Apr 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Jack McInturff

Theme:Don't Lose It - KEEPER can follow the first word of the entries.

18. Generic product : STORE BRAND. Like the mercantile retailer in an oater, STOREKEEPER.

26A. Xbox One, for one : GAME CONSOLE. GAMEKEEPER Perhaps there is one employed at Downton Abbey?

37A. Referee's call : "TIME OUT!". Then he may request the TIMEKEEPER put 3 more seconds on the clock.

47A. Image on many tie-dyed shirts : PEACE SYMBOL. Meanwhile, back at the oater, a different idea of a PEACE KEEPER.


62A. Angler's "I don't have to throw this one back," and hint to the first word of 18-, 26-, 37- and 47-Across : "IT'S A KEEPER". Say, do we have any anglers here?

Argyle here. I say this puzzle is a keeper.


1. Cabbage side : SLAW

5. Airplane maneuver : CLIMB. Can't hardly be called a plane if can't CLIMB, right Dudley?

10. Cookbook amts. : TSPs

14. Go it alone : SOLO. Also, airplane related.

15. Wild West movie : OATER

16. Peter Fonda's beekeeper : ULEE

17. Nursery school adhesive : GLUE

20. Southern Florida "trail" that's a portmanteau of the two cities it connects : TAMIAMI

22. Generating, as interest on an account : EARNING

23. Move covertly : SLINK

25. Bert's buddy : ERNIE. from Sesame Street.

30. Indiana hoopster : PACER. They are members of the Central Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association.

31. Aegean island : IOS. But a search brings up iOS now; a phablet from Apple?

32. Computer input : DATA

36. Hold the title to : OWN

41. Young fellow : LAD

42. Barely makes, with "out" : EKES

44. Toyota __4: SUV model : RAV

45. Desert stopover : OASIS

51. Woodland deity : SATYR

54. Singer Lisa et al. : LOEBS

55. Readying a field, say : PLOWING

58. Fortified position : BASTION

64. Rooney of "60 Minutes" : ANDY. RIP

65. Sly look : LEER

66. Packed like sardines : IN OIL

67. Subject of adoration : ICON

68. Family chart : TREE

69. Group in pews : LAITY. Don't preach to the choir; preach to the laity.

70. Old-timey "not" : NARY. Nary a nit. Not likely.


1. NCO rank : SSGT. No mention a service branch can save a nit. (maybe)

2. Kinks girl who "walks like a woman and talks like a man" : LOLA

3. University grad : ALUM

4. Cry of distress : "WOE IS ME!"

5. Like some rays and dust : COSMIC

6. Spanglish speaker, often : LATINO

7. "Who am __ argue?" : I TO

8. Little more than : MERE

9. La __ Tar Pits : BREA

10. Show embarrassment : TURN RED

11. Done in, as a dragon : SLAIN

12. Old Finnish cent : PENNI


13. Marsh plant : SEDGE

19. Belgian composer Jacques : BREL. We've had him before but not often.

21. Make aware : ALERT

24. Evel on a bike : KNIEVEL. We've had him before but not often his last name.

26. Stare unsubtly : GAWK

27. Pimply condition : ACNE

28. U.S./Canada's __ Canals : SOO. Part of C.C.'s theme not too long ago.

29. Sch. whose mascot is Brutus Buckeye : OSU


30. "The Raven" poet : POE

33. Furthermore : ALSO

34. Wagger on the dog : TAIL. Cute.

35. Promos : ADS

38. 401(k) kin, briefly : IRA

39. Apple product : MAC. So is iOS.

40. Burial places : TOMBS

43. Surreptitious data-collecting computer program : SPYWARE

46. Choose not to vote : ABSTAIN

48. Estrada of "CHiPs" : ERIK

49. "Amen!" : "SO BE IT!"

50. Every September, say : YEARLY

51. Like milk on the floor : SPILT

52. Modify : ALTER

53. "We're off __ the wizard ..." : TO SEE

56. Playwright Simon : NEIL

57. Rowlands of "Gloria" : GENA. An old video of the song.

59. Ancient Andean : INCA

60. Fragrance : ODOR

61. Part of a B'way address : NY, NY. But truthfully, many places have a 'Broadway".

63. Hawaiian dish : POI




OwenKL said...

