Sep 18, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Julian Lim

Theme: KEY is the key - The special buttons on your KEYboard finish up the theme entries and the reveal finishes up the grid.

17A. *Keep charging drinks : RUN UP A TAB

24A. *Occasion to say "Whew!" : NARROW ESCAPE

39A. *Annual April paperwork : INCOME TAX RETURN

51A. *Running amok : OUT OF CONTROL

64A. *Overnight work assignment : LATE SHIFT

71A. Each answer to a starred clue ends in one : KEY

Argyle here. If you did the puzzle on your computer, the theme answers were right there in front of you. You might have to dig a little deeper for the fill. The grid spanner makes a good anchor for the rest. All but a 'Q' is in there. Oh, and the RETURN key is the ENTER key on non-Macs.


1. President after JFK : LBJ

4. Totally absorbed : RAPT

8. Made like a kangaroo : LEAPT

13. Papers promising payment : IOU's, (just like it sounds, I Owe You)

15. "The Andy Griffith Show" tyke : OPIE. Young Ronnie Howard.

16. Bonus : EXTRA

19. Pierces : GORES. No gore before breakfast, please.

20. Rectified, with "for" : ATONED

21. "... __ a lender be" : NOR. Polonius counsel to his son, Laertes. "Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender be", Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 1 scene 3.

23. Comic on a roll : RIOT

27. Biblical haircutter : DELILAH. Samson got more than "Just a little off the top". Note: A gentleman named Fred informed me that it wasn't Delilah who actually cut Samson's hair. She called others in to do the deed.

30. Letter between upsilon and chi : PHI. Greek alphabet.

31. Cavity filler's org. : ADA. (American Dental Association)

32. Trait carrier : GENE

35. Actor Milo : O'SHEA. His IMBd page. (not as many today)

43. Greet casually, with "to" : SAY HI

44. Affectedly dainty, to Brits : TWEE. Barry Silk introduced us to TWEE, here, in 2008.

45. Piddling point to pick : NIT

46. Writer's undergrad deg. : BFA. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

48. Devastates : RAVAGES

56. Not yet eliminated : IN IT

57. PC file suffix : .EXE

58. Bygone Toyotas : SUPRAs

62. Collectible print, briefly : LITHO. (lithograph)

66. Phillies infielder Chase : UTLEY. Chase Utley is the second baseman and bats left-handed but throws right-handed.

67. Chichén __: Mayan ruins : ITZÁ

68. Under sail, say : ASEA

69. Scholarly article reviewers : PEERS

70. Mopey look : POUT


1. Old Italian coin : LIRA

2. Ring contest : BOUT

3. 2007 title role for Ellen Page : "JUNO". IMDb.

4. Violent reaction to traffic : ROAD RAGE

5. Proper : APT

6. Movers' challenge : PIANO

7. Noted kneeling NFLer : TEBOW. Tim Tebow's role with the NY Jets remains unclear after debut.

8. Turkey helping : LEG

9. Curer of the demon-possessed : EXORCIST

10. Cardiac chambers : ATRIA. Caught myself putting in AORTA.

11. Before surgery, briefly : PRE-OP

12. Stylistic judgment : TASTE

14. Largest division of Islam : SUNNI. The Shi'ites split with the Sunni and are the second largest division.

18. Prolonged ringing : PEAL. If the ringing in just in your ears it's tinnitus.

22. Gym unit : REP. (repetition)

25. Butler of fiction : RHETT. from "Gone With the Wind".

26. Dealer's dispenser : SHOE. Playing cards.

27. Orator's platform : DAIS

28. Outlandish Dame : EDNA

29. Like some nightgowns : LACY

33. "I ain't doin' that!" : "NAW!". Best said with a curled lip.

34. Apply : EXERT

36. Unable to decide, as a jury : HUNG

37. Toledo's lake : ERIE

38. Sugar bowl invaders : ANTS

40. Woeful words from Winnie the Pooh : "OH, BOTHER"

41. Vex : MIFF

42. What shotgun callers shun : REAR SEAT. To call "shotgun" means you claim the front passenger's seat. From the days of the stage coach. Shotgun rules, who knew?

