Apr 28, 2012

Saturday, April 28th, 2012, Julian Lim

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks 29

What a bruiser~! Most definitely had to resort to red-letter today, but upon review, I probably could have avoided doing so if I had not been in a hurry. Lots of vague clues, misdirection, and obscurity make this offering from Mr. Lim truly difficult. 8- and 6-letter stacks top and bottom, with a stair-step middle of 6-, 7-, 8-, and these 11-letters;

26A. Discount shopper's buy : NO-NAME BRAND

41A. Book also known as Canticles : SONG OF SONGS - the Wiki

with 2 pairings of 9-letters in the DOWN;

11D. Super-successful program, in high-tech slang : KILLER APP(lication) - like Angry Birds~?

12D. They're in feet : METATARSI - plural of metatarsus

32D. Coercing : LEANING ON

33D. Opera glasses on a handle : LORGNETTE - new word for me; these glasses

So let's see where I dropped the ball - maybe you did better....

Onward ~!


1. One may be cut before a fight : ARMS DEAL - well, let's hope so....

9. Cowboy Hall of Famer : AIKMAN - Troy, and I had A---AN, so a semi-WAG

15. Examined : LOOKED AT

16. Lament : GRIEVE

17. Woman on your side, ideally : LADY LUCK - I am not going to Vegas to gamble; the trip itself is going to be my biggest gamble

18. Summer top : HALTER - part of my problem today was hesitating; I was going for this right away, then said "nah, not on a Saturday"....

19. Like Wile E. Coyote : INEPT

20. Spanish greeting : HOLA

22. It makes pie crusts flakier : LARD

23. Salinger title girl : ESME - crossword friendly answer

24. __ vu : DÉJÀ

25. Invite to call : BET - I had "SEE" first, but what's SBGUNS~? (25D.)

30. "Cat __": Jane Fonda film : BALLOU - never heard of it - then again, I was 6 years off....

34. Hopper : KANGAROO - eh, my train brain was thinking of this hopper

35. Grand venue : OLE OPRY - again, I hesitated, not sure why

37. "Chow time!" : "SOUP'S ON~!"

38. More twinkly : STARRIER - my first thought, but just refused to accept this answer

40. Detaches, in a way : UNPINS

43. Bach's "Mass __ Minor" : IN B

44. Name associated with animal rescue : NOAH - not PETA, thank you

45. Speed : RACE

49. Troubling spots : ACNE

51. Asian soldiers : ROKs - Republic of Korea - Image

52. Old Turkish title : PASHA

53. Restrict : HOGTIE

55. "Not likely" : "I DOUBT IT"

57. Many : A LOT OF - I finally decided I better try SOME things, and this was one of them

58. Spy's aid : EARPIECE

59. Locum __: temporary substitute : TENENS - this is part of what comes up on a web search - job postings for metatarsi doctors~?

60. Fleet part : SQUADRON


1. "The Notebook" heroine : ALLIE - chick flick (IMHO) - haven't seen it

2. Cocker spaniel colors : ROANS - Image

3. Netizen's need : MODEM

4. Apple FaceTime alternative : SKYPE - I do neither, so....

5. Scapula neighbor, for short : DELToid, muscle

6. Bursar's address ending : EDU

7. German spa city : AACHEN - A place with "ACHE" in the name, and a Spa in the town? coincidence? Geography

8. Capt. McNeil's favorite underling : Lt. KOJAK

9. Muslim title : AGHA

10. Billionaire Rennert : IRA

13. Allege as fact : AVER

14. Oddball of a sort : NERD

21. Asian teachers : LAMAS

24. Brad of "Deadwood" : DOURIF - one of those names constructors are probably happy to discover

25. Red Ryders, e.g. : B.B. GUNS - "You'll shoot your eye out~!"

26. "Can do" : "NO PROB(lem)~!"

27. "Desist!" : ENOUGH~!

