Mar 25, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Carol Lachance

Theme: What makes you think my SPRINGs are dirty?  The theme answers all begin with things used in washing SPRINGS or possibly other things.

16 A. Like some watches : WATER-RESISTANT.  Able to withstand some degree of immersion or soaking, because WATER PROOF is too difficult or expensive to achieve.  WATER - the source of all life, and most cleaning solutions.

22 A. Bath floater : SOAP BUBBLE.   As illustrated.   SOAP is the emulsifier that allows non-polar substances to mix with WATER, so you can CLEAN them up.

35. Patchwork plaything : RAG DOLL.  The cloth used for wiping up is often an old tee shirt or some other kind of RAG.  Alternatively, DOLLS can be made from them.

No extra charge for this musical interlude.

Four Seasons includes Spring

47 A. Running a marathon may be on it : BUCKET LIST.  Things to do before your time runs out and the bucket must be kicked. 

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World  

Running a marathon - or anything else - is not on mine.  A BUCKET can hold all the rest of the theme entries used in the unifier --

53. Project suggested by the starts of 16-, 22-, 35- and 47-Across : SPRING CLEANING.  Annual ritual of brightening up the home after the dreary shut-down months of winter.

Or this

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here to remind you that the calendar says it's SPRING, no matter what is going on outside your window.   Let's see if this puzzle is well seasoned, and whether we can clean it up.


1. Visits : STOPS AT.  

8. Legal test, familiarly : THE BAR.   Qualifying examination for prospective lawyers.

14. Reporter's needs : SOURCES.  People with information.

15. Punk rock surname : RAMONE.  A pseudonym adopted by all the band members. I never paid much attention.  Here is a rather innocuous example of their style.

California Sun

18. Cost-of-living fig. : CPI.  Consumer Price Index.  A relative measure of the prices paid by typical consumers for retail goods and other items, used to indicate the level of inflation. Denialists claim the the CPI grossly understates real inflation, but the independent Billion Prices Project actually tracks very well with it.

19. Feed in a bag : OATS.  Horse feed and cereal grain for humans.

20. "Am __ the right track?" : I ON.   Inquiry by one who is uncertain about how to proceed.  If you're cleaning, straightening and simplifying, I'd say yes.

26. Gumbo veggie : OKRA.  And crossword staple.

27. Nylons, fishnets, etc. : HOSIERY.  Leg coverings.

28. Petty squabbles : SPATS.

29. Penny-__ : ANTE.  Low stakes poker game, and by extension anything of little value.

30. "I'll have another" responder : BARKEEP.   Not the bar we spoke of earlier.  Libation provider in a tavern.

34. Neon, or fuel for a Neon : GAS.   Clever clue.  Neon is the GAS, i.e. vapor, in eponymous lamps, and GASoline is the fuel for the Neon, a now defunct Chrysler Corp. vehicle

36. Public image, briefly : REPutation.

39. Freaked out : GONE APE.  Lost it

40. One-eighties : UEYS.  U-turns - sharp turns into the opposite direction.

41. Freak out : SPOOK.  Frighten or startle - I suppose I could be spooked by a freak, but not by this clecho.

44. Shows proof of : EVINCES.  Provides evidence for.

46. Player with a record 14 100-RBI seasons : A-ROD.  He sat out last season, suspended for violating the MLB drug use policy.  Looks like he's back this year.

50. '90s "SNL" regular Meadows : TIM.

51. "__ Jim" : LORD.  Joseph Conrad novel from 1900.

52. Knack for snappy comebacks : WIT.   Quick and clever.

59. River through Toledo : MAUMEE.  The Muddy MAUMEE.  I've crossed this river thousands of time, twice as recently as Saturday.

60. Hall who won on "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2012 : ARSENIO.

61. Linen closet stack : SHEETS.  Bed coverings.

62. Jones with a diary : BRIDGET.  Played in the movie by Renee Zellweger, who, post surgery, no longer resembles herself - thus no picture.  I haz a sad.  


1. Cincinnati-to-Nashville dir. : SSW.

2. Shelley's "__ Skylark" : TO A.  Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! Etc, Etc  .  .  .

No extra charge for this musical interlude.


