Feb 15, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010 Jack McInturff

Theme: BRAVE NEW WORLD - The ends of theme answers sequentially spell out the title of the novel written by ALDOUS HUXLEY (53A: Author of the novel indicated by the ends of 20-, 32-and 39-Across).

20A: Baseballer with a tomahawk on his jersey: ATLANTA BRAVE

32A: "Like I haven't heard that before": "WHAT ELSE IS NEW?"

39A: 4x platinum hit single co-written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie: "WE ARE THE WORLD"

Argyle here but I'd rather be abed. Cruciverb had no new puzzle and I finally went back to my old (and slower) method of retrieving clues and answers. So unless C.C. fills it out, it will be thin commentary today.

Feel free to add what you want to the blog. That is where some of the best info comes from anyway!


1) Put__: sail: TO SEA

6) Lyricist Sammy: CAHN

10) Word of woe: "ALAS!". We haven't had "Alack" lately.

14) "Lost" network: ABC-TV

15) "Milk's favorite cookie": OREO

16) Stoicism founder: ZENO. The stoic Zeno of Citium. Don't confuse him with the other Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea.

17) Upright or grand: PIANO

18) Office divider: PARTITION

22) Opposite of NNW: SSE

23) Myrna of "The Thin Man": LOY. Quite a few people today and echos of recent puzzles, too.

24) Sharpshooter Annie: OAKLEY

28) Corp. boss: CEO

29) Sawyer's buddy: FINN

31) Ore-__, maker of frozen potatoes: IDA. Ore-Ida, portmanteau of Oregon & Idaho.

35) Eyelid woe: STYE

37) Covert govt. group: CIA

38) Nights, to poets: EENS

44) PC key: ALT

45) Actress Natalie: WOOD

46) IM company: AOL

47) Diving seabird: PETREL

49) 24-hr. cash source: ATM

50) Watch chain: FOB

57) Actor's asset: GOOD LOOKS

60) Smallest: LEAST

61) Exile isle: ELBA. For Napoleon.

62) Run away: FLEE

63) Bring together: UNITE

65) Abstain from food: FAST

66) Painful spots: SORES


1) Spanish snacks: TAPAs. Interesting.

2) "In memoriam" news items: OBITS

3) Weighing device: SCALE

4) Sicilian erupter: ETNA

5) "Anne of Green Gables" setting: AVONLEA

6) Insured patient's outlay: CO-PAY

7) Many an Iraqi: ARAB

8) German "Mister": HERR

9) Zero: NOT A ONE

10) Pontiac SUV named for an early Mexican: AZTEK

11) Hawaiian garland: LEI. And UKES (55D: Hawaiian strings). For our Hawaiian gang.

12) It starts with enero: ANO. enero is Spanish for "January".

13) Trinity member: SON

19) Russian prince known as "Moneybag": IVAN I

21) Horn beep: TOOT

25) Ruled, as a writing pad: LINED

26) Genesis garden: EDEN

27) Deviates from a course: YAWS

28) Sonny's partner: CHER. Sonny & Cher.

29) Popped (out), as to the outfield: FLIED

30) "__ Mommy kissing ...": I SAW. Tryst?

32) Lawman Earp: WYATT

33) Bounce back: ECHO

34) Auction off: SELL

35) Exchange: SWAP

36) Prefix with conference: TELE

40) "The Seven Year Itch" actor Tom: EWELL. Famous scene

41) Rebuked: TOLD OFF

42) Promise in court: OATH

43) Remus' twin: ROMULUS. Founder of Rome.

48) Speeder's downfall: RADAR

49) Useful quality: ASSET

50) Knack: FLAIR

51) West, to a Spaniard: OESTE

52) Computer memory units: BYTES

54) "Return of the Jedi" dancer: OOLA

56) Strange: Pref.: XENO. Or "Foreign prefx.:". As in Xenophobia.

57) Jewelry stone: GEM

58) Corrida cheer: "OLE!"

59) "Madama Butterfly" sash: OBI

Answer grid.



Dick said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. and all, a typical Monday stroll thru the puzzle. Not much to comment on as everything was so straight forward. I got slowed down a bit trying to remember Huxley's first name, but the perps solved that.

