Oct 11, 2015

Sunday Oct 11, 2015 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Bringing Your 'A' Game" - Long E sound is changed into Long A sound.

21A. What echolocation is used for? : WHALE BEARINGS. Wheel bearings.

31A. Bit of theatrical thievery? : COPPING A PLAY. Copping a plea.

51A. Fight at the coffee shop? : CAFFEINE FRAY. Caffeine-free.

68A. Barbie and Ken's servant? : VALET OF THE DOLLS. Valley of the Dolls.

89A. Aversion therapy tool? : HATE DETECTOR. Heat detector. Two of the sound changes happen with the first words.

104A. Quick question at the building site? : WALL STRAIGHT? Wall Street.

121A. Cosmetics counter freebie? : SHOPPING SPRAY. Shopping spree.

I certainly did not have my A game today. My stupid loose tooth, the dental visit last Friday  and future periodontist visits have been bothering me endlessly.

I normally can sense the theme from get-go, at times by the puzzle title alone. Not many proper names today, but the few really got me. 


1. "Ivy Mike" test weapon : H-BOMB. Never hear of the "Ivy Mike". Filled in ?BOMB and moved on.

6. Bush trip : SAFARI. Tricky area to disentangle. I kept thinking of the two presidents.

12. University of Idaho city : MOSCOW

18. Group at Asgard : AESIR

19. Listen to completely : HEAR OUT.  Big "thank you" to those who gave me advice & comfort last week.

20. Working parents' aid : DAYCARE

23. Spice up : ENLIVEN

24. Hound : NAG. Ah, OK.

25. Hayworth's second husband : WELLES. I know this trivia.

26. Shrek, notably : OGRE

28. Unaffiliated: Abbr. : IND. And  38. Liberal side? : ELL. This refers to the letter on either side of Liberal.

29. Strikes down : REPEALS

36. Dessert table vessel : URN

37. Acted indolently : LOLLED

39. First name in exploring : LEIF (Ericson)

42. Conn of "Grease" : DIDI. I can never remember her name.

45. Dismissals in a '70s-'80s game show : GONGS

47. __ Rock: Australian attraction : AYERS. Also known as Uluru.

54. Flair : ELAN

56. Go flat? : LIE. Lovely clue.

57. Hosp. titles : DRs

58. Ornamental shrub : SPIREA

59. Space travel meas. : LT-YR

60. Bubbly region : ASTI

61. Speak pompously : SPOUT. Not ORATE.

63. Lift charge : CAB FARE. Thanks to crosses.

66. Epic Trojan warrior : AENEAS

72. Garden feature : GAZEBO. Our Hmong neighbor built a gazebo in his backyard.

75. Banking control : AILERON. Plane's banking.

76. Sponsorship : AEGIS

80. It might be gray : AREA

81. Change one's mind about changing : STET. Another tricky clue.

84. "The Wizard of Oz" prop : TIN HAT

86. Maniacal leader? : EGO. Egomaniacal.

87. Punster : WIT

88. Passion : ZEAL

92. "The Family Circus" creator : KEANE

94. Passover month : NISAN

96. Hematology prefix : SERO. Had S??? earlier on, then waited.

97. Melissa Joan of "Melissa & Joey" : HART. Stranger to me.

98. The Snake R. runs through it : IDA
100. Pleasure trip : JUNKET

102. Oliver Stone's alma mater : NYU. Unknown trivia to me.

108. Catalog giant : SPIEGEL. Still in business?

112. Supermarket letters : IGA

113. Bangkok bread : BAHT. For Lemonade's Oo. So sweet. I love her flower crown.

114. Quakers in the forest? : ASPENS. The clue made me smile.  

116. Anago or unagi : EEL

118. One who puts you to sleep : SANDMAN.  Got via crosses also. Nice clue.

125. Seat of Washington's Snohomish County : EVERETT. What's it famous for?

126. Portuguese wine : MADEIRA

127. Beethoven dedicatee : ELISE

128. Fixes, as a seam : RESEWS

129. Stretchable, in product names : ELASTO. Learning moment to me also.

130. Collaborative 2012 Streisand album : DUETS


1. "Cactus Flower" Oscar winner : HAWN (Goldie). Have any of you watched the movie?

