Oct 1, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: "We Didn't Start the Fire..."

55-A. With 61-Across, radar trap question ... and a hint to what can precede each part of the answers to 3-, 6-, 30- and 40-Down : WHERES 61-A. See 55-Across : THE FIRE?

So, we may not have started the fire, but "fire" starts all the theme words.

3. Cheaper market option : HOUSE BRAND. Firehouse, firebrand.

6. "Jaws" shark, e.g. : MAN EATER. Fireman, fire-eater.

30. Protected from violent weather : STORM PROOF. Firestorm, fireproof.

40. Keep at it : PLUG AWAY. Fireplug, fire away.

Now let's plug away at the rest of the answers to see what we can dig up.


1. Performance enhancement banned by MLB : HGH. Human Growth Hormone.

4. Descartes' conclusion : I AM. "I think, therefore..."

7. Placate : APPEASE.

14. "Evil Woman" gp. : ELO. Electric Light Orchestra.

15. Govt. benefits org. : SSA. Social Security Administration.

16. Strutted : PARADED. With 76 trombones, HG?

17. Annual get-together : REUNION.

19. Stop : PREVENT.

20. Ash, for example : RESIDUE.

21. Rise : ASCEND.

22. __ Gay : ENOLA.

23. Waikiki wreath : LEI.

24. "Green Acres" co-star : GABOR. Eva GABOR and Eddie Albert were hilarious in that show.

26. "__ We Meet Again": 1940 romance film : TIL. A remake of the 1932 movie "One Way Passage." Star-crossed lovers on an ocean voyage.

28. 2006 skating silver medalist Cohen : SASHA. Watch her Olympic performance here.

33. Classic sci-fi play : RUR. I knew it was where the word "robot" comes from, but JazzB gave us a thorough explanation of the play just last Wednesday. (44-Down.)

34. Squeezed (out) : EKED.

36. Gossips : YENTAS.

37. "The Wealth of Nations" author Smith : ADAM. Also called "The Father of Modern Economics."

39. Complaint : GRIPE.  We never see one of those at this Corner, right?

41. Puts on : DONS. "Don we now our Gagliardi..."

42. Muscle cords : SINEWS.

44. Snowman in "Frozen" : OLAF. All perps!

46. 1973 Court decision alias : ROE. v. Wade.

47. MLB Network analyst Martinez : PEDRO.

48. A/C measure : BTU. British Thermal Units.

49. Take the blame for : ADMIT.

51. What "I" may indicate : RTE. Interstate - route.

53. Fill the tank : GAS UP. DH gassed up for me the other day, for only $1.98 / gallon!

58. Sticks : ADHERES.

62. Hunker down for the duration of : WAIT OUT.

63. Most extensive : VASTEST.

64. In times past : AGO.

65. Miner's reward : ORE. We went down a slide into the depths of the salt mines outside Salzburg while we were there. Wheee!!

66. Accumulates : AMASSES.

67. Longing : YEN.

68. Dandy : FOP.


1. Munich man : HERR. Gimme!  Here is my HERR overlooking Bad Ischl in Austria.

2. Joy : GLEE.  After several beers at this cool brewery during Oktoberfest, we were feeling pretty GLEE-ful!!

4. Spanish encyclopedist St. __ of Seville : ISIDORE. Mostly perps and WAGs.

5. Nary __: no one : A SOUL.

7. Horrify : APPALL.

8. Break down, in a way : PARSE.

9. Exact : PRECISE.

10. Roof extension : EAVE.

11. Site of the 2000 USS Cole attack : ADEN.

12. Email : SEND.

13. Fla. summer setting : EDT. Eastern Daylight Time is almost at an end for our Fla. denizens.

18. Young hombre : NINO.

24. Understand : GRASP.

25. War hero Murphy : AUDIE.

27. Fool : IDIOT.

29. Common link : AND.

31. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum city : HANOI.

32. Diamonds, say : ASSET. Also, a girl's best friend.  ;-)

35. Metric wts. : KGs. Kilograms.

36. Vocal nod : YEA.

38. Marseille sight : MER. "Sea" in French.

43. Troubles : WORRIES.

45. Style : FASHION.

48. Lays siege to : BESETS.

50. Piano piece for four hands : DUET.

52. Concise : TERSE.

54. Old saw : ADAGE.

55. Impact sound : WHAM!

56. "__ real nowhere man": Beatles lyric : HE's A.

