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Feb 18, 2010

Thursday February 18, 2010 Damon J. Gulczynski

Theme: THE LINE (42D. Bettor's concern, which can follow each half of the answers to starred clues)

22A. *In the netherworld: DOWN BELOW. Down the Line. Below the Line.

34A. *Use bank "protection": OVERDRAW. Over the Line. Draw the Line. Bank overdraft protection.

53A. *Place where a driver may be required to stop: CROSSWALK. Cross the Line. Walk the Line.

3D. *Climber's support: TOEHOLD. Toe the Line. Hold the Line.

A special 16*15 grid. One extra column to accommodate the even-numbered central theme entry OVERDRAW.

I am not familiar with "The Line". Is it sports betting? I could only think of "The Odds".

This theme resembles Pancho Harrison's "Time and Time again" and Bruce Venzke's "Room" we had earlier this month: the unifier can follow each word of the theme entries. Very neat concept & solid theme answers. But a few groaner affixes (Four *ER suffix) as well.


1. One might read "Mom," for short: TAT. Tattoo. Gnarly start for me.

10. "Cheers" bartender: SAM. I've never watched "Cheers".

13. Green opening: ECO. Prefix (opening) meaning "green". I can hear Jazzbumpa groan.

14. Pained expression: GRIMACE

16. Trac II successor: ATRA

17. H-1 in HI, e.g.: Abbr.: RTE. I had no idea that H-1 is in HI (Hawaii).

18. Dye, usually: RECOLOR. And REHEEL (20. Do a cobbler's work).

24. Think the world of: ADORE

25. Pocket protector contents: PENS

26. Clinton was one: YALIE. Both of the Clintons went to Yale.

27. Ginormous: COLOSSAL. Nice word.

29. Lets out, maybe: ALTERS. Was thinking of "lets out" a secret. Not tailoring.

30. Some defensive linemen: ENDS

31. Storm part: EYE

32. Eggs, to Agrippa: OVA. Latin for "eggs". Agrippa was the Roman general who defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

33. Lions, on a scoreboard: DET (Detroit). Detroit Lions. Why are they so bad?

36. Hist. majors' degrees: BAS

39. Allotment word: PER. Four rows of 3-letter words in Across entries.

40. Coll. dorm overseers: RAS (Residence Assistants)

41. 1944 invasion city: ST. LO. In red color. The nearby city CAEN also has 4 letters.

45. Like some bands: ONE-MAN

47. Super trendy: ULTRA HIP

49. Hackneyed: BANAL

52. Sharp-crested ridge: ARETE. Often simply clued as "Mountain ridge".

55. Cheshire Cat, notably: SMILER. The Cheshire Cat is a character from "Alice in Wonderland". He grins frequently.

56. Bat head?: ACRO. The "head" (start) of the word Acrobat.

57. Wrap up: ENVELOP

61. Do over: ITERATE

62. Indian bread: NAN. And SARI (41D. Indian garb). Indian echoes.

64. Hi-__ graphics: RES

66. Antiquity, once: ELD


1. Cookout site: TERRACE

2. Responded to, as a stoolie's tip: ACTED ON

5. Songwriter Jacques: BREL. Probably the most famous Belgian singer/songwriter.

6. Incite to pounce (on): SIC

7. Bun-making site: SALON. Was picturing bakery "bun", not hairdo.

8. Tugs' burdens: SCOWS

9. Shore flier: TERN

10. Delayed: STALLED

11. Large wardrobe: ARMOIRE. Only know the clothes meaning of wardrobe, not the cabinet.

12. Star of "I'm No Angel" (1933): MAE WEST. Full name is always desirable. A shout-out to our birthday girl Lois, the Mae West of our blog.

15D. Builder of tiny cities: MODELER. And PAYER (25D. One treating).