Looks like more snow coming tonight. Wow, just what we need.

Hoope you all have a great Monday.

Gracie said...

Good morning! I missed the weekend puzzles, but I enjoyed reading yesterday's blog this morning. I admire anyone who can do anagrams, and anyone who knows Greek mythology.

The only myth that comes to mind is that of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome.

Today's puzzle was easy going fun for a Monday morning. Enjoyed it, as I always do.

I'm somewhat hooked on the olympics, but I wish NBC would show the figure skating without interspersing other sports.


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC, Argyle, and Friends. I thought this was a harder than usual puzzle for a Monday morning. I immediately got ATLANTA BRAVE and knew ALDOUS HUXLEY had to be the author. What other book begins with BRAVE and has only two other words?

BRAVE NEW WORLD was one of my favorites when I was in High School. I wonder how I would feel about it now?

Anne of Green Gables took place on Prince Edward Island. Trying to figure out AVONLEA is more of a Wednesday clue.

My avatar is a PETREL. We saw lots in South America.

QOD: After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. ~ Aldous Huxley

All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours. ~
Aldous Huxley

Lemonade714 said...

I am not sure why, but I agree with Hahtool, this seemed a touch more challenging than our recent Mondays, but still held few surprises. I really had no recollection of PETREL , but diving birds have never been a strong suit. I did enjoy the reference to ZENO who was not Greek but a Phoenician, yet who influenced Greek Philosophy for centuries.

Other than that, not much to say; though I do enjoy the many restaurants in SoFla featuring TAPAS. You have small portions of many dishes which is very nice.

Hope you all had a great day and if you do not work today and want to honor the Presidents, I suggest you go to the library or bookstore and read LINCOLN one of Gore Vidal history of the Empire historical novels. It also was made into a mini-series I believe, but his approach makes reading history very easy.

Really enjoyed the Olympics and thought of our little Olympians…enjoy.

Hahtoolah said...

Lemonade: You're not sure why you agree with me, or you're not sure why you thought this puzzle was a tad more challenging? Am I so hard to agree with??!!

Anonymous said...

I found this to be a typical Monday puzzle. A few unknowns, CAHN, EWELL, PETREL and of course the spelling of ALDOUS. But they all came quite easily with the perps. I was proud of myself for remembering FOB right off the bat.

Gracie, I think they intersperse the other sports in because they tend to show the figure skating live (could be wrong there). When they have downtime to redo the ice, or just because they don't want to show each and every skater, they show the other sports. I found the freestyle skiing fascinating last night.

Hope everyone has a good day. Kids are off today. Must get an estimate on that bump in our car. Always so much extra work even if the accident is a small one.

kazie said...

Good morning all.
I agree with NOT A ONE. I had NOTHING there at first and COHN for CAHN, but other than that, despite a few unknowns, everything revealed itself with no real problems. Unknowns were CAHN, ATLANTA BRAVE, FLIED, AVONLEA and EWELL. I had ALDOUS before HUXLEY which was then a gimme.

If memory serves, Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves, weren't they?

More light snow coming here right now.

Jazzbumpa said...

Did the puzzle at the LA Times page. Very clumsy. I miss Cruciverb.

Lots to do today. Gotta run. Might be back later.


Lemonade714 said...

That is pretty funny; when I look at the puzzle, it does not seem difficult, and I did not stop until completion, but it 'felt' harder. Since you and I have much in common, we agree about many things, and I am not so hard up for debate to be just disagreeable. I am never sure if people are being witty, or....

Bob said...

Usual easy Monday puzzle. No errors or help. 10 minutes.

Hahtoolah said...

Lemonade: It was just an attempt at humor. I didn't really think you thought I was so disagreeable.

Lemonade714 said...

You see, Hahtool and I told you it was harder; Bob did the last two Mondays in 9 minutes.

Like I said, my first instinct was you were being funny, but I would never want hurt any feelings...well, that may be an exagggggggggggggeration.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, No Cruciverb puzzle, so I had wait until this morning for the connection.

