Mar 31, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: Add a Word - A reveal word is added to the start (or left) of the start of the target word.

17A. *Pest-control device : MOUSETRAP. Field mouse.

25A. *Off-the-wall game? : HANDBALL. Field hand (on the farm).

30A. *Simple garment : HOUSEDRESS. Fieldhouse or field house, is a common name for indoor sports arena.)

44A. *One given to flights of fancy : DAYDREAMER. Field day. A sports day for the younger school kids.

49A. *Hidden explosives activator : TRIPWIRE. Field trip. Taking a class to an off-school venue.

64A. Figuratively, where some wild ideas come out of; literally, a hint to a word and its position when paired with the starts of the answers to starred clues : LEFT FIELD

Argyle here. And March, whether like a lamb of a lion, please leave. Conventional grid supports a 6-entry puzzle medium length fill. Hopefully with no nits.


1. Dash gauge : TACH. (dashboard/tachometer)

5. Pawn at a shop : HOCK. Apparently from Dutch hok, "prison".

9. Vague shapes : BLOBS

14. Height: Pref. : ACRO. Think acrobat.

15. Saintly glow : AURA

16. Sportscast rundown : RECAP

19. Hersey's bell town : ADANO. A 1944 novel by John Hersey that will live forever in crosswords.

20. Like paradise : EDENIC

21. Go round and round : SPIN

23. "Tao Te Ching" poet __-tzu : LAO

24. "Yummy!" : "DELISH!"

27. Grant-granting gp. : NEA. (National Endowment for the Arts)

29. Soul automaker : KIA

36. Aerobic exercise aid : STEP

40. Woodlands man-goat : SATYR

41. Campus URL suffix : .EDU (education)

42. Serious : GRAVE

43. Old Russian ruler : TSAR

46. Short-lived Egypt-Syr. alliance : UAR. (United Arab Republic)

48. Drunkard : SOT

54. Overthrow : TOPPLE

59. Farm female : HEN

60. "__ o' your throats": "Measure for Measure" : A POX. The nearly identical quote from The Tempest is more famous.

61. Phobic : AFRAID

62. "Alas and __!" : ALACK

66. In need of a chill pill : TENSE

67. Mystery writer Gardner : ERLE. Perry Mason - Erle Stanley Gardner

68. Colombian city : CALI

69. Beer holder : STEIN

70. Ear piece? : STUD

71. __-slapper : KNEE


1. Got under control : TAMED

2. Words after "crack" or "live by" : A CODE

3. Pitiless : CRUEL

4. Mubarak of Egypt : HOSNI. President of Egypt from 1981 to 2011.

5. Came out of one's shell? : HATCHED. Literally.

6. "Days of __ Lives" : OUR

7. Attend uninvited : CRASH

8. Letter after iota : KAPPA

9. Chastain of women's soccer : BRANDI

10. Guided : LED

11. City NW of Orlando : OCALA. Déjà vu ... again.

12. Unoriginal : BANAL

13. Thread dispenser : SPOOL

18. Ex-Disney CEO Michael : EISNER

22. Printer cartridge contents : INKS

26. Iraqi port : BASRA. Basra is roughly 110 km (68 mi) from the Persian Gulf and does not have deep water access but is still its main port.

28. Neighborhood : AREA

30. FDR's last vice president : HST. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Harry S. Truman)

31. Western defense gp. : OAS. The Organization of American States was founded in 1948.

32. Actress Hagen : UTA

33. IHOP condiment : SYRUP. The maple syrup season is running late this year. Go figure.

34. Ice cream maker Joseph : EDY

35. Brewski : SUDS. Slang.

37. Bagpiper's topper : TAM. For whatever reason, Google Images show few bagpipers wearing the Tam O'Shanter.

38. December 24 or 31 : EVE

39. Each : PER

42. Exit the bus : GET OFF

44. Tap concern : DRIP

45. Went round and round : ROTATED

47. Greet the day : AWAKEN

49. "__ Life": Sinatra hit : THAT'S

50. Rented again : RELET

51. Silly : INANE

52. Romeo and Juliet, e.g. : ROLES

53. Apply, as pressure : EXERT

55. Puncture with a pin : PRICK. Hand up for BURST.

56. Song of praise : PAEAN

57. City in northern France : LILLE. Wiki link

58. Comic Izzard : EDDIE. Eddie Izzard-Lord of the Rings & Pipes Link(9:20)

63. TV forensic drama : CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

65. __ shot : FLU



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

No nits today, although I gave up trying to make sense of the clue for the theme reveal during the solve. Didn't need to know it to get the theme answers, fortunately, and after the solve I was able to go back and figure it out. Not all that familiar with FIELD HOUSE, but the rest were straightforward enough.