A PEACEKEEPER gets no respect.
He's shot at by each side and sect.
So we'll bring them all home
And let chaos roam
In the lands they were trying to protect.

With his trusty TIMEKEEPER, his stopwatch
The cryptid researcher would not botch
Seeing how long it might
Take to vanish from sight
For that elusive magician, the Sasquatch!

Trader Joey was a frazzled STOREKEEPER
Whose customers wanted everything cheaper.
But he said, "that's not right,"
Then he raised every price
Now he's an up-scale emporiumKEEPER!

A GAMEKEEPER was hunting for a poacher.
He kept getting closer and closer.
At last, in his coop
He confiscated the loot --
For breakfast egg on the bread from his toaster!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Pretty straightforward for a Tuesday. Didn't know TAMIAMI, but was able to guess after getting a few perps. Went with IDOL instead of ICON, but that also got sorted out pretty quickly thanks to the perps. And the perps also helped me get the final letter of PENNI.

Hmmmm... Back to illegible letters for the capcha. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted...


Argyle said...

"A GAMEKEEPER was hunting for a poacher."


fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jack and Santa!

Fun puzzle! Also had IDOL first. Made a few typos. It is very late. Back hurting like mad.

Have a good day!

OwenKL said...

Finished, WAGging one total natick at ULEE ✜ PENNI, and I think my only write-over was SNEAK to SLINK.

Wild West movie -- why is West capitalized? I was trying to think of a Mae West film or some other actor named West. (Adam West just came to mind).

BASTION: I was curious if it came from Bastille, and found Bastille was named for the French word for a bastion. Oddly, the term battlement came from this same source, which is only vaguely related to battle.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This puzzle is a KEEPER, indeed.

The GAMEKEEPER made me think of Lady Chatterly's Lover, who is probably the most famous gamekeeper in literature.

I wanted Idol before settling on the ICON.

Barry: if you click to get a new capcha, legible numbers will appear.

In honor of his 60th birthday, here is today's QOD: My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned sixty and that’s the law. ~ Jerry Seinfeld (Apr. 29, 1954)

Lemonade714 said...

A really fun day from Jack Mac with Argyle' s great write up. I never knew about PENNI, fell in the IDOL trap and the rest was smooth sailing.

The movie Ulee's Gold is such a common answer I feel like I saw the movie, though I never have.

Almost time for May showers and Mother's Day

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Jack Mac offered up a tougher-than-normal Tuesday puzzle. I went into a STALL before I CLIMBed out of it. I was SNEAKing not SLINKing, and hand up for thinking of Lady Chatterly's Lover at GAMEkeeper.

Argyle, fess up. You were working on this writeup the other day when you suddenly posted "Phablet," weren't you.

I shall ABSTAIN from further comments about this puzzle. I liked it.

HeartRx said...

Good morning all!

Fun puzzle today from Jack. I was wondering if it were the first or the second words that were part of the theme. BRAND and SYMBOL seemed to have something in common, but I couldn't resolve CONSOLE with those. So I had to wait, and loved the reveal: IT'S A KEEPER!

OwenKL, West is capitalized because the "Wild West" refers to a specific era in US history.

Hand up for thinking of "idol" before ICON, but a quick check of the perps disavowed that answer.

Gray, gloomy day here. Is spring ever coming to New England???

HeartRx said...

Just a question (NOT a "nit"): isn't it the coach who calls time out, not the referee?

No-Vice worder said...


The coach(or a player)can signal for a timeout but it is actually called by an official such as the referee.

HeartRx said...

No-VIce, thanks for that explanation. Makes sense.

Argyle, I forgot to mention - as soon as I put KEEPER with PEACE, I thought of the Colt 45, too!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I agree with Argyle about this puzzle being a KEEPER. Very lively and fun to solve. I did have to wait 'til the unifier to 'get' the theme, tho. Clean solve; no lookups, no strikethroughs, no nits.
CLIMB - Immelmann Turn wouldn't fit.
PENNI - 100 PENNI = 1 markka. The Finns' five markka coin was a little over a dollar. They're on the Euro now.
SOO - Also a railroad line that has been folded into the CP (Canadian Pacific). They reach into the Bakken oil fields in NDak.

Mari said...

Good Morning Everybody:

Pretty easy puzzle today with only one stumper:

20A. Southern Florida "trail" that's a portmanteau of the two cities it connects : TAMIAMI

I wanted HOUSE BRAND before STORE BRAND. Otherwise, all went well.

