Mar 2, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015 Roland Huget

Theme: What's your mood? - Colors from a mood ring, and they're all used as verbs in each theme entry.

17A. Give the okay : GREEN-LIGHT

27A. Bring lunch from home, say : BROWN-BAG

46A. Dismiss from the job : PINK-LIP

59A. Alter a manuscript, e.g. : BLUE-PENCIL

11D. Gloss over : WHITEWASH

34D. Ostracize : BLACKLIST

Argyle here with a new constructor. He has a few crunchy nuggets in there but given the ease of the theme, it's all good.


1. Norms: Abbr. : STDS. (Standards)

5. Channel with a "Congressional Chronicle" online archive : C-SPAN

10. In an unexpected direction : AWRY

14. Hawkeye State : IOWA

15. Curly-tailed Japanese dog : AKITA

16. Old conductance units : MHOs. The reciprocal of an ohm.

19. Trusted assistant : AIDE

20. Move it, old-style : HIE

21. Thames islands : AITs. Crosswordese.

22. Northern Ireland province : ULSTER

24. Leaves for a cigar : TOBACCO

26. Came up : AROSE

29. __-Mart Stores, Inc. : WAL

32. Walks leisurely : AMBLES

35. Christmastide : YULE

36. Boxing legend : ALI

37. Manicurist's tool : FILE

38. Tit for __ : TAT

39. Baking amts. : TSPs. (teaspoon)

40. Pie __ mode : À LA

41. "Never Wave at __": 1952 film : A WAC. Starring Rosalind Russell and Paul Douglas. I could link the whole movie but couldn't find a clip!

43. Tread water to check out the surroundings, as a whale : SPY HOP. Whale, tread water?

45. DVR button : REC

48. "Hogan's Heroes" colonel : KLINK

50. Oft-rented suits : TUXEDOS

54. Insert new film : RELOAD

56. Spice Girl Halliwell : GERI

57. One: Pref. : UNI

58. Settled on the ground : ALIT

62. Savior in a Bach cantata : JESU

63. Path for a drink cart : AISLE. Tinbeni clue?

64. Kitchenware brand : EKCO. Buy some NOW. Link

65. Play segments : ACTS

66. Like some private communities : GATED

67. Coloring agents : DYES


1. Vision : SIGHT

2. "Road __": 1947 Hope/Crosby film : TO RIO. Another old movie; this one starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour.

3. Nerdy sort : DWEEB

4. Enc. with some bills : SAE. (Self Addressed Envelope, no stamp)

5. Colorful cats : CALICOS. My favorites.

6. Chair lift alternative : SKI TOW

7. Sty residents : PIGS

8. Sports fig. : ATH. (athlete)

9. Kin of organic, at the grocery store : NATURAL

10. Stockpile : AMASS

12. Went by scooter : RODE

13. River of Flanders : YSER

18. Mother-of-pearl : NACRE

23. Theater box : LOGE

25. Equal to the task : ABLE

26. Border on : ABUT

28. New York City suburb on the Hudson : NYACK

Nice place for a wedding, I guess.

30. Dog food brand : ALPO

31. Speech problem : LISP

32. At a distance : AFAR

33. Runner's distance : MILE

38. Propane container : TANK

39. Use a keypad : TYPE

41. Samoan capital : APIA. The city, not the money.

42. Blowhard : WINDBAG

43. Ate noisily, as soup : SLURPED

44. Playful sprite : PIXIE

47. "Remington __": '80s TV detective show : STEELE

49. Cross-legged meditation position : LOTUS

51. Dr. Mallard's apt nickname on "NCIS" : DUCKY. He puts the emphasis on the last syllable.

52. Chilling in the locker room, as champagne : ON ICE

53. Storage towers : SILOs

54. Indian royal : RAJA

55. Util. bill : ELEC.

56. Sudden wind : GUST

60. __ Fáil: Irish coronation stone : LIA. On the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland

61. Actor Beatty : NED
So what's your mood?


Note from C.C.:

I'm excited to share with you that the SLIDE puzzle Jazzbumpa (Ron) and I made last year was nominated for the Orca Best Easy Puzzle. Sam Donaldson even remembered that it's Ron's debut. Thanks, Sam! And Ron is 2 for 2 with his LA Times submissions.


OwenKL said...

Crunchy crossword puzzles tend to drive you nuts.
You think you have it cracked, then come the maybes and the buts.
The crossings that are natick,
Irk like squirrels in your attic.
All the Guessing like a Wild Ass leaves you braying like a putz!

~ ` ~ ` ~

When Miss GREEN met Mr. BROWN,
They hit it off and went to town!
Soon they were wed
And then they bred,
In time they had four kids around.

