyone...still is on the left coast. I really thought that this was the hammer we had been waiting for as most of the top half refused to happen so I filled in the bottom half and worked back upward. I seriously hung myself up by reading 20A as FLIGHT seats and couldn't come up with anything that fit. I put in SO for the end of playground retort because they always seem to end that way. Did know ODIN right off.

Finally put the puzzle down and did something else for awhile and then the top half started to fall into place with the exception of EDENIC which I have never ever heard as any kind of word. So....eventually I did actually finish entirely on my own. *sigh*

I don't mind that puzzles are generally easier and this was about right on difficulty and solvability...had to work at it but got it done...I know it still wasn't as tough as some of you like it, but I really don't want to look things up and and struggle over it for too terribly long. I think that the clues were clever enough...and I don't think I will remember EDENIC...ever. :oP

Ladies of Madison...a lovely group and so much fun to see you and Andrea, if your restaurant was somewhere here in the Bay Area, I think I would be a regular.

Linda, don't feel too badly about about the pack rat-ism...we have a touch of it ourselves and passed it on to our girls...we have so many interests and I have craft and art supplies boxed and labeled(I'm an organized pack rat) that I hate to get rid of, because every time I do a major cleaning out, one of the girls Or I need that exact same stuff for a project and I have to go out and re-purchase it. The rule seems to be that as soon as I get rid of it, I need it. glad to hear back from you again and so terribly sorry about the pain and discomfort you are going through. Potassium levels are a serious deal...Have they looked into arthritis and any joint problems and pinched nerves as a possibility? My mom has arthritis problems and bone degeneration in her shoulders that has caused a loss of mobility and feeling in her hands...Just a thought, and I will push very positive thoughts your way. Your humor and charming take on life are a huge plus for this please take care.

carol said...

Good morning C.C. and all you smarties.

This is the first Saturday puzzle I have finished in I don't know how long! The top half gave me fits so I started at the middle and worked my way down (sounds like more fun than it actually was!) anyway, the bottom half just fell into place. Laughed at UNGUENT. There was (maybe still is) an ointment many years ago called 'Unguentine'.

My favorite clues were 53D (Head light) and 23D (Inventive sort). Did not care for 11D as they used a number.
I was also stuck on 10D (Turf controller)...I thought of lawns.

Kazie, Dot and Andrea - great picture of all of you, thanks for sharing.

PJB - (From last night) Glad you seem to be improving. A sudden onset of weird symptoms is always alarming. Glad you chose to see your Dr.

Bill G. said...

Annette, I very much like "Raising the Bar" too, especially since Jerry got a haircut.

I find a lot of words pop into my brain coming from some hiding place and suggested by a few crossing letters. I didn't know EGAN but it looked right. I've probably seen UNGUENT twice in my life years ago but it popped up when needed. Same with DUSKIER.

Have a nice weekend!

Warren said...

Hi C.C. and gang, a surprisingly easy puzzle for Saturday, I can still remember doing them online to see if our guesses were right but today we just plugged away at it and finished it with perp help in a very short time.

Here's a picture of a preamp that might be used for a Rock Band.

Chickie said...

Hello All--I had the same problems as almost everyone else. I went through the entire across, then down clues, and found I had the SE areas all filled in. The SW corner with Egan and Surg, and Duskier was REALLY hard, because I had put in Your it for the playground retort. Once I looked up Egan and had sets sail and one horse, things became easier.

I liked Inventive sort, and Head Light clues. Both were of the inventive sort.

Unguent came easily as that is what my father called salve. Pulled it up from way back.

Edenic is my new word for the day. However, I'm not sure that I would use it everyday.

Such a great looking group picture from Madison. Andrea, I wish your restaurant were closer, as I'm sure we would be there often.

WM and I must have been on the same wavelength as I read fight seats as flight seats and couldn't fit reclining in, no way no how.

Busy weekend for us. However, Hubby is watching the Cal, Minn. college game at the present, so will have to get to work after it is over.

Clear Ayes said...

Bill G. LOL, About Raising The Bar, it is a wonder Jerry ever won a case with that long stringy hair, not a turn-on for the show's judges. On the other hand, he still doesn't win too many cases, even with his new haircut...why is he the only one who can never seem to show up in court on time? Never mind, all the lawyers can hardy wait to hit the neighborhood bar and complain about their day.

WM and Linda, Watch that pack-ratting. If it is more than you can actually ever make use of, it can cross over to hoarding very easily. GAH's brother is on the edge. He collects antique furniture, china, porcelain, coins, models, etc, but every time we see his house, there are more things piled on tables, or stuck in corners. He has two garages that are already being used for his seven cars, five of which he doesn't drive. We are starting to get worried about him.

