Apr 19, 2014

Saturday, Apr 19th, 2014, Alan Olschwang

Theme: None

Words: 72 (missing J,W,X)

Blocks: 33

   Today's offering was all "try, try again", as most of my first round answers were incorrect; a lot of the others were W.A.G.s.  I checked on Alan's last Sat-LAT puzzle, and it was a similar experience back in Sep '13.  Just two triple 10 corners, with some longer fill inside as well. Lots of multi-word solutions (*), which can be a bear at times.  Alas, Alan, I had to cheat to find out where I went wrong - F%&*n' Frawnche got me, and so did the baseball - C.C. will be so disappointed....

ON -Stanley-WARD~!


1*. Treat that comes in Mint Oreo and M&M's flavors : DQ BLIZZARD - Phew~!  What a way to start~!  I knew we were looking for some sort of ice cream treat - this is the 'shake' offered at Dairy Queen ( hence, D Q )

11. Emcee's prop : MICrophone

14*. One with a lot to be concerned about : AUTO DEALER - HAR-HAR~!  a CAR lot to be concerned about

15. Ones place : TILL - singles in the register

16*. Attract considerable attention : CAUSE A STIR

17. Contemporary of Dashiell : ERLE - if Alan says so

18. Fitness gurus?: Abbr. : EDs - got me this time; Fitness, the magazine, and its EDitors

19. His, to Jacques : A LUI - ugh, Frawnche

20. Mandela's birth town : UMTATA - all perps

22. Follies name : FLO

23*. It has a bonnet and a boot : MOTOR CAR - I watch the BBC version of Top Gear, so I knew the British words for 'hood' and 'trunk' - that and both my parents were born in England

25. Top : ACME - OK, not APEX

28*. Court tactic : TRASH TALK - gonna see a lot of this on the ice, too, for the next two months.  My buddy Mike took me to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs at Madison Square Garden Thursday night, and the Flyers lost, 4-1~!   Let's Go Rangers~!!!

30. Ruin : DOOM

31. Farrier's tool : RASP - A farrier is a blacksmith, but around here, more a horse(shoe) person

32*. Words from a follower : I SEE

33. Place known for its lines, briefly : DMV - nice misdirection; I don't much need to wait in line at the Dept of Motor Vehicles any more; I just renewed my registration online this week

34. Poe title stowaway : PYM - all perps; the Wiki

35. Churchill's "so few": Abbr. : Royal Air Force

37. Jupiter or Mars : GOD - Planet was a wee bit too long

39. Shoe spec : EEEE - and this is a wee bit too wide

41. Many months : AGES - dah~! Not EONS

43. "A Room With a View" view : ARNO

44*. Time of youthful innocence : SALAD DAYS - learning moment; it's from Shakespeare

46. Pope piece : POEM - Alexander Pope, that is

47. 1930s home for Capone : ALCATRAZ

48. Response to a cape flourish : OLÉ

50. Co-star of Matthew in "The Lincoln Lawyer" : MARISA - McConaughey, and Tomei - IMDb

51. Beautiful people of futuristic fiction : ELOI

53. O's and A's org. : MLB - I mis-read this, and just put in NLE for National League East - which is completely and utterly wrong; and I know this, because I like the Orioles, and they're American League, and the A's are in the West....I repeat, I am a hockey fan

56. Copious amounts : A TON - not LOTS

57*. Work out : GET IN SHAPE

60. Zaire's Mobutu __ Seko : SESE - president of what was then called Congo; see 43d.

61. Inside look? : ULTRA-SOUND

62. Next yr.'s frosh, perhaps : SRs - high school seniors might go on to be college freshmen

63*. You might hear it before you get up : PLEASE RISE


1. Carp family member : DACE

2. College hangout : QUAD - DAH~!! Not DORM, not RATH

3. A/C measure : BTUs

4. LAPD part : LOS

5. Impossible to top : IDEAL

6. Fanatical devotion : ZEALOTRY

7. Pitts of silents : ZASU - all perps

8. Nissan models : ALTIMAs

9. Big name in outdoor gear : REI - Recreational Equipment, Inc.

10. Adviser once described as "a cross between Henry Kissinger and Minnie Mouse" : Dr. RUTH - I can see that

11. Scotts offering : MIRACLE-GRO
 12*. "Sure, let me try it" : I'LL TAKE ONE

13. Forecast word : CLEAR - but chilly, at least for another week - I am in no hurry for the heat and humidity, thank you

