Apr 20, 2014

Sunday April 20, 2014 Matt Skoczen

Theme: "I'll Be Waiting" - "Call me" needs to be inserted to all answers to the starred clues.

25A. *2012 Hot 100 #1 song in both the U.S. and Canada : MAYBE. "Call me Maybe".  And 98A. See 25-Across : CARLY RAE JEPSEN HIT. Every girl & her mother were singing this song 2 years ago. Linked relentlessly on our blog. This is still my favorite cover.

47A. *Source of the song "The Hostess With the Mostes' on the Ball" : MADAM. "Call me Madam". And 27A. See 47-Across : BROADWAY MUSICAL
71A. *Memorable 1851 novel line : ISHMAEL. Call me Ishmael. And  34A. See 71-Across : OPENING OF MOBY DICK

91. *Parting request : LATER. Call me later. And 58A. See 91-Across : DO KEEP IN TOUCH

78A. *Van Heusen/Cahn classic : IRRESPONSIBLE. "Call Me Irresponsible". And 110A. See 78-Across : SINATRA STANDARD.

119. *"This is going to sound dumb ..." : CRAZY. Call me crazy. 65A. See 119-Across : AM I NUTS?

122A. 1980 Blondie chart-topper, and what's needed to make sense of the answers to starred clues : CALL ME

I grokked gimmick early on, still a difficult solve. Cross-references drove me crazy.

This puzzle is very tough to construct as well, as all the long & short entries have to be placed symmetrically. Heavy themage. Total 124 theme squares & 13 theme entries. As I mentioned before,  the more theme answers you have, the more challenging the gridding become. So, a total 124 theme squares of 7 or 9 theme entries is much much easier than 12 or 13. Hence a special black square allowances today: 86. Rich's Sunday limit is 78.


1. Hardly orderly : SLOPPY

7. Angler's quarry : BASS

11. Suffix with einstein : IUM. Thought of IAN, though I knew Rich would not clue a solid name as a prefix or suffix.

14. Clench : GRIP

18. More arch : WILIER

19. Type of exam : ORAL

20. Kinshasa-to-Cairo dir. : NNE. Kinshasa the capitol of Democratic Republic of the Congo, the largest French-speaking country.

21. Inclined (to) : PRONE

22. Cherubim, e.g. : ANGELS

23. Storybook meanie : OGRE

24. HCH successor : FDR. Never knew Hoover's middle name: Herbert Clark Hoover. And 11D. "... a date which will live in __": 24-Across : INFAMY

26. "Cool!" : NEATO

30. Golfer Aoki : ISAO

32. Humble : DEMEAN

33. Some airport displays, briefly : LEDs

41. "I Guess __ Rather Be in Colorado": John Denver song : HE'D

42. Bogus blazer : GAS LOG. Blaze-r. I was picturing a jacket.

43. Breakfast pastry : DANISH. Have you tried avocado toast for breakfast? Heaven!

50. Regretful one : RUER

51. Actress Joanne : DRU

54. Chiwere speakers : OTOES

56. Most clich├ęd : STALEST

62. Literary hodgepodge : ANA. The girl in "Fifty Shades of Grey" is called Ana also.

63. Pod-bearing tree : ACACIA

64. Ship substitute : SHE

69. It may be false : LABOR

74. Blot : MAR

75. Of last month : ULTIMO. So what are "Of this month" & "Of next month" then?

77. Energizer choice : AAA

83. Hurling goo at : SLIMING

87. Wintry mix component : SLEET

88. Small bit : TAD

89. Henriette, to Henri : AMIE. I don't know who Henriette is.

92. Lakota tribe : OGLALA

95. Rapscallions : KNAVES

97. X, to Xanthippe : CHI

104. Serious, as a reader : AVID

108. Clarifier beginning : I MEANT

109. Fluency : EASE. I don't get this clue either.

115. Lion __ : TAMER

120. Courtroom VIPs : DAs (District Attorneys)

121. Emilia's husband : IAGO.  "Othello".

123. Eyes a little too long : OGLES.  Marti must have seen "Jupiter and Io" in person. The painting will be in Minneapolis next year. Can you see Jupiter's head? I'd like to hear PK's musings on dark clouds or this particular dark cloud.