47. Pass and then some : ACE

49. RSVP part : VOUS. (répondez, s'il vous plaît)

50. Top dog : ALPHA

51. Prepare to shine in a bodybuilding contest? : OIL UP
52. Band together : UNITE

53. Champ's holding : TITLE

54. Primrose family plant : OXLIP. Info.

55. "Far out!" : "NEATO!"

59. Chance : RISK

60. For __: not gratis : A FEE. (not free)

61. Time at the inn : STAY

63. Yiddish laments : OYs

65. Shih __: Tibetan dog : TZU


Notes from C.C.:

1) I got this email from Parker Lewis, a NY Times constructor. He said: "I've been working with the great crew at Puzzazz and we are excited to announce the launch of our new app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. As a reader of your blog and fellow puzzle enthusiast, I'm sure you and your followers will be interested in what the app has to offer...

The app itself is free to download and acts as a bookshelf where you can look through our collection of puzzle books. So far there are 29 books from 17 different authors. You can browse through every book and solve at least one free puzzle so you can find the puzzle books that best fit your solving tastes.."

2) Happy Birthday to Mom Speaks Out! Hope all's well.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

This was the easiest Julian Lim puzz I can recall, but I'll be darned if I caught on to the theme before Argyle 'splained it.

fermatprime said...


Forgot to blog yesterday!

(Woke up every 1.5 hours or so during my "night." Had a tiring swim and conked out for a few more hours. Then rotted still tired brain with TV. Harvey came very late after Masonic dinner meeting and discovered that there really was no food in the house to speak of, except for some salmon that I had eaten 3 days in a row while he was away for the holiday. So dinner was fresh garden zucchini and sorbet. We then watched first two installments of the Alec Guinness version of Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. Much better than the recent movie! Can't wait to see other four parts!)

Anyway, Thanks for the nice, fast Monday puzzle, Gail and Bruce, and the informative write-up, Argyle. Enjoyed all of the car talk. Wish someone could identify the fantastic sports car in the Guinness version mentioned above! I love sports cars!

Will read today's explanation later, as I have to get up early (for me) for an ophthalmologist appointment!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun Tuesday outing. Mostly a very smooth solving experience with only a few minor hiccups here and there.

I wasn't sure if 30A was going to be PHI or PSI and figured the perp would fill it in for me, but it took me a long time to get SHOE off the clue provided.

Elsewhere, I saw LITH_ at 62A and automatically put in an E at the end without even looking at the clue. I mean, what else could it be other than LITHE, right? But then I found myself looking at somebody named Chase whom I didn't know and couldn't think of a two-letter Yiddish word beginning with an E. I still don't know Chase UTLEY from Adam, but at least I do know my Yiddish two-letter laments, so I was able to fix my error quickly.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun Tuesday puzzle. The the first 3 theme clues came to me immediately, but all I could think of for the fourth was Graveyard Shift. LATE SHIFT took the perps.

Milo O'SHEA makes guest appearances in the crossword puzzles on occasion. He's mainly a character actor. I remember him from The Verdict, with Paul Newman. Here are his greatest film moments.

OIL UP made me laugh. Unfortunately, this image is what popped into my head with this answer.

NEAT-O appeared recently in a puzzle.

Happy Birthday Mom Speaks Out. Come back, we miss you! You share your birthday with Greta Garbo.

QOD: Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening. Greta Garbor (1905-1990).

Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - I guess this is technically a DNF Tuesday for me, something I never expected to say, but I had 'nah' instead of 'naw' for 33D, and just assumed I'd had a stroke when I couldn't connect 'thee' to 'Affected dainty, to Brits'. Besides that, I thought this was a solid Tuesday-level puzzle, meaning it seemed easier than yesterday's. Isn't that becoming a trend? Oh, and I got a smile out of the crossing of 36D and 48A.

On another front, the seller finally blinked and we've got ourselves a house. Strangely enough, the house backs up to a fairway in Boca Country Club. Strange because I'm not a golfer, but it was the perfect house for us otherwise. Guess I better learn to play, or at least get a golf cart so I can look like I know what I'm doing...

