Aug 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Gareth Bain

Theme: Fits to a "T". Put a "T-" in front of the first word of each of the theme answers and you have a new noun. Theme answers are placed in Down for visual effects.

3D. *Hearty repast : SQUARE MEAL. T-Square. My woodshop teacher walloped me with one of these when I was about 13, so I remember this carpentry tool well. I deserved it too, so no complaints.

9D. *"Politically Incorrect" host : BILL MAHER. T-Bill. Well-known to solvers, but I realized I'd never actually seen one, so here we are. In the words of Dr. Evil - One MILLION Dollars!

31D. *Sensitivity to cashews, say : NUT ALLERGY. T-Nut. I've never used one. I wonder if there are T-nuts in a T-top?

35D. *Fine porcelain : BONE CHINA. T-Bone. Food! Unlike the T-Nuts, I've cuddled up to one or two T-Bone steaks in my time. You get a twofer - tenderloin and strip, so you get the best of both worlds

The reveal:

29D. Sporty car roofs, and, literally, what the first words of the answers to starred clues can have : T-TOPS. Largely defunct now that engineering advances mean that you don't need the structural roof elements to keep the car from flexing like a Muscle Beach exhibitionist.

Salut, amigos and amigas. Steve here with a fun Gareth Bain offering which shows a 90-degree shift in the usual theme entry orientation. I enjoy the times I have to figuratively turn my head sideways to see what's going on. I loved that the theme required not just the "T", but also the "-" to make sense of the new nouns.

Let's see what else we've got:


1. Bygone U.S. station name : ESSO. Standard Oil (of Texas). What's the word for the verbalizing of an acronym and the resultant spelling of that to make a word? If there isn't one, we should come up with it.

5. Subsides : EBBS. Moons wax and wane, tides flood and ebb.

9. Parade group : BAND

13. Chef's hat : TOQUE. A great word. No French chef worth his sel would be caught without one. It all got a little silly when the height of your toque was meant to represent your superior standing in the culinary world

15. Rich topsoil : LOAM

16. Java Freeze brand : ICEE

17. Lies next to : ABUTS

18. In __: actually : ESSE

19. Cry out for : LACK

20. Plays first, in some card games : LEADS

21. Innocent : CHILD-LIKE

23. Comedy Central send-up : ROAST

25. Chowder morsel : CLAM

26. Pre-A.D. : BCE. Hmmm .. why the "E"?

28. Portable Asian dwellings : YURTS

30. Horses' tresses : MANES

34. Gyro meat : LAMB. Food! I love lamb, and gyros. If you are ever on the I-15 driving though Baker, CA (usually on your way to or from Las Vegas) then stop at "The Mad Greek" for the best gyro you'll ever.

36. Portable bed : COT

37. Without even a scratch : UNHURT

38. McFlurry option : OREO

39. Rounded hill : KNOLL

41. Italian hot spot : ETNA. The most famous volcano in the world of cruciverbalists.

42. Sounds echoing through the castle : CLANGS. Usually accompanied by the cries of those unfortunates consigned to the dungeons with all kinds of unpleasantness to follow.

44. Quill, perhaps : PEN

45. Commuter's option : RAIL

46. Clark Kent, at birth : KALEL. Crosses all the way. Must ... remember ... this ... for ... future ... crosswords .... Nope, it's already forgotten.

47. Son of Sarah : ISAAC

49. Gettysburg Campaign VIP : LEE. Why am I thinking "desserts" here? Oh wait, it's "Sarah" in 47A, not "Sara".

50. Use profanity : CUSS

52. East Asian capital : SEOUL

54. Where it'll all come out? : IN THE WASH. Not always, I've got some white shorts that never recovered from the person next to me on a flight dumping a cup of coffee in my lap and then my own self-abasement when I dropped my in-flight pasta on top of the original sin. My bad. We both blamed the excellent wine selection in the United lounge pre-flight.

58. Oldest of the Stooges : SHEMP. Completely, never, ever heard of him (?). Is this the "Iggy" Stooges or the "triple" incarnation? I await your wisdom.

61. Amos at the piano : TORI

62. Early Genesis brother : ABEL

63. Stooges count : THREE. Ah, apropos of 58A above, I believe that Iggy Pop had more than three sidemen, so I'm guessing this is the "Curly" cohort count.