124. Bracketing criterion : AGE

125. Place for a coin : SLOT

126. Apathetic : STOLID

127. Ratted (on) : TOLD

128. Many a pol. talk show guest : SEN

129. Voiced relief : SIGH

130. Group doctrines : TENETS


1. Adult cygnet : SWAN

2. Conga formation : LINE

3. Actress Kurylenko of "Oblivion" : OLGA. Never saw "Oblivion". But Olga is in "Quantum of Solace".

4. Cobbler holder : PIE TIN

5. Hastert's successor : PELOSI. House Speaker. Dennis Hastert.

6. Jr. and sr. : YRS

7. Philistine : BOOR

8. 2012 political thriller : ARGO

9. Poet Teasdale : SARA

10. Iditarod critter : SLED DOG. Our JD met with Iditarod Hall of Famer Jeff King.

12. Staying gray, say : UNDYED

13. Siren relative : MERMAID. I don't know if Mermaids agree.

14. Holy quest vessel : GRAIL

15. Rolls partner : ROYCE

16. __ shape: not well : IN BAD

17. Preps, as potatoes : PEELS

21. Cameron and Blair of Eng. : PMs. Prime Ministers.

27. Spade player : BOGART. Sam Spade.

28. www word : WEB

29. Donald Duck, to his nephews : UNCA

31. Luanda is its cap. : ANG (Angola). I'd prefer Lee of course.

34. Electrician's units : OHMs

35. Three-__: consecutive sports titles : PEAT

36. Historic Icelandic work : EDDA

37. Corvallis sch. : OSU. Oregon State University.

38. Ran away : FLED

39. WWII Italian river : MORO. Learning moment for me.

40. Tie feature : KNOT

44. "Was __ blame?" : I TO. Of course.

45. March composer : SOUSA

46. Leigh's counterpart in the 1998 version of "Psycho" : HECHE (Anne)

48. Shepard in space : ALAN

49. Bill of fare : MENU

51. Art __ : DECO

52. Raise : REAR

53. Bars in stores : UPC

55. Silverstein of kid-lit : SHEL

57. Ate in bed, say : SAT UP. Do you eat in bed? I don't.

59. Skewered dish : KABOB

60. Shakespeare's "Richard __" : III

61. Sounding stuffy : NASAL

65. Novelist Kingsley : AMIS

66. Actress Thomas : MARLO

67. Like some marked-down mdse. : IRREG

68. __-mo : SLO

69. "Mona __" : LISA

70. Enclosed in : AMID

72. Thunderstorm formation, perhaps : HAIL

73. Bear whose porridge was too cold : MAMA

76. "We Know Drama" network : TNT

79. Unadon fish : EEL. Unadon is literally "eel bowl".  Did your daughter-in-law ever treat you with grilled unagi, Yellowrocks?

80. Opp. of legato : STAC

81. Climbing or fast follower : LANE

82. Key of Haydn's Symphony No. 29 : E MAJ

83. Oozed : SEEPED

84. Hard-to-reach problem, at times : ITCH. Lovely clue. 

85. Classic pop : NEHI

86. Backbone : GRIT

90. "__ been had!" : I'VE

93. Private retreat : LAIR

94. Large fleets : ARMADAS

95. "The Hunger Games" heroine : KATNISS. This might stump some. Katniss Everdeen. Played by Jennifer Lawrence.

96. FICA funds it : SSA

99. "Gil Blas" novelist : LESAGE. I learned this name from cluing BLAS. 

100. China's Sun __ : YAT-SEN. The lady on the left is his wife Soong Ching-Ling. Sun & Chiang Kai-shek were brothers-in-law. The three Soong sisters were all married to the rich & powerful.

