Oct 13, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 Mike Peluso

Theme: "therein lies a tale" - to paraphrase Shakespeare.

18A. Ruthless adversary : MORTAL ENEMY

27A. Serious software problem : FATAL ERROR. Dreaded blue screen.

39A. '60s-'70s "Hollywood Squares" semi-regular : RUTA LEE. Her website.

49A. Wisenheimer : SMART ALECK

62A. Truth known only to a few ... and a hint to a word hidden in 18-, 27-, 39- and 49-Across : INSIDE STORY

Argyle here. A little twist; a synonym for STORY is what's hidden in the theme entries. All three ways to split TALE are used with two and two in the center. A step up from Monday.


1. Attorneys' degs. : JDs. (Juris Doctor)

4. Clipper or Laker, briefly : NBAer. Basketball player.

9. Up to now : SO FAR

14. Sup : EAT

15. Get up : ARISE

16. Jigsaw puzzle unit : PIECE

17. Norse war god : TYR

20. Planting ground : SOIL

22. Have debts : OWE

23. Joints often sprained : ANKLES

24. Words before card or lock : PICK A. Any card.

26. Precious : CUTE

30. "Rats!" : "DANG!"

34. Hyundai luxury model : AZERA. Currently the AZERA slots between the midsize Sonata and the Genesis sedan. Car and Driver were not impressed. Story.

35. Victor's cry : I WIN

37. Besides : TOO

38. Actress Hagen : UTA. Bio.

42. __ bind: stuck : IN A. The Devil was in a bind when he down to Georgia.

43. Video game letters : NES. (Nintendo Entertainment System)

44. Circular imperfection in wood : KNOT

45. Slip-on shoes : PUMPS. Jimmy Choo's idea of pumps.

47. One with a killer serve : ACER

52. Obsessed whaler captain : AHAB

54. Boating stopover : ISLET

55. Half of the hip-hop duo Black Star : MOS DEF

58. Certain NCO : SGT.

59. Billions of years : EONS

65. Agcy. with narcs : DEA. (Drug Enforcement Administration)

66. Mark with a sale price, say : RETAG

67. Greek goddesses of the seasons : HORAE. ( literally translated as "the hours")

68. Vex : IRK

69. Airline seat choice : AISLE

70. Hinged fasteners : HASPS

71. McMahon and Sullivan : EDs


1. One of two MetLife Stadium NFL teams : JETS. The other's the Giants.

2. Belafonte hit : DAY O. (The Banana Boat Song)

3. Erotic dance : STRIP TEASE

4. "Platoon" war zone : NAM

5. WWI era English poet Rupert : BROOKE. Bio.

6. High-flying battles : AIR WAR

7. East, in Mexico : ESTE

8. "Michael Collins" actor Stephen : REA

9. Exhausted : SPENT

10. Made a pig of oneself? : OINKED

11. Have a hunch : FEEL

12. Summit : ACME

13. Husband-and-wife creators of Curious George : REYS. Margret and H. A. Rey

19. Doctor House portrayer Hugh : LAURIE. More links please.

21. Prevaricator : LIAR

25. Lewis' partner : CLARK. Can you believe I drew a blank here?

26. Monastic hood : COWL

27. Flora's partner : FAUNA

28. Ancient Mexican : AZTEC

29. Rodeo rope : RIATA

31. Life-ending season in Ecclesiastes : A TIME TO DIE

32. Socially insensitive, in a way : NON-PC

33. "__ your mother" : GO ASK

36. Tibet neighbor : NEPAL

40. More than a little risky : UNSAFE

41. Mausoleum : TOMB

46. 1997 movie beekeeper : ULEE

48. Tire type : RADIAL

50. Hardships : RIGORS

51. Letter-shaped shoe fastener : T-STRAP

53. Line of shrubbery : HEDGE

55. Juan's "Look!" : "¡MIRA!"

56. "Dedicated to the __ Love" : ONE I

57. Grounded fast planes, briefly : SSTs. (Supersonic transport)

58. Spartan promenade : STOA

60. Techie, stereotypically : NERD

61. Fifth Avenue retailer : SAKS

63. Librarian's rebuke : "SHH!"

64. "Amen!" : "YES!". The end. After my write-up I realize this is harder than I originally thought.