Have a great day!

TTP said...

Good morning all.

Thank you Mr McInturff and Mr Argyle.

Very nice Tuesday puzzle. Only slowdowns were in not knowing TAMIAMI and PENNI, but perps filled those. And I had LAICS before SO BE IT and YEARLY forced LAITY.

Off to the salt mines. See all y'all later.

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

ME too.... Idol/ICON. Also for 24A began with Knei...., but TIME OUT got me to KNIE....

Needed perp help for PENNI & LOEBS. Both unknowns.

Took a while before I gave up on Sneak for 23A. SLINK not my favorite clue/fill of the day.

Overall though, this was an enjoyable challenge. Thanks Jack.

In a locality about 10 miles from where we live, trees are with leaves. Here on the mountain, trees look the same as they did all winter.

Argyle said...

Mari, that's a good one; it would have worked nicely with KEEPER

Yellowrocks said...

Wonderful Tuesday. This puzzle is indeed a KEEPER. Owen's verses were fun, especially the last one. Argyle, fine write up, especially your comments on the theme answers.

I think TAMIAMI is a fun word to say, so I remember it. It is pronounced Tammee-Ammy, not Tam-My-Ammy. PENNI was wags and perps.

Chickie, I hope you made a huge pot of that delicious ham and bean soup. It is even better after sitting a day or so. I made mine on Friday and we ate it on Saturday and Sunday. Yumm!

It is damp and chilly here but so much better than the unusually frigid temperatures we had all winter. The forsythia is still in bloom. There are hundreds of daffodils. The flowering ornamental trees popped out this week and the roadside brush is greening. It is light for quite a while after dinner. So I am happy. I am not fond of 90+ degree days and will gladly wait.

Husker Gary said...

Golf league today but it’s 44°F with rain driven by a 20mph north wind and the age range is 55 – 85…

-Napoleon called England a nation of shopKEEPERS - “L'Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers."
-Name brand vs STORE brand
-My friend’s dad put potato chips into $1.50 Weaver’s bags in the morning and the same potato chip into $.79 Hinky Dinky bags in the afternoon.
-Sometimes called the worst TIME OUT of all time (:42)
-Rick gets very animated when a PEACE KEEPER walks into his pawn shop
-As a young student we used/ate paste not GLUE
-Hopefully Donald Sterling will SLINK away in shame and stay away
-The PACERS were the NBA’s best until a month ago and have collapsed
-Okay Tin, I’ll admit it – Eos/knEvel cost me a “got ‘er done” ;-)
-All data guys here know GIGO
-I am a pall bearer for an aunt today. She and my uncle barely EKEd out a living and had the town’s last outdoor privy
-Today you see very little plowing and corn comes up in no-till ground like this
-Packed in like sardines? Welcome to The Magic Kingdom!
-Spanglish - Chica you looked muy caliente today!
-I was just ALERTED that league is cancelled. Duh!
-What song contains “When I was just a LAD of ten, my father said to me”

Husker Gary said...

Like most of us, I go back and read the late postings from yesterday and so…
-Dave, the Carol Burnett skit tie-in to Marti’s lovely puzzle was Carol’s character beckoning the PIGEONS with “Here pidgey, pidgey…” This is a phrase we still use around here
-I kind of liked the piano movers in color. Here is the plaque that is at that site today. It has filled in quite a bit since 1932.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~
This was fun. Like Marti, I thought I may have picked up on the theme after BRAND and SYMBOL, but CONSOLE nixed that idea and the unifier made it clear.

TAMIAMI and PENNI were new to me.

I paused at the spelling of KNIEVEL and wondered if we'd be seeing Gawp and not GAWK.

All in all - smooth sailing. Thanks, Jack and thanks, Argyle for the write-up.

From yesterday: Lucina ~ thanks for the info on Joan Miro ~ you can be sure I'll remember it now! ( I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who was unaware.)

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Smooth piece of cake today, with Penni being about the only unknown. However, I admit I was stumped at Climb until there were a few perps because I think of that as a phase of flight rather than a maneuver. The clue still seems valid though. All in all an elegant Jack Mac!

Morning, Argyle, you're right of course!