57. Young newts : EFTS. They are quite tiny, but fully formed.

59. Vatican City coin : EURO.

60. Word often followed by a number or letter : STEP.

61. FDR power project : TVA. Tennessee Valley Authority.

I am retiring from doing the blog after today.  I have really enjoyed all my virtual friends here at the corner, but my plate is getting too full to do the blog justice every week. I know C.C. has an entire stable of talented and witty commenters who can step in to fill the gap!

Note from C.C.:

I'm sad to lose dear Marti as our Thursday Sherpa. I'll sorely miss her unique take on Thursday LAT. I'll miss her chuckle-evoking links, quick zingers and warm presence. It's fun to blog once or twice, but doing it week after week for more than four years takes enormous patience and dedication. Thank you so much for being our reliable guide and friend, Marti! I hope you continue to stay involved with the blog. Your simple presence makes me happy.

I'm also happy to let you know that Steve has agreed to guide us on Thursdays from now on. Husker Gary will take up Steve's Wednesday spot.


Dudley said...

Rabbit Rabbit

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed right through today. Few unknowns. My Mom used to say "where's the fire?" when I seemed to be rushing without cause.

Morning, Marti! Welcome home. I understand you must pass the gavel, but you'll be missed.

OwenKL said...

A political candidate, in fine form
Says things unthinking, that's the norm.
But when quotes bounce
The pundits pounce,
And a word unwise becomes a FIRESTORM!

Homer' ordinary, likes his beer to chug.
Homer's dog Rex is a flat-nosed pug.
While Homer reads E-MAIL
Rex will chase his tail,
SNIFF his pee-mail later at the FIRE PLUG!

A FIREHOUSE has a pole of brass
To help the FIREMEN get down en masse;
But there are some "guys"
Who instead ARISE
With the pole when a stripper shows her ..uh.. act!

OwenKL said...

Rabbit, Rarebit!

Oh, my, I was so fascinated by the first entry being both FIRE HOUSE or HOUSE FIRE that I completely overlooked that the second word also fit the clue! Do I need to write another limerick or three?

Marti, so sad that you're going :`| I hope you'll at least keep writing comments down here "below the fold"!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a Fond Farewell to Our Dear Marti)!

Not much drama today. Didn't get to the theme reveal until after filling in all the theme answers, so the theme was a non factor for me. Had SUM before I AM and really wanted GROCK instead of GRASP, despite the fact that its actually spelled GROK. TIL was unknown, but easy enough to guess. ISIDORE was also unknown, and not as easy to guess, but the perps [eventually] came to the rescue.

I do hope, btw, that Marti will still be hanging around the comment section after giving up her blogging duties...

Lemonade714 said...

White Rabbit, white rabbit. The puzzle was fine but the news of miss m moving on makes the day memorable. Thank you for the four years. Thank you for the great pictures of your recent trip, your friendship and hospitality.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Marti, we're gonna miss ya. I hope you still plan to hang out here in the peanut gallery. "Don we now...", almost spilled my coffee. Did you also get a chance to overlook Good Ischl while you were there?

Husker, congrats on your permanent hump-day gig. Lookin' forward to it.

Of course, it was Tennessee Valley Authority, but for some reason I wrote TWA. Then I wondered what the WASTEST could be. D'oh! There was another foot injury resulting from STORE BRAND before HOUSE showed up.

inanehiker said...

The puzzle moved along smoothly for the most part - but the 2 clue reveal in the SW took perps to figure it out.

Thanks Marti for your Thursday blogging! Welcome to Steve for Thursdays and HG into the Wednesday rotation!

FYI -- If you are at a Doctor's office today - be a patient patient - today is the day for conversion from ICD 9 to ICD 10 - first major change since 1970s in diagnosis coding - so everyone is likely to be a little on edge today. Hopefully it will be like Y2K and not be as challenging as everyone is expecting!

Happy October!

kazie said...

Hoping we'll still see Marti's apt comments among the rest of us, and in appreciation for her long dedication to Wednesdays, a Hearty thanks!