           Dang me! I forgot to color the center TALE.

Note from Mike Peluso:

"Joe Krozel helped me design the grid. It was quite tricky with a 7-letter word right in the middle, and I was having no luck designing the grid. I e-mailed Joe and he was happy to help me, and I was able to complete the puzzle. Thanks, Joe!"


OwenKL said...

This was only a Tuesday? I had to give up and hit reveal for [M]IRA, and when that still didn't get a ta-da, hit check and had FIVE cells light up! Some were careless errors, but iNSAnE > oN SAlE before UNSAFE showed up! And that red herring theme (I'm sure it caught you, too) kept me from seeing the real gimmick until I read the reveal!

There's a time to live, and A TIME TO DIE;
That time is a STRIP TEASE for many a guy!
He'll feast his eyes
While the dead ARISE,
Then recall his wife with a TOMB-ful sigh!

A TALE is told of a bat of gold
That was hung as the tongue in a belfry old.
It lolled in the bell
Till a funereal knell
Was required, and that's when its tail was tolled!

With the encouragement of many here, I've been collecting all my puzzle poems over the past two years. But from my experience, an author is the worst judge of his own work. So I would need an editor/agent to whip a selection of them into shape for possible publication. If one of you will help, I'm here.

fermatprime said...


Thants, Mike and Santa!

REYS was perped. Otherwise OK.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

A mostly smooth ride today with two potholes. The first minor pothole was HORAE, but the perps took care of that and it looked like it could be a thing, so it wasn't that big of a deal. The second pothole was RUTALEE, though, and it wasn't minor. Not only was it a complete unknown, but my brain just wouldn't accept that RUTALEE (or RUTA LEE) could be a real name despite how solid the perps were. I kept thinking it had to be ROSA LEE or ROSALIE, but those just wrecked the perps. OK, so she was a "semi-regular" on a TV show I never watched when I was too young to even be watching TV. I really hope she has more of a claim to fame than that.

Anyway, I finally gritted my teeth and kept RUTALEE in the grid while I went off to solve the rest of the puzzle. And the *TADA* at the end confirmed it was right. Yay? I really hate ending puzzles this way, where I may have gotten everything right, but it feels so wrong...

HowardW said...

Nice theme, which I didn't notice before the reveal. Good mix for a Tuesday -- the only unknowns were Rupert BROOKE, MIRA, and AZERA, somehow MOS DEF rang a bell. Liked having UTA next to RUTA -- very CUTE-a.

I like your theme name, Argyle. And links. (Although the Rupert BROOKE link is no good.) Didn't know anything about UTA Hagen beyond her appearances in xwords. Always good to learn new things -- Thanks!

Lemonade714 said...

There was some challenge and I too liked the UTA RUTA combo, but I am old enough to remember Ruta who showed up all over the place as a guest star.

The comment that Mike a seasoned constructor needed grid help to work in the 7 letter central reveal made me think of yesterday's C.C. and JzB which also has a 7 letter center

Thanks Argyle

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Once MORTAL and FATAL showed up, I was sure I was onto the theme. Not! Managed to get through this one without scathe, but it was close. That M in MOSDEF/MIRA was a complete WAG.

Appropriate that TYR should appear on a Tuesday -- the day named for him.

I vaguely remember RUTA LEE from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, The Hollywood Squares reference meant nothing.

Argyle, I also stumbled at CLARK -- kept trying to squeeze MARTIN in. That Car and Driver article was bemoaning the fact that the AZERA had only one engine. Took me a moment to figure that one out.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I had to check the calendar to be sure that this is, indeed, Tuesday. I found this puzzle to be a challenge for so early in the week. Like Desper-Otto, after getting MORTAL and FATAL, I was sure that this was a theme about dying, but this was not A TIME TO DIE.

