Jan 1, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016, Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: Happy New Year! Oops. No. New year resolutions! Nope. OK, I get it....

Let's put away the holiday decorations; but where? How fun!

We have five common phrases with the last word a place you can store things, with each clued humorously to create new images. I had a hard time parsing the JUST IN to reflect newest until I said it out loud, removing Justin from my brain. This is my second PAK puzzle, the other from December, 2010. Most of her puzzles are Sunday efforts but this is clearly a Friday with some deceptive cluing and some hard to remember fill. There was not much in long fill outside the theme, BB SHOT, a bit of crosswordese, EDEN, À LA. Off we go into 2016.

17A. Where to keep the newest merchandise? : JUST IN CASE (10). This gave me such a hard time. Of course the phrase has nothing to do with that kind of case, which is where the humor is.

26A. Where to keep papal headgear? : MITER BOX (8).  Really cute, and I will defer to Splynter for discussion of the original meaning.

38A. Where to keep bustiers and halters? : TOP DRAWER (9). Again a phrase that has nothing to do with the storage space morphs into where women keep their tops.

53A. Where to keep tunes? : DITTY BAG (8) The last two do not have same dramatic change as ditty bag holds ditties both way. A tough fill unless you are familiar with either the musical definition LINK,  or the new ONE.

64A. Where to keep clock components? : HAND BASKET (10). Well this puzzle went to hell quickly, though a basket filled with the hands from clocks is a cute image.


1. Prynne punishment : RED A. Scarlett letter actually for Hester.

5. Family that wrote a lot of notes : BACHS. An amazingly prolific FAMILY.

10. Chief of Staff after Haldeman : HAIG. Alexander quite famous for I'M IN CHARGE.

14. Summer quenchers : ADES. Cool we begin the year with a CSO to me.

15. Let go : ALLOW.

16. It's all around you : AURA. It certainly seemed so in the 60's and 70's.

19. Tabloid perennial : IDOL. Simon Cowell is coming to AGOT!

20. Circus couple? : CEES.

21. Strength : SINEW.  Really?

23. Andalusian article : UNA.

24. Fictional destroyer of Chamberlain, Maine : CARRIE. Maine and you know it is Stephen King.
28. Powerful Giant : OTT. Mel and all his home runs.

29. Green eggs advocate : SAM. But they need Ham...

31. Food Channel adjective : SAVORY.

32. High flat : MESA.

34. "American Pastoral" Pulitzer-winning author : ROTH. Philip has written so many books but this ONE earned him the Pulitzer Prize.

37. Actress Russo : RENE. She is 61
41. Long, long time : AEON.

43. No hassle : EASE.

44. Cheek : SASS.

48. Sponge : ABSORB.

50. Super __ : PAC.

52. Sign of summer : LEO. and the Clecho 61A. Sign-changing area : CUSP.

56. Church counter? : ROSARY. Beads me what this means.

58. Styled after : À LA.

59. Big name in beauty : ESTEE. Let's praise her in Latin. I love inter-lingual puns.

62. Sees : GETS. Mira!

67. DOE division?: Abbr. : ENERgy.

68. End of a host's query : OR TEA? Coffee or?

69. Hair piece : HANK. Not a toupee.

70. Hill meeting: Abbr. : SESSion. Capitol Hill.

71. Quaint retort : 'TIS'NT. Again so soon after yesterday's 'Tis.

72. Enjoying a lot : IN TO.


1. Koothrappali on "The Big Bang Theory" : RAJ.
2. Teach : EDUCATE. Happy New year especially to all here who TEACH. The world depends on you.

3. Leaves without leave : DESERTS. The military.

4. Daisy lookalike : ASTER. Aster to the left

5. Proscription : BAN.

6. MLB best-of-seven series : ALCSAmerican League Championship Series.

7. Assertion : CLAIM.

8. Egypt's Mubarak : HOSNI. No way to COMMENT.

9. Candy : SWEETS. I still miss HIM.

10. Osaka okay : HAI. Yes in Japanese.

11. "The Birds of America" author : AUDUBON.