Minor bumps along the way today included BASRA (which I always have trouble remembering) and BRANDI (who I simply didn't know). Also tried ALTI before ACRO at 14A. Nothing the perps couldn't straiten out, however.

It's my week to bring treats to choir rehearsal tonight, so I picked up a big thing of brownie bites. And yes, they are very dense and not at all CAKY... ^_^

Lemonade714 said...

BG starting the day as an agent provocateur with the achy bakey caky comment. I did bring brownies to our community bingo last night and they were yummy.

The puzzle was a very nice Tuesday and the theme was new and fun. We used to wrestle in field houses go on field trips where we had a field day but did not see any field mice.

I do not recall seeing EDENIC in a very long time, it looks like Memorial Day weekend in 2011 was the last time on a Friday I blogged.

60 degrees and clear here as the day starts. Enjoy all

Thanks Jerry and Argyle

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Oh no, not more brownie talk! I started salivating again.

After only 3 hours of sleep, I tried to work this puzzle. Don't know if that was why I had trouble with a Tuesday, but I'm going back to bed. I thought the LEFT FIELD thing was because the first words were on the left of the second word. DUH! Thanks, Argyle, for making sense of that.

I had to make a number of red-letter alphabet runs to fill a Tuesday. How humiliating! ACRO & HOSNI was a natick. Didn't know BRANDI. Romeo & Juliet = ROLES & Apply as pressure = EXERT crossed by APOX just didn't compute for me. Then PAEAN, LILLE & EDDIE were unknown which left me way out beyond LEFT FIELD which didn't make a bit of sense to me. I did PRICK the balloon, however, as well as my puzzle solving pride.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one turned into a speed run. With MOUSE and HOUSE it looked like we were off on a rhyming binge. Nope. My only overwrite was LISLE/LILLE -- easily fixed. There's a famous "Field House" on the Wisconsin campus.

In the Navy a "field day" is a day for cleaning stuff, swabbing decks, etc. The other kind sounds like more fun. I've hired a high school kid to have a field day with my gutters this afternoon.

Happy Birthday, Eiffel Tower!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up. Especially enjoyed THAT'S Life by Sinatra.

Faves today were SUDS crossing into SOT and the Beer STEIN. Go figure ...

Something about GET-OFF being next to PRICK ... lol

Beautiful, sunny day here ...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

WBS about trying to figure out the reveal clue. Otherwise, not much trouble.

I didn't get to weigh in yesterday (PK, you may want to skip this post!), so: brownies should never be cake-like. That's what cake is for. They should certainly have chopped walnuts, and they should be baked in a large flat pan so you can maximize the number of interior brownies - no crust, or "brownie bones", for me!

Also, corn bread: all of you who said it has gotten too sweet, you are so right! We make it from scratch just to avoid all that silly sweetness.

Yellowrocks said...

Like DO I found this definitely a speed run with no unknowns, but sometimes I had to wait for a perp or two to suggest the answers.
FIELD HOUSE has 2 meanings. I knew the first one as a kid long before I knew the second one.
-a building at an athletic field for housing equipment or providing dressing facilities
-a building enclosing a large area suitable for various forms of athletics and usually providing seats for spectators
I haven't heard HOUSE DRESS since the 1940's. Women wore them to do house work and changed when they went out.
I liked seeing BANAL next to OCALA which has become banal in crosswords.
HOORAY! I square danced for half an hour straight last night. We didn't have full squares so I had only one turn. I am still working for greater flexibility and range of motion, but I am well beyond 90 degrees and feel almost normal, except for the PESKY arthritic knee.

Mrs. Field said...

Field as in "Track and Field".

The Field House in Fairfield, CT

The Field House at Chelsea Piers (NYC)

Wikipedia has a list of field houses. If you know of others, this would be a good opportunity to edit a Wikipedia article, something that should be on everyone's bucket list.

SU Class of '72 said...

I watched many an exciting basketball game in Manley Field House (and many a football game in Archbold Stadium). Then they went and built the hideous Carrier Dome.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Zipped through this pretty fast. My only inkblot was GOT OFF instead of GET OFF. Fixed that.

Did not know EDENIC. Perps and a wag.