RUTA LEE was a total unknown.

I wanted Dear before CUTE for Precious. I also tried Tired before SPENT and Darn before DANG.

I wasn't fooled by Lewis' Partner. CLARK immediately popped into my head.

The REYs have appeared in other puzzles. They had a fascinating history.

QOD: In the Hall of Justice the only justice is in the halls. ~ Lenny Bruce (Oct. 13, 1925 ~ Aug. 3, 1966)

TTP said...

Tired this AM after 4 baseball games and the football game. It was past midnight when i got to bed. Maybe that's why the puzzle was a bit tougher today. Had a FIW by having a second A in NEPAL as NaPAL.

Yes Argyle, I agree. A bit harder. The theme was easy enough and TALE was easy to find.

Speaking of STRIP TEASE, there was something on the news this AM about Playboy Magazine not going to have nude pictures in their magazine any more.

MOS DEF = Metal Oxide Semiconductor, Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Crazy name for a rapper to have.

If I counted correctly, there were 18 home runs in the games yesterday. That has to be a single day record for the playoffs.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Good Job on the write-up. Esp. enjoyed the link to Rupert BROOKE (my Tuesday "Learning Moment").

Mike Peluso: Thank You for a FUN Tuesday puzzle with a great theme.
(Though I will admit, with the lesser known Hyundai, AZERA, Half of a hip-hop duo (I've never heard of), MOS-DEF, and a Greek goddesses, HORAE, all of which were only completed due to ESP, this felt more like a Wednesday level solve).

Fave was ... wait-for-it ... NON PC ... since I sometimes think being "PC" is a cop-out instead of addressing some issues directly.

RUTA LEE was a gimmie.

All my teams won yesterday ... GO CUBS & METS today.


Tinbeni said...

TTP @7:09
The old record was 15 home runs.
There even more than you counted ...
I counted, and ESPN confirmed, there were 21 ...
The CUBS set a record with SIX by one team.
All-In-All a great-day for "Long-Ball."

And my "First-Toast" will be with the "First-Pitch" of the first game today.

thehondohurricane said...

Found the puzzle to be a bit dicey today and in the end had a FIW. Instead of MOSDEF/MIRA I wagged an N ending up with NOSDEF/NIRA. The M versions were both unknown to me and obviously so were the N's!

Liked the theme clues a lot. I remembered RUTA LEE from some long ago TV show.

Many moons ago I saw Belafonte at the Eden Roc on Miami Beach. Can't swear to it, but he must have sang DAYO.

I'm sick of seeing EONS. Seems like it shows up at least once a week lately.

The Stros really blew it yesterday. All the other games were won going away.

Rain today then winter begins to arrive. Mid to low 50's by the weekend. Foliage stinks this year, likely because of the dry summer.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Natick @ MOSDEF/MIRA cross. Rest of puzzle was a breeze.
Neat TALE imbeds, but probably not one of my favorite schticks. Liked the long downs.
ACER is also maple genus. All adding to the Fall colors now.

Have a great day.

TTP said...


They were flying out of the parks, weren't they ? And there were 21 ? Whew ! Thanks for confirming that it was a record.

Hector said...

I finished this one using only the across clues.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

Well, I spoke with my "kid" last night after her recital - said that the "regular" videographer was off, so they did not have a sub. So no DVD, just an audio (CD) recording. And, will have to wait weeks for it. I rarely missed her performances when she was growing up, but now - as a grown adult - I rarely get to see her play ...

Today's puzzle - as others said - felt more like a Thursday/Friday level than a Tuesday. I did end up with one ERROR (not FATAL, fortunately), and that was at SHH/HORAE. No cheats but I wanted to; got many answers via perps. Lots of "new" crossword fodder: TYR, RUTA LEE, Rupert BROOKE, MIRA, HORAE. Faves were STRIP TEASE and A TIME TO DIE - of course the former is something most red-blooded guys enjoy! The latter is from an oft-spoken part of the Bible, that some fans of the Byrds thought was their lyrics ... and speaking of a similar clue/solve in today's, I prefer the Mamas and the Papas version of "Dedicated to the ONE I Love".