64. All tied up : EVEN

65. Anti-leather gp. : PETA

66. Sweetie : SUGAR

67. Chichén Itzá builder : MAYA. Great clue for an old staple. I learned something today - that's why I love the crosswords!

68. KFC side : SLAW

69. London's __ Park : HYDE. I saw Queen play a free concert in Hyde Park in 1976 - the first free gig since the Rolling Stones in the 60's.


1. And others, in citations: Abbr. : ET AL.

2. Maker of Lifewater beverages : SOBE

4. Surpass : OUT-DO. I'm not sure if the hyphen is required, but it looks better to me.

5. It can't help being negative : ELECTRON. Favorite clue/answer combo of the day.

6. "Poppycock!" : BOSH


8. Detect, in a way : SMELL. Usually "in a bad way"! Smells seem to be bad, aromas are good. English is a tremendously confusing language. I've no idea how C.C. et al manage.

10. Berry sold in health food shops : ACAI. Messed up with "GOJI" first,

11. Giraffe's trademark : NECK. Does it come with a ™ symbol?

12. Fake in the rink : DEKE

14. Test type you can't really guess on : ESSAY

22. Rhett's last word : DAMN

24. Lures (in) : SUCKS. Nice, polite clue

26. Inhibit : BLOCK.

27. "Cheers" waitress Tortelli : CARLA

32. Bert's roommate : ERNIE

33. Old : STALE

37. Radii neighbors : ULNAE. Latin "ii" in the clue suggests Latin "ae" in the answer.

40. Legislation pertaining to dogs : LEASH LAW

43. Stuff to stick with? : GLUE

47. "Eva Luna" author Allende : ISABEL. It seems all proper names are "Help! Crosses!" for me, particularly today.

48. Goes for : COSTS

51. Scoreless Words With Friends turns : SWAPS. I know the app, but I don't have it and have never played it. Good to know that you can swap. Is it like Scrabble when you've got a rack of Q's, W's and K's and you burn a turn dumping all seven tiles and drawing a new set but miss a turn? Always sounded like a bad idea to me.

53. "That's correct" : UH HUH

54. Couple in the news : ITEM

55. Old Chevy : NOVA. Plenty to choose from, but the "V" was there so it was a fill-in.

56. "South Park" co-creator Parker : TREY. Middle name "Genius" IMHO.

57. __ good example : SET A

59. Ancient drink making a comeback : MEAD. Comeback? Really? Tinbeni - have you tried this stuff? I'm sure it can't be pleasant - the whole reason wine was sweetened with honey was because the wine was too nasty to drink.

60. Paris pop : PÉRE.  Because "Orangina" doesn't fit. Neither does "Le Coke".

That's about it! Enjoy your Wednesday!


P.S. I just want to take two seconds to give an enormous shout-out to C.C. for her amazing generosity with her time, encouragement, help and advice to an originally clueless constructor!

Oh wait - I need to upload the grid - I always forget about that!

Notes from C.C.:
1) Working with Steve is unique & inspiring! He grew up in the UK, reads extensively and is very knowledgeable about lots of subjects. He was never discouraged by the "No" answers I sent to him regarding certain themes or fill. He's always eager to learn & is super efficient. Just what you expected from a triathlete.

2) Happy Birthday to Charlotte's grandpa Lemonade, who has been our Friday Sherpa since March 2010. Lemonade sees beauty in every crossword and is attentive to both newbies and regulars. I'm so pleased with his two LAT puzzles and looking forward to his solo. Please click here for more pictures. Love his purple shirt here.

 Charity Award Time

 At Work with Aaron

  Charlotte, happiest baby, bar none


Lemonade714 said...

A Gareth Bain puzzle and a write up by Steve what a great beginning to my birthday.

BCE is a creation of archaeologists for dating things without any religious reference. It signifies BEFORE COMMON ERA. The clue is not really fair as AD is AnnoDomini the setting of the birth of Jesus as the new era. It is mixing metaphors.

The theme fit the puzzle to a T, with a perfect reveal telling that the T goes on top (at the beginning) of the fill. I really enjoy when phrases are unearthed to make a puzzle.

Well off for a busy fun day. Thanks Steve, Gareth and C.C. always.

Lemonade714 said...

BTW Gareth had the daily double with a collaborative NYT that is fun.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday, Lemonade)!

Quick and easy romp today. The theme was pretty innocuous, but I was a bit bothered by the random placement of the theme answers (I kept thinking all the long answers would be themes but they weren't).