Did not know who BRANDI is, but easily got it.

OCALA is becoming our favorite word.

The theme definition was a little too much for me until I had the whole puzzle done. Then it made sense.

HATCHED was a good one. Keep 'em coming!

This year I did get a FLU shot, against my better judgement. But, I did not get the FLU. So, I am happy. I got the shot after my doctor shamed me into it after I got the Shingles and had not gotten a Shingles shot. Oh well.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Dudley said...

SU '72 - I see what you mean. The Carrier Dome is a bit unlovely from the exterior, judging from the photos on Wiki. I see that it has its admirers as well, and the inflatable roof is an interesting bit of technology. I've only seen one of those, in Indianapolis; it's not obvious to me how you move huge crowds in & out without lowering the pressure and sagging the roof. Anybody?

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

What a nice FIELD DAY today! I flew through it with only one erasure, HEN where I had EWE first. And if I didn't know OCALA before, it's embedded now. BRANDI was completely unknown but six perps and it was done.

Nothing BANAL about this puzzle! Thank you, Jerry Edelstlein and Argyle for your review.

Have a lovely day, everyone! My bed awaits me.

Yellowrocks said...

SU @ 8:31, seeing your screen name I got all excited about meeting a fellow alumnus (alumna?). The facilities you posted told me you graduated Syracuse U. not Susquehanna U, as I did.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Puzzle had more of a Wednesday feel, but the solve went without a hitch. While the theme was filled in easily enough, the full sense of the unifier @ 64a was not realized until reading Argyle's usually lucid commentary.
Field MOUSE - In North America, they're usually called voles or meadow voles. Cats love'em.

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts"

I FIW as I misspelled HOSNI/ACRO - used an A instead of an O . . . Oh well!

Other than that, the puzzle solved pretty easily to me, and I enjoyed both the construction as well as Argyle's RECAP

Here's a quick limerick. Hope I'm not breaking the "no politics" guideline . . .

They say the Island of Cuba's "EDENIC",
But not to me, for I'm still quite a skeptic.
Can you be optimistic
When Raul's Communistic?
Guess I may just be a bit "Castro-phobic"!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Nice theme, well executed.

That's all I got.

Cool regards!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

No problems to speak of: had ewe/hen but everything else fell right into place. We have a local Kia dealer called Lia. Makes for some cute ads. Upon first reading of the reveal clue, I got dizzy but after getting a few of the theme answers, it made sense.

Thanks, Jerry, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Argyle, for the summary.

At last, March is ending. Now we have the cruelest month to look forward to.

YR, glad to hear you're doing so well.

Have a great day.

kazie said...

To anon at 8:41 pm last night--thanks for that tip about what not to leave in a left car. I need to remember that!

Thanks too for the congrats on the second granddaughter. Now, if the younger son could only find a prospective wife...

A fairly smooth run for me today, with only a few slow spots at the start. Wanted ALTI for ACRO, but then thought of ACROPHOBIA as well as Argyle's suggested acrobat. For once I figured out the theme myself, but only after getting the reveal.

Finally the weather is warming here and 98% of the snow is gone. All ready for April showers I suppose.

C6D6 Peg said...

Pretty smooth run. Didn't need the reveal to get the theme entries. Not a speed run, but not difficult either.

Thanks, Jerry, for a fun outing.

Argyle, nice write-up. Also enjoyed the "That's Life" link.

Lemonade714 said...

Kazie: How funny, I am having the same thoughts about my younger boy!

Mrs. Fields, thank you for the field house link, where I was able to revisit the one on campus in Storrs and the Houston Field House at RPI, a place where I saw much hockey played.

VirginiaSycamore said...

I had to use a few red letters, but I got most of the answers from the perps.

I didn't even try to figure out the unifier. I just went here. After the Tang being gnat backwards I have sworn them off.

At 1:51 on May 31, 2014, Steve gave this hilarious Eddie Izzard link: " This links to my all time favorite Lego animation to one of Eddy's riffs - it's called "Death Star Canteen", and is R-rated for multiple F-bombs. It cracks me up every time I see it. Link

Yellowrocks said...

My final year at SU there was limited dorm space so the college rented a house backed by a meadow for 8 of us senior women. We could hear the field mice scurrying in the walls. No one called them voles. My family also called them field mice instead of voles.
One night we had a bat in one of the bedrooms. Great excitement ensued.

Husker Gary said...