I had one of those easy days with my own challenge of going straight Across or Down without referring to the perps I don't usually make it, but today I did with the Downs.

Of course, then I had to check all the Acrosses to see what the clues, theme and other fill were. I hadn't had any red letters, so I wasn't worried about errors. It was fun to see BRAVE NEW WORLD appear.

I think I will have to listen to the new version of We Are The World a few more times. I liked the original a lot (even got a sweatshirt with the logo), but the new one doesn't affect me the way the first version did. Could have something to do with the fact that I don't know who half of the singers are.

Kind of sleepy this morning because I stayed up late watching the pairs skating. It isn't shown "live", at least in the west, because all our easterners knew the results two hours before I did. I'm with Gracie, I wish they would show it in one block, but I know the network wants to keep everybody watching for as long as possible. As with all the sports, they don't show everyone, just the Americans, other top competitors (the Chinese pair are practically unbeatable...I hope) and sometimes somebody new or with a heartwarming story.

Carol said...

Where is Dennis?

Gracie said...

kazie - according to myth, Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf. They later established Rome among the seven hills.

I thought today's puzzle was easy, I finished it in about 10 minutes, which is fast solving for me.

Clear Ayes said...

Just reread my post @10:13. I hope nobody misunderstood my comment about We Are the World. It is just the song that doesn't get to me. The purpose of the recording and the plight of the Haitian people are very deeply felt.

eddyB said...

Morning all.

I thought the puzzle was fast and easy. Someone must have set a speed record. I might have beaten Bob's time.

Argyle. Sorry about not getting back to you last night. We kept losing power and the internet.
Every time I would get every thing reset, the power would go out again. Then, I had to wait for the LAT site to come up.

I'm not going to argue with you or Natatie. The photo that I came up with the second time looked like yours except it had an etching of some American football players.

I did learn that a lot of glass mugs were made in Xi'an.

Furnace man is here.


Jeannie said...

This was a speed run for me this morning. I did it in less than 15 minutes on my coffee break. I must admit I got perp help with Cahn, Zeno, Loy, and Ewell. Brave New World was one of my favorite books that I read in Highschool so Aldous Huxley was a gimme. It was fun seeing tapas. My favorite tapas is bruschetta of which I could make a meal. Snow, snow and more snow…something’s gotta give. At this rate we won’t see bare ground until May.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone. Not having the puzzle available on caused a late night last night. Having to do the solve on the LAT site with the applet reminded me how much I enjoy downloading the Across-Lite file and solving in that fashion.

Had problems with AZTEK, but knew that OAKLEY was correct. Couldn't spell ALDOUS correctly for a while, but sorted it out through the perps. Knew CHER, ROMULUS, CAHN, LOY, MEIR, and WOOD, but was at a loss for EWELL. OOLA twice in the past week?

@hahtool Thanks for the Huxley quotes.

@lemonade714 Can't go to the library to read, it's closed for the holiday!

@kazie Yes, that's the myth. This statue is in Eden Park in my home town of Cincinnati, so this was a gimme for me.

@jazzbumpa I'm with you on that, bro! (see above)

@clearayes Your original post was clear enough for me.

Have a great Monday!!

kazie said...

I'm really enjoying seeing WM's daisies every time you post. Are you getting a lot of snow? Ours is fairly light, only about an inch so far this morning.

Thanks for the confirmation on R & R, Crockett and Gracie. My Latin days are far behind me. I sometimes wonder why so much of it stuck.

Chuck of the West said...

BUENOS DIAS CC y Argyle. I enjoyed the puzzle this morning, although it was silly easy in some places. I take exception to the clue for 50A. A fob is the little medallion that hangs off the watch chain as it is in key fob.

I pretty much tore through the puzzle, not slowing down when I hit a bump but yawing off in a different direction, knowing that the perps would fill in everything for me. I even knew when I was filling in a wrong word (65A diet), but knew I would get back to it fast(ly).

Enjoyed the Spanish angle as I studied Spanish for many years in school. Can't speak it much now, though. I couldn't figure out why 12D, año, wasn't working 'til I realized that I had spelt 10A-alls instead of alas. I, sometimes, introduce myself to Spanish speakers as, Carlos Oeste. They don't always get it.