12. You can dig it : IRON ORE. Very vague but it is Friday.

13. Place to see stars : GALAXY. Riding in an old Ford?

18. Goddess with cow's horns : ISIS.

22. "__ Family": 1979 R &B hit : WE ARE.
24. Dot follower? : COM.

25. Tombstone VIP : EARP. Wyatt. I liked Hugh O' Brian better. He is still alive and married for the first time at age 81.

27. Camping enthusiasts, for short : RV'ERS.

30. How it's done : MODE.

33. Reveling, after "on" : A TOOT.

35. Vocal syllable : TRA. LA LA Linda.

36. Door fastener : HASP.

39. Deli request : ON RYE.

40. Common sign of age : WEAR. And tear.

41. Kansas site of the Eisenhower Presidential Library : ABILENE. The town also had Wild Bill Hickok as Marshall for a while and 186 miles from Dodge City.

42. They're left behind : ESTATES. Real property, probate and estate current life.

45. Yakutat native : ALASKAN. Just a simple guess.

46. Garden snake? : SERPENT. Which helps with 60D. Utopia : EDEN.

47. __ sauce : SOY. Do you use it with your 57D. Bite-sized Asian dish : SUSHI.

48. Words from the wise : ADAGES.

49. Red Ryder ammo : B B SHOT. Did you watch the marathon A CHRISTMAS STORY? (2:12).

51. 1952 "Your Show of Shows" Emmy winner : COCA.

54. Arcade pioneer : ATARI.

55. Fellows : GENTS.

63. Gp. receiving diplomas : SRS.

65. Cavern critter : BAT.

66. Ring ruling : TKOTechnical Knock Out.

Technical or otherwise I am out of here; I thank PAK for starting us in the New Year; thank you C.C. for still being here after almost 8 years and all of those who read and write and those who just read: may 2016 be a banner year for all. Lemonade out.


OwenKL said...

Jackalope, Jackalope!

First day of a new year as well as a new month seems to call for something grander than just white rabbits.

For a Friday, this puzzle wasn't too bad. The lack of a ta-da alerted me that I had a typo, but I don't count typos as keeping me from having FIR as long as I can find it without red letters.

My favorite computer many years ago (tho it seems like yesterday -- and even that is last year) was the ATARI ST. The ST stood for SixTeen bit processing. I used that to develop accounting software that I tried to market. I named the program ESTEÉ Fred. When I finally had to admit the ST was obsolete, I ported it over to a PC clone and renamed it Chloé Fred.

OwenKL said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. Been feeling a bit muzzy-headed for some reason. Best I could come up with was couplets:

Is a joke so old it should be out to clover.

A food component in obese disrepute
Is gluten, which goes right to your GLUTES.

Let's see if my Muses and I are feeling better today.

Once nights were dark, and the stars that one SEES
Were dot-to-dot shapes that mapped GALAXIES.
LEO, and Libra, and Aquarius
Zodiac arcs that met at their CUSPS,
Ruled by Moon phases, bright ovals and CEES!
(And Luna was covered by waterless seas.)

The Dragon is coming, pray your ROSARY,
He'll feast on the pious, the sluts he'll set free!
The girls with most SASS
He'll save until last.
It's virgins he CLAIMS are most SAVORY!

In the Garden of EDEN 'TIS said was a SERPENT
Whose eye was on Eve, with an evil intent.
He gave her some fruit
(A banana or cuke)
That made Adam jealous of the way it was bent!

fermatprime said...


Happy New Year!

Thanks Pamela, Lemonade!

Nice puzzle. ALCS was perped. Otherwise no problems. Cute theme!<
Missed Sherlock tonight. Hope it is on again. Anyone see it?


Dudley said...

Rabbit Rabbit

desper-otto said...

Happy New Year!

This was a softball, compared to yesterday. My only missteps were CUP DRAWER (Hey, it made sense!) and AUDOBON. Perps to the rescue.

First order of business -- pay the property taxes. That bill's been gathering dust on my desk since September. By paying late one year and early the next, I can double-up with two tax payments in the same tax year. That leads to itemizing in alternate years.

