Nov 2, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015 C.C. Burnikel

Theme:            X

17A. *Guys' hair coloring product : JUST FOR MEN. X-MEN, an odd assortment of superheroes.

39A. *Radioactive emission : BETA RAY. X-RAY

11D. *Root source for a database : MASTER FILE. X-FILE One of several "unsolved files" made famous by Mulder and Scully. It is said the FBI started the term, "X-FILE".

29D. *Big place to play online : YAHOO GAMES. X-GAMES Extreme sports.

62A. Hard-to-define element, or a hint to what can precede each last word in answers to starred clues : THE X FACTOR

Argyle here, and no surprise, C.C. Nice crunch for a Monday.


1. Bit of talk show self-promotion : PLUG

5. Judean king : HEROD

10. "Hurry up!" : "C'MON!"

14. Real snoozefest : BORE

15. Native New Zealander : MAORI. Queenstown Bay, New Zealand

16. Angelic aura : HALO

19. Cruise stop : ISLE

20. Dry, as bread : STALE

21. Maui memento : LEI

22. Kind of computer error that may cause data loss : FATAL

23. Steel-cut grain : OAT

25. Eccentric person : ODD ONE

27. Chain with headquarters at One Geoffrey Way, Wayne, N.J. : TOYS 'R' US. Geoffrey is their mascot.

31. Former Southwest subsidiary : AIRTRAN. Part of Southwest Airlines now.

34. Give __ on the back: praise : A PAT

35. Criticize nonstop : NAG. Cute pairing with above.

37. Hold in, as a sneeze : STIFLE

38. Cheering word : [RAH!]

41. Suffix with percent : ILE. (percentile)

42. Defeats soundly : TROMPS

44. Actress Ullmann or Tyler : LIV

45. Ran off : FLED

46. Informer, to a cop : STOOLIE

48. Allergy stimulants : POLLENS. Can't be many pollens left now.

50. Pig noises : GRUNTS

52. "__ is me!" : WOE

53. Sends junk e-mail to : SPAMS

55. Busy pro in Apr. : CPA. (Certified Public Accountant)

57. Digilux 3 camera maker : LEICA

61. Red "Sesame Street" puppet : ELMO

64. Bank claim : LIEN

65. Bluesy Memphis street : BEALE


66. Danish shoe brand : ECCO

67. Not as much : LESS

68. Made inquiries : ASKED

69. Like plow horses : SHOD. They don't wear ECCO.


1. Sandwiches with Jif, briefly : PBJs. Jelly or jam, it's all good.

2. Rude dude : LOUT

3. Heavenly bear : URSA

4. "Beat it!" : "GET LOST!"

5. Gp. with a copay : HMO. (health maintenance organization)

6. Countess' spouse : EARL

7. Lover of Juliet : ROMEO

8. Crispy Crunchies! fries maker : ORE-IDA. Not just Tater-Tots.
9. Noisy clamor : DIN

10. Ristorante red : CHIANTI

12. Southwestern pot : OLLA

13. Holiday season : NOEL

18. Emotion causing quaking : FEAR

22. Winks count : FORTY. Short nap.

24. Listens to, as a radio station : TUNES IN

26. Repudiate : DISAVOW

27. Fruit pastries : TARTS

28. Eye-fooling genre : OP ART

30. Minded the kids : SAT

32. "Magic in the Moonlight" director Woody : ALLEN

33. Food, shelter, etc. : NEEDS

36. Cowboy's lady : GAL

39. Nearly excellent grade : B PLUS

40. Tear apart : RIP

43. Latter-day Saints : MORMONS

45. Defrauds : FLEECES

47. Carves in stone : ETCHES

49. "Copacabana" temptress : LOLA

51. Command to Spot : "SPEAK!"

53. Go like hotcakes : SELL

54. Ballerina's bend : PLIÉ

56. Wheel-connecting rod : AXLE

58. Restless desire : ITCH

59. Chanel of perfume : COCO

60. Yankee with more than 3,000 hits, familiarly : A-ROD. "Alex" Rodriguez.

62. Schedule abbr. : TBA. (To Be Announced)

63. Nourished : FED



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Definitely a bit on the crunchy side for a Monday. No unknowns, but stuff like LEICA, AIR TRAN, YAHOO GAMES, ODDONE and even THE X FACTOR (primarily because of the unexpected THE) all slowed me down and made me rely on the perps to get the job done.

