Jan 18, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016 Kevin Christian

Theme: King Commemorative - Four words exemplifying Dr. King's speech.

17A. 1994-2000 medical drama : "CHICAGO HOPE"

24A. One is made before blowing out candles : BIRTHDAY WISH

48A. Narrow-mindedness : TUNNEL VISION

58A. Historic 1963 civil rights speech words : "I HAVE A DREAM"

62D. 58-Across speaker, initially : MLK. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Argyle here. I saw one spot that may cause problems but, all-in-all, a nice start to the week.


1. Labor leader Jimmy who vanished in 1975 : HOFFA

6. Good, in Guadalajara : BUENO

11. Tech co. whose name is its ticker symbol : IBM

14. Sunni's faith : ISLAM

15. Exclamation that's a near-homonym for an Arabian Peninsula country : "OH, MAN!". Down on the toe of the peninsula, Oman.

16. Aye's opposite : NAY

19. 35mm camera type : SLR. (single-lens reflex)

20. Big galoot : APE and 41A. Big galoot : OAF

21. Terre Haute sch. : ISU. (Indiana State University)

22. Fragrant compound : ESTER

28. "Behave yourself!" : "BE GOOD!". "Or else!"

31. Group of ships : FLEET

32. "There's __ Out Tonight": 1961 hit : A MOON

33. Autumn : FALL

35. Network with an eye logo : CBS

38. Ideal "Are you hurt?" reply : "I'M OK"

39. Raid : FORAY

40. Perlman of "Cheers" : RHEA

42. Parkway off-ramp : EXIT

43. Songs for two : DUETS

44. Magnified map detail : INSET

47. Eyeglasses pair : LENSES

52. Make mad : ANGER

53. Sleep phase initials : REM. (Rapid Eye Movement)

54. Top-row PC key : ESC.ape

57. Madre's hermano : TÍO. Your mother's brother, in Guadalajara.

63. Justice Dept. arm : ATF. (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)

64. Deodorant brand : ARRID

65. Hearing-related : AURAL

66. NBA official : REF

67. Squiggy's "Laverne & Shirley" pal : LENNY

68. Punish with a swat : SPANK


1. Hyphenated fruit drink brand : HI-C

2. Worker welfare org. : OSHA. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

3. Hairstyle with upturned ends : FLIP

4. Social media website : FACEBOOK

5. Dr.'s group : AMA. (American Medical Association)

6. Elevate : BOOST

7. "Yup" : "UH HUH"

8. Confessional rock genre : EMO

9. Afternoon snooze : NAP

10. Cyclops feature : ONE EYE

11. Laughing uncontrollably : IN STITCHES

12. Hay bundles : BALES

13. Magi's resin : MYRRH

18. Encircle : GIRD

23. Nor. neighbor : SWE. Norway/Sweden

25. Charged particle : ION

26. Black key after C : D FLAT

27. Partner in war : ALLY

28. Scott of "Charles in Charge" : BAIO. He was the younger cousin of Fonzie on Happy Days.

29. Jane Austen heroine : EMMA

30. Messing around : GOOFING OFF

33. "The Simpsons" network : FOX TV

34. Onassis nickname : ARI. Jackie's second.

36. __ noire : BÊTE

37. Smart-alecky talk : SASS

39. Touch : FEEL

40. Second-place finisher : RUNNER-UP

43. __ volente: God willing : DEO

45. Opposite of SSW : NNE

46. Story told in episodes : SERIAL

47. Peruvian capital : LIMA. Funny, I never think of it as being on the ocean.

48. Mongol invader : TATAR

49. Come together : UNITE

50. NFL network analyst Michael __ : IRVIN. This guy.

51. Not at all swank : SEEDY

55. Word repeated in a Doris Day song : SERA

56. James of "The Godfather" : CAAN

59. 1,000-year Eur. realm : HRE. (Holy Roman Empire)

60. Prince Valiant's son : ARN. I see in Wiki that the comic's creator wanted to title it, "Prince Arn", but it was changed to "Prince Valiant". Wiki

61. VIPs at trials : DAs. (district attorney)

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to Blue Iris (Susan), whose real life love story melted my heart. Maybe she'll share with the newcomers again someday. Are the twins coming home today, Susan?


PK said...