101. Genetic code carrier : RNA

102. Big spread : ESTATE

103. Kevin of "SNL" : NEALON

104. Cravat cousin : ASCOT

105. Sign of the maiden : VIRGO

106. Counting everything : IN ALL

107. Confused partner? : DAZED. Dazed and Confused.

111. Burrell and Pennington of TV : TYs

112. Spanish surrealist: DALI

113. All excited : AGOG

114. Van Halen's David Lee __ : ROTH

116. Lille girl: Abbr. : MLLE. De Gaulle was born in Lille.

117. Discharge : EMIT

118. Bordeaux, e.g. : REDs. Tricky clue. No obvious hint for plural.

122. Ala. clock setting : CST. Alabama. I first thought of Alaska.



OwenKL said...

Seven pups in the litter, we'll sell them for free,
Each one is as cute as a cutie could be.
Doe, Sol, and Tea curled up asleep,
Ray, Fah, and Laa piled up in a heap,
But one got away, so we search and CALL "MIE"!

How many of you were aware of this? The normal link to this blog,, gets you to the daily puzzle review sans comments. Clicking the Comments link replaces that with a the page listing comments (or opens it in a separate tab if you right-click it). But I just recently realized clicking on today's date in the bottom section of the right hand column of the blog page will transport you to a page with BOTH the review and comments all on one page!

OwenKL said...

GAS LOG! I was thinking of the logbook I keep of gasoline and mileage, and wondering what the heck that had to do with a fake jacket or SUV! Thanks for the clarification C.C.!

One's EASE of using a foreign language is your fluency with it.

ULTIMO and INSTANT for last and current, but I can't think of a corresponding word for next month.

I expected Henriette to be Henri's twin sister, not just a friend.

Apathetic is "I don't care", STOLID is "I won't show how much I care." They may overlap, but they're not the same.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

OK, this time I'll say it and mean it. A cross-reference puzzle, UGH! I didn't have any idea what was going on with the starred clues until I finally got down to the theme reveal, but by that time I had already filled in everything thanks to liberal perp help and good guessing. Which is to say all the cross-referenced clues were just time wasting annoyances for me this time around and didn't contribute to my ability to solve the grid or my enjoyment thereof.

ULTIMO was new to me, so it took all the perps to accept it. And it took most of the perps before I finally got KATNISS (I tried KATRINA at first which seemed to work until it suddenly didn't).

And I agree with Owen about STOLID. Sadly, the dictionary lists apathetic as a synonym. I still think we are right and the dictionary is wrong, though... ^_^

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I got the theme early on, and it really helped with the solve. I thought this was cleverly constructed. Well done, Matt.

I personally spell it KABOB, but I usually get it wrong in cw's, so I immediately penned in KEBAB. Bzztt!

C.C., I agree with Owen on Instant. "Of next month" would be proximo.

Speaking of AGE brackets, I received an email from DirecTV begging me to help them with a survey about new products they are considering. The first question was about my AGE bracket. I answered it. "Thank you for participating. That's all the questions we have for you today."

Exciting week coming up. Tuesday it's the periodontist poking around my mouth. On Thursday it's the gastroenterologist (say that three times fast) shoving a camera down my throat. Fun times!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Technical DNF today. Needed red letter help at the very end to firm up Ultimo and Carly's name. I believe C.C.'s claim that Call Me Maybe has been mentioned here, but I'll be darned if I can recall those occasions. I don't know the song or the singer.

Yellowrocks said...

This took just a few minutes over an hour. The cross references were daunting at first, but I soon grocked their connection. CALL ME helped. It was obviously missing from the line CALL ME ISHMAEL.
I agree with the dictionary. I see STOLID in reading material many times where it means apathetic, FEELING little emotion, insensitive. I find only a few passages where it merely means SHOWING little emotion.
Favorites include blazer/gas log.
My first fill was EEL, CC. I love glazed eel in restaurants. My DIL has never made me unadon.
JEPSEN and NEASON were difficult for me. Finished without help.
Happy Easter

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. I wasn't keen on today's offering, but, being a Blondie fan, I immediately knew CALL ME.