28. One preceder : NOON - agrh~! not ZERO

29. Family heads : DONS - not DADS, and not "EFFS" (yeah, no "?" at the end - but a good crossword clue, right?)

30. Head : BOSS

31. Toni Braxton, for one : ALTO - if you say so

36. Having no gray area : YES/NO

39. Green players : ROOKIES

42. Where to find EBAY : NASDAQ - I was pretty sure it was not ONLINE, since EBAY was all capitals - another good misdirection - and ending with "Q", to boot

45. Zealous : RABID

46. Oxeye relative : ASTER - flowers, not flow-ers

47. Sacramento Valley's "City of Roses" : CHICO - WAGed from the clue I had two puzzles ago

48. Off one's plate : EATEN - argh, not ENDED - there are some things I need to get off my plate

49. "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for __": Oliver Sacks book : A HAT - tried "A MAN" - hey now, it's early....

50. Fictional king : COLE

51. Fight controllers : REFS - Boxing matches

52. Insect stage : PUPA - just had this answer

54. __ Television : ION - Ch3 around here (Cablevision, Long Island)

56. Okla. campus with a Prayer Tower : ORU - Oral Roberts University, with a .EDU address

Answer grid.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Man, this one came very close to defeating me. I made slow and steady progress throughout, picking up a few more answers every time I made a pass through the puzzle, but it took awhile to get unknowns like LORGNETTE and TENENS. ION did not exactly spring immediately to mind, and I didn't figure out ROKS until nearly the very end.

What nearly killed me, though, was EARPIECE at 58A. I mistakenly had ASTOR instead of ASTER at 46D and CHINO instead of CHICO at 47D, which gave me EARP_ONE. Which, of course, made it obvious that 58A was going to be EARPHONE, right? Well, except for the fact that I was left with RABHD at 45D, and I knew that couldn't be right. But then what the heck was EARPIONE?

I finally (FINALLY!) changed ASTOR to ASTER which led me to reconsider CHINO. I'm sorry I do not know my minor California cities. CHINO, CHICO, CHITO, CHIPO, CHIRO... It really could have been anything, but at least CHINO sounded familiar to me at first.

desper-otto said...

Morning, Saturday Soldiers!

Julian had me out on a limb today. Like Barry, I fell into the CHINO/EARPHONE trap until RABID saved the day. My Opry started out OLD and ALOTOF was first LOTSOF. On the other hand, LORGNETTE came to me immediately.

I had to WAG the second "N" in TENENS. My Latin is non-existent. I'd never heard of ION Television, though I guess it's probably one of those hundreds of channels on my DirecTV. I had to come here for reassurance on that one.

Today's community cleanup day in my little town. Armed with spiked broom handles and heavy-duty trash bags we shall battle the boulevard!

Teaching tyro said...

When the blog generalissimo has a red letter day, it's generally dire straits for the newbies.

While I'm already here, why not a couple of amusing ones.

- The ocean's salt would cover the earth 500 feet deep or flavor four cups of hot and sour soup.

- The only way that raising children could be any harder is if they decided to unionize.

and a pithy saying, for teachers -

Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Argyle said...

Hey, tyro, that's a couple of good ones.

26A: DAY OLD BREAD fit with the letters I already had. It didn't work there but pattern recognition helped more than the clues on a few words.

SW did me it. I tried CAT, RAT, BAT(my favorite) before HAT.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, gang. Thanks, Splynter, for your usual great blog.

This was a slow but steady slog, which is normal for Julian Lim's puzzles for me, but I finished without lookups. I felt really good when METATARSI and LORGNETTE worked out since those were my first long entries.

Hand up for CHInO before CHICO.

DOURIF was a total unknown and I kept looking to see where I had messed up the perps because it just didn't look right. I finally decided it had to stay.

Wanted clav(icle) for scapula's neighbor, but LADY LUCK DE(a)LT me a better choice.

EDU for Bursar's address was easy as I've had to go to the Office of Bursar website to top off (or up) my grandson's account. He graduates next week, but my oldest granddaughter enters Case Western Reserve University this fall. She has $40,000 a year in scholarships and grants but that still leaves $20,000 for pop and gramps to cover.

Avg Joe said...