Hi Y'all! OH MAN! Free at last for a fun little romp after our FORAY through those very hard weekend puzzles. BUENO! Kevin & Argyle. And Happy MLK Day.

Lemonade714 said...

I always think of TARTAR not TATAR and I have no recollection of the Capris but overall a bump free ride.

Happy birthday Blue Iris and many more.

Thanks KC and Argyle

Hungry Mother said...

Smooth sailing, no write overs.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to Blue Iris)!

Slept in a bit today since I don't have to take my son to school due to the holiday. Still have to work, but the nice thing about being a remote employee is that the commute down to the basement is an easy one. Looks like I'll need to go out and do some shoveling first, though...

Blew through this one in typical Monday time. I thought ARN and IRVIN weren't exactly Monday-friendly, but the perps were rock-solid and they didn't actually slow me down at all. Nice theme, which I actually got during the solve for a change.

Happy MLK Day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning! (and happy birthday, Blue Iris!)

Got MLK?

Originally entered it as DEI, and almost forgot to fix it in VISIIN. Otherwise, this was a smooth solve. Lots of TV stuff with FOX TV, CBS, RHEA, LENNY, CHICAGO HOPE.

I've never been one to take an afternoon NAP. I have enough trouble sleeping the night through without extra sleep during the day.

For me, the Capris' song always evokes the mooning scene in American Graffiti.

I'm told my nieces and nephews are all on FACEBOOK. This curmudgeon refuses to join.

The guy who came up with the spelling for MYRRH should be shot..or at the very least, suffer from hemorrhoids.

Jerome said...

Wonderful that a crossword puzzle can remind me that regardless of our absolute individuality all people are sisters and brothers, sharing an evolutionary history that makes us just simply... human.

GOOFING OFF was great!

Perhaps only interesting to me- SERIAL anagrams to ISRAEL.

If LIMA was "on the ocean" wouldn't it sink?

unclefred said...

Nice Monday romp. I LOVE Mondays! Only write-over was AUDIO had to be soon changed to AURAL. Very fun CW, thank you, KC!! And a great tribute to MLK, too! Terrific write-up, as usual, thank you Argyle!! Where's Owen?? Is he O.K.? I'm missing his limericks! Most importantly, hope he's O.K.

inanehiker said...

Speed run with a good theme for today. No day off for me - so off to work. It is 1 degree outside so I wonder how many will come for their appts. There isn't much snow though, so it may be business as usual - lots of state employees and kids will be in today so they don't have to take of work to come.

Happy birthday, Blue Iris!
and Thanks Kevin and Argyle - I'll have those songs running through my head this morning!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

'twas cold outside this AM when I went for my 2+ mile walk; brr; must've been around 50-55 I'm guessing ...

Pretty straightforward puzzle today; only a couple of write overs; had SERIES before SERIAL but knowing ARRID and LENNY soon made it all fit. Not even sure they sell ARRID anymore, although if memory serves it was targeted toward women, so it's not something I'd be checking out ;^)

Well, gotta stop GOOFING OFF and get back to work! Have a nice week, all and HB to Blue Iris

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A typical Monday breeze through and a timely tribute to MLK. I, too, always want tartar, maybe because I love Steak Tartare and it is associated with these marauders. I liked Chicago Hope, especially when Mandy Patankin (sp?) would sing while wielding the scalpel! Liked him in Criminal Minds, also, but I stopped watching that show when the gore and violence went over the top. (I think that is the reason he left the show, as well.)

Thanks, Kevin, for a nice start to the week and thanks, Argyle, for being our erstwhile guide.

Happy Birthday Blue Iris, hope it's a special day.

Condolences to Chairman Moe and TTP on the Steelers loss. Green Bay fans must be sad, as well. As I didn't have a dog in the fight, (woeful Giants!), I really have no interest in the playoffs but I would like to see Payton do well.

Have a great day and stay warm.

SwampCat said...

Interesting, easy sashay this morning with all the MLK words. FORAY was the last to FALL but I'm not sure why. Thanks Kevin and Argyle.

Chairman Moe, I feel your pain. It's 46 here with bright blue, cloudless skies . We suffer so much!

HB to Blue Iris.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Kevin Christian, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Zipped through this easily. Much faster than Sunday's, to say the least. Even though I enjoyed Sunday's puzzle.

I wonder if they will ever solve the HOFFA mystery. I believe his son is involved in the Teamsters, as well.

