Nov 30, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015 Don Rosenthal

Theme:      FREEZE!

17A. Started to sneeze and cough, say : CAUGHT A COLD

28A. Really worked hard : BUSTED ONE'S CHOPS

44A. Paid for everyone's dinner : PICKED UP THE BILL

58A. Taken away in handcuffs ... and a hint to the starts of 17-, 28- and 44-Across : UNDER ARREST

Argyle here. Don's previous puzzle here. Two grid spanning entries crossed by two long non-themed columns; a page from a C.C. puzzle book. Nicely done.


1. Beatle Paul's first wife : LINDA. Linda, née Eastman, died from breast cancer in 1998.

6. Second-string squad : B-TEAM

11. Tummy muscles : ABs

14. Lunchbox cookies : OREOs. Too many Oreos can hide those abs.

15. Hardship : RIGOR

16. "Nope" : "NAH"

19. Org. promoting hunter safety : NRA. (National Rifle Association of America)

20. Basil or rosemary : HERB

21. IV monitors : RNs. (registered nurse)

22. Honor __ thieves : AMONG. First of some clues that seem to be truncated. "No honor among thieves" is the phrase I'm familiar with.

24. Musical Apple : iPOD

26. Exposed : BARED

34. Critter that sleeps floating on its back : OTTER. Sea otters do.

35. National Anthem starter : "O, SAY ... "

36. Kitten cry : [MEW!]

37. Gen-__: post-baby boomers : XERs

38. Camera setting : F-STOP. Haven't seen this old crossword favorite in a while.

40. Wait : BIDE. Bide your time and all the old crossword favorites will show up eventually.

41. Small S.A. country : URU. Uruguay is in South America.

                            Vacation Guide

42. Red Sox star Big __ : PAPI. David Ortiz.

43. Panama divider : CANAL. What would it cost to swim it now?

48. Exhausted : TIRED

49. Fit for sainthood : HOLY

50. Catcher's position : SQUAT

52. Holiday tree : FIR. Got fir?

53. Rock's Mötley __ : CRÜE

57. Continent north of Afr. : EUR.

62. Aragon aunt : TIA. Aragon is in northeastern Spain.

63. Argue the opposing viewpoint : REBUT

64. Hit half of a record : SIDE A. Usually.

65. Home of the Cardinals: Abbr. : STL. St. Louis.

66. Small and glittering, like eyes : BEADY

67. Terminate the mission : ABORT


1. Scot's swimming spot : LOCH. Don't harass the monsters. They are national treasures.

2. "Dies __": hymn : IRAE

3. Nerve: Pref. : NEUR

4. Wounds from an aggressive pooch : DOG BITES

5. Silvery gray : ASH

6. Godfather portrayer : BRANDO. Marlon Brando, Jr.

7. Muscle twitches : TICs

8. Self-image : EGO

9. "You've got mail" company : AOL

10. Elizabeth Bennet's suitor in "Pride and Prejudice" : MR. DARCY

11. In the year of the Lord, in dates : ANNO DOMINI

12. Farm building : BARN or shed or silo or ....

13. Layered haircut : SHAG

18. Walked : TROD

23. "Not so great" : "MEH"

25. According to : PER

26. Kiss from Carlos : BESO

27. "Do it yesterday!" on memos : ASAP. (As Soon As Possible)

28. Pack in cartons : BOX UP

29. Wombs : UTERI

30. Like earthquake damage : STRUCTURAL

31. Inept waiter's comeuppance : NO TIP

32. Foot-operated lever : PEDAL

33. "Peachy!" : "SWELL!"