3. Pariahs : OUTCASTS.   Those who are socially shunned.  Derived from the lowest population caste in Southern India.

4. Private school student : PREPPIE.  Prep School attendee.

5. Parchment user : SCRIBE.   Record keeper.  Now it's all electrons.

6. Atmo- kin : AER-.  Prefix that denotes having to do with the air or the atmosphere.  Pretty Literal.

7. "Ash Wednesday" poet's monogram : TSE. Thomas Stearns Eliot [Sep 26, 1888 - Jan 4, 1965] American essayist, playwright, social critic and poet.

Because I do not hope to turn again
Because I do not hope
Because I do not hope to turn

8. __ by fire : TRIAL.  An ancient judicial practice to determine guilt or innocence by subjecting the accused to an arduous and dangerous task.  In these more enlightened times, merely the ability to perform well under pressure.

9. Speed : HASTE.  Be quick about it, now.

10. Ambulance VIPs : EMTS.  Emergency Medical Technicians are trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

11. Fluffy scarf : BOA.

12. Golfer Sorenstam, who was among the first women to become honorary members of St Andrews golf club in February 2015 : ANNIKA.   To the best of my knowledge, she is not related to Luke Skywalker.

13. Comeback : RETORT.  A witty reply.

17. More than sniffle : SOB.  Degrees of crying.

21. "One Mic" rapper : NAS.    Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones [b Dec 14, 1973]

22. Carpet type : SHAG.  With deep pile.

23. The last Mrs. Chaplin : OONA.  [May 14, 1925 - Sep 27, 1991] Charlie's fourth wife, and daughter of Nobel and Pulitzer prize winning playwright Eugene O'Neill.  Her Granddaughter, named for her, is an actress with many film and TV credits, including the part of Talisa Maegyr Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones.

24. __ renewal : URBAN.  Redevelopment in a city, often by removing slums.

25. How some wines are sorted : BY AGE.

26. Facing: Abbr. : OPPosite

28. Pommes frites sprinkling : SEL.   French salt for French fries.

31. Nutritional stat : RDA.  Recommended Dietary Allowance.

32. Coin for Putin : KOPEK.  One one-hundredth of a Ruble.

33. Γ‰cole attendee : ELEVE.  I suppose this is French for student, though I can't get Google translate to admit it.

35. Korean soldier : ROK. For Republic Of Korea.

36. Speaking from memory : RECITING.

37. Spud sprouts : EYES.    These can be cut from the tuber and planted to grow plants that are clones of the parent.  New varieties are grown from seeds.  Why eyes?  I'd know if I were wise.

38. Furtive attention-getter : PSST.

39. Saturn, for one : GOD.  Roman equivalent of the Greek Cronus.  Complex mythology.

40. Like sketchbook paper : UNLINED.  Blank.

41. Collected dust : SAT.  Was idle.

42. Rainbow makers : PRISMS.   They divide light according to wavelength, due to a refractive index difference from air and the angles a which the light enters and exits.

43. Big brass output : OOM-PAH.  Tuba speak

Probably not what you're expecting

45. Formal admission : IT WAS I.  

47. Lisa of "Enemy of the State" : BONET.   Even after all these years, probably still better known as Denise Huxtable, though.

48. They can be hard to fight : URGES.   Those things you want to do.

49. Atlanta-based health agcy. : CDC.  Center for Disease Control.

51. Sherbet flavor : LIME.  Citrus fruit.

54. Repent : RUE.  

55. Photo __ : LAB. Place where photographic negatives are developed. Rather retro.  These days, it's SHOP.

56. Throw too low, say : ERR.  A mis-played baseball. 

57. Merkel's "never" : NIE.  German.

58. Captured : GOT.  Obtained.

Well, that puts it all away.  Hope you got through it without chapped hands or kicking the BUCKET.  Now I have to go do some tidying up.

Cool regards!


Manac said...

Wow, early blogging by JzB.

47A, I'm pretty sure if I tried to
run a marathon, that would end it
right there. Adios, Ciao, no more
bucket, no more list.

Read ya tonight.

SwenglishMom said...