Theme words were easy to get, but hard to figure out.

I also wrote in DEI for 43D. Fixed that to DEO.

Happy Birthday Blue Iris, and many more.

5 below zero here.

See you tomorrow.


( )

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday Blue Iris!

Husker Gary said...

A very nice tribute to one of my heroes on MLK day, Kevin. King worked and died for freedom and dignity. The progress has been great and is ongoing.

-Urban legend debunked: It seems very unlikely.
-Some think not voting NAY on Obamacare made him so unpopular, he retired as a Nebraska Senator
-Teachers instructions usually include that they have told their kids “You’d better BE GOOD for the sub”
-A very motley but effective FLEET of boats facilitated the evacuation at Dunkirk
-The longest stretch of interstate between EXITS is 37 miles in the Great Salt Lake Desert
-I wonder who Avg. Joe’s favorite DUET is. I could go witn Phil and Don or Bobby and Bill or…
-6’ 8” Kevin Cutler is one of the tallest NBA Refs ever
-If it been Three Wise Women, they would have brought more practical gifts
-Is your enemy’s enemy always your ALLY?
-First runner-up is Miss Philippines, oops sorry, it’s Miss Columbia
-The cover of his SERIAL #6. He died before finishing the story
-HBD, Blue Iris!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday Blue Iris.

Easy solve. No searches or erasures needed. Lots of fresher fill except for, say, APE and OAF.
ESC - Also on the top row of my IMac keyboard.
FLEET - We would usually call a group of ships a 'group'. Here is a photo of Task Group ALFA taken in early August of 1959. On the left side of the photo on the 2nd ship in column you might see this fresh caught Ensign waving. :-)
BTW, the carrier is the USS Valley Forge. Notice the open (non-hurricane) bow, and lack of canted deck on the port quarter.

Have a great day.

Avg Joe said...

A fairly crunchy Monday, but no major problems. Enjoyed the theme, but didn't pick it up until near completion, so it was no help in the solve. Had the most trouble in central S with no knowledge of Michael Irvin or Lenny. Arn was buried somewhere, but I wasn't certain of it. But the perps and wags worked out.

Happy Birthday Blue Iris. And many more. There's a high likelihood that our son's GF knows your daughter at UI.

Gary, from those choices, I'd take Bobby and Bill. The first album I ever bought was The Righteous Brothers Greatest Hits. I've never owned a 45.

Another cold day here. Woke up to -3. Yesterday's lowest observation was -10 and we failed to break double digits (highest temp I saw was 6). That's cold!

TTP said...

Happy Birthday Blue Iris !

Irish Miss, thanks. DW says I am too passionate about the Steelers. And Pirates. And Buckeyes. And sports in general.

Abejo, it is cold isn't it ? My thermometer read -3 at 5:30 this morning, but WGN was reporting temps from the various burbs, and they had us at -8 early.

When we had that previous cold snap last week, WGN's ever pleasant Nancy Loo was reporting on the weather.

WGN reporter Nancy Loo gives the best cold weather report you`ll ever hear

TTP said...

Weird !

My previous comments seem to have disappeared from the blog. I still had them in Note Pad, so here they are again.

A Monday fail. Am a bit preoccupied this morning. One of my XP systems has lockups aka freezes at various point in the startup process. Also having problems with Firefox on this Win 7 system.

Had SERIes rather than SERIAL. No idea who Squiggy's pal was, and soNNY seemed like a plausible answer. Thought I had heard of eRRID. No TADA. Should have paused a second to think about it before entering that first R, which was my last keystroke. Also should have read the clue for 59D. Oh well.

Thank you Kevin Christian and Argyle.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Happy Birthday Blue Iris!

Thanks Kevin for a pleasant Monday romp. Argyle, thanks for the tour.

I have been doing puzzles, but with lots going on, I haven't had time to check in or even read the blog. Some weeks are like that! I missed my Corner fix, and I am glad to be back at it.

I am pleased that Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday celebration is morphing into a day of service. I like that better than simply having a day off of school or government work. It seems so much more appropriate.

I hope it's sunny where you are even in the cold. Love the weather clip, TTP. So classically Chicago, and Nancy took on the challenge.

Anonymous said...

The fill for 59d reminds me of a favorite bumper sticker I spotted a few years ago "Dyslectics of the world - UNTIE"

Argyle said...