Husker - that would be Lemon Tree, which I know as a Peter, Paul & Mary standard. Never looked in to who wrote it.

buckeye bob said...

Thank you for the puzzle, Jack. Thank you for the fun review, Argyle.

Like yesterday, I finished in a little less than my usual Monday – Tuesday time. That will probably change later in the week. I agree this was a fun puzzle, although a quick solve. I didn’t understand IT’S A KEEPER until I read Argyle’s review.

Hand up for IDOL before ICON. I also had LOPES before LOEBS, but immediately wondered why the clue indicated plural, when LOPES already ended in an S. The perps set me straight. D’oh!

I didn’t know IOS, SATYR, and PENNI, but the perps took care of them.

Brutus Buckeye and OSU. Yay!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Very nice offering from Jack Mac, just right for a Tuesday. Great expo, Argyle. Big shout-out to Buckeye Bob.

Our trees are beginning to sprout some color, but still look pretty scrawny. The next few weeks will make a big difference.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks Argyle for the great writeup!

I got the unifier and thought it was just KEEP and couldn’t understand what PEACE was for, etc. STORE meant to KEEP so it led me the wrong way.

I loved Owen’s poem but didn’t fully get the poacher pun until Argyle explained it. I must have a dirty mind, I always think of Lady Chatterly’s Lover for GAMEKEEPER.

I hadn’t seen cryptid before, but the TIMEKEEPER stanza clearly explains it.

I knew TAMIAMI because I lived in Tampa for a short time.

Husker Gary, Is “When I was just a lad of 10” from the song that ends with the mother telling the son about the Dad “He’s not the one who sired you so marry whom you will?

In Cleveland the grass is green and the spring flowers are up, but there is no Forsythia yet and I heard that the intense cold we had this winter may have ruined the buds for this year. But it is a yucky rainy dreary day, but no tornados, thankfully.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jack McInturff, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Zipped through this one. More like a Monday level to me. Had fun.

SLAW was great. One of my favorite side dishes .

TSPS was easy. Also reminded me of one of our products from my telephony years. Traffic Service Position System. TSPS

I remember the TAMIAMI Trail from having visited Florida in the past. However, I will probably not visit again. I like it up north.

PLOWING is changing. The ground becomes better, after a few years, if you do not plow it. I just learned that.

Not much into GAME CONSOLEs. My only Game is a crossword. Plus, Words with Friends on facebook. I have 5 games going now.

Liked the puzzle theme.

See you tomorrow. Kind of wet right now in NE Illinois.


(sachem aecemam)

Jacque said...

JB in VA
WEES, but a DNF for me due to the crossing of 31A IOS/28D SOO. Otherwise, great puzzle.

Lemonade714 said...

No Forsythia?!? Wow it is almost may!

Thanks for the Lemon Tree reference HG, and I forgot how cool the shout out for Buckeye Bob was.

Two Lady Chatterly's Lover references already. When I was about 10 there was a huge fight about the book in the New England library system. I could not imagine why anything would be BANNED in BOSTON! I was so curious, and eventually so disappointed when I read the book later.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 3
-Virginia, I found your “lad” song and laughed out loud at the lyrics about a father’s ego and a mother’s “wild oats”, but, alas, Dudley was right ;-) about the PPM and Trini Lopez song. Your theme song, Lemon?
-Loved your poetry as always, Owen. I suppose a boutique can charge $50 for a chatzky (tchotchke) that the Dollar Store can charge, uh, much less.

Mbg55 said...

Thanks for the Kinks link. Blast from the past, and a story I had never heard.

Montana said...

Good morning, everybody.
Great Tuesday puzzle. Thanks, Argyle, for the expo.
What I didn't know, I got with perps. Evel Knievel is a household name in Montana.

Spring isn't in my area yet,


Misty said...

Didn't get to sleep until 3am agonizing over whether to return the new I Phone. The wi-fi in our house is too weak to let me connect at home and I don't get out often enough to justify the steep monthly payment and a two year contract. Will return it today, I hope.

Lack of sleep messed up my morning but I did get the puzzle okay, many thanks, Jack. And you too, as always, Argyle.

Puppy TAIL as a wagger is cute.

Did we lose Andy Rooney? Sad.

I'll be giving a lecture on "Lady Chatterley's Lover" to a local women's book club this fall. Important novel for its time (1929).

