Feb 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Don Gagliardo & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: It was so cold ... - three dogs were allowed on the bed. The band's name is explained here.

20A. Golfer's gadget used at the edge of water hazards : BALL RETRIEVER

34A. Early leader in a race : PACE SETTER

43A. Pelvic contusion : HIP POINTER

55A. "Joy to the World" group, and based on the ends of 20-, 34- and 43-Across, what you're having if you solve this puzzle after dark? : THREE DOG NIGHT

Argyle here. Hard G and C.C. have gone to the dogs. Not just any dogs but a tight group of sporting dogs. There is a wide spread in the fill to keep it interesting. I hope you were able to fetch all the answers.


1. Coal holders : BINS

5. "The Censor" of Rome : CATO. There is Cato the Elder and Cato the Younger; you can guess which one was "The Censor".

9. Hiked, as prices : UPPED. Can you say "gas prices"?

14. Australian golfer __ Scott : ADAM. He was involved with that incident where Tiger fired his caddy.

15. Most fit for duty : ONE A

16. Emma Roberts, to Julia : NIECE. Here as a blonde.

17. Pass catchers : RECEIVERS

19. Company that ironically had a crooked E in its logo : ENRON

22. 10-Down substance used in roofing : TAR and 10D. Tree with needles : PINE. I knew it was used on bats.

23. Salinger title girl : ESMÉ. "For Esmé – with Love and Squalor"

24. Sumac of Peru : YMA

27. Cries of pain : OWs

30. Little rascal : IMP

32. How animals boarded the ark : IN TWOS

38. Cries of surprise : OHO'S

39. "__ Were the Days" : THOSE

40. __ Intrepid : USS

41. Curing solution : BRINE

42. Watches a kid for cash : SITS

45. Form 1040 data : INCOME

47. Many moons: Abbr. : YRs. (years)

48. Erie summer hrs. : EDT. (Eastern Daylight Time)

49. Bk. before Esther : NEH. (Nehemiah)

50. "__ la Douce" : IRMA. Starring Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine(1963)

53. Extremely long time : EON

61. Way up : STAIR

63. Deceived : LED ASTRAY

64. Duplicate, briefly : REPRO

65. Bath, in Bordeaux : BAIN. French.

66. Wyatt at the O.K. Corral : EARP

67. Look of disdain : SNEER

68. Pisa's river : ARNO

69. Portly Jolly Roger pirate : SMEE


1. Wire fence point : BARB

2. It's all in your head : IDEA

3. Salt, to a chemist : NACL

4. Silvery food fish : SMELT

5. Oater hero's request when entering the fray : "COVER ME!"

6. Work without __ : A NET

7. Land in Paris : TERRE. More French.

8. Desert refuge : OASIS

9. In need of leveling : UNEVEN

11. Daily Planet editor : PERRY WHITE. He was always telling Jimmy Olsen, "Don't call me chief!"

12. Prefix with system : ECO

13. Room with a remote : DEN

18. Call from one who more than calls? : "I RAISE"

21. Arab commander : EMIR

25. Gazed dreamily : MOONED. Let the DF comments begin.

26. Declare : ASSERT

27. Decides to join : OPTS IN

28. Hula dancer, often : WAHINE. Often the clue, seldom the answer.

29. Present wrapper's aid : SCOTCH TAPE

31. Spitting sound : "PTUI!". "Pardon me"

33. In tatters : TORN

35. Pump sign on the Alcan highway : ESSO. Better gas up when you have a chance.

36. Recipe meas. : TSP.

37. Make out : ESPY

41. Buffalo's minor league baseball team : BISONS

43. "Take this" : "HERE"

44. Pizza herb : OREGANO

46. "Snow White" fairness judge : MIRROR

51. Toast type : MELBA

52. "Be __ ...": start of a polite request : A DEAR

54. Evenings, in ads : NITES

56. Add to the work force : HIRE

57. Viking war god : ODIN. Thor was his son.

58. Protein unit : GRAM

59. Fabled slacker : HARE

60. Make words using keys : TYPE

61. Many retd. boomers : SRs. (seniors)

62. Farthest-right bowling pin : TEN

Note from C.C.:

Don came up with this idea after adopting his two dogs Pansie & Cosmos. We originally had SACAGAWEA for 55A & IT'S I for 31D. Rich felt that SACAGAWEA was not Monday/Tuesday friendly and IT'S I overly contrived. So we went through a couple revisions.


Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - our dynamic duo's guilty of dogging it, and we're the lucky recipients of the effort.

Lots of fresh, clever cluing made this a much better than average Tuesday offering and a fun solve. No real snags, but I completely blanked on Perry White's last name and needed a couple perps to fill it in. Plus I put 'attest' for 26D, 'Declare' and it took 'in twos' to correct it. 'Mooned' was timely, as my buddy and I got mooned a few weeks ago by a couple girls on a passing school bus.

Stayed up way too late watching the finish of the 500 and I've got to get to the gym, so hopefully more later. Make it a fun day.

By the way, this new format SUCKS

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Wow - what's with the new look? Definitely gonna take a little getting used to...

The puzzle went buy pretty fast. I didn't get the theme until the theme reveal at 55A, but I didn't really need it. Well, except for the fact that it did let me make some sort of sense out of HIP POINTER. I still have no idea what HIP POINTER is, mind you, but at least now I understand why it's in the grid.

IN TWOS seemed a bit odd to me. I've heard it said they entered IN PAIRS or TWO BY TWO, but never IN TWOS. I'm guessing that was a string of letters C.C. and Don had to come up with a rational clue for, but maybe they intended it all along.

The clue for I RAISE was too much for my sleep-deprived brain to process. I finally gave up trying to figure it out and let the perps take care of it.

Didn't know Juila Roberts had a NIECE named Emma or that there was a team called the Buffalo BISONS, but I was able to guess with a little prompting.

[Man, the preview function is really messed up with this new format...]

Barry G. said...

"Went buy"?

Make that "went by." Did I mention the whole sleep deprivation thing (and the fact that the message preview is totally messed up)?

Rockin' Robin said...

Early-morning longtime lurker here. Congratulations to Don and C.C. for yet another stellar puzzle. I savored this one over coffee and enjoyed the cluing with all the dog references, since I have 4. And Thanks for having this blog.

And Dennis, thank you, thank you for returning to the top. Please stay there.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Not one of my better Tuesday performances. I thought this was a tad more difficult from the usual Tuesday fare. Getting THREE DOG NIGHT definitely helped me with the other theme clues. (That was a favorite band of mine back in the day.)

Curious, however, to see NITES cross the NIGHT in the unifier.

Like Barry, I have no IDEA what a HIP POINTER is.

Not keen on words like PTUI.

Nice fresh clue with It's All In Your Head = IDEA.

Talk about DF cluing! ESPY wasn't the first word that popped into my head when I read Make Out. Then we were being MOONED!

QOD: People may claim to hate puns, but most true word lovers have groaned to like them. ~ Jay Heinrichs

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you C.C. and D.G., for a great Tuesday puzzle. I enjoyed it for several reasons. Thank you, Argyle, for the great review.

This blog looks different..

Got started easily in the NW with BARB, BINS, IDEA, NACL, and SMELT. Pretty much worked my way across and down at the same time.

48A EDT was easy as Erie is my Home Town and Home lake.

The three theme answers came easily when it became apparent they were dogs. Got HIP POINTER before I knew that was a pelvic contusion. We happen to have a POINTER in our family. She is 15 years old and slowing down, but has been the best ball fetcher for all those years.

Did not know BAIN for 65A but perps helped. That old French again.

Thought Make Out/ESPY was clever.

I guess we have all been MOONED in our lives. There are good and bad MOONS.

I finally have ESME firmly implanted in my head. For years I had to rely on perps to get that one. This time I just wrote it down.

See you tomorrow.


Hahtoolah said...

