Jul 5, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 Kevin Christian

Theme: Dog Days - Seven dogs and their greeting & food brand. (Click on name for image.)

9A. *Jake LaMotta, e.g. : BOXER

17A. *Mexican neighbor of New Mexico : CHIHUAHUA

24A. *Skiers' patron : SAINT BERNARD

41A. *Like Hammett's falcon : MALTESE

43A. *Piece of advice : POINTER

54. *Labrador was added to its provincial name in 2001 : NEWFOUNDLAND

67A. *Beijing dialect : PEKINGESE


58D. Steadfast belief (and parent of each answer to a starred clue?) : DOGMA. (DOG MA, get it?)

73A. Greetings from the answers to starred clues : BARKS

Bonus entry:

51A. Brand for a 58-Down : ALPO

Argyle here. Easy theme but a lot of it! It has been over a year since Kevin's last LAT puzzle and a pangram to boot. Welcome back.


1. Word after boom or Bean : TOWN. BEANTOWN/ Boston.

5. Dickens's Uriah : HEEP. From the novel David Copperfield, the character is notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness, and insincerity.

14. Aleve target : ACHE

15. Fall birthstone : OPAL

16. "All systems __" : ARE GO

19. Feature of "butte" but not "but" : LONG U. I'm catching on to this gimmick quicker now.

20. Like lava flows : OOZING

21. Austin-to-Dallas dir. : NNE

23. British golfer Poulter : IAN. Colorful.

28. NYC hub : JFK and 68D. Inbound flight posting at 28-Across : ETA

31. Tolerate : BEAR

32. 2008-'09 Japanese prime minister Taro __ : ASO. Image.

33. Sans serif typeface : ARIAL

35. Expansive : VAST

37. Ye __ Tea Shoppe : OLDE

45. Information storage unit : BYTE

46. Choice word : ELSE

48. __-wip: dessert topping : REDDI. Whipped cream in a can.

49. Bear: Sp. : OSO

53. Follow-up film: Abbr. : SEQ.

59. Pie __ mode : À LA

60. Suffix for glob : ULE

61. Home builder's subcontractor : ROOFER

65. Get started : BEGIN

70. Upright : ON END

71. "They're __ again!" : AT IT

72. Desert tableland : MESA

74. Lord's partner : LADY. Can't be clued as Tramp's partner to avoid conflict with the theme.

75. Tiny power source : ATOM


1. Filled tortilla : TACO

2. Cuatro times dos : OCHO. Spanish 4 X 2 = 8

3. Ace : WHIZ

4. Classic grape sodas : NEHIs

5. Philly's signature sandwich : HOAGIE. What? Not the cheesesteak?

6. N.T. book after Galatians : EPH.. Ephesians. The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians, often shortened to Ephesians, is the tenth book of the New Testament. Its authorship has traditionally been credited to Paul, but it is considered by some scholars to be "deutero-Pauline," that is, written in Paul's name by a later author strongly influenced by Paul's thought.

7. Seine contents : EAU. French / water.

8. Backup strategy : PLAN B

9. Agricultural cubists? : BALERS. Shout out to WH. Forgot to mention yesterday, I thought of Jeannie when I saw the riddle about the HAIR. I hope she's still afloat.

10. Yellow metal, in Mexico : ORO. Maybe we can get an answer today from yellowrocks about his her name. (Oops)

11. Seat of Greene County, Ohio : XENIA

12. Samantha of "Doctor Dolittle" : EGGAR. Image.

13. Set of drinks for the table : ROUND

18. Lacking capacity : UNABLE

22. "Cool!" : "NEATO!"

25. Umbilical terminus : NAVEL

26. __ la la : TRA

27. Not a soul : NO ONE

28. Doorframe part : JAMB

29. Start to unravel : FRAY

30. Scot's skirt : KILT

34. Dined on, biblically : ATE OF

36. Witch's incantation : SPELL

38. Old Ford models : LTDs

39. "__ Dinah": 1958 Frankie Avalon hit : DEDE. Clip.(2:15) A wailing sax on the bridge.

