Apr 15, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Annemarie Brethauer

Theme: •*¨*♫♥♫¸¸¸.•*¨*♫♥♫¸¸ - Part and parcel to 'reading' music.

17A. Yellow sticky brand : POST-IT NOTE

26A. Caffeination station : COFFEE BAR

40A. Crisis phone service : HOT LINE

55A. Café serving group : WAIT STAFF

65A. Composer's output, and where to find the last words of 17-, 26-, 40- and 55-Across : SHEET MUSIC

Argyle here. Annemarie Brethauer has gone from a Sunday(Mar 23, 2014) to a Tuesday. I think she is ready to tackle a Monday. Makes my heart go pit-a-pat.


1. Wire insulator : TAPE

5. Australian gemstone : OPAL

9. Dressed : CLAD

13. They're found in veins : OREs

14. Zany escapade : CAPER

16. Saintly ring : HALO

19. Eric of "Spamalot" : IDLE

20. Color : HUE. Finally, a straight forward clue for HUE.

21. Manicurist's concern : NAIL

22. "Breaking Bad" award : EMMY. "Breaking Bad" ran on AMC from '08 to '13. 43A. "Breaking Bad" law org. : DEA

24. Out of bed : ASTIR

30. Vessel for the Mad Hatter : TEA CUP. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

32. Fast-running bird : OSTRICH

33. Kibbutz country : ISRAEL

36. 18th-century composer Thomas : ARNE. British composer best known for Rule, Britannia!.

37. Kenya neighbor: Abbr. : SOM. (Somalia)

44. Journey : TRIP. Go ask Alice.

46. Shed, with "off" : SLOUGH

48. Solar or lunar phenomenon : ECLIPSE

51. Hiss and hum : NOISES

58. Flawless : IDEAL

59. British "Bye-bye" : "TA-TA"

60. Tees off : IREs

62. Electronic eavesdropping org. : NSA. (National Security Agency)

63. Jalopy : HEAP

68. Sicilian volcano : ETNA

69. Golf targets : HOLEs

70. Quick gander : PEEK

71. Light bulb unit : WATT

72. Circular current : EDDY

73. Respectful titles : SIRs


1. Part of Uncle Sam's outfit : TOP-HAT. It was what the Mad Hatter wore also.

2. Turn on : AROUSE

3. Pre-euro Spanish coin : PESETA

4. Repair shop fig. : EST. (estimate)

5. Penta- plus three : OCTA

6. Lose one's cool : PANIC

7. 2014 Olympics skating analyst Ohno : APOLO

8. Replayed tennis serve : LET

9. Fire-breathing Greek monster : CHIMERA

10. 1960s White House nickname : LADY BIRD. Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson, First Lady.

11. Every one : ALL

12. Anonymous Jane : DOE

15. Snorkeling areas : REEFS

18. Arrival en masse : INRUSH

23. Bumped into : MET

25. Here, to Henri : ICI. In France.

27. Folded manuscript sheet : FOLIO. (from Latin for leaf)

28. Clearasil target : ACNE

29. Actress Perlman : RHEA

31. Expert : PRO

34. On a cruise, say : AT SEA

35. Angled pipe fitting : ELL

37. Meat-and-potatoes dish : STEW

38. Ocean predator : ORCA

39. Combatively supportive : MILITANT

41. Religious sister : NUN

42. Self-absorption : EGOISM

45. Rain-on-the-roof rhythm : PIT-A-PAT

47. Kept secret : HID

49. Hollywood hrs. : PST. (Pacific Standard Time)

50. Money in the mattress, e.g. : STASH

52. Karate instructor : SENSEI. 先生

53. More like child's play : EASIER

54. Men's Wearhouse items : SLACKS

56. Chase flies or grounders : FIELD

57. Let loose : FREED

61. Online crafts marketplace : ETSY. Official Site

63. Chop with an ax : HEW

64. SFO posting : ETA

66. Gardening tool : HOE

67. Portfolio-increasing market moves : UPs. Not DOWNs, portfolio-decreasing market moves.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Very smooth Tusday puzzle. I think my only do-over was putting in TREK instead of TRIP to start. And the only surprise was discovering that TA-TA was "British", since I've been hearing and using it all my life. Go figure...