Thanks! As a former Ohioan I can appreciate Maumee -- what was that B&w cartoon series (not for laughs) that featured students of Maumee University? It was an interesting feature of our newspaper's funny pages, either the Dayton Daily News or the Journal Herald, which are now one paper of course. Love the Swedish golfer lady inclusion, first time I remember hearing of her. Home with a feverish child and grateful for the xword and the Corner.

Best, SwenglishMom

SwenglishMom said...

A little research and I have it: Steve Canyon Wiki

SwenglishMom said...

Toledo Blade May 14 1964 blast from the past funny pages!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Got through this one easily enough with a few minor bumps. MAUMEE was a complete unknown that required all the perps and I really wanted WENT APE instead of GONE APE until the perps set me straight. I don't really follow sports in general and golf in particular, but I did manage to dredge ANNIKA up from somewhere, so that was nice.

I agree with JzB's alternate explanation of the theme, since I've always thought of the other form of SPRING CLEANING being more about organizing and throwing out unnecessary junk than just washing the house. But, yeah -- a bucket of soapy water and rags sure come in handy when cleaning those springs...

Lemonade714 said...

Wow, I may need a nap after reading JzB' s write up and links. Awesome.

I do not recall seeing Ms. Lachance' s byline before nor have I ever crossed the MAUMEE which we have not seen for three years. A very nice solid puzzle with a timely theme either way you look at it. I guess some will complain about BAR and BARKEEP both fill but I did not mind.

I did like seeing a reference to Annika Sorenstam the greatest female golfer of the modern era. She won so often and shot a 59, leaving no challenge except raising a family.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Jazzbumpa and friends. Interesting Wednesday puzzle. At first glance, it appeared daunting, but was easily finished.

Maumee was a complete unknown. I didn't know if the referenced Toledo was in Spain or Ohio.

My favorite clue was Neon, or fuel for a Neon = GAS.

I think of THE BAR as being inclusive of those individuals who have actually passed the exam rather than the exam itself.

QOD: After all, is football a game or a religion? ~ Howard Cosell (Mar. 25, 1918 ~ Apr. 23, 1995)

Big Easy said...

Good morning. As is the norm, the long fills were easy but the theme never dawned on me until I read the clue for 53A, and by that time I had already filled CLEANING with crosses. Speaking of SPRING CLEANING, I did it to the outside last week for our Easter Egg hunt. Sprayed bleach & Jomax on most of the house and used baking soda to clean the gutters.

I did have trouble in the SW as I had ALOU instead of AROD and never heard of the MAUMEE. I'll be doing a marathon today-on a bicycle on the MISSISSIPPI levee; running one is not on my BUCKET LIST.

RAMONEs- you know you are old when you never heard of them until they are inducted into to R&R Hall of Fame. other unknowns were BRIDGET, BONET, & NAS.

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning,

Computer woes fixed, upgrades accomplished, so back in business....I think.

Enjoyed today;s puzzle offering from Ms. Lachance and the informative write up by JzB. Thank you both.

LIME sherbert is tasty, Raspberry my favorite. Inside spring cleaning Lucy's job, mine is outside. Usually well on the way by end of March. Hoping I'll be able to start by the middle of April this year.

After two years in public high school which were athletically successful and academically dismal, my mom made me a PREPPIE. I had no say in the matter and it probably was the defining period in my life.

I never sat for THE BAR, but I sure sat in a few back in the day.

MAUMEE & RAMONE both solved by perps.

Happy hump day.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

That pic of Toledo is unusual. Cloudless days are pretty rare in that part of the world. Maumee is an anglicized version of a Native American word. The river runs from Ft. Wayne, IN to Maumee Bay in Toledo. Local non-fun fact: phosphorus runoff from agriculture along the river is responsible for annual algae blooms in Lake Erie.

Cool regards!

Jazzbumpa said...

This is the only entry for Carol Lachance in the blog archives, so this might be her debut LAT puzzle.

Great job, Carol!


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It wasn't RETURN and it wasn't UNRULED, but it was easy. Nicely done, both Carol and JzB.

I guess it's preferable to pass THE BAR than to cross THE BAR, Tennyson-wise.