No major mumps along the way. Had INCA for MAYA at first and needed the perps to guess at ISABEL, but that was it.

John Lampkin said...

They aren't random at all. The theme answers have to be vertical so that the T's can go on top.
A "rule" is that the longest theme answers should go ACROSS unless there is a good reason to place them DOWN. This is one of those times.
Congrats to Gareth for his double-header with the NYT and happy BD Lemonade!

thehondohurricane said...

Happy birthday Lemon. Enjoy the day with that lovely Grand Daughter.

Rev said...

You don't know Shemp? He was the stooge who was replaced by his brother Curly. Many years later he returned when Curly got sick.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I missed the theme when I couldn't figure out what TIN THE WASH or TCHILD-LIKE meant. D'oh! Otherwise, it was a smoth solve, and Steve got his LAMB, ROAST, SLAW side, MEAD to drink and an ICEE and OREO for dessert.

I've mentioned that we once had three rescue cats from the same litter and named 'em Moe, SHEMP, and Curly. No Larry.

For DW's 40th birthday we went to the Yucatan and she climbed to the top of the Chichén Itzá pyramid. And then wondered how she was gonna get back down -- no handrails. I don't think they allow climbing any longer. Chevy NOVA wasn't popular in Mexico because of the name -- No Va.

Reading Steve's review I couldn't help but visualize a TV censor at 22-26d -- Damn! Sucks! Block! Maybe you had to be there...

HBD, Lemonade, MAYA have a pleasant one.

Big Easy said...

ESSO- Standard oil of NEW JERSEY, not Texas

And Barry, ISABEL required perps from me too.

This was a fairly easy puzzle for a Wednesday with the perps solving the unknowns without any WAGS. BOSH SOBE CARLA KALEL SWAPS (whatever Words With Friends is I have no clue) TREY

65A.PETA (people eating tasty animals) crossing SETA ( could be Search for Extra-Terrestrial Animals) seemed odd. Plus we had both ESSE and ESSO. And I wish I could remember how to spell SEOUL.

Anybody who doesn't remember SHEMP must be either young or missed out on the serious drama, yuk yuk yuk, that took place on those THREE STOOGES movies.

And Bert's room mate could have been Batman or Dianh Shore if he spelled it Burt (Ward or Reynolds).

Wasn't Rhett's last word "I" as in 'what a good boy am I'. Well frankly my dear I don't give a____. Fill in the blank.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody,

Nice job Gareth!
Happy Birthday Lemonade!

This was an easy puzzle for me. I knew everything except for YURTS and DEKE.

I also went with INCA before MAYA.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

Some things are just made to be,
They go together like A, B, and C.
Their curves surely mesh,
They fit right as flesh,
Like a golf ball is fit to a TEE!

Some things are just made to bee,
Like spelling and quilting, don't you see?
Grandmas liked knitting
At bees, sweaters fitting;
But it's a fit to a TEE-shirt for me!

The SW corner did me in. I had INCA since MAYAN didn't fit, and that meshed with NEON instead of NOVA. Between them, that left me with 4 impossible words, including a natick with TORI/TREY.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Gareth Bain, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

ESSO for 1A. Off to a good start. I always thought the letters meant Eastern States Standard Oil.

I have a couple TOQUEs. I just could not remember the name until a couple perps.

BCE I have heard referred to as Before Christ Event. even though I believe Lemonade is accurate with his definition.

I confidently blundered in with GUILTLESS for 21A. Now it is an inkblot with CHILDLIKE. Oh well, that will teach me.

Remembered YURTS. We have had that many times in the past, but I can never get it without a perp or two. This time I nailed it. Tada!

55D is another inkblot. Tried NEON first. Then NOVA became obvious. Of course I had INCA before MAYA. OK.

Liked the reference to Words with Friends at 51D. SWAPS. I play Words with Friends many times a day with many people. It is addicting, but I enjoy it. (kind of like crosswords, addicting, but enjoyable)

Theme was a good one. Made sense after I got it all done.

Happy Birthday, Lemonade. Great photos! Especially the one with your son and the beer sampler.

See you tomorrow.



desper-otto said...

Lemon, the folks who use BCE don't use AD. Instead they simply use CE with is OK by me, because it's more PC IMHO.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Internet flap with Time Warner to start the day but they seem to have straightened it out.

Happy Birthday to Lemonade. Mazel Tov.