16. Persistently bothered: ATE AT

21. Love personified: EROS. Greek god of love.

23. Corporate rule: BYLAW. Dictionary defines it as "A law or rule governing the internal affairs of an organization".

28. Number of Sinbad's voyages: SEVEN. Oh, I was ignorant of his total voyages.

29. Nautical "Hold it!": AVAST

32. Advanced exams: ORALS

34. Australian exports: OPALS. Opal is Australia's national gemstone. Kazie has linked a few fantastic opal pictures in the past.

35. More lit: DRUNKER. Lit is a slang for "drunk". The only adjective *ER suffix.

36. Lynx family members: BOBCATS

37. Lawlessness: ANARCHY

38. Ladies of Spain: SENORAS. Nice to see SRA's full form.

43. Word-for-word: LITERAL. "Word for Word" is also a weekly program from American Public Media. One of the few Podcast I listen to.

44. Either 2 in 2 + 2 = 4, in math: OPERAND

46. Street boss?: MASON. Because mason lays brick on the street? (Updated later: Perry Mason is the boss of Della Street. Thanks, Anonymous @7:08am).

48. Like wheelchair-accessible entrances: RAMPED

50. "Inferno" author: DANTE. Waiting for Jerome to use "Hell of a writer" clue.

51. Reindeer caretakers, traditionally: ELVES

54. River dam: WEIR. New word to me.

55. Explorer Hernando de __: SOTO. The first European (Spanish) to explore Florida.

58. Thighs, at times: LAP

Happy 30+20+4-10+20-5+1-9+3-5+6+7-2+1st Birthday, Lois!

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - this seemed an easier than normal Thursday puzzle, but maybe it's just because I'm so happy to be feeling better. I liked the theme; it can't be easy to get eight theme answers in a puzzle.

I guess 'terrace' is ok for 'cookout site', but it didn't feel right. Mae West in the puzzle was just perfect on Lois' day. Favorite clue: 'bun-making site'. One unknown, or forgotten - Jacques Brel. And as C.C. said, too many 'er' suffixes.

From last night: Chickie, thanks for the info on the plane crash; I've been following Tesla for some time. They're producing an beautiful, extremely fast, totally electric sports car that will win over a lot of anti-hybrid people. Great news that there weren't any kids hurt in the day care center.

Today is National Battery Day, appropriate....LOIS' BIRTHDAY!! Happy, Happy Birthday, Lois, and many many more. Rest assured if I were giving you a cake, there'd be a surprise among the candles...

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Life is hard. After all, it kills you." -- Kathryn Hepburn

A few definitions:

- Sports: the toy department of human life. -- Howard Cosell

- Prejudices: what fools use for reason. -- Voltaire

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

The puzzle felt easier for me too. Are you feeling a storm brewing in the horizon? Lois had promised some wind for your area.

Yes, I've been practicing. You might have cured my pronunciation illness. Thank you. I love your picture. I had imagined you being a Latina.

Hahtool explained well in her 4:23pm post yesterday on how to put an avatar. After you log in Blogger, go to your "Edit Profile" button, there is a Photo insertion option. You can fill in more of your other personal interests also.

Dennis said...

(Running to the front yard)

Bob said...

Not bad for a Thursday. No help or errors. 18 minutes.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

I like your humor. Welcome!

Thought of you when I typed in TERN. You always find the best bird pictures.

Carlos del Oeste,
I am glad to see you back in blue again.

Do leave a message when you stop by. I miss your fun notes. How was the triathlon?

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

perfect thursday puzzle, had to work a bit. love double theme answers. too lazy to look it up so still don't grok river dam/weir.

happy happy birthday lois, some perfect words here for you: mae west crossing down below, just perfect. but one man .. what's up with that???

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC. I was doing swimmingly on this puzzle until I hit the bottom quarter. Not familiar with the gambling term THE LINE, either.

I immediately recognized that the Cheshire Cat was the SMILER which was a nice balance to the earlier GRIMACE.

For some reason, I really liked Wrap Up: ENVELOP. I was expecting something that denoted a termination.

Happy Birthday, Lois.

In honor of your birthday and the reference in today's puzzle, here are some QODs:

There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out. ~ Mae West

Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a ring. ~ Mae West

Dennis said...