OwenKL said...

Melodic Malady

Do sang with the wrong inflection,
Re and Mi likewise lacked perfection.
The cause was a virus
Made their NOTES less desirous;
The diagnosis was a STAFF infection!

Symphonic Symptoms

The pool shark was taken quite flu sick;
No way he could play with his cue-stick.
His friend, the composer
Also suffered exposure,
But in bed he could still write "SHEET" MUSIC.

Mental Instrumental

The song writer couldn't get very far,
Writer's block held him firmly as tar.
To remedy this flaw
He took to the law;
Music flowed once he past the first BAR!

Early Bird said...

Hello Argyle, and friends,

Nice and Easy puzzle, thanks Annemarie. And thanks Argyle for your charming blog.

Rhea and Ostrich in the same puzzle - only Kangaroo and Koala were missing.

Amendment to Owen's law ...

If a puzzle ever solved does not have a nit in it, then most bloggers will devote a 100% of their energies in trying to find some sort of nit - or else make one up.

Otherwise, once you've solved a nice and easy puzzle - there is nothing left to comment on. Plus there are only so many ways to skin a four alarm chili recipe.

Enjoy, the coming of spring.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun Musical puzzle.

Hand up for trying Trek in lieu of TRIP.

How appropriate to have the ECLIPSE since there was a BLOOD MOON Eclipse last night. Unfortunately, severe storms in my area prevented a viewing.

QOD: The first step on the way to victory is to recognize the enemy. ~ Corrie Ten Boom (Apr. 15, 1892 ~ 1983)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I did not find this one easy or fast. I immediately went wrong with Uncle Sam's outift -- I wrote FLAG at 1a when it should have been TOP HAT at 1d. My POST-IT-NOTE started out as SKOTCH PADS and ASTIR was RISEN. Washington and Oregon are awash in black ink.

Hand up for TREK/TRIP. Another hand up for noticing that OSTRICH crossed RHEA. My third hand is up for thinking ECLIPSE was a timely entry. Never heard of ETSY before. Nice CSO to Splynter at 67d -- UPS.

Today's my final taxing day. Got your return filed? If you're required to do quarterly estimates, your first one for next year is due today.

And just why is a raven like a writing desk? Argyle?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Annemarie Brethauer, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Did this in the newspaper today, but tried my IPad after I was done and, wallah, it worked. Not sure what changed between yesterday and today, but I am happy. I like doing it in the paper when I am home, but traveling it is the IPad.

Did not get wire insulator at first for 1A, came later. I should have gotten it, I used TAPE all my life, on wires and cables.

POST IT NOTE, the greatest invention of the last century. I really like those handy devices.

I used to like COFFEE BARS, but I quit coffee several years ago. Now I am a Tea Person.

Like ARNE. Great song he composed.

PIT A PAT reminds me of the golf ball sized hail we had on Saturday. Hit the roof much louder than that.

Our friend ORCA again.

I always thought LADY BIRD was the real name. Learning moment.

Everything is white here from yesterday's snow. I expect it will melt today. Hope my 225 onions will be OK.

See you tomorrow.


(5339646 93)

Mari said...

Good Morning Everybody!

WBS on TREK vs. TRIP. Other than that, this was smooth sailing. Everything fell into place nicely.

We had snow showers in Chicago last night (yes you read that correctly). As a result, we missed seeing the Blood Moon. Saturday we were in shorts, today we're back to longjohns!

Have a great day.

Goo Goo Googler said...


Why is the raven like a writing desk ? asked Lewis Carroll, nonsensically.

He didn't expect an answer ...

But he did write in the foreword,"Because it can produce a few notes, though they are very flat, and it is nevar put with the wrong end in front". ( sic, ad verbatim -).

