Jul 31, 2016

Sunday July 31, 2016 Jake Braun

Theme: "Art Nouveau" - ART is added to each theme entry.

23A. Prefer not to serve the drinks? : MIND BARTENDING. Mind-bending.

39A. Apt wear when drinking gin cocktails? : MARTINI SKIRT. Mini skirt.

58A. Special area for booting up again? : RESTART ROOM. Restroom.

82A. Garb for the Scottish seaside? : BEACH TARTAN. Beach tan.

99A. iPad owners' gatherings? : APPLE PARTIES. Apple pies.

119A. Lewd weasel relative? : DIRTY OLD MARTEN. Dirty old men. The clue makes me smile.

16D. Group that controls film cartoons? : ANIMATION CARTEL. Animation Cel.  One of the theme entries in the Cell/Cel/Sell/Sel puzzle D-Otto and I did for the WSJ.

47D. Patterns for moving supplies? : CARTON TEMPLATES. Contemplates. This and 58A both have one-word as the original phrase.

I've seen a few "Lost Art" puzzles where ART is removed from each theme entry. This is the first time for an ART addition theme.

Jake seems to be fond of Sunday grids. All his LAT puzzles so far are Sunday's.  This 140-worder is skillfully designed with a great assortments of 6's and 7's.


1. Pandora's boxful : EVILS

6. One going over the wall : HOME RUN. And 6. 6-Across, for one : HIT

13. Contemporary electronic music genre : NU JAZZ. Learning moment for me.

19. Soup legume : LENTIL. Not ADZUKI. Staple in Cantonese cuisine.

21. Hematite or magnetite : IRON ORE

22. Borneo sultanate : BRUNEI. Rich in oil. Lots of Chinese live there.
25. Melanin-deficient individual : ALBINO

26. What fits all, in ads : ONE-SIZE

27. Prefix with ware : MAL. Malware. Another trickily clued prefix: 49. Intro to economics? : SOCIO

28. Pulled up a chair : SAT

30. "__ it!" : I'M ON.  Little partial price to pay for the scrabbly Z's and J.

31. Aleppo's land: Abbr. : SYR

32. Diane who played Flo in "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" : LADD. Not LANE.

34. Big name in game shows : MERV. Not ALEX.

37. Throat dangler : UVULA
42. Suggest : GET AT

45. Highway through Whitehorse : ALCAN. Yukon. I drew a blank.

48. Opposite of hence : AGO
50. Olympus competitor : LEICA. What camera are you using? I have a little Coolpix. 

51. Lover of Beauty : BEAST. Capitalized B.

52. One on the run : PERP. Simple in retrospect.

54. '50s foe of Dwight : ADLAI

56. Crew member : OAR

57. Pres. on a dime : FDR

61. Sound during cutting : SNIP. Hair salon.

62. Glue, say : ATTACH. Verb "Glue".

65. Lost by design : THREW. "by design" threw me. "Lost on purpose" would be a piece of cake.

66. It's sold in yards : FABRIC. Also 86. It's sold in yards : ALE

68. Scrapes and bruises, in totspeak : BOOBOOS

70. Rural skyline features : SILOS

72. Falls for many lovers? : NIAGARA. Sweet clue.

75. Eggnog topping : NUTMEG

77. Doctrinal offshoots : SECTS

79. Screenwriter Nora : EPHRON. She knew who Deep Throat was all along.

80. Dillon of "Wayward Pines" : MATT
85. Old young king : TUT
87. Schoolyard retort : DID SO

88. Third __ : RAIL. Not BASE.

89. Many of its pieces are lost during play : CHESS. Alas, I don't play chess.

91. Not likely to give up the hammock : COMFY. Hi there, Dave!

93. Healed : CURED

96. __ Aviv : TEL

97. "Roots" writer : HALEY

98. Old Toyota : SUPRA. Not PASEO.

102. Puts away cargo : LADES

104. Noodle variety : SOBA. Was thinking of UDON of course. Love Seafood Udon.

105. Quite a : SOME. Does the clue feel incomplete to you?

106. Poisonous slitherer : ASP

109. Antlered male : STAG

111. __ volente : DEO

113. Bars on a deli package : UPC. Now I know Gary has a Hy-Vee in his area. How about you? I love our local Hy-Vee. 

115. Penalty for forgetfulness, perhaps : LATE FEE. Got via crosses.

117. Intolerant of : HATING

123. "... if you know what's good for you!" : OR ELSE

124. Watch : OBSERVE

125. Sure winner : SHOO-IN

126. Pretend to be : POSE AS

127. Prepares : READIES

128. Vito Corleone's eldest : SONNY. The one with the hot temper. Michael is the youngest. Fredo is the middle son, also the weakest link. Connie is weak too.