If you really want to clean springs, Coca Cola does a nifty job. Just soak 'em overnight. Speaking of spring cleaning, yesterday I sorted through my computer CD's and threw out a huge boxful with such exciting titles as "Borland C++", "TurboTax 2001", and "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" -- how in heck did that get in there?

Nowadays, a "Parchment user" is most likely a baker rather than a Scribe.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Cute theme and something I need to do. One set of low windows has so many cat paw and nose prints it is almost opaque. That's where I get my orders to serve my furry master.

Didn't know RAMONE. ELEVE & PREPPIE on the same day. Didn't know the French version. We've "crossed" a new river, Maumee, for me.

Didn't know ARSENIO won that show. Don't watch.

Running a marathon is NOT on my BUCKET LIST. If I tried, it would be the last thing I ever did. Literally.

I hope that is dirt or ashes on Lisa Bonet's arms & leg and not very ugly tats.

Good puzzle. Great Expo, JzB. Now I'll go back & listen to the links.

John Lampkin said...

Jazzbumps, there is more wit in your writeup than in the puzzle! Great job.

Yellowrocks said...

Easy Monday level puzzle.
Jazz, witty expo.
My newspaper had 33D "...cole attendee." With the EL--- perps, I guessed they meant ECOLE, so ELEVE.
Loved the Shelly's Ride and cute PSST pictures. What ugly HOSIERY in my opinion!
A PA Dutch SPRING CLEANING involves much more than organizing and discarding. We Dutch scrub every nook and cranny, inside, around, behind. It also involves turning out all the drawers and closets, washing them out and reorganizing the contents. When I was teaching I did this in the summertime. Now I stretch it out over any 2 months, one room a week. Sometimes I do this thorough cleaning every other year and a somewhat less thorough one the other years.
SWENGLISH MOM, nice to hear from you again.

Ergo said...

That was a fun little Wednesday romp.

Thank you Carol and Jazz.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Carol Lachance, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for a fine review.

Worked this on my IPad. No problems.

Just crossed the MAUMEE River this morning. Have crossed it a hundred times or so, but not thousands as Jazz has.

Tried STOPS IN. STOPS AT won that battle after TSE.

Not familiar with RAMONE.

Liked SCRIBE with parchment.

OONA was easy. We have had her many times.

OOMPAH caught my attention. I do that a lot.

I actually got ELEVE without help. Finally, I have mastered French.

Tried RELIVING before RECITING became obvious with a perp or two.

Approaching South Bend, IN.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Abejo said...

Excuse me, Elkhart, IN, not as far as South Bend yet.


Abejo said...

Excuse me, Elkhart, IN, not as far as South Bend yet.


Tinbeni said...

Jazz: WOW! Another outstanding write-up with a bunch of links. Great Job!

Carol: Thank you for a FUN Wednesday puzzle.

Had quite a few "write-overs" ...
STOPS-by before STOPS-AT emerged.
RUBLE before KOPEK (needed that "K" for BUCKET LIST).
And my Linen closet had a stack of Towels before SHEETS.

Obviously my fave today was BARKEEP ... go figure ...

And like others I need ESP to get MAUMEE.


CrossEyedDave said...

JzB, you have outdone yourself! So many great links today I was surprised the Blog loaded as fast as it did! (not too mention your wit!:)

Only one nit,,, (Splynter has better hosiery pics...)

Did I ever mention that JzBs write ups & wit were the reason I 1st posted on this Blog? (Yes JzB, it's your fault...)

P.S. Loved the Ooompah link!

Re: puzzle, 20A ion? why the gimme am I blank clue on a Wednesday?

Did you know that sprouts from potato eyes are poisonous? (I will look for a link.)

Ramones are Punk? ( I just thought they were great rock & roll...)

Wait! What's this? I don't remember Korean Soldier = ro"K" Ack! Ack! ACK! I forgot to put the "K" in "spook"! I meant to go back & forgot! I got sidetracked worrying about Maumee & Eleve (which I got right...) that I left a blank square!

No Fair!

I want A do-over!

I wuz robbed!

(Mulligan pls...)

CrossEyedDave said...

When you fail to complete a Wednesday puzzle!

Soap Bubbles you don't want to see...

Whoa! Learning moment! Rag Doll is a kind of Cat!