Y'all have a nice week.

Chuck of the West

carol said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. and everyone -

Typical Monday puzzle, fast and easy.

I didn't know 47A PETREL, but the perps solved it.

I read Brave New World when I was very young, and it really made an impression on me. Looks like old Aldous was not far from the truth when you look at today's world. Hahtool has a good idea, I am going to order it from my library and re-read it.

We quit watching the Olympics due to the commercials and interruption of a sport to show another at the same time. You're right Gracie! I wish we had TEVO for this occasion, but since we watch so little TV anyway, it is not worth it.

Lucina said...

Buen dia and happy Presidents' Day to all! I am still in awe of yesterday's puzzle with its many clever anagrams. That was pure genius. I would like to be a fly on the wall when it is being developed.

Today's was a quick run; when I saw the theme and then paired it with "WE are the World" it was a bit scarry.

Note on "Aztek", it is usually spelled Aztec and wasn't that interesting to see those two ancient personalities crossing aach other, aztec and zeno. And of course, I always like the Spanish words. I also like piano and scale crossing together.
Is "flied" really used? I'm perplexed about that. Sports fans please tell me it isn't so.
A caution about tapas: when you buy them in Spain, they are one price if you stand, but they cost more if you take a seat.

Clear Ayes:
I agree with you on the first remark and I feel the same way, except for Barbra Streisand, i love anytime she sings.
Adios, amigos.

JD said...

Good morning Arglye, CC and all,

Loved today's puzzle, some fun fills for me.Was easier than most Mondays even though there were words I didn't know, but very perpable:oola, oeste,zeno,aztek.
Knowing the book and the author was obviously a big help.

Anne of Green Gables was a lovely series, and I could always picture Avonlea.
Natalie Wood was my favorite actress. I'll never forget her reciting Wordsworth"s Splender in the Grass.It's a tear jerker.

The story of Romulus and Remus was always a big hit for my 6th graders when introducing ancient Rome. They loved to recreate the story in cartoons.

My dad always said, "You know you're getting old when you read the obits." mmmm, I'm there.

Hahtool,perfect quotes for today.

What's with "flied" ????

Didn't stay up to watch skaters, but have it taped.Boy, Apollo really squeaked thru to get that silver. His heat to make it to the finals was fantastic!

Robin said...

Good Morning CC, Argyle and all. It was a quickie for me this morning. My Lhasa appreciates that because he is ready to go outside. It will be 72 here today. I wish I could send some of this wonder weather your way.

IPO in answer to your question, I did sk8 pairs up until age 12, then I grew too "tall" 5'5". It became an ordeal to find a partner that skated at the same level that could "heft" me OFF of the ICE! I ska8ed singles until I was 15 when a Brave New World opened up to me!!

I think the chinese will win gold. Can you imagine they are 31 and 36 and considered so old for the sport? They are spectacular!!

Have a great day and I still say Dorothy was the best!

MJ said...

Good day Argyle, C.C., and all,

I always enjoy Jack McInturff's crosswords. I find the themes to be clever and clear, and the puzzles to be cleanly constructed. Two Biblical/church references today, one of Mr. McInturff's hallmarks. I thought this was a perfect Monday puzzle.

I agree with some of the comments about the Olympics. I enjoy the skating in particular, but realize that the network is playing to a varied audience.

Thanks for the blog today, Argyle, and a belated thank you to C.C. and Dennis for your combined write-up yesterday!

Enjoy the day!

dodo said...

Thanks for the good blog, Argyle, and to you, C.C. for all the hard work you do.

Lucina, I couldn't believe "flied" either, but I suppose it's accepted as a sports term. It reminded me of an occasion a few years ago when a young woman (old enough to know better, tho) remarked that she had come home so tired that she "lied down for a while". I could hardly keep my mouth shut! And somehow it's embedded in my poor shrinking memory! Doesn't it make you gorge rise? I see J.D. joins us in our dismay!

dodo said...

Robin, I'm with you on Dorothy. You are probably too young to remember Peggy Fleming. It might be a toss-up.

dodo said...