1. St. __ fire : ELMO'S

2. Promising, as mine walls : VEINY. Maybe miners do use this word.

3. __ circle : INNER

4. Classic Fords : LTDs

5. Hissing : SIBILANT

7. Where Utah's minor league Owlz play : OREM. PROVO and OREM are our regular Utah city answers. We also have 18. Utah national park : ZION

8. French friend's address : MON AMI. Also 10. French king : ROI

9. Like boring speeches, so it seems : ENDLESS

11. Spigoted vessel : URN

12. Photo lab items : NEGs. No "Abbr." hint?

13. Network for hoops fans : NBA TV

14. Blue text, often : URL

15. Significant anniversary : JUBILEE

17. Greek known for paradoxes : ZENO

20. __ Wolf, "Fiddler on the Roof" butcher : LAZAR. Watched the movie ages ago. Don't remember the butcher's name.

24. Bureaucratic tangle : RED TAPE

29. Civic duty, perhaps? : AUTO LOAN. Another great clue.

33. Compilation : DIGEST

35. One of early Hollywood's "Big Five" : RKO. Wiki says the Big Five are: 20th Century Fox, RKO Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

36. Church official : VICAR

38. Aptly named fruit : UGLI. It's actually sweet and juicy. 

39. Live __: Taco Bell slogan : MAS. Live Mas (Live More).

40. Bridge positions : NORTHS. Is it common to have the positions pluralized, Spitzboov?

41. Done with : RID OF

43. Popular berry : ACAI

44. Rain delay rollout : TARP

45. BBC sitcom : AB FAB. Absolutely Fabulous. Guilty of putting it in one of my grids.

46. Caused : LED TO

53. County counterpart : PARISH

55. Insomniac's prescription : AMBIEN. I bet D-Otto goes to sleep quickly. He's so Zen!

58. Four-sided figures : RHOMBI. One more I-ending plural: 100. Ancient scrolls : PAPYRI

59. Rent again : RE-LET

60. Like some garages : TWO-CAR

61. [I'm frustrated!] : SIGH. The spray I mentioned a while ago lost effect on Boomer's diabetic foot nerve pain. Sigh!
63. Border on : ABUT

64. Portable bed : COT

67. Conviction, to a cop : RAP. Got via crosses also.

69. Pea pod, e.g. : SEEDCASE

71. Layers : STRATA

73. Waken : ROUSE

74. Pacing, maybe : ANTSY

76. Prepare for a road trip : GAS UP

78. "M*A*S*H" actor David Ogden __ : STIERS. Stranger to me.

80. Coats for brolly carriers : MACs. Steve probably uses umbrella now. When I first came to the US, I called crackers "biscuits". Guangzhou is very close to Hong Kong, where British English is more common.

81. Baseball family name : ALOU

83. Military subdivision : CORPS

84. Considering everything : ALL TOLD

87. Pair : DYAD

89. Serengeti speedsters : CHEETAHS. Hi there!

90. Owns : HAS

92. Easily damaged : FRAGILE

94. "Ticket to the Moon" gp. : ELO

95. Appeared for the first time : DEBUTED

101. Mosque leaders : IMAMS

103. Paper borders : EDGES

106. "Flow gently, sweet __!": Burns : AFTON

107. Escort : SEE IN

108. Cent : PENNY

109. Browse the mall : SHOP. Boomer says I spend more time picking a T-shirt than he does buying a car.

110. Poi base : TARO. I bake taros the same way I bake potatoes.

112. Scent : ODOR

114. Area with moorings : COVE

116. Sock ending : EROO

118. Govt. subject of James Bamford's "The Puzzle Palace" : NSA

120. "When Will __ Loved?": 1975 hit : I BE

121. Botswana neighbor: Abbr. : RSA (Republic of South Africa)

122. Arles article : LES



fermatprime said...