My Bucket List...

Spring Cleaning? What's that?

Occasional Lurker said...

Very witty blog JazzB and a very nice puzzle.

I remembered Maumee from the old song,'Waay, down upon the Maumee river ...' and I knew you would be blogging today. ;-0)

BTW, Toledo has a very nice glass museum, but in my humble opinion, the best glass museum is in the little town of Corning, NY.

Question: If a guy graduates from law school, but doesn't pass the bar exam, is he still a lawyer ? He certainly knows the law ....

Desper Otto - I been told that even Drano ( Hydrochloric Acid with a rust inhibhitor - ) does a pretty good job of cleaning springs. Just soak it over while drinking a glass of beer .... not even overnight. Mind you, not that I'd even dream of doing it myself. I don't even know where the springs are located.

Now to get back to finding what they've learnt of the reasons for the Airbus crash.

Have a nice day, all.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A very pleasant, timely offering. No glitches but needed perps for Maumee.

Congrats, Carol, if this is your debut LAT publication and thanks, JzB, for your wise, witty, and wonderful write-up.

Thought of Splynter at hosiery and Tin at barkeep. I wonder why?

CED, just so you don't think we take you for granted, thank you so much for the time and effort you expend finding so many funny, informative and Corner-specific links. You give us lots of 😊☺️πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Œ !

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-Loved the RAG DOLL embed in your fabulous write-up, Jazz
-On a farm, this is a big use of BUCKETS
-My alcoholic dad never could pass THE BAR
-This great movie is about protecting reporters’ sources
-Johnny ROTTEN wasn’t the correct PUNK rocker
-Is there a word more mispronounced and misspelled than Sherbet (only one r)?
-Tim Meadows’ recurring character of The Ladies’ Man
was hilarious
-Semi UEY song (2:33)
-TRIAL BY FIRE – “Well, student teacher, they’re all yours today!”
-A good first baseman can scoop up the low throw to get the out and save the infielder from an error

Rainman said...

GOOD MORNING, and thanks to all again for the good wishes.
FUN-omenal writeup, Jzb. You nailed it.
Thought Carol LaChance put forth a very entertaining little exercise today. Thanks, Carol.
Early on, I had WATERxxxx and BUCKETxxx and started thinking of CARWASHING or something, but having ALOU instead of AROD in the SW slowed me down. Still, 24 minutes is okay for me and I had fun, but yes, this is one of those times the write-up actually exceeded the entertainment value of the puzzle. Both were excellent.
Did not know the MAUMEE, ... learning moment.

-What day is it?

C6D6 Peg said...

Nice debut, Carol. Loved the bucket list and other fill. Although I hate cleaning, the puzzle was fun!

JzB... great write-up!

Misty said...

First of all, JazzB, thanks for one of the best collection of pics we've ever had, with the Eliot poem thrown in as a bonus. Terrific expo from you, this morning!

And a delightful puzzle from Carol, although I sure was daunted by those long entries a the top and found this no speed run. But it was doable with lots of fun and challenging clues and a timely theme. So, many thanks, Carol!

We have my husband's family visiting, so a busy day today. Have a good one, everybody!

coneyro said...

Hello all...

Had to wait for perps to see what was being cleaned.

WEES about MAUMEE. Not familiar with the word EVICES. I first thought STOPSIN instead of STOPSAT. Got ANNIKA from my golf-loving husband. He says she is the best in that field of all time. Did not know ELEVE.

All in all, a nice Wednesday offering. Finished with some perp help.

Nothing else to comment on today.

Bill G. said...

Thanks Carol. Thanks JzB. I enjoyed myself. I didn't know MAUMEE or ROK.

That hosiery model has thin unappealing legs IMHO.

I have never been much of a runner. Our town started having a Hometown Fair accompanied by a 10K so I thought I should be civic minded and participate. I did, year after year, and when I had my best time and was in the best shape of my life, I thought I should think about a marathon. I trained and ran and trained and ran some more for the better part of the year. The LA Marathon day arrived. I started off slowly cause the thousands of runners couldn't move much at first. I had hoped to finish under four hours but after the slow start, I was way behind schedule. I began doing better up until about 20 miles when I ran out of energy and mental determination. I was tempted to walk but I kept forcing myself to run, putting one foot in front of the other. I got near the finish line which was a lap around the huge LA coliseum. I collapsed into the arms of the lady taking tage at the finish line. The clock said three hours, 59 minutes and 22 seconds!