Check this out; yet another sickening example of how litigious our society has become.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and All. I found this puzzle to be very enjoyable and interesting. On the first pass through I thought it was going to be a killer, but slowly, at first, I managed to get a few filled squares. Once I got a few stragglers around the grid the entire puzzle seemed to fall into place.

A couple of miscues like, Buyer for 25D which caused me to put Bics for 25A and entered ships for 8D in lieu of scows. I did not know 27A, but the perps took care of that one as soon as I got payer for 25D. Other than that it was smooth sailing.

I question street boss/mason, help me here please.

Here is information on weirs. For some reason I cannot link it. Guess I need to practice linking again.

This has been a hectic week as my brother in law and his family was here for the weekend and got stranded for two additional days because of the snow. The snow also caused many hours of plowing and now I am out of space to pile the snow. If we get any more accumulation I will need to have someone haul away the snow. We already have over 40 inches of snow for the month of Feb. breaking all of the old records.

I will be lurking for the next week or so; I will have a carpal tunnel procedure done on my right hand tomorrow.

And a very Happy Birthday to you Lois!!!!!!

Hope you have a great Thursday.

Dennis said...

Dick, good luck with the procedure; you'll be in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

46 Down. Perry Mason was Della Street's boss on the TV show.

Argyle said...

Street boss

Anonymous said...

@CC, 30+20+4-10+20-5+1-9+3-5+6+7-2+1 is ?

windhover said...

Sixty-one? Just a kid! Happy Birthday, Baby, and don't be a stranger.

Hahtool, et al:
I can only think of one woman more quotable than Mae
West, and she happens to be one of my favorites. Here's one of my favorite lines of hers.

"Life's a banquet, and most poor bastards are starving to death"
Dorothy Parker

Bill said...

HBD Friend Lois,
HBDTY. And Maaaaaaannnnny More!

Argyle said...

For Lois:

Lawrence Welk has a "modern spiritual" on his show. One Toke Over The Line

Hahtoolah said...

But WindHover, Dorothy Parker wasn't clues on today's puzzle; Mae West was.

If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn't be a bit surprised. - Dorothy Parker. (Yale was cluef in today's puzzle.)

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning C. C., Dennis et al. Thought I'd break "radio silence" and check in from Florida. Lucked out in that the St. Petersburg Times carries the LAT cw's.

Thought today's cw a little easy for a Thursday, but it had some fresh fill. Got TAT but didn't understand the clue. Lots of ARETEs in the scenic shots of the Olympics. Bugged by the H-1 clue until I remembered that's how HI numbers their intrastates.

AVAST reminded me of our Captain ordering the pusher tugs to cease pushing our ship while docking. Of course they couldn't hear him in the blowing wind:-) with anticipated results.

Having lunch with an old shipmate at Tampa Harbor today. Lots to catch up on.

A hearty welcome aboard to all the new solvers.

Be back in snowland in early March.

Take care and keep a steady rudder.

kazie said...

I agree about the easierness of today. I did it with no outside help. That's not to say I didn't struggle here and there. THE LINE took quite a while, as I've never heard that. I didn't make sense of MASON after I got it, and LIT for DRUNK and OPERAND were newies too.

TAT made absolutely no sense to me. For one thing I can't stand tattoos, so I have a mental block at the very thought of them, and I would never have made a connection with that for MOM.

kazie said...

Bon anniversaire!
Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Geburtstag!
...and many more!

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

So what exactly is THE LINE? I don't feel stupid now since Hahtool does not know it either.

Re: Dennis's Clue Accuracy Link. Your "Cry Foul" kvetch sure pales in comparison, no?

Anonymous @7:08am & Argyle,
Thank you. I've updated my write-up.

What a nice surprise! Thanks for checking in. You are really missed.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone.

Happy Birthday, Dear Lois! May you have an outrageous day!!

We had a "Cheshire Cat" moon two nights ago.

Have a great Thursday!!

Anonymous said...

The line is the point spread for the game (favorite over the underdog). The line is listed in the sports page with the daily game scores.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Anonymous @9:58am,
I am perusing the sports page of our Star Tribune. Lots of boxscores, but no point spread.