TTP, your first post was on Sunday's blog. I guess you did have a lot going on.

PK said...

Happy Birthday, Blue Iris! What a lovely appropriate cake. Hope you are up to celebrating.

When I posted earlier, I was just waking up from the weirdest nightmare I have had in a long time. I was living with zombies for some reason. OH MAN, were they doing some bizarre things. And I haven't been reading about them or watching television at all. Maybe running a fever. I was cold all day yesterday and just thought it was the weather. After reading Argyle's fine expo, it was back to bed and dream free, thank DEO.

Montana said...

Happy Birthday, Blue Iris!

I miss solving the crossword each morning. I need to find a way to do it again. The 'touch' on my iPad doesn't work along the edges after last update and I dont get a newspaper anymore.
I rarely get on my laptop, either.

I am back in Montana. Snow, but not too cold here.


Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Blue Iris ... the FIRST Sunset "toast" is to YOU!

Argyle: Nice write-up. Enjoyed the tunes.

Kevin: Thank You for a FUN Monday puzzle with a timely theme.

Fave today, since there was NO-BOOZE in the grid, was GOOFING OFF (my full-time job).


Misty said...

How nice to get a puzzle acknowledging Martin Luther King today--many thanks, Kevin. And you too, Argyle, for your expo. Also wonderful to have a speed run after four difficult puzzles in a row last week--to me, anyhow. This one was just an easy and delightful pleasure.

Have a wonderful birthday, Blue Iris, and have a great week, everybody!

Bill G. said...

Thanks Kevin and Argyle!

Happy birthday Susan! I hope it's the start of a great year for you.

No freezing weather here. It's in the low 60s. There is a disturbance out in the Pacific that's generating high surf. I will look for it when heading for the bike path today.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Blue Iris. When you feel up to it, please let us know how you are doing. I miss your comments

Chairman Moe, for me 55 is the ideal hiking temperature. You have to give up your shorts and T-shirt attire to be comfortable. Exercise at 80-85 makes me wilt. We may have a real snow storm this weekend.I am looking forward to it, especially because I don't have to travel. A winter wonderland is so beautiful. I am thinking of lighting a fire in the fireplace then. So far we have had only a couple of flurries and less than a quarter inch last night.
Yesterday's discussion of miso made me hungry for miso dressed salmon which I will serve tonight. Alan and I both love it. BTW Japanese miso has many different forms. We like the mild, so called, white miso, but it is not exactly white. The lighter the color the milder the taste. IMO a first experience should be with the mild one.

Thanks Keven and Argyle for a fine Monday start off.

We moved when I was in high school. The new school was months behind our old school, so geometry class was very boring. I sat there and folded paper boats on many days. A guy who was sweet on me used to sing, "Admiral Kathy and her fleet was a sailor or so sweet."

Pat said...

Ah, back to an easy Monday puzzle. Thanks, KC, for the MLK tribute. Thanks, Argyle, for the write-up.

Happy Birthday, Blue Iris! I hope it's a wonderful day!

The temperature was in single digits this morning, but has warmed up to a balmy 15*! It's a good evening for Butternut Squash Soup.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Jayce said...

Happy birthday, Blue Iris. Get any new rings?
Cool puzzle. Desper-otto, smiled at your "Got MLK?" comment.
Been studying up on the difference between regular DSL (ADSL) and the newer IP DSL (IPDSLAM), with the goal of deciding whether it would be worth it for us to upgrade. Our current ADSL has been failing frequently and for days at a time recently, and I'm trying to figure out if the IPDSL will work more reliably. Man OH MAN, it is complicated!
Best wishes to you all.
Jeez, while I was typing this the DSL went out again. Sheesh, sheesh, and double sheesh.

chefwen said...

I had three BIRTHDAY WISHes a few days ago. 1. That I spot my first Humpback Whale of the season (didn't happen). 2. That the Packers beat Arizona (didn't happen) and 3. That the Sunday puzzle be fun and engaging. Well, one out of three isn't bad!

TTP said...

Thanks Argyle ! Wondered what was up. ON ME. My bad ! Thought it was related to the Firefox issue I was having. It was weird. I was getting the video embeds from Friday, so I got Frank Sinatra High Hopes and then the other was the Jimmy Smits vid. Got that one fixed easily enough...