Lucina said...

Hello, friends! Great and witty blog, Jazzbumpa. I thought of you at river in Toledo but thought it might be Miami. Not enough letters but it perped.

For the most part this was a fun and quick sashay though my newspaper also had ...cole so ELEVE was a pure guess. Abejo, congratulations on your mastering French. I'm still working on it.

I run a mini marathon (3.2K) every October to support my niece who is riddled with cancer.

Have a delightful Wednesday, everyone! Busy day with a full schedule.

Lucina said...

OOps, no. I walk a marathon not run.

Ergo said...

Whenever I land a new gig, I celebrate by playing this song:

(Hope the link works)

Anonymous said...

Husker, was attending a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game on your BUCKET LIST? I thought I may seen you there last night.

Ergo said...

Oops... Link didn't work. Anyway, it's supposed to be "Thuderstruck" by AC/DC.

I finally landed a job (with the Federal Government) after 7 months of anguishing torment. Can't even describe my emotions right now.

John Landis said...

I remember ARSENIO Hall from the late eighties movie, "Coming To America." He played four characters in the movie including a not so attractive woman and a barber. The barbershop scenes really stole the show, IMHO. Arsenio is the old barber who says "If his momma named him Clay, I'm gonna call him Clay." Make sure to watch the joke told by Saul, played by Eddie Murphy(yes the old white Jewish man), at the 5:40 mark. Lots of people missed the joke as it played after the end as the credits rolled.

Pat said...

Fun puzzle and great write-up! Thanks, Carol and JzB!

After my knee replacement I was told not to participate in high impact activities, so no marathons for me. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Driving I-75 to and from Michigan frequently I pass over the MAUMEE River and I go past the exit for the town.

I'm with Tin with ruble/KOPEK, towels/SHEETS. Perps to the rescue!

I'm procrastinating with my SPRING CLEANING.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to PK and Rainman. I hope your days were wonderful.

Happy Wednesday!


Irish Miss said...

Ergo @ 12:04 - Congratulations and best of luck in your new endeavor.

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyable puzzle today. Thanks Carol and JazzB.

No SPRING CLEANING here today as we have pouring rain. But it beats snow. The first day we have sunshine and warm temperatures everyone will be out with their buckets!

Africa wasn't on my BUCKET LIST but when your grand baby is there your priorities change.

Jayce said...

Jazzbumpa, terrific writeup. Thank you.

Steve said...

Congrats, Carol!

Thanks for the fun review, JzB. It's blue sky outside my window right now - I'm at 37,000 ft crossing the Illinois/Indiana border on my way to DC.

Crossword was smooth - more than I can say for the flight!

Good luck with the new gig, Ergo

Lucina said...

Ergo, congratulations on the new job and good luck!

Anonymous T said...

Ergo - your link. Congrats on the new gig!

Oh, the puzzle. It STOPS AT 44a. Argg! No clue on 33d nor 44a. But that's not where the pain started...

Let me count the ways...

59a - not a chance; @40d UNbounD; 52a vIm before WIT, @45 I was trying to think of a latin phrase (duh). And, for 9d, "upper" was my 1st guess ("Speed kills, Del" - I tried to find the WKRP clip, but I only get the whole episode). I almost got it, but, LIMEy!, a two square Wed DNF!

Fav: ANTE. FIL (a Marine) (RIP)) would say "a bunch of lolly-pop Penny ANTE bullshit."

JzB - I'll take your word on this being Carol's 1st LAT and congratulate her. To you, I GOTta say, wow! Thanks for the great write-up

CED - BUCKET LIST item #3 from MAD - check. DW and I did that last year. We watched the fountains from up there - pretty cool.

After Army PT I have no desire to run again. Put that in your | /dev/null. There, now it's all in the bit BUCKET LIST.

D-O: If you need those Borland disks in the future, just call - I still have mine (somewhere).