40. La Salle of "ER" : ERIQ. Image.

42. Asian Olympics city of 1988 : SEOUL

44. Like some patches : IRON ON

47. Blue : SAD

50. Squeaks and creaks : SOUNDS

52. Equivalence : PARITY. Often heard in sports talk.

54. Big wheel : NABOB

55. 2010 Supreme Court appointee Kagan : ELENA. Kagan is the first justice appointed without any prior experience as a judge since William Rehnquist in 1972. (Check out Hahtool's avatar from yesterday.)

56. Staked amount : WAGER

57. Himalayan country : NEPAL

62. Acre's 43,560 square units : FEET

63. Bygone U.S. gas : ESSO

64. 500 sheets : REAM

66. Octopus's defense : INK

69. Joke around with : KID


Notes from C.C.:

1) Look at this adorable boy. Can you guess who he is (from our blog, of course)?

2) Many of us have been receiving free daily Word of the Day mini-crossword from Paul Stynsberg, who always tries his best to provide the most relevant & informative crosswordese of the day. He said in his email yesterday: I'm running a 5K on July 16th to raise money for the fight against ALS. My goal is to get 50 people to kick in a buck or two. If you'd like to be a part of this, please make a check payable to "ALS Fundraiser" and try to get it to me sometime before the race. (I'm sorry, I don't have a way for you to do this on-line.) Mail to:

Paul Stynsberg
705 4th St. NE
Roseau MN 56751

Let's help and motivate Paul to run faster. Thank you!


fermatprime said...

Hi all!

Fantastic puzzle today! Super job, Kevin! (I love dogs. Cats too, but not as much, as they just don't give a s**t.)

Great write-up, Argyle!

Favorite answer, apart from the dogs, was BALER.

Anyone watching Falling Skies? Good CGI. Plot not outstanding. Noah Wylie still looks very young.

Does anyone work the JONESIN' puzzles? They are fun and partially blogged at crossword fiend. I will never understand how Amy Renaldo can work these in 2-3 minutes.

Headache abating. Time for bed. Cheers!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Maybe it's just the post-BBQ exhaustion speaking, but this was the roughest Tuesday puzzle I've seen in quite some time (if not ever). Thank heavens I know Spanish, because the constructor really does seem to love it, eh?

Unknowns today included XENIA and IAN (nice of them to cross), as well as ASO, and it took awhile to pull EGGAR out of the deep, dark crevices of my cerebellum.

I really wanted CHEESESTEAK as well for 5D, since HOAGIE is just way too non-specific for a "signature" sandwich. And is PEKINGESE really a dialect? I suppose it is, but I'll have to ask my wife when she wakes up...

34D caused me some grief since I really wanted ATEST due to the biblical clue. And then I would have come here to complain about how lame it was, of course.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Oh, I just loved this Dog Days of Summer puzzle! I thought the DOG MA was especially amusing! I'm more of a cat person, myself.

This was a pretty easy Tuesday puzzle and had to go back and read some of the clues since I had already filled in the answers.

Anyone else think of Piano for Upright?

I love fireworks and we had a wonderful display last night. I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th celebrations.

QOD: Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear. ~ Dave Barry

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Tuesday and back to work all;

I loved the doggie theme and how much theme was put into a Tuesday. I wonder why anyone outside of Ohio would know or care what the county seat of Greene might be. HOAGIE also was not a great clue/fill combo, but I enjoyed the puzzle and the write up. Thanks

Nonbody guessing on Argyle's picture- I will say Dennis?

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Not as smooth as yesterday, but an enjoyable puzzle that made me use my "noodle". I thought 58D was a stretch. I think "Dog's Ma" is the proper term, but I get Kevin's thought process too. Never knew skiers had a Patron; a learning moment.

Overall, a nice challenge from Kevin and hope to see more down the road from him.

This will be my last post for a while, but I hope to at least check in periodically and read the daily comments from you good people. "Talk" to you soon.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Thanks for the informative write-up, Argyle! I couldn't open the BOXER link, but the others were all really beautiful dogs! Loved the DOG MA answer.

If I hadn't still been in holiday weekend mode this morning, it probably would have been a speed run. As it was, well - it wasn't. But I don't blame Kevin for that one. Loved his jam-packed theme entries, and the fact that every one could be clued in an un-dog-related manner. Great stuff!