2. "The View" alum Joy : BEHAR

3. Missouri tributary : OSAGE

4. Part of a GI's URL : MIL

5. Craft __ : BREWER

6. Arctic barkers : SEALS

7. River to the Rhein : AARE

8. California city nickname : FRISCO. Two of my sisters-in-law live in Bay Area. They don't call it Frisco.

9. Chicago's __ Center : AON

10. Word after scatter or throw : RUG

11. "Come on in" : IT'S OPEN

12. Horsemanship school : MANEGE. New word to me.

13. Olive desired by Bluto : OYL

14. School subj. : SCI

15. Nitpick : CAVIL. I like this word.

16. Cutesy nickname for a former home of the Orlando Magic : ORENA. Short for Orlando Arena. This might stymie some.

17. Darling girl : WENDY

19. "'__ is empty / And all the devils are here'": "The Tempest" : HELL

20. Laura of "Jurassic Park" : DERN

22. Tortilla chip go-with : BEAN DIP

27. Role for Sally or Sandra : GIDGET. Needed crosses as well.

30. Bit of smoke : PUFF. Easy in retrospect.

32. Lingerie brand : OLGA. Never wore this brand.

33. Tricky tactic : PLOY

34. Severus Snape portrayer Rickman : ALAN

35. Work at : PLY

37. Hitchcock survival film : LIFEBOAT. My favorite Hitchcock movie is "To Catch a Thief". What's yours?

39. Some TV screens : LCDs

40. Morgan or Wyatt : EARP
41. Words often before "then" : IF SO

43. Way to pack fish : IN ICE. I could not get TIN/CAN out of my brain.

44. Emulate the Piper : DE-RAT

46. Breed of dog? : SLY. Nailed it as well.

48. End of a threat : ELSE

49. Poet Dove : RITA

50. Jaime's half-dozen : SEIS. I though "Jaime" indicates the answer is French?

52. Cornerstone abbr. : ESTAB

53. One-named children's singer : RAFFI. Another stranger to me.

55. Shrunken sea : ARAL

59. Most suspicious : LEERIEST

60. "As I Lay Dying" father : ANSE. No idea.

62. Iris holder : UVEA

64. Hawks, on NBA scoreboards : ATL

65. Butler of literature : RHETT

67. Lift up : ELATE

69. Throw a fight, say : LOSE

70. Where, in Juárez : DONDE. No idea. I can nail basic French words, but not Spanish.

71. "__ Majesty's Secret Service" : ON HER

72. Stare : GAWK

73. India born in Denver : ARIE. India Arie. I know her.

74. Sweater letter : ZETA

77. "__ grip!" : GET A

78. Inventor Sikorsky : IGOR

79. Laundry room step : SORT. I had SOAK first.

82. Beach shade : TAN

83. Seder prophet : ELIJAH

85. Penitent : ATONING. I'm sure atoning now for my misspent bar-hopping youth, D-Otto/Gary.

88. Puzzle pieces in Penzance? : ZEDS. Letter Z. (Thanks, Owen.)

89. Display, in a way : HANG. Lovely clue also.

90. Pharaoh's cross : ANKH

91. Big belt : CHUG. Simple entry, but completely got me. 

93. It means nothing at all : NIL

95. "No argument here" : SUITS ME

99. Turns up at home? : AT BATS. Home plate.

101. Troop encampments : ETAPES. Learned from doing crosswords.
103. Agreed with : YESSED

104. Older partner, hopefully : WISER. Hopefully.

105. Tequila source : AGAVE

106. Where to see x's in boxes : LANES. Strikes in bowling. Not tic-tac-toe.

107. Blog, at times : RANT. Rich must have fun cluing this one.

108. Predecessor of Gerald : SPIRO

109. Elizabeth of "La Bamba" : PENA. Another unknown figure.

110. Goosebump-inducing : EERIE

111. " ... to say the __" : LEAST

115. Hot rod : SPIT. Barbecue! Nice clue.

117. Strong alkalis : LYES. Guilty of using the plural myself.

119. Hip-hop Dr. : DRE

120. Persian plaint : MEW

122. Kubrick's out-of-control computer : HAL

123. "Ghost" psychic __ Mae Brown : ODA. Fun character. I love "Ghost".

124. Like mice and men: Abbr. : PLU (Plural)



fermatprime said...


Thanks, Pam and CC!

Cute theme!

Did not know RAFFI and MANEGE. All perps.

Otherwise OK.

My favorite was North by Northwest.

Elizabeth Pena died of alcohol abuse last year at age 55. Such a shame. Will have to look up how to get the tilde again.


OwenKL said...