Notice the purposely mis-spelt word Nevar, which when reversed spells ... A proof reader's red pencil correction, put an end to that pun, in the final book version, published - so the readers never benefited from it.

Other readers comments:

1. Poe wrote on both of them.

2. They both come with inky quills.

3. They both stand on sticks.

4, Finally, a wit writes: Because there is a B in both and an N in neither.

Answer 4 should be spoken aloud, to comprehend the meaning - it is meant to highlight the absurdity of the original question.

Maybe, Argyle's intention to get us bloggers to come up with even more interesting comments.

Fire away.

Steve said...

Thanks for the puzzle and write-up Annemarie and Argyle. The Ohnos always seem such grounded and nice people.

Loved the ECLIPSE last night - unlike hahtoolah I had a fluke grandstand view from my hotel room in Dallas. I couldn't have planned it any better!

Yellowrocks said...

Abejo, presumably it was an onion snow and your onions will survive.. Have you or others heard this PA Dutch expression?
Link onion snow

Anonymous said...

YellowRocks, have you seen the Japanese movie "Departures" ? It won the 2008 Oscar for best foreign film. You can borrow it at the local library.

I thought of you.

The movie is about a corpse make-up man ( the task before before the undertaker 'takes over' - ) shows the Japanese culture of extreme politeness, inevitable tact and diplomacy, profound empathy and correctness and respect and humility - at its best.


Husker Gary said...

-I haven’t bought SHEET MUSIC for years. It’s all on the web somewhere
-3M turned “low tack” glue they accidentally produced into a success as POST IT NOTEs
-Can you find COFFEE on on this menu?
-Haven’t we all used electrical TAPE where a PRO would not have done so?
-The Cwd Shop must have a sale on HALO recently
-Recent movie about desperate people in SOMollia
-I did not stay up until 2 a.m. to see the blood red ECLIPSE
-My MIL’s radio hisses and hums but it was a gift from her deceased son and so on it goes
-VB eliminated the LET serve years ago. Now you just play it.
-Not everyone liked LADY BIRD’s highway beautification initiative
-I’m passionate, you’re MILITANT!
-My daughter loves the NUNs at her school but could not live that cloistered life
-Robert Redford had a long segment in Jeremiah Johnson on how to HEW wood for a cabin
-What TV show had a bit called “The Copper Clapper CAPER?”

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Wow, two ratites in the same puzzle (RHEA and OSTRICH) Perhaps a sub-theme?
Seriously, Good intro, Argyle, Nice theme discussion.
Mostly easy, but had to WAG ETSY. Also had Anton before APOLO. Hand up for wanting trek before TRIP but knew Spanish money didn't start with a 'k'.
I usually give 'Annemarie' a German pronunciation, so I hope that's ok with our constructor. Fun romp today.

TTP said...

Good morning all !

Thank you Annemarie Brethauer, and thank you Argyle Barbateblogger.

A quick and enjoyable solve after sleeping in. I saw NOTE, BAR, and LINE and thought the theme would have something to do with MUSIC. I think Pas de Chat would have enjoyed this puzzle. Perhaps she did.

My learning moment was ETSY, INC. Never heard of it. Spent about an hour poking around looking at items.

I'm with Mari and Abejo. Odd weather of late.

Speaking of late, I'd better get to work.

kazie said...

Like yesterday, a delightful romp with fresh fill galore.

Remember, TATA is pronounced TATT-AAH, not TAH-TAH, as most Americans assume.

I loved the Eric Idle interview, thanks!

Only the usually omnipresent EMU was missing in action. Nice to see OSTRICH for a change.

Qli said...

What an enjoyable puzzle! Thanks for the link for Eric IDLE, Argyle.

Hand up for looking for emu to go with the other two birds.

I don't think I knew that Lady Bird Johnson's name was Claudia. Lady BIrd just seemed to suit her.

Do any of you know why trousers are called SLACKS?

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

A very quick solve for me today, where most of my first thoughts were correct. I did have two write-overs: Trek / TRIP and Octo / OCTA. I picked up on the theme after ...NOTE and ...BAR. A fun musical romp - thanks, Annemarie and thanks for the write-up, Argyle.