Have a lovely day everyone.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the commentary, Argyle.

This puzzle seemed as easy as yesterday's for me. Loved the DOG theme. The dog breeds were all common, too. (ie, no Briards, Akitas, or Komondors)
Not much else to say. I'm sure we'll pay for it later in the week.

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

Loved your dog pictures, Argyle.
As a PA gal, hoagie was the first word that popped into my mind at 5D. Hoagies originated in or near Philadelphia long before sub sandwiches were so ubiquitous. They were much more popular with us teens than so called Philly cheese steaks. I associate cheese steaks with the Jersey boardwalk.
Well, Yellowrocks turned blue. Blue rocks are no so much fun as Yellowrocks.

kazie said...

A most enjoyable solve, despite screwing up the IAN XENIA cross--I had XENDA/DAN, as both were unknown and I didn't want to google them.

I think DOG MA can work if you think of DOG as adjectival rather than possessive.

Is it Windhover?

I watched the movie Rendition last night, and found it to be the most disturbing one I can remember seeing, ever. The fact that people, many of them innocent, are being subjected to that treatment in our name, not only what was in the film, but what was described in the extra features, is criminal, and I can't understand why the perpetrators are still walking free.

Anonymous said...


Yellowrocks said...

Thank you, Busy Lady and Jaycl, for helping me turn blue. Next problem,I can't find the place to enter my profile.

Lemonade714 said...

Yr, try clicking on your own blue name. It should take you to a screen where it offers you a chance to EDIT PROFILE; lcik that and get to work!

Argyle said...

Yellowrocks, do you like to dance?

Unknown said...

Xoxoxo, Argle! Thanks for all the good stuff today.
What a fun way to return to the work week! I love dogs and had a great career as a dog walker/pet sitter before early mornings got the best of me.

Yellowrocks? My late mother and her husband met at a square dance. Of course, squaredancers have their own lingo. Did anyone, including me, know that? In that culture a "yellowrock" is a hug! Who knew? Bluerocks? I haven't got a clue. Could that be the step taken after a yellowrock? I will slap my own hands for that un-ladylike thought!

On to the rest of the day! We've already had a visit from the washing machine repairman. It seems that the computer on my 3-year-old machine has gone out, a most unusual happening, he says. Meanwhile, we are thankful that we left the upatairs laundryroom intact after a renovation and addition downstairs! Now I will be running up and down the stairs to complete the vacation laundry. In heaven will there be laundry to do? If so, I will do the honors. Of that, I am sure!

Yellowrocks said...

Argyle and "Mom speaks out," you guessed it! A yellow rock is a big friendly hug in square dancing. I have been square dancing for 25 years. Square dancers are the friendliest people I know. When I visited Japan, I contacted a local club. One of their members drove 35 miles to take me to their dance. (All over the world square dance calls are in English.) No, I was not afraid to ride with a male stranger whom I had contacted myself. Modern square dancing consists of learning 68 or more different calls, some with many steps, that can be combined in an endless array of surprising patterns.
Before some of you savants knock it, please read this article.
I am not that young, nor an engineer, but it is a great mental workout.
Yellow rocks to y'all. Momspeaks out, there are no blue rocks, except that now my name is blue.

Anonymous said...

67A. *Beijing dialect : PEKINGESE

I had only heard of Mandarin & Cantonese. Only after a while did I notice the theme which was breeds of dogs.

@ fermatprime you are correct dogs are happy to see you but cats just don't care if you came home or not.

Late show fun facts By Dave Letterman

Each member of the Australian band Men at Work is currently unemployed.

In the 1950's Phillip Morris spent millions of dollars trying to teach dogs to smoke.

Anonymous said...


I guess that explains the tapestries of the poker playing smoking.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to Argyle and me!
Argyle, did you Google it?
I agree with the friendliness of square dancers. My mother adored her dancing friends who supported her after my dad's death. We, my brother, sister and I, teased her about her "Bo-Peep" outfits, but were happy that she had such remarkable people in her life.
Welcome to Yellowrocks! We are glad that you are dancing in the corner.
Laundry is waiting and can no longer be avoided! Bye y'all!

Yellowrocks said...