Fun blog as always, Argyle. And Happy Birthday to Mom Speaks Out.

Anonymous said...

The image of that duck is disturbing.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy Birthday Mom Speaks Out. You were one of the first to welcome me to this blog. Please let us hear from you.

REAR SEAT was my last entry. Although sometimes we squabble over the front passenger seat we never call shotgun. I knew of shotgun seat only from westerns. Clever clue, nonetheless.

I needed the reveal, KEY, to get the theme and the answer, OUT OF CONTROL.

I zipped through the top 2/3. The bottom third, although fairly easy, made it interesting, as did Argyle's blogging.

Argyle's OILedUP picture was funny, but I prefer Hahtoollah's.

I didn't know Ellen Page but got JUNO from perps.I know JUNO from the sad Irish play and movie, Juno and the Paycock.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. Enmjoyable puzzle today.

I first tried BACK SEAT for 42D, but that wasn't working out. Took me a minute to figure out the meaning of 26D: Dealer's Dispenser: SHOE? Is that a formal term, or does it refer to a cheating card player hiding Aces in his shoe?

Mopey and OPIE in the same puzzle. It's gonna be a great day!

And the Chicago teachers strike continues.....

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Julian Lim, for an excellent puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the great review.

Well, my Cruciverb site yielded a puzzle today, so I did not have to go to the library to print one.

Got started easily. RUN UP A TAB was my first theme answer. I do not think I have ever run up a large tab. I prefer to pay as I go at a bar.

SUNNI was easy for 14D. I lived around the Shi'ites for years and became familiar with the strife. Isn't religion peaceful?

I wasn't sure about TWEE. But, it sounded better than THEE.

Worked many LATE SHIFTs through the years. We called them the Graveyard Shift (11-7:00 AM). Once you get used to it it is easy. In the telephone exchange we had to do a lot of work after hours.

Enjoyed the theme. I equated it to a typewriter initially. But I believe a computer keyboard covers all the words better.

Fermatprime. Say hi to Harvey. I can relate to late Masonic dinners. Harvey is a great guy. I enjoyed meeting him Alexandria.

Walking for leukemia this evening, then back to Illinois tomorrow. Then a Masonic dinner tomorrow night.

See yountomorrow.


Tinbeni said...

Argyle: I just hope I don't have nightmares from your OIL-UP picture.

Had the theme at RUN-UP-A-TAB ... something I 'NEVER' do at the local Pub.
That way, when I'm ready to leave ... I can just leave.

Needed the perps to get TWEE and OH BOTHER. Thanks perps.

Hahtoolah: If you mean yesterday, then I guess NEAT-O was in the grid recently.

I remember Ellen Page from her CISCO ads (that played over and over and over on CNBC a couple years ago).

Cheers to all at Sunset.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C., et al,

No nits on this one, but there were too many unknowns for me for a Tuesday.Twee,supras,oxlip,Utley, OShea, and shoe had to fill letter by letter. Enjoyable.

Loved your write-up, Argyle. Interesting about "shotgun"; kids have been yelling that forever without a clue.
Didn't feel so dumb not knowing oxlip since it is a "nationally scarce wildflower."

Happy Birthday, Mom Speaks out.

Hahtoolah,oil up image made me gag.Somehow doing that to your body just seems wrong.Oy!

kazie said...

My only problem today was misspelling ITSA/TSU. I never do know how those go. I did get the theme, but only after it was all done, scratching my head metaphorically and it suddenly came to me.


HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

I'm with Dennis - ThEE NAh looked just as good as TWEE / NAW, since I did not see Barry Silk's previous puzzle, and had never heard the expression. I wanted OX eye instead of LIP, but the crosses made no sense that way.

Mari, this is a dealer's SHOE. It's a common sight at Blackjack tables in Vegas.

Happy birthday, Mom Speaks Out!

desper-otto said...

Good morning, friends!

Today was not a speed run, but it was close. I hesitated putting LBJ and 1A -- I figured any recent president would be "after" JFK.

Do you suppose tinnitus is where the expression tin ear originated?