I love seeing YMA in the puzzles.

Thanks for explaining the Hip Contusion, Abejo.

This new system doesn't work as well, does it?

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

A nice Tuesday offering from CC & Don G. My only hold up was in the beginning when I thought Tight Ends was the fill. Perps quickly got me to RECEIVERS.

Last week we had UMA, this week YMA. Can YMA be as well endowed? I doubt it.

I knew IRAISE was a correct but it took awhile before it made sense to me.

I was told I had a HIP POINTER long ago after a football game. To me, it was nothing more than a bone bruise.

I have never MOONED anyone nor have I been MOONED. Feels like something has been left out of my life.

I'm okay with the new format...... so far.

Argyle said...

I figure someone who's had a hip pointer will come along and tell us all about it. I know it's painful.

desper-otto said...

Thanks Don G and CC for a nice Tuesday romp. Argyle, I enjoyed your write-up.

I can already hear the Credence earworm..."I see the bad moon arisin'"

Any attorneys in the house? I need some advice on a bankruptcy. No, not mine. It's the couple who bought my last house.

Off to prepare some taxes...

Anonymous said...

When sporting a baseball cap, make sure the brim is as flat as possible, and wear it off to one side.

Coach J said...

Loved this puzzle and finished with no problem.
Being a college athlete I can tell everyone from first-hand experience that a hip pointer is tender and painful. Usually the result of setting a screen in basketball where the defender pounds his way through.
Favorite clue is 63a with "stray" in answer that cleverly played on theme. Good job!

Lemonade714 said...

New look? The puzzle was fun, the theme jumped out at me after I saw retriever, and I have played and watched enough sports to know about HIP POINTERS .

Busy week, enjoy all

kazie said...

I have to leave for the day so just quickly... I solved this counter-clockwise and got it all unassisted except for YMA--I just couldn't get past the other meaning for MOONED. So that was my last fill.

The theme cam very quickly. we've had two retrievers: a black lab, and a golden which we have now. Both lovely dogs.

Congrats to C.C. and Don Hard G for another winner!

the Macster said...

And speaking of dogs, can anyone guess the number one hit song here in the U.S. in 1949, the year of my birth?
Think Doris Day.
Back then, corniness was rampant, everyone saluted the flag, and men's hair was very shiny.
My, how things have changed.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning gang. Stellar write up, Argyle. Fun puzzle, C.C. and Don G.

I sniffed out a few clues in the top and, like a hunting dog on the trail, just followed the scent wherever it led. That got me down to the SE corner where _OG NIGHT appeared and I filled the THREE D part without even reading the clue. It just couldn't be anything else. I wasn't LED ASTRAY.

I RAISE filled with perps, but it still took a bit of study to parse it. Very clever.

Hand up for attest before ASSERT and also for having DF thoughts about the 'make out' clue.

Off to the gym.

Yellowrocks said...

Crazy Cat Fabulous news that youe were declared BIG C free!

Got HIP POINTER, but hadn't heard of it. Thanks to those who cleared it up.

DON and CC. you certainly made the Tues. Xword interesting and fresh. Argyle your contribution was appreciated.

Crooked E logo for ENRON was clever.

IN TWOS and two by two are interchangeable in my mind.

In my first high school, although I knew the meaning of MAKE OUT or MADE OUT, it was acceptable, as in "How did you make out with that?" When we moved, it always caused titters. I had to self censor.

Anonymous said...

desper-otto, we learned yesterday that people don't need lawyers. Good luck.

Mari said...

Nice puzzle, but the new blog format is going to take some getting used to. I thought I was having a computer glitch until I read the comments.

I goofed on YMA and ESME, but otherwise did well.

The poor HARE will never live that one incident down.

Now to the big question: Would you rather be the MOONer or the MOONee?

Jimmy said...

Any way to get comments in e-mail any more?

HeartRx said...