38. Gradually vanish : FADE

39. Tater : SPUD

40. Nursery furniture with bars : BABY CRIB. Behind bars at such a young age!

42. Bother : PERTURB

43. Animation frame : CEL

45. Seoul-based Soul maker : KIA. Cars.

46. Minimum age for a U.S. senator : THIRTY

47. Jewish wedding dance : HORA

50. Tennis divisions : SETS. game, set, match.

51. Give notice : QUIT

52. Animosity spanning decades : FEUD

54. Change the decor of : REDO

55. __-friendly : USER

56. State, in France : ÉTAT

59. Wedding page word : NÉE

60. Corp. alias letters : DBA. "doing business as"

61. Pretoria's land: Abbr. : RSA. Pretoria is one of Republic of South Africa's three capitals.



OwenKL said...

Monday puzzle, 'nuf said. I caught the main theme early, when I picked up on BUSTED. The secondary theme took a bit longer before I noticed SIDE-A, B-TEAM, F-STOP, I-POD, O,SAY, X-ERS.

William became quite well known as a thief,
Peers called him "The Master", "El DOMINI", "The Chief"!
The police long sought him
Till finaly they CAUGHT him,
That evening they PICKED UP "THE BILL" with relief!

As the town sheriff, Chauncey Moon was a loon.
He'd never BUSTED anything except a balloon!
Then one fateful night
He wrapped up a gun fight,
Cause the gangsters were told to "shoot for the Moon!"

The hero's leitmotif was doing its best.
It marched boldly on at the baton's behest.
But a pause in the score
Knocked the theme to the floor,
And the conductor declared, "You're UNDER A REST!"

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Don and Santa!

Nice easy Monday puzzle!

PAPI was perped.

Am still sick but hoping to swim tomorrow!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Very smooth Monday solve, which is good since I'm once again suffering from late night football induced brain fog. Didn't notice the theme during the solve, but didn't need it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry in my Gronk Flakes (TM)...

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice smooth solve this morning. Missed the reveal once again, but got the theme without it.

SQUAT -- what the fisherman caught.

Argyle, that bridge in Uruguay evokes images of Galloping Gertie.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Don Rosenthal, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Could not get LINDA for 1A, so I headed east. Then came back and tried a couple Downs and then got LINDA.

IPOD was easy. I cannot count all of them we have purchased, but none for me.

NRA, one of my organizations. Life member.

The spelling of CRUE seas easy after I had ETAT, USER, REDO, and BABY CRIB. Piece of cake.

Theme was good. Made sense. People seem to not realize that when a policeman says stop or halt they should do that. Otherwise bad things can happen. As we see on the news.

Did not know PAPI. Perps.

I seldom set the F STOP on my current camera. Just use Auto.

Tried BUSO for 26D, but BESO became the word. Have to bone up on my spanish. About the same as my french. Speaking of French, hope all goes well with the big conference. Hope there are no terrorists.

Lots to do today. Heading east this weekend for my mother's funeral.

See you tomorrow.


( )

thehondohurricane said...

Good start to the week with a smooth solve, but I'm in a foul mood so I have a nit or two.

17.a Clued in the present tense, fill in the past tense. 6.d Having been a "jock', second string squad can be sub, the bench, or JV's which were, IMO, more appropriate then B TEAM (at least in my day). 28a CHOPS wasn't my first thought for busting something.

In spite of my temperament, I'll not offend any Red Sox fans by sharing my thoughts on Big Papi.

Now it's time to face t5he day.

Jerome said...

OREOS- Start of an ode to old Old's

Ergo said...

Totally missed posting on Sunday. Only 3 white boxes left in that CC grid. I'll consider it a conditional victory.

Spent last night preparing for a massive ice storm. Wrapped plastic bags on the windshield wipers and side mirrors and strategically placed cardboard on the windshield. This morning - no ice. Just fluffy flakes of pleasure. Once again, the weatherman is caught crying wolf.

Yellowrocks said...

Hondo, I hope things will brighten up for you as the day goes along. You can feel better about 17A right now, though. STARTED and CAUGHT are both past tense.

Yes, B TEAM seems more trash talk than second string, like bush league.
Urban Dictionary says, " Derived from high school varsity and junior varsity sports, where the "B Team" is made up of the stragglers and uncoordinated losers. Used in a situation in which someone drops, breaks, messes up, stutters during an insult, or just acts a fool. "Dude, that was B Team on your part."