Nice puzzle and theme; UTA / RUTA & REA / REY were cleverly positioned

BTW, to anyone else who watched MNF: did you notice the 18 seconds run off the clock before the Steelers last possession? I realized it right away but nothing was said. It had no affect on the eventual outcome, but had the Steelers NOT scored, it would've been all the talk today on sports radio

Husker Gary said...

MORTAL and FATAL made me also think we were going to have a gruesome theme but no, it was a very nice one!

-In a school, the custodians always have the INSIDE STORY
-SO FAR the new Husker FB coach has not done well
-I ARISE each day when this happens to my nose
-Granddaughter Emma would always hide the last PIECE of the puzzle in her pocket when we were close to being done
-PICK A CARD (1:16)
-PICK a card or lock and then we have Roger Miller PICKING a guitar
-Crying out I WIN is gauche
-Another UTA in Omaha just closed
-KNOTS galore!
-My White Whale is shooting par
-Even if they RETAG those PUMPS, they’re ridiculously expensive
-“HORAE, I’m Gary, I don’t believe we’ve ever met”
-AISLE be a jerk
-Platoon provoked a lot of controversy when it came out
-Huge mausoleums in a cemetery seem pretentious to me
-What great movie featured this creepy monk in a COWL?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Second the motion that this had some non-Tuesday level crunch, but did finish w/o help. Needed the reveal to catch the theme which, in retrospect, was obvious with a keener eye. Fav clue was for oinked! 🐷

Thanks, Mike, for the fun puzzle and your comments and thanks, Argyle, for the words of wisdom.

As Hondo mentioned, Fall is bringing cooler weather and in my immediate viewing area, lackluster foliage. It's probably more vibrant near you, Argyle? 🍁🍂 Oh well, soon we'll be looking at Frosty Flakes!❄️❄️❄️❄️

Bill G, your beloved Cornell was in Sunday's NT Times puzzle. Naturally, I thought of you.

Have a great day.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Mike Peluso, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

This puzzle was a little tougher than a normal Tuesday, IMHO. I went through itv many times and finished. Lots of Inkblots.

Had DARN at 30A. DANG appeared with somemperps.

Had REATA for 29D. Fixed that to RIATA with 35A, which i wrote in as I WON. Then I fixed that to I WIN with LAURIE.

Then I had INSIDE SCOOP at 62A. Fixed that to INSIDE STORY with some perps.

My last inkblot was IRE for 68A. That became IRK after SAKS appeared. Phew! Lots of ink today.

MIRA and MOSDEF was a wag with M. I guessed that MIRA was somehow tied to MIRROR, as in a looking glass. So I wrote in the M. My two cents.

Theme was fine. I do remember RUTA LEE from Hollywood Squares.

Liked reading the History of Rupert BROOKE. Thanks Argyle.

Finished my book yesterday for our book club. "The Stranger" by Harlan Coben. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes a good mystery. Our next book is "Bridge of Spies" by Giles Whittell. It is the basis of the new movie that is about to come out with the same title. True story of part of the Cold War. Francis Gary Powers, etc.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

It's good to see you again, Hahtoolah. I've missed you.

Unlike most of you, I found this puzzle quite easy. Even NBAER didn't slow me and MIRA was, of course, a given. I did have a few erasures, SO FAR replaced AS YET and DANG, not DRAT. Otherwise it was a slick sashay.

For a friend of the family who was 99, it was A TIME TO DIE this week and I'm going to her funeral later.

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

To Husker Gary

The DaVinci Code

VirginiaSycamore said...

Darn, I lost my post and have to restart.

Husker Gary, I do believe the movie with the creepy monk was The DaVinci code.