Picked my way through most of it, and was feeling pretty good about it all, but the SW did me in. With 5 cells still blank, HTG, in order, for Dourif, A Hat, Lorgnette and Tenens. I had hunches about some (like Song of Songs), but couldn't quite make the leap(s) of faith. better than a red-letter help day for me had I solved on line.

Splynter, if you haven't seen Cat Ballou, you really should. Lee Marvin and his horse are absolutely classic. It's a very good movie.

Husker Gary said...

Slog indeed, but with a great deal of satisfaction at the end. Somehow, I just ran out of boxes to fill. The first shall be last and the last shall be first as I finished in NW. Phew!

-Does that Cowboy have a football or a lariat?
-Name the show for this lyric, “Luck if you’ve ever been a lady to begin with, Luck be a lady tonight!”
-A HALTER doesn’t work on all body types!
-Wile was INEPT but he was DOGGED and I think he cut an ARMS DEAL with ACME. Meep, meep!
-Joe, my fav line from Lee Marvin was “You oughta see ‘em from my side!” when Dwayne Hickman asked about his bloodshot eyes.
-We’ve been the old OLE OPRY but the Cumberland River kept us out of the new OLE OPRY
-Why did NOAH bring those mosquitoes?
-How in the world did I know PASHA?
-Teachers and trip chaperones are “in loco parentis”
-I was looking for a bone neighbor for my scapula
-An actor named Brad that isn’t Pitt? How ‘bout dat?
-Family heads are NOT unisex toilets
-I’ll ask again, Do you SKYPE? YES/NO?

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

Thanks for all the clarifications, Splynter! I had quite the alternative puzzle going on here:

T-shirt instead of HALTER
“Let’s eat” instead of SOUP’S ON
I was thinking of “Red Flyers” instead of Ryders at 25A and entered “wagons” instead of B B GUNS
Stop it! instead of ENOUGH.
Zero instead of NOON.
Where to find Ebay? Online, instead of NASDAQ.
BYU instead of ORU. Ok, Ok, it’s not in OK, but that didn’t stop me!

Thank goodness LORGNETTE, KANGAROO, SONG OF SONGS and METATARSI crossed most of those errors, so with a lot of backtracking, I finally finished with only one WAG at AIKMAN. But it was sloooow going for a while. Thanks for the challenge, Julian Lim!

HeartRx said...

Happy Anniversary today, Ron J. Worden! How many years?

Husker G., no I don't Skype. Email is about as techie as I want to get (^0^)

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Julian Lim, for one tough puzzle. Thank you, Splynter, for a great review.

No start in the NW at all. That is where I finished.

Looked at 9A for a while and was trying to think of a western cowboy star, as in cowboys and indians. AIKMAN arrived later with perps.

Got BALLOU easily for 30A. Saw that many moons ago. And yes, Avg Joe, Lee Marvin was unforgettable in that movie, as well as his horse.

SONG OF SONGS came easily. That helped.

CHICO was easy once I had a couple letters. Been there. Worked near there, Citrus Heights, Roseville, etc. A couple friends of mine live in Rough and Ready, CA., which is close.

ROKS was easy. That helped me with ROOKIES and NASDAQ.

Not sure what a Netizen is and that is probably why MODEM was my last answer.

Happy Anniversary Ron Worden. They sure fly by, don't they.

I am sure Sunday will be easier. See you tomorrow.


Avg Joe said...

HG, we skype at times, but usually just opt for a cell call since well all effectively have unlimited use. We also have been using FaceTime lately since one of our sons has given us both an IPad and an IPod Touch. Trying to drag us out of the 19th Century, I guess, but I'm resisting since they're not as simple as they should be and I really don't have patience for that time vampire these days.

Tinbeni said...

Avg.Joe: With all that conversation yest about grits I decided to have that for breakfast this morning.

Sooooo, I added the "Villa Incognito" secret ingredient (surprise, it was Pinch) and when I got back to the puzzle ... I just punted it across the room.

Ouch! This was a tough offering.
I wish I did these on-line.
Then I could use massive RED-LETTER help and say I 'got-er-done'. LOL

Cheers !!!