Many thanks, Jake and CC!

Very fast! Great theme! No problems.

(Thank goodness, I had a terrible day!)

Dog Millie went to vet. Has urinary tract infection. On antibiotics now.

My iPad Pro kept losing its charge when plugged in and being operated. Solution to problem: remove lots of apps! (Per Genius Bar.)

Have a great Sunday!

OwenKL said...

No particular problems with the puzzle today. Had more difficulty jump-starting my poems.

This was my second, better batch.
{B, B+, A, B+}

Couples in love, Texas to Canada,
Come to honeymoon in NIAGARA.
It's not only sex
Makes some things erect --
Watery waterfalls can be good as Viagra!

A complex field is SOCIO-economics,
Trying to get it can drive one to psychotics!
A SOCIO-path
Would use that math,
If he weren't distracted by Batman comics!

A concept of EVIL that's really MIND-BENDING
Is what Black Bart was for kittens intending!
So no one HATED
When he got ventilated --
Kittens especially didn't MIND BART ENDING!

The Zen Buddhist monk had a plan for the sand
He showed up on the shore with a rake in his hand.
A Scotsman nearby
Gave the pattern an eye,
Said, "you've made a BEACH TARTAN with those PERPS on the strand!"

OwenKL said...

This was my first disappointing batch. Trolls and non-masochists please skip these.
{B-, C+, C, C-.}

SOME times a game that's slow, like CHESS
Can to a viewer seem quite ENDLESS.
But never fear
A solution's near --
A strip version, where players undress!
(For queen-shapely women, it would be a success!)

If several papyruses are known as PAPYRI
And a DYAD of rhombuses are called RHOMBI
While STRATA becomes
A DIGEST of stratums,
Is it only Brunets who can live in BRUNEI?

Brigham Young was a stately lion
With a mane of hair, and a pride to lie in.
With his Mormon quorum
Grew towns, from OREM
NORTH past Ogden, and south to ZION!

The CHEETAH is a noble BEAST,
Outruns a STAG if he wants to eat!
If they had their way
In the R.S.A.
On TARO and LENTIL he would feast!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Figured out the theme early on and it helped me get stuff like ANIMATION CARTEL and DIRTY OLD MARTEN with little or no perp help, so that was nice. CARTON TEMPLATES really threw me for a bit of a loop, however, due to the fact that the underlying phrase was a single word when I was expecting two. I originally thought that contact paper was the underlying phrase and briefly ended up with CARTONTACT PAPER, which had me scratching my head until the light bulb went on.

Got through most of the puzzle in one piece, but cratered at the crossing of AFTON and SHOO-IN. It seems obvious now, but for some reason I went with SHOE-IN and AFTEN. The latter looked wrong, but I couldn't think of anything else that looked better and I was convinced that SHOE-IN was correct. Oops.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Thanks for the Sunday quickie, Jake. Thou ART crafty. Only a couple of stumbles in my race to the bottom: CARPET/FABRIC (but ALE was a gimme) and NIKON/LEICA. It was my own fault that I was "Browsing the mail" and couldn't see SHOP.

C.C., I'm certainly not Zen (just ask DW), but I do fall asleep quickly; I'm not a worrier. Since you asked, my camera is an ancient Canon Powershot. There's a better camera in my Asus tablet, but a) I never take it with me and b) I don't know how to use it, so that's a moot point. APPLE PARTIES -- No, thank you.

Madame Defarge said...

Thank you, Jake, for a doable challenge. Saw the theme at MARTEN. Nicely done.

C.C., thanks for doing double duty this weekend. Enjoy the rest of it!