Phew, the California Sierra foothills won't be "heaven on earth" for a while. We have temperature forecasts for the mid-90's for the next ten days.

lois said...

Good afternoon CC et al., As w/CA, traction was not found until one complete pass of across and downs, and the NW corner was less than 'Edenic' for me. Enjoyed it all the same.

Thought the number of sea faring terms was appropriate with today being Talk like a pirate day. Cute!

Had a 'ring side' seat last night watching friends ride the 'mechanize'd bull at a cowboy dance hall. That's no 'parlor' game! There's not enough 'ale' in the world to make me do that anymore. I have enough trouble 'stay'ing on my broom...and it's 'teenie'. Besides, I don't want to damage my 'halo'. Hard enough to keep it dusted. Plus I want to protect my 'mojo'. Sure don't want to end up having to 'tote' that in a bottle. Sometimes in OK just riding
'one horse' all day makes me 'go crazy' needing an ache reducing 'unguent' and 'talcum'
for chafed legs, which is not an altogether bad thing. That elicits some good ole boy 'enthusiasm' when 'a fresh' application is needed. 'Deciding' who's to help is not easy, but it's all good! I enjoy doing the same for the bull riders.

Happy Belated Birthday to Buckeye and Moon. I wish you both many many more.

Boomermomma: Welcome back. Good to see you.

PJB: You are also in my thoughts and prayers.

Aye, Maties, fair winds to ye!

lois said...

Forgot: What a great picture of the Madison group! Looks like a lot of fun and a great place to have it in. Cheers to all!

Linda said...

WM and Ca: Hubby has gone way past"pack-rat" ism...if it`s for sale, ( and considered a "bargain") he buys it...with the attitude, "Somebody might need it someday..." That and the "can`t hear or see but won`t go to the Dr. for it" make for lively "discussions."
We had a German lady renter once who got so upset over his hoarding...she would tell me, "It`s a sickness, Ms. Linda...I saw it on 60 minutes!." Once, our ever-practical daughter said, "Dad, you can`t live forever and you will leave us a MESS to clean up and get rid of!" He became very angry and said, "Don`t worry, I`m leaving it all to the cats and you won`t have to worry with it!"
Ms Giesela`s also the one who gave me her last teacup and saucer as a gift. Until we had that discussion, I dodn`t know what a precious gift she had given me. She still can`t take fireworks...too much hiding in bomb shelters in her past.

Hahtool: The honey cakes smell "malicious!!!" :)

BTW: Anyone remember "Unguentine?"

carol said...

CA - your weather forecast must have wiggled up here as they are telling us we will be in the 90's on Mon and Tues. Blahhh.

On my walk this morning I saw a license plate that would have been perfect for me, Joe and a few people I know and love. It read: ARRRGH

Linda - I mentioned it in my comment at 1:26. It was used a lot back in the 'olden times'.

Lois - you crack me up!!! (and don't worry about that damned halo, you keep losing it anyway and you are more fun without it) LOL.

WM said...

CA...don't worry...our pack-ratting is limited...I periodically have cleaning sprees and everything gets sorted and given or thrown away( I have very neat and organized closets)...I may be taking advantage of the continuing hot weather(the studio is hitting over 100...sorry Jeannie) and if I have to be indoors, we will probably start hitting the closets...and sorting through books again. I really dislike clutter, I just have a difficult time getting rid of costly art supplies and cooking stuff because replacing much of it these days is cost prohibitive. We tend to keep it fairly well under control as I know that going through and cleaning out my mom's house is going to be horrendous...I won't put our kids through that. LOL ;o)

C.C....My idea of heaven would be to live in France for a year( or more) and paint!

Anonymous said...

We haven't done the puzzle yet but I've just read the blog.

PJB, I hope you continue to improve. I'm sure the doctor has done all the standard tests already - potassium, hypoglycemia,mini-stroke. they need to find out what it is so it won't happen again. I am praying for you.

Thanks, CC, for posting the picture. Thanks to everyone for the kind remarks about the picture.

After reading the comments, the puzzle should be fairly easy for me.

The weather has been so beautiful but at this time of the year, I feel pressure that there is much to be done and little time left to do it before winter arrives.


Anonymous said...

C.C. Just another comment. Thanks for the compliment - but elegant, I am not. Just ask my grandkids!


Bill G. said...

An old drain pipe from our washing machine developed a leak back in the wall. The rug on the other side of the wall got wet. So we have to get a new pad. Our REALLY good plumber has opened up the wall, replaced the old pipe with new, replaced the old gas line to the dryer, redid the dryer vent and is going to replace a couple more old drain lines under the old part of our house. Worrying and fretting about it when it first happened was the worst part. Oh well . . .