15. Brilliant fish : TETRAs

21. Theme : MOTIF

22. Like an executrix: Abbr. : FEMale - the "ix" ending

24. Fish eater : OSPREY

25. Stick in : ADD

26*. Follows : COMES LATER

27*. Traverse : MOVE ACROSS

29. Beach shelter : RAMADA - learning moment; straight up definition -
an open shelter, often having a dome-shaped thatched roof, and installed especially on beaches and picnic grounds.

34. Bog fuels : PEATS

36*. The moment after : AS SOON AS

38. Bubbly title : DOM Perignon

40. Tennyson's "lily maid of Astolat" : ELAINE - again, WAGs and perps

42. Montreal daily : GAZETTE

43. "Congo" attacker : APE - Michael Crichton - read the book, saw the movie

45*. Revive, as a bad memory : DRAG UP

47. Get a load of : AMASS

49. Crinkly gauze : LISSE - according to the dictionary, it's made from silk thread.  From the Frawnche, again

52. Old Vatican coin : LIRA

53. One of Hawaii's five counties : MAUI

54. ICU personnel : LPNs

55. "Ecclesiastical History of the English People" author : BEDE

58. Bulky center? : ELL - b-u-L-k-y

59. Old TV knob : HORizontal - DAH~!!! not UHF or VHF



OwenKL said...

There once was an AUTO DEALER named Garr
Who could sell you, quite cheap, a used MOTOR CAR.
He had Studebakers, he had Beamers,
He had Nissan ALTIMAS,
But the pride of his lot was one used by the Tsar!

Al was a cat who was fond of jazz
He practiced playing with razzmatazz.
But this gig held no joy as
The crowd made rude noises
What they did was send him an AL-CAT-RAZZ!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Brutal solve today. UMTATA? LISSE? ELAINE? PYM? ALUI? Is a MOTOR CAR different than a regular CAR?

I did actually remember ZASU, but the rest of the NW was a virtual BLIZZARD of white until I finally managed to guess DQBLIZZARD off the Z in ZASU.

Really, really wanted CABANA at 29D, but just couldn't make all the perps work. I know the motel chain RAMADA Inn, but not as a beach shelter.

DRAG UP seemed odd to me. I'm much more familiar with DREDGE UP old memories.

I did manage to finally finish unassisted, but a typo kept me from getting the *TADA* I cna't blame myself for putting in LISSA instead of LISSE, but I really should have noticed that PLEASARISE didn't quite work...

Yellowrocks said...

This was one of my quicker Saturday solves, doing across and down together. My first thoughts were usually correct so I started to trust them. DQBLIZZARD was a gimme right off the bat which gave me ZASU. UMTATA and REI were all perps. RA gave me RAMADA and GA gave me GAZETTE and ALCATRAZ. ARNO, POEM, APE and DOM took a little reflection, as did the M in AMASS and MARISSA. The rest was Thursday type smooth sailing.
Company coming soon. Gotta run.
Bill G. I am glad Barbara is okay.

Rojo said...

My worst Saturday performance in a while. :(

After much head-banging on desk, I got everything but the NW corner from A LUI on up was all blank and only the TH for DR. RUTH. Give me "Kissinger" and "Adviser" in the clue, and my political brain immediately starts thinking of historical White House figures, not sex advice columnists.

So, I cheated on DR. RUTH with the Google after staring at the blank spaces for half an hour and then it sloooooowly started to come together.

FRAT? No. DORM? No. Gah!

Never eaten at Dairy Queen, so I was still stuck after getting **BLIZZARD, until finally QUAD! AHA!