Their daughter, PINK, married a grocer;
Their second kid, BLUE, lived life as a rover.
The twins, BLACK and WHITE,
Found combined, they could write,
Now they're published, and read all over!

Argyle: Love what you did with the grid!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

What a colorful puzzle. And yes, most definitely on the crunchy side for a Monday. The perps were all fair, so no major hangups, but I was very surprised to see NYACK, SPYHOP, SKITOW, APIA, EKCO, LIA, etc. All told, it added about a minute to my usual Monday solve time (which is a good 25% longer).

The theme was a delight and very easy to get, except that I did go with BLACKBALL before BLACKLIST.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think there's some snow waiting to be shoveled...

HeartRx said...

WBS...even about the snow. :-(

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. As Barry noted, this was a very colorful puzzle. I loved it! I initially wanted Black Ball instead of BLACK LIST, but other than that I knew my colors!

Never heard of SPYHOP before. Interesting word.

My favorite clue was Leaves for a Cigar = TOBACCO.

Congratulations to CC and Jazzbumpa on the nomination.

My hubby had surgery last week and he had some complications from the anesthesia, so we had a bit of a scare, but all seem ok now. Now we just have a long recovery period.

QOD: You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child. ~ Dr. Seuss (né Theodor Geisel, Mar. 2, 1904 ~ Sept. 24, 1991)

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Roland Huget, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Well, I only got half of Friday's. Saturday I was gone all day. Sunday I got about 95 percent. Hope to finish it later.

Today's I got quite easily. Finished it in one cup of tea.

Liked the theme. Colors.

My only unknown was NYACK. Perps fixed that.

My second only unknown was LIA. Also perped.

Fortunately, no french today.

Congratulations to Jazzbumpa and C.C. for their award.

Off to my day after some more tea (Earl Grey, of course).


( )

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was not a speed run, and had some pleasant crunch for a Monday. Don't believe I've ever seen SPYHOP (is it one word or two?). NYACK sounds like something Curly would say, "Nyack, Nyack, Nyack!"

Did you know that CALICOS are almost always female? -- something about the coloring and the X chromosome.

Congrats, C.C. and JzB on your Orca! Do you suppose they named it because it's black and white like a crossword?

Anonymous said...

NYACK in the news. An interesting article (in today's NY Times) about a new bridge over the (currently frozen) Hudson.

kazie said...

Congrats to C.C. and Ron! An exciting achievement to be sure!

Like others, I didn't know NYACK or APIA, and had never heard of SPYHOPping or LIA, but perps to the rescue and I got it done. In general a relief after Thursday and Friday last week!

Madame Defarge said...

Sorry about the snow! Tonight Chicagoland is due for a "Wintry Mix." Tinbeni, is that a cocktail with lots of ice?

Nice start for the week. Thanks, Roland; I really enjoyed the theme. I kept thinking MHO must be wrong--isn't it ohm?--learning moment. Loved learning SPYHOP. I supposed I missed that in Moby Dick. Nice link. Thanks Argyle. Seems like a perfect portmanteau to me.

Have a good day. Feel better and get your rest, Gary. Congrats to C.C. and JazzB.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up. Especially enjoyed the SPY-HOP clip.
Along with the NY City suburb, NYACK, these were my two (count'em, 2) learning moments.

Roland, Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle.

Interesting, if you chill champagne in a locker room it is considered O'NICE ... well that's how I parsed it ... lol

Stuck with a Sunny Day heading to 80 degrees ...
Life is tough in Florida.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -


At least it's a bit above freezing for once,and there's some good sun to help clear the driveway.

We have a little calico female cat. She has the cutest little face!

Lemonade714 said...

What a fun debut puzzle, and very much more than most Mondays WEES about SPY HOP, MHO, APIA....

I was pasrticularly impressed with the internal symmetry of 2 hyphenated theme fill, 2 two word fill and 2 one word fill.

A hearty congratulations to JzB for the Orca nod and a get better soon to HG.

Finally, who does not love GENETICS

We have three tortoise shell, three orange, one piebald orange, three gray and one all white with a black bowtie among the cats we feed at work. They have all been neutered.

Avg Joe said...

Fun run today. WEES. Didn't know spyhop, had forgotten Mho, wanted Black Ball. But, got through it without incident.

In the ongoing discussion about dead tree vs electronic solving, the comic Drabble weighed in yesterday. Thought it was pretty funny.

Hope all is going well Gary!

fermatprime said...


Thanks Roland and Santa!

Nice theme.

Had to chew on NYACK and SPYHOP.

Rained cats and dogs most of day and night. Thunder, too. Supposedly hail.

Congrats Jazz and CC.

Gary: hope that you are feeling better!


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Enjoyed this "colorful" offering, sky hop notwithstanding. A tad crunchy for a Monday, but, ultimately, smooth sailing. Blackball was my first choice, also.