OwenKL said...

hope you haven't missed me too much. I've spent the past few days obsessively working on a project. Many of you, like me, probably use a free-ware program called Stickies for on-screen post-it notes. I use it for a plethora of pop-up reminders for everything from my daily medicines to webcomics I check only monthly. The program is so flexible I even use it as my primary word-processor. The past couple weeks I've been developing a new skin for them (not yet in the gallery as I write this) that concentrates all the image functions into a Paint-like version, to help it function as a graphics program as well as a text one.

There was a man they called Mr. X.
He never used cuss words, he didn't do sex.
His only transgression:
His computing obsession.
He spoke only in code, and was boring as hex!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

There was less milk than usual on my cereal. Crunchy. I liked it. Unlike most Mondays, there were several answers that had to be perped. Well done, C.C.

My DISAVOW started out as DISALOW until I realized that'd need two Ls. Can't hear the word STIFLE without expecting an "Edith" to follow. Argyle, that pic of New Zealand reminds me that it's still on my bucket list. I never made it quite that far south. I've heard it's beautiful. Looks that way in Lord of the Rings.

Is TROMPS really a word? New one for me.

DW is PO'd about the medical insurance choices for 2016. She doesn't get insurance through her employer, and she's too young for Medicare. There's not a single PPO plan available in the 4th largest city in the country--only HMOs and EPOs (whatever they are). And it appears that her primary care physician, though a member of a prestigious Houston hospital, isn't an approved plan provider for any of 'em.

Cute poem, Owen.

KenoRunner said...

Carving in stone is not etching.

Anonymous said...

As Argyle's graphic shows, TOYS R US is a misspelling.

thehondohurricane said...

SOB! A Monday DNF. Never noticed that the crossing B for BEALE & TBA was left blank.

I too felt this was a bit crunchy but I prefer it to a walk in the park.

Initial thought for one down was P B and J. but there wasn't enough room.

Told a potential customer to GET LOST yesterday. Totally unkempt and odorous. Missed out on a big sale. A competitor later told me he spent two dollars with him. Oh well, Lucy may have to get a job!

Congrats to all you KC fans. A well deserved victory.

Casey (the dog) just had his morning exercise. When the generator starts up for its weekly test run, he goes nuts barking at it.

inanehiker said...

Still have to get up and go to work even after staying up way late for the exciting Royals finish! Fortunately, today's puzzle was smooth sailing and a lot of fun.

Thanks, CC and Argyle!
Time to go yawn through the morning since caffeine and I aren't on speaking terms.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Another fine puzzle from C.C. - Thank you.

Agree about the crunchiness for a Monday. Initially I had to skirt the NW and W. But most of it went smoothly enough and there was lots of fresh fill. Finally settled on RAH and got YAHOO GAMES; sussed TOYS R US, and PLUG and it was done. No searches or erasures.
BEALE - Nice shout out to my avatar, USS BEALE (DD - 471); my afloat home for two years.

CanadianEh! said...

Glad to see t,hat I was not the only one who thought this puzzle was crunchy for a Monday. Hard work after a late night watching the baseball game and a brain fried by the adjustment to standard time. Thanks C.C. For the workout and Argyle for explaining.

NE was my downfall as I had Go on before CMON and ODdity before ODDONE (which gave me fifty not FORTY winks! and AIRTRAN was just not very familiar to me.