CA and Robin, of course I go way back to Sonia Henie! What a difference these days!

kazie said...

Dodo, Lucina and JD,
I reacted to flied too, but just thought it was my ignorance about special sport terminology.

That "lied" quote reminds me of how many people misuse the lie/lay pair of verbs, which also irks me no end.

MR ED said...

I'm a day late with my comments. Re Sunday,2/14/10 puzzle.
First of all, congrats to Dennis for his work on the answer sheet. Nice job Dennis.... and CC too.

Now my other comments:
1. shouldn't it be 'an eon'? for 47A.
2.when Dale Evans was in a crib, she was not a cowgirl.

CC, I have to tell you again, this blog was a great gift to all of us who use it. Many thanks over and over. Maybe you could tell us how you got the idea.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Good fun with being able to do today's puzzle.
What's with tryst? after I saw mommy kissing...? The rest of the line is Santa Claus, don't you remember?

I always have trouble with cluing watch chain as fob. I knew it as "a small ornament attached to a watch chain." (From my online dictionary.)
And that's what a fob pocket is for: the watch, not a chain.

Hope all you people with snow are safe and warm. We have a glorious 70° and not a cloud in sight.


Frenchie said...

Monkeys as Waiters

A possible alternative for those who are still shoveling snow...

I'm still working on linking things and finally got this one to work...I hope.

Frenchie said...

Good Morning C.C., Argyle, and folk,
I am entertaining a moment of intelligence after completing today's puzzle!
@Lemonade714, didn't you link a "Remus" awhile back?? Also, thank you to Hahtool and you. Long ago, I read a novel which set the base character on an isle off of Britain or there about. She was waiting for a moment when these birds would so briefly land on shore..I was sure they were Petrels, but wrong local...I now stand corrected.
Keep warm and dry and enjoy the day!

MJ said...

Sallie-- I, too, was unsure about FOB, so I looked it up in my desktop dictionary (Webster's New World), and find that is can be variably a chain or ribbon, an ornament or watch attached to such chain/ribbon, or the pocket in which the ornament/watch rests. Hope this helps.

Bill G. said...

I had heard of Anne of Green Gables but had never read it until I noticed a paperback on a shelf at my middle school. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the PBS series. Old fashioned and a very pleasant read.

In baseball, when the ball is hit high in the air, it's called a pop fly or just a fly ball. When it is caught, the batter is said to have flied out or flied to center field. I don't think flied would be used by itself. It would certainly sound strange to hear, "Last time up, the batter flew to left field."

Happy Presidents' Day!

Lemonade714 said...

Yes, Remus is my youngest grandpuppie. My son Aaron, who is a Classics Major, with a speciality in Roman Architecture, in a PhD program at SUNY at Buffalo, named the sweety pie for the self same Remus from legend, but will not name any others Romulus as if read the rest of the legend, things did not go well for Remus. Siblings too tend to compete.

Speaking of which, it is too funny that 5'5" was too tall, but I suppose the added size was too much for young muscles. Similar to being a jockey I guess, where you really can grow out of a job.

Dorothy was tremendous fun, but Peggy Fleming was so stylish.

Fly balls have been part of baseball since its inception, as the old riddle asks, "What has 18 legs and catches flies?"

ipo said...

Robin, how interesting. Do you have any video of your sk8ing days? Clear Ayes? I was watching the video Lemonaid linked for his son's dog, and think it is so amazing you can save your home movies at You Tube. This internet stuff may catch on.

We also had a multiple Hawaiian day, with both LEI and UKE.


Dick said...

As you can see from the attached definition the use of FOB is OK for the chain, therefore Fob is correct.

Jerome said...

The really cool thing about FLIED is that it's always done at a FIELD.

Jazzbumpa said...

Bill is right. All flys are not created equal.

I flew an airplane, but I flied out to short center.

OK, truth to tell, it was a pop-up to the pitcher. But I still flied out.

Romulus and Remus were indeed suckled by a she-wolf. I think Buckeye was working for the adoption agency at that time.

It all worked out well, though. Much later in life, Remus had many nephews and nieces, while Romulus went on to build the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

I'm sure Gracie can verify the latter.