FIW today, but did better than the disasters on both Fri & Sat this week. ON ICE instead of IN ICE crossing DIDI Conn, an unknown that seemed fine as DODI.
The theme wasn't very helpful to me, either, as nearly all the in-puzzle phrases were pretty labored. VALET OF THE DOLLS was a WITty pun, at least.

A crossword on Sunday is sometimes a chore.
The size, it is larger; the words, there are more.
At LEAST there's a theme
To unlock the key scheme,
Or else our poor thinkers would only be sore!

The theme should be playful, of that there's no doubt,
Wordings elusive and erudite SPOUT.
But to avoid any CAVIL
WIT and puns should unravel
So that nonsense makes sense, once the PLOY we HEAR OUT!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Struggled with this one. Finally got the theme, but it didn't help too much. Ended up with a few errors, including DODI/ON ICE instead of DIDI/IN ICE and SPIEDEL/CHUD instead of SPIEGEL/CHUG. The first one is, I think, excusable, but the second one was all brain fart.

I will admit that I very nearly threw in the towel when YESSED forced itself on me. Yuck.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, this was a toughie. There may not have been a lot of names, but there were a lot of proper nouns -- same thing in my book. There was just enough perpage to "get 'er done." Do you suppose Pam is from Idaho with those two references in the puzzle? Knew HAWN immediately, but don't think I've ever seen the movie.

AILERON was a CSO to Dudley who's currently off sailing the Danube and not flying.

If there are three steeds in your "horsemanship school" is that a "manege a trois?"

There aren't very many words with the vowel sequence AE, but today we had two of 'em -- AEGIS and AENEAS.

I can't see the word MADEIRA without thinking of this song -- "a song of seduction, which nevertheless bears the stamp of approval of forces for good in the community."

HowardW said...

Started off on the wrong foot with A-BOMB -- well, the title suggested A -- but Goldie HAWN rescued that. Longest-lasting mistake was IN OIL for IN ICE -- kept thinking of canned tuna. Unknowns: ODA Mae Brown, EVERETT County, ORENA. Remembered SPIEGEL catalog from some game show in the hazy past, can't remember which. Didn't know Rita Hayworth's husband, but it wasn't hard to guess from W-LLES. Oliver Stone's alma mater required ESP.

Favorite clue was "Darling girl" for WENDY. Don't like LT YR -- I've only seen "light year" abbreviated as "ly". On the other hand, like the unusual words JUNKET, AILERON, AENEAS, GAZEBO, SANDMAN. LANES for "Where to see x's in boxes" went completely over my head. Thanks for explaining that, CC.

My favorite link for Madeira is this song by Flanders and Swann.

Thanks for an excellent Sunday challenge, Pam, and an equally excellent exposition, CC.

Anonymous said...

"I will admit that I very nearly threw in the towel when YESSED forced itself on me. Yuck."

Hand up.

Most unpleasant puzzling experience in a long, long time.

TTP said...

Hi all,

Thumper's cousin that woke up on the wrong side of the bed said this was another "stale, change the letters or sound in some phrases, resulting in nonsensical answers and clues. Then throw in a lot of forced fill to complete the grid, and let's call it clever" puzzle.

I got most of it done but just didn't care for it. Don't especially care for these types of puzzles in the first place. Kept looking for it to get better, and it didn't. Turned on red letters hoping to find errors so I could complete it and there were none. Still had 11 empty squares and that's where it sits.

Other than that, I liked it.

CC, Jaime is Spanish. In this case, the J has a soft H sound, and you would sound the name as if you were saying "Hi me."

desper-otto said...

Oops, and then there were three: AESIR. "Caesar," anybody? Plus MADEIRA breaks the I before E rule.

Avg Joe said...

Struggled long and hard with this beast. Thought I had it won, but the On Ice answer got me too. Don't know my Dodi from my Didi, I guess. Had to stare at the W in craft BRE ER for way too long. And then there's that Yessed. Final fill, and boy howdy is it ugly.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Still pecking away at the puzzle. I seem to be much slower today, which I will blame on jet lag. In case you were wondering, it is really, really cold today in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Lemonade714 said...

I guess none ideas prepared for this much of a challenge on a Sunday. MANEGE ORENA ELASTO all slow to come, NYU EVERETT Ivy Mike many more

I do remember Didi Conn and Melissa Joan Hart since Clarissa

Some fun clues (Darling girl e.g.) and stuff like LEERIEST and EERIE

wow, thanks C.C.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

As I have mentioned before, I'm not a fan of Sunday puzzles; with a few exceptions, they are just not worth the time and effort expended with no reward of a satisfying and enjoyable solve. I don't expect to speed right through like the Roadrunner but I don't want it to be a slow, difficult slog, either. Would someone put me out of my misery and explain Breed of dog=Sly? Is it, "You sly old dog, you!"? If so, that reinforces my negativity about some of the cluing today.