Linda said...

Carol: My they still say that?

Hahtool: With each bite of honey cake, you get another flavor...excellent! We put butter on it while it was hot...hope that`s kosher! :)

Mmmmm, heaven: All the good things we have on earth but none of the a new body, a mansion, a crown, pure gold and precious gems so common that they are used for building materials, gloriously vibrant colors and breath-taking music, things so wonderful that even Walt Disney never thought of them, pretty much what the Word says it will be.

DCannon said...

I've been enjoying reading the comments and thought I would join in the fun.

Question: What is a perp or perpassist? I sometime refer to the dictionary or Google; is that what is meant?

As noted, recent puzzles have been easier. I think I had to look up only one or two items all week. It is nice, but I think I prefer something a little more challenging.

I'm not a big follower of pop culture and many of the clues in recent months refer to movies or stars, TV, or sports. Most of my answers to those clues come from fills. I liked today's puzzle because there wasn't so much of that.

Clear Ayes said...

DCannon, Welcome to the fun house!

"What is a perp or perpassist?". Both words are "Dennisisms". You may already know that Dennis is one of the more frequent and amusing posters here. "Perp" is an abbreviation of perpendicular (a crossing word). "Perpassist" is the completion of a word with the assistance of a "perp". Make sense?

kazie said...

Both terms are Dennis' coinages. A perp is an answer perpendicular to the one you need help with, and that gives a perp-assist. Some other blogs call them crosses.

Thanks for all those wonderful comments on our photo. We certainly had fun. And Dot, elegance is in the eye of the beholder, and in my book, you certainly qualify!

I just got back from helping all day at a church picnic, and realized I was in so much hurry this morning I gave a misdirection on my solving--it was clockwise, not counter-clockwise--not that it matters, since no one noticed, or maybe you were all too polite to say anything.

I also meant to mention that Kaiser is a direct translation into German of the Roman "Caesar", which was also used after Julius Caesar's reign just to mean "emperor".

Mary said...

Good evening all,

Welcome DCannon, I see others have already filled you in on the "perps".

KZ, Dot and Andrea,
What a nice picture. When ham radio operators meet in person we call it getting together for an eyeball. I'm sure you had fun. Madison is only 3 hours away, maybe I'll get to Brasserie V eventually, but not for dinner tonight. Sigh...

Thanks for the update. You were missed, I can't do the Chicago color the way you do. I hope things continue to improve.

Bill G,
Just hearing about your plumbing problem makes me fret. "This old house"...

As for today's puzzle, I only got the east side done before I walked away to do morning chores. When I came back I was able to do the rest just by thinking. As DCannon said, there were no names that I might have been tempted to Google or ask my husband about. So I guess it was just about right for me.

Dot, it was interesting that you read the blog first and then do the puzzle. The blog is certainly more fun!

Packrats...not my idea of heaven. I live with one. Sometimes it works, when what you need is right at hand. Sometimes it doesn't, when you go out and buy another because it's easier than finding the one you already have.

The JVN said...

1A Speaker Booster -- a pre-amp does not function at the speakers, but rather upon the weak incoming signals, such as microphones and pickups. The clue is not valid, IMHO.

2A: Overcharged illegally -- ?? How does one overcharge legally?

19A: White sale items. I recall a "white" sale that had only colored fabrics.

25A: Makes automatic -- I thought of "automates".

31D: Na or Cl, e.g. -- ELEM was obvious, but then, I'm a boy scientist. If the clue had said Cl or Br, I would have tried HALO.

52A: Again and again -- I quickly realized that the clue was saying (at least) three times, that is, THRICE. But I tried to spell it TRICE, in parallel to TWICE. I should have checked my dictionary.

I, too, have happily noticed that the puzzles have gotten easier. I got about a third of today's puzzle without help. But previous Friday and Saturday puzzles may as well been clued in Chaucer's 14th century English.

Linda --

I remember Unguentine, but did not think of it when I was stuck at 33D Salve. I just Googled on the word, and I'm astonished that it's still being marketed, some 60 years after my Mom used it on my scraped knees.

Dennis said...

The JVN - lots of collectible stores overcharge legally.

Dot, Kazie, Andrea, great picture - it's great how many of the bloggers have been able to meet.

DCannon, good of you to join us - be sure to comment often; we love to have a diversity of opinions.

Argyle said...

the JVN: What if you think of speaker as the person using the weak microphone? I'm just saying....