JzB the my-mom-is-a-twin trombonist

Jazzbumpa said...


My mother is a gentle soul, and would never slay anybody. Not sure I can say the same about her sib. They are definitely NON-identical twins.

By the way, officially speaking, this is not President's Day.
There aint no such holiday!

Happy George Washington's birthday, officially celebrated on a Monday rather than Feb 22, even though Feb 22 IS a Monday this year?!?

#3, all off-topic

Jzb the President-setting trombonist

linda said...

great puzzle. Easy to solve compared to others. I actually solved it completely without having to "cheat". Gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Lucina said...

Very interesting, thought provoking article. Thanks for the link. When I was child, we celebrated both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays and also Statehood Day, Feb. 14th with no school.

Later as a teacher, although those holidays were morphed into President's Day and the other one abolished as a holiday, I realized how disruptive it was to school. We also always had a day off for Parade Day when the rodeo started. Hence, February was riddled with days off.

This blog is providing me with valuable insights, not all having to do with cw puzzles; in a democracy I believe that is important. Yet, the cwds are the main focus; in the past (and it's a lengthy past) I had only solved the puzzles, learned new vocabulary, looked up some facts and called it a day. You all have given me a deeper understanding into their meaning. When I see foreign language words and phrases, I am grateful to learn something new. That is always nice. I thank you all.
I still don't care for "flied."

Carlos Oeste:
You are un hombre sabio.

Robin said...

OMG Kuu IPO, I was an only child and have probably 72 hours of non-stop video of figure sk8ing or anything else I may have done in my life!! I FLIED through the air, with the greatest of difficulty (mostly)

Good Job Frenchie on the monkey video!

Chickie said...

Hello All--A Monday puzzle with a very straight-forward theme. I did enjoy going straight through without much hesitation. A good Monday exercise.

I did put in Obit for "In memorian" news, but isn't it an abbreviation? I thought maybe there was another word that the constructor was looking for until I had the across words all in and obits appeared. I'm too literal sometimes.

Hatool, great QODS today.

I remember vividly watching Dorothy Hamil and Peggy Fleming both skate in the Olympics. Peggy Fleming and her husband are vinters of some renown and live in our area. They do a great deal of volunteer work which gets their picture in the paper every so often.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Dennis is having post-blogging hangover :-). Seriously, he had food poisoning last night. Still sick/fever 101.

How long have you been solving crossword? Did your paper carry Wayne R. Williams' Tribune Media Daily before March 21, 2009 also?

Anonymous said...

Kazie: I cringed at many misuses but am over most now days. The one that still makes me shake my head is "Walla" instead of "Voila."


lois said...

Good evening Argyle, CC, et al., What a fun puzzle! I neither
'flee'd, nor 'flied' but I did go 'fast'. Was there a mistake?
'Not a one'. Between what I knew and some WAGs, this one 'lei'd to rest my record of hitting and missing. That's one for the 'obits'. And you'd expect that 'I saw' the theme. 'Alas'.
..nope. So, 'what else is new!'
'Son' of a motherless goat! I think I'm b'lined' in that way somehow. 'E-well', one of these days, when it 'bytes' me on the 'ass-et' will dawn on me. So far, I maintain my 'flair' for missing the obvious, but at 'least' I have no 'sores'. It's all good.

Started getting excited when 17A
'came up' with 'upright or grand'.
Wasn't disappointed tho' to see my beloved 'piano' here. My first thought was of Dennis for some reason.

Dennis: I just read CC's note about you being sick. I'm so sorry and hope you are up and flying 'unite'd soon.

Hope the rest of you enjoy your evening.

Clear Ayes said...

Dodo, Sonja Henie was my first love. I saw her ice show when I was about eight years old and thought she was the most beautiful, dimply, sparkly, angel I had ever seen. I've mentioned before that I skated until it became too expensive for my family and when I turned 13 or thereabout, suddenly Sonja wasn't as gorgeous as some of the boys that were catching my eye. I never skated pairs...not enough boys to go around in our local club and I was never a teeny 5 foot, 90 pounder.