Just noticed you did not know THE LINE either. I wonder if it's a guy thing.

Anonymous said...

The San Joe Mercury News has the line column with the line for all the upcoming games for college,NBA, and NFL listed daily. This girl is into guy things I guess.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, a tough puzzle today, I think we finished ~1/2 of it before my wife left and I finished it online again...

Very clever clues, my favorite was 5 letters for a bun-making site, I thought of the wife on the Simpson's to understand that one.

Was anyone else stumped by the RAS answer for 40A? I finally went to the LA Confidential page to get a clue that it was plural, type 'define RAS' into Google and you'll get nothing that fits. I guess that it's a word that I don't know because I never stayed in a dorm.

Anonymous said...

RA stands for resident assistant

Mark said...

Most of the fill came easily for me. I liked MAEWEST.I like the tricky clue for MASON. I didn't understand it until I got here. I could have done without MODELER. It does not look good in the puzzle.

kazie said...

I think for me it's a sport thing. When I bring our paper in every day, the first thing I do is go through it to remove all the ad inserts to recycle, and then fold the Sport section the other way so the Business section shows on front. When they are in separate sections, the sport section goes the same place as the ads, and I pull the puzzle page out of the business section so I can start it while DH reads the business over breakfast.

However I am enjoying the Olympics, I think because of the individual sports represented, rather than team sports, which I've never watched, even rugby at home. The only time I was interested in a team sport was when my kids played soccer at school, and then I mainly only wanted them to excel.

I've also never gambled, and THE LINE sounds like something for gamblers too.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

C.C. - I guess I need to catch up on last night's posts for Dennis's clue accuracy ink.

I did groan on ECO, but ACRO is far, far worse.

Great theme today. I love the key word fitting both halves of the two-word theme entries. That's a WOW!

I had the puzzle filled in, but was head-scratching over some of the answers TAT and MASON had me baffled.

I want to ask Windhover if the ewes are persistently bothered by lambs at A TEAT?

Miles to go today. Ta ta.

JzB the busy trombonist

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, all in all, an nice flowing puzzle today.

I had a little problem getting started though. TERRACE certainly wasn't the first "cookout site" I could think of. TERRACE sounds more fancy-schmancy, cocktail party-ish to me. All the people I know do their outdoor cooking on the patio, deck, backyard or campground.

I have TATtooed eyeliner, but I am not about to go for any other TAT's. BTW, if any of our women (or securely masculine male figure skaters) are thinking of permanent eyeliner, it is swell once it is is healed, but it hurts like the dickens for a while.

I loved the theme. I'm sure if Lois has time to check in, she will have lots of comments. She may be going OVER THE LINE and will be too busy on her birthday to stop by. Here's hoping Lois has the best birthday ever!

Thanks for the RAS explanation. It was a stumper for me.

OVER THE LINE reminded me of my single days living near sunny SoCal beaches. Over-The-Line is a beach baseball type game, or is it an excuse for a DRUNKEN beach party AND another cookout site? All of the above. Team names are notoriously raunchy. A couple of repeatable names are "Sons of Beaches" and "Butt, Sweat and Beers". Guys and girls, fun then, couldn't handle it now.

Jerome said...

C.C.- In one way Damon's puzzle is much different than Bruce's "Room" puzzle. Today we have TWO words that can follow each word in the theme entry, not just one. So, Damon's carrying this kind of theme a step further. And he did a great job!

Not so great-

Don't get drunk in an Irish pub. You might wake up to a

Doomed to failure. A ONE MAN band with NO NAME.

In 1944 LOTS of STLO was LOST.

Hillary "Popeye" Clinton was misquoted. She actually said, "AVAST right wing conspiracy!"

A jetsetter's trip to Hawaii is a

eddyB said...

Hello all.

Eight is good. That is why we don't add ice. Don't lose the leaf.

Is anyone interested in playing chess via e-mail?


Lucina said...

Good morning, C.C. and all fellow bloggers.