-Lady Chatterley was extremely generous to her FIELD HAND
-ACROphobia keeps many a faint heart off this transparent walkway
-I called my five-day trip with kids to Florida, “The Ultimate Field Trip”
-Lieutenant Kaffee used the word GRAVE to trap Col. Jessup (3:53) in the first 45 seconds of this famous scene
-My Uncle’s children had a piper play this plaintive song as he marched away and over the hill at the grave side ceremony for their dad. Powerful!

Lucina said...

The first and only time I have heard of VOLES, aka, FIELD MICE was in Alaska where I was informed of their name.

Anonymous said...

Field mice and voles are different animals. Field mice are far more challenged than voles. Also voles usually have mud caked on their underside due to digging tunnels under grass.

Misty said...

A delightful Tuesday speed run--many thanks, Jerry. And you too, Argyle, for the nice pics. I was lucky to get HOSNI, OCALA, ADANO and BASRA even though I didn't know BRANDI. Kept expecting the Disney CEO to be named DISNEY when I had _ISNE_, but knew that couldn't be right. Figured Tinbeni would enjoy seeing SUDS, SOT, and STEIN all in the same puzzle.

Yellowrocks, how great that you're square dancing!

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Well, I am not sure how to respond to this puzzle. (It was definitely out of left field...) & I am surprised that so many would go red letter on a Tuesday... I, confidently did it in ink, & beside a slow down at aper b/4 apox I...

Oh, who am I kidding. I made 2 51Ds

(inane mistakes, why would a guy who links everything make you look that up...)

20A I had Edelic? (maybe I was thinking Idyllic?)

68A Columbian city (perped by a French city?) I had Citi? (well, why not? Citibank could be based in S. America for all I know...)

I am having even more trouble with the theme. While I got it, I am not sure what to do with it... I did find this link inane, but I might be missing some religious reference which would be beyond the tenets of this Blog.

Occasional Lurker @ 7:38 Yesterday, This Caky Walk is for you (But you would have to be inane to watch all 4 minutes of it like I did...)

VirginiaSycamore@10:55 OMG That is hilarious! I saved Argyle 9 minute + link to watch later. (now I have something to look forward to....)

HG, it is not acrophobia that keeps me from the skywalk, it's the price of admission...

Anon@11:15 While I cannot LOL at your comment, this huge grin is beginning to hurt my face...

Anonymous said...

"Soul car" had me going. I remember that my wife's old MGA and my Porsche 912 had souls, but I was not prepared for Seoul to be mispelled, even though I joke about "Seoul food" at our local Korean restaurant.

Madame Defarge said...

Nice puzzle, Jerry. Thanks, Argyle. Yes, I'll admit it. I made brownies last night. Cut them up and froze them in smaller packets. A binge is okay for Downton Abbey, but not brownies!

When in doubt, it's A POX in Shakespeare--including Romeo and Juliet. In Chicago, in parks and on school grounds, there is usually a FIELD HOUSE for indoor activities. I learned to knit in the one behind my school when I was eight years old.

Hope you are enjoying a lamb of a day!

Dudley said...

Irish Miss 9:58 - huh, I didn't know the Lia organization was in New York as well. We just bought a car from our local Lia Kia dealership. It's our first Korean machine - so far, so good.

JD said...

Good morning all,

Hats off to Jerry and Argyle.I thought it was a perfect Tuesday, although I had a DNF . Housedress baffled me as I had __ __usedress, and saw it as used dress. Thought about putting in re for reused, but that was silly. Didn't know FDR's last VP even though I had _ST and _ AS.

Left field (loved it!) fell in before roles, as that simple answer had me stymied for a bit.

Had relish for 1 nano second before changing it to relish... much better.

Will I ever remember paean or have to get it thru perps each and every time!!?

Wishing you all a great week.

coneyro said...

A good Tuesday to you all.

I am posting little late for me today. This is because this is my third attempt, as I have accidentally deleted my previous two blogs. My fingers seem to have a mind of their own.

Not a bad offering today. The only headache I had was reading the clue for 64A. Luckily I filled in the theme answers without needing the unifier.

WEES to the crossing of ACRO/HOSNI. BRANDI, BASRA, EISNER, all perps.

Am I the only one who is getting tired of seeing OCALA as an entry? Is someone getting a kickback from Florida's tourism bureau?

MICE or VOLES....Do not care..Both are spelled "UGH" to me.

A HOUSEDRESS is my garment of choice when at home. Got that habit from my mother. To this day, I feel unfomfortable in street clothes when hanging indoors. Put on a cotton muumuu, and I'm good.