Lemonade, thanks for the tip. I now have my profile. Marge, from yesterday, you have to dot Share my profile on your profile page in order for it to show up in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Puzzle - Thank you Mr. Christian. Very Nicely blogged Mr. Argyle - Thank you for your links, especially Ed Ames and the Johnny Carson show.

Thank you Lemonade for a picture of yourself. Both you and Grandniece look very, very nice. Babies are always so charming to hold and behold.

I didn't know PekinGese, had a 'G' in the middle. My learning moment.

I went and read and saw yesterdays avatar by Hahtool. For me, it was too small, to see anything, but a blur. ( I have very poor eyesight -). I was surprised somebody actually recognized (Late) US Chief Justice Mr. Rehnquist. Despite their being the 'third' arm of the government - most Americans are very poorly informed about the US Supreme Court - and couldn't care less.... Over 88 percent of American high schoolers, cannot name more than one US Supreme Court Justice.

Anonymous said...

@ Kazie,

a secret deal was reached between both parties after the fallout of the Watergate investigation that neither party would investigate a previous administration. That is why 43's bunch is free. My guess would be if people knew there were no consequences for robbing a bank more people would do it.

Anonymous said...

Kazie scariest movie I saw this weekend was Untraceable with Diane Lane. If you like scary movies you will like this one.

FBI agent Jennifer Marsh is tasked with hunting down a seemingly untraceable serial killer who posts live videos of his victims on the Internet. As time runs out, the cat and mouse chase becomes more personal. Rated R 101 minutes.

Argyle said...

"Mom speaks out", yup. I googled but I had to decide which reference it was.

Anon, there seems to be no consequences for banks robbing people. A $30.00 charge for a $5.00 check that is $1.00 overdrawn; if that ain't robbery, what is?

Anonymous said...


I know the feeling I had $10 check come in with $9 in the bank and started the month $31 in the hole.

carol said...

Hi all -

Fun today but a bit thorny too. I didn't know 11D or 23A so I was stuck there.

19A fooled me completely.

I have never had a hoagie (or any sandwich like it). I don't care for salami type stuff. I have had the turkey 'sub' at SubWay and loved it.

I knew the theme was dogs but the rest escaped me.

Must go...gotta get the bike ride in before it gets too hot!

C.C. Burnikel said...

In China, we just call the language as "Beijing dialect", and refer to the natives of Beijing as Pekingese, though Dictionary backs up the language definition. It's the basis of standard Mandarin Chinese.

Almost every big city has its local diaclect, some can be impossible for outsiders to understand, like Cantonese or Shanghai dialect. My first year in Guangzhou was a nightmare.

Tianjin, where Barry's wife came from, has a strong dialect too. Same with my hometown Xi'An. I actually grew up speaking my Grandma's very obscure dialect that my classmates couldn't understand. Now I speak English with a strong accent that others have difficulty grokking what I say also.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the banks - Under some state laws, esp. in the midwest, if you have less than $ 2500 in a bank, and even if the bank (has to -) give you no interest, - if you don't use ( or haven't used - ) the bank account ( no transactions -) for a period of 12 months, then -

1. The bank can start start sending statements, ONLY, once every six months.
2. It can charge you $ 50 a month, for a so called 'inactive' account -
3. And you find out 6 months later, when the first 'changed' statement arrives, you will have lost $ 300 of your own money !!! - for the price of sending out ONE statement.

And, this is all very LEGAL !

Chase Bank, and Bank of America, in Ohio.

Alternate QOD - Politicians and diapers have a lot in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason. - Will Rogers.

Anonymous said...

Ohio has 89 counties, and Xenia, the county seat, of Greene county, ( a rural, agricultural community - ) is most well remembered for a devastating tornado, which hit 22 years ago, in 1989.

'Natick' Clue ? for a pangram ?

Anonymous said...

To make matters worse Argyle banks like B o A got $700 billion in TARP money but yet they stick it to when you can't pay! How is that for fair?

Iliked the guy who had a mortgage with and paid on time Bo A foreclosed on his house he fought them in court and won $25,000 in damages and when B o A refused to pay he gave them 90 days foreclosure notice and they still wouldn't budge at the end of 90 Days he came into the bank with a locksmith and some workers and had a dumpster in the parking lot when the bank manager cut him a check on the spot to stop the proceedings.