Have a good Tuesday, everybody!

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody! We are due for some really warm weather for the next several days (80s). The high pressure area overwhelms the sea breeze near the coast. It will be even hotter inland where some of the Cornerites live. I don't like it much.

I enjoyed the puzzle and the writeup. Thanks Jack and Argyle.

Marti, in baseball, lots of time the batter will step out of the batter's box while asking for time. Most often the umpire calls time but sometimes the umpire doesn't respond, the pitcher throws the ball and the batter may be caught flatfooted. So the batter or manager requests time out but it's up to the umpire. The umpire 'calls' time.

Hahtoolah, it's my experience that when I click on the arrow for a new Captcha, most often I get the same type as before. Sometimes it's more legible, sometimes not.

Maybe a trip to the grocery store, a short bike ride, a macchiato, two hours of tutoring, etc.

Steve said...

Thanks, Jack - fun Tuesday. Thanks for the expo, Argyle.

WEES about IDOL, and I shot myself in the foot temporarily with TIME'S UP instead of TIMEOUT.

The "Lola" lyrics originally had "Coca Cola" instead of "Cherry Cola". Ray Davies had to re-record the line due to the BBC's zero-advertising policy.

I had my AC at home serviced yesterday just in time for the anticipated warm-up - temperatures forecast to be around 97F by Friday. Yay!

Lucina said...

Warm greetings, Puzzlers!

Jack McInturff strikes again and provides a lovely sashay to start us off.

The NW corner filled quickly and came to a grinding halt at TAMI- but thinking about it, WAGGED the AMI. Made sense, and off to the rest with SNEAK which would be short lived when SLINK became evident.

Except for LOEBS all else was known even PACER and OSU which is no small feat for this non sports LATINa though I only occasionally speak Spanglish.

Yes, IT'S A KEEPER! Thank you, Jack.

Great poem today, OwenKL and I, too, learned cryptid, my new word today.

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone!

Tinbeni said...

TAMIAMI was a gimmie. Go figure ... lol.

Not at problem with ICON since I was sure the Ancient Andean was INCA.

Fave today, ANDY, my first name.

Hmm, No Booze in the grid (Again!) ... tears ...

Yellowrocks said...

Virginia and Gary, funny lyrics @ 10:16. It served the old man right!

Gary I remember the white library paste of my youth. Some kids did eat it. The teacher doled it out from a large jar onto little scraps of paper using a big stick. When I taught we used mostly Elmer's Glue until the later years when glue sticks were popular. I also remember how I hated to wash and unclog the caps before refilling the little Elmer's Glue bottles from a larger one.
I can always get Captcha numbers whenever I wish. I just click away on the circular arrow until numbers come up.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Jack, for a nice puzzle. Not an easy solve, but very workable.

Argyle - thanks for the blog!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A pretty straightforward puzzle today. Brel was unknown, but perps settled that. I had to wait for TSPS/vs TBSP for the downs to decide which one to use. Other than those couple of problems, I finished in record time.

Being on the west coast Tamiami is new to me, but filled in also with the perps.

This was a fun puzzle, but I didn't "see" the theme until Argyle explained it.

Off to run errands.

Have a great day, everyone.

Bill G. said...

Misty, you can get an extender to plug in and increase the signal strength of the Wi Fi in your house. We have one here.

My captcha at the moment has hard-to-read letters. I just clicked on the circular arrow about 30 times and they remained letters every time. Why is my experience different from some of yours?

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Excellent puzzle today. Some terrific fill, such as TAMIAMI, ABSTAIN, and BASTION. Argyle, your wit shined through especially brilliantly today, as did yours, OwenKL. Thank you.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun puzzle, Jack Mac! Great expo, Argyle!

I've known about the Tamiami Trail for many years since John D. McDonald wrote his famous Travis McGee series. The name always intrigued me. I've been to Florida only in books, these days with Randy Wayne White.

Owen, Poacher, indeed! LOL!

I tried several creative ways to spell ULEE before it stopped turning red.

We all need our leaders to be PEACEKEEPERs. Russia scares me even more than the Arabs. He's more organized.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hesitated at 56D between GRAY and NEIL, but not for long.

River Doc said...

Bill G, the turning captcha letters to numbers trick seems to work well on the iPad, not so much on a laptop....

buckeye bob said...