Fun, fresh theme today, and slightly harder than a typical Tuesday. But that’s OK by me – I love a challenge. I had to work both A and D on this one, and misspelled WAHINi. To me, NiH looked as good as anything else, since I had no idea which book comes bef. Esther. SO, a technical DNF – on a Tuesday, yet! You got me, Don and C.C.

Thanks for sharing the pics of Pansy and Cosmos – they really don’t know how good they have it, I bet!

The Macster@8:02 – I was going to say “(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window”?, but didn’t that come out a few years later?

Avg Joe said...

Good morning and hello again all. Had a few days out of town, so I'm still catching up on the comments.

Excellent puzzle today C.C. and Don G. You make it seem Easy to be Hard.

From last night: Excellent news CCL!

carol said...

Hi all,

Loved the dog theme! I have never had a dog (although I love them), just 2 great cats (they have gone to 'their reward' now).

I knew the term HIP POINTER, but have never had one of those either - so glad!

As to the MOON, I've seen a full moon in the sky, 'butt' never in a window. ;)

1A - got me on that one, I put in HODS. I later realized that a HOD would actually be a coal CARRIER, not a HOLDER...sort of.

It was a fun puzzle, very enjoyable and some cute references to Boomer too.

This new format is different, feels sort of 'bare'. hmmmm

Husker Gary said...

Fun from top to bottom with cluing, theme and fresh fill. Hard G and C.C., you outdid yourselves!

-I’m sure Tin has never had to retrieve a ball out of the water. I wonder if there is a SCOTCH TAPE of Tin?
-Adam and other players are great but Tiger puts butts in the seats
-HIP POINTERS have sidelined many RECIEVERS
-The search for Noah’s boat continues even today
-Some navy USS’s use Tiger Cruises for families to reconnect
-“Those were the days” i.e. “The older I get, the better I was”
-I learned the ARNO flows from Florence to Pisa
-Cowboys hated BARBed wire
-I would have guessed Doggy in the Window too, Marti.
-Horrible new Preview prevents line counting!!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Thanks, Argyle, for your commentary.

Agree with the earlier comments. Interesting theme. Thought 27d would be 'enters' but was quickly steered to OPTS IN. Clever clue for 46d, MIRROR. Nice shout out for the retired bird farm, USS Intrepid. Kudos to Don and C.C.

While on the subject of aircraft carriers here is a Link describing a tiger cruise; where certain dependents can join the ship's movement on the last leg of its return after a long deployment. Very poignant.

Still trying to adjust to the new format here.

Enjoy the day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Boy, I miss just one day and you all go changing the blog on me! This format does look odd.

Hand up for WAHINI. That and HIP POINTER, a new one on me. More pepper than the average Tuesday for sure.

Had to read up on PINE TAR, which led me to an article about a 1983 Yankees game in which excessive pine tar on the bat caused a controversial ruling. I knew nothing about it, of course, but after reading detailed accounts I came away with the idea that Billy Martin was being a whiner.

Today's theme reminds me of our discussion a year or two back about amusing restroom sign pairs, such as "gulls" and "buoys" at a seaside place. There had been a woodsy lodge with signage that read "pointers" and "setters".

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

I actually thought STRAY was part of the amusing canine theme. DO'H!

Lots of fresh fill

BRINE is a solution of NACL. If salt is the solution, then what was the problem?

That stinging insect by the gas pump is an ESSO Bee!

The fun house has an UNEVEN MIRROR.

I've never been MOONED by a WAHINE.

Anon @ 7:26 - that's good!

Gary - SCOTCH TAPE - cute!

I agree the new format is awful.

Mutare propter mutationem.

Cool regards!

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

Did not get TA-DA~! today, spelled RECIEVER wrong - but I liked seeing that on top of RETRIEVER...DF.

Had to see what the new format is like


Virginia C said...

Good Morning! It's cold here today!
I really enjoyed this puzzle and the write-up! That pic of the U.S.S. Intrepid is a gorgeous thing! And dogs always make me smile.

The puzzle went quickly, in fact I missed several clever clues until coming here.

Wasn't Yma the originator of the wardrobe malfunction?