@Barry G. - MOTOR CAR is how they refer to it in the UK, hence Boot and Bonnet cluing. Although it still took a while as I originally had AUTO***R.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one felt quite silkie. It was a struggle, though not a long one. Once I changed DREDGE to DRAG UP, SIZE to EEEE and VER to HOR everything fell into place.

I remember ZASU Pitts from some Gale Storm TV sitcom back in the 50's. I was thinking of Sir Walter Scott before MIRACLE GRO showed up. Good cluing caused AMASS to be slow in arriving.

Thanks, Alan and Splynter.

Anonymous said...







Please do us reasonable people a favor, Alan:

Go away.

Al Cyone said...

Well, after doing much better than I at first thought I would, a frustrating DNF. I thought I had tried all the possible vowel endings for DACE and SESE but, apparently, never the right ones at the same time. I guess I deserve a dope-slap for not going with ELAINE (I thought the name might be more exotic). And, even after reading the explanation, EDS seems pretty weak to me. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Today was all about wags and perps. Haven't seen, let alone visited, a Dairy Queen in ages, so no help there. Tried Roadster before Motorcar, keeping the NE white for quite a while. Resisted Quad because the lone Q looked wrong. Kept picking away, eventually getting the TaDa.

TTP said...

Good morning all.

WOW ! I knew Tennyson's "lily maid of Astolot" right off the bat. And of course, I proved it with the answer for Zaire's Mobutu __ Seko. This was an easy puzzle for me. Not.

SENTRAS, FERTILIZER, COMES AFTER were among the words that kept me from progressing when I eventually changed the online game to regular player. That, and oh yea, some of the words already mentioned.

As for a DNF, I'LL TAKE ONE.

See y'all later.

Avg Joe said...


Slow start, slow finish and hundreds of wags. Like Dudley, I wanted quad, but it seemed wrong with BTUs in place. Further south, likeTTP, comes after held me up for a long time, but as others in the region came into being, Alcatraz forced a rethink, allowing resolution in that corner. East of that, Ver in lieu of Hor caused grief. That wasn't helped by LPNs, since they are rarely called that these days (CNA?). And so it went.

Finally managed to finish unassisted.....but it was wrong. Didn't know Zasu or a lui, so that cross had an O. FAIL! But I'll take it and not feel too bad.

Husker Gary said...

Alan saved my test for the SE corner but I got it done after I gave up ALARM CLOCK, DREDGE, EMTS and OHAU. What a great Saturday puzzle!

-DQBLIZZARD occurred to me but surely he wouldn’t start with an abbr. Oh he did?
-UMAMI and now UMTATA? Make it stop!
-Toilets at ALCATRAZ corroded because sea water was used to flush
-I subbed for AP Chemistry at a very wealthy high school yesterday and one SR. told me he is getting a free ride at one school because they are also going to pay for him to attend Oxford for a post grad degree
-This prolific reciter of PLEASE RISE also has a comedy career
-A goldfish is just a CARP who knows somebody
-Don’t let IDEAL get in the way of possible
-You watched way too much 50’s TV (like Otto and I did) if you thought of this co-star of ZASU .
-I thought Scotts and MIRACLE-GRO were separate entities
-_ A _ A _ A wasn’t CABANA
-I put DREDGE reluctantly for DREDGE UP but DRAG UP had both elements. Duh!
-What great movie featured creepy AUTO DEALER Jerry Lundegaard?

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~
I had a tough time getting started on this today. I had to keep jumping around and in doing so, would get a foothold in different areas that lead to some of the longer fill. I managed to finish, but it took a while.

~ Write-overs: Many months / Year/Aeon/AGES and 26D - Follows: COMES After/COMES LATER - this one really messed up the SW corner.

~ Perps were needed in a number of places, including LISSE, SESE, UMTATA.

~ I really liked 47D - Get a load of. I was thinking along the lines of,"Get a load of this!" But, nope - it was literal!

~ Thanks for all the info in your write-up, Splynter. I finally understand SALAD DAYS - the "green" part of it - Aha! I had many of the same thoughts regarding possible answers to some of the clues.

~ Glad Dusty is doing better, Misty. Our fur babies can really cause us to worry!