PK said...

The best thing I can say about this puzzle is AAAAGH! I had Trouble Spots all over the thing. Got the NE & SW corners. Proud to get METATARSI & LORGNETTE & KOJAK (but not lt), KANGAROO, HOLA, LAMA, DEJA, & BALLOU, PUPA. That's all folks!

Dear Splynter, this was beyond the call of duty! Thanks!.

For 52a, I decided on Pubah. That locked me out there.

And here I thought I was getting better at puzzles. Maybe breakfast and a nap.....

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Thanks for the write-up, Splynter, and the wonderful links.

Tough but doable today. Some great clues; especially liked those for ARMS DEAL, LADY LUCK, and BET. Liked the NASDAQ/SQUADRON cross. My ship was in Destroyer Squadron 28 (DESRON 28). Favorite fill of the whole shoot'n match was KILLER APPS. AACHEN was Charlemagne's (Karl der Große) capital. Great job, Julian. BZ

Grumpy, congratulations on your grandson.

Enjoy the day.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Thanks Julian Lim for a rough start to an otherwise lovely Saturday. I finished w/o help ( finally!) only to come here and discover that I spelled kangaroo. - kangeroo. Great write- up, Splynter.

HG-have never Skyped. I don't even own a cell phone.

Happy Anniversary, Ron W.

BTW, 20A, Spanish greeting was easy as Chickie greets us that way every day.

Have a great Saturday.

Lucina said...

Hello, weekend warriors. Double thanks, Splynter, for A LOT OF effort.

Happy anniversary, Ron Worden!!

Yowza!! Julian Lim put me through the paces today. After scanning I was pleased to have HOLA and nothing else but then AGHA and the rest was like riding a carousel, round and round we go.

LORGNETTE and PASHA are terms I've encountered through reading but had OLD OPRY and that held me back because I knew Cat BALLOU which is a terrific movie, but LD, not terrific. Finally after erasing the D LEANING ON seemed clear and HOG TIE make me chuckle.

I vaguely recalled reading about The man Who Mistook His Wife for a HAT because it's well, a silly title.

Very clever misdirection as we expect from Mr. Lin especially trouble spots, ACNE, family heads, DONS and at the other end, BOSS.

But, arrgh, what's this? I had ARM STRAP at the top!! That burst my bubble as I was patting myself. Too soon, it turns out.

On seeing DOURIF that was my thought, too, a Brad but not Pitt?

Have a super Saturday, everyone!

mtnest995 said...

Argh. This was tough and I had to resort to red letters. Cat Ballou was a snap - everything else, not so much.

I really messed myself up by entering golfers for green players - that, with on line for eBay held me up for a long time. Never heard of Dourif, lorgnette, or tenens.

Oh well, live and learn. Thanks, Julian, for a real challenge. Praises to Splynter for sorting this all out.

HG - we Skype frequently as our grand kids live 900 miles away and at least we can "see" them on a regular basis. The song you referred to is from Guys and Dolls.
We saw a production at our community theater a couple of years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Ron.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Montana said...

After a pretty good week of puzzles I decided to try the Saturday puzzle on my iPad (with red letters.) It isn't the same puzzle experience when one knows if a first or second letter is incorrect so the brain changes course and considers another word immediately. Writing a 'wrong' answer and then working out what it needs to be by perps is a whole lot of the enjoyment of puzzles for me. That is missing on the iPad.

I knew the 11-letter and 9-letter clues, so I was off to a good start. Moving around the puzzle, I completed it, but with red-letter help. Still, I feel good tackling a Saturday puzzle. Thanks Splynter for the great write-up.

Husker--my granddaughter Skypes with grandparents in Lithuania and my grandson does the same with grandparents in Australia when Facetime isn't working. All my family have iPads or iPods so Facetime is the connection of choice. We've watched first steps of babies and toured new home in Hawaii from 9-yr old.

Have a good day, everyone,

Misty said...