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks, Jake, for the "ART FULL" puzzle. Clever theme, fun clues, fast for a Sunday. I found the theme early on and it was very helpful.
Excellent write-up,CC. Sorry to hear Boomer's nerve pain is not under control.
YUKON before ALCAN. MON AMI was all perps.
Does NIAGARA substitute for Viagra for lovers?
We saw very many Chinese visitors at NIAGARA Falls and very many Chinese Torontonians. There is a huge Chinatown in Toronto.
I like David Ogden Stiers's acting.
Tastes are funny. I love most any kind of beans and especially navy bean soup, but I don't care for lentils in any form.
I hear SOME as a superlative quite often. It seems to be like AWESOME. An individual hitting four or more homers in a single baseball game is SOME feat.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A very enjoyable Sunday stroll with an engaging theme, cute cluing, and worthy fill. Some w/o's include buck/stag, shoe in/shoo in, macro/socio, etc. Knowing the theme helped greatly in figuring out animation cel and contemplates; the other theme answers were more obvious. CSO to CanandianEh 🇨🇦 with Niagara and AlCan.

Thanks, Jake, for ending July on a good note and thanks, CC, for doing a double-duty expo tour. Sorry to hear of Boomer's on-going pain problems.

Finally, finally, finally! The Rain Gods have arrived! It has been raining steadily for hours and, right now, it is pouring. I'm sure there are a lot of happy farmers this morning. Forecast calls for continued showers throughout today and into tomorrow. ☔️☔️☔️ 🤗

Have a great day.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C., and friends. Fun Sunday puzzle. BEACH TARTAN was my Rosetta stone. Alas, I will not be able to go to the beach this summer, so no Beach Tan.

Blue Text = URL was my favorite clue of the puzzle. Old Young King = TUT was a close second.

I recently read an interesting book called The Aleppo Codex, which is about how an ancient text of the Hebrew Bible was smuggled out of SYR in the 1940s.

I have never been to ZION National Park. It is one of the early National Parks, as it was established as a park in November 1919.

Louisiana has PARISHes instead of Counties as local governing bodies.

My camera is a Pentax, however, I inadvertently left it at home when we travelled earlier this year. All of my photos were taken on my iPhone.

Charles Macintosh (1766 ~ 1843) developed rubberized, waterproof fabric for raincoats, also known as Macs.

QOD: The power to do good is also the power to do harm. ~ Milton Friedman (July 31, 1912 ~ Nov. 16, 2006)

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Good fun today. Loved the complexity of the puzzle which joyfully was in my vocabulary. Only one red-letter run with lots of good WAGS. Not easy but possible. Yay, me! Yay, Jake!

Last to fill was the W 3rd tier: MACS/COMFY/DYAD/SUPRA/TEMP.

ALE sold by the yard? Please elucidate, someone.

Who'da thunk we'd have MINI---SKIRT, REST---ROOM, & DIRTY OLD M---en in a Sunday puzzle? MIND B---ENDING! But we get some APPLE P---IES. Something to CONTEMPLATE.

Raining hard here too earlier, now just a steady patter. We really needed it.

Bluehen said...

IM just said it all for me, including her take on the puzzle, the missteps, etc. Good job, Jake and CC. Did anyone else notice the CSO to Heart Rx at the start of 39a?

The fill for 86a reminds me of a limerick I first heard from Captain Peacock of the Britcom "Are You Being Served?"
On the breasts of a barmaid from Wales
Was tattooed the prices of ales,
Whilst on her behind,
For the sake of the blind,
Was the same information in Braille!

Your status is safe, Owen.


Husker Gary said...

-A clever Sunday romp.
-I easily got EVILS and then thought of VEINY but never dreamed it was a word
-A KC Royal just up from Omaha gave up a walk-off HOME RUN on his 10th pitch last night
-Here’s a list of Merv’s creations
-With an iPhone, my cameras sit on the shelf
-I first thought, “Who loved Black Beauty?”
-The FBI has given up looking for this PERP
-Some say Sonny Liston THREW his fight against Ali (then Clay)
-Art on old SILOS on I-80 in downtown Omaha
-When I see STAG, I think of of this ANIMATION CEL
-Yes, C.C., two days ago we used our Hy-Vee gas card to get 16 gallons of gas for 15 cents
-Am I the only one who has never owned a car with a foreign nameplate?
-ACAI berries and UGLI fruit have only been in crosswords in our house
-AMBIEN in the hospital gave me nightmares
-One S.D. man had 16 DUI’s on his RAP sheet. How is that allowed?
-This little GAS UP light saved me again two days ago!
-Boomer, I live with a shopper like that too! ☺

PK said...