CHOPS wasn't my first thought, either, but it is certainly in the language.

As mom used to say, "It will all come out in the wash." Which reminds me, I have to go do the laundry now.
A big yellowrock to you.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A nice, easy, breezy start to the week. Needed the reveal to see the theme but everything filled in 1-2-3. Enjoyed some of the fresh fill: anno domini, perturbed, dog bites, Mr. Darcy, etc.

Well done, Don, and a tip of the hat to Argyle's review!

Nice job on the limericks today, Owen.

Hondo, when someone is out of sorts on a TV ad, they're told to eat a Snickers bar and they'll feel better. It's worth a try! 🍫

Cold and cloudy right now with rain expected later. Have to bring my car in for inspection and winterization this afternoon.

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

This was a lovely start to the week. I found it a little more tricky for a Monday, but in the end it was a fun fill. I especially liked SQUAT. I wanted plate, Ha!

Thanks Don and Argyle. Now it's time to drag the decorations out of the basement. Now I buy a five foot fir and set it on my sturdy end table. I like seeing all my kids ornaments on their own trees!!! Reduce and recycle here.

I would like to be a weather prognosticator: Drive everyone into a frenzy, get it wrong, and still get paid lots of moola. We had our first snow last week or so, and I went into the grocery store to get a few things before the predicted named storm. People were frenzied apparently concerned Armageddon had arrived. Seriously. . . . Milk, bread, shovels, water!! My staples included two bags of cranberries, and a bag of sugar. Maybe they thought I was crazy. ;-)

TTP said...

Abejo, so sorry for your loss. It's never easy.

Thank you Don and Argyle.

Didn't break a sweat, although I momentarily questioned BUSTED ONES CHOPS (toiled). I was thinking of BUSTED (someone's, his, her) CHOPS, which has a different meaning to me (insulted, knocked down a peg or two...)

Would it be appropriate to bust someone's chops and then give them props ?

Talk about timing...

I woke in the wee hours and couldn't get back to sleep. Turned on the TV and watched a PBS program, "Great Estates Scotland" about Kincardine Castle. An underlying theme was about the difficulties of keeping the estate afloat, and the lives of the laird and his wife.

He mentioned something to the effect of that he was a descendant of Jane Austen, but that neither the estate nor he received royalties from "Pride and Prejudice." That piqued my interest, so I read a Wikipedia article on her book.

Then just a bit ago, I started the puzzle and I got to 10D, "Elizabeth Bennet's suitor..." Fitzwilliam indeed.

Argyle, that vacation guide to Uruguay was an interesting read.

CanadianEh! said...

I solved this Monday level puzzle in short order today. Thanks Don and Argyle.
No MEH clues in my view. Not familiar with DBA but perps filled it.

Spent yesterday evening watching Grey Cup football (CFL final which Edmonton won) and steaming my Christmas pudding (old English recipe inherited from my grandmother along with the pottery bowls and double level metal steamer). 5 hours of steaming times out perfectly with all the football excitement.

No minimum age for Canadian senators that I am aware of. They must retire at age 75. Our new Canadian Prime Minister is only 43 (will be 44 on Christmas Day!).

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-I haven’t CAUGHT A COLD since I quit the germ factory (i.e. public schools)
-This state has an ignominious UNDER ARREST record
-Generally JV has replaced the phrase B-TEAM
-My IV’S ran out and beeped for the RN’S only when I was asleep
-Honor AMONG Thieves
-Do you think these GEN-X’ers would have hit Omaha Beach?
-F-STOP and shutter speed chart
-BIG PAPI hit .688 with two home runs in the 2013 World Series against STL
-All that SQUATTING eventually drives catchers to other positions
-The biggest A/B side hits of all time
-BRANDO was born into an unhappy home in Omaha
-Redux: One of my male surgeons was named DARCY because his sister liked the MR DARCY character in P & P (He knew the song, “A Boy Name Sue”)
-This “Sock It To Me” girl’s SHAG haircut was a big 60’s style
-Have any of our CA. bloggers gotten STRUCTURAL damage?

