Mar 17, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: A Walk in the Park - The various parks are in the central part of the theme entries.

36A. Manhattan landmark, and a hint to this puzzle's circles : CENTRAL PARK

17A. Bureau of Indian Affairs purview : TRIBAL LAND. Ball Park, no surprise there.

23A. 1989 handheld gadget release : NINTENDO GAMEBOY. Dog Park, watch your step.

50A. Mr. Wilson's bane : DENNIS THE MENACE. Theme Park, think of Gary.

57A. Polynesian-themed restaurant chain : TRADER VIC'S. RV Park, for when traveling in your recreational vehicle.

"Erin Go Bragh!" Argyle here with O'Burnikel. While it was a walk in the park for the most part, I almost was mugged in one spot. Perps to the rescue.


1. Device in a jogger's armband, maybe : iPOD

5. Off-mike comment : ASIDE

10. Deck swabbers : MOPS

14. Emperor with a bow : NERO

15. Language of 14-Across : LATIN

16. Mayberry kid : OPIE. Little Ronnie Howard.

19. Heating or cooling outlet : VENT

20. Nationality suffix : ESE

21. BB-shaped veggie : PEA

22. Pay attention to : MIND

29. "Magic Mike" actor Channing __ : TATUM. C.C., what aren't you telling us? (From C.C.: Santa, I clued it as [2012 People's Sexiest Man Alive].)

30. Disparaging : SNIDE

31. Have yet to pay : OWE

32. Prof's aides : TAs. (teaching assistant). They get mad if you call them teacher's assistant.

34. Stat for Madison Bumgarner : ERA. Nicknamed "MadBum", he has pitched for the Giants since 2009.

35. Chaplin of "Game of Thrones" : OONA

39. Word before drill or engine : FIRE

41. Clothes drier : AIR. A CSO to Lucina from last night's comments.

42. Fish-on-the-line sign : TUG. I expect to see some funny links, guys.

43. "__ knows?" : WHO

44. Gentle gaits : TROTS

46. Implicit : TACIT

53. Comparable : AKIN

54. Modern, in Berlin : NEU

55. Through : VIA

56. "__ go bragh!" : ERIN. We're all Irish today. (Right, Miss?) (From C.C.: I clued this as [Fox Sports host Andrews]. See what an attentive editor Rich is! By the way, Irish Miss, I did have to ask Boomer what Dagwood  sandwich is. Holy smoke!)
61. Data unit : BYTE

62. Ready to hit : AT BAT

63. Event with specials : SALE

64. 1930s heavyweight champ Max : BAER

65. Oddballs : GEEKS

66. Mined materials : OREs


1. Sharply focused : INTENT

2. Empire conquered by Alexander the Great : PERSIA

3. "Murder on the __ Express" : ORIENT

4. Driver's lic. info : DOB. (date of birth)

5. "Midnight in Paris" writer/director Woody : ALLEN. (2011) Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.

6. Light lunches : SALADS

7. "Give __ rest!" : IT A

8. Racket : DIN

9. Come to a halt : END

10. "Philadelphia" or "Chicago," e.g. : MOVIE

11. Test type : OPEN BOOK

12. Force to make a commitment : PIN DOWN

13. Tennis match part : SET. (game, set, match)

18. Theoretical evolutionary link : APEMAN. As sung by the Kinks, Link.(3:41)

22. Bovary's title: Abbr. : MME. (Madame)

24. Helen Keller, to Anne Sullivan : TUTEE

25. In this world : ON EARTH

26. Young lady : GIRL

27. Alter to fit : ADAPT

28. Passing remark? : "YEA!"

33. Planetarium projections : STARS

35. Liver or kidney : ORGAN

36. Longtime newsman with the catchphrase "And that's the way it is" : CRONKITE

37. Prison uprising : RIOT

38. Filmmaker with a distinctive style : AUTEUR. A filmmaker whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie are so great that the filmmaker is regarded as the author of the movie.(AUTEUR is the French word for "author")

39. F on a DVD player, perhaps : FWD. "Forward"

40. Informal "Understood" : "I HEAR YA"

44. Sardine container : TIN

45. Writer/illustrator Maurice : SENDAK

47. Pricey hors d'oeuvre : CAVIAR

48. Spiky winter hanger : ICICLE. BEGONE!

49. Pokes fun at : TEASES

51. West Coast NFLer : NINER. (San Francisco 49ers)

52. Hooks up with : MEETS

56. Partner of flow : EBB

57. License plate : TAG

58. Postal worker's beat: Abbr. : RTE. (route)

59. Grandpa Simpson : ABE

60. Brandy bottle letters : VSO. (Very Superior Old) (Very Old, Abe Simpson)



Rainman said...