Lemonade, you've provided the first ear-worm of the new year...."Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp, brave, courageous and bold. Long live his fame, and long live his glory, and long may his story be told." Pam Amick Klawitter also provided an ear-worm with Abilene -- George Hamilton IV, complete with the Anita Kerr Singers.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a Happy New Year)!

Odd solve for me today. I figured the theme had to do with puns, but I couldn't make sense of JUSTINCASE while solving and DITTY BAG meant absolutely nothing to me. After the solve I stared at JUSTINCASE until I finally parsed it correctly as a CASE for things that are JUST IN, so that was nice. Still no idea on what DITTY BAG was supposed to be until I got here, though. Not exactly a "common phrase" as far as I'm concerned, but maybe I just need to get out more.

My worst stumble actually was due to a very tiny thing. I just had trouble accepting that ALLOW could mean "Let go." "Let," sure. But "let go"? I was sure there must be a trick I wasn't getting, and so I left it blank until the perps forced it upon me.

I enjoyed sussing out 24A. When I saw the clue I figured it had to be related to a Steven King story, and it was just a matter of getting enough perps to figure out which one.

Anonymous said...

Aren't 6D and 67A crossword fouls? Part of the answer in the clue: "Series" reduced to S; E expanded to ENER[gy]. And since when is ENER[gy] a division of the Department of Energy? It's the whole thing, isn't it?

thehondohurricane said...

My New years wish came to pass, a doable Friday puzzle to begin the year. My resolution CARRIEs into next week. Started out with RED A because somewhere along the line I read the Scarlet Letter. My recollection is I did not care for it.

HAIG was a gimme. Not sure, but I think at he was a resident of Connecticut when he was on Reagan's staff.

I really tried to make doggy bag work, but DITTY BAG forced it's way in.

Liked the clever misdirection clued for 20A.

The only reason HANK survived was because the perps were solid.

Red Ryder and his pal Little Beaver were a favorite in my early years.

Argyle said...

Kyre Banorg, Kyre Banorg

Let go - ALLOW I saw this as like let go on a date - allow on a date

Anonymous said...

One of the first things issued to a new recruit in the navy is his ditty bag.

inanehiker said...

Very clever puzzle/ theme - thanks Pam and for the write-up Lemonade!
My grandma always kept her sewing notions in a DITTY BAG so that was "in my wheelhouse" as they say.
Our city is small enough that we don't get a paper on the holidays, so did this online
and got the TADA out loud for once and not just in my head!

Happy New Year everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was relatively easy for a Friday. Caught the theme early, which helped with the overall solve. Did have lock before hank, though.

Ferm, Sherlock was a repeat.

Anon T from last night: I enjoyed that list of should-be banished words and the one that sticks out like a sore thumb, to me anyway, is SO. I have been aware of this affectation, or whatever one wants to call it, for quite awhile. It has gotten very annoying to hear every answer or statement begin with So. "What do you think of the new Star Wars movie?" So, I was really impressed. "What did you have for dinner"? So, I had Chinese. Arrrgh! It IS like nails on a blackboard, IMO.

Thanks, PAK, for a fun beginning to 2016, and thanks, Lemony, for the sparking review.

Happy New Year everyone!

Husker Gary said...

Changing EASY to EASE was my only hesitation and those words are applicable to the puzzle.

-MITRED Pope cleared for takeoff
-Our first chore in a hotel room is to hang up our DITTY bags
-Does RED = Scarlet?
-CARRIE got revenge for every wallflower
-I remember gorgeous RENE falling for losers in this movie and in this movie
-My MIL’s best friend had a son who was a SPONGE until the day his mom died
-Gary, quit complaining about ENER, it’s not going away
-I’m really INTO college football and so today…
-All baseball fans will know this man and his “WE ARE FAMILY” team
-Joann and I have wondered how long we would last cooped up in an RV
-Ike’s library is the least interesting one I’ve ever visited
-My kids all say GARDENER snake not GARTER snake
-What song told of a lovely woman made from “a hank o' hair and a piece o' bone”

desper-otto said...

Anon@9:25 -- And one of the first things taken away from a new recruit is the bag of toiletries donated/passed out by the Salvation Army or some such charitable organization upon arrival at the recruit training center. What a waste!