C.C. Burnikel said...


Hope everything goes smoothly with your operation.

Such a beautiful photo. Very exotic to me. Was it taken during your wedding?

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, IMO, slap a mustache on the little altar boy photo and it is the spitting image of Dennis.

GAH and I love dogs, so today's puzzle was fun. As Spitzboov said, no unusual breeds, so it was fine for a Tuesday.

A variation of 54A would also have worked for the theme in a different area of the grid "Newfoundland's provincial name addition in 2001: LABRADOR.

Yellowrocks, GAH and I did some square dancing when we first moved to this area. His sciatica and knee problems kept us from continuing, but we did introduce my cousin and her husband to the area club. They continue to dance every Tuesday and go to square dance weekends on a regular basis.

GAH and I are going to beat the heat at a matinee of the newest Tom Hanks movie ("Larry Crowne") today.

Have a good day everyone.

C.C. Burnikel said...

That boy is so sweet and shy. Nothing DF is showing.

Anonymous said...

The "hoagie" was named after the Hog Island shipyard in Philadelphia.
Blue rock are clay pidgeons.

Jerome said...

Is your pet a CHIHUAHUA?


Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, all. This was a pretty easy puzzle. My only slow spot was the 'Q'. I was pretty sure of SEQuel, but wasn't familiar with ERIQ. I decided to go with it and Mr. Happy Pencil told me I was right.

XENIA was a gimme although I lived at the other end of the state. If we had been innundated with multiple 24 hour news channels then, XENIA's tornado would have been the Joplin, Missouri of it's time.

FP, I usually do the Jonesin' puzzle each week.

Scotty said...

Jerome: Loved your anagram of Chihuahua! Very clever.

Enjoyed today's puzzle, write-up and blogs.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. and all,

Enjoyable theme today. Had a hard time spelling chihuahua, but the perps helped;eph did not jump out.

I did "G" Xenia, as I was stuck in that corner.Last entry was an unknown, parity.

Favorite? umbilical terminus-navel

Photo MUST be Dennis. I'm sure he wasn't always DF, C.C. It comes with age.Sure do miss him.

kazie said...

Red State,
No, I don't like scary movies. got that one because it looked interesting. those descriptions are difficult to interpret sometimes. But I'm glad to have learned something by seeing it.

Anon @9:49,
At least your explanation of the lack of an investigation makes me feel a bit better about that part of it, but I'm still angry.

Thanks. Yes, it was at our wedding. It was held in the garden of my cousin's home. They had a very nice place in the outer suburbs of Sydney and offered to have it there. the whole photo shows both of us with my in-laws, but I cropped it so it would be clearer in small format here.

WM said...

Quick Hi...and my first guess is Dennis...face looks similar.

Loved the puzzle and it did seem about right for a Tuesday even though my brain hasn't kicked in yet...Big BBQ with family and good friends...amazing fireworks show that we can view from our front yard...and lack of sleep due to having my bestest cousin here along with daily granddaughter sitting for one more month...

I like the fact that anything I wasn't sure of was easily handled by perps and did groan at the DOGMA answer...and thanks to Argyle for a great job...:o)

Avg Joe said...

What everyone has already said about the puzzle. Fun, easy enough and clever in that all theme clues were non-canine. Would have been nice to see a Rottie (our Avg Dog) in there, but I don't know how it would have been clued.

I did have to get a few perps for Xenia, but also vividly remember that tornado.

Jayce said...

Hello evereybody. Wonderful, fun puzzle today. Interesting writeup, Argyle, with fun links. Thank you.

Like you folks, I had a stumble at the crossing of XENIA and IAN, but since IAN seemed to be the best alternative I went ahead and put it in. Then suddenly XENIA just looked right.

It seems variations of the word OOZE are starting to show up more frequently.

HeartRx, I sure enough did think of PIANO for Upright, but since I already had ELENA in there, I knew that couldn't be it.