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Like several others I got hung up in the SW - but, alas, could not make my way out of the swamp. All this despite having UNGUENT, ONTIME, and SET SAIL in place. Don't know EGAN, had OR as Oregon, so I couldn't get SURG as a CLINCAL procedure. Was never going to get DUSKIER, so the schoolyard taunt eluded me.

IMHO, EDENIC is just as good a word as ODIC.

Ladies and gentleman of Madison - good to see you!

In my heaven, the crossword puzzles are challenging, but the obscurities never cross. Other drivers never cut me off. The LW and I look TRIMMER, like we did in High School. Count Basie's band plays every Tuesday, Stan Kenton's every Thursday, and they each need one more trombone to fill out the section. The Lions win a game. The Wings take the cup back. The Tigers sweep the Twins. Ice cream is an essential nutrient.

JzB the heavenly trombonist

Anonymous said...


Andrea said...

Thanks all for the nice comments on the picture and the restaurant. If any of you ever do make it to Madison, let me know - I would happily meet any of you at Brasserie V!

PJB, hope your recovery continues.


Anonymous said...

JVN, When I read the 19A clue "white sale items" I said, "Everything in the sale is probably colored" and then in ref. to the answer, "And nothing is made out of linen". Certainly an example of how words take on new meaning throughout the years.

Mary, I do not normally read the blog first. I just knew it would be later this evening before i would do the puzzle and I wanted to comment to C.C. & PJB early on.

C.C. My idea of Heaven? I, along with Linda, accept what the Bible has to say about it. However, I think we're in for some big surprises because I don't think our minds could comprehend now what it will really be like. I don't think we're going to sit around on clouds and play harps for all eternity. That would probably get boring. Paul said, "Now we look through a glass darkly but then face to face." The best part of going there will be to see Jesus,our Christ.


Chickie said...

Linda, Unguetine was in our medicine cabinet and used frequently on all sorts of skins and scrapes.

Lois, LOL at your humdinger of a crossword story today. You are so clever.

DC Cannon, Welcome. You'll truly enjoy the banter.

Bill G., this seems to be the week for plumbing problems. Hope you dry out soon. It is always a bigger job to fix things than you think it is going to be. I was wondering how JD did with the leak which was pouring down on their patio from the shower area.

I went to a First Birthday party this afternoon. This was for a child who wasn't supposed to live past her first week. Such a miracle of survival. I've not seen this many little ones in one place for a long time. Most were just a year or younger. Such a fun time.

JD said...

well, I for one, do not want my body with me in heaven...way too much trouble. I'm trying to get rid of some of it now! I'd like to just float, and learn anything there is to know, and just be with souls that have passed thru my life or lives.

In the real world, like Bill, I'm having pipe trouble. The drain from the upstairs sh/bath developed a leak and it has been slowly following the pipe down and draining out on the patio. Since the girls moved away that bathroom rarely gets used. We are also replacing all our hot water pipes under the house.

PBJ- Make sure you find out the cause of your problem, or it could happen again.You are too young to have debilitating health problems. Are any of you experts on neuromas? My doctor has no idea why I have them, but having partially numb feet is strange.

Chickie, the new and improved CA Academy of Sciences in SF still has the Foucoult Pendulum, and loads of kids were mesmerized by it when we were there on Tuesday.

Hockey is back!!! Life is good.

Dennis, loved your wow today, and I remember aye matey day from last year. How time flies! Did you oversleep today???

Welcome Dcannon!
Where are you Tarrajo??

kazie said...

I'd like to echo what Dot and Andrea have said about our meeting in Madison: that if anyone else is going to be in the vicinity, you should let us all know--if necessary via my email, since I think it's the only one of ours listed on our blog profiles. We'd all love a good excuse to get together again some time.

I saw a Foucault Pendulum in the Orangerie museum I visited in Kassel (same town as the Brothers Grimm museum), in northern Hessen, Germany. We walked around it and watched it for ages, as it knocked over little pegs around the circumference.

As to the views of heaven, I think some of the descriptions given in the Bible are rather simplified and made visual for the audience of the day in which it was written. The idea of precious gems and crowns seems to me to be geared towards a very materialistic view of perfection.

My thoughts have always been somewhat conflicted on this topic, since a world with no problems would also be boring. What would one do all the time with nothing that needed fixing, working on, or improving--assuming it was all perfect to begin with.

Of course it would be nice to have enough time to read everything one wanted to, including all the great works of literature in the original languages they were written in. And to be able to communicate with all people minus the language and cultural barriers that separate us now. In fact, if more of us understood where the rest of us were coming from here on earth, we might create a much better world.

As Jazzbumpa's view exemplifies, we all see perfection differently.