Thanks, C.C., for an enjoyable start to a Tuesday, although it seemed more like a Thursday puzzle to me. Very well done, I thought.

Types of CENTRALPARKs? No, maybe types of parks in the center? Started out that way. I guess center is central, you know?

I stubbornly held on to DUCT for VENT too long. I would guess that will be a CENTRAL complaint today.

Had a lot of Ta Da moments and for those reasons, I’m out, I finished. Got to remember to make reservations at a polynesian restaurant chain.

Happy St. Paddy's Day.
HG, hope you go home today if you're not already there.

Barry G. said...

Top o' the Morning to you, all!

Had a little trouble getting started in the NW corner for some reason, but the rest of the puzzle went down very smoothly today. And then, when I went back to the NW corner, it went down smoothly as well. I guess I just needed a few perps to see PERSIA.

No circles for me, of course. I did figure out the theme, although it didn't help me at all during the solve. When all was said and done, I went back and looked for the various parks and actually found them all except for RV. From a symmetrical standpoint, I suspected that TRADERVICS was a theme answer, but it didn't occur to me the hidden park would only be two letters...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Pretty much WBS. Fast enough solve, but I didn't connect the dots of the theme.

In a rush today. Courses related to professional knowledge are often described as drinking from a fire hose; the one I'm taking is just like that.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun Tuesday speed run. I had many answers filled in before I even got to read the clue.

I did, however, first think of Oral Exam before OPEN BOOK.

Happy St. Patrick's day, everyone. My city had its St. Paddy's Day parade on Saturday. The streets are still filled with beads.

QOD: You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it. ~ Jimmy Dean

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I thought C.C. was playing hardball on a Tuesday. I found lots of places to go wrong: Ad lib/ASIDE, Tars/MOPS, Heed/MIND, Miss/GIRL, Novel/MOVIE, Laws/LAND. Sheesh! Got 'em all fixed, but feel like an idiot. TATUM, SENDAK and AUTEUR don't seem Tuesday-friendly to me. But, "That's the way it is, Tuesday, March 17th, 2015."

Happy St. Pat's day, all!

HeartRx said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

I love what you did with the grid today, Argyle! And I thought C.C. was very clever to inlcude ERIN go bragh in the puzzle...but now I see that it was Rich who thought of that. Oh well, still clever!

When I saw DOG and BALL in the circles, I was thinking that those were activities you would do in central park. Then I got to THEME and realized what was going on.

I had some of the same missteps as d-o. And thank goodness for perp-friendly fill at TATUM and SENDAK. So, it's all good!

Madame Defarge said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Had some time this morning, luckily, to enjoy C.C.'s puzzle. Thank you. I did it on the computer and had only one error when I looked to the red letters. I read Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller in reverse order so I couldn't see past tutor for TUTEE. Clever theme work.

Thanks, Argyle for a bit o' fun!

inanehiker said...

Good puzzle to wake up the brain, I just got back from Africa and am trying to get adjusted to the right time zone!
Thanks, CC and Argyle!

Ernesto said...

Enjoyed the puzzle. Only one box to write over. Had game box inplace of boy,couldn't make sense of xea so yea got er done.

kazie said...

Several unknowns here today, all solved with WAGS and perp help: TATUM, TRADER VICS, SENDAK. Things were further complicated by hanging on too long to IN SYNC/INTENT, PUPIL/TUTEE. But it all came out in the end, including the theme, despite feeling it was a little beyond Tuesday level.

I almost got tricked wondering what the German for MODEM was, then realized the new glasses aren't helping with that--it was MODERN, so then it was easy to get NEU.

Nice job all round, C.C. and Argyle!

CrossEyedDave said...

"Written before reading the Blog"
(It's easy for me to look the other way...)