It's official: I now dread Julian Lims as much as I dread Saturday Silkies. Aaaaaarrrgggh. Got only half of this before I had to start cheating, and even then it was tough to finish.

But I loved your Noah's Ark cartoon, Splynter. Speaking of toons: had IDIOT for Wile E. Coyote instead of INEPT. Look who's talking. I also had CHINO instead of CHICO--and I live in California! Duh!

Husker Gary 8:46--it's "Guys and Dolls," isn't it? Great song!

And Tyro 7:44, those are good ones.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of Robert De Niro or Robin Williams in Awakenings(Oliver Sachs)? Jane Fonda or Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou?

Rube said...

This was a good weekend level puzzle. Unfortunately, had 2 wrong letters, so a DNF. First was in LOOKEDEDiT, having AiCHEN, which was, in turn, a leftover from having AIKMAN. _EDiT looked OK for Examined, but LOOKEDiT should have raised a red flag.

My other problem was AHAm crossed with mENENS. A WAG... and wrong.

Planted some ASTERs last year based on having seen the name in multiple crossword puzzles. Somewhat of a bust as the dark purple flowers could hardly be discerned from the dark green foliage. The other issue was that these "late bloomers" were finished blooming by mid August here in the SF Bay area.

I second the motion to see "Cat Ballou" if you haven't yet... great movie.

Best clue was for NOAH. Had N__H and wanted NimH, but that was just rabbits and no rescue involved.

Very enjoyable puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Two of the train cars used in the movie Cat Ballou are in the foothills west of town and have been converted into a house that I thought about renting. While novel, I decided it wasn't practical.

I didn't know Song of Songs was also known as Canticles, but I own Wunderlich's book of the same name with the lithographs.

desper-otto said...

Husker, no SKYPEing here. We have a pair of "emergency" cell phones that we keep in the vehicles. We'd probably have to get out the manual to figure out how to make a call if an actual emergency did arise.

eddyB said...

Just stopping in to say hello.
Ran the answer sheet and watched
PHX win in OT instead.
We had the Chico/Chino discussion before. Brian went to CSU Chico.
Off to see Warren after quals from Sao Paulo.
Race will be over when Rangers and Devils play tomorrow.


miss beckley said...

I've been reading the posts for quite some time. Very entertaining. Just figured out that the red letter thing is something that you do electronically, but what is WAG? I admire those of you who give yourself a time limit! And Margaret Dumont in the Marx Brother movies always had a lorgnette, along with those pearls. Cat Ballou (part of it) was shot in the Wet Mountain Valley, CO. I have a cabin on the lower part of the eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristos, and believe me, it was quite a big deal for all the ranchers. The movie company put leather over all the hinges in the ranch they used, which was picked because of the wonderful view of Horn Peak seen when Jane and Michael drove the wagon through the gate. Many movies have been filmed there, including Comes A Horseman, and Cristo is going to veil the Arkansas River from Salida to the Royal Gorge. It took some doing for the locals to okay that!

Abejo said...

To Husker. Have never SKYPED. But I do own a bunch of Apples, so I may try their version at some point.


CrossEyedDave said...

Welcome Miss Beckley, (but excuse me while i rant)

This puzzle really kicked my butt, even with redletters. Even Wild Ass Guesses did not help.

After 2 passes, all i had was Kangaroo, BBGuns,Soupson,Unpins, Need, Pupa & Deja. If Crossword remnants were like tea leaves, i wonder what this says about me?

Favs= Animal Rescue=Noah, off ones plate=eaten, invite to call=bet
Nits: Restrict=hogtie, "ion" tv? i realize that it's Saturday, but thats 8th day stuff! My only real nit is earpiece being a spy aid, secret service aid might be a gimme, but spy's just have so much "stuff"

HuskerGary was in fine form today..

R. Worden, Happpy Anniversary, i would provide a link, but this puzzle just wore me out...(maybe l8r)

chin said...

Good but tough one today. I was trying to get some movie cowboy's name when I realized it had to be sports related. Never heard of Dourif before.

I would scarcely associate PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) with animal rescue.

Bill G. said...