Argyle, in that same vein, it wasn't what I expected, but I let it go. I allowed it.

desper-otto said...

Husker, she was a walkin', talkiin' Honeycomb.

SwampCat said...

Thumper, thumper!

The write - up was fun, Lemon. Loved your reaction to Church Counter!

Big Easy said...

Happy New Year to all. And why are some of you up so early today?

This one flowed fairly easily after I got the gimmick at JUST IN CASE (I remember an insurance company whose spokesman was JUSTIN CASE). I've never heard the term ATOOT or A TOOT so that was all perps and my three other unknowns- CARRIE, RAJ, and COCA were easy to guess. I did guess wrong on 64A by writing KIT before BASKET overtook it. And then is it MITER or MITRE- I've seen it both ways.

ISIS- a Goddess, a Mardi Gras Krewe, or bunch of wackos

Two gimmes---I passed Mel OTT Park in Gretna about 12:30 this morning on my way back from a New Years Party. And I try to go to AUDUBON Park at least twice a week to start my bicycle trips up and down the Mississippi River levee, and the water is rising rapidly.

WE ARE Family- I remember a baseball team using that term and the song years ago.

Anon- I agree with you on the DOE and ENER but the clue of 6D starts with MBL so ALCS is a logical answer in crosswordese land.

CanadianEh! said...

Good start to the New Year. Thanks Pam and Lemon.

WES re Easy before EASE,DITTY BAG, light-bulb moment understanding ALLOW.

I was On a High before ON A TOOT but kept the revelry low key last night.

15A reminded me of Let it Go from Frozen.

Sign of summer was LEO because Cancer and Virgo wouldn't fit.

A Christmas Story was filmed in Canada (a Toronto studio and Schoolyard scene in St. Catharines).

Happy New Year to all at the Corner!

Lucina said...

Happy New Year!

Thank you, PAK, for a lovely Friday puzzle! I was on her wave length almost immediately and sashayed through until the middle where ROTH stopped me for a long while. So, like a SERPENT, I slithered downwards and filled that area, noting the theme which helped with BAG and BASKET. Very clever!

LOL at your ROSARY comment, Lemonade. ALASKAN was a pure WAG because Yakutat sounded like Inuit.

Thank you, Lemonade, for your wise words and I look forward to your commentary the rest of the year.

The last few days I haven't posted because they were very busy days, cooking and partying with friends. I worked the puzzles late at night, read your comments and went to bed. Yesterday's was a real bear and much harder than today's puzzle, IMHO.

Have a stupendous day, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

Lemon, great expo, as always. You never disappoint me. I loved this theme. Papal headgear had to be MITER, hence MITER BOX was my tip off to the theme. I puzzled a while over JUST IN, until I remembered new merchandise is JUST IN.
Years ago our church ladies sewed DITTY BAGS and filled them with toiletries for nursing home residents.
My take on LET GO = ALLOW was, "You missed your curfew by 10 minutes, but I will LET it GO for this time."
I changed LOCK to HANK after being held up for a while. My last fill was changing EASY to EASE.
Gary, that whole panel of colors could be called REDS.
Speaking of RVers, I miss my tent, lying there, smelling the forest air and hearing the wind soughing in the tree tops. My knees won't allow me to hammer in the tent stakes or the screen house stakes, so we settle for a very rustic cabin. An RV is too removed from nature for my taste and backing one up into a small slot is scary for me.
No nit with SINEW.
A very happy and healthy new year to all of you Cornerite friends.

Tinbeni said...

Pinch, Pinch ...


Lemon: Nice write-up and links. Good Job !
PAK: Thank You for a FUN first-day-of-the-year puzzle.
(Felt more like a Wednesday than a Friday Level ... )

Off to Honeymoon Island and a walk on the "dog beach" ... yeah, it's sunny and 79 degrees.
I think the dogs like the beach more than the people.


Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

What a great start to the New Year. Wow, do I love this theme!!!

I have a couple of nits, but will let them go, as per 15 A.

Since some are having trouble sussing 67 A - Note the question mark in the clue. That's a hint that something is awry - so don't be too literal. In this case, you get "division" by parsing, i.e. DIVIDING the DOE abbrv into its base words:


Then, ENER is an abbrv for one of these divisions.