Belated Happy Birthday greetings to Montana.

A fun offering by Gareth today. Got TOQUE ok but perps helped with SOBE and DEKE which we've had before. Lots of good meaty fill without getting too technical.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

- Dang, I forgot to look for a theme in Gareth’s lovely puzzle.
-LA Cwd blasts from the past – Call in broadcasting for chefs – TOQUE radio (7/23/10), Brimless hat – TOQUE (11/24/08), Its first mascot was a TOQUE-wearer named Speedee – McDonalds (3/26/11), Chef’s topper – TOQUE (8/25/10)
-Before Common Era is an attempt to remove strictly Christian nomenclature from our language
-Upscale YURT interior
-Wanna live through a hurricane without a scratch?
-America’s most infamous grassy KNOLL
-Ever been to a game where fans are CLANGING cow bells?
-We all know the “saddest words of tongue or PEN” don’t we
-A family portrait of JOR-EL, KAL-EL and LOR-VAN
-LEE profusely apologized to his men while retreating from Gettysburg
-ISSAC/ISAAC always is a crapshoot for me
-OMG, after reading 100 ESSAYS laden with adolescent drivel…
-“Hey Burt, could I see that paper clip collection again?”
-Want UH HUH, UH HUH in a cerebral lyric? (3:07)
-HBD, Lemon!

HeartRx said...

Good morning!

Happy Birthday, Lemony!! Great pics, and Charlotte is growing so fast. I hope you get to do something special today!

I also climbed to the top of the great pyramid at Chichén Itzá. I didn't know they no longer allow that, so I'm glad I had the experience when I did.

No major problems with the fill, and I loved the unusual placement of the theme answers, with the "T-" tops. Great stuff!

Have a happy hump day, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A typical Goldilocks (Just Right) offering from Mr. Bain. Very clever theme wih lots of fresh fill. Had clanks/clangs and yerts/yurts, but perps straightened things out quickly.

We'll done, GB, and thanks to Steve for a witty and informative expo. Semi-CSO to Tin with _ _ _e!

Happy Birthday, Lemony, hope it is fun-filled. Pictures are great-can't believe how Charlotte is sprouting up so fast. She is such a beautiful, angelic-looking child!

Have a great day.

Lemonade714 said...

Thanks for the wishes and the Charlotte compliments....meanwhile the genesis of ESSO was EaStern Standard Oil , a successor to standard oil of New Jersey

Back to the party

CrossEyedDave said...

HBD Lemon!

tee'd off?

Honesty in labeling

Kevin said...

Good morning all!

I was too young to remember SHEMP, but after a little read up, it seems that early on he and Moe did the whole minstrel-show blackface act—I will hold back my comment on that.

I was not a big fan of LACK for "Cry out for" (19a); I see the connection (and the attempt to disguise an otherwise easy fill), but it felt a bit tenuous to me.

Happy birthday Lemonade!

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Lemon. I love your Friday efforts.
Argyle, your new tailored beard is handsome and youthful.
Easy puzzle today. I had two unknowns, making a natick, same as OKL. I had to run the ABCs to find the R as the most likely fill for TORI and TREY.
Gareth and Steve, thank you for a neat puzzle and witty expo.

Sallie said...

Good afternoon everyone.

DNF Did not even come close. I must stick to Mondays and Tuesdays.

Happy birthday, Lemonade.


Misty said...

A bit crunchy for a Wednesday, but I got it, I got it! Yay! Many thanks, Gareth. Loved the photo of the TOQUES, Steve. Thanks for 'splaining SHEMP, Rev, but I still don't get DEKE? And John L., thanks for explaining why the themes had to be downs today.

Happy Birthday, Lemonade. The photo of Charlotte made me laugh: she looks as though she's at the piano, singing her little heart out!

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

JD said...

Good morning all,

I was surprised at how easy and fun this was, not that that I could race thru it, but perps helped with most words that I could not remember, like toque and yurts. Shemp took longer...never was a fan of the Stooges' humor.

Desper-Otto,bet your DW came down on her bum, 1step at a time like I did.

HB Lemon...Hope you have a great day!

Gareth, thanks for a fun puzzles with very few abbreviations!!!

JD said...

In Words with Friends, AKA Scrabble, you can replace 1 or all of your letters, and yes, you lose a turn.

Chairman Moe said...