Crazy Cat, wonderful news! Keep up the good fight!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up & links.
Should have had this a couple of weeks ago. Argyle's dogs look better than that Westminister "dust-rat' winner.

FUN puzzle, Don G. & C.C. Thank you very much.

Hmmm, "Present wrapper's aid" Yup! First some SCOTCH, a little more SCOTCH ... and then the TAPE.

Husker, one of my "fave Course" has water on 17 holes.
BALL-RETRIEVER gets more use than my 8-Iron.

Cheers to all at Sunset.

Argyle: Nice call YEST. Little "E" just missed.

Mari said...

Dudley @ 9:06 am: Loved your bathroom comments!

Grumpy 1 said...

@ JazzB,

As the chemist said... "If you're not part of the solution, you're the precipitate".

Tuttle said...

I wanted to put (Lucius Calpurnius) Piso, (Gaius Claudius) Nero or (Decimus Junius) Pera for 5A just so I could complain since they all bore the cognomen "Censorius", but (Marcus Porcius) CATO was a gimmee really. CATO the Younger, Caesar's implacable foe, didn't live long enough to be made a Censor which was the final and senior-most office in Roman political life.

Didn't like OWS, PTUI and OHOS. I penned in HMS for 40A (the original USS Intrepid was a captured HMS Intrepid). And since the lunar calendar is based on months I put in mos instead of YRS for 47A. Much writing over.

eddyB said...


Ball retriever doesn't count as
part of 14 club limit in bag. Hand up for having to use one.

Most famous pine tar incident was George Brett's hissy fit. Bat is in the HOF.

"By twos" also said in Chapter 7.

We used to wear hip pads back in the days when I was a tight end.

Didn't watch the end of the 500
after the fire. Turned Castle on.


Husker Gary said...

Musings 2

-This new format only uses the left 30% of my screen!
-In my chemistry lab, we burned some of these salts for fun and to show why they are used in fireworks
-Those dog judges must have also been Oscar judges, Tin. The Artist? Really? Oh well, it’s fun to debate and ain’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. Beauty is in the DNA of the beholder.
-Billy Martin didn’t tell the umps about George Brett’s pine tar until he hit a homerun
-Professional Golf Ball Retrieval
-Off to the Y!

Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle. Purebred fun. I lapped it up.

I think a hip pointer is called that because the bruise occurs at the point of your hip where the padding is the least.

I normally don't like changes but I think the new format looks cleaner. If the blog meister would like my opinion, the Preview needs to be fixed and the blogger's name under each photo should be in a larger font.

Here is an absolutely spectacular time-lapse video of the night sky including stars, the Milky Way, auroras and more. JD sent it to me and I really enjoyed it. (I think it looks even better if you view it full screen.)

Ron Worden said...

Good afternoon to all. Thanks for the puzzle DonG. and C.C. and Argyle for the write-up.Sped through this with no smudges. Loved the Enron clue. Three Dog Night also one of my favorites. Their name refered to a very cold night where you had to sleep with three dogs to keep you warm. Not needed here where I live. Have a great day to all RJW.

Jerome said...

Don and C.C. hid a bunch of dogs...








And the heading, "BY DON GAGLIARDO AND C.C. BURNIKEL", hides DOG, CORGI, DANE, and just for the heck of it, LADY GAGA!

Lucina said...

Hello, friends. Super write up, Argyle.

WEES. You PACE SETTERs have said it all and I agree. Clever puzzle and cluing from the dynamic duo.

I especially liked the cluing for ENRON and IDEA, it's all in your head.

Also snow white fairness judge, MIRROR.

Wonderful news for you!

Have a fantastic Tuesday, everyone!

Don said...

Why, Oh why must people change just for the sake of change? This format is more difficult to read, and now we must adapt to it!

Leave a good thing alone!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Google, which owns Blogger, is fiddling with the Comments section set-up. Out of our control.

Awesome Blossom! You're incredible. No wonder I love my Lady Gaga pink lipstick so much.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you.