HOwardW, the link Argyle posted says it is a bad page at the top, but the left side down had the bio for BROOKE. So sad he died from an infection from a mosquito bite. With no antibiotics, many casualties happened by disease or infections.

I knew MOS DEF (A shortened version of Most Definitely) from the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

He plays Ford Prefect who saves Arthur Dent and the travel the universe together. Stephan Fry was the narrator for the film and ALAN Rickman, of Harry Potter fame does the voice of the pessimistic, whiny robot.

Got the theme early and perps helped me to get RUTA LEE, TYR and AZERA. OINKED just appeared from perps. Alas, when I turned on the red letters I had missed HORAE, had HORiE and TSTRAPS, had TSTRiPS.

Actor Hugh LAURIE has been in many popular shows.
HOUSE as a rule-breaking, incredibly good diagnostician.

JEEVES_AND_WOOSTER as the gormless upper class twit with Stephan Fry as his canny valet.
BLACKADDER as a recurring player of many parts. Some of them his well know upper class twit.


Anon Number 2 said...

Is it the sign of the times that one pair of Jimmy Choo shoes can pay for a week's worth of puzzle construction fees .... $ 950 vs. ~ $ 150 a day.

Thanks for the commentary, Argyle. You da best.

VirginiaSycamore said...

I got some video clips for Ruta Lee:


Her RUTA_LEE shows a long career with lots of supporting roles on TV and later as a leading lady in regional theater musicals.


VirginiaSycamore said...

Whoops, her Wikipedia article shows a long career.

Anonymous T said...

Hi from the high-mile-high city!*

This was crunchy for a Tuesday especially at 0:dark:30 and 3 hours of sleep. DNF.

Thank you Mike for something to do on the flight. I enjoyed the theme after I figured out it wasn't 'tor' we were looking for (INSIDE S-TOR-Y). Thanks Argyle for cleaning up my grid and fixing 39a.

39a - Rip Torn?, Rip Tide?, RiT tidE?, what was the guy's name? Oh, (I just looked it up) Rip Taylor and that doesn't fit. That's InSAnE! (DArn, er DANG), that's wrong too. No wonder _OSDEn didn't ring a bell. Wish I'd realized 39a was part of the theme.

Fav - PICKA. I like trying to learn card tricks and picking locks.

C.C. How's your tooth?
Glad to see you back Hahtoolah - missed your QODs.
HG - Thanks for not rubbing in 'Stros FATAL collapse :-)

Cheers, -T
*On the way from the airport to the hotel I saw a bus in a parking lot with a big sign on it - "Recreational Cannabus".

coneyro said...

WEES about the level of difficulty. But still got 'er done.

Perps helped with AZERA, HORAE, BROOKE.

RUTALEE. I remember watching Hollywood Squares, vaguely remember her.

Also thought, initially, that there was going to be a dark theme, with MORTAL and FATAL. I did notice the word TALE, afterwards, and the reveal confirmed its relevance.

Favorite clue, 10D..Made a pig of oneself?/OINKED...
Not a food reference.

Hugh Laurie...What can I say? Only a fantabulous actor..Saw every House episode. People who weren't familiar with him were floored when they found out he wasn't American. There are so many non American performers on TV now in starring roles, who portray US citizens. Australians lead the pack. Hawaii 5-O, Chicago Fire, iZombie, The name a few.

That's about it from me today. See ya...

Chickie said...

Hello Everyone, A crunchy puzzle for me. Video Game letters, Hyundai Luxury Model and Hip Hop aren't in my radar, I'm afraid. Hands up for thinking I had found the theme with Fatal and Mortal. Wrong again.

I have a friend named Rita Lee, so that's what I put in for Ruta Lee. Unsafe didn't emerge for a long time as a result of this error.

I have been on some heavy meds this week due to muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. I don't think I am thinking straight. I haven't been able to drive, so I'm going house crazy, too.