Finally got my XP to boot cleanly and have been saving and deleting files ever since. Going to power it down and see if it boots cleanly again.

Lemonade714 said...

i did mean to mention that I enjoyed having an MLK tribute puzzle today. Thanks Kevin; C.C. said you would come by and comment...where are you?

Al said...

I love Monday. Just relax and write in the answers.

Lemonade714 said...

Natalie Cole, David Bowie and today Glenn Frey...65, 69, 67...RIP all.

Aging is tough

Avg Joe said...

Damn! Glenn Frey... We're getting old, I guess.

One of my favorites that he co-wrote: Tequila Sunrise

And while this wasn't his tune, rather from his bandmate, Don, I think he'd appreciate the sentiment: I Will Not Go Quietly RIP Glenn.

Blue Iris said...

Nice Monday offering. I like it when the theme matches the holiday and I am somewhat disappointed when the special day is not mentioned in a puzzle. Enjoyed that MLK was the last down answer. The last across answer was SPANK which made me wonder if MLK used the non-violent approach with his own children?? I love listening to interviews with his niece, Dr.Avela(sp?) King.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. The morning news said that January 18th has been determined to be the worst day of the year. No surprise. My mom always said I was born in the worst blizzard ever. Everyone always called to cancel coming to my parties because the weather was just too bad. My friends had set up a surprise party for my 40th. I told my husband I didn't want to go to the meeting that night because the weather was so bad. He was quick to say " Oh, I'll drive you." The three people that planned the party and myself showed up and who could blame them. I did an un-birthday party in the summer for my 60th with a few friends. We plan to eat at an Italian restaurant this year.

D-Otto, I emailed you.

Usually comment in the middle of the night. I think the last post was last Friday.

Stay warm.

Chairman Moe said...

Ahh, now I get your comment in the email you sent me. I just saw the news and heard about Glenn Frey passing. Life and death can be quite sobering - like Tin says, I'll raise a toast to all of these departed stars tonight

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Happy Birthday Blue Iris! When do you celebrate your un-birthday? At the 6mo mark forward (to stay younger longer) or 9 months backwards ;-) ?

WEES. Breezy Monday. No write-overs, but needed ESP for 43d & 60d and 4 perps to spell MYRRH. (What D-O said re: Webster on that one!).

Thanks Kevin for the MLK theme'mer today and Argyle for the expo.

Fav - GOOFING OFF is fun, but OH MAN, Hello! LENNY & Squiggy in puzzle? Loved it.

TTP - Enjoyed the CHICAGO weather report. Thanks for sharing.

No, not Glenn Frey too. I like his music better w/ the Eagles, but his solo work was good too. RIP.

(sniff). I'M OK.

Off to build dinner.

Cheers, -T

Blue Iris said...

Anon T,

That year, my husband turned 60 on May 18 and I turned 60 the next Jan. 18, so we decided to celebrate both the end of August. For years, when my husband had his birthday I would tell people we were the same age even before my birthday occurred. Not so much anymore.

Anonymous said...

I was always partial to this Glenn Frey song. Karaoke version. :)

Kevin Christian said...

Hello all, thanks for your kind comments. I didn't have a chance to check in until now, almost 9pm PST.

The original version of this puzzle had the following theme answers: CHICAGO HOPE, NEAR VISION, MAKE A WISH, SOCCER GOAL, and I HAVE A DREAM. Rich asked me to get rid of SOCCER GOAL because he felt that answer wasn't consistent with the others. I changed MAKE A WISH to BIRTHDAY WISH and then picked TUNNEL VISION to get the lengths to pair up.

Happy birthday to Alan Cole, the sax player in the band I'm in.

Peace. - KevinC

Anonymous T said...

Hey Kevin - thanks for the puzzle and for stopping by for some "inside-baseball." I don't know Alan, but if he plays sax he must be cool :-) I hope his BDay was as good as Blue Iris's (will be :-)).

For the foodies - I built Salmon w/ a butter, mushroom & ground-mustard cream sauce. It was yummy. Tomorrow night, leftover Salmon salad! BTW, I didn't have PAM on hand so rubbed peanut oil on the broil pan. It worked so much better - no sticky scales & cleanup was a snap. I'm guessing it has to do w/ peanut-oil's higher flash point. Theories?

Cheers, -T