I had percentAge before ILE, Ate before FED, and Trumps before TROMPS.
(Those Royals TROMPed both the Blue Jays and the Mets without a doubt.)

I learned OREIDA here because we are more familiar with McCains potato products here in Canada.
HMOs have co-pays? I'm thankful for our "free" medical coverage even if sometimes has delays.

I'm sure there will be some comments about the SW pot. LOL. Our new PM has promised to legalize northern pot. Should be interesting.

Have a great day all. We are supposed to be unseasonably warm this week so I must get outside and enjoy It.

Husker Gary said...

I agree, Argyle. A Monday that took at least some work with a lovely payoff at the end. I love how C.C.’s mind works!

-Big star on late night? PLUGging away!
-Intriguing HEROD’s song (3:09) from JC Superstar.
-We gave a waitress a PAT ON THE BACK yesterday and she practically gushed. Take a second and do the same!
-If I lived in Syria, I would have FLED too
-Key errors by the Mets have them saying WOE IS ME today
-Hey C.C., those ECCOs aren’t Jimmy Choo shoes
-You take URSA Major, I’ll take Ursa Andress in Dr. No!
-Don’t say Quaking FEAR to our left coast friends
-Old TUNING IN sound (:18)
-Some of those B+ kids wait to start begging for the A too late
-Wheel and AXLE machine kids built in my physics class
-Two “bad boys” of baseball – AROD and Pete Rose – were expert commentators on the World Series
-Do you know this man whose statue is on BEALE Street?
-FORE on an 80˚F Nov. 2 in the hinterlands

Husker Gary said...

RAH for the Royals! They’re world champs despite
1. A smallish payroll
2. No real superstars
3. Few homeruns
4. Only having a tenacious batting order -that simply did this all year
5. Being in a small market, cold weather city

They built the team with good drafting and a good farm system (AAA in Omaha) and adding a few key other players and won with Nebraskan Alex Gordon (yeah, I had to throw that in)

Oas said...

Acid will etch stone as well as glass

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thnank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

This one was a little sticky to get through four a Monday, but I persevered.

Theme was clever. X

Tried to put in the backwards R for TOYS R US, but it would not fly.

HEROD was easy.

Never been to YAHOO GAMES. My only game is Words With Friends.

Was not sure about BEALE St. but TBA fixed that.

Off to church for the morning. See you later today.


( )

JD said...

Good morning all,
Crunchy, yet satisfying. The east coast slowed me down: Leica, AirTran,Beale,Ecco,olla. I should have known them from previous puzzles, but many don't stick. I laugh at myself when I can't think of an easy one like forty. Luckily I don't time myself.

I vividly remember the day we were in that exact spot in New Zealand....took a tram up to a restaurant. I took way too many photos, a Nikon, not a Leica.

NEWS alert: It is RAINING!!!!!! sO exciting , especially for the trees . I've been using shower water for my garden, but have ignored the big guys.

Thanks CC, Argyle, and loved your verse, Owen.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great one, C.C.! Very good, Argyle!

I agree this was somewhat more challenging than a usual Monday. LEICA had to wait for perps because I tried LEXUS for some dumb reason, knowing full well that isn't a camera.

TOYS R US hometown was an unknown. But I knew BEALE ST.

I actually watched the Royals win last night after tuning in at the 7th inning. Pretty exciting at the end. I think the mets just ran out of steam at midnight. Not eating their Wheaties or something. As I said last night, I was very startled when it sounded like a major gang war with lots of shooting had broken out. Then I realized it was probably loyal Royals' fans celebrating by setting off volley after volley of fireworks all over the city. The sports bars were probably packed.

Lucina, are you all shook up down there? Heard there were big earthquakes in Phoenix. Please let us know if you are okay.

Tinbeni said...

Congratulations to Kansas City and ALL the ROYALS Fans!
And those N.Y. Met T-Shirts have all been relegated to the "Do-Not-Wear" (until next year) pile.