Thanks, Roland and Argyle for getting us off to a good start in the month of March.

Hope you're feeling better, Gary, and well on your way to a speedy recovery! I miss your musings!

CED, thos clips from late yesterday were funny. I don't know how you find as many as you do.

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

A nice Monday puzzle with a few unknowns, but colorful perps helped fill in the blanks.

WES about SPYHOP, LIA, AITS and I'll add JESU. Also I don't know any of the Spice Girls, so perps were the only way of filling in that word.

I know how Pierce Brosnan's career went after "Remington Steele", but what happened to the career of Stephanie Zimbalist? I liked her, but she never seemed to be in anything on a regular basis, just the occasional episode of various series.

In central PA it snowed all day yesterday and now the wind is sculpting the landscape. Part of the driveway is clear and the sidewalk is drifted in with over 2 feet of snow. I think I'll wait until the snow decides to settle in one spot before I go out and try to clear it away.

I hope everyone is surviving this weather.

Lucina said...

Greetings, puzzlers! De colores, Argyle!

Like most Mondays, this was a quick sashay with just enough crunch. Though we've seen LIA Fail many times, I can't keep it in mind. It's meaningless to me.

Thank you, Robert Huget, for a fun time.

It's always sad to see the finale of Downton Abbey and with so many loose ends left but some nice surprises, too.

Get well wishes for Gary and Hahtoolah's husband.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Just to clarify, C.C and I didn't win the ORCA award, but our SLIDE puzzle was one of the nominees.

Sam Donaldson did have some very nice things to say about the puzzle, which you can read if you click the link C.C. provided above.

As I recall, the basic theme concept was mine, and we threw a lot of ideas back and forth to generate the theme fill and clues. The unifier was C.C.'s, and with her guidance, the theme was nice and tight.

Of course, she filled the grid as well. I helped with some of the cluing.

It was a lot of fun, and my hat is off to C.C. for her amazing skills, and for being a kind and generous mentor.

Cool Regards!
Ron aka JzB

C6D6 Peg said...

Another smooth Monday that was not too routine. Thank you Roland and congrats on your debut.

Nice write-up, Argyle. Loved the color chart!

Misty said...

Whew, what a relief that A WAC was correct, since its cross with NYACK was a natick for me. It would really be depressing to fail on a Monday puzzle, but I got it after all--Yay! And I loved the color theme, so many thanks Roland, and you too, Argyle, for your always delightful expo.

Glad I got GERI, thanks to perps. The only Spice Girls I know are MEL B, a judge on "America's Got Talent," and POSH, married to David Beckham, I think, who turns up in "People" magazine fairly often.

Hahtoolah, glad your husband will be okay.

Congratulations on the nomination, C.C. and Jazz B. Exciting!

Have a great week, everybody!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

What Barry and others said about today's crunchiness. Never heard of SKYHOP. As a New Yorker, knew about NYACK; it anchors the west end of the Tappan Zee bridge over the Hudson, opposite Tarrytown. But I'm guessing our mid-western friends and west coast friends have not heard of it unless they have visited the northern suburbs of NYC.
Anyway, the solve was straightforward; and no lookups or erasures were needed. Colorful theme.

Congrats to C.C. and JzB on the Orca Easy Puzzle nomination.

coneyro said...

Good Monday to all.

I jumped around the puzzle today instead of doing it in order, so it could last a few minutes more. Coincidentally, when I entered BROWNBAG and then WINDBAG, I thought I was onto the theme. I hadn't entered the other color answers yet. Then, of course, the light came on when I did.

Some answers such as JESU, MHOS, AITS, SPYHOP, and LIA weren't Monday friendly.

My husband was born in Nyack, New York. He liked seeing this answer. Hasn't been back in over 50 years.

Feel bad for those of you who are still putting up with bad weather. Florida is "freezing" at about 80 degrees today.

Enjoy and be well.

Jazzbumpa said...

Nice debut puzzle for Roland Huget. A little extra crunch for a Monday, but no nits. SPYHOP was unknown.

Owen - very colorful limericks. I especially liked BLACK and WHITE.

Looking forward to Gary's return.

Hatoolah - good luck with your husband's recovery.

Sat night we got just a dusting of snow, but Toledo got about 3 inches.

The storm that's moving across the midsection should hit us tomorrow. Bright and sunny today, upper 20's. Still a thick white blanket on the ground.

Baseball is only a little more than a month away. Season opens on Sunday April 5 with Cardinals at Cubs. Most other teams start the following day.


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I whizzed through this one today, with one problem. I put in Stash for Stockpile and had to scratch my head a bit before I realized my mistake. One A and S fit with Aide and Ulster so I just knew that it was correct--until it wasn"t!!