~ APOLO Anton Ohno was my favorite on his season of "Dancing with the Stars."

~ I visit the ETSY shops now and then. It's a wonderful place to pick up unique gifts.

Rainy today, but in the 60s ~ so much better than snow - sorry, Chicago folks!

C6D6 said...

Fairly easy puzzle, although some bumps on the first pass-through.

Thanks to Annemarie and Argyle!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Easy enough, but hand up for Trek before Trip.

A few of my craft-making friends have Etsy shops. There are some beautiful, lovingly made things to be found on Etsy, but of course there is also some shameful rubbish just waiting to be bought. The latter category sometimes shows up on the alter-ego site called Regretsy, where people expose the purchases they wish they hadn't made.

Husker - Clyde Cooper, the Copper Clapper Klepper, showed us that even Jack Webb could have a sense of humor with help from Johnny Carson.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A nice, easy Tuesday romp with lots of fresh fill: ostrich, slough, eclipse, militant, etc. Didn't catch the theme until the unifier filled in. Only write-over was octo/octa.

Nice job, Annemarie, and great expo, Argyle.

Yesterday, it was 76; today, we're expecting heavy rain, strong winds, and a temperature drop by tomorrow morning to 26 AND possible snow showers. Mother Nature is certainly in a foul mood!

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzlers. Good job, Argyle. I, also, liked the Eric IDLE interview.

Thank you, Annemarie Brethauer, for today's quick and easy sashay with a descending musical scale.

WEES on TREK/TRIP corrected by PITAPAT.

Not only do OSTRICH and RHEA cross but there's REEF to take us down under.

Seem to be a lot of golf references, too. I wonder who's the fan, Ms Brethauer or Rich?

TATA for now!
Everyone have a lovely Tuesday!

buckeye bob said...

Thank you for the puzzle, Annemarie. Thank you for the review, Argyle.

Easy peasy puzzle, just right for a Tuesday.

Hand up for TREK before TRIP. Also had EBAY before ETSY.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up. Excellent IDLE interview.

Only needed 4 perps (and a WTF?) to get ETSY.
Never heard of IN-RUSH before.

Enjoyed the ECLIPSE last night. Not much "blood" here.

I'm listening to the PIT-A-PAT of rain.
Sunset will probably be a wash-out.
"Toasts" will be made anyway.

PS Tin's Law ... a Crossword puzzle should have a booze clue/answer served NEAT!

Bill G. said...

Good morning! I solved this one on paper and apparently am in the minority. There was nothing really wrong with this puzzle but it didn't appeal to me very much. I didn't know ETSY and IRES seemed odd for 'tees off' so that corner was hard for me and I was left with a bland reaction to the whole endeavor.

I saw the eclipse last night late.

Did you see this video of a little boy arguing with his mother about cupcakes? Listen Linda!

HeartRx said...

I'm late to the forum today, but at least now I can run water in the kitchen without soaking the basement. The plumbers came to fix my Friday night disaster today. He was nice enough to compliment my temporary patch job: a roll of "Stretch and Seal" tape around the pipe, then a piece of rubber gasket over where the hole was for extra support, then another roll of "Stretch and Seal" tape to hold the gasket, then two globs of plumbers putty on either end of the patch to stop the last drips.

He may have been being sarcastic, but hey - at least it held until they could get here!

HeartRx said...

Abejo, I used to use POST-IT NOTEs all the time. Now on the Mac they have a program called "Stickies" where you can make notes. They look just like post-its stuck to the computer screen. (Only much more legible!!)

HeartRx said...

Kazie, "Save the TA-TAs" is one of my pet charities.

HeartRx said...

Oh, and there was a puzzle today, wasn't there? Thanks for the fun write-up, Argyle! I really enjoyed the simplicity of the theme. My only pause was when I saw INRUSH and had to check my POST-IT NOTE to be sure I was correct. I wanted ONRUSH, but POST oT NOTE just didn't seem right!!