Now I hope each of you GETS [62 A] it.

Always look for a quirk when there is a "?" at the end of the clue.

And think long and hard before you claim to have caught Rich in a gaffe.
1) It's a rare event, and
2) He's smarter than you think you are.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Cool regards!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What a nice way to start a new year, with a Pamick Puzzle!

Hand up for being slow to parse Just In Case, but when that light came on, it led the way to speedier solving of the other theme clues. Morning, Lemon, thanks for Rene!

Howdy Argyle, that rabbit's got a mean streak a mile wide.

I hope everyone had fun last night. We took in our usual First Night celebration in a nearby city famous for arts and culture. Over the course of the day and evening, there are dozens of musical performances to choose among. We made sure to line up early for the local high school a Capella group - they're wildly popular among locals, and they pack the house every time. Those kids are talented!

Now it's time to listen to the traditional New Year's Day Concert from the Musikverein in Vienna. We tried to visit the beautiful building in October, but there wasn't quite enough time - had to settle for a glimpse from the window of a bus.

inanehiker said...

@Fermatprime - the NEW episode of Sherlock is on PBS tonight- you haven't missed it!!

Irish Miss said...

Ferm: Sorry. I confused Sherlock with Elementary. Elementary was the repeat I referred to, not Sherlock. (Thank you, InanehikerI.). I'm starting the New Year off on the wrong foot!

Misty said...

Yay! I got it, I got it! It took me a while, and I needed a Sudoku break before finally tackling that tough SE corner, but in the end it all fell into place--a perfect way to greet the New Year!

Have a wonderful 2016, everybody! And thank you, C.C., Lemonade, and Pam for getting us all off to a great start!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

HNY everybody! Hope this one's your best ever!

The DW and I spent a quiet evening welcoming in the New Year; got up and had a nice 45 minute power walk that was bisected by a stop for the paper; I didn't recognize the constructor (PAK), but her clues were very clever and made it easier to solve than I expected - similarly, today's Sudoku was less "Friday-like". Perhaps today's puzzlers wanted us to start the year off with a "solve", rather than have us be frustrated (like I sometimes am on Friday)

WEES, the JUST IN CASE was a head scratcher; my only ink blots were in 41d as I misspelled ABILENE (had a third E), and for some reason I lightly inked PAAR into 51d before perps revealed COCA. As I had not quite come into being then, I don't feel bad for missing! BTW RENE Russo and I share the same birthday though I'm a year older. She does look pretty good ... also, I was a big fan of the Pirates back in the '70's, so the WE ARE Family clue/solve was a no-brainer. I met Willie Stargell once - the man was huge! When I shook his hand, mine was about half the size of his

Favorite clue was 61a (sign-changing area = CUSP). Thanks PAK, and of course to Lemon for the explanation.

coneyro said...

A happy and healthy New Year to all!

Vidwan827 said...

Happy New Year to all. Thanks Pam for a wonderful puzzle, and ofcourse, Lemonade, my favorite twin, who is also an year older - like us all. Enjoyed your blog. Keep well.

I especially like your 'tribute to Teachers'. The median salaries paid to teachers as compared to the median salaries of all professions, is probably how much we value them.

CrossEyedDave said...

Feematprime, daughter #2 say Sherlock is on PBS at nine tonight! Can't wait!

Irish Miss, sorry, I only just saw your post.
(I didn't get up until 11am. )
Spent most of last night driving, but did manage to spend the new year countdown at our favorite restaurant.

I am currently south if Tinbeni, SW of Chairman Moe, & very close to Sallie.

PK said...

Happy New Year, Y'all! This puzzle was so much easier than yesterday's, I decided Rich planned to have the hard one before anyone turned to drink to EASE frustration. He gave us an easy one today in case imbibers were hung over. (I wasn't, but foggy anyway.) A real treat, Pam. Good one, Lemony.

I recognized the Hester Prynne connection, but tried "shun" which gave me a clue by turning A RED. Duh! Should have gotten RAJ from the decidedly Indian name, but had to perp it.