I don't think Henrietta is anyone in particular. It's the feminine version of Henri, hence, the clue to the feminine French Friend.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

QOD: Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons. ~ Jessica Lange (Apr. 20, 1949)

Al Cyone said...

This was looking to be my second DNF in a row. I haven't seen "The Hunger Games" so didn't know KATNISS and also didn't know CARLY RAE JEPSON so that was a tricky cross. And when ISHMAEL changed PAPA to MAMA, I forgot to change the second "P" to an "M" but I caught that later (which fixed SLIMING). Changing IAN to IUM helped too.

Since I finished, I'll say I liked this one.


(P.S. A late comment yesterday suggested that "Fitness gurus?" referred to the fact that editors (EDS) judge the fitness of articles, as opposed to referring to the editors of "Fitness" magazine. I don't know which of those is the "right" explanation, or if it's something else, but it still seems weak to me.)

desper-otto said...

Al, it's definitely the magazine Fitness. It's sort of like "Time managers."

Husker Gary said...

carLy/Lesage (carEy/Esage?) and kAtniss (MIGHT not know?:-)/Rna cost me a “got ‘er done” but I had a nice ride. Cross references are a fun gimmick for me and enhance my experience.

-Good info and write-up as always CC
-I always forget that AL and parts of FL are on CST. They see the sun a lot earlier than we do.
-This golfer of Asian descent won a tournament on her home course in Hawaii yesterday. Scroll down one screen to see what she did after wards
-After her first communion two weeks ago, 8-yr-old Elise said the host tasted STALE
-Despite the daunting thorns, they eat ACACIA leaves
-Many promises made in the heyday of LABOR unions have proven to be FALSE
-I wonder if Harold Ramis came up with the idea of SLIMEING.
-In Nebraska, we add an AL
-Did I say your soup had too much salt? What I MEANT to say was…
-AGE Bracketing dilemma for a clerk – “Should I ask if he is over 65 or not?”
-You can always tell a SR. this time of year. You can’t tell ‘em much but you can always tell ‘em
-How long do you have to be at sea before you can’t tell these apart?
-Pacifist Henry Ford refused to build 6,000 ROLLS ROYCE engines for Britain in 1940
-I’d rather my clothes be IRREG than me
-Filmdom’s most famous ITCH

Rojo said...

Finished, but dang it was a slog. Like Yellowrocks, "Call Me" ISHMAEL clued me into the theme pretty early, but I had never heard of "Call Me" MADAM and couldn't for the life of me remember the singer of the bubble gum pop hit "Call Me" MAYBE.

ULTIMO also caused all kinds of problems and the final "O" only came with me plugging in vowels until I got the "Ta-Da" sound.

I was annoyed by "Henriette, to Henri." What, in that clue, suggests that Henriette is Henri's friend? She could be his mom, his sister, or just some random stranger.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I give Matt Skoczen 5 Stars for his creativity, cleverness, and craftsmanship with this puzzle. However, as I, and others, have mentioned before, cross-referencing puzzles are more annoying than they are enjoyable to solve. I finished without help but, also, without any sense of satisfaction.

Great expo, CC. Have never had avocado toast nor grilled eel; the former sounds okay, the latter, not so much.

Happy Easter and have a great day.

Big Easy said...

Happy Easter to everyone out in cyberspace and lalaland. I went all over the place on this puzzle with my last fill being EINSTEINIUM and MERMAID. I had to stare long and hard at ULTIMO not knowing if if KABOB or KABAB ( it could be KEBAB or KEBOB) was correct. What is ultimo???? The number of WAGS and perps was unbelievable with the writers, actors, character (KATNISS),play (call me MADAM), singer (CARLY RAE JENSEN) and songs that I was unfamiliar with. I got the theme with call me ISHMAEL. 86D could have been GRID or GRIT and I was thinking AM I NUTS or am I CRAZY trying to solve 98A. My absolute favorite clue was 'Bogus Blazer', which I installed after one year of smoke in my new house 23 years ago.