Having had my say, I have nothing but admiration and respect for all of the constructors who provide us with so much enjoyment and learning moments. Thank you, Pam, for your efforts, and thank you, CC, for the summary. CC, even though Cary Grant was my life-long crush, I'd have to say Rear Window was my favorite Hitchcock movie. Young Mr. Stewart wasn't chopped liver, either. And Grace Kelly was stunning.

Madame Defarge, I'm very familiar with the York area, as we vacationed in Wells and Ogunquit for many years. Are you familiar with Clay Hill Farm on Agamenticus Road? Years ago, it was owned by Richard Perkins who then went on to open Poor Richard's on Shore Road in Ogunquit. I love that whole area.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

A few tough sections but a very doable and enjoyable Pam puzzle. I had to get to VALET… to get the gimmick. Turn up at home is an all time clue for me!

-Don’t ask WALL STRAIGHT? in Las Vegas Brain Health bldg.
-I try to HEAR OUT every excuse a kid gives me
-Our church refuses to ENLIVEN the hour of drudgery we get
-License plate for Tinman
-Ironic have LEIF Ericson on the day before Columbus day
-Sirius is 8 LT YRS from Earth and so I told my 8th graders the light they see from that star tonight left when they were in Kindergarten
-What Uber is doing to Cab FARES
-Looney TIN (aluminum) HAT wearers
-How hard was that fact finding JUNKET to Honolulu, Senator?
- Mr. SANDMAN 58 yrs later (2:46)
-BEHAR has ELL’s on each end of her politics
-JD hates to hear FRISCO
-Neither Sally Struthers nor Sandra Bullock played GIDGET. Duh!
-North by Northwestis my Hitch fav
-Yeah right, C.C. Another myth busted! ☺
-Gotta hit the showers
-What did Frankie Avalon call DIDI in song?

Bill G. said...

Good Sunday morning to you all. I am looking forward to watching recorded "Sunday Morning" today. It got moved around because of a football game last week and I missed it. Hot again here today.

I like To Catch a Thief also. I agree about NNW too. I also agree about Grace Kelly in Rear Window. Skinny but beautiful...

I agree, nobody from the bay area ever says FRISCO.

Like CC, I had trouble figuring out the theme even with most of the words filled in. I had IN OIL for a way to pack fish thinking of sardines. Alas...

I feel a bit lost on today's blog. "Misspent youth"?? Advice and comfort last week?? I apparently missed that too. Help me out, please...

Yellowrocks said...

Yesterday on a glorious fall Saturday Alan and I drove to visit my sister in north central PA. This yearly leaf peeping JAUNT was the very best in many years with mile after mile of foliage at or near peak. The leaves hardly ever change in so many areas at the same time. We watched the sunset from a mountain top. The streaks of pink, gold, blue, green and yellow stretched across 180 degrees of sky and changed minute to minute. Absolutely fabulous. There were many "sunset peepers" with cameras.

Not so fabulous was the bear of a Saturday puzzle. I gave up without even red lettering or Googling it. Thumper material. I hoped today’s would be better and it was, but still I had several sticky spots and 3 wrong cells, but IMHO it was not a Thumper. I did suss the theme early on. I missed DIDI/IN ICE vs DODI/ON ICE. I had SOAK before SORT. SERA before SERO.
I loved LIFE BOAT. What a choice in a life or death situation! GREAT FOR AN ETHICS CLASS DISCUSSION.
I used to know all the RAFFI songs by heart when my grandson was a toddler.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Morning all,

Still doing puzzle but I have to go somewhere for the afternoon and I wanted to post this link to a Flanders and Swann song about MADIERA. PG-13 rated.


Dudley said...

Threw in the towel. I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

Argyle said...

I walked away at DE-RAT.

Freond said...

Hands up for the DODI. Caffeine also breaks the I before E rule. Overall a FIW, needed red letters to reveal last two errors. Got the theme, which did help but still a rather tough puzzle. All the AE combos made it interesting. I found it a bit heavy on names, but there was plenty of difficulty to go around. I worked summers at Spiegel's in Chicago, a mile from White Sox park (was and to me always will be Comiskey) and my dad worked his whole career there. So that was a gimme for me.

Steve said...

Thumper. Oh, and no-one in California calls it "Frisco".