~ Bill G. ~ I'm glad Barbara's problem isn't serious - the difficult part is not knowing.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone ~ Happy Easter!

desper-otto said...

Husker, Fargo. We're still watching way too much video entertainment!

inanehiker said...

This was one of those "slow and steady wins the race" type puzzles. Fortunately all the unknowns could be filled in by perps eventually. WEES about new words I learned today.

One clue was off as far as I'm concerned after working in multple hospitals around the country-- LPNs (licensed practical nurses), although still very popular in certain parts of the country depending on the training programs availabe, are almost never personnel in ICUs--all the staffing is done by RNs due to the intensity and high tech care being given there. More LPNs are on regular hosp floors, nursing homes, doctor's offices.
@Avg Joe - LPNs are much different than nurse aides (CNA or PCT as they are often called) LPNs are licensed to do most everything RNs can-- give meds, start IVs and other procedures (ng tubes, catheters). CNAs/PCTs are not allowed to do any of those, except pass meds at a nursing home and only if they have gotten extra licensing to dispense meds.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I'll take a Silkie any day of the week over this brutal offering. The Northwest is a sea of white: just couldn't suss 1A, 14A, 16A and 18A. It didn't help that I had idolatry instead of zealotry. A most definite DNF, a big DECC (didn't even come close.).

Credit where credit is due, Alan, for a challenging, Saturday stumper, and thanks, Splynter, for your informative expo.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Hello, Word Warriors!

I loved that I could finish this puzzle in a somewhat reasonable time for a Saturday. Thank you, Alan Olschwang. You gave my brain a real workout especially having to DRAG UP so much lit from AGES past.

Tennyson and Shakespeare reside somewhere in my recesses and they emerged today.

ZASU Pitts sprang up as did DR. RUTH eventually. LISSE was in the doubtful column as was ULTRASOUND but they prevailed.

This was a good challenge.

Have spectacular Saturday, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Good job, Splynter.

Much of the fill was not immediately obvious, so on much of it I held my nose and jumped in with both feet and it mostly worked. Some white-out: cabana before RAMADA, after before LATER. Did not like the ELL clue; trite. HORizontal hold is a DRAG UP from the past. I liked the 10 letter stacks; they were fun to suss, and not, of themselves, real obscure.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I love Splynter.

Yellowrocks said...

As inanehiker said, "All the unknowns could be filled in by perps." Sometimes in the Silkies, two unknowns cross each other and doing an alphabet run doesn't help, so I need to look it up. Funny how we seem to have different good days and bad days.
I am sitting here waiting for my sister to arrive for lunch. I just finish making a British Trifle for tomorrow, cake, jam, sherry, homemade creme Anglais and fresh fruit.Moat of us prefer raspberries, but I couldn't get any, so I used fresh strawberries which will please my grandson. Tomorrow I will top it with whipped cream and garnish it with whole strawberries.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this...
Please define for me:

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

I can't think of a worse puzzle that I have encountered. I saved myself a lot of time and aggravation by going to the answers very early on. I do the LA Times puzzle daily but I don't need this!

Anonymous said...

anon @10:38, see "Crossword Abbrevs" on the right side of the first page for a list of all of them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it should be "Comments Section Abbrevs."

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Alan Olschwang, for a fine, but tough, puzzle. Thank you, Splynter, for a fine review.

Got started slowly (of course). Got DQ BLIZZARD after a couple perp starters. I go there a lot in the summer and all I ever order is a BLIZZARD. They are great.

ZEALOTRY was a good word.

Took me forever to get MIRACLE GRO. What's that V-8 can thing everybody does? I did it.

Liked RAF

SALAD DAYS was a new one to me. Makes sense, though.

ALCATRAZ came easily. It fit and I had one perp to convince me to try it.

My last entry was OLE. I just was not thinking of a bull fighter. I certainly did not know LISSE. Had the last 4 letters, but. . . . .

Liked HOR. I remember the Horizontal and Vertical adjustments.

This puzzle only took me 3 1/2 hours. Now I have a lot to do.