HeartRx said...

OwenKL, brilliant poems today! I especially like the "Melodic Malady"!!

...and I just used up my last post!

JD said...

Good morning Argyle and all,

Delightful puzzle, Annemarie. Had very few write overs, but didn't get the theme until the end. I suppose I should really start looking for it.Most of the time I am trying to remember words that I know.Definitely slows me down.

Enjoyed both interviews, Argyle. Apolo was also one of my favs on DWTS. Isn't Amy Purdy amazing? She lost her legs at 19 and she is a top contender this season on DWTS.

Hand up for not knowing that Lady Bird's name was Claudia.Never thought about Lady Bird being a silly, of course it was.

Loved seeing the blood moon last was stunning, but my camera did not do it justice.

Bill, Linda is going to have big problems later on with her little cupcake.

Kevin said...

Hello all,

Ditto on TREK/TRIP

On a more mischievous note, I really wanted wanted to fill Yoko Ohno for 7D. Even though I knew it was an utterly wrong answer, the image of her analyzing the Olympics brought a well needed smirk to my morning.

Ta Ta

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, many thanks, Annemarie! And you too, Argyle for a fun expo and cute Alice in Wonderland tea party pic. Also enjoyed your poems this morning, Owen.

We too enjoyed seeing Apolo Ohno on "Dancing with the Stars" a few seasons ago. But since I forgot the spelling of his name, had to wait for the perps to fill it in.

Was the CHIMERA really a fire-breathing critter? I thought it just changed shapes or something.

Our Internet has been going out intermittently for almost a week now. Cox put in a new modem a couple days ago but this morning it was till out until 10. Glad it's working now or I wouldn't be able to blog. Amazing how totally dependent we are on our connections.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Cool puzzle today. I didn't pick up on the theme until the reveal. I left the third letter of IRKS/IRES blank because not knowing ETSY (could it be KTSY?) there is no way I could know which letter it was. Excellent puzzle, though, with some very fun fill.
We watched the moon get eaten away for about 20 minutes and then went in and went to bed lest we fall asleep outside.
Excellent verses, OwenKL.
Cool discussion about ravens and writing desks.
From shorts to longjohns in three days. Woo!
Best wishes to you all.

JD said...

Next time you are in France...looks like fun.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Annemarie! Great expo, Argyle! Thanks.

Wire insulator, I was thinking of the rubbery skin around the wire for which I knew no name or those glass or white ceramic antique things used to hold the wire away from flammable materials. TAPE? Sure!

Never watched "Breaking Bad". Never heard of ETSY but tried "E" because it was online stuff.

I checked all my windows trying to see the ECLIPSE to no avail. Decided I really didn't want to wander out to the street in 29* weather at 2 a.m. in my jammies to see it. I just imagined it and was satisfied.

I don't know how much Texas roadsides benefitted from LADY BIRD's beautification projects, but seeing bluebonnets and other flowers in the ditches there in May was a memorable sight in the '60's.

Do you suppose trousers were called "SLACKS" because before that men wore those tight pants that just came past the knee? Long loose trousers
would sure seem SLACKer.

PK said...

JD, your video: American obesity problem would be lessened if televisions were all pedal powered. I wish mine were. Then if they'd take all the yummy food ads off the tube...

Bill G. said...

LL Linda, yep, I agree. That little boy might need somebody to say, "Hey, wait a minute. It's not OK to talk to your mother like that." I first saw that video on Ellen. I guess it's her job to entertain but neither she nor anyone else seemed to think the little kid was cute but a bit of a handful too. Ellen even invited the boy and his mother on the show. I think people are more permissive and less likely to chastise their kids or pets these days. It's hard to hit that happy medium...

I didn't mean to be especially critical of today's puzzle. I think I have gotten a little spoiled with the collection of really good puzzles from the LAT. This theme seemed OK but bland and the fill didn't have much sparkle or wit. It seemed more like a USA Today puzzle, not that there is anything wrong with those. Anyway, since everybody else seemed to like it just fine, maybe I'm being too picky. Thanks Annemarie and Argyle.