Coach J,
To get an avatar photo, follow these steps:

1) Click on your blue name Coach J;

2) Click on Edit Profile on the upper right of your profile page

3) You'll then see Profile photo.

Any questions, feel free to post on the blog.

Misty said...

As soon as I saw that this was coming from the Dynamic Duo, I was excited this morning! Great fun puzzle for a dog-lover like me, and fun write-up, Argyle--many thanks! And our two dachshunds thank you both as well.

I too would have thought "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" No? Although I now think it's better to get the doggies either from a reliable small breeder (rather than a puppy mill) or a shelter (our friends have gotten wonderful dogs from shelters). We went to a small breeder because we wanted litter mates who had been together since before birth. It paid off--they are totally devoted to each other.

As for the Oscars, we had two disappointments. George Clooney didn't win, and where was Uggie all during the show?

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Jazzbumpa said...

Grumpy -

Well played, sir! I SOLUTE you.

Jerome -

Your humor is arf-full. It took a lot of cur-age to post that comment.

But you missed one - PTUI is a spitz!

Crazy Cat -



JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al,

Another winner from the dynamic duo, and I was thankful that it was on a Tues., so I knew I could complete it without help.Loved the theme.Our last dog was a Golden,and it was a sad house for many moons after he died.

Needed perps in some places, like Neh. I do not know the books in order beyond the 1st 3.And, who would know Bisons unless they played in your area? We have the S.J. Giants..once known as the Bees.

Loved clues for Enron, mirror and cover me.

Crazy Cat, GREAT NEWS!!

Thx to all who alerted us about the celestial show last weekend. It was stunning! There will be a repeat on March 12& 13. In the meantime, I need to figure out the setting on my camera for that.

Middletown Bomber said...

great write up Argyle,

this was a fairly easy puzzle for me not quite a speed run but this was definately the easiest tuesday puzzle in a while.

CrossEyedDave said...

I am with HeartRx on Wahini, but i prefer to call it FIW instead of DNF. I also wrote "A"sme because even though 7D was clued as French, i cannot think in French.

Perry White medley (2:14) (i got bored at 0:45, but watched it all anyway for old times sake.)

Anyway, i always thought good things about Google, but discovered you cannot even complain to them about any of their changes. So this is what i think of Google's new Blog Format

Oh, and one more for Google,,," PTUI " on Uey!

(i hope they realize i'm just kidding...)

Irish Miss said...

Hi all:

I'm late today-had a very busy morning. What a doggone delightful puzzle! Don and CC, congrats, and, Argyle, witty, as usual. Great cluing and theme, especially for all the dog lovers here, myself included.

Don and Barbara: Pansy and Cosmo are adorable.

Happy Tuesday

Lucina said...

Friends, perhaps some of you already know this, but it has come to my attention that the PBS version of Downton Abbey was greatly abridged from the UK version and was seriously affected as a result.

The reason given is that the PBS director thought U.S. audiences would prefer a shorter version.

I just ordered the UK one from
Amazon and I'll report on it after I watch it.

fermatprime said...


Fun puzzle from dynamic duo. Meticulous explanation, Argyle! Perhaps you are unrivaled!

I think that new blog format is easier to read, too!

Loved PTUI from old comic strips!

CrazyCat--How wonderful!

I cannot understand why people blog without reading the previous entries. Irritating to me. (No, not talking about things that get repeated immediately because of near simultaneous posts.)

Well, I am getting nowhere on taxes at present, only getting 2 hours sleep at a time, and pretty crabby. Sorry!


Marge said...

Hi all,
I really dislike the new blog set-up, it's harder to read and looks strange.

My DH gave my first answers-also had Tight End for 17A which I changed from the perps. 20A he had right and that helped me get the theme, etc. And it is VERY rare for me to get a theme so soon.

Sat. night we went to a Smelt and Chicken dinner at the local fire Department. It was a fund raiser for them.

I got Bisons when I realized they were connected with the Buffalos.