Good job Splynter. This puzzle was too hard for me to get any fun or satisfaction from it. The crossings of DOURIF, STARRIER AND OLEOPRY did me in.

Have a good Saturday. Talk to you later.

Irish Miss said...

Did anyone else have a problem getting today's puzzle via Cruciverb? I tried several times, unsuccessfully, so I ended up using pen/paper method, which I actually prefer.

Montana @ 11:23-You can turn off the red letter feature on your iPad through settings in Cruciverb.

Bill G. said...

I’m thinking of two three-letter words that have no letters in common yet are pronounced the same. What are they?

mtnest995 said...

Bill G - you and ewe.

Lucina said...

Yes, Awakenings is another really good film and early work for both DeNiro and Robin Williams (1990).

Ron Worden said...

Good afternoon to all and thanks for the anniversary wishes. It is actually tomorrow but we are going out tonight. 18years but 20 together. Tomorrow we are going on a sailboat cruise out of St.Pete beach. That was a tough Sat.for me but I have no time limits so finally got it WHEW! To Husker Gary that GUYS AND DOLLS and sung by Marlon Brando. Have a great weekend to all.RJW

Anonymous said...

Montana: You can also turn it off by going into settings on the iPad and turning HIGHLIGHT MISTAKES to OFF.

If you need help you can clip the icon with the curvy arrow and get a hint menu. Try it you'll like it.

Tough puzzle today I did a lot of Googling to get it.

Off to watch the Rangers.

tata all

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Back from 36 holes on beautiful spring day and loved reading blogs and appreciate CED’s kind comment
-On SKYPE, it is a free download that costs nothing to use and only requires your computer and a $25 webcam. Using SKYPE, we have 1) kept in contact with kids from all over the country, 2) been shown new clothes and missing teeth from grandkids, 3) helped with algebra 4) gotten a better sense of my friend in Flagstaff after his stroke because I could see just some slight cues of the after effects. I know there are a lot of you peeps I would love to SKYPE! Search for gschlapfer or Gary Schlapfer on SKYPE and let’s set up a time.
-We do Facetime on our iPhones occasionally but the picture is small
-Happy Anniversary tomorrow Ron!
-I can’t spare a pig but I can give YOU a EWE!
-Of course, the answer is Guys and Dolls and the list of songs from there is fabulous. I’m gonna tell myself to sit down now because I might be rockin’ the boat. Gotta love Stubby Kaye!

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

After a quick look I had my doubts about finding any success with this puzzle. To my surprise I was able to finish it on my own. Somehow once I got started it all just seemed to flow easily I did have two mistakes though, that I discovered after coming here. At 15A 'Looked up' instead of LOOKED AT gave me two wrong cells. I knew KOJAK was a LT but that didn't stop me from leaving the 'P.' Oh well.

~~ I knew 1D right away ~ Gena Rowlands, from earlier week discussions, played the part of ALLIE as an older woman. A tear-jerker of a movie with James Garner playing her husband.
~~ New to me were TENENS and SONG OF SONGS.
~~ I had 'Manic' before RABID and 'Leading on' before LEANING ON, which really held me up for a while - that was my last fill.
~~ I, too, thought of Chickie with 20A - HOLA.
~~ Favorites were clues for NOAH, EATEN and LADY LUCK.

Thanks for a challenging but very enjoyable puzzle, Julian Lim and a great write-up, Splynter. I always look forward to your Saturday work!

Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, Ron!

Anonymous said...

Lady Luck (revealed to me in a flash of inspiration early on) must have been in my court on this one today. Somehow I managed to slog and WAG my way thru it all offline unassisted.

It could have just as easily ended in a technical DNF though. The crossing of A"I"kman and "I"ra (9a/10d), was merely a lucky WAG. "I" just seemed to me the most likely letter there.

The SW corner was the last to fall. "Acne" was obvious, but "Hogtie", "A lot of" and "tenens", ouch! The "e" crossing of Ten"e"ns and Lorgnett"e" (59a/33d) ended up as my other Lady Lucky WAG of the day, and the square that I filled in last. If Lorgnett? turned out of Italian rather than French origin, then it might have ended in an "i" or an "o" instead.