We went to Chichen Itza for one of DW's birthdays -- I forget which one. She climbed all the way to the top of that pyramid, and then wondered how she was going to get down without falling. She solved that problem by the seat of her pants.

Hahtoolah, is that The Governator in his younger days? That image is almost as bad as Argyle's duck.


Qli said...

An enjoyable puzzle and writeup today. The X in OXLIP did me in, but I had fun anyway.

I thought some of the clues were kind of esoteric, but good; SHOE, EDNA, RUN UP A TAB...I guess my gambling, drinking and watching British comedy habits ARE good for something.

A lovely fall day here on the prairie. Have a great one, everybody.

Qli said...

P.S. Funny, but creepy, duck. Just plain creepy Arnold.

Husker Gary said...

Very nice Tuesday offering, Julian with TWEE (same as Dennis), OXLIP and OSHEA to stimulate “the little gray cells”. No 45 Across’s here. HBD, MSO!!

-Every golfer has had a NARROW ESCAPE with a golf ball whistling past a body part
-We are going to tour LBJ’s hill country next month on our Texas tour
-Opie has made a bigger mark on the other side of the camera
-Watching PEERS teach can be very enlightening.
-I’ve given up ROAD RAGE. Everyone has a gun and an attitude.
-Scroll down two screens to see the stairs where the most famous PIANO mover’s scene was filmed.
-When it comes to fashion, my TASTE is in my mouth
-I am doing the same REPS with less weight.
-I do the all the Disney voices when I read to my grandkids – Goofy is my specialty (Gawrsh!)
-Far out seems more hippie-like and NEATO more nerdy to me
-Some casinos advertise one-deck blackjack without a SHOE.
-Grandson called to ask us to watch him play soccer on Friday night and then have Papa play golf on Saturday. We will STAY at Holiday Inn Express.

Mari said...

HeartRX @ 8:36 am: Thank you for the Dealer's Shoe explanation.

TTP @ Yesterday: Thanks for sharing the Yahoo! article on the CPS Strike.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Seemed a little 'cranky' for a Tuesday but quite doable. Got HUNG-up in the center with TWEE crossing NAW, BUT EVENTUALLY wagged it. BTW, 'twee' is Low German and Dutch for 'two'. (The w is pronounced and the ee has a long a sound). Had niteSHIFT at first, but OXLIP guided me to LATE SHIFT. REAR SEAT reared itself but after a d'uh moment, realized what was meant by the clue. Some other meaty fill like ROAD RAGE and EXORCIST helped make this a fun moderately challenging solve.
KEY was a very clever theme. I have the extended keyboard on my IMac, There's a RETURN key at the right of the letters pad, and an 'enter' key at the number pad. I use them interchangeably.

Have a good day.

Yellowrocks said...

Ron Howard has become famous and award winning, but to me, he will always be the endearing Opie, my favorite version of him. We still watch Opie in reuns.

I like TWEE. The sound of it is just so super precious that it suits its meaning to a T. I think I picked up on it from British novels.

Anonymous said...

For 42D, I originally thought "shotgun caller" was referring to a quarterback in the shotgun formation. When I put "rear seat" as that which the shotback quarterback shuns, I still thought it was correct, if a bit icky that the crossword would refer to the center's rear. Funny.

Sfingi said...

Did not know OXLIP. By the leaves it sure looks like a weed.

Happy Constituion Week!

Lucina said...

Greetings, Argyle and all.

Happy birthday Mom Speaks Out! Where have you been?

This puzzle had me RAPT all the way through it but hand up for not knowing TWEE and THEE sounded just as good. I still can't get a vibe from TWEE for the meaning.

The theme made me smile just because it's always in front of me.

Chase UTLEY was a complete unknown but it perped out just fine as Barry described it.

Have yourselves a fabulous Tuesday, everyone!

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you Julian Lim for a very nice and wonderful puzzle, and thank you Argyle for your comments and the great links and pictures. Technically a DNF, since I could not get RISK, STAY and thus, KEY. But enjoyed the puzzle very much. Thanks Argyle for the key to the puzzle .... now I understand the cute theme.