Video was not even a gleam in anybody's eye when I was slamming into the sideboards on my butt. (Robin knows, if you don't fall, you aren't trying hard enough.) I do have some photos, but not too many.

It is still fun to watch how all the sports have come along. They are all so much more athletic AND dangerous than they once were.

Robin, a little later on, I was partial to Michelle Kwan, but she fell short in the Olympics, so you are probably right about Dorothy Hamill (nice avatar). She had the right stuff when she needed it.

Hahtoolah said...

Today was a holiday? Not in my state. Only Federal workers got the day off. Most schools closed but only because it is the Mardi Gras break. Schools are always closed the week of Mardi Gras, so it is only a coincidence that this year President's Day, or whatever the holiday is called, fell during the Mardi Gras break.

Doreen: I had never heard of "Walla" for "Voila", but that reminded me of something that I hear all too often. Instead of saying "A blessing in disguise", people say, "A blessing in the skies."

CC: I agree with Mr. Ed. Your blog is a gift. I think we all appreciate checking in to learn and for the camaraderie.

Robin said...

Dennis, do you need a good nurse? I know a few......
Have a helicopter and the first 15 min of CPR are free.

:( sorry you are sick

Anonymous said...

For some reason, when I try to print the puzzle from the LA times site off my mac, it doesn't print the entire puzzle. It leaves off the last row. If I print with Cruciverb it is fine. Anyone know why? Don't have problems with anything else.

Lemonade714 said...

R. A helpicopter ride (I know I put the other p there) and 15 minutes of CPR, I think that might just finish me off, though it would be a way to go; good luck Dennis, hope you are feeling better.

carol said...

Dennis, so sorry you are poisoning is awful!! Hope you know what caused it. I wish you TLC as I am sure your wife will provide. We are all thinking of you!

I very much admire all of you that know how to ice skate! I loved it from the first moment I saw the Ice Capades as a child. My Dad took me skating when I was about 10 but my skinny ankles just would not support me on skates, they bent at an alarming angle :)...I was great on roller skates because they offered more stability with their 4 wheels, but never could manage the blade on the ice skates.

Gracie said...


;-) U.R.2.Much!


Lucina said...

C. C.:
I started crosswords at age 10 when I was in 4th grade, which ironically was my favorite grade and I taught that grade for most of 35 years.
I immediately loved the thrill and continued doing them whenever I had a chance into adulthood. After retiring it has been my pleasure to devote every morning to the cwds. I can't answer your question for certain, but I do know we've had Tribune puzzles for a very long time.

I am sorry you are ill; my best wishes for a quick recovery.

Bill G. said...

Carol and Gracie, I wouldn't want to seem like I'm trying to convince you to watch more television but I sure enjoy it more since getting a DVR (like TIVO except it's the one provided by the cable company). I start recording the Olympics or other program but don't start watching it right away. Then when I watch the recording a little later, I can skip over all the ads. I record things I like and watch them when I want to.

Speaking of shows I like, I stumbled across a new show on CBS Sunday nights called Undercover Boss. Last week, the CEO of Hooters went undercover and found out all kinds of things he didn't like about the way some of the managers operated and how they mistreated the Hooters girls. Very interesting I thought.

JD said...

Frenchie, loved the monkey waiters.

Jerome & JzB, you crack me up!

Like most of you I loved the skating, but there is no couple that can match the grace of the legendary Protopopovs. They brought ballet into skating, and had a killer death spiral.When they defected from the Soviet Union to Switzerland they could no longer compete, and so they coached.

carol said...

Bill G. - thanks for the info on TIVO, we know all about it, but have no interest. We can tape any show, but never do much of that anymore either. Most of the programs we do enjoy are the ones about science/astronomy/the Earth/cooking, etc. These are repeated often enough that can see them in 'our' time (granted they still have the normal amount of commercials, but hey, a bathroom break is always good):)
The Olympic events will be shown again and again, so we can catch them then.

Chuck of the West said...

Lucina- ¡Muchas gracias, mi amiga!

Chickie- I used to be too literal, but it caused me problems with the xwds, so I became illiteral.