No Way CC! Your not beating me on a Tuesday! (again...)

I got the Theme!
Just two more boxes, I have my WAGs all planned out, I am just not 100% sure. I think I need a nap to refresh my brain before this double personal Natick can be inked in...

(actually, I think I got the 1st one, it's the 2nd one... ACK! 26 letters!)

I'll be back after some narrowing down....

Tinbeni said...

Husker Gary: Get Well soon!

Rainman @5:44 I agree, it solved more like a Thursday for me also.

Gave blood yesterday ... so I have a nice new Green T-Shirt to wear today.
ERIN go bragh! And I do think some "Green Beer" is on the menu today.

Did like how the CSO to DENNIS crossed TIN.

Hope everyone, especially our Irish Miss, has a wonderful St.Pat's day.

Lemonade714 said...

Fun puzzle and write up; always like seeing Walter Cronkite, what a memorable voice. I agree with Hahtoolah that it went pretty quickly.

I was listening to the radio and an Iranian man was saying most of his fellow Iranian Americans are harking back to their Persian heritage to avoid any stigma.

Happy SPD all.

Thank you C.C. and Argyle.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a delightful treat from CC! I actually smiled when I filled in the reveal and saw the theme. I continue to be amazed at CC's creativity and cleverness. Enjoyed Erin Go Bragh and the ubiquitous baseball references, I.e., ball park and ERA. Had tars before mops and canapé before caviar, but perps took care of those quickly enough.

Many thanks CC and Argyle for a terrific Tuesday "stroll through the park" and thanks for the shout outs, as well. I appreciate your sentiments, Tin.

'Tis a very dreary, nasty day here but it won't dampen the festivities tonight! A very Happy St. Paddy's Day to all. Slainte!

Gary, hope you are on the mend and headed home!

Have a great day.

Steve said...

Diar dhuit ar maidin!

Nice one, C.C! And thanks for the expo, Argyle.

Here's a picture of my family's home town in Ireland - Carrickmacross in Co. Monaghan.

Misty said...

Happy St.Patrick's Day, everybody! I too was happy to see ERIN in the puzzle.

I love C.C. puzzle and this one was no exception. But I sadly have never heard of NINTENDO GAME BO_, and, guessing, put in BOX instead of BOY even though the down made no sense. Argyle, I didn't see your expo on 23 across for some reason. Not that I'm ever likely to play the game.

Have a great day, everybody!

C6D6 Peg said...

Enjoyed the puzzle, C.C. Clever cluing and some unknowns made it a bit more of a challenge, but worked through it easily.

Thanks, Argyle, for your usual witty write-up.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!.

WEES. Mostly easy with a few unknowns gotten with perp help. Only white-out was at 6d; had snacks before SALADS.
Kazie, I have trouble with the rn? m? fonts, too. Was more surprised to see NEU; doesn't seem to occur often compared to other foreign words.
Growing up, my German relatives tended to 'murder' the pronunciation of New York. The W has a v sound and at the end of a word would tend to be unvoiced. Y tended to be sounded like a J, so I would hear "Neff Jork"

Dudley - "drinking from a fire hose" sounds like a possible future puzzle theme.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Top O'the mornin' puzzlers!

Happy St. Pat's day to all, especially Steve, Irish Miss and Windover's Irish. (I know he reads the Blog)

What a wonderful puzzle, C.C.! WMS (what Misty said). I found it fairly easy. When in doubt of some fill I simply wait to see the perps, MOPS in this case, thinking it might be a person.

AUTEUR/TUG was almost a Natick as I was sure a name was required. TUG finally occurred to me and done!

Thank you, Argyle, for the CSO. Even now another load is waiting to be hung out to AIR dry.

Have a merry St. Pat's Day, everyone!

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts":

Great clues and solves; great write-up; liked that C.C. threw in a baseball clue / ERA can have many clues other than sports . . .

A "mini" SO to Tin with the VSO solve, though I prefer VSOP and also prefer Armagnac to Cognac

Once again I see that Owen did not offer a limerick, so if I may, this is my St Patty's Day attempt at a pun:

A young Dubliner seamstress named Bess,
Had a talent for making a dress;
In the top she used wire,
Allowed boobs to sit higher;
Truly now, Erin can go Bragh-less!