We have has several dogs thru the years. Snoopy came first (He already had the name). He was part terrier and part chihuahua. He was so cute.

Thanks Don and C.C. for a fun CW and Argyle for a great write up!

fermatprime said...

Lucina--maybe that explains the incredibly brief appearance of "Patrick." Am anxiously waiting to hear your feedback!

PS When I tried to blog previously, the blog did not recognize me (happens at least once/week) and would not let me scroll down. Good thing that I had copied my comments, as usual. Had to quit out of page. What else, now?

PK said...

Hi Y'all,

Very punny puzzle! Enjoyable to work. Great write-up and links, Argyle!

Bird hunting is the main tourist attraction in my home county. During my time at the newspapers, I put out a hunting edition every year. Had the privilege of interviewing trainers/hunters and watching all three of these breeds work in the field and lake.

The enthusiastic joy with which dogs work is delightful--quivering in anticipation for the gunshot which announces it is time to jump in icy water and go grab that teal or mallard.

We were mooned by a kid on shore while we rode on the paddlewheel boat on Bonneville Lake of the Columbia River. Spiced up the trip a bit.

Only tight ends should practice mooning.

PK said...

Husker, do you know the Omaha biology teacher who has been competing in the Jeopardy teachers' competition?

Jayce said...

I have to ask: Why the heck did you folks f**k with this page? Are you even aware you broke it? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but now it IS broke, so please fix it.

Better yet, put it back the way it was. Please!

PK said...

CrazyCat, Hallelujah!

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle today. WEES. Also liked the clever and fresh cluing.

"Who are you, you little portly pirate?" "Smee!" :)

I think Yma Sumac is not related to Poison Sumac.

By the way, this new format, as Dennis said, SUCKS.

I think the guys at least owe us an explanation and justification for what they did.

Gosh, I guess I'm feeling crabby today, too.

Looking forward to reading your impressions of the British version of Downton Abbey, Lucina.

Best wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

I have been meaning to ask the same question as PK@2:57. Do you know Brooks Humphrey? I believe that is his name.

C.C. Burnikel said...

"Comments Section All Messed Up" is from me.

Husker Gary said...

PK, After living 25 minutes from Omaha for 66 years, I still don’t even know where Omaha Mercy is in the city, let alone have met this gentleman. But I am going to try to listen to him on air. Parochial schools in Omaha are alive and doing VERY well but we public school teachers don’t ever meet with them.

BTW, you probably heard that Omahan Alexander Payne won his 2nd Oscar for his screenplay for The Descendants and acknowledged his mother in the audience. The World Herald said that Mr. Payne is now working on his next movie with the title Nebraska

FP, I agree and can only surmise that some peeps blog and either don’t read all the posts or skip over some entries for their own reasons. Me? I’m lucky to remember what I wrote, let alone anyone else, but I read every entry.

Lucina, any additional Downton info is welcome!

Avg Joe said...

FWIW, I've noticed that you can read the comments in the old format by simply clicking on today's "archive" (above yesterday's archive, on the right side of the main page) instead of the bottom of the current day's writeup. But you don't seem to be able to post a comment from there. Still it solves part of the problem

Avg Joe said...

Scratch that last part. I guess you can post a comment by clicking at the bottom of the page. Hadn't noticed that feature before since I've never posted in the archives.

eddyB said...

I used the same reason when I bought the Swedish DVD versions
Of Larsson's novels. If I can rent the English versions, It may be worth a $ or two to see how different they are.

The next race is at PHX. Used to love going to that track and sitting on the hill.

No sence complaining. Google isn't
going to change it back. They paid
big bucks to mess it up.


HeartRx said...

Avg Joe, but even when you post a comment in the archive, it still gives you this crappy new format in which to post and preview...

BTW, the above paragraph was 12 lines in the "new" preview format...

Anonymous said...

jayce cracks me up. this is at least the 3rd time i see him ranting on 1st post only to come back on 2nd post happy as a lark

CrossEyedDave said...

Curiouser and Curiouser.
(well at least the spell checker works, i was going for the Alice in Wonderland phrase.)