Jayce said...

Well, this pee you zed zed ell eee was pretty hard, I thought. But I did MENAGE to finish it without having to look anything up or turn on red letters. *patting myself on the back*
Sorry you are having dental problems, C.C.
HowardW, thanks again for your help yesterday. I should have remembered Fresnel's equations.
I liked North By Northwest, Rear Window, and Psycho, as well as Lifeboat. Yellowrocks, that would indeed be a good starting point for a discussion on ethical dilemmas. Glad you had such magnificent sights to see yesterday.
I always wrinkle my nose when I see LT YR used as an abbreviation for light year. And I, like my fellow Californians, totally cringe at FRISCO.
I second the observance of AESIR, AEGIS, and AENEAS.
EVERETT is a cool name: Rupert Everett (Rupert is a cool name, too), Everett Sloane, etc. Have no idea about the city of Everett, other than that I have heard the name.
ELASTO makes me think of a fictional superhero: Elasto Man! He is a pretty stretchy guy. Eventually married Shrinko Woman. Between the two of them they maintained a steady size and licked the platter clean.
Best wishes to you all.

maripro said...

Good afternoon, all. It took me forever to finish this puzzle. Finally the Northwest corner fell and the challenge was met! Like Irish Miss I don't understand the connection of sly and breed of dog. Can someone enlighten us?

Argyle said...

Irish got it: 46. Breed of dog? : SLY

Question mark indicates not really a breed, hence "a sly old dog".

Bill G. said...

Barbara and I enjoyed that great comic song, Have Some Madeira M'Dear as the finale of a LimeLighters concert. I always thought they had originated it. Alas, wrong again...

C.C. Burnikel said...

Bill G,
Last Wednesday I found out one of my front teeth was loose. I visited the dentist on Friday and thought he might do a miracle and fix the problem. But nope, X-rays shows that I have bone loss issue and need to visit a periodontist, whom I'm expected to see regularly for the rest of my life. D-Otto is knowledgeable in this area and has given me invaluable advice.

I started to think those wild drinking & bar-hopping days in Guangzhou caught up with me. Too many days of too drunk to brush my damned teeth or take off makeup. Thank God I did not do drugs.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

First, C.C., I'm so sorry about your dental problems and so much pain. I was absent last Sunday so didn't hear about that.

From our visit to Washington last summer we learned that the Boeing factory is located in EVERETT. We were in the Amtrac train and some engineers we had been visiting with exited there on their way to work.

The i before e rule cannot be applied to MADEIRA because it's a foreign word, Portuguese to be exact. And as TTP explained, Jaime is a Spanish name, pronounced Haimeh. I loved seeing DONDE.

As for the puzzle, it was a real workout which I finally managed to complete in spite of the proper names and really obscure fill like ORENA. My mother loved the SPIEGAL catalog and in fact the Sears and Montgomery one, too. In the small town where she lived it was the only way to purchase any items other than food.

Google helped me with DIDI and RAFFI which held me captive for quite a while. Though I love the movie Ghost I didn't recall ODA's name but it was easily perped.

Thank you, Pam A.K. and C.C. for the apt and artful analysis.

I hope all are having a wonderful Sunday!

Lucina said...

You just reminded me of Sunday morning. Last week I turned off the record since I would be gone and forgot to turn it back on!

I hope you packed warm clothes. Last year in Israel I was so cold because I thought surely it would be warm in March. Not so! Now I pack a jacket WHERE EVER I travel.

Dudley said...

Lucina, that's just the problem. I was applying New England concepts of October to the Danube region. I expect to purchase warmer duds in Vienna tomorrow!

Dudley said...

C.C., I am sorry to hear you have dental discomfort. I am acquainted with the problem. Fortunately, in my wild days I was never too drunk to remove my makeup. :-)

I have toured the Boeing plant in Everett and it is nothing short of remarkable. The roof is one of the largest clear spans in the world. You can park a bunch of 747's under it.

OwenKL said...

6a and 100a should have been a clecho -- "Bush trip" fit both.
I often wonder why Passover happens in a Japanese car.
Oliver Stone's school -- I went to BYU (for a year), and until I got the N wondered why I hadn't heard of him being a schoolmate.
EVERETT was where one of my sisters lived, and think I've still got a nephew there.
Who remembers "DONDI"?
ZEDS should be "puZZle pieces in Penzance?"
X's in boxes -- Here is the railroad crossing a couple blocks from where I live. Xs in boxes to keep cars back! Until I read the expo today, I was thinking the LANES were traffic LANES!