Annon said...

Thanks Argyle for a lovely blog and understated humor. Thank you Don Rosenthal for a very nice puzzle, that was easy enough for a Monday.

Is it too impolite to wonder if and how the sea otters have sex.

Have a nice day, all, and work the turkey off of your abs.

JJM said...

Barry G,
I'm torn. In my 57 years I've never seen anyone better than Brady and that list includes some heavy hitter: Namath, Bradshaw, Stuabach, Montana, Elway, Manning, Favre Marino, Unitas. This guy can do it all and then some. But, I can't get behind Bill Belichick. The guy is a liar, cheater, rule bender, and overall scumbag.

So when the Pats lose, I get disappointed that Brady won't go thru the Season and Play-offs undefeated ( about the only record he doesn't have) and win a 7th SuperBowl. But i gleam that Belichick lost. BTW, looks like Gronk's X-Rays were negative.

GO BEARS…… even though we suck.

Misty said...

Fun Monday puzzle--many thanks, Don, and you too, Argyle.

Hope you feel better soon, fermatprime.

Dad and brother are still here on their Thanksgiving visit with me. It's so nice to have them and I'll be sorry to see them go back to Pennsylvania tomorrow. Aren't we lucky to have sweet families?

Have a great week, everybody!

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

I overslept today having taken an Aleve last night because I have been sneezing and coughing! I believe I CAUGHT A COLD. That hasn't happened in over 20 years!

Thank you Don Rosenthal and Argyle! The puzzle and review picked me up!

I'm vey comfortable with Latin so ANNO DOMINI, UTERI, and IRAE are all in my wheelhouse. So is anything about Jane Austin. I love Pride and Prejudice and have seen it numerous times. Colin Firth was perfect as Mr. DARCY.

Just one thing I'm wondering about. Though I knew it would be ST.Louis, why isn't baseball in the clue since Arizona has the Cardinal football team?

It's a good start to Monday!

Have a splendid day, everyone!

coneyro said...

Solved quickly, no biggie. No write-overs. No problems.

Easy breezy Monday puzzle.

That's all I got.


Anonymous said...

OREOS- End of a question by a mythology teacher.

Who was Helios' favorite sister? Selene, OREOS?

CrossEyedDave said...

DNF on yesterdays HG/CC puzzle, most of it was a fun diversion,
but I could not get 39D=lipservice due to total blanks on:
42A Arabic leader?=Alif
74A Manhattan & Nashville =movies
79A brings together=unifies
& 64D babe in the woods = naif

Gave up on Taipei vs Taiwan...

Could not think of any funny links after hearing Abejo's news,
& never know what to say when these things happen.

Abejo, pls accept my condolences.

CrossEyedDave said...

Caught a cold?

Busted ones chops?

Picked up the bill???

Under arrest?

Alternate under arrest but not politically correct. (don't tell Manac...)

But I didn't do anything!

Anonymous said...

Makes that IM experience in the islands seem a little tame, eh C.C.?

But i digress...

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Don! Great expo, Argyle. Specially liked the Tex-Mex music (if they were forced to stand still could they still play?)

URU: re: bridge picture. Is that what you call a reverse-Roman-arch? It jus' don' look right to me, senor.

Recently read "No honor AMONG Thieves" by J.A. Jance, a novella for Kindle. Good read.

STRUCTURAL damage: My son said all the bricks fell off the front of a friends house and a brick archway collapsed on another in his sub-division near OKC. Insurance won't cover it because they didn't specifically have earthquake insurance, for which the deductible is so high it's like not having insurance anyway.

YR: how do you like your stacked laundry equipment by now? I've used my son's and needed to sit on a chair to transfer clothes from washer to drier. Stooping hurt my back.