Notes written by a family were musical but didn't get that until the "H" stayed black in an alphabet run. Duh #3.

HOSNI? His mom didn't like him to name him that?

ABILENE was a gimmee and is a very pretty little town. I also lived near Abilene, TX at one time. Ike lived there awhile too.

Is it just me or does anyone else look at that bas relief of ISIS Lemonade linked and think she had a mastectomy? It just don't look right.

After being executor of two ESTATEs in a three year period, I vowed never to marry again. Grief turns some people nastier.

Completed the puzzle and got no TADA. Couldn't see why. Then I realized I'd turned off the sound to escape an annoying sounding ad.

RE Dubai spectacular high rise fire: What is there to burn like that on a skyscraper? I thought they were mostly cement.

Pat said...

Happy New Year to my Corner friends! Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun!

This started off as a Friday speed run, but ended up being a DNF. It is still one of the best Friday's I've had. Thanks for the challenge, PAK, and thanks for correcting my paper, Lemonade!

The shelters' Executive Director's son was marching in the Rose Parade so I watched it for a change. I watched on HGTV and enjoyed the descriptions of the natural materials that were used on the floats and how much of them were needed. Massive projects!

Have a great day and a wonderful year!


Freond said...

Good tough puzzle today. Lots of erasing but managed to finish. Theme was cute and helpful.

Anonymous T said...

Happy New Year All!

I don't know if the paperboy partied too much last night but I had to run to the corner store to get the paper. I didn't see papers in other's yards on my way there either.

Doh! Sloppiness got me today. 69a - Hair piece == miNK; I thought it was a clever c/a pair and moved on.

Thanks Pam for a fun puzzle and thanks Lem for pointing out my error (when I saw I WAG'd the O right in ROTH I started my happy dance. HANK soured that).

Other Wo/s: DEpaRTS @ 2d; RunwaY b/f GALAXY, loft like an APT, @32a (I thought that was clever too - high flat :-). Bzzt.)

I'm so glad 31a wasn't Yummmo or some such.

CARRIE was cute: Diane Rehm was interviewing Stephen King (re-run) while I was doing this.

Near fav: 12d c/a pair. I dig, er GETS it.

Fav: ALA and MODE in the same pzl; one scoop or two?

Thanks C, Eh? For putting A TOOT into context; never heard it but it makes sense now.

HG - Funny Papal pic.

Welcome back OKL; you're saving all from my Vogon-verse.

Cheers, -T

Dudley said...

-T -

Vogon-verse, hah hah! Nice reference.

Spitzboov said...

Happy New Year everyone.

I agree with Anon @0741 and Big Easy. Not the cleanest puzzle. ATOOT seemed quite amorphous. Otherwise, reasonably easy for a Friday. Favorite clue was for CUSP.

Hungry Mother said...

Very nice, very doable; good start for 2016.

Jayce said...

Happy New Year, all. Fun puzzle, but I agree it maybe wasn't one of Pam's best.

Bill G. said...

So far, Iowa looks overmatched.

Isn't it an amazing coincidence that rain is expected several days next week but there's nothing but blue skies and beautiful sunshine when it's Rose Parade and Rose Bowl time.

Yellowrocks said...

I really liked this puzzle. Thanks, Pam. No pan from me.
Canadian Eh, on a toot is American, too. I have often heard and read it, though it probably is a bit old fashioned.I suppose because of my age I know many old fashioned words.

Alan has made a good start on a healthy new year. He had his cervical epidural on Wed.and has been blessedly pain free for the past three days with just a slight normal irritation where the needle was inserted. These are the first pain free days in almost three months. although the pain has been lessening. He may or may not need another epidural, but I believe an operation is not likely to be needed, so needless to say, my stress level, as well as his, is decreasing.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Pam Amick Klawitter, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

I agree with others. This was easier than Thursday's puzzle. I finished Thursday's today and then did this one.

I kind of bounced around and got a word here and there. Finally it was done.

Theme was easy and very clever. Good clues.

Tried TREATS for 9D. Later on SWEETS became the word. 1st inkblot.

Tried EASY for 43A. WEAR fixed that to EASE. 2nd inkblot.