Yesterday we had an Easter egg hunt for our neighborhood in my side yard. We have to rope of one section for 5 & unders and another for the older children. All eggs were plastic with candy inside and there were twenty special eggs with gift certificates included. About 75 kids came with their parents. Huge crowd. But today is Easter and can you guess what that means in south Louisiana????

CRAWFISH BOIL with potatoes and corn boiled with the crustaceans. We'll probably boil 150lbs.

Anonymous said...

"Bracketing criterion : AGE"

Someone please explain this.

Dudley said...

Just listened to what appears to be the Carly version of Call Me Maybe on YouTube. Not impressed.

After School Special said...

Did someone say Van Halen?

"This one goes out to all the teachers out there!"

"Is is 4:20 yet?"

Lucina said...

Good day, Puzzlers! And Happy Easter to you who celebrate.

For a Sunday, this filled quickly for me but as others have said, reference puzzles are not a favorite.

MORO was new to me, too, and CARLY RAE JEPSEN HIT was completely unknown,but perped all the way. Some years ago when I substituted the entire semester in a class, I had to read The Hunger Games so knew KATNISS. Didn't care for the book, though.

As d-o said, next month is proximo and this month is simply, el presente, corriente (current) or este mes.

Thanks to Matt Skoczen for this intriguing puzzle and to C.C. for your always elucidating comments. I enjoy avocado on toast for lunch sometimes and yes, it's heavenly.

I just realized I had DNA at 101D instead of RNA, drat!

Have a fantastic and joyful (Easter) Sunday, everyone!

buckeye bob said...

“Call Me Maybe” is only the intro to The Big Bang Theory Flash Mob, but it is still a fun video.

TBBT Flash Mob

buckeye bob said...

Anon @ 9:36 AM --

"Bracketing criterion : AGE"
Someone please explain this.

Think of the survey question: What age bracket do you fall in?

Mikey said...

Call me ISHMAEL gave the theme away early on, but it was still a long slog, since I'm woefully ignorant of pop culture and cable TV. Maybe that's why I, like desper-otto, wasn't welcomed in Direct TV's survey.

I did know KATNISS, however, having read all three volumes. Don't get to see the next movie until I can get subtitles, though. Sony supposedly has a slick system allowing subtitles in theaters, which (if I caa find a theater that has it) might draw me back to public theaters.

What almost everyone else said about cross-referenced cluing, but since I got the theme early, it wasn't that bad.

Looking forward to Monday :).

PK said...

Happy Easter, happy spring weather, y'all!

What a complex puzzle, Matt! Kinda fun though. I didn't really "get it" until all filled. I mostly ignored the cross references after the first two which made me NUTS. With some of the words I was plugging in the correct letters before reading the clue they were so obvious, like SINATRA.

Didn't remember Hastert or AMIS. Never knew KATNISS or TYS. Do you suppose women who read the Hunger games will be naming their baby girls KATNISS? Shudder!

I liked the clue "classic pop" for NEHI. Made me laugh.

D-O: hope those "-ists" fix what's ailing you and the tests aren't worse than the maladies. Ugh! You'll need resurrecting after all that.

Big Easy: Oh yum! Now we all wanta come to your house.

C.C.: Can't tell if that's a dark cloud arm sneaking around that luminous skin or a Yeti on Olympus. Looks sinister anyway altho she doesn't look at all worried. Some women have no sense of doom.

I'm off to brunch with my daughters and granddaughter. Don't know what they are concocting, but it'll be good.

Bill G. said...

This puzzle was pretty hard for me but I liked it. I knew Barry wouldn't like it because of the cross references. I usually don't like them either but they were such an integral part of the theme that they seemed OK. Good job Matt. And thanks as usual CC for the excellent writeup.