The Italian chef, insists ...'Itza Chicken !'.

Jocks, who can't seem to agree .... 'Well, ... hung'.

An extinct wildflower, genus between Oxlips and Cowslips ... is Calfhips.

ALT QOD:- If Lincoln freed the slaves and preserved the Union, how come Lincolnesque just means tall ? ~ Calvin Trillin

Have a nice week, you all.

Anony-Mouse said...

I have to add, 'Twee' sounds so 'precious' as YellowRocks said ... but I'm afraid if I use it in modern society, most other people wouldn't understand it. It sounds like something Daffy Duck would crash into, while skiing....

As it is, when I say 'chic', ... people think I'm disparaging Arabs ....

CrossEyedDave said...

I found today's puzzle challenging, not the theme, which was great when i finally discovered it. but some of the fill had me going. I had psi @ 30A until shoe made more sense, & oxlip came grudgingly out of the perps. But if we had not had "twee" before, this would have been a DNF.

Re: Yesterday
Pas de Chat @ 8:39 , welcome, you can always do the LA Times puzzle online right here! Under the Blog heading, right side, under donations, (sorry, i'm, broke) & under about us, click on the last link in "contributors."
(Why they hide it there i have no idea, but i always have trouble trying to click on it without seeing the write up theme & spoiling the puzzle...)

Argyle, i want to send yr cold, cold heart link to my daughter, who is struggling to write something new. Hey, it's great to put new feeling into old songs!

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Nice Tuesday offering from Mr. Lim, if a little bit more difficult than usual. I had trouble in the oxlip, itza area but with perps, it eventually fell into place. Thanks, Argyle, for the " neato" expo.

We are supposed to have heavy rainstorms and high winds today, but, so far, everything is still calm.

Did anyone watch the new show, Revolution, last night? I only watched it because there wasn't anything else on that appealed to me. I'm not sure whether I liked it or not. It had a lot of violent scenes and that disturbs me.

Happy Birthday to Mom Speaks Out. And Happy Tuesday to all.

Yellowrocks said...

TWEE Chiefly British. Origin: [Alteration of tweet, baby-talk alteration of sweet.] twee [twiː] We would say cutesy.
If you called the hood of an auto the bonnet or called the trunk the boot in the USA people would not understand. TWEE is not understood here. It is chiefly British.


I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite overcanopied with luscious wood-bine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine :
There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,
Lulled in these flowers with dances and delight ;
And there the snake throws her enamell'd skin
Weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in.
~Wm. Shakespeare

thehondohurricane said...

Howdy folks,

I couldn't decide whether this was a tough Tuesday puzzle or I was in one of my dumb ass funks. After reading the write ups, color me the latter.

Like Dennis, I had NAH rather than NAW. But the South was my primary trouble area today. 57A & 54D were ?????? . Wagged an N. X never crossed my mind. Oxlip a learning moment, soon to be forgotten. ITZA/TZU were wags. I was thinking S but wagged a Z.

Even though I had the theme clues and unifier, I never figured out the relationship. Thanks for the explanation Argyle.

Unlike yesterday though, I enjoyed this puzzle. Yet it's pretty embarrassing to have a DNF on Tuesday.

Tin .... Ditto on bar tabs. Always paid upfront.

Anonymous said...

There are no operating expenses operating this blog. Tacky to ask for donations.

CrossEyedDave said...

P.S. to Pas de Chat:

I discovered that i can click on the Blog link to the LAT puzzle online without seeing the Theme write up if i keep one eye closed!

P.P.S., Argyle, that duck link is just freakin' scary! (i keep thinking it's looking at me!)

Dennis said...

So don't donate. Those of us who choose to, appreciate all the effort that goes into maintaining it on a daily basis.

The only thing tacky here is your doltish comment.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there annual fees for crossword compilers?

Misty said...

Clever, clever theme--many thanks, Julian! I did have a bit more trouble than I expect on a Tuesday. Never heard of a SHOE in a Vegas context, even though I got it with the across words. And although I'm an avid gardener I didn't get OXLIP--I guess because it's a wildflower. (I had TULIP originally). But Yellowrocks's lovely Shakespeare poem made up for all that.