Feliz cumpleanos! And many, many more. As Windhover said, you are just a kid!

C. C.
Good for you! Anytime I can help, let me know.

Today's puzzle was not exactly a walk in the park, but more like an uphill hike. I tend to be so literal, then realize there are double meanings; you'd think I would know by now. I,too, was glad to see senoras fully spelled. The lower 3/4ths was easy buy since I insisted on "grieved" and "ovens" for 14A and 7D respectively, it took longer than it should have.

Australian imports immediately brought you to mind. And aren't opals lovely?

Snow people, are you still shoveling? I'm sorry to tell you that it is springlike here. Temps are in the 70s, 76 yesterdy. I wish I could send you some.

Yes, alll sweets are off the table for now, even desserts. That means not syrup or whipped cream on . . . oops, wrong blog.
Adios for now.

Carlos del Oeste said...

Fun puzzle today although there were some total unknowns: 42D- the line, 44D- operand, 40A- ras. I thought 1A was a clever clue. I never got 17A-HI H1. Had a numb brained moment with 16D- at eat, er ate at!

CC- I'm still not straightened out. I got the blueness when I typed in my "name" and website.

I may be out of commission for a while as I am getting a new computer, and that usually means days of frustration trying to get everything back up and running.

HBTY, Lois, whatever those numbers add/subtract up to.


Jeannie said...

I enjoyed this puzzle and especially the theme. It must have been a bear to construct. One thing that stood out for me were all the three letter answers. Sam, eco, rte, eye, ova, Det, bas, per, RAs, nan, res, eld, sic and lap. I counted 14. I knew what “the line” meant as I am on a weekly football pool where it is important to know “the line”.

Lois, have a wonderful birthday, and for you my friend I baked you a special cake. Enjoy!!

JD said...

Good morning CC and all,

Great c/w for a Thursday. Did well until I hit the SE corner: the line,literal and operand did me in.I knew Caen but could not complete ST.LO.Not familiar with arete either.New word today: weir, but I don't think I'll be building one any time soon.I guess some may call it a milldam, since it is more of a diversion.

Thought I had improved reading and filling perpendicular words, like actedon and anarchy..had to write them out to see them.

As for terrace, I agree with CA...too fancy for my bar-b-que. Picture the lovers in South Pacific singing "Some Enchated Evening" with hamburgers grilling in the background.They were cookin' up something completely different on that terrace.

Bat head..very tricky. I should be onto that cluing by now.

Did end up with smilier for Cheshire cat, but stupidly recited Eugene Field's The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat to come up with the answer. D'oh!

Happy Birthday, Lois!

Clear Ayes said...

Not exactly a birthday poem, but a fine reminder to seize the day, put on those black lace stockings and have a wonderful day.

A Song In the Front Yard

I’ve stayed in the front yard all my life.
I want a peek at the back
Where it’s rough and untended and hungry weed grows.
A girl gets sick of a rose.

I want to go in the back yard now
And maybe down the alley,
To where the charity children play.
I want a good time today.

They do some wonderful things.
They have some wonderful fun.
My mother sneers, but I say it’s fine
How they don’t have to go in at quarter to nine.
My mother, she tells me that Johnnie Mae
Will grow up to be a bad woman.
That George’ll be taken to Jail soon or late
(On account of last winter he sold our back gate).

But I say it’s fine. Honest, I do.
And I’d like to be a bad woman, too,
And wear the brave stockings of night-black lace
And strut down the streets with paint on my face.

- Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks 1917-unknown, written in 1950

JD said...

Today in history:

1885- Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn was published

1929- 1st Academy Awards announced
Best picture Wings;
best actress, Janet Gaynor in Seventh Heaven

1939- Golden Gate International Exposition opened on Treasure Island

1973- 54kg octopus measuring 7m across catured in Hood Canal, Wash

and, just in... a small airplane flew into the Eschelon bldg in Austin, TX. The pilot set his own home on fire before doing this so they believe it was an attack on the IRS or CIA.

Chickie, thanks for last night's follow up on the local plane crash.