Did I tell you how much I enjoy Leon Redbone? Of course I did. I liked "Seduced" too. Thanks for linking it because I wasn't familiar with it. If you don't already know about it, you can go to and sign up free. You can make a Leon Redbone station and get his music and other stuff in a similar vein to play in the background while you are solving a big Sunday puzzle. Very enjoyable.

Jordan will be coming over later. I will be responsible for hiding some Easter eggs. I always hide a couple of yellow ones in the lemon tree. I wonder if he will remember that when he's older?

BTW, did you record or watch "700 Sundays"? It's a Billy Crystal special on HBO. It is really good.

desper-otto said...

A lady in our town put out some easter eggs out in the lawn this morning for her kids to find. One son found an egg about 6 inches away from a coiled copperhead. "It's OK, mom. I got the egg beside it without waking it up."

KentuckyKate said...

Owen K at 5:34. Thank you for explaining the separate and combined comments. I knew I got different results depending on whether I was checking the same day or previous.

I liked this puzzle, though RNA/DNA messed up my Ta-Da. Can one of you authorities on CW-ese explain if there is a distinction in the cluing? Having looked it up, I now believe that while both are key in genetic information, DNA seems to be more of a Depository of the genetic information, while RNA can Run the information from place to place.

The L and the N in Carly Rae Jensen were WAGs. Really liked "Bogus Blazer". Happy Easter. Perfect Easter weather right here in Cincinnati.

Steve said...

I enjoyed this one - unlike Barry I quite enjoy the cross-reference puzzles - each to our own.

Thanks for the expo C.C. and the Food! pictures. I'm old enough to have used "ultimo" "proximo" and "instant" in business correspondence.

My first office job was drafting replies to insurance claims in a dusty old underwriting office. It was nice to see these old friends again!

I'm expecting a contact high later this afternoon - I'm in California and it's going to be 4:20 on 4/20 :)

I saw the Eagles play at the Hollywood Bowl on 4/20 a few years ago, and Joe Walsh announced at the break that the band would usually go backstage at that point for some herbal medicine, but that night they didn't need to!

Steve said...

Oh - there was a late comment from an Anon yesterday that I liked regarding the "Fitness Gurus/EDS" clue answer - the suggestion was that it might allude to the NYT editors and "All the news that's fit to print" tagline.

MontanaHal said...

Its hard to piece this together when you think Alabama is in the Eastern time zone. As I rescanned the puzzle trying to figure out where I went wrong, Blondie's "Call Me" finally came out and I had a brief and somewhat humbling Aha moment. I had/have no idea who Carlyrae Jepsen is, so that combined with Lesage and Yatsen afforded me a dnf. When I get a DNF because of names, I don't sweat it too much. I figure if the names are Googled, well then it isn't any different than coming to this wonderful blog to complete the unknowns. A gorgeous day in Montana. Got the Airstream out yesterday and dewinterized it for a trek to Utah in two weeks. Life is good!

Avg Joe said...

DNF today. Had to google Lesage to complete it.

Steve, I saw Joe Walsh followed by the Eagles at the Ozark Music Festival in 1975. I've witnessed prairie fires that were a lot less smoky.

Matt Skoczen said...

Thanks, Everyone, for the kind words. I had fun creating this puzzle.coming up with the theme. Getting all the entries in symmetrically was not an easy task for me! Happy Easter! Or, have a great day, in general! ---Matt Skoczen

CrossEyedDave said...

Leslie Nielsens take on the puzzle...

Unknown said...

I liked this puzzle a lot. Thank you Matt and C.C. I did have one misstep. I was unfamiliar with ultimo. So I had ultima crossed by kabab.

All of the theme clues were really easy for me. I knew Carly Rae Jepsen right away because of the popularity of "Call Me Maybe."

I also knew Katniss because I've read all three "Hunger Games" books.

Anonymous said...