My professional camera was a Nikon which I haven't used in years. I have two baby pictures I took of my two oldest grandkids and haven't taken a picture of any of them since. Am I a bad grandma or what? I lugged that camera bag around for 20 years and then never wanted to take it anywhere again.

Yellowrocks said... yard-of-ale: “a trumpet-shaped glass about 3 feet (1 meter) long with a bulb at the closed end, for serving ale or beer
or the amount contained in such a glass.

PK said...

Gary, no you are not. I've only had Fords and now a Buick. My girls drive Toyotas and I'm nice about it. Imagine that.

There is a Hy-Vee here, but it is clear across town and I've never shopped there. I would drive past two Dillons which I really like anyway.

My brother took Ambien on a flight home from India. Made him crazy and zombie-like. His wife had to lead him around and watch him like a hawk in the airports. She disposed of the rest of the pills.

billocohoes said...

Don't think I've ever heard "sockEROO".

NORTHS could be used in the plural when discussing a bridge tournament with many tables ("Most NORTHS passed at this point, but our hero bid one more")

Have seen VEINY describe the back of a person's hand more often than minerals.

Yellowrocks said...

I drive a Nissan Sentra,my third one. and most likely American made.

From Nissan: "While the current Nissan product line is rich with variety, over half of those destined for the North American market are built right here in the United States, with manufacturing almost evenly split between the Tennessee and Mississippi locations. Given current sales figures, if you drive a new Nissan, chances are your car was like built right here in the heart of America."

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Liked the ART insertion theme. Once sussed, it sped up the solve. New learning - MAS = more. Overall, fairly easy for a Sunday.
40d - NORTHS - @ C.C. - Billocohoes answered it pretty well. It would not be unusual to use the term in a tournament or perhaps when discussing the finer points of a duplicate bridge event.
78d - STIERS - His character, Maj. Winchester, replaced Larry Linville's Maj. Frank Burns' in MASH.

Have a good day.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Jake Braun, for a lovely ART-filled Sunday puzzle!

Working across/down simultaneously almost made this a SHOO IN with very few BOOBOOS. Civic duty, perhaps, AUTOLOAN, was clever as well as two distinctly different kinds of yard measures, FABRIC & ALE. Once for a Christmas gift I bought my ex BIL a yard of wine. It was such a novelty and lasted a long time until one of the girls broke it somehow.

My NISSAN has been a veritable workhorse these ten years with almost no problems, even the brakes are original, and I'm finally ready to replace it.

Old young king, TUT, was my favorite clue, too Hahtoolah.

C.C., thank you for the yeoman work of two days with your enlightening information. I love the photo of the CHEETAHS. Where do you buy TARO?

While traveling recently, my credit card number was lifted and used fraudulently by LYFT and just now I received a call about the same on my debit card. Luckily, both companies immediately closed the accounts. But it's a great inconvenience to not be able to use them. The cards themselves were not stolen, somehow the numbers were. I bought an aluminum card case which I hope can prevent future stealing. Please beware, everyone, they don't need the card itself.

Have a fine day, everyone! Finally, some rain came our way.

maripro said...

Enjoyed this puzzle. Thanks Jake Braun and C.C. Cartontemplates was brilliant!
OwenKL, I liked your second batch as much as the first.
Have a lovely day, everyone.

TTP said...

Good late morning or early afternoon everyone. Thank you Jake Braun and CC.

I was all over the place. Probably didn't help that I was watching a movie while solving. Picked up the ART add but not the phrases.

Special area for booting up again? My thoughts went straight to recovery partition.

MALWARE. Keep your AntiVirus program up to date to ferret out and quarantine those critters before they wreak havoc.

Lost by design. Waldo ? Carmen Sandiego ?

Filled in M-CRO and waited for the I or A. It was a long and fruitless wait.

One man's proper procedures are another man's RED TAPE.

I agree with CC. I thought there might be a missing word after "Quite a" for SOME. But now I see it in context after Yellowrock's example.

Canon Powershot for us too, D-O. And Yellowrocks, no LENTILs for me either.