Avg Joe@3:45

i see a 3rd, different format when i click there? and gobblygook when i click on post in the archives...


Early yest, (i think the blog has created a new word) my preview was one word per line, but later in the day was corrected to a readable format. Also my "edit" button is way up top right above my avatar.

( i do not think we are all seeing the same thing???)

CC: i followed your link to the Forum, it did not work the 1st time, but did work the 2nd time. i wonder if Google is being hacked?

i can't remember who mentioned it, but the receive email notices option is missing?

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

I really enjoyed your puzzle, Don & C.C. Your dog theme was a lot of fun even for a cat person! >^:^< Everything seemed to fall into place easily, but it was nice to have fresh cluing and answers we don't see too often, i.e. PTUI and COVER ME. At 18D - 'Call from one who more than calls' - I was thinking of someone shouting! LOL Oh well, I did get it after a couple of perps.

Thanks for all the info in your write-up, Argyle. I loved 'Three Dog Night' in the 70s!

I'm with those who don't like the new format, but as has been said I don't think we have much choice. I guess this change was coming. Didn't the same thing happen to our profiles not long ago?

We have a winter storm watch here in CT for tomorrow and Thursday. I guess it's about time!

Enjoy the evening ~~

LaLaLinda said...

CrazyCat ~~ I'm so glad to hear of your good news. My best wishes for continued good health!

CrossEyedDave said...

Took me a while to see the Old Guy,,,
but he is having better than a three dog night

LA CW Addict said...

Cross-eyed Dave: I loved all three of your links, especially the sparrow and the scarecrow!

Was going to complain about PTUI until I read Fermatprime's comment that it is actually used in comics. Been a long time since I saw a comic book. Apart from messing up PTUI and Wahine (don't know how I missed OW) this was a fun puzzle. Loved the dogs and the links to Three Dog Night.

Now I will see for myself what has happened to this blog!

OMG - this really does suck...

Enry Iggins said...

I wonder if the British accents are even more thick in the UK version? You may have to turn on the subtitles...

Lucina said...

enry iggins:
You may be right about the accents. I shall just have to wait and see. If it arrives by Friday I won't have a chance to view it because I'll be on grandchild sitting duty for the weekend at their home. So it shall be awhile before I know.

CrazyCat said...

So late checking in tonight. Thanks for all your good thoughts. It's always a relief to get through those pesky appointments and tests!

Loved the puzzle. Thanks C.C. and Don. As always, Thanks Argyle for your write up and dog pics.

Pansie and Cosmos are adorable. I also thought 63A LEAD ASTRAY was part of the theme.

Pound puppies make wonderful pets. My good friend's dog, Sammy, is going to be featured on "The Dog Whisperer" this Saturday night, on Nat Geo at 8:00. He was a rescue from Mexico and had a severe phobia of skateboards, golf carts, etc.

Bill G. loved your video link.

So my issue with the new blog format, is that the *comments* can no longer be sent to an email address. I think a few others have noticed this.

CrazyCat said...

Sorry - That's Nat Geo Wild. National Geographic Wild.

CrazyCat said...

Also forgot to say that I have been MOONED, but I have never MOONED another.

Bill G. said...

I saw Rosie O'Donnell moon somebody on a TV show. That was enough to turn me off mooning for two lifetimes.

Dudley said...

BillG - ewwww!

tawnya said...

late run tonight but a big "whoohoo" for the Don/C.C. puzzle about DOGS! my favorite subject! i got THREE DOG NIGHT immediately - every night in my house is a TWO CHIHUAHUA, ONE CAT and ONE HUSBAND NIGHT. if i ever had to sleep alone i'm pretty sure i would freeze.

thanx for the fun run for a tuesday!

good night mooners...


btw - yay for Crazy Cat!!!

CrazyCat said...

Bill G and Dudley - Yuck!

It's going to pretty darn cold here tonight. Pile on the dogs, the cats, the DH and throw another log on the fire.