C.C. Thank You for a FUN Monday puzzle ... kinda on the Wednesday level.

Argyle: Good Job on the write-up & links. Especially enjoyed the Fats Waller tune.


Big Easy said...

Congratulations C.C. The LA Times needs to put you on their payroll.

After a weekend of solid raining, I opened the paper and decided to fill a Monday 'X'-word. I found it very easy and due to my SLOPPINESS, I blew it by misspelling MORMON as MORMAN. Put an X by my name. I liked the GET LOST fill, which complements 'BITE ME' that we had last week. But GET LOST is what women usually say to men who try to pick them up.

My only 'if' was HYPE befor PLUG. And I thought all non-wild horses wore Manolo Blahniks. Good enough for OJ, good enough for horses.

GRUNTS- another name for G.I.s
Woody ALLEN- After watching some of his movies a few years ago, I can't think of a reason to ever watch one again.

X-FACTOR- We went to watch X-Factor tryouts a few years ago. It was hilarious. Between EVERY act, make-up artists and hair stylists came out to freshen up Simon Cowell and the other judges.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, no typical easy, peasy walk in the park today! It's a rare Monday with this much crunch and a not so obvious theme, at least to me, anyway. As others have said, perps were really needed for a lot of the fill. Bottom line: a clever, fun, and enjoyable solve with no help.

Thanks, CC, for keeping us on our toes and thanks, Argyle, for the enlightening expo.

Our weather this week will be more like Spring than November. Lucky us! 🍂🍃🍁

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it was a great day for the rest of the country Sunday.

The Jets LOST to the Raiders
The Giants LOST to the Saints.
The Mets LOST to the Royals.

If only the Yankees could have been playing. They could have lost too. And the Knicks have been the WORST team in basketball for 20 years.

Misty said...

I love C.C.'s Monday puzzles, but have also learned that they're not speed-runs. The lower SE challenged me especially, as well the NW and NE. But in the end I got it all, yelled "Yay!", and especially loved the theme. So, many thanks, C.C., and you too, Argyle, as always.

Have a great week, everybody!

C6D6 Peg said...

Nice, crunchy start to the week. Loved the puzzle, C.C.

Thanks, Argyle, for the great write-up. Loved the NZ Pic!

Old Okie said...

There just should have been an x wife in this puzzle somewhere.

Argyle said...

I have added the following video to my write-up. Beale Street: Then and Now(3:10). I was there in '65 and most of old Beale Street was gone. Very disappointed.

Nice Cuppa said...

Crunchier and Crunchier, CC.

• Welcome back OWEN. That was quite a PLUG.

• ETCH is OK for "carve in stone"; although it seems to be an older usage, associated with Celtish runes and all that stuff.

• Haven't seen OLLA for a while.

• I never heard of TROMP. I tried TRUMP and STOMP (it sounds like a combination of the two), but I see now that TROMP is North American, but defined in my MacDict. as "walk heavily, stamp (one's feet) or dance". STOMP ON = STAMP ON is the closest my dictionary gets to the clue, but I see that CanadianEh just used TROMP as a stand-alone transitive verb. So my dictionary is out of date.

• New Zealand was the last major land mass (other than Antarctica) to be occupied by humans - 13th century.

• I did not grow up with SPOT, so did not get the connection to SPEAK.

• Were all Latter-day Saints MORMONS? Does the LDS Church still canonize people - i.e. are there any present-day Latter Day Saints? Just wondering.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Pretty much What Misty Said. I prefer Monday puzzles that take just a bit more thinkin', like this one.

Temporary brain glitch when I tried to fit in Basin Street. Wrong music, wrong town.

Spectacular day here in W. Mass. We've taken a page from Bill G's book and ridden bikes to our favorite café, via the splendid rail trail. Wish we could get the trail connected in my home town, purportedly the last missing link between Vermont and Connecticut. It's not for lack of trying; we've been negotiating with the railroad for years. The trouble, as ever, is money (plus a few cranky abutters).

desper-otto said...