My husband and I have been to three memorial services in the past two weeks. It seems as though things such as this come in threes. It is also our age, I'm afraid.

Have a great day, everyone.

Jayce said...

Cool puzzle. Harder than I expected. Nice to see one of my favorite names (Rupert) showing up. MOS also makes me think of Metal Oxide Semiconductor. DEF always makes me think of Def Leppard. I had a crush on Ruta Lee years ago. Seems I've had a lot of crushes throughout the years; they come and go. My current one is on the dancer Emma Slater. Same last name of a girl I had a crush on in 8th grade, Lorna Slater.
Now to make like a flora and leave. Best wishes to you all.

Bluehen said...

WEES about the crunch level.

Surprised I couldn't remember of Rupert BROOKE. I'm sure I must have heard his name back in the Dark Ages when I went to college. Imagine idealizing war in poetry in this day and age.

Knew RUTA LEE right away. I had a bit of a thing for her back in the day. I'm a sucker for a pretty girl with an overbite.

Only remember the REYS from prior crosswords. Never read the first sentence of their books.

AZERA was all perps. My first thought upon seeing the word was "Someone has come up with a different clue for the name of the guy who voices (is that a verb?) "Simpsons" characters". Wrong spelling. Oh, well.


Anonymous T said...

I was going to link Rip Taylor & RUTA LEE earlier, but not w/ out watching it 1st (I was in the Keynote when I found it :-)). Cheers, -T

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Yes, that creepy and COWLED Monk was Silas in The da Vinci Code
-AT, I had about given up on the Royals. They have not been as much late inning magic as they used to. The Stro’s fielding and pitching sure did help out. Kaufman Stadium should be rockin’ tomorrow night!
-My first Hollywood Squares thought was the gal in the top middle
-The Cubs won but Arrieta gave up 4 earned runs

CrossEyedDave said...

Hey Puzzlers,

re: Yesterday:

Sorry I did not post anything yesterday for the CC/Jzb Hang on tight puzzle.
While I did the puzzle, & enjoyed it, I was in a foul mood & could not find
anything I thought funny to celebrate it.

Since todays theme is "Inside Story," let me tell you my tale of woe...

Hmm, I just proofread my story. & it went over the limit, & sounded like a rant.
I guess I will just be miserable by myself, thank you very much....

CrossEyedDave said...

Just because I'm miserable, doesn't mean you should be...

Inside Story?

Worlds shortest fairy tale...

Here, this story is better than mine, titled "Porker in the Family."


I (a young veterinary student) had been asked to make the rounds of the local farms one week in the absence of my boss, Dr. Johnson. Most of the week was uneventful; I saw the usual horse vaccinations, sprained dog paws, and sick cows. However, when I got to the MacPherson farm, I saw something extraordinary.

While I was talking to farmer MacPherson, a pig came ambling around the corner of the barn. What was extraordinary about it was that the pig had three artificial legs!

I asked farmer MacPherson about this curious animal. Why would anybody give a pig even one artificial leg, much less three?

"Wal," he drawled, "that there ain't no ordinary pig. Let me tell you -- one day ah was out baling some hay, and I hopped off'n the tractor to check the tire, which was kinda wobbly. Wouldn't'cha know it, the tractor started to roll of its own accord, and trapped me right there under the wheel. Just then old Pinky -- the pig, that is -- wandered by and saw whut'd happen, and skeedadled back to the house and fastened his teeth on my wife's dress, and wouldn't let go until he dragged her out to where I was layin', and then she got the tractor off me. That's one smart pig -- better'n Lassie, I'd say."

I was quite impressed. I knew pigs were pretty intelligent, but I had never heard of a pig doing anything like that. "That's amazing," I said, "But that still doesn't explain the artificial limbs."

"Wal, lemme tell ya about another time," MacPherson said. "Mah son was down at the swimmin' hole yonder a couple summers ago, and he hit his head on a big log out in the middle of the water. He was about to go down for the third time, when ol' Pinky jumped into the water, swam out to him, grabbed him by the shorts with the teeth, and drug him coughin' an' splutterin' up onto shore. Saved mah son's life, that pig did."