Lemonade714 said...

Steve I hope the older lady was going to look both ways as the car was heading her way.

So when you say 'home' you mean hometown, or were one of the buildings where they live?

Not a robot said...

My inane comments on the only picture link up on this page.

1. Steve, I can see in the picture that you are trying to cross the road, with your groceries, but didn't anybody tell you that you were looking towards / at the wrong side of the road ? The car in your lane is coming from the opposite direction !

2. Your relatives need a lot of help in parallel parking. Sheesh, do they have driving tests ( for parking ) out there ?

Meant all in fun, with a lot of love. Happy St. Patrick's day all. Hope Husker Gary gets into good shape soon.

Steve said...

@Lemony and @Notrobot - hometown. I've still got a few relatives that live there but I've never met them.

And yes, the parking skills can be pretty diabolical. I put it down to the fact they're parked outside the pub. That's probably why the shopping lady is looking the wrong way too - there's no knowing which direction they're going to be coming at you. You notice the cars across the street are randomly facing both ways.

CanadianEh! said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Loved the CC puzzle and ERIN go bragh!

Some clues I overthought - AIR, GIRL, TAG. Others were not as familiar - AUTER, SENDAK. No TRADER VICs in this area so I had to wait for a while to remember that name.

I had HEED before MIND, and LOPES before TROTS.

Our ICICLEs are slowly melting!

JD said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day all!

A delightful Puzzle, C.C. and thanks for even more morning entertainment, Argyle:Magic Mike, The Kinks andThe Shadow. Kudos to you both.
This was a first for me, flying thru a CC creation. The circles did not help reveal the theme to me, but that is par for me.

Corned Beef is cooking, but we are not fans of cooked cabbage (like it raw) so I've mad a big batch of cole slaw... good for sandwiches.The boys have created leprechaun traps (????) so we'll hear how that turned out. LOL

Pat said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's sunny and 50's today, a nice day to be out.

Thanks, C.C. and Argyle. Enjoyed your work! I got the theme for a change.

in 2007, DH and I took a trip on the American ORIENT Express. Our trip was to National Parks of the West. It was very different, sleeping and eating on the moving train, getting to the parks via buses. Unfortunately, the company is now out o business.

What is Irish and sits outside in the rain? Patty O'Furniture! (groan)

Have a nice day!


Bill G. said...

Good day everybody! Count me in for having Box instead of BOY and Lass instead of GIRL. But I got everything sorted out before the end. Fun puzzle as expected. Thanks CC and Argyle.

Barbara finished cooking the corned beef (cabbage, potatoes, carrots) yesterday. Since she gave part of it away to our son and his girlfriend, I went back to the market for another corned beef to be added to the water and cooked before the water got cold. We never seem to remember that one brisket is usually not enough.

We were in Edinburgh, Scotland. Barbara started across Princes Street by stepping out from between parked buses. The gentleman next to her grabbed her by her collar as a car sped by from the other direction. An elderly gentleman wearing tweed and a tam gave us directions to the little statue of "Greyfriars Bobby" and told us that he hoped we were enjoying Edinburgh because he was very proud of his city.

Gary, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Good thoughts and wishes heading your way.

Avg Joe said...

An enjoyable outing from C.C. today. I'd rate it pretty tough for a Tuesday, but managed most of it. God the first two theme groups filled as I went, then understood at the reveal. And while I've never been in a Trader Vic's I did remember their hot buttered rum mix, so all of the theme answers came without too much grief. But I took a FIW on the crossing of Neu and Auteur. Didn't think the former through well enough, filling in Neo, and was unfamiliar with the latter. But it was fun anyway.

The corned beast is boiling in beer. Not decided on whether we'll have cabbage yet. But potatoes and carrots for sure.

Hope you're feeling better Gary!

desper-otto said...

Personally, I'd drink the beer and forgo the corned beef and cabbage.

Husker, hope you check in to let us know how you're doin'.

CrossEyedDave said...

That nap was longer than I intended. I put on my glasses, looked at the puzzle, & said, "of course! What else could it be!" & inked in my 1st WAG.

(figures it was the crossing of German & French...)

Ball Park. It was the 1st pic I saw, but I kept going back to it when the caption said "check out the faces for this foul ball."