Irish Miss: I wish someone would give me a BIG box of snickers about now. Or is this cranky old lady the real me?

Nice Cuppa said...

"Do you fancy a layered haircut?"
"Not tonight, love, got a headache"

Henry IV, Part 1:

"A plague upon it when thieves cannot be true one to another! ... It stinks when there's no honor among thieves."

Anonymous T said...

Hi all...

The kids got me sick (COUGHT their COLD) I feel like crud...

Don's puzzle took me way longer that it should have and I have an ink-y mess in the W-central - exer (? and, hey, I'm one!). Too, @28d I wanted Smokes/Camels/Cigs/20 PER! Nope, just an empty box filled UP. Boy, do I miss smoking.

I started @1a thinking "how the heck would I kno...Oh, that Paul who wrote Silly Love Songs for LINDA."

Near fav - SWELL. Hey, I still say it 'cuz Clark did.

Fav - SQUAT, I don't know Jack. Farley was AMONG the best.

Speaking of HERB (he's one of the best)* thank you Argyle for the clip and write-up. Didn't know URU. ur one of the best...

A man a plan Panama... - that was fun too.

OKL - So cool you saw the B-theme - I missed it. How 'bout this for the rhyme?
Keith Moon was a loon
Beat his drums 'till they boom
Conducting from behind
Crazy, yet always kind.
He passed too soon.

OK, I'll QUIT.
//In case some snarky-anon needs a cite: Keith Moon, the conductor.

Cheers, -T
*I don't know why it's at 1.5x speed - is it just my iPad?

AnonymousPVX said...

As above, a nice Monday puzzle with no tricks or traps.

I was in Florida, the weatherman said how the weather there was tricky, it being a peninsula.

Went to Chicago, weatherman said how the weather was tricky due to the lake effect.

Went home to CT, local weatherman said how New England weather was tricky due to the jet stream and off-shore winds.

Moved to SC, weatherman here tells us how it's tricky to predict the weather due to the Gulf Stream.

First class in meteorology - get the excuses ready for your location.

Lucina said...

In your question to YR are you referring to a stacked dryer and washer? I've had mine for about 15 years and recently replaced my old one. I love it and though I'm short I can reach into the dryer. But just barely. It's a real space saver.

Jayce said...

A nice Monday morning activity today. I liked the theme. And Argyle, I also love your understated humor. Owen, nifty verses today. Jerome, good one. Yes, Misty, we are definitely lucky to have sweet families.

I, and probably most of us, have set the FSTOP, shutter speed, focus, etc. manually on our film cameras back in the day.

Lucina, I know you have cut down on the amount you eat, but I hope you're not overdoing it and weakening your body.

Best wishes to you all.

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina, I love my new stacked Maytag washer and dryer. It is the same configuration as the old set, so I am used to it. I seldom have a problem with stooping, but when I do, I empty the washer quickly into a laundry basket and set the basket on a waist high cabinet. (Could you set it on a chair?) Then I can stand erect to place each piece in the dryer.
My problem was that my alcove only accepts a stacked set that is 24 inches deep. There were just 2 choices. My son Dave and I both surfed the Internet. This set has some consumer complaints so I took out a fairly expensive long term parts and labor contract. Two repair visits in ten years would cost the same. So far it is great.

Lucina, your diet seems drastic. I hope you don't overdo it. My brother and I were saying on Thanksgiving that exercise is a tremendous help in controlling our glucose levels and allows us more leeway. Today I spent 30 minutes in the YMCA pool at 6:00AM, then forty minutes in the YMCA gym with Alan in the afternoon. Tonight I will square dance. That's more fun then severely limiting my intake.

All you cold sufferers, please get well soon.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous T @1:01

Your innocuous link of "swell" brought back a flood of memories.
I used to live in Tudor City, a block away from the Daily News building.
Circa 1967, before that giant globe in the lobby, was a giant Foucault pendulum, hanging from a wire attached to the ceiling, going thru that space where the the globe is, & swinging over a compass on the basement floor below.