Dudley, what is this "rail trail" thing? Is it a bike trail along the railroad right of way? Or is it a way to make a commute partway by bike and partway by rail? Or is it something completely different? Please elucidate.

CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, that upper NE corner had me going for a while


Well, whatever makes the theme work...

Welcome back Owen!

Desper-otto, I hear ya, Health care in this country is becoming a disgrace...

I was thinking of posting an X-ray of a sexy model for Splynter,
but I better not...

Argyle! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Your post revealed to me something that has been driving nuts for years!
In the song Walking in Memphis he says walking 10 feet of a beale. I always thought he was talking about some kind of southern levee or dam. I even tried to look it up, but not knowing the correct spelling I was stymied.

Floating down Beale street! Of course, now it makes sense!

Jayce said...

I concur with Husker Gary: I love how C.C.’s mind works! Enjoyed the heck out of solving the puzzle today. I smiled at the clues for FORTY and CHIANTI. C.C. is a very imaginative person.

Man oh man yesterday was a long day! Setting the clock back an hour didn't really give LW and me an extra hour of sleep, since we awoke at our accustomed biological times. All it did was make the day one hour longer. Strange to "know" it's lunch time and see that it's only 11:00. I wish we'd simply do away with DST and keep our clocks unmodified throughout the year. Arizonies got it right.

I read up on the Wyoming "gash" yesterday, in response to PK's comment. It's caused by mudslides, not earthquakes or other earth-shaking phenomena. Rest easy.

Best wishes to you all.

AnonymousPVX said...

I enjoyed this puzzle quite a bit. That's despite the fact that I had to take a nap last evening because of the clock change. It's official, I'm old. But a good thing I did or I would have never been able to watch the whole game.

KC beat the Mets because KC is a complete team, not reliant on any one phase of the game to succeed. I thought the Mets did well to get to the Series.

coneyro said...

Not much of a NY fan, I guess....

coneyro said...

WEES about the difficulty level for a Monday. But got 're done.


Theme was quite easy.

Can't wait for the new X-FILES.

Sorry about the Mets. KC really earned their win.

Now that it gets light by 6 A.M. I'm not getting enough rest . As soon as the sun comes out, I'm up. Not sleeping through the night either. I toss and turn.

Turned on Ash vs. Evil Dead because I love actor Bruce Campbell. Wow...pretty graphic sex and violence. Didn't know if I should laugh or throw up.
They renewed it for a second season even before the first episode aired. Can't account for some peoples' tastes.

That all from me today.

Yellowrocks said...

Hello again, old friends. CC, thanks for another great puzzle, and thanks Argyle for your comments and great pictures.
I was sorry to see the Mets get TROMPed in the series. (TROMP means to stomp on and also to defeat soundly, to trounce.) Unfortunately my Mets deserved it. So many FATAL fielding errors and so little hitting. But, at least, they made it to the Series.
I liked the little bit of bite in this puzzle, but it still was a quickie, almost as fast as a usual Monday, using the perps. A puzzle needing no perps is fairly lame. There were no unknowns.
The POLLENS may be gone, but the molds and allergies endure.
Although it is most common to ETCH with acid, ETCH can also mean to deeply inscribe, not necessarily with acid.

Yellowrocks said...

Alan's herniated cervical disc, as seen on his MRI, has been causing him great pain for two or more weeks. He has not gone to work or the gym in all this time. We finally have an appointment with a neurosurgeon tomorrow. I fear an operation is almost inevitable. He also has excruciating headaches which could be caused by the disc or another condition which we are treating with no success. With Alan there is never a simple diagnosis and his communication handicap always makes it more difficult. I have felt becalmed and shut down for a while, but I am getting my moxie back.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hey CC!

A recent computer crash made me go thru some old hard drives
& I managed to find a copy of that picture that Shutterfly somehow deleted.