Cheers, -T

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Piece of cake. Only 2 wgite-outs - ruble before KOPEK and RETURN before RETORT. Liked seeing NIE; made up for the amorphous GOT, next to it. the few unknowns like BONET and RAMONE were easily gotten from the perps.

Bill G. said...

John Landis, good joke! I've heard it a couple of times before but I still enjoyed it. A good story improves with age...

Congratulations Ergo!

I loved WKRP!

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Carol and Jazz! Great work!

MAUMEE was all perps!

Took longer than usual, but I got it!

Congrats, Ergo!

Another doctor's visit later today. Ugh.


CrossEyedDave said...

I had mentioned earlier that I would link about potato sprouts being poisonous. Well, after much internet surfing, & much deleting of possible links, you will be glad to know that the following pretty much sums it up:

Is it safe to eat sprouted potatoes?

10 deadly everyday foods. Note: Chunk lite tuna (not albacore) is actually not tuna, but a smaller fish that has much less mercury. (See Good Eats/Skipjack Tuna)

The above list omits Kidney beans, (but do they sell raw kidney beans?)
The canned stuff is already cooked...

Yes, Coca Cola will clean anything. (Just don't drink it!.)

On a different slant, I LOL'd at item 11 on my posted bucket list, view route 66 from end to end using Google street view, & yet, here I am, in my armchair, (which broke, I am now on a folding chair...) Using YouTube to get my thrills.

Come walk the plank with me...


It was about 4 minutes in before I realized this is HD & I could go full screen...

What's with the guy in the hammock, with what looks like a refrigerator? Is he selling drinks to tourists???

What is with all the padlocks? In america we throw our old sneakers over the power lines. But padlocks on cables? (CC?)

CrossEyedDave said...


It is scarier the 2nd time!
(The 1st time I had no idea what was going on...)

But I went back to get you The return trip!

(Not so easy when you have to climb over people.)

Also, power lines to a light?
(What, people do this at night???)

I just had to see what that guy on the cliff was selling!

CC! Can you translate! What were they saying? Was he selling something?

CrossEyedDave said...

P.S. (Last Post)
This is what is looks like on a clear day. No safety harness!

Apparently that guy was selling safety harnesses (In the middle of the Fracking thing!)

Note: If you could get me up there, (& that's a big "if.") I would be a big blob of blubbering jello hanging onto the wall...

Pat said...

Ergo--CONGRATULATIONS! Hope everything goes well from this time forward!

CED--I can't even watch the video. I'm a wimp.


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Maumee, Rok, and CPI all came with the perps. However, Saturn isn't an Orb, or a Car--Oh! Saturn is a God. Made some missteps today, so used the eraser a lot.

Thanks JazzB for your writeup and the fun sites. The links were all appreciated.

I didn't finish the puzzle until late, so WEES for the rest of the puzzle. Meetings took up most of my day.

My spring cleaning will consist of putting in new ceilings, painting, and having drapes and rugs cleaned. We should be so spick and span when we're finished it should do us for more than one year, surely.

Have a great evening, everyone.

Just one more said...

Has anyone noticed the top of the grid?




How's that for an anagram, eh Jerome?

Tsk, tsk, Tinman and CED.

Anonymous T said...

just one more...

Hic. Hic. Hiccup. Now that you pointed that out, I see why I thought BAR KEEP was odd - I passed THE BAR at 9a so so sat at the other WATERing hole at 30a. Got me a BUCKET and a belly full o' beer.(Sir Elton). So, with CED out, who's gonna link Tiny BUBBLEs? Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

OK, I'll ANTE-up and provide the link for Tiny BUBBLEs.* We should all be GASsed by now.

Cheers, -T
*We had a Drill Sgt that would sing Ho for cadence; those were the worst road-marches ever! The othe Sgt (a black guy with soul) could make 25mi go by before you knew you were tired.

C.C. Burnikel said...


It's a tradition to hang a padlock on the iron chains in Gold Lock Pass. You can read more here . I can't hear clearly what the guys are saying other than the simple "not here", "there", "too much". I went there in 1987. Only climbed 3 peaks. We did climb part in the early hours because we wanted to see sunrise at the top of one peak. Very scary.