Here's to you Lady Luck, and thank you Julian Lim for the mental workout this morn.

Jayce said...

Wow, what a hard but satisfying puzzle! I had most of the same experiences you all did. A few gimmes and guesses have me a toehold and from there it was brick by brick. I knew Brad DOURIF because I was so impressed by the performance he gave in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I was also confident with DEJA, ESME, and and SKYPE. HOLA and LARD were guesses that paid off. I frowned at the definition of ROKS; it seem to me calling Asian (Korean) soldiers ROKs is like calling American soldiers USAs or Chinese soldiers PROCs. I know, this has been discussed before, but now I've had my say on that topic.

Jayce said...

Oh, and LORGNETTE. What a great word! For some reason I knew it but was a little unsure how to spell it. It sounds like a word that would be in a Cole Porter song.

I also inadvertently entered it in the 32D position, which really messed me up for a while. Sheesh.

Misty said...

Ron Worden 2:06, have a lovely anniversary sail boat cruise tomorrow! My husband and I will also celebrate our 18th in early June, and have been together 20 years by then. Aren't we all very lucky!

Welcome, Miss Beckley.

And thanks from me too, Chickie, for giving us HOLA this morning!

Susan said...

Really hard puzzle! Didn't begin to finish on my own.

Yeah,Guys and Dolls. I was in two different college productions; once as Adelaide and the other as Sister Sarah.

After Adelaide's Bushel and a Peck, I was supposed to go into the auience and sit on a guy's lap. Turns out I sat on the lap of the university president!

Fun memories.

Jayce said...

Susan, I'm sure he was gracious and polite.

Congratulations, Ron Worden!

CrossEyedDave said...

Ron, hope your anniversary cruise is better than it was for these two. (4:23)

a little long (& winded) (pun intended) but for those of you who get seasick, let me sum it up by saying,

He says, Happy Anniversary Honey! & she says

"Next year you are taking me out to dinner!"

Bill G. said...

I should apologize for sounding so grumpy earlier. I just don't enjoy themeless puzzles as much and this one gave me more problems than usual. It's not the constructor's fault. I'm just not quite up to the challenge.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Hola was a given for me today, but that was about all. Oh! My aching head. I usually don't do Saturday puzzles, but tried this one. I'm afraid it defeated me big time.

Julian Lim is a terrific constructor and I've managed a few of his puzzles, but today was a differnt story. Thanks Splynter for filling in all the blanks for me. I enjoyed your writeup.

I met up with Warren, Eddy B., and JD at Warren's and Judy's pottery sale this afternoon. Eddy B. has loaned me the third book in the "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" series. It will keep me reading for a LONG time. It is 800 pages. Thanks, Eddy.

I also found some lovely things at the pottery sale for my girls for Mother's day. We will be celebrating this coming weekend in Chico. We're going to see Oklahoma put on by the college drama department and be with family. It is not often we get all four of our girls in the same place at one time.

Happy Anniversary to RonW. Enjoy your dinner tonight and your trip tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone.

fermatprime said...


Mostly WCDS (What Crosseyed Dave said)!

Have a great Sunday, all!

fermatprime said...

PS Happy anniversary, Ron!

(Sorry I got your name wrong, CrossEyedDave!)

Anonymous said...

Luck be a Lady Tonight is from Guysand Dolls the musical.

Lucina said...

LOL! That had to be embarrassing!

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kazie said...

After a day away, WAGged and perped my way through most of this until coming here to sort out the missing links:oleopRY/YesNO/NOAh/rOKS/nASdAq/EARpiece (tried HIS piece) and raCe--I had RATE (of speed).

AACHEN is the German name for the French Aix-la-Chapelle, which means 'way to the chapel'. The German appears to be a contraction of the French, but I don't think it has a meaning of its own. Interesting though, is that AIX is one of the few French words where the final consonant is pronounced and so it sounds just like ACHES. It's right in the much disputed area of Germany/France where both languages sound polluted with each other.