Lois- u r totally too much! And, I mean that in a positive way.

C.C.- May I add my voice to the chorus of appreciation? And, I'm not being a pooky head.

Lucina- RE: when did yo start xwds? Although I think of myself as functionally intelligent, I'm not particularly bookish, but about eight years ago, my wife suggested that doing xwds. might stave off Alzheimer's. Do you think she might have seen something coming?

Dennis- Food poisoning is horrible. But, as I remember from my, thankfully, limited experience, after that initial exploding bomb in your gut, it's just feeling cra**y 'til you recover. Hope you heal quick.

RE: FOB- My Final comment(s): Back when I was cowboying (yes, that's a verb, even tho spellcheck doesn't agree) I carried/wore a pocket watch because you could destroy a wrist watch in no time bustin' around doing that work. The only time a FOB is a CHAIN is when it is a short dangly chain, usually with some thingy on the end so you could grab it easily out of your FOB pocket. The real set-up was a CHAIN connected to a WATCH, with the little FOB attached to facilitate quick removal of the WATCH to calculate when you might finally become reunited with Mother Earth after getting bucked off of some rank ranch hoss.

Carlos del Oeste aka: Chuck of the West

ipo said...

Robin-- Do you re-visit the sk8ing video ever?
Frenchie--forget the monkey as a waiter, I would like to have one as a house keeper!

Jazzbumpa said...

JD, Lucina, Gracie -

Tanks, goils.

KQ -

Puzzles NEVER print properly from the LA Times site. Negotiating the grid is clumsy too. That's what makes Cruciverb so great.

Speaking of which, I blogged the puzzle the Tuesday after Labor Day, and Cruciverb did not have the L.A. Times puzzles up for either Mon or Tues until later in the week. (Today's is still not up.) Both Argyl and I had very late nights waiting for the puzzle to be available at the LAT site - 1:00 a.m. eastern time.

There may be a pattern of CVerb taking Fed holidays off.

Maybe somebody on the West coast should blog those days?!?

Man, am I tired. I played the lead book at jazz band rehearsal tonight, instead of my usual 4th. I can play those high notes, but not all night. Lost my chops on the last chorus of Here's That Rainy Day. (about 2:10 at the link.) Big disappointment, because I already had the REALLY high notes behind me, and I LOVE that song! It was like my lips fell off.

Well. I never claimed to be a lead player.

JzB the almost good trombonist

Jeannie said...

Kazie, I am glad you are enjoying my avatar...I am tickled pink that fabulous painting is "enroute" to me. What a great way to push out winter and bring in spring. I am so excited. Thank you, thank you WM for being such a talented artist and actually thinking of me as you painted it. I am truly blessed. Oh, and did I say I am so EXCITED???

Clear Ayes said...

No online puzzle at since Sunday. Hmmm, I hope whatever the problem is that is gets fixed soon. I don't mind the LAT site, I just don't like waiting until morning to do the puzzle. I'm not as eager as Jazz or Argyle and will not stay up past California 11 PM to get it done on line.

JD, yes on the Protopopov's. They were an amazing pair.

Jeannie, you are lucky to have one of Kathleen's paintings. I know that she wanted to have the painting turn out just right. She succeeded beautifully.

I hope that Dennis is feeling better this evening and will be able to join back in soon.

Argyle said...

Cruciverb is back up!

Jeannie said...

Clearayes, don't I know it. She is one talented artiste. Okay, that's all I can muster of French.

Windhover, are you doing okay? I think snow was heading your way and I know you needed to gather some "ewes" that were due to lamb.

Wonderful skating footage tonight. I am glad to see the "underdogs" win the gold.

Jeannie said...

Gotta go for it...foodshow layout was completed today so all I have to do is sit with my persincky boss to run his fine toothed comb over allowances and details. Patience, patience, patience.

Hit my mark...

tfrank said...

Hi, C.C. and gang,

Just a quick note to report that I have been down with a Trojan PC virus since last Wednesday. My guru has cured my problem, so I am back in business.

I liked today's puzzle, but don't have time to comment further. My daughter and grandson are visiting from New York State, and they are keeping me busy.

So long for now.