CED Camping with Crosswords...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

C.C.(C). does it Agaaaain! (@3:30) I loved this puzzle. WEES, just the right amount of crunch to kick you head in gear on a Monday (esp after a late WS Game 5).

My struggle w/ in the N. Central - HMO, wait... PPO, no HMO, lord, haROD, ink, ink, ink. Got it done in the end, but there's a 1/4 pen up there. 15a, new to me - ESP.

Thanks Argyle for the writeup - and the music. I loves me some music and BEALE St. is where all the good (for me) stuff started - the Brits copied the Blues and came back at us w/ Beatles, Stones,

Other than the N. Central, my only other w/o was putting the U in FORTY. I always forget that we forget the U when four X 10.

Favs - There's not just one. The juxtaposition of TROMPSs & STOOLIE made me think of the Three Stooges. Also FATAL error from SPAMS mirrored. TOYS R US (in my neighb'a'hood is was TOYS B US). And JUST FOR xMEN must by claw dye. Fun, fun, fun.

OKL - I, for one, missed you. And I'm going to appropriate today's prose for my office wall (though sex will be replaced w/ "he couldn't flex"). Welcome back.

NC - LOL present-day latter-day saints :-)

HG - The TUNES IN clip reminded me of WKRP. Don't worry, I can't link it - it's behind HULU's paywall.

CED - if only that W.E. Coyote's DHS HMO sign were true! On the way back from Vegas, I asked the "swoosh"-box operator, "Hey, are my ribs broken or just bruised?" She was not amused nor told me...*

Cheers, -T
*System Sadness ensues when you know they can see your teeny-bits but won't tell you about your ribs.

Husker Gary said...

Tony -Try this for a WKRP hit

TTP said...

Hi all.

Thank you CC and Argyle. Crunchy Monday and well-explained. Perfect.

Boomer and I were both GRUNTS. Groundpounders. Still have the shin splints.

Did the puzzle very, very early this morning, and then got the call for 18 as I was about to catch up on the sleep I missed last night.

Beautiful day on the course. Canadian Eh, one of the guys marks with a Toonie. First one I've seen.

Congrats to the Royals and kudos to the Mets.

D-O, in Chicagoland, there are miles and miles of old rail lines that have been converted for public benefit. The
Illinois prairie path would be one example. One access to The Great Western Trail is about a half mile away. I would surmise Dudley is talking about similar reclamation.

PK said...

Jayce, I read what the experts claimed. I'm just skeptical because it doesn't look like mudslides to me. It looks like a splitting apart to me. Maybe followed by earth slides. "It just don't look right to me." But then I don't buy the official cause of the forming of Grand Canyon either. I stood on the rim and got an entirely psychic vibe, revelation, whatever you call it of the ground splitting and shaking. So much for scientific knowledge...

Hang in there, Yellowrocks! I've been wondering what was going on in your house. Thanks for letting us know. Hugs!

CrossEyedDave said...

Welcome back Yellowrocks!

HG, I enjoyed that WKRP Episode!

I remember walking old rail tracks in New Hampshire,
(The woods were so thick.)
You walk for two miles, take a slight bend, walk another two miles...

& at some point, you just have to take a leak...

fermatprime said...


Thanks very much, CC and Santa!

Nice theme.

No problems!

Cute one, Owen!

Still sick. Chest cold holds on.

YR: So sorry about Alan. My often horrid backache was really bothering me yesterday also.


SwampCat said...

Late to the dance.....but just had to say how much I enjoyed this slog and the explanation of it! I struggled, but it was fun. Thanks C.C. And Argyle!

Owen! Missed ya!! Welcome back. And thanks for today's clever verse.

I'm still recovering from the Saints/Giants slugfest! So many records broken....14 touchdowns between them. Brees had 7 for 511 yards. (Two records there). It was exhausting! But fun to watch. Aging Marcus Colston looked like a teenager! Has he been rejuvenated? Maybe yes, maybe no. But he reminded us yesterday why he is one of the best receivers ever.