My effort in patience was well rewarded today--I got everything despite a few unknowns, thanks to the perps.

Avg Joe said...

I'm sorry to read of your retirement Marti. Who is John Galt?

Thank you for all the effort you have put into this oasis. And please do comment often. Nothing is as consistent as change, so it is comforting to know that Steve and Gary have agreed to the new assignments.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for a fine review.

Marti: Have enjoyed your Thursday parses of the puzzle. Please stick around as a solver and constructor.

Puzzle was actually easier for me than most Thursdays. Got through it in about an hour. Usually I at least double that.

Theme was pretty neat. However, I had the four answers before the theme itself. OK.

OLAF was unknown, but perps helped.

Good trick question. Vatican City coin. EURO.

Just had RUR the other day. Still in my head.

Still remember the movie "Jaws" with the man eating shark. Quite a movie!

Our old crossword favorite EFTS. That is where I learned the words EFTS and NEWTS, in crosswords.

Got the grass half-cut yesterday. Will finish today. Cool outside, but that is OK. Talked to my friends and relatives in Pennsylvania recently. They are not dry. I am heading there next week.

See you tomorrow.


( )

CanadianEh! said...

Good solve today. Thanks to Marti for PARSing. We will miss your Thursday comments.

DNF due to RUR and AUDIE crossing. If I had not been so busy with REUNION plans last week, I would have seen the info about RUR. It needs to become a word learned through crosswords like EFTS.

ISIDORE and PEDRO were all perps. I just had to PLUG AWAY!

We were able to GAS UP here yesterday for 93 Cents/litre. Good price for Canada.

Celebration as Toronto Blue Jays have won the AL East championship. Should be an exciting October!

thehondohurricane said...

Marti, Best of everything as you move on & like others, hope you will be able to post from time to time.

Today's puzzle filled in pretty quickly. Biggest hesitation was 51A, What "I" may indicate. First thought was Ego, but perps wouldn't allow it. Then I interstate came to mind. I did not like 63A VASTEST. Pretty sure I've never read it, used it verbally or in writing. Yeah,and I agree it's a legit word.

We are in the middle of a major renovation to our upstairs....bathroom updates almost done and floors start next week. I'm married to a pack rat so you can guess what a MESS we are dealing with. So far I've remained calm, but...........................

HowardW said...

Didn't notice the theme until later, as the clues were straightforward. Puzzle went quite smoothly -- as Barry said, without drama.

Marti, thanks for all your contributions! As a relative newcomer to the Corner, I haven't experienced your entire tenure, but I've always enjoyed your expositions.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Even this early: WES. Thanks, Jerry. I enjoyed this one, but I seldom dislike a crossword even when I struggle. Always something to learn. Wanted What's your hurry? for WHERE'S THE FIRE? but that wasn't working. The puzzle went pretty quickly considering I didn't get to Tuesday and Wednesday. No warm up here.

Marti, thanks for your usual enjoyable tour through the puzzle. I have really enjoyed your witty commentaries. I hope you still hang around the Corner! I do appreciate that you invited me to become active here, and it's been great fun for me. Merci!!

Steve and Gary, I'm looking forward to your regular PARSE-ing here on the Blog.

Hope you can enjoy a beautiful FALL day wherever you are. The winds here are out of the NE and Lake Michigan is looking a little "salty." The surfers are out! 11-foot waves the other day.

Husker Gary said...

A very nice puzzle but it is so sad to see my friend Marti leave the stage. Her wit and wisdom will be missed and we can only hope she drops by often. Joann and I will take you up on a visit when we get out that way again!

-Advice – If you’re stopped for speeding, DON”T reach over to the glove box to get your papers until the officer is tells you to!
-A Florida STORM PROOF house after Hurricane Dennis in 2005
-The HOUSE BRAND ain’t foolin’ me
-A colleague put his 5’ 2” son on HGH in 9th grade
-Cogito Ergo Sum
-It was a sad day when SSA money leaked over to the general treasury
-Yes, Marti, but only Robert Preston can lead that parade for me!
-All were APPALLED by what PEDRO did this day (:26)
-We took that slide too, Marti!
-Talk about PARSING
-Getting an 8th grader to GRASP the STEPS in a story problem can be a chore

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Easiest Thursday in a long time. When I finished solving, Gloria said, "That was a quick one."