See you tomorrow.


(4605 9488656)

desper-otto said...

Anon@10:38 -- You won't find "silkie" in the Comment Abbrevs. As you've probably noticed, the puzzles get progressively harder as the week goes on. Saturdays, which are themeless, are the hardest of all. Every few weeks we'll get one written by Barry Silk. They're really tough, but Barry gives you just enough traction to make things fall into place. Ergo -- the Saturday Silkie.

Splynter said...

Hi again~!

Why is it always the anonymous people that "love" me?


Misty said...

Splynter, you made me feel a little better about this Saturday toughie. I'm actually proud of the fact that I got about 2/3 or more. But without DQBLIZZARD the top left didn't fill in (even though I had ZAZU, spelled wrong), and the top right was just a blank although I did get MOTOR CAR. So for me this wasn't as totally disastrous as it might have been. And since Dusty's getting better (thanks Lucina and LaLaLinda for the kind words) and the sun is shining, I think this will be a good Saturday.

Bill G., hope Barbara feels better today.

Have a good one, everybody!

john28man said...

I got maybe a dozen good long words in about a half hour and then 23 minutes of red letters finished it but, boy what a slog.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Olschwang's offering looked impossible to me without red letters. Like Splynter, most of my first guesses were wrong. Thanks, Splynter!

DQ BLIZZARD was a gimmee for me, since I've had both flavors in the past two weeks. I went in for DQ ice cream sandwiches which they didn't have so ended up ordering the BLIZZARDS. Get back on your sugar-free diet, PK! Alan, is this an ad?

My mother used to talk about Zasu Pitts from silent movie days. Learned today there was only one "Z" in the name and the person was a woman. I thought she was a man. Comes from having no TV set until age 22.

I'd read "CONGO" and "The Lincoln Lawyer" some time ago and saw the movies more recently. Took a bit to remember MARISSA though.

UMTATA? Is that what a happy baby says as he lays his head on mama's breast?

I love MIRACLE GRO. My flowers love MIRACLE GRO. What? Two commercials in one puzzle. Are they paying Alan to reach a captive audience?

desper-otto said...

UMTATA, good one, PK!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I had to look up many many answers, and still did not finish. I shot myself in the foot by writing DO BLIZZARD (leaving off the line that makes an O a Q) so was unable to get QUAD or EDS. Also misspelled ZAZU. A very very difficult puzzle, but well constructed with some very nifty fill.
The only gimmes in this whole puzzle were BTUS and ELOI.
I remember Mr. Toad's friends in Wind In The Willows musing about his new MOTOR CAR.
Best wishes to you all in this holy time of year.

Lucina said...

Yes. Good one. UMTATA!

When I hesitantly filled ZEALOTRY early on I thought it would be erased later, then when two Zs appeared, I was intrigued. I don't go to DQ but did when my daughter was younger and I see the ads on TV all summer so the BLIZZARD was done. It's the only kind of blizzard we get around here.

Your trifle sounds delicious! I'm sure all will enjoy it.

C6D6 Peg said...

What a surprise that we finished it and it was all correct! Thanks, Alan for a challenging offering, and Splynter for your taking on the tough ones and making them fun! We all love you, Splynter, not just the anons.

buckeye bob said...

Thank you for the puzzle, Alan. Thank you for the splendid review, Splynter.

I thought this puzzle was harder than a Saturday Silkie, but easier than last Saturday’s puzzle. At an hour and 3 minutes, I had all but one word filled in, but was stumped. I turned on red letter help, removed 4 wrong letters, and finished in 3 minutes. Whew!

FLO Ziegfeld and ZASU Pitts were long before my time, but I knew the names anyway.

There were A TON of unknowns, such as ALUI, UMTATA, PYM, ARNO, MARISA co-starred in The Lincoln Lawyer, REI, ELAINE, and LISSE, but I slowly perped my way through them.

Hand up for not knowing RAMADA was anything but a hotel chain.

I had APEX before ACME, EONS before AGES (OK, “months” should have told me something), and DORM before QUAD.