Eli and Drew seemed to be in some sort of personal competition, and the players around them didn't matter, except to catch all those passes!! 14 touchdowns ?? In ONE game?? Wildest game I have ever seem!

Lemonade714 said...


Drew actually threw 8 touchdown passes if you count the pick six. A new record for sure.
This was Drew's second 500 yard game (510 in 2006) but not a threat to Norm Van Brocklin's 554 in 1951.

Dudley said...

D Otto 12:10 - it's what TTP said. The Norwottuck Rail Trail is part of a local network of bike paths built over retired railroad beds.

SwampCat said...

Eeewwwww! Lemony! Naughty naughty! Yes, there has been lots of discussion of where to place that "extra" TD. That's why stats are so ...well...fluid!

You must be a Giants fan. Actually, Eli had a famtastic game. How can you throw 6 TD passes...and Lose?? Unfair, somehow.

And Drew's second 500 game is one of only two....Big Ben being the only other QB with two 500 yard games. So, while I give homage to Norm Van Brocklin for his 554, he only did it once. Our guy hit 500 twice. ( I really don't like stats. They are only numbers proving nothing. But fun to argue about!)

Fun competing with you!!

Bill G. said...

Geez, I miss WKRP.

We had a little rain, just enough to spoil my bike ride. On the way to get espresso, I saw a bright rainbow. I told somebody I knew at the coffee shop. She said Cool. I had to talk her into closing her laptop and actually walking 10 steps to look at it. Geez...

I just watched the young boy, Tate, on Ellen. His heart was defective and he finally got the word that a new heart was available. He went through hours of surgery and is now on the mend, anxious to see the new movie about Finding Dory. What a wonderful outcome. I'm running out of tears.

I asked the waitress, "Is this milk fresh?"
She answered, "Mister, three hours ago it was grass."

Anonymous T said...

HG - Thank you for my WKRP hit... There's plenty of sidelinks so I'll main-line that stuff...

Wow, it's so weird that you can read & edit & edit ones post and still have 3 typos.

Bill G. - Milk joke is cute. Thanks. Cheers, -T

PK said...

CED, I was surprised to see the wooden railroad ties on the hiking trail. Here they pulled up the rails on the abandoned lines, then pulled up the ties to sell for landscaping. The former owner of my house here used ties for a sort of retaining wall on one side of the terraced yard. I never heard a price on them, but they must have been expensive enough to make it worth all the work of collecting those heavy creosote-soaked square "logs". Out here on the prairie there has been opposition to the hiking trails through farm lands because farmers don't want strangers in their crops and trash to cause problems. There have been more built in the eastern part of the state. My son-in-law is a fanatic biker and is affiliated with a group who are trying to get these built. Been pretty successful.

Anonymous T said...

HG - I'm totaly ODin' on old sitcoms side-side-bar'd in your WKRP link. Mork meets Robin Williams is surreal and honest (if you read his daughter's book or watched him on Inside the Actor's Studio).

CED - The trail leakers are funny. When I do the MS 150 (HOU to Austin ride) you'll see a line o' guys doing just that on the side of the road. What blows your brain is seeing a female do it just beyond the hedge. (hey, I'm not a fast rider, I notice stuff...)

PK/TTP - Bro in CHI has those trails he likes to ride. As I undertand they just put asphalt over the ties. He can ride from Naperville almost to the city. Me, I'll just do the 4.3 mile trek around the MASTER-planned community - at least then I know where the beer is :-)

Good to see you back YR; I've so many grammar questions :-). I'm sorry for Alan's (and your) troubles though. Vent here; we love.

C, -T

Anonymous T said...

Aha - here it is Inside the Actor's Studio w/ Robin WIlliams if you have 1h 31m. Cheers, -T