The pilot episode of WKRP has been posted before, & I am sure is a plot to delay me from posting because I always forget, & have to watch it again (& again...)

The Keith Moon link was fascinating, (also the inspiration for Animal from The Muppet Show.)
& now I am sure I will be lost in the side links for the rest of the day...

Except, Hmm, I can't remember what episode 2 of WKRP was...

Bill G. said...

That was a pleasant Monday puzzle with a little challenge here and there. Count me with the "NO honor among thieves" group as exemplified by No Cuppa's quote. It doesn't make sense without the "No."

Jayce, I used to enjoy my film Canon AE-1. I often used it to take photos for the school yearbook, an extra responsibility. When there was a bright background (so that the faces would be underexposed), I learned to go right up to the face and take the auto exposure reading from there. Then I would go back to the preferred vantage point and manually set the f-stop. The faces would come out properly exposed. When the kids took similar snapshots, the faces would often be so dark as to be unusable, tough when we had a deadline and also needed to get a replacement roll of film developed. Digital camera have solved that film developing delay.

Count me in as a big WKRP fan. Now I'll have to watch a bunch more of the links...

Lucina said...

Jayce and Yellowrocks:
You may be right about my diet being too rigorous and I have thought of that myself. As always with me, I take things wholeheartedly to the limit. That has to change in this case. I'll try.

WKRP is so much fun to watch but I had to stop for a nap.

Anonymous T said...

CED - You've heard that too re: ANIMAL / Keith Moon! I wanted to send / post to C.C. after yesterday's ANIMAL -learned from HG-comment, but couldn't find anything definitive. See what you can find, your link-fu is obviously better than mine...

As an asside, thanks for the daily humour - it makes a Thurs DNF so much better.

Re: F-STOPs. I still have mom's '76 Minolta 35mm that I use for certain night shots - like blooming cacti. Finding film is harder & harder. Fuji made the last two rolls I had. Now to Google who can develop it...

Bill G. I know you're a big WKRP fan too. I always know it's OK to link ~1x mo. :-)

Cheers, -T

GarlicGal said...

H.G., structural damage from an earthquake? The "Big one" of 1984 came right through Morgan Hill. It was a 6.2. We didn't have any structural damage, but our next door neighbor's garage was jolted off it's foundation. My DH literally shoveled up 3 garbage cans full of busted up Waterford crystal. What a mess, but it could have been soooo much worse.

TTP watch out for that "can't-sleep-turn-on-the-TV" syndrome. Next thing you know you'll be ordering Hummel figurines from QVC! (now, where's my phone...)

Easy Monday puzzle. Tomorrow really isn't December, is it?

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous T,

The designers of Muppets "Animal" insist that he was not based on any one drummer.

I think the reference to Keith Moon was just public consensus...

Note, we have have all seen the famous drum battle between Animal & Buddy Rich,

but have you seen the drum battle with Harry Belafonte?

or this clip with Rita Moreno?

Bill G. said...

~ I held a door open for a clown. It was a nice jester.

Lucina said...


I had forgotten to tell you how much I enjoyed the Mariachi interlude today. Love that sound!

Lucina said...

Garlic Gal:
What is that you're holding?

GarlicGal said...

Lucina, that is a loaf of Portuguese Sweet Bread. A wonderful treat that a group of Portuguese ladies bake to raise funds for various organizations. We are talking 200 pounds of flour! It's quite an operation and soooooo delish. Loaves and loaves fill the tables in the Hall.

Hope you are feeling better. NOW GO TO BED!

Anonymous said...

Other than the word COLD, don't see how the theme can be FREEZE. Theme seemed dumb to me, but I am no expert at Crosswords. I only do Monday or Tuesday crosswords from LA.

Argyle said...

I guess you don't watch many cop shows. Standard dialog is, "FREEZE! You're under arrest."

No problem and feel free to question anything you don't 'get'. Argyle