Unknown said...

Thank you Annemarie and Argyle. Enjoyed your poems OwenKL.

Another easy Tuesday. Had irks before ires. Etsy seemed like an odd name, but Ktsy was even odder.

Like PK, I looked out all my windows and couldn't see the blood moon. I was reluctant to wander around outside in the dark since we live in rattlesnake country. I'm not sure if they're out yet but since we had an unusually warm winter and are now enjoying even warmer weather, I didn't want to take the chance.


Manac said...

I think you need to look at the puzzle a little differently :)

Handy Post it Note

Coffee Bar ( I know it was posted before, but I liked it )



Sheet Music ( OK, there is nothing funny about sheet music so that is all I had )

kazie said...

that does look like a good cause! I had to add .com to the website to get it to open up though.

Irish Miss said...

Kazie - Lea looks so "Pretty In Pink". Very sweet photo.

JJM said...

SLACKS…. now there's a word that I never hear anyone use too often. My wife will say "Put on a nice pair of pants, we're going out tonight". But she'll never use the slacks. My mother used it all the time (even in the same example). Interesting how times change

Yellowrocks said...

Anon @8:05, thanks for thinking of me. I enjoyed the movie, Departures. I'm glad you did, too.

Bill, in re Listen Linda, not cute at all. Very poorly trained. Can you imagine him at age 15?

Anonymous T said...

Hi all:

A delightful puzzle on a dreary day here in Boston. This one took longer than a normal Tuesday. Tape? Really? Please don't put it back in the box like that :-)

Only write-overs: 30a: TEApot before TEACUP (PRO fixed that finally) and 54d: SUITS_ (oops) before SLACKS.

Favs - Eric IDLE and ECLIPSE today. Nope, I didn't see it this morning. WATT-aya want?, it's raining here.

Re: ETSY, SIL sells her crochet hats there. Though I thought it was

Argyle - loved re: 44a post... "When she's 10' tall."

OwenKL - nice law... Anon - nice corollary; my nit - 1d TOPHAT and 30a has Hatter in the clue. Yes, small and inconsequential.

I finally caught up on the weekend posts. Monday's puzzle was neat and a puzzle class is awesome.

So, DW joined me over the weekend and we went Harvard's Natural Science museum (why, yes, I went to Harvard and MIT.... this weekend :-)), played a bit in China Town, and had the 'chowda (at the Oyster House). But, for some reason we gravitated to the North End every night for food...

DW left yesterday, so no more SHEETMUSIC 'till I get home.

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Good old Manac, taking up the slack while i am on the road!

$&@! iPad...

Anonymous T said...

CED - Does the hotel have internet connected to a printer? The Mensa site has been IDEAL for printing the puzzle daily. C, -T

Argyle said...

I looked up the suggested counter-site to Etsy, REGRETSY, but found out it had shut down. BUT there is a link to an interview with the founder you might find interesting. The perils of a blog site, if you will.


Argyle said...

Unfortunately, I also found ETSY only takes PayPal and I refuse to use PayPal, so all that neat stuff is off limits to me.

Maci45 said...

A little tough at first, but got through it with just a few errors. Never heard of ETSY, and had AROSE instead of ASTIR. Fine puzzle.

Saw the eclipse/blood moon last night, but I faded to black just about the time it did.

OwenKL said...

My first guess on today's theme was from POST and BAR, so I expected rod-like shapes, LINE wasn't totally out of line with that concept, and STAFF was dead on. Otherwise, WEES.

Argyle: I didn't visit it often, so wasn't aware regretsy had shut down. Thanks for that interview link!

I got my PC version of stickies from Zhorn and think it's one of the most useful, even essential programs on my machine.

GooGoo (& Argyle): Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk? (I knew Carroll's answer, and Poe, but the rest were new, and I really liked #4, which will answer any riddle of this sort in a Carrollish way.) I'll take a shot at it:

A writing desk, known as a secretary
Is a place for papers, quite sedentary.
The raven, a flyer
Will roost a bit higher;
In treetops he keeps his station airy.