Bill G --

I just tried 25 on my laptop. Got zero all numerical CAPTCHAs. Got 3 partials - meaning 1/2 alpha and 1/2 numerical.

However, some of the CAPTCHAs were more readable than others, so it is still worth trying if you can't read one.

Also, don't forget you can increase your View % and sometimes that makes them clear.

Lastly, my experience is that if I type one wrong and get an error message, the next CAPTCHA is almost always more readable.

Unknown said...

This was a fun puzzle. Thank you Jack McInturff and thank you Argyle for your write-up. OwenKL, loved your poems.

Was not familiar with Brel, but perps took care of that. Also didn't know Soo and Ios, but figured the second letter of both must be an O.

Yesterday, I mentioned that my book club is currently reading War Wives, but last night when I picked up my book to read, I realized my mistake. It's "War Brides."

Pat said...

Hand up for IDOL before ICON. Other than that, pretty smooth sailing. Thanks, Jack, for the easy puzzle. I forgot to look for the theme, so Thanks, Argyle, for pointing it out to me.

The clue/answer that best describe me: 10D. Show embarrassment/TURN RED. Turning red also means that I've been out in the sun, even with sunscreen.

YR@8:12 Thanks for giving us the correct pronunciation of TAMIAMI. I've been saying it wrong for many years.

More storms on the way. I hope they're not destructive.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.


Bill G. said...

Thanks and right. I'm doing OK with the Captchas most of the time. There was one period where they were just undecipherable. I even wrote an e-mail to the company. Anyway, things work OK most of the time but I couldn't understand why others seem to be able to get numerical sets at will when it didn't work for me.

BB: I've never got one half-and-half. Hmmm? Curiouser and curiouser...

I think Donald Sterling got what he deserved. It would be interesting to know a little bit about him other than this. I would think he must not be too bright and must be a real jerk. But, maybe not...

CrossEyedDave said...

Wow! A Tuesday DNF, I threw in the towel at the crossing of 31A Aegean Island, which I assumed they meant Greek island, which Wiki says the estimates range from 1,200, to 6,000? And a 3 letter abbr. of a University? (of which I am sure there must be 1,200 to 6,000.) But luckily I had the 1st & 3rd letters, so it was only a choice of 26 letters to complete the crossing of 6,000 islands with 6,000 colleges. ACK!

20A Tamiami! Double wow! I have been on it many times during my trips to Naples, & never knew what it meant. Having lived in New Jersey, with names like Ho-Ho-Kus, & MahWah, I just assumed Tamiami was just some wacky Floridian Indian name. Who knew it meant Tampa/Miami Trail! (P.S., In researching this, I discovered that "Hoboken" N.J. is the name of a Lenape Indian tobacco pipe.)

HG@8:44 Music Box Steps! They are still there! Amazing!!!

Misty@11:32 Weak WiFi? I just joined the modern world by getting an Iphone 4S. My WiFi router is underground in the basement, & I can still get a signal next door in my neighbors house. Something is not right. Can you tell me more about your Wifi set up?

Other learning experiences today:

The Laity

Incredibly simple clue, "We are off to (Blank) the wizard." (Insert your own imagery here.) but it does beg the question...

(To be cont...)

CrossEyedDave said...

Peter Paul & Mary, Lemon Tree. But why do I always get the name Lemon Tree confused with this song....

5A. Airplane maneuver = CLIMB OK, it is a Tuesday... but I really wanted Immelman. Actually I wanted Chandelle, but YouTube research pointed out that it was just a boring 180 degree turn during maximum climb. Useful if you were scrambling from Manston into the wind during WWII & the Luftwaffe were attacking from the opposite direction... But I digress...

What this really made me want was a "wingover." (which is not the same as a wingover roll.) It is a quick way to completely reverse your direction while maintaining your starting speed. Imagine you are flying a Boeing 737 with 150 people aboard, & you miss your landing approach. 150 people do not want to be late, so what do you do? (& to hell with air traffic control.)

Raise throttle to maximum.

pull in the landing gear & flaps.
as soon as air speed allows, pull back on the stick until you are flying 90 degrees straight up.

Keep an eye on airspeed, which is quickly dropping to zero. As soon as you are near a stall, apply full right rudder. (the plane will turn to the right) add a little left aileron as the upper wing will give lift while the lower wing stalls to stop you from flipping over...)