Yellowrocks, I agree that hoagies are what we ate as youths in the Philadelphia area. They were generally "sub" sandwiches made with coldcuts, cheeses, tomatoes, etc. Only later did hot hoagies become popular. I am not sure, but I think the hot hoagies are what later evolved into the cheesesteak sandwiches. We used to frequent a hoagie joint in the suburbs northeast of Philly called, of course, Luigi's. Ah, fond memories.

Jayce said...

Fermatprime, I would say you were an early bloomer, not a late bloomer. Hence my comment last night.

Kazie, that "rendition" movie added fuel my already existing outrage at the horrific practice of "extraordinary rendition" perpretrated against innocent (or at least not proven guilty) people, all in the name of making us "safer." Benjamin Franklin, and most probably his contemporaries, was turning over and over in his grave, I'm sure.

creature said...

Good Day C.C., Argyle and all,

It has all been said; and well said, at that.

Thanks, Argyle and Kevin.

Dennis’ pic is handsome and funny at the same time. DF wouldn’t occur to me at first glance. Thanks for sharing, C.C.

Have a nice day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Great write up to a fabulous puzzle, Argyle. I too loved the dog pix.

Welcome Yellowrocks, great to have you join us. Good comments too.

I have been reading a most interesting dog book (I read several dog books as well as mysteries). "Paws & Effect" by Sharon Sakson. It's about therapy and alerting dogs. The alerting part that is of special interest to me is that they can alert to an impending seizure, an impending hypoglycemia problem, both of which I have. And of course, hearing dogs; I am very hard of hearing. So I recommend this book to all you dog lovers.


windhover said...

Don't know about 1989, but THE Xenia tornado was April 3, 1974, when the outbreak of supercells stretched from Texas to the Northeast. I remember it well.

Husker Gary said...

In October of 1995 I stopped by my friend’s classroom at noon and heard the stunning verdict of “not guilty” for OJ and today after getting home from golf I heard the same verdict for Casey Anthony. OMG!

-135 lb Saint Bernard/Pyrenees’ mix lives next door and does not do well in the summer!
-My doctor has me take 2 Aleves before golf and my back feels nothing! Wow!
-Sequels aren’t usually all that good! Godfather sequels are a major exception. Grease 2, Caddyshack 2, Bluesbrothers 2000, etc? Not so much!
-Hay bales around here are now HUGE cylinders, not cubes
-My mother used a lot of iron-on patches for me and my brother!
-Simon and Garfunkel’s BOXER is my favorite
-Paul’s WOTD have quit coming and I don’t know why!

eddyB said...

Hello all.

Another fun and easy Tuesday puzzle.

Think "Raging Bull" is one of Sorseses's best. Besides, Daisy is an AKC Boxer.

Want to start Xenia with a Z.

Had a Saint when we lived in AZ.

CC. Was wondering how you had a photo of me when I still believed.
Dead ringer.

Still having software problems.

Half way through Clancy's. Now able to appreciate what ST-6 did.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

38d was a toughy cause no abr. In the clue.

Husker Gary said...

p.s. Does anyone else watch Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer? He is wonderful with the dogs and quickly establishes that HE is the alpha dog in the “pack”. He gets the dogs to behave and learn new behaviors with firm, tough love. Well meaning dog owners unintentionally reinforce bad behavior and it takes Cesar to show them. Students in a classroom can test to see who the alpha dog is in the educational “pack” and it’d better be the one with the degree (sans a leash)!

Argyle said...

I never heard those old Fords called anything but EL TEE DEE so I wouldn't worry that abbreviation wasn't indicated. Wiki

mariposa said...

Good day all.
No problems with the puzzle for me today. Xenia was a no brainer. You could say I live around the corner from there.There were three tornadoes that tore the city apart. The first was the F5 in 1974, and the second was an F2 in 1989. Also Sept of 2000 Xenia was hit by a F4 tornado.
Have a great evening

Seldom Seen said...

Thanks Windhover for correcting the anon. The tornado Xenia is remembered for occured in 1974. It also had one in 1989 and 2000. But neither was as devastating as the one on April 3,1974.

The Shawnee Indians said the area is called the land of evil wind(or something like that). I say its because it sits atop the eastern ridge of the Little Miami River valley.

Xenia was once a railway hub but now has had all the railways converted to bikepaths as part of the Rail to Trails program. They follow the Little Miami all the way down to Cincinnati and the Ohio River. It's National Scenic River and it's beautiful.