Dog Park?

Theme Park? (Why its called Splash Mtn...)

(I couldn't use any of the other RV Park pics...)

Now, how to explain that nap at work... For Argyle!

Tinbeni! They allow you to give blood?

HG, you should go to the hospital in Tinbenis home town, you'll feel better...

P.S. Irish Miss, my mothers maiden name was Leary!
(Aw Crap! I just gave the Internet access to my bank account...)

CrossEyedDave said...

You asked for it...

CrossEyedDave said...


Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Argyle said...

I knew I could count on you.

Avg Joe said...

CED, your "couldn't resist" warning sign reminded me of this old song by Delbert McClinton: Midnight Communion

I'm still chortling about the dog park poster. That's priceless.

Anonymous said...

Beagan agus a ra go maith

- Irish saying

Big easy. said...

I completed the puzzle this morning in about 10 minutes. it was until after I read the writeup that I saw that c c. Was the constructor. congratulations.

There were a few things that I had to get from perps, namely TATUM, ERA, OONA, and especially SANDAK and AUTEUR, completely new words to me. I never did guess the theme, but Central Park was easy. whenever i have to fill in BAERspace I cannot help but think of jethro from the beverly hillbilliesspace I cannot help but think of jethro from the beverly hillbillies. NINTENDO GAMEBOY is only known to me because all the grandchildren each have one. if this contains any typographical mistakes it is because i dictated it to my phone and do not know how to make it back up.

Tinbeni said...

CED @ 3:00pm
Now that is a dog I'd love to have.

As for my donating blood (every 8 weeks since I was 18) ...
They don't check my cholesterol ...
but they do check MY PROOF!!!

And whoever receives my pint is the luckiest person having an operation in the Tampa Bay area that day.


Tinbeni said...

Avg.Joe @ 3:18pm
Nice tune!

But if I was to link a "tune" today it would be:
Whiskey in the Jar as performed by Thin Lizzy.

Dudley said...

Some Cornerites will recall that we've had playful banter about chowdah: as in, there's the New England kind, and nothing else. Well, some speak about Manhattan style, which is a tomato based abomination in my hometown, and while I'm here on Long Island, there is talk of an L.I. style.

I decided to give the latter a try, and it appears to be a blend of cream and tomato. Frankly, it's delicious, but please don't tell my Mom.

CrossEyedDave said...

What to do with my last post of the day...

I found this on the Weather Channel, remarkably, the only link that did not involve an annoying Ad.

Click on the upper right 1-50 to see 50 strange wonders of the world.

Manac said...

Well I can't turn down a challenge.

looks like fun


Seems appropriate for today

And speaking of which....
Is this a relative of Tinman or Irish Miss?

fermatprime said...


Thanks, CC and Santa!

No problems.

Get better, Husker!


CrossEyedDave said...

Holy crap!

Sorry for going over my limit, but Manacs last post made me look at Girls gone Fishing...

(I had no idea fshing on the internet could be so much fun...)

Anonymous T said...

CED - You may be over your limit, but I wouldn't through any of those back!

Hi all.

C.C.'s TACIT INTENT to mess with me worked. I had NEo for 54a xing AUTEoR. DNF :-(

W/ BALL, AT BAT, ERA, I was ready for a hot DOG. Alas, BaseBALL wasn't the THEME (whiched helpled w/ TRADER VICS - never heard of it) but made me think of the FIRE SALE the 'Stros will likely have at the TRADE deadline unless we get a bunch of home-run TROTS.

Fav: BYTE! WHO knew?

Thanks C.C. for a fun puzzle, Argyle for the writeup and everyone for the links.

Get well soon HG!

Cheers, -T

Ergo said...

tks Arg & CC

Bill G. said...

Who knew silicone could have so much to do with fishing? Maybe it's because it can be used to create lures?

Anonymous T said...

Bill G: CED reeled me in :-)

IM, et. al. Happy St. Pat's! Mom's side is Irish, but I look Italian and silly in green (but love's me some corned-beef). Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

I was just re-reviewing the puzzle and noticed EARTH, AIR, and FIRE. Nice touch C.C. C, -T

Anonymous said...

Deep Purple

Fair is fair.