I have jury duty tomorrow so will have to Brown Bag it for my noon repast. There are restaurants nearby, but they are expensive.
I prefer my own lunches anyway.

Owen, your Black and White twins in your limerick reminded me of twins I had in one of my classes. They were named Ebony and Ivory.

Take care all of you who are in the "snow" areas of our country. The storms just seems to go on and on. Would that we could spread out some of that moisture and we here on the West Coast could take advantage of it.

Have a great day, everyone.

Big Easy said...

I haven't done a Monday puzzle in a long time, mainly because the newspaper only came 3 days a week, and they're usually so easy to do that it takes longer to download from the LA Times website that to finish the puzzle.

This one held true to form for a Monday, with SPY HOP being the only thing that I never had seen before. My only writeover was BLACKLIST for BLACKBALL.

MHOS- I had a physics prof who called conductance SMHO instead of MHOS. He could pronounce it and we all knew what it was.

My only other unknowns were A WAC, TO RIO ( easy guesses), JESU, and LIA

Chickie said...

Congratulations JazzB and C.C. on your puzzling award. We have such talented people here on our blog.

I forgot to mention that I don't think I've ever seen a whale tread water and Spyhop was totally unknown! My learning moment for today.

Hatoolah, Good thoughts for your hubby's recovery. Also, you take care. Care giving is a hard job.

CrossEyedDave said...

This puzzle was a piece of cake,

except where it wasn't...

Learning moments: Spyhop, Aits, Ducky, I would throw in Apia but I am not going to remember, so I can't say I learned it...

Relearned Mho...

Apparently those Aits have a lot of History

Hmm, so pretty, I think I will use Google Earth to spyhop them.

Lucina said...

What a nice CSO to you at AILERON yesterday. I wanted you to know that it was a fourth grade vocabulary word when I taught and I liked the pronunciation.

OwenKL said...

CED: EYOTS? I have enough trouble mixing up AITS, ADITS, and RIAS!

Was there anyone for whom SPYHOP was not a new word? Now when are we going to see LOBTAILING and PEDUNCLE THROW?

Help with your luggage, if there's really a lot?
At the depot, a redcap will tote what you've got.
At the airport, a skycap,
A bellhop where you stay at,
But a SPYHOP holds a whale, and help you he'll not!

Steve said...

Another nice Monday with a little bit of crunch in it.

I used to live very close to the Thames in London and about a mile from Chiswick Eyot. I'd have challenged any American visitor to pronounce that correctly :)

Lime Rickey said...

I don't see the connection between the six colors in the puzzle and the (presumed) twelve colors of mood rings.

Nor do I think PINK SLIP is a verb.

Argyle said...

The connection of the colors to a mood ring is just my flight of fancy.

I have added hyphens to PINK-SLIP and BLUE-PENCIL to make it clear they are verbs.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Crunchy, but doable Monday. Thanks Roland. Thanks too to Argyle for the writeup (I got where you were going - double-cute).

Sure, I had BLACKball and other w/os that EES. SPY HOP makes sense, but new to me.

Fav: KLINK I loved Hogan's Heroes (and F-Troop) in my ute - they played back to back on the STL TV station.

Someone please 'splain A WAC @41a. I'm guessing Woman's Army Corps, but I donno. The movie was made when my dad was 2!

Owen - you outdid yourself today. Thanks.

JzB & C.C. Congrats. I remember the SLIDE puzzle and how fun it was. The second puzzle was who was Ron? I guessed JzB before hitting the blog. 2x the fun!

Cheers, -T

Argyle said...

If you want, you can watch the whole movie. Never Wave at a WAC

Ergo said...

Thank you Roland and Argyle. WTG Jazz and C.C.!

Peter said...

Yawner. Hackneyed theme. Odd and crunchy fill for a Monday. MHOS? NACRE? SKITOW? APIA? AWAC (perps!)? LIA? JESU? RAJA? EKCO? ATH? I feel like I am in crossword hell. None of those words belong in a Monday puzzle. Never heard of SPYHOP or NYACK though I believe they exist. I feel sorry for someone trying this as their first puzzle ever today. They might not give it a second chance!

Heck, I understand throwing a bone to a newbie, but perhaps Rich could have used some restraint on this one. It went fast enough, but I felt like I was at the dentist and just wanted it to be over.

What can I say? I'm not one to pull punches I guess. I really hope Roland continues to work at constructing, and look forward to some great stuff in the future!

Bill G. said...

This is Jordan's first little trip away from home. His class is off to Science Camp in the local foothills. I miss the little guy already; chess, bike rides, Uno, fun videos... He came by last night and seemed especially affectionate, like he knew he wasn't going to see me for a while.