Do people still pull pranks on April 1st? I've never had a good sense of humor, and do not like to be "punked". I feel uncomfortable even watching shows that do this. If any of you are planning some such nonsense for tomorrow, be kind. Not everyone appreciates it.

Well, not pushing my luck any further. I'll sign off before my hands push something which will erase my comments again.

Ta ta 'til tomorrow.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I enjoyed the puzzle and writeup. Thanks Jerry and Argyle. As usual with this kind of them, it remained unknown until the reveal kinda explained it.

Coneyro, I agree about some kinds of pranks. I'm OK with them so long as everybody is enjoying themselves. But when one person is made the uncomfortable butt of a prank, it's not fun anymore.

Bart said...

Hey Bill, pull my finger.

Lucina said...

To recall FDR's last VP, think of who became president after he died.

Avg Joe said...

I enjoyed the puzzle quite a lot. Good fill and enough toughies to keep you guessing. The theme was a bit of a let down though. Along the lines of anytime you have to go to great lengths to explain a joke, it loses all funniness.

On the topic of practical jokes, there's one from when I was a kid that always stands out. There was a farmer from near my home town that was a legendary joker. He'd cross the line at times, but most were in good fun. One case was with his rural mail carrier. In the summer months, this carrier would always drive his route with both front windows open. The Joker decided it would be great fun to put a Muscovy Duck in the mailbox. When the mailman opened that mailbox, the duck flew out of the box and straight through the car with both windows open. This happened 2-3 times over the course of a couple of weeks, randomly.

Finally, the mail carrier exacted his revenge. He closed the left side window so that the duck was trapped once in the car. And the very next day, he delivered a freshly slaughtered, dressed and chilled Muscovy Duck to that same mailbox. It never happened again.

PK said...

AvgJoe, I liked your duck story, especially since my dad was a rural mail carrier.

I agree about jokes aren't funny if they have to be explained. I went out to a cell phone store recently to buy a new phone. The place was manned by two young guys who looked like they were very young nerds barely in their 20's. They asked if I wanted a new "Smart Phone". I said, "only if I can have a new smarter me." We all laughed. Then I told them I was getting a new cell phone only because the back kept falling off of the one I used. They both went into the back and brought out three phones much like I had. I picked one and one of the guys started the activation process.

When I had been there about an hour, the other guy came out of the back and said, "Did you try super glue?" After all that time I had to have him explain his joke. I'd forgotten about telling him the back fell off. They got my phone activated, but neither one could figure out how to transfer all my contacts info to the new phone. I had to go home and manually punch in each name & number. I decided they weren't really nerds.

CrossEyedDave said...


I relish your posts, but...

What were you trying to change relish from/to?

Also, Here is how I am attempting to remember Paean. The next time I see the clue "song of praise," this image will pop into my head: Oh the paean, the paean...

kazie said...

I think the problem with mine is that he is picky, hard to get along with and too critical of the many that he meets briefly then gives up on. I'm afraid he isn't critical enough of his own temperament.

CrossEyedDave said...

Sorry people, I got a little bored...

Field Mice?

Field Hand?

I am still a little hazy on the concept of Field House...

Field day? or Feel day???

Field trips never go right...

Bonus Link, Daydreamer...

OwenKL said...

CED: Your picture of 2 men in a field wouldn't load, but I found another better version.

I have my Kia serviced at Zia Kia, a Zia being the symbol on the New Mexico state flag. I also live on W. Zia Rd., which I think is a wizard address!

Still suffering hay-fever, and feeling stupid with insufficient oxygen getting to my zombi-food.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jerry and Argyle. Easy theme.

YR: Whoopee!

Now I'll go back and read the Eddie Izzards!


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Easy enough today, though I stumbled on Hen and put in Ewe for Farm Female. I also had Psalm for Song of Praise, though both were soon fixed with the surrounding answers.

We lived in Cali for two years. It is a beautiful, old city, but has grown greatly since we were there.

Brandi Chastain is a local figure here in our area so that filled in nicely.

The unifier could be used at the beginning of 25 across "Field hand" and at the end of that same answer, Ball field. Baseball is on everyone's mind here in the Bay area.

Edenic and Paean are two words we usually don't see in Tuesday puzzles.

March is going out like a lamb here in the West. It came in like a lamb also. We could sure use more rain.

Bill G. said...