As Sunday c/w's go this was easier than most. Finished in about an hour with NO help from Google - unusual! Sounds like most complete it on-line. I wait for our paper here in WA State.

desper-otto said...

Anon@3:08 -- I would love to solve the Sunday crossword in the newspaper. I used to be able to do that, but the Barnacle decided it would be better to drop the Sunday LAT in favor of a week-old NYT. Sunday is the one day I find myself solving on-line.

Unknown said...

I rarely solve on line. I just think it's a lot more fun solving on paper. I just print the blank puzzle. Of Course, you have to use up printer ink and paper that way.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. As soon as I got (CALL ME) MAYBE, and then the reference to Skyfall, I immediately thought of our dear C.C. and how she has long ago given up on ever getting a call from that Maybe guy. By the way, my favorite version of Carly Rae's song is the one where she is singing it while washing a car; the ending is priceless.

I admire Matt's construction on this one, and how difficult it must be to pull off.

Whether it was "A" as in KEBAB and OPTIMA or "O" was my 'Natick' since I didn't know the word OPTIMO.

I have eaten in bed, but don't like it because it is awkward and too easy to spill stuff. I'd much rather sit at a table.

My brother-in-law (sister's husband) got a Master degree in animal husbandry from OSU. He's been a resident of Oregon all his life even though he and she have lived in many faraway places during his service in the USAF and the Peace Corps. He is now happily raising chickens, cows, and pigs in his huge back yard during his retirement years.

Best wishes to you all.

Bill G. said...

Cat alarm clocks

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, Folks. Thank you, Matt Skoczen, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Slowly worked my way through this puzzle. It was not easy, by any means. Lots of perps and wags. Just finished.

Took me a while to catch the theme. Had ISHMAEL right off the bat. Also got OPENING OF MOBY DICK. Then I thought there are a couple words missing. Well, when I got to the bottoM, CALL ME solved that mystery.

AMIE, for 89A, was a piece of cake due to my excellent command of the french language.

Wanted AMOS for 65D. IRRESPONSIBLE corrected that. AMIS worked.

Do not know CARLY RAE JEPSEN. I had CARLY DEE JEPSEN, just guessing. RNA changed that.

I like the word STOLID the way it is used.

Beautiful day today. Spent from 7:00 AM to noon at church. Played in the first two Services and ushered in the third. Then we went to a brunch at the Shrine Temple. Really pigged out.

See you tomorrow.


(4 26242443)

CanadianEh! said...

I started this puzzle last night (our newspaper only prints Mon. to Sat. and the Sunday puzzle is included in the Saturday issue!) but didn't get a chance to finish it before the Easter festivities began.
But I did want to comment about the Carly Rae Jepsen clue. Bill G. and I had a discussion about her on Mar 23/14 after I linked her You Tube video. Fun Canadian singer.
So once I saw the theme I was off to the races but just ran out of time.
Hope you all had a good day.

TTP said...

Hi all.

WEES. Almost. Well, not quite.

I woke up early in the morning. Couldn't get back to sleep. Turned on the TV and started the puzzle. The Silver Chalice was on. So coincidental with 14D Holy Grail.

I really liked the Carly Rae Jepsen song. I do recall all of the parody links that were posted. I loved the creativity and the way that the act of doing a parody of that song became a viral event in and of itself.

Hahtoolah, thanks for linking Debbie Harry / Blondie doing Call Me. I would have called her but I only had Jenny's number. 867-5309.

Avocado For Breakfast

I also liked the Van Halen video that Anon linked. In honor of 107D here's Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused

I was at an event back in 88 or 89 and Susan Butcher was going to be one of the motivational speakers. Didn't think I would enjoy it, but I came away from it charged up and ready to look for problems to overcome. I was enthralled. Alabama was the musical entertainment. We were in EST in Miami Beach at the Fontainebleau.

Thank you Matt Skoczen and thank you CC. Your quip at 44D made me laugh.

Way past time that I normally hit the hay. See y'all on the flip side.