First of all, HB Lemonade! Somehow I would've guessed your birthday was July 14, based on your moniker, but at least now I can put a face with a name. I will look for YOU on Friday! ;^)

My "lame" attempt at a Wednesday limerick:

There was once a young lad named KAL-EL,
Whose great powers we know very well.
As Superman, was exposed,
To Kryptonite, in his nose,
And it left him with no sense of SMELL!

Moving on to my "puzzling thoughts" . . .

WEES, Gareth Bain came up with a wonderful Wednesday crossword.

Of course, as your resident "STOOGE", I had to like the clues and solves which led to SHEMP and THREE.

I, too, had CLANKS in 42A but the perps below made KLUE impossible, so CLANGS/GLUE it became. The other area that almost became a Natick was the 23A/24D section, but once I got SQUAREMEAL, ROAST became obvious, and then it all fell into place. SUCKS when you can't see it right away!!

But it all came out IN THE WASH, so here's to another challenge tomorrow. Happy Hump Day, all.

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Lemon!

This is probably my all-time favorite Gareth Bain LAT Crossword puzzle.
I especially enjoyed the "T-TOPS" theme and clever clue for ELECTRON.

Only needed ESP to get ISABEL Allende. Never heard of the book "Eva Luna" ... learning moment already forgotten.

A "toast" to ALL at Sunset.

Chairman Moe said...

Misty @ 11:31

Here is a link to the term deke, which is, in ESSEnce, a fake-out maneuver used in Ice Hockey.

Hope this helps!

Jerome said...

I liked the entry ELECTRON... though it wasn't the cleverest of Reagan's campaign slogans.

Lemonade714 said...

Wow John Lampkin and Jerome Gunderson on the same day!

Henry Flagler said...

Lemony, you're history lesson on the name ESSO is a little off.

"In the 1960s and early 1970s the management of both Humble and Standard Oil of New Jersey had become increasingly concerned about the lack of a unified public corporate identity. At the same time, the other Standard Oil companies were raising objections to the use of the word Esso, derived from the first letters of the words Standard Oil, as the brand name for Humble and Standard of New Jersey gasoline products. In early 1972 Humble and Standard of New Jersey announced that their gasoline products were to be marketed as Exxon, that Standard of New Jersey was changing its name to Exxon Corporation, and that, as of January 1, 1973, Humble was changing its name to Exxon Company, U.S.A." - Texas History


"In 1926, New Jersey Standard introduced the trade name Esso, but was later legally barred from using it in many US states by other Standard Oil companies. Therefore, in 1972, Standard Oil of New Jersey became Exxon, while many foreign affiliates still use the Esso brand name. Standard Oil of New York became Mobil in 1966." - ExxonMobil

SwenglishMom said...

Happy Birthday Lemonade! Great pics C.C.! I love happy babies. Here's Sweden's happy baby Princess Estelle 2 years ago. That's her mother the Crown Princess and her dad the former commoner, now Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland. Gotta love the royal family if you're over 40 and female in Sweden.

I couldn't grok the theme so appreciate the help. SWAPS new to me, probably see that one again! Thanks.

Husker Chuck (a.k.a. Ergo) said...

Thanks for a puzzle that was spot-on for Wednesday difficulty.

Thank you perps for YURTS. SHEMP was a clever discovery. I initially put the letter "Y" in square 60 thinking that it had to be either Curly or Larry, however that meant that Paris pop was going nowhere.

Triva: Did you know that there were two Curly's?

SWAPS had me totally buffaloed. Again, a reliance on perps. Thanks for the explanation.

Northwest Runner said...

Enough of Etna. I want to see a crossword with Eyjafjallajökull.

Northwest Runner said...

Sorry if I missed it earler: "What is the word for the verbalizing of an acronym and the resultant spelling of that to make a word?"

Answer: Intialism

River Doc said...

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Typical Wed solve for Da Doc, nothing cruel or unusual....

First thoughts on 58A were "it's either Larry or Curly, so I'll wait on the perps." Good decision, as it turns out....

HG - is that Genghis Kahn's yurt or what...?

Steve, I've driven by the Mad Greek hundreds of times, but never stopped there. Probably had to do with the Hot as Hades weather....

Finally, HBD to LemonADE, our summertime thirst quencher....

Big Easy said...

Mr. Flagler- I wonder how many of these bloggers have ever heard of ENCO, which was another brand name of Rockerfeller's S.O.,aka ESSO.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody! I finished this late last night and I thought it was harder than I was expecting. I agree with Misty about that. Thanks Gareth.