Freond said...

Hands up for the DODI. Caffeine also breaks the I before E rule. Overall a FIW, needed red letters to reveal last two errors. Got the theme, which did help but still a rather tough puzzle. All the AE combos made it interesting. I found it a bit heavy on names, but there was plenty of difficulty to go around. I worked summers at Spiegel's in Chicago, a mile from White Sox park (was and to me always will be Comiskey) and my dad worked his whole career there. So that was a gimme for me.

Yellowrocks said...

CC, D-Otto and others I sympathize with your dental problem. This seems to be a common concern here.
My parents, due to financial constraints with 6 kids, did not take me for periodic dental checkups, so it was not part of my adult routine. Much later on, some official form required a dental checkup and I was shocked to see my deficits. I began having quarterly cleanings and frequent scalings. My dental pockets grew deeper and my financial pockets grew lighter even with this intensive regimen from, what I now realize, was a so-so dentist. The dentist THREATENED that he would have to send me to a periodontist. It had the most wonderful result. The periodontist halted my downward slide and I had the first thorough plaque and calculus removal in decades. Too late! I already had three loose teeth. Several years ago I received two implants and am scheduled for a third implant in two weeks.
Thorough hygiene, regular cleanings and, if necessary, periodontal visits are essential.

Yellowrocks said...

CONTINUING: There is hope in even the most dire cases. Alan had all his teeth removed gradually and replaced by twenty implants. His appearance, dental health, ability to chew and lack of pain are wonderful. It was frightfully expensive (no insurance), but monthly remediating his failing teeth time and time again with no good results was also very expensive and very ineffective.
Good luck to all of you, but continue the hygiene and the frequent professional visits. It is well worth it. Here is more info.
Link gum disease

Anonymous said...

I lived in Southern California for 7 years, in San Bernardino (San Berdu) and I know a lot of people that call SF "Frisco", maybe just not in the Bay Area. Puzzle was a lot easier than most Sundays, the perps took care of what I didn't know. Bowling never occurred to me when answering 106A. I was thinking of the reversible lanes in the Seattle area: "Red X" in box means you can't drive in that lane, at that time. In the morning, you have more open lanes into Seattle, in the afternoon, you have more open lanes leaving Seattle.

Freond said...

I go in tomorrow for the next step in getting my 12th transplant. Getting pretty tired of those, but they beat the alternatives.

Why do my posts keep getting posted a second time, long after the original post? I probably looked at the blog around the time of post #2, but didn't do anything.

Freond said...

I go in tomorrow for the next step in getting my 12th transplant. Getting pretty tired of those, but they beat the alternatives.

Why do my posts keep getting posted a second time, long after the original post? I probably looked at the blog around the time of post #2, but didn't do anything.

Bill G. said...

My dentist found unexpected decay under a crown and recommended a bridge. That was OK except that the temporary bridge is put on with less-permanent cement and came off every few days. He finally glued it back on with stronger stuff and we will have to cope with getting it off when it's time for the permanent bridge.

~ It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it.

Lucina said...

That is funny; however, I can't appreciate the joke as I had a neighbor who did steal my newspaper on his way to work at 5:00 A.M. every day. Finally after calling and complaining about it daily, they arranged for the delivery person to toss it over the fence. End of problem.

Bill G. said...

Lucina: Wow! I can't imagine somebody so small-minded and petty as to steal somebody else's newspaper. Did you not get along with him/her in general?

Anonymous T said...

Lurk says...

My brother is talking aobut the stupidity of my sprinklers watering the shed out back.. I tell him "They're zoned. The 1st ones go off in the flowerbed at 5:30a and the back ones pee on the garden @ 5:45a, Zone 3 comes on at 6a to make sure my newspaper gets wet. Nobody would steal a wet paper, right?"

Cheers, -T

C.C. Burnikel said...

I don't know the reason for your double posts. But there's a garbage can under each of your comments. Just click on it, it'll delete your extra post.

Thanks for the advice. You continue to rock me with your strength and kindness.

Robert E. said...

My answer to 40D Morgan or Wyatt was JANE as in Jane Morgan (singer) Jane Wyatt (actress) Am I wrong?

Argyle said...

No, except this is a crossword puzzle, so yes, you are wrong.

BloggerWhoMe? said...

You crossword solvers are clever! I was amused and impressed by some of the comments here, especially Argyle's directly above and the de-rat reference and Bill G's newspaper witticism. I am a solver too but not as clever as all of you!