I thought EEEE show width must be very uncommon, but there seem to be a number of websites that offer them. Maybe it’s not just a constructor gimmick.

tiptoethru said...

With DQBlizzard to start immediately, I thought I'd "cause a stir" and actually finish a Saturday puzzle with ease. Wrong. I fell to pieces in the SW corner and never got a hold, so hence, to my favorite site for answers and explanations. Thanks all! I've got the windows open in my sun room, a soda, and the rest of the paper to read. Life is good in the Black Hills of Dakota. Hang on spring!

oc4beach said...

I was amazed that I knew SESE, ZAZU, QUAD and ALCATRAZ right away. However, I messed up on a lot of others before they fell in place. It took a lot of head scratching.

I wanted WDW (Walt Disney World) instead of DMV for long lines. I don't know which one is worse. Either one with young children along can be a PITA. If you are at Disney World, the kids will ultimately be happy. Rarely is anyone happy at the DMV

I tried CONDIE for 10 Down for Condoleezza Rice, but that didn't work. When I got DRR from the perps I figured it had to be DRRICE. Wrong again. But DRRUTH,-- c'mon, really?

All in all it was a very challenging puzzle that stretched the gray matter. We need these occasionally.

Enjoy the holiday everyone - Happy Easter.

Steve said...

Wow - WEES, but finally got through it.

NW was the last - it doesn't help that I've never been in a Dairy Queen and I don't very often buy "
"frozen treats".

For the anonymous gripers, if you don't want a tough puzzle on a Saturday, then don't try the LAT or the NYT - it's the whole point.

Now, where's that bunny trap?

Bill G. said...

As with most Saturdays, too tough for me to finish unaided. I checked to see that Dashiell Hammett and Erle Stanley Gardner were really contemporaries. I wouldn't have thought so but they were.

Umtata! Good one!

Jayce, I remember a very enjoyable cartoon from Walt Disney of Wind in the Willows. Really good.

There was a car in front of me yesterday with the license plate PHY6RLS. After I figured it out, I agreed with the sentiment.

Thank you all for your kind wishes re. Barbara's hospital visit. She's not in perfect shape but at least the problems are not serious and are manageable. I don't know if it was tougher on her going through the evaluations and tests or on me sitting around stressing out about the whole process.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'm with you. This was a Monster pzl. I have been too cocky lately, and this one brought me down. I give myself 89%. Had to change DREDGE to DRAG UP, SASS to DACE, and most embarrassingly ABUSE A STAR to CAUSE A STIR.
And all this *after* knocking off a few of the tricky ones (ZEALOTRY, SALAD DAYS, MIRACLE GRO) in an instant! You know, when you get a few big ones early on, it usually gives you confidence; you know you're going to fill in the rest pretty smartly. Well, not so today. By the end I was desperately checking WAGs even before inking them in-- that's how craven I'd become. (For BEDE, EDS, UMTATA)
For the record, I never hung out in our QUAD; that was always something to traverse on one's way to the Union or Dorm or Pub-- or, dear teachers(!), the Library.

Lucina said...

One of my sisters-in-law has an extremely narrow foot and wears EEEE. She has a difficult time finding shoes.

Yes, Splynter, be assured, we all love you.

Glad to know Barbara's ailment can be treated. Medicine today is a wonder.

RAMADA in Spanish means "branches" usually bunched together as in the thatched roof of a RAMADA.

Unknown said...

Thank you Alan and Splynter. This was a challenging but enjoyable one. After quite a long time, I was able to solve it without any help.

Wanted cabana before ramada, size before EEEE, aeon before ages, and alarm clock before please rise. Umtata, lisse, rei, and sese were all solved by perps.

Speaking of "Fargo," has anyone seen the new FX miniseries "Fargo?" It's very good and well acted. Billy Bob Thorton plays a really creepy guy.

Bill G. said...

Lucina, your narrow-footed SIL must look a sight trying to walk in those extra-wide shoes! :>) AAAA maybe?

Nancy, since I liked the Fargo movie so much, I thought I might try the TV show. I've only watched a few minutes so far but it seemed pretty weird and unpleasant. What do you think? Do you recommend I keep at it?