Lots of misleading clues I thought. I couldn't remember TOQUE at first. For Clark Kent at birth, I had alien at first. Made sense to me. I didn't know SOBE or ISABEL. All of this made for a tougher-than-expected solve.

Happy birthday Lemon. Thanks for everything.

Spitzboov said...

NR @ 1401 - Can't do it. Too many letters. Need ≤ 15.

Anonymous said...

Spitz... unless it's Sunday.

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Lemonade - and thanks for the explanation why the theme answers are vertical rather than horizontal - that subtlety went right over my head!

Lots of learning today for me - BCE, where ESSO really came from, the word "initialism".

You could use "Eyjafjallajökull", but it would have to be in a Sunday-sized grid or a 16x15 "exception". Good luck finding crosses for all those J's though!

Blue Iris said...

rev @6:41- "you don't know Shemp?!" sounds like a new expletive. Maybe not CUSSing caught by TV sensor or as desper-otto said" maybe you had to be there."

I think Gareth provided enough food and drink offering to amount to a SQUARE MEAL.( see deper-otto's list @ 6:42)

Steve, I'm nowhere near The Mad Greek. Does any chain make a decent gyro?

Yom hu'ledet samach! to Lemony!!*

(*Thanks to Husker Gary for the link. I'm glad I'm not required to say out loud as the "ch" sound might cause some embarrassment as I mispronounce.)

HG, I think I could live in that upscale YURT, if running water and toilet facilities were provided.

Chairman Moe, Thanks for the visual DEKE. I'm such a visual learner.

I left for my honeymoon in a 1975 NOVA. It was our only car for 5 years. Standard and no air.

Favorite summertime treat is an ICEE.
Loved cluing for IN THE WASH.
Didn't catch onto LACK cluing.

I'm enjoying no PT today.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Can't believe I sped on by the clue for TTOP, which perped in. I thought this was a themeless puzzle. Call me clueless. Good one, Gareth. Thanks, Steve, for shedding light on the puzzle. I didn't see ISABEL until the expo either.

We didn't have a TV during the era when Stooges were popular. Never heard of SHEMP. I remember my younger brother and his pals were batting each other around and giggling because they watched Stooges at the pals' houses. A "monkey see, monkey do" situation. That was my introduction to Stooges.

SWAPS: I've heard of Words with Friends. No idea how you play it.

NUT ALLERGY: one of my many food reactions. DAMN!

Happy birthday, Lemonade!

fermatprime said...


Thanks Gareth, Steve!

Also had Time-Warner trouble.

Have had a tummy ache for many hours. So am being extra brief.

Happy Birthday, Lemonade! Swell pictures!


Yellowrocks said...

ESSO is an acronym. BCE is an initialism.
Link the difference
My ex and the kids watched endless syndications of the Three Stooges, some with Curly and some with Shemp. My son still watches them with my grandson. We didn't see any of the other actors who did brief stand-ins for Curly. Another favorite oldie was Abbot and Costello.
PK, I am glad you enjoyed Shanghai Girls and I am sure you are enjoying the sequel, as well. I have just started Snowflower and the Secret Fan. Very interesting.
To a would-be writer: Your essay is crying out for (lacking) good transitions between the paragraphs..

Misty said...

Many thanks for the cool diagram showing how a DEKE works, Moe. By the way, I'm glad your name isn't SHEMP!

Avg Joe said...

Fun romp today. It's probably a quirk, but when I see a reveal clue, I avoid it. So the theme was no help in the solve, but it all filled without issue and despite a few unknowns where the perps bailed me out. Like the consistency of the theme when I went back and figured it out. Thanks Gareth and Steve.

Happy Birthday Lemonade!!

Blue Iris, there's a lot of places I've never been, but I eat gyros every chance I get and have never seen a chain of any type that serves them. So you have to take your chances. For me it's always been trial and error. They range from incredibly mediocre to unbelievably savory. Best of all time was at The Parthenon on E Colfax in Denver...but that been a long time ago, and I've no idea if its still there. Does anyone know?

Unknown said...