Argyle said...

Here is a gardening tip. To check whether the soil is warm enough to plant, sit your naked bum in the dirt and if you can handle it then it's warm enough to plant.

Goo Goo said...

Argyle, why don't you go through the whole exercise for all of us ... and we'll just take your word for it ? ;;<-)) ... after all, we trust you with our sanity, every two days a week ....

No need for all of us to go through the torture, one at a time. Also let me know if its warm enough for my garden grass snake to come out of hibernation. Thanx. ;-)

CanadianEh! said...

Well Argyle, it is certainly NOT warm enough to plant anything here because we have snow AGAIN! I don't even need to test - LOL. And we could not see the ECLIPSE last night here.

Did the puzzle on paper after work today and it was a lovely speed-run. Did we all have TREK before TRIP? I tried INFLUX before INRUSH but soon realized that there are few words starting with X for 40A.

I had heard of ETSY and daughter has purchased some cute and novel crafts on it.

Argyle said...

It's snowing...Goo Goo, what do you think?

JD said...

Can you get to the Mensa site on an ipad?I always go to Cruciverb when I travel.

River Doc said...

Manac, excellent link to sheet music....

Anonymous T said...


I don't bother on the iPad - I still like ink and paper. In the morning, right after I hit the COFFEEBAR, while IDLE* waiting for DW or the car, I go to the hotel "business"** computers, Google: LA Times Crossword Mensa, click, click, print. Then I'm on my way.

Argyle - the image of you with your ass in the dirt cannot be un-imagined!

Cheers, -T
*I know wrong context/ANS.
**For the love of all secure, don't do business there...

CAPTCHA - John & u-both-wi. Ha! C, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Ok, luckily I have been able to do the puzzle everyday due to this newspaper vending machine about a mile away from where I Am staying. But it killed me that I could not post funny stuff, (&/or kind words) about your puzzle Sunday CC.

A friend who I am staying with was kind enough to show me a few tips about working with an iPad, so this is a test to see if I learned anything. (but it is still a pain in the butt to work with...).

Sheet Music,,, Timing is everything...

Aw nuts, that took me bout an hour.... $&@!iPad!

CrossEyedDave said...

Argyle, years ago a local radio station did a parody of the song Aquarius, except they used the words A Hairy Ass. The song is now ruined for me, because whenever it plays, I hear "a hairy ass."

I cannot find the link on this stupid IPad, & if I did I would not know how to link it.

But I am hoping, that after your post, whenever I think of spring, it does not remind me of your...

fermatprime said...


Really liked the puzzle, Annemarie! Swell expo, Santa!

Theme right up my alley, as everyone assumed that music would be my field from ages 4 to 17.

I actually put TRIP first, but in the back of my mind, supposed that I would have to change it!


Lucina said...

I really wish you hadn't mentioned that about Argyle . . .

Dudley said...

Argyle - I had no idea Regretsy had shut down. Thanks for that interview, though!

kjinkc said...

BillG - Just so you know, I forwarded a photo of our dogwoods to your email. Not sure if you auto delete emails with attachments from unknowns.

Fun speed run today. Loved Ohno on DWTS. Wish he was still able to compete in speed skating. Seems like a really neat young man.

Argyle - Enjoyed the Idle interview. Reminded me that Clay Aiken was cast in NY version of Spamalot.

Anonymous T said...

CED - The iThingy can be a PITA (pain in the arse - what I meant to type the 3rd post - sorry for the image Lucina!) but, I found with a Bluetooth keyboard, blogging is do-able. Also, once you find your link-nugget, press down in the "bar" and wait-for-it... copy and then paste when ready. If I had anything cute to link, I would.

TTFN (TA-TA for now) BTW, Marti - I support the org too, I like DW's too much not to.

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

kjinkc, nope, I got the dogwood photo just fine. It's nice to see those lovely trees in bloom again.