Crockett, frisky and fun last night!

Dennis, how did that pie work for you?

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

Just stopped by to wish Lois a very Happy Birthday and many more! And, in honor of your birthday here is a quote that I think is great:

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Dr. Seuss quote

Have a great day everyone!

carol said...

Hi C.C. and all,

This wasn't as tough as I expected for a Thursday. I was worried at first glance, but after applying some pressure to my brain, I was able to get most of them answered. I did not know 10A SAM
and had to laugh out loud at myself when I answered 16D... I thought what does A TEAT have to do with being persistently bothered.
BAT HEAD really threw me...very clever.

Lois, now I can once again wish you a very happy birthday and it will be the right day ;) go do something naughty and nice!!!

Dennis - Lois would love to blow out THAT candle.

Dick - Hope your hand is better very soon. I won't ask how that happened, no I won't.

Jazzbumpa said...

Geeze -

I forgot to wish Lois a happy birthday.

Lois -
Happy birthday!

JzB the memory challenged trombonist

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, everyone.

Good puzzle; I got most of it, which is surprising for a Thursday.

Happy birthday, Lois. Hope it's a fantastical one!


Jeanne said...

Hello all,
Thursday has been my favorite day for the puzzles and today was no exception. Loved the creative theme and cluing. Arete was an old friend from the TMS puzzles and Street boss threw me for awhile. Also had trite for banal but eventually got it all straightened out. I was an RA for one year in college and never volunteered for the job again.

We had our Camry fixed today since it was on the recall list. We never had our gas pedal give us a moment of worry, but thought it best to get it fixed. The garage was not that busy, so I’m wondering if people are bothering to get it checked.

I know many of you are into the Olympics; but for some reason, I can’t get that excited about them this year. The only thing I am truly enjoying is the skiing. DH is watching a lot of the events and got me all excited yesterday while he was watching curling. He started yelling Hard, Hard, Hard, and I thought it was a “heads up” for me but sadly he was yelling at the TV!!! Curling--a 40 lb. stone and a Swiffer. At least it is not subjective scoring as are some events.

A very happy birthday to Lois and a wonderful year ahead. Dick, a wish for a quick and speedy recovery from your carpal tunnel surgery. Have a great rest of the day all.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Birthday Lois

Phone, computer and all things electrical are deserting me

I know my magnetic personality...


Chickie said...

Hello All--I completed all but the NE corner of the puzzle today, but didn't understand the Bettor's concern clue. I could put all the words in the theme clue with "The Line," but it didn't make sense as a stand alone clue. Thank you for all the explanations C.C. and others who blog every day. I learn something new everyday. Isn't that why we do crosswords?

Carlos de Oeste, Good luck with your new computer installation. Mine crashed a few months back and I am still adding things to the new computer that didn't get done with the new installation. It is very frustrating.

JD, Thanks for letting us know about the date the World's Fair Opened on Treasure Island in SF. I attended that fair several times. I think I remember it only because I have pictures of my parents and me at the fair grounds. I remember the train rides and ferry rides to get there more than the exposition itself. At least one of the buildings is still on Treasure Island and can be visited today.

AmieeAya said...

Hey gang! Just wanted to stop over and say hi; my routine's been a little ALTERED lately and I've missed the blog. Liked today's puzzle (worked on it all day on and off) but like many got stuck in the SE corner. Arg!

Happy birthday Lois! Hope it's a great one. Don't know you but have always liked the name Lois so you're good in my book :)

Scrapbooking this weekend in the Wisc. Dells. Three and and a half days of nothing but paper cutting and gluing with a bunch of ladies. Sounds horrible but is so therapeutic one weekend of the year! So til tuesday...

Annette said...

I hope you’re have a wonderful birthday today, Lois!

Windhover: I remember that line from Rosalind Russell in the movie “Mame”.

G8rmomx2: Great Dr. Seuss quote!

Isn’t there a bet line at a table game in a casino too…?

I always struggle with the correct abbreviation for Senoras and Senoritas, so I was glad to see it spelled out, too.