So, have a great Tuesday, everybody!

HeartRx said...

On the contrary, there are many expenses involved in creating an in-depth blog like this. C.C. has personally paid for my donation to the analysis site we use daily in order to blog the puzzle. We also have to pay a pretty steep price for the software that helps in constructing puzzles. And then there are the annual fees to belong to cruciverb (the constructors' site), and subscriptions to other crossword puzzle sites to improve our skills. Not to mention, the hours of time devoted each week to editing and reviewing content here. Even if there was zero cost, I would happily donate to show my appreciation, as Dennis said!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Marti, for explaining the expenses as I have wondered about that. It's good to know.

CrossEyedDave said...

I may not have any cash, but is there another way to donate? I have lots of time, & i am certainly willing. ( i am also a pack rat, could you use an old air conditioner or something?)

Seriously, i see nothing wrong with that tiny donation link. What would really horrify me is if i had to sit through a commercial every time i wanted to check the Blog!

Keep up the good work!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Neat-o puzzles yesterday and today. What kazie said: I misspelled ITSA and TSU. Didn't know UTLEY but that's what perps are for. Wanted OXEYE at first, but the perps forced it to be OXLIP, which I also did not know. Three things I learned, but I bet I'll remember only two of them. Slightly interesting that APT crossed RAPT. Seeya.

Jayce said...

Dennis, congratulations on getting the house! I guess you'll be experiencing many golf balls whistling by it, hopefully not hitting it.

Bill G. said...

Happy Tuesday. My kind of southern California weather has returned, for one day anyway. The temperature is around 70 with a nice sea breeze. Things heat up again tomorrow.

I am a BIG fan of corn bread. Whenever I see it at the supermarket, I buy it. My experience tells me that I like a different recipe from other people. What I buy is too cake-like for my taste; too much flour and too sweet. But ah well; it's like sex. When it's good, it's really great. When it's not so hot, it's still pretty good.

In a rural town, there lived a village idiot. He was renowned because whenever a tourist would approach and offer him the choice of a shiny 50 cent piece or a crumpled five dollar bill, he would always choose the coin. Why?

A telescope is used to make distant objects appear closer, a microscope is used to make tiny objects appear bigger and a stethoscope makes faint sounds louder. What device is used to see through walls?

Argyle said...

What duck link? To my knowledge, I didn't link a duck. Do you all see this duck?

Tinbeni said...

Bill G.
I use a window ...

PK said...

Hi Y'all: Good puzzle! Thanks, Argyle, except for the duck which reminds me of a halocaust documentary I saw once.

I've ridden shotgun but never called it. All I could think of was when we used to shoot blue rocks, someone would yell, "pull". Anyone not shooting would want to shun the pellet scatter by staying in the rear. Yeah, I know REARScaT doesn't make sense now.

I lost CONTROL in the SE corner WEES. I was rushing because my plumbers were coming so DNF. I watched a plumber in a ten-foot deep hole put a saddle connection on the main to hook up my sewer line. I'm a construction junky!

Girls, seriously, wouldn't you be afraid to crawl into bed with something like oily Arnie? One good flex of those muscles could crush bones. Too lumpy for comfort.

YR: Juno and the Paycock? Sounds DF to me.

Spitzboov said...

BiilG - a porthole.

Dennis - Congratulations on the house. I wish you lots of luck in your new digs.

HPDY to Mom Speaks Out

Argyle said...

What DUCK?

kazie said...

It does look like a duck rather than any other poultry option, unless I'm mistaken and it's a goose, but definitely not chicken or turkey.

Argyle said...

Where is it? I don't see it on my screen.

I have a PC and IE browser. If this is something I didn't put in my write-up, we better investigate.

Jayce said...

Argyle, the picture of the duck (or whatever it is) is in your writeup between 51D and 52D. It's not a link; it's a picture right there on the page.

Jayce said...

The duck picture shows up in Firefox and in IE.

Argyle said...

It is suppose to be a oiled-up body builder. What do you get with this link?

Elmer said...

Wooks wike a wild goose chase to me.