"Incredible!" I exclaimed. "Most pigs can't even swim! But the artificial legs...?"

"Wal, last year the old farmhouse burned down," the farmer continued. "Like as not we all would have been cinders, but for that little porker. We was all asleep when the fire started, but ol' Pinky ran squealing 'round the house 'til we all woke up, and went and dragged my youngest daughter from her bedroom just seconds 'fore the roof collapsed."

"That's one special pig," I admitted, "But please, tell me, why does Pinky have three artificial legs?"

“Wal,” said farmer MacPherson, “A pig like that's just too good to eat all at once.”

Jayce said...

Wotta pig!

Lucina said...

Very funny story, Dave. Misery loves company so go ahead and share your story if it will make you feel better.

Bill G. said...

Great pig story! Probably won't seem so funny to our vegetarian friends...

A baseball game and a debate to watch. I better take a nap to get prepared for all the excitement.

~ Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

TTP said...


If I may repeat that, WOW !

I'm a Pirates fan through and through. Don't get me wrong. I wanted the Pirates to win that Wild Card play-in game. Jake Arrieta shut down the Pirates in that game, and I wasn't torn. Disappointed yes, but somehow it felt inevitable.

Living in the same house west of Chicago for nearly thirty years, it's probably normal to have become somewhat enamored with with what the CUBS have done this baseball season. We always see them a lot on TV, but this year was different. They just kept coming. The Pirates had the best won-lost record in baseball since mid-May, but the CUBS just kept coming. And they got in and they won that game.

I've seen them contend before, but not like this. This year is special.

When Anthony Rizzo hit that go-ahead home run to give the CUBS the 5-4 lead after the Cardinals tied it at 4, the crowd at Wrigley roared. Far too far to hear here, but the TV told the tale. Something was different. These guys were not going to lose this game.

Then rookie Kyle Schwarber hit that fastball. As "The Gunner" Bob Prince used to say when Willie Stargell blasted one into the rigtht field bleachers at Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, "there was no doubt about it."

After that Schwarber home run, it got eerily silent.

I'll often eschew the family room and watch the games in the garage with the big door open, hearing cars go by and talking to the neighbors walking their dogs or just strolling by. As far as being in my inside-outside man cave, tonight was no different. Except that no cars were driving by and there were no walkers. It was eerie. Crazy silent. Pins and needles describe CUBS fans emotions the few times they get in the playoffs, but this was different.

After the last out, life returned to normal. Somewhat.

Near and in the distance, I heard the retort of fireworks, some car horns blaring, and after a bit, traffic seemed to pick up. Yes, this year is different. These guys are good. CUBS fans around the area and nation are excited.

Is this the year ?

Tinbeni said...

I could not have said that better.

This from a life-long NY Yankee fan ... who's grandparents lived in the North Part of Chicago ...
Who's father, NOT a baseball fan, would take him to see the CUBS when I was 8 to 12 years old ...
and # 14, Ernie Banks (Let's Play Two!) was playing ...

Geez, I Hope this is their YEAR ... finally ...

Cheers to the CUBS

Anonymous T said...

In SPI, I grew up a CUBS (and SiFi) fan and this must be the year. I post it once, I post it twice. While I want the 'Stros there, there'd be nut'n' better than the Cubs takin' it!. Now where's my fly'n car? C, -T

Chairman Moe said...

TTP, Tin, and -T:

Having grown up a Cleve Indians fan (AL) and then jumping on the Pirate(s) ship (NL), I've seen some rather lean years regarding pennants and World Series. But at least the Pirates delivered a few ('60, '71, '79) in my lifetime - but now, I suppose, is probably the Cubs year. If the Red Sox can get off the schneid so can the Cubs. And wouldn't it be weirdly coincidental if they DID win the WS in 2015, and make the Back to the Future II prediction come true!