Annette said...

When I googled it, I did see some links about "Pass Line Bets" in Craps, but am unable to view them from here at work...

Lemonade714 said...

Wow, you see what you miss when you are without a computer; Crockett channels Buckeye and Jeanne out DF's Jeannie!

go get em Lo-li-ta.

Dennis: British libel laws are much different and more lenient than US ones, which is why everyone is suing in England; on the other hand, I do hate lawyers and have no respect for the absurd actions they take. The real problem is bad lawyers are becoming worse judges and the inmates run the asylum. It all started witht he appointment of non-intellectual Supreme Court Justices. Bring back Diana Ross.

Annette said...

Hmmm...Lemonade, it sounds like you read Michael Mayo's column today!

Lemonade714 said...

Annette: I actually do not read the Sun-Sentinel beyond the puzzle, jumble and bridge column, and the sports pages at times. Inspired by your suggestion, I did scan his articles and if you are speaking of the student suspended for ranting against her teacher on Facebook, I say? If it was his loss of spring training article, I say?

No, my rants are my own.

But thanks for watching, be sure and fill in your Neilsen book

Annette said...

Lemonade: I was referring to an article concerning a local judge's controversial decision to issue a not-guilty verdict in a death penalty case after she got into a "pissing contest" with the prosecutor.

lois said...

Good afternoon CC et al., What a hoot of a puzzle! CC, I swear, I don't know how you do it. I never would've gotten this theme, but what a clever one! Got lost in the SW corner but still enjoyed the experience.

CC: thank you for the shout out and the birthday wishes AND the math was spot on! Amazing! 39 is exactly right! How does that work? Amazing! That was a 'nice trick'!

Dennis: Rest assured, if you were to give me a cake, I'd be blowing ever so slowly b/c as MW said, anything worth doing is worth doing slowly. Thank you for the birthday wishes and the Today Is: how hilarious! Energizer bunny has nothin' on me!

MelissaB: LOL thank you. "one man" was all that would fit in the puzzle. What he meant was 'one man' ...on each side. And there are only 2 kinds of men that I like: domestic and imported. MW

Hahtool: thank you. Cute Mae Westisms!

Dick: thank you, my friend. Good luck tomorrow. You'll be in my thoughts - as always. I'll loan you my right hand whenever you're ready.

Bill: Thank you, my Bass Fiddlin' Bluegrass Buddy. Say "Hi" to Nancy for me. We'll meet again soon.

Argyle: LMAO! and from OK too! Santa, baby! You are phenomenal! and it was even in 'line' w/today's theme! I'm always tokin' over somethin...'the line'
is just one possibility.

Kazie: Mercie! Danka! You rock!

Jeannie: LMAO! Did Dennis model for that? That's one cake I'd really enjoy blowing on & eating up! Hilarious!

g8rmomX2: so sweet of you to come here to wish me a happy birthday. I loved that quote! Adorable! Thank you.

Carol: Thank you, my good friend. Yeah, naughty and nice is exactly what I have in mind. Santa, baby, come join the fun and put away that list just this once.

Crockett, Lemonade, Jeanne, Lucina, Chuck OTW, Jazz, CA, Annette, Aimee, Sallie (LOL!)and all the rest of you wonderful friends who are so thoughtful and sweet, "Thank you." I'm out of time. Party on! Cheers! Now where are those batteries?

Argyle said...

Ok, free pass through the 20th. ;~)

Dot said...

Since we worked almost the whole puzzle without help, it definitely was easier than most Thursday CWs. I never got The Line. and I would never have linked Mom to tattoo. Couldn't figure out what the tat stood for until I came here.

Happy birthday, Lois.


Clear Ayes said...

Annette, I thought Windhover's Dorothy Parker quote originated with "Auntie Mame" too. Either way, it's great WoW. BTW, Auntie Mame's Rosalind Russell was a wonderful actress. I loved her in "Gypsy" and farther back in "His Girl Friday".