Now all you have to do to land at the same runway in the opposite direction is to remember to:

Throttle back.
Extend flaps & gear.
As you approach the ground head on pull back on the stick with all your might to make the fully loaded 737 level out and ......

Misty said...

Bill G. and CDE, many thanks for the kind advice on wi fi. I'm not sure what the problem is but it may be our specific location on a hill but in a canyon of sorts with higher areas above us. Our care-givers have all had to go outside to make their phone calls for years, and it didn't occur to me that I might end up with the same problem. So I returned it this morning with some regrets but deciding it was the best thing in my present situation. I don't get out that much and usually for specific errands where I don't really need e-mail, etc. Again, thanks for the kind words and kind advice.

HeartRx said...

Nancy Murphy, our book club is reading "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" -- picked by the member who is a librarian at a local college. I just finished it today and needless to say, it's one of the best books I've read in a long time. But now I'm looking for my next one, and "War Brides" seems just the ticket!!!

CED @ 4:54, I loved "A Summer Song" growing up!! It always would make me cry, especially after I met my first boyfriend who was in the air force, and shipping off to Vietnam…

…and remind me never, ever to fly with you at the helm of a 737!!!!!

Maci45 said...

Had a little trouble with this one....slow brain day.....didn't get the reveal until I came to the blog. Had SNEAK for SLINK, IDOL for ICON. Couldn't spell KNIEVEL for the life of me.
It is really warm here in East Hollywood. Haven't left the apartment, sitting near the a/c. Ignoring the Sterling mess, focusing on the Kentucky Derby. C'mon, California Chrome!

OwenKL said...

I see pics like this so often I was surprised at how hard this one was to find: breakfast egg.

CanadianEh! said...

Completed this enjoyable CW in the newspaper after a day of work. Hand up for IDOL before ICON (I really think the clue is more appropriate for IDOL!) Worked my way from GAPE to GAWP to GAWK. Final answer!

I really must remember that Apple clues seem to always refer to the company not the fruit!

Canadian snowbirds know the TAMIAMI trail.

Cool here with torrents of rain through the day but it managed to clear and the sun came out by suppertime. Tulips on the sunny side of the house are just starting to flower. Daffodils are also out and the forsythia is just turning yellow. A very late spring but much anticipated after the long winter.

retired lineman said...

Ok argyle I'll "bite". It seems I'm the only angler here. With the great weather lately that's where I have been; gone fishing.

JD said...

Thanks Jack and Argyle for a fun Tues...harder than a Monday, but not as challenging as a Wed-my favorite. Had to WAG here and there as there were answers that I "knew" but couldn't remember from the past. Hand up for idol.

DH grew up in Naples, so we made many trips from Miami across the Tamiami Trail to visit his family. The Seminoles had lots of tourist traps along the way; wrestling with alligators was a biggie.I always enjoyed visiting Corkscrew Swamp...don't know if it is still there. Naples is not anything like it was in the 60's.

Will be in the land of poi for the next week, but we are not partakers of that..always look forward to the fish, both alive and served on a plate.

Argyle said...

I haven't done any myself. Time to see if I'm old enough to fish for free.

Steve said...

@CED - I want to go up in a 737 with you - I'm at more than 1,000,000 ass-in-seat miles on commercial flights and I want a "go around" like that!

I just hope everyone's "carry-on items are safely stowed in the seat in front of them" - I don't want to get beaned by a laptop on the downswing.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Almost a Monday run, but cross at 28d 31a just about killed me (not knowing how to spell KNIEVEL) didn't help. Having Evel's lunchbox as a kid didn't help spell it.

But, a WAG of two vowels (SOO was just familiar enough to let stand).

My only real WTF? was 61d Hawaiian dish = Nyny? What is Nyny? Then 63d was Hawaiian dish = POI. V-8 smack!

Liked ANDY over ICON and SPYWARE GAWKing at the DATA (33a) across the grid.

So thanks to Jack Mac and Argyle for the write-up (and for Kink's LOLA embed!).

Owen - poacher poem - very funny.

I agree with Jayce re: the sparkle.

CED - 6,000 isles x 6,000 unnis - funny. Also, the Red Brick road goes to Ruby City?

For all keeping score, my Grafton LLLL guess from last night came true! Laker's owner is out on his ear.