Bill G. said...

I'm not sure who is kidding whom. This link is a picture of a tanned plucked (naked) duck. Kinda sad looking.

Jayce said...

Argyle, that link shows the same pic as is in your writeup: a duck (or duck's head on a turkey body) all oiled up and posing like a body builder, its "arms" up behind its head and its legs apart in a broad stance, except it's not a stance, since the bird is kneeling.

Argyle said...

It appears the home for the picture,, is messing with me. It's ok; the bodybuilder is strange looking, too.

C.C. Burnikel said...

So weird. Argyle's write-up link and 3:08pm link are the same in my Firefox, both the same oiled-up body builder. The duck did show up when I shifted to IE. Marti's bullfighter link last week experienced a completely change-over also.

Yellowrocks said...

I always get the goose. My anti-malware detects no problems. Should I be worried?

Argyle said...

If you're coming in late, the image has been deleted.

On another note, a gentleman named Fred informed me that it wasn't Delilah who actually cut Samson's hair. She called others in to do the deed.

Argyle said...

Yellowrocks, good to hear you didn't detect any problems. I think we're alright.

If you refresh now, you shouldn't get either image. If anyone does; let us know.

Lucina said...

I also had the duck? goose? posing. And no malware was detected.

C.C. Burnikel said...

All fine now, everyone. We don't think the duck/goose link caused anyone problem.

Jayce said...

So, any chance of somehow getting Daniel Craig to giver C.C. a call, maybe?

Dennis said...

Just checking back in, and I missed the plucking duck?

CrossEyedDave said...

Ah, there, thats a much more decent image.

But,,, if you prefer the naked bird...

Pookie said...

Hands up for Piano movers. They've always done a great job for me. Long time ago in Boston, rented a spinet. Lived on the 2nd floor.The man who delivered it picked it up by the handles in the back and carried it by himself up the stairs! I couldn't believe it. Thanks CrossEyedDave. Now I don't have to wait for the commercials on LATimes website. I print it out, can't get the hang of solving online.
I kept laughing to myself, and Anony-mouse beat me to it, but I was thinking of Jackie Mason saying
"That's not a duck, ITZA CHICK'N"

GarlicGal said...

I missed the duck.

Dennis congrats on the house. I suggest you forgo the golf cart and just buy yourself a pair of knickers and argyle socks. (Am I dating myself?)

I liked the puzzle, but also had a DNF because of the NAH/THEE crossing. Looked ok to me. Who knew...

A terrific Tuesday to all.

CrossEyedDave said...

Curious, while the Duck is gone from the write up, i can still see it on Argyle's link @ 3:08 (using Chrome@8:30pmEST), & yet CC @ 3:25 says she see's the body builder?

Very Curious...

I don't know MomSpeaksOut, so i did some research in the archives. I would like to know more about this "moron list." (Happy Birthday!)

Hahtoolah said...

CED: That's funny. When I went back to check Argyle's link at 3:08, I saw creepy body-builders. Earlier, however, when it was embedded into his commentary, I saw some sort of plucked fowl.

Anony-mouse: Thank you!

Bill G. said...

This is a pretty amazing video of a new video technique. WOW!

Bill G. said...

We've seen this ad on TV a couple of times. It's just spectacular. Best viewed full screen and with sound on.

windhover said...

Garlic Gal,
Regardless of what the psychologists used to say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with "dating yourself". It's perfectly natural. :-)

Bill G. said...

Bank woes: I got a call from a branch of our bank. They said somebody had presented an electronic check for $1995 written on Barbara's account and tried to deposit it into another account. They thought it seemed suspicious and I told them it was very suspicious. The same person had deposited a similar check yesterday. So the bank closed her account. She has to go to the bank tomorrow and get a new account and debit card. It's a bother but at least the bank was on their toes and caught it in time.

Seldom Seen said...


Gunghy said...

Bill G.
Regarding the village idiot: seems pretty smart to me. If he took the $5, no one would offer it to him anymore.

Bill G. said...

Right you are. Yep, he's a smarter than average village idiot. And he uses windows to see through walls.

Anonymous said...

Just fascinating.