Btw, anon, Ohio has 88 counties.

If any should care.

dodo said...

Hey everyone,

it's a banner day for me! Got the theme and all the theme answers (Argyle, you had to say it was easy!) no lookups, some winning WAGS(Xenia,Eggar,parity)! Not bad.

Did anyone else have some missing clues? The last 5 Downs were not in my paper. It worked out anyway, though.

I'm guessing the acolyte is Husker Gary.

Onward to your comments!

Bill G. said...

Right. I think of LTD as the name of the car, not an abbreviation.

I think Casey Anthony was probably guilty of some bad stuff. I'm guessing most of the jurors did too but I don't think the prosecutor proved it beyond a reasonable doubt. So, ... I'd rather have a guilty person go free than an innocent person spend time in jail, much less be given the death penalty.

I wish our neighbors would hire the Dog Whisperer. Their dog barks constantly whenever they go away for a while and leave him out. I've spoken to them once but I don't think they are aware of their dog's barking when they're away. Maybe it's time for me to have a heart-to-heart with the dog.

Jacel said...


At 10:25 am in Houston, it is already to hot for a bike ride. That is why I joined 24 Hour Fitness

Marge said...

Hi all,
Puzzle was fun but needed some look-ups. 9D was awhile in coming but I thought the same thing as Husker-most of the bales around here are large cylanders.

17A was easy as I had some other letters, but I didn't connect it with the dog for awhile. We get the New Mexico magazine and they always have a page at the back called "One of our 50 is missing." It seems when some people try to send packages to NM from other states they have a hard time convincing some of the employees at the Post Office or UPS that they are not a foreign country.

I finally got my Google account up so now my blue name is available.

Next I will try for a photo.

Good evening to all.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, This was a great puzzle with all the dogs in the fill. Then to top it off Dog Ma for the unifier. What could be better?

The unknowns were Xenia, Ian, and Eggar all together in the NE corner. However with filling in around them, and then guessing I did manage to get them all in the end.

Eriq looked odd, but I knew that it had to be correct. So that area also was a bit iffy for a while.

Fireworks are supposed to be illegal in our county. However, last night and the night before we had three hours of non-stop bottle rockets, firecrackers, and other explosive sounds. Our neighborhood dogs were all barking and howling as well.

Nice and warm here today. Not a good day for a bike ride, down here, Carol.

Chickie said...

Yellowrocks, meaning hugs in the folkdance world is a nice connotation. I had guessed that your name meant Panning for gold, but I like hugs better.

Welcome, and thanks for the group hug.

Seldom Seen said...

Woulda bet money(and lost) that it is Redi Whip, not Reddi Wip.

Also would of been funny to clue 3d as Cheez ____ .

A clecho of sorts for gooey snacks in a pressurized can.

Husker Gary said...

Dodo, What a hoot to think I was ever an acolyte! Angelic, I wasn’t/am not!

Bill G, I am generally a conservative person but am very much against the death penalty, which does not ingratiate in many circles in which I run. The list of people who think OJ was innocent is very small and so it the one of those who think the Anthony woman did nothing. Being found not guilty does not mean innocent! That is probably why the jury did not go to the prepared room with 12 labeled chairs to talk to the press.

Chickie, Fireworks were illegal in Omaha for decades but it deterred no one from blowing them up after buying them from charitable organizations in small towns on the perimeter of town. Last year Omaha gave in, and tents sprung up all over town and the charities were out in the cold.

Avg Joe said...

I was an acolyte. It didn't help. Not one bit.

Jayce said...

I saw many of my childhood chums badly screwed up from the organized religion to which we all belonged. I count myself lucky to somehow have been more immune than my friends were. Then again, maybe I was twisted as badly as they were but didn't notice. Anyway, many of us turned out all right in spite of it all. Children are amazingly, and fortunately, quite resilient.

Husker Gary, I am against the death penalty too, because (1) it doesn't deter crime, which is supposedly it's raison d'etre, and (2) it costs a lot more than life imprisonment. There are probably additional reasons for being against it.

carol said...