Hi all, did the across then the downs and had a few left to go across with. But did finish with no help. Sobe is an unknown to me but toque fixed that and yurts had me because I'm only familar with the highland yurts that were built on a small island with canvas or hides and a mud and straw roof covering. I don't think that's to portable. Like River Doc I didn't put Larry ,curly, or shemp in until I did a down. Shemp is the oldest stooge in two ways, he was there before Larry and his age was older than the rest. He was the one with the part in the middle of his hair and had long bangs. His trademark was a sniffle like sound when he got exited. Curly's was the nyuk nyuk and the spin on the floor. Omg I'm telling my age lol. Jusqu'a demain from Cajun Country !!

Bill G. said...

Blue Iris, I've had gyros several places locally, places with a Greek flavor or background. They've all been somewhere between good and super. It may be that most of them purchase the meat pre-gyroed and just cook it on site. Anyway, my experience is that I've always liked it.

I'm off for a bike ride and an espresso. There are supposed to be big waves due to a storm sitting way off the coast. I am often disappointed when I'm looking for high surf. Also, I hope the attraction of big waves doesn't mean lots of people milling around the sea shore. We'll see...

Chairman Moe said...

to Blue Iris and Misty:

You're most welcome!

And yes, Misty, I too, am glad not to be known as SHEMP. In all honesty, my favorite STOOGE was Curly, then Moe and Larry. SHEMP, Joe Besser, and Curly Joe were, as I call them, the IRregulars. "Classic" Stooge fans love Moe, Larry and Curly.

Shemp, Curly and Moe were all brothers, and had their start in vaudeville. Here is a link to a funny Stooge short, called No Census No Feeling. At 3:30 in, Curly even dons a TOQUE! It starts to wear thin toward the end, but it's one of my all-time favorites.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Fun Wednesday offering from Mr. Bain and great write up from Steve. Steve, I don't think I'd wear that pointy white TOQUE.

Puzzle was mostly easy, but I got hung up in FL. aHHAH (longer AHA?) so no SUGAR and a messed up SEOaL (sinful :-)) for a long time. I finally had to look up PERE (I wanted PETE, but I don't speak French).

I thought CHILDLIKE had to be wrong. What's a T-CHILD? I know what TIN is (54a and a CSO to TIN!) Doh! T-TOP not T-sideways.

C. Moe - Funny limerick.

Sallie - stick with it. 2 years ago 1/2 Wed was my limit. Now it's 1/3 Fridays.

We always try to catch THREE Stooges. It used to record the 4a showing on AMC and watch it with the girls. They loved it; DW would just shake her head.

Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Late to the party today so WEES.

Canadians know TOQUES as woolen winter hats! I don't think I have ever heard it mean a chef's hat here!

Anonymous T said...

C-Eh, You made me go look-up Canadian TOQUEs (@1:18) from Bob & Doug :-)

For SUGAR Guess Who.

Speaking of LAMB Gyro's, there's a Lebanese guy who's got a restaurant about 20 minutes away. So worth it.

Cheers, -T

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Hand up for thinking of Toques in the Canadian way first, thanks to Doug and Bob.

I totally and solidly detest the Three Stooges. I don't understand the appeal.

Anonymous T said...

OMG! 2 Posts and I missed wishing LEM a HB!

Happy Birthday LEM! Thanks for your fun Friday write-ups and putting up w/ the snark to keep at it. I hope today was filled with fun & family.

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Chairman Moe @ 5:47

Thank you so much for that link!

In my 59 years, I have never seen The Three Stooges other than in black & white. It was a real treat to see them "in color."

PK said...

Blue Iris: Spangles has good GIROS. I get them all the time. I've never had one anywhere else. One of the servers said the original GIRO was beef, but it did not taste like beef to me. It may be lamb. I've never had lamb to know what I was eating. They also have a chicken GIRO, but I've never ordered it. I really like the dressing.

Bill G. said...

I've never been a fan of the Three Stooges either though I liked Martin and Lewis as a kid. So I decided to give the Three Stooges another try just now with Chairman Moe's video. Nope, I still don't like them. But I've always enjoyed Laurel and Hardy. Go figure.

It's my understanding that gyros can be made from different meats though lamb seems to be the predominant choice. Several different meats may be minced up, flavored with seasonings and cooked in a rotary oven. Then you can eat it in a pita with other stuff to make a gyro sandwich. It's always been good however I've had it.

Blue Iris said...

Thanks for your help on finding a place to order a gyro. It started me thinking and decided that I could make them at home. I found a good recipe for Gyro meat(ground lamb and beef) and another recipe for Tzatiki Sauce. I'll try it in the next few weeks and let you know how it turns out.