CED, I loved your field trip cartoon with the pairs of socks using the buddy system!

Here are a couple of fairly easy puzzles right up everybody's alley. Can you disguise your answers so they won't be apparent to others? Or, e-mail me privately?

1. State trivia
Which is the only state that can be typed using letters on only one row of the keyboard?

2. Colorful anagrams
Here is a pair of anagrams with clues; one of the clues leads to a color. The first one is done for you at the end of this question.
a) Robert Smith’s band changes to a light-brownish hue.
b) A colorful gem turns into something a dog might do to a bone.
c) Yellowish brown color named for a Tuscan city becomes a crazy word.
d) An unchaste red hue becomes international syndicates.
e) A “ducky” color turns into a story.


Anonymous said...

The state of PURITY ?

Anonymous said...

No, you dolt. The state of GAS.

Chairman Moe said...

Bill G

1. No clue
2b) a Rolling Stones hit song includes this color; appropriate too that it occurs today - let's ____ the hatchet
2c) of course you misspelled the Tuscan City (which has but one n) which truly is insane!
2d) of course the first word (color) is also in the name of a book by N.T.; the anagram refers to what Colombian Drug Dealers belong
2e) the story is "tall"; the color is real close to blue - or maybe real close to green!

Dudley said...

Bill G -

Email sent.

Virginia 10:55 - Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen is one of my favorites, even more with the Lego interpretation!

Anonymous T said...

HI All!

I had fun w/ this one, but I was AFRAID I wasn't going to finish unscathed - 9d xing 19a was an E, no an A, no an E, A! I stuck w/ the A and TAMED this thing. Thanks Jerry and Argyle.

WEES re: the sub-theme drinking-game inside the FIELD HOUSE. Still standing Tin?

Anon @11:15, I nearly had SUDS come out my nose. Thanks.

HG - I got over one fear today (spoke to 250 folks (at once!)), so one STEP at a time. That glass-bottomed thing can wait.

CED - KNEE slappers, all of 'em.

Bill G - I would play but I'm spent.

Does no one else wait until April 3rd to pull their prank? That's when folks drop their guard and least expect it.

Cheers, -T

Argyle said...

Circles tomorrow.

Since I heard neither yea nor nay the last time I rolled them out, I'll go again.

Row 3, Col. 4,5,6,7
Row 5, Col. 7,8,9,10
Row 8, Col. 7,8,9,10

JD said...

CEDave, ah... you caught me NOT rereading before posting. RELISH >>> DELISH. I seem to hurry through everything. I should have taken the time to think and would have known HST. A few months ago I read "Upstairs at the WhiteHouse:My Life With the First Ladies" by a man who had been the chief usher there for 3 Amazon freebie, from the Kindle store.

Thanks Lucina. Again, I need to take more time to think.

Kazie, congrats. Every one brings more joy into our lives.

Please pass the brownies, whoever has them.

Bill G. said...

Moe, good disguises! Good answers from you, Agnes and Dudley.

Anonymous T said...

Slow on the uptake said...

I was listening to the EDDIE Izzard clip again and reading the paper. I saw Trevor Noah is taking over the Daily Show (same EDDIE link warning applies). The link fits with our American-isms discussion from yesterday(?)

Bill G - Moe confused me even more. The Stone's song I'm thinking of is Paint it Black, but I can't see how that fits the clue.

Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

-T: the Stones song was two words. First word solves the color; second word is a day of the week


Anonymous T said...

Moe - Duh, THATS the song... Who can put a name on you. Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

I also realized that my fat fingers typed the wrong initial for the book in 2d - author is N. H. not N. T.

BTW, did anyone get the state name you can spell using one row of keys on a keyboard? That one stumped me ...

Bill G. said...

Moe, it's a big state, a newish one. Cold too.

Chairman Moe said...

Bill: oh geez! Doh! I see it now; in fact, I might be able to see Russia from there if I were its governor ... ;^) Thks

Lucina said...


Anonymous T said...

Moe - I made the same mistake looking at the QWERTY row. I made another mistake on Stones who can hang an name on you.

I couldn't find a clip from the comic in 90's who talked about fall of the Berlin Wall. He said, "Yeah, my HANDBALL game when to hell."

To RECAP - Moe (EDT), Bill (PDT), nor I (CDT) can sleep.

From LEFT FIELD - does anyone else get a dancing robot near the Captcha?

Cheers, -T

C.C. Burnikel said...

I'm discontinuing comments on this post. I got a persistent spammer.