Had A HOOT before TOP DRAWER changed that to A TOOT. 3rd inkblot.

ABILENE was easy. I just sent in a donation to support the Ike Library. Got a neat hat too!

Thought SERPENT was very clever.

Never heard of ROTH, the author, but the perps were solid.

Next I have to go to the Thursday puzzle blog and report in.

See you tomorrow.


( )

CrossEyedDave said...


Stupid iPhone!

I copy and it won't paste!

Chickie said...

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!
I felt this was an easier puzzle than yesterday, but still had some of the same problems as others. Easy just wouldn't change, so I had a DNF with Ease/Wear crossing. Wanted Super Pro not Pac. However, I "Got" the theme so felt good about that.

Rose Bowl is a take away for Stanford. Sorry that it is not really a very interesting game, except that Stanford was our favorite to win, of course.

We still have my husband's childhood Red Ryder BB Gun. It is a forbidden toy in our household--no guns of any kind, real or toy, allowed--but we can't quite get rid of it. It is probably a classic now. My husband tells tales, as a child, of shooting out the street light opposite his upstairs bedroom window. We won't tell our grandchildren that tale.

Have a great rest of the first day of this new year.

Lemonade714 said...

CED welcome to Florida; Moe enjoy your first east coast holidays and everyone thank you all for showing up and commenting. I hope this is a healthy year for all and Alan's pain free start should be a good omen for us.

We went to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens which transported me back to my 20's when the first one was released. I loved it in IMAX.

Avg Joe said...

An interesting challenge today. Made some of the same mistakes mentioned, most notably easy in lieu of ease and difficulty sussing Just in instead of Justin. But it worked out and was enjoyable.

Yup. Iowa is getting their asses handed to them. One of our sons has strong ties to Palo Alto and is currently living in Iowa City. So it's a matter of the "home team" for both sides. At this stage, I have to believe that the Cardinal has it, the touchdown in the past few seconds notwithstanding. I'd hoped for a better game. But at least the earlier OSU/ND game was a decent contest.

Justin Case said...

I parsed 17-Across as Justin Case.

PK said...

Just in case I win some JUSTIN CASE Designer Underwear, I'm wondering how many are in a 12 mo. supply? 365 never to be washed or 7 wear-and-wash. They should make this clear before asking us to sign up.

Beach Bum said...

My wife and I like to camp. Camp, as in, pitch a tent and sleep in sleeping bags camping. I don't know what RVers do, but it ain't camping. In fact, most people buy RVs because they are decidedly UNenthusiastic about camping.

Anonymous T said...

DW & I finally watched Mr. Robot (eps1.0 thru 1.4). Meh. DW liked it. It might be that I do CyberSec and tossing around jargon (esp. 4 terms in a row) to sound smart (when not quite right) isn't. 'Course we real techies don't talk that way. We use boxen, thingies, jiggers, and whoops to plumb the tubes. Steve & TTP know what I'm sayin' ;-)

Dudley - Douglas Adams: One of the best.

CED - looks like you paste'd & then cut :-)

Chickie! Good to see you again. I wasn't ALLOW'd even a cap-gun growing up. The Army let me fire M-16s & 50-Cals! Let the kids to play cowboy - but don't give them the RED Ryder; that is a classic.

PK - 365 pair LOL!

Another of my Christmas gifts: 1/2" glass BB SHOT from Pop for my slingshot. I'm not sure what to do w/ it. The squirrel gave me an idea but it wasn't harmin' nothin'. I might JUST play marbles w/ 'em w/ the kids...

Cheers, -T

unclefred said...

Day late, dollar short, the old saying goes. I gotta do a better job of remembering NOT to drink champagne on New Years Eve. Without fail, a life threatening hangover to start the new year. Finally, today, Saturday, can do the CW. Oi. Anyway, nice puzzle, great write-up, thanks, PAK and Lemonade. Until I read Barry's comment still didn't parse JUSTINCASE. Favorite clue was "Sign changing area" for CUSP. Very cute. Well, still waiting on today's paper. Usually here ~5am but still not here at 8 this morning. So gonna get a late start on my day.