Still - enough crunch to be satisfying. Beautifully thought-through theme. Funny to see PLUG AWAY, 'cuz that's what I did. NE then SE corner were the last to fall. Avoided the reveal at 55A until the end.

Marti - I've always enjoyer your write-ups. Hope everything happening for you is good. But time marches on. Looking forward to Steve on Thursdays and Gary on Wednesdays.

Jays and Mets have clinched their respective divisions. It's going to be tough to get past the Cards, but I'm hoping for a Jays -Mets world series.

If it ends up Cards - Royals, I probably won't even watch it.

Cool regards!

Anonymous T said...

Good morning!

Thank you for your service Marti. Your Thurs write-ups were always a treat after the puzzle. Stop by the corner to chime-in and/or GRIPE when you can.

DNF - I GRASP'd the theme early as I had to work bottom-up so I put 'sale' at the end of 3d because of ADAM Smith. I eventually had to look up PEDRO which finally got rid of 'sale' at the end of 3d. Doh!, I've even heard of PEDRO :-) (can y'all name that movie?)

Oh well, it was fun. Thanks Jerry.

W/os - one b/f RTE @51d, EnTs b/f EFTS, and the aforementioned sale.

Fav - theme answer. All the Ps in the NE was fun too.

inanehiker - thanks for the info on ICD10. I have to get an XRAY on my ribs today; I think I busted two of them. I've tried to WAIT OUT the pain for a week, but it's not better.

Cheers, -T

C6D6 Peg said...

This was a walk in the park, and completed like a Tuesday. Appreciate the double-references for FIRE. Thanks, Jerry.

Marti, I'll miss your wit and wisdom on Thursdays. You've blogged two of my puzzles here (and my debut), and won't forget the kind words. Thanks for all you've done to help all of us out here on the Corner. Hopefully, we'll see some more of your construction and comments, as well!

Welcome, Steve to Thursday's and HG to Wednesdays!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

🐰 🐰 ,

I was delighted to read Marti's blog and see the lovely pictures from her recent trip and then, [sigh] read her "retirement" notice. While I am disappointed and will miss your Thursday contributions, Marti, I understand your decision. I think we all know how much time, effort, and dedication you have given over the last four years and for that, I sincerely offer a great, big thank you. I hope you will continue to follow the blog and join in the commentary. Welcome to Thursday, Steve, and every other Wednesday, Gary; we are lucky to have you both, as we are lucky (and grateful) to have Argyle, JazzB, Lemony, Splynter and our Guidling Light, CC. Thanks to you all!

I enjoyed the puzzle and found it on the easier side for a Thursday. The theme remained hidden until the reveal, at least for me. The Floridians might have been looking for fire ant to appear somewhere!

Thanks Jerry and Marti for a nice start to October.

YR, thanks for your encouraging words from yesterday.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-YEA, Anon-T, I know that movie. Every JH kid in America wore T-shirts with that name or the title character's name.
-Anon-T – I broke my ribs in two places! You’d better stay out of those places! ☺
-Mike and Mike this morning said that for the last 101 years EVERY team that has scored 130 runs more than their opposition in the season has won the World Series. Toronto has scored 229 more than their opposition this year and the Cardinals 134 more.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Jerry and Marti.

Oh Marti, sorry to hear that you are retiring from the blog. You have always delivered a superior product; I will miss your blogging. What Irish Miss just said ! PS, I had the same exact song in mind to link !

"And when one door closes..." Congratulations Aitch ! Looking forward to your blogging.

Entered SATISFY for placate, but couldn't prove it. Easily proved APPEASE, which is a more PRECISE definition for placate.

If I had to guess, I would say that JzB read "The Wealth of Nations" by ADAM Smith.
Hand up for all perps at OLAF. OTOH, PEDRO was a tap in putt. A gimme.
GAS UP and flee or WAIT OUT ? Joaquin intensifies and is headed your way. Or, is your abode STORM PROOF ?
He didn't exactly ADMIT it but watch as "Man loses ‘Judge Judy’ case in 26 seconds after incriminating himself."