Jacel (and Chickie too)....I could never be happy in an indoor gym of any kind. We much prefer being outdoors for any bike rides. Western Oregon winters are usually mild enough so we ride all year, with few exceptions. I don't tolerate much heat, but if we are on the bikes at 7:30 - 8:00 we are we went our usual 16 miles. It's not always fun if the weather is bad, but we do it anyway.

windhover said...

Jayce, et al,
Here's one (reason):
The state (any state, democratic, totalitarian, dictatorship, monarchy, etc. Should not have the power of life or death over its citizens.

Re: children and religion; there's a great Diamond Rio video that speaks to that. I'll Email it to Argyle, and he can decide whether to link it. In any case, the name of the tune is: It's all in your head.

Avg Joe said...

Within the past couple of years Nebraska had its first case of a conviction being overturned by DNA evidence. This was a murder trial, but not a capital punishment case due to mitigating circumstances. As the facts came out, 20 some years later, it was clearly a frame job (IMO) conducted by overzealous "conservative" law enforcement officials. Some of the lawsuits are still in the courts and it doesn't look good for the "good" guys. But what has been established is that there was clearly a rush to judgement and that several people were wrongly convicted, but lacked the social stature or the financial wherewithal to adequately defend themselves.

With this single case in mind, it occurs to me that the courts are not sufficiently infallible to render a judgement that potentially takes a human life. The defense rests, Your Honor.

Argyle said...

Well, windhover, that's pretty far off topic but you gave the title so anyone who wants to watch it can go to YouTube themselves and look it up. Watch the one uploaded by wiiiilbur.

windhover said...

Well Argyle, I thought it might be, so you probably made the right choice.

Jayce said...

Windhover, thanks for that referral to the Diamond Rio song. If nothing else, somebody in that group plays a wicked "Texas-twang" guitar. I liked it!

Avg Joe, yep.

Holy mackeral, carol, you ride 16 miles? That just seems like such a long ride to me. I agree the weather in western Oregon is pretty nice. Among so many other places I have lived is Eugene, while getting a degree at the U of O. Our son was born in Eugene.

Best wishes to you all.

Clear Ayes said...

Clear Ayes Movie Review: the movie was cute, predictable ....and the theater was air conditioned.

My avatar of the day, in honor of Kevin Christian's dog theme is Charley, the schipperke. He is fine with Cesar Milan methods. Hitting a dog produces nothing but a frightened aggressive animal That's how I'd feel too. Charley doesn't bark excessively, bite anyone, or pee on the carpet. GAH and I follow those rules too (most of the time) and everyone gets along very well.

The Innocence Project provides some interesting DNA Exoneration information on their Facts page.

Carol, my youngest sister and her husband just got back from a vacation to the Portland area. They loved it! You might be interested to know that 1/3 of Mom's ashes is now contributing to enriching the soil of your area's parkland.

I wish a quick recovery to thehondohurricane.

Anonymous said...

Good night all.

Clear Ayes, It is such a joy to see a picture of Charlie. My Fledermaus also would cross her paws. And the picture could be of her since they look alike! Thank you.

The last part of the book I recommended earlier today, "Paws & Effect" ended with a couple of chapters on MWD (dogs with military duties) that were spell-binding.

carol said...

Jayce: Yes, we have been riding our bikes for 26 years. We live in Portland. As you know, we get a LOT of rain, but if you dress for it, it's not too bad. I do NOT like the east wind that we get in our area, but I do try to suffer through it. Joe is better at that than I am. I don't miss too many days though.

CA: I am glad your Mother's ashes will enrich our area, I plan to have mine scattered all down the beautiful Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway. I have love that highway since I first saw it at age 17. I have hiked nearly every trail there and some are a challenge, especially Angel's rest and the one that starts at the base of Multnomah Falls and goes to the top. In all honesty, I could not do those today.

Lemonade714 said...


Cute and predictable is plenty for entertainment. A/C a bonus. Did I miss the acolyte reveal?

northberger said...

Thanks for passing on the info about our ALS Funraiser.

Bill G. said...

Carol, we've visited our son's family in Portland several times and Multnomah Falls is one of our favorite places to visit. Actually, that old road that runs along the river has several beautiful falls just off of it. Really pretty!