Just got back from a progressive lunch with 15 or 16 women friends. Turned out to be dinner too. Appetizers and wine at house #1, salad and wine at house #2, main dish and wine at house #3 and dessert with....guess what. Don't be concerned, we had several non-drinking designated drivers. Lots of fun, but now I have to get ready to go to chorus practice this evening. Being retired is hard work!!

I should be home in time for most of the mens' skating finals. I'm still hoping that Johnny Weir can pull up from 6th to a medal.

windhover said...

Annette and ClearAyes:
I yield to superior intellect. You are right, I was wrong.
But here are a couple of things DP (thought I'd never be able to slip that in) actually did say.

The cure for boredom is curiosity;
There is no cure for curiosity.
I rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Next time I'll look it up. Not.


Andrea said...

Happy birthday Lois!

Bill G. said...

Can any of you get through to Cruciverb? Not I. I was going to download Jonesin' but I guess that's not going to happen.

Annette said...

Clear Ayes: My favorite Rosalind Russell is a cute, fun comedy called "Rosie". She played Sandra Dee's grandmother, I believe. It's a wonderful movie, a lot of comedy, but also a very serious undertone! It's one of my all-time favorites, and is hardly ever aired...

The progressive lunch sounds fun. I want to retire and have fun too! :-)

Annette said...

Windhover: LOL - I just thought that maybe the movie had been based on Dorothy Parker's life and I wasn't aware of it!

I've heard of Dorothy Parker, but really don't know much about her. Based on the quotes you've shared of hers, I think I need to find out more about her - right after I see if "Rosie" is available on DVD!

Dick said...

Sorry Carol the wrong hand. LOL

Jerome said...

Bill G- Cruciverb is definetly down. However, don't despair. You can go to Will Johnston's Puzzle Pointers and download the Jonesin' puzzle. As well as the other major crosswords for the day.

Bill G. said...

Thanks Jerome. I didn''t know about that resource. Some of the puzzles downloaded as AcrossLite. Others in a format that didn't look like anything I could use.

Lemonade714 said...

My tribute tio all you cowboys:

1) We have 4 speeds and many positions
2) We wear tight pants and tall boots
3) We love getting dirty
4) We know how to ride our mounts
5)We perform well with animals
6) We like to be in control
7) We'll ride it for hours
8) We know how to handle a big girth
9) We get off easy
10) We're always on top
11) We like it rough
12) We have our legs spread all day long
13) We love using whips
14) Straddling is our natural position
15) We don't mind being bucked around
16) Event riders do it for three days
17) We can ride standing or sitting
18) We wear leather chaps everyday
19) We think the fast ones are the most fun
20) We're used to having hands between our legs
21) If we fall off we get back on and ride harder

kazie said...

I watched the skating right to the end, and was glad to see Evan Lycek (sp.?) won. Johnny Weir did a grand job too, but the general consensus among the commentators was that he was underscored and I agree.

I was also pleased to see an Aussie get gold in the women's half pike snowboard competition. Proves there's at least one place down there where they get snow! She lives in Cooma which is in the heart of the Snowy Mountains near the national capital of Canberra.

kazie said...

I guess I just got your favorite spot tonight! Sorry!

Yes, I love opals, but in recent years they have become way too expensive. Or maybe it's just because I remember when they used to be too cheap!

Chickie said...

Happy Birthday, Lois and many more to come.

Crockett1947 said...

@eddyb Rather than chess vis e-mail, drop me a line and I'll fill in on a couple of correspondence style sites that I've used for a few years.

@carlos Good luck on your transition. We'll keep your seat open for you.

PJB is login impaired said...

Happy Friday!
I just checked the Police Scanners on my radio as well as national press-wires and Lois has NOT been arrested or cited for any indecency -- but the night, like Lois, is still young! I wish I had such spirit and joie de vivre. And skill with puns. I look forward to hearing about the celebrations. May they continue throughout the week--and beyond!

Sorry I didn't chime in earlier, Lois!

@Dennis: glad you're back and feeling better.

@Dick: best to you with the surgery.

I'll be back soon.
Dang, I miss y'all.