YEA, it's official. Cardinals clinched the division title and the Buccos finished second to them for the third year in a row.

I never got back to the comments yesterday after I posted early. Just read them. Thank you Kazie. I read your comments and then reread Steve's Bayern comment. Now I get it. Thanks Anonymous-T. Though I am actually from Ohio originally...

I'm APPALLed that our toaster went bad. It's only toasing on one side of each slice of bread. DW thinks we got it just after we wedded, some 26+ years ago. Off to the store !

Anonymous said...

what brewery was that in the picture! that looks awesome!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Marti - Thanks for your 4 years of blogging intros. It was a hoot and I appreciate your efforts immensely. Hope you can stay in touch. Wishing you fair winds and following seas.

Easy for a Thursday. No searches or white-out needed.

ADAM Smith - Jeopardy question within last couple weeks.

Steve said...

Sorry to see you go, Marti - Thursdays won't be the same, and echoing Peg thanks for being so kind when you blogged my solo debut puzzle with the LAT!

Tinbeni said...

Pinch, Pinch ...

Marti: I will miss your write-up's ... and I do (often) think about how much time and effort goes in the daily write-up's by the blogger's.
Good Job Girl !!!

OK, I ADMIT I needed ESP (Every Single Perp) to get SASHA Cohen (I tend to forget who won what Silver Medal, or any Medal in Skating) and OLAF the Snowman in "Frozen" since I never watched that movie.

Liked how WAIT-OUT crossed STORM-PROOF ... I had to do that (wait-out) a few Hurricanes over the years ... AND I wished I owned that Storm-Proof house Husker linked @ 9:33.

A "Toast-to-ALL" and especially Marti at Sunset !!!

VirginiaSycamore said...

Not too bad for a Thursday. Perps got the ones I didn’t know. I actually got the theme about ½ through solving it. Didn’t notice that the 2nd also word fit until I came to Marti’s blog. Thanks for all your hard work Marti and also hope you still comment here.

Anonymous –T and HG, the movie is Napoleon Dynamite. I saw it after my nephews told me why they were wearing “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts. One of those quirky yet warmly funny movies.

When we had a large old house with window wells full of leaves, the man found efts living in them when he cleaned them out.

I have heard that the new medical codes are about 100 times more numerous. It gets harder and harder for my primary care physician to get paid for what he does. I get scared that he may give it up and retire early.


Misty said...

I found this a delightful Thursday speed run--a good thing, for me, since I sometimes start having trouble solving as early as Thursday. So, many thanks, Jerry! Then I came to the blog and loved the photos of Austria which brought back memories of my childhood. I remember that salt mine slide in Salzburg, and my family sometimes vacationed in Bad Ischl. Then I got to the bottom and read about Marti leaving--so sad! I do understand, Marti, and thank you for all the great posts over the years.

I think "Green Acres" will always be one of my favorite sit-coms of all times. Eva GABOR and Eddie Albert were wonderful!

Have a great Thursday, everyone, and have a great retirement, Marti!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of Marti's retirement. Can't wait for Bat to hang up the cleats, however.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends! Welcome to October.

That's sad news, Marti, about your "retirement" but it's certainly understandable. Thank you for four wonderful years of your humor and wisdom. I shall miss you but echo what others have said, do drop in for comments.

Nice job, Owen.

This puzzle seemed VASTly easy for Thursday but clever at the same time. Originally I spelled ISADORE which didn't work at all, then changed A to I and all fell in place. VASTEST seems very strange; if something is VAST that gives it an indication of infinity so no superlative is really needed though I'm sure it's a real word.

Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for a clever puzzle with no junk fill and Marti, for an excellent expo. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Anonymous T said...

Misty - thank you for clearing out the cob-web at 24a. I kept trying to think of the "guy" and knew a B was the 3rd letter of his name. I figured he was the co-star; for me Eva GABOR stole the show. Off for the XRAY. C, -T

Bluehen said...

A pretty quick and easy puzzle today. Thank you, Mr. Edelstein. Marti, Irish Miss speaks for me too, and much more eloquently than I. I will miss your weekly dose of wit and wisdom. Please don't be a stranger.

Anonymous said...