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

Nancy and Marti, War Brides was one of my favorite books. I couldn't put it down.
Good night all.

Bill G. said...

OK, so I've mentioned several women in show biz that I find/found attractive. Add Emma Stone to that list. In case you forgot, she played the lead in The Help. She was on Jimmy Fallon last night and I wanted to have her wrapped up for my Christmas stocking. She is attractive, intelligent, funny and just (to my mind) totally charming.

AnonT, I thought last night something didn't quite fit. The Lakers owner didn't get kicked out; it was the LA Clippers owner. The Lakers just meandered along looking like a team in need of a kick in the pants. The Clippers are playing as we 'speak.'

Anonymous T said...

Bill G:

Doh! My ignorance of Basketball is showing. I hear LA, I think Lakers (used to be a MN team me thinks, like Jazz was NOLA once). I kept hearing LA and thinking Lakers - I don't follow basketball until this time of year.

Does this fix it? - LA (Clippers) Leader Loses License...

So, I was right about Sterling, wrong about his team's name. Do I get SLAW on the side with my crow?

Thanks for getting me squared up. I'll SLINK out of here now...

Cheers, -T
//my brother just left the Bulls game quite disappointed - he got the tix for is birthday (today).

Anonymous said...

"Our care-givers have all had to go outside to make their phone calls for years"

Cell phones use the cellular network which is NOT WiFi. Did you install WiFi in your home? You probably don't even have wifi in your home if you're unaware of the distinction.

You'd think people who enjoy words would look up the meaning of a word they don't know, but as we discovered with the Heartbleed "virus" there's a whole group of Cornerites hwo turn off their brains when a computer is involved. Weird.

Anonymous T said...

Ok, I'm going to SLINK back in...

@10:57 Anon. Yes, many folks don't "get" technology. It's not that they "turn off their brains," it more that vendors do their best to muddy the water with market speak to distinguish their wares that folks really don't know the difference between WiFi and LTE. Even though it's my job, I had to lookup IRM to figure out it's the same tech as DRM. To the point is can be somewhat tedious as the below exemplifies...

For the record, unless you run a web server "heartbleed" is not an issue - just change passwords and move on. FYI - it is not a virus nor a worm.

Frankly, the likelihood of anyone outside of IT being personally effected by Heartbleed is low. To have it impact you directly, you'd have to be logged on before the service provider fixed the issue and changed their SSL certificate (most services were patched by 4/19).* For a real problem, look at Adobe's flash 0-day today and IE's 0-day on Sunday. Or if you are still on AOL, oops.

C, -T
Heartbleed used a buffer overrun on the heart-beat function of any SSL service using OpenSSL. It allowed the attacker to gain 64k chunks of running memory (hence you're logged in) at a time. The biggest risk is/was the key being stollen AND they could MIM. Before the announcement of the flaw, Google ( was already fixed. Told you it can get tedious....

PK said...

CED: There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots. Only a drunk bold pilot would try your stunt and not be able to repeat it.

PK said...

BillG: This latest reveal of Sterling's bigotry is a drop in the bucket. I was reading about some of his other antics on NBA or YouTube. Bad! Really bad! Sounds crazy.

I was hearing his comments about how he gave his players food, cars, etc. Who is really generating the money here? The players earn what they get, methinks. Thousands of fans don't plunk down their money to see Sterling. And I think the players really don't play for Sterling -- they play for the fans.

I'm wondering whether Sterling will go quietly or fight this lifetime ban.

Anonymous T said...


If I were to put on Karnak's hat, I'd say Sterling will sue and this will draw out for a spell. Then who(m?)ever* recorded the conversation will be the villain so the TAIL wags the dog.

C, -T
*YR - help!

Bill G. said...

AnonT, you were right again. Tedious. But I'm impressed with your knowledge.

My vote is whoever. "I'll give the candy to (who/whomever)? wants it."

Why a bigot would ever choose to involve himself with professional basketball is beyond me. Baseball is a much whiter sport. He apparently has a lot of money but he seems to be a jerk and I have doubts about his intelligence.

Lucina said...

I agree with BillG. It's whoever, which is the subject of the clause not the object. Whom is an object pronoun.

Bill G. said...

AnonT, according to David Letterman, Donald Sterling is of mixed ancestory also; he's half jack and half ass.