Anonymous said...

Bill. G.

If you are reading this today - I'm curious - what does PHY6RLS mean ?

Just a short answer will do. Thanx.

Does it mean Physicals ?

Unknown said...

Bill G.: I recommend it, but then I like weird shows. I definitely think you should at least watch the entire first episode. If the sight of blood bothers you though, then I'd say skip it.

Lucina said...

Oh, my, Bill, one of these days my lack of concentration will gett me in deep trouble. Of course I meant AAAA! It's my mother who wore EEE though, not eeee.

Bill G. said...

Anon 4:21, my take on PHY6RLS was Physics Rules. What do you think?

Though I had trouble with Physics 101 at Cornell at first, I finally got the idea of applying Newton's three Laws of Motion to whatever new problem situation showed up on an exam. Then I started doing much better. Physics helps me understand why everything works the way it does.

Yellowrocks said...

Splynter, (not Steve) See I have reformed. I really liked your great write up with all its interesting info.
I enjoyed The Lincoln Lawyer novel, but haven't seen the movie.
My sister did today's puzzle, too, and got DQBLIZZARD right off, although she lives in "the sticks" and has no DQ there. DQ advertising is ubiquitous.

Sis also got Mobutuu Sese Seko right off. We both think it's fun to say.

Anonymous said...

Bill. G. Thank you for Physics Rules.

I had Physic Earls ...

My neighbor has a license plate QTR 2 8

He has a BMW 745 Li.

(Just read it out aloud.)

Jayce said...

Bill G, Barbara might have to avoid aspirin and other meds that thin the blood and promote bleeding. Fortunately that is easy to do.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I was going with Fizz Sikhs Or Less.

(Don't ask.)

Ol' Man Keith said...

Wasn't SESE Bone an old Eartha Kitt hit?

Me too for CABANA and ALARM CLOCK. I just forgot to confess to those earlier, as I already had so many sins to my name.

D said...

Where did Alan find ALUI as the answer to 19A His, to Jacques ?

Looked in some reference books and even various translating sites like Google Translator & Babylon 10 don't give that for an answer.
Some show ALUI as "it has" in English for instance.

Argyle said...

“à lui” "to him"

OwenKL said...

Had to use red letters, but at least I got it done, unlike yesterday's stumper. Had DMZ instead of DMV as place known for its lines. Didn't know LISSE, so didn't realize I'd misspelt ELOY. For a themeless, it's interesting that ALTIMAS crossed both AUTO DEALER & MOTOR CAR.

My nit: A TON should have been TONS, or else the clue should have been singular.

I was thinking Scott paper co., which I think has a line of paper pastes and glues, so started with MIRACLE GOO.

Love BLIZZARDS, so occasionally head to neighboring small towns of Pecos or Pojoaque for one, since the only DQ in Santa Fe is buried in a mall, too deep for my limited mobility to get to. IIRC Wendy's & McDonalds's have them now, too, but different names and smaller.

I figured EDS meant it was the EDitorS who determine the "fitness" of an article or puzzle for publication. Still pretty lame.

Bill G. said...

You many remember that I've mentioned several actresses I found appealing, both in appearance and personality. A few that come to mind are Sofia Vergara, Ellen Page, Sophia Loren, Rachel McAdams, a young Shirley MacLaine,...rats, there were others I know but...? Anyway, I've got a new name to add to my list. Minnie Driver, that's who. I just caught some of Good Will Hunting and she was so appealing. Her first movie where I noticed her immediately was Circle of Friends. It's really good if you care to add it to your Netflix queue. She apparently had to gain weight to play the lead character but I never noticed. I thought she was beautiful; outside and inside.

Anonymous said...

Fitness gurus? ...Editors of the New York Times ..All the News That is Fit to Print?

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? EDS??? Very weak. Also ISEE? Words from a follower. Again, very weak.

wilburc said...

FOY was a famous vaudeville name and when I finally got the DQBLIZZARD(QB Puzzled me) I still simply misspelled zealytry(sic)