[vast, vahst]
adjective, vaster, vastest.

Jayce said...

国庆节快乐! Happy National Day of the People's Republic of China!

CrossEyedDave said...

Puzzle got a little sticky in places, but filled in nicely once I had grokked the theme.

Marti! You will be missed!
I know of no other way to celebrate your retirement, except perhaps with a cake...

Anonymous said...

Re: The "People's Republic of China". An Orwellian misnomer if ever there was one. Kinda like the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea".

HeartRx said...

Anon @ 10:49, that tower belongs to the Kuchlbauer Brewery in lower Bavaria.

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone, and I will be sure to keep in touch here!

CED, thanks for the funny cake - you are a treasure!

Jazzbumpa said...

Speaking of China -

Who wants to do this?


Tinbeni said...

Husker Gary & CED
You guys really "out-did" yourselves with the links today.

HeartRx @ 2:56
Boy would I like to visit that brewery !!!


PS I am soooooooo glad the Sunsets are earlier ... I'm kinda sober when I "toast" them NOW. LOL

Anonymous T said...

Well, 3 (possible 4) broken ribs each w/ multiple fractures. WAIT it OUT and deal w/ the pain for 8 weeks (I won't take Rx). Thanks for letting me lurk & pass the time waiting for the news...

He pushed my innards and I dropped the f-bomb. Then he said spleen & sugery, so I was a bit nervous for the next 2+ hours getting imaged, etc. Good thing I had a paper and y'all to read. Cheers, -T

Jazzbumpa said...

Wabbit, Wabbit!


TTP said...

Anon-T, did you try bull riding while you were in Midland ?

Avg Joe said...

Tony, Yeowch!!!! I hope you get some relief soon. very few things hurt worse than broken ribs. send me an email at the address listed in my profile. You don't have one in yours.

Big Easy said...

Best wishes Marti because I know it can be a grind, knowing that it HAS to be done.

The reveal was the last thing I filled as I worked my way SW. Unless it is blatantly obvious I am concerned with completing the puzzle ASAP. I found it a pretty easily filled puzzle for a Thursday, with PEDRO, OLAF, and ISIDORE being the only unknowns and the first two were easily guessable.

Not being one to GRIPE, I think it could have been clued a little tougher. But I will APPEASE the other commenters because we are all a bunch of YENTAS.

Catch you tomorrow.

Anonymous T said...

To inquiring minds...

TTP - No. This happened a last Monday in Vegas. The rumour (started by a buddy in Midland who wasn't in Vegas, but thought my story was too mundane) is that I tried to pay the hookers w/ an AMEX (because I needed the points) and their pimp took it out on me. That was his best version (it started as 2 hookers and a bottle, no, case, of bourbon. No, 3 hookers and a ceiling fan. No, ... (would you believe an Indian in a canoe?) he had me laughing so hard I pro'ly broke another rib.

The reality is I walked into my room, put down my swag-bag and, with the next step, slipped on a scratch off they slid under my door. I went to catch myself against the wall. The wall was the ajar bathroom door and, as I went down, I hit the door handle hard b/f I hit the floor. The irony is the scratch off was for one of these contraptions which would surely do the trick if I'd won it.

I'll live.

Cheers, -T

Avg Joe said...

What? No trapeze or tequila? Your friend needs a more vivid imagination. :-)

Get better.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous T,

Oh Crap!

How long is it going to be before I can make you laugh!


Irish Miss said...

Tony - Feel better soon! (I know what you're going through.)

fermatprime said...

Great puzzle, Jerry! Swell expo, Marti!
WIll miss your splendid write-ups!
Easy for a Thurs!
MacBook Pro has conked out, so am struggling with iPad.

Pat said...

I walked away from this one a couple times but eventually I won! Great puzzle, Jerry E! Marti, great write-up. Sorry to hear that you're hanging up your blogger cap. Look forward to seeing your posts.

Anon T: are you sure you weren't "messing with the wife of a jealous man?"

September is over already? That month went quickly. Welcome October.


TTP said...


I'm going to have to agree with your buddy in Midland. Slipped on a piece of paper ? You're going to have to amp that up a bit.

Yellowrocks said...

I echo Irish Miss @ 10:30. Marti,every Thursday I have been eager to read your witty, funny, informative take on the puzzle. I can always recognize your inimitable style even when I forget that it is a Thursday. I can understand your need for a break after a dedicated four years. Thanks for all your hard work. Please keep up with us as a regular commenter.
Gary, welcome aboard. I enjoy your regular posts and your subbing. I look forward to your tenure as as an official blogger.
Anonymous T, OUCH! I have had a single broken rib, but several ribs with multiple breaks must be horrible, and there is little treatment available. I agree with your shunning of opiates. I can’t understand why people OD on them. I avoided them like the plague. Have you tried ibuprofen as needed? I found it very helpful. I wish you a quick recovery. Every week should bring more and more improvement.

Avg Joe said...

Every doctor I've ever dealt with has had the opinion that ibuprofen inhibits the healing of broken bones. I'd be real careful using that, or any NSAID.

Bill G. said...

AnonT, I've had cracked ribs once and separated rib cartilage once. Really painful. A sneeze is the WORST! Get better soon!

Marti, let me add my thanks and well wishes for your efforts on our behalf. Your intelligence and wit is really appreciated.

I just got back from getting my temporary bridge reglued after a turkey-bacon-cheese grilled sandwich pulled it off. Who would have guessed that particular sandwich would be so deadly? Then I went to the local coffee emporium for a macchiato. The high school had just let out. The number of cell phones in use and being giggled over was staggering. The testosterone/estrogen mixture could be cut with a knife. The number of unnecessary "likes" was over 100 when I gave up noticing.

klilly said...

loved the cake link.. very appropriate..

VirginiaSycamore said...

Anon -T,
Sorry to hear about your ribs. I don't know about ibuprofen slowing healing, I took it after I stopped the narcotics after hip replacement. My favorite non-narc cocktail, for very short term use only is 3 ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol. An oral surgeon told me to do 1st night after root canal to avoid narcs.

If no NSAIDS, for bedtime, Tylenol PM or just Tylenol with an antihistamine, which is what the PM is also helps. Of course, with Tylenol you have to watch how much alcohol you drink as Tylenol also has to detox through the liver.

So, you can't win. What do you do for your job? I hope it is mostly brain work with no heavy lifting.


Not at fault said...

I'm fresh out of the hospital where I spent five days recovering from a violent automobile accident. I had a "pain pump" filled with Dilaudid for a couple days. Then Percocet for a couple days. Later, I had several people filling my head with non-narcotic pain management advice. One doctor said Tylenol, another Advil. Friends telling me you can't go wrong with Aleve. Finally my orthopedic surgeon and his team told me at the discharge meeting the best advice: "Every body is different and responds uniquely to medication. Take whatever works for you."


My body responds to Advil.

Anonymous T said...

Thanks everyone for your advice and warm wishe. Since it's nothing more than some bones, I'll be OK (the Dr.'s mention of spleen did scare me).

I have to be in a lot of pain to take more than an aspirin - usually a stiff drink will do just fine. Even after the snip-snip down there, I didn't take drugs.

Y'all have been through a lot too and hearing of it I know I'll be just fine. How about this sad lot to provide some GLEE.

Since no one linked MAN EATER by Hall & Oates, I guess I must. Feel free to take your warm wishes back :-)

I think that's 5. 'TIL tomorrow...

Cheers, -T

VirginiaSycamore said...

Anon -T,

Great clip. That movie was shown on a super wide screen in Cleveland. I still remember them hunting "The Big W". I think that was Ethel Merman that slipped on the banana peel, wasn't it?


Anonymous T said...

VS - I tried to reach you off-blog so I didn't over post (GRIPE about it anons), but no email is listed. Yes, brain work (CyberSecurity), not brawn - that's why I don't take narcs; I'm on 24/7/365.2425 if needed.

You made me go find The Big W. Bonus - best of J. Winters in that movie. I thought it was made in the '70's but it was made 7 yrs b/f I was born. Best comic mashup lo' those years AGO.

C, -T

Bill G. said...

Wow! I'd forgotten all about that movie. I'm almost embarrassed to find myself laughing so hard at the slapstick humor (in the second segment). Totally unsophisticated but really funny...