Yellowrocks said...

I have frequently come across yard-of-ale in my reading and have seen pictures of the filled glasses. Today my curiosity about how to handle such a glass has been peaked. Here is a demo and discussion. I think I'll pass on this glass.

Demo first clip

Link Discussion

CrossEyedDave said...

Funny things happen when you add "art."







Ok, this is getting weird..

Anywho, I just wanted to say...

Bill G. said...

Bluehen, I enjoyed your classic limerick. Since a limerick's rhythm is so important, I think that one could be improved slight with the word "her" near the end of the second line. It keeps the classic rhythm better I think. Just my two-cents worth.

On the breasts of a barmaid from Wales
Was tattooed the prices of (her) ales,
Whilst on her behind,
For the sake of the blind,
Was the same information in Braille!

Sunday Morning was good as always but I became numb with the whole show mostly devoted to one topic. I wish they wouldn't do that...

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Jake Braun, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

C.E.D.: Like your art examples. Very good.

Started this morning before church. Finished after I got home from church. Good puzzle. Liked the theme. Once I figured it out it did help with a few of my answers.

ALCAN was a while in coming. I was looking for an I-something. Couple of perps and it hit me.

Tried ESCAPEE for 6A. It became obvious that that was wrong. HOME RUN came a while later.

AFTON was easy. There is music that makes that poem a song. I play it on my tuba for one of our Royal Arch Degrees. We don't have an organist, so I am it.

Did not do Saturday's puzzle. Was out all day.

Got home Friday. Now have a lot of catching up to do here. Going to a Cubs game tomorrow night. Should be fun. Lately they are.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Misty said...

What a delightful Sunday puzzle--many thanks, Jake! I got the theme early, which helped a lot, and found the way it worked the theme answers really clever. And everything just fell into place except one single letter. Had ALC_N and M_S but couldn't decide whether to put an O or an A--so I left it blank. Didn't finish the puzzle by one letter, but didn't spoil it by putting in the wrong one. So Yay! for my cowardly cleverness!

So sorry to hear about Boomer's discomfort, C.C. Hope it gets better soon--and thank you so much for your hard work for us this weekend!

Sorry to hear about Milly, Fermatprime--hope she's better soon.

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

Jayce said...

The first 2 paragraphs of Irish Miss's post say what I experienced with this puzzle better than I could say it myself.

I have a nice little Canon Elph 300 camera that takes excellent pictures. Although I like it, it sits in my desk drawer and, like Husker Gary, my iPhone camera is the one that gets used these days.

I confess I rather like lentils, in soup, in curries, etc. Right now my favorite pea/bean is shelled edamame, boiled, with salt and butter. I also like to put them into my simple miso broth soup.

Best wishes to you all.

OwenKL said...

Re: Limerick complaints about Braille.

Search a bit on Google and you'll find various versions from Sale, Yale, and a harlot named Dale; sometimes touting brown ale or pale ale. Me, I like to rewrite my own versions.

Bluehen gave the barmaid a hail,
On her boobs were the prices of ale
And on her behind
Bill G. was to find
The hourly rates for her tail!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

I struggled with my spelling today as LENTIL had a second E (which misspelled its Natick, SIBILANT); I also had Bon Ami in 8d which prevented me from seeing the HOME RUN go over the wall; DIAMOND was my first choice for 15d, and perhaps I was thinking of horseracing when I had ODDS ON in 125a before SHOO IN appeared. My garage was a ONE CAR before perps corrected; several other minor misteaks [sic] but I corrected them all when I read CC's recap. Good effort from Jake Braun; enjoyed both today's and yesterday's as I was able to compete both with only one or two Googles.

Avg Joe said...

I enjoyed this puzzle. Strong start, clever theme and no Naticks despite the corner of NBA TV and NuJazz (both unknown, but easy to infer). Well done Jake, and thanks for the double duty this weekend C.C.

My current camera is a cheap Canon PowerShot. Unlike PK, I hardly feel dressed without a camera around my neck. Though I can't say I've shot more than 100 pics in the past 20 years for personal reasons. But I I do use the camera for 400 to 600 shots a month that are part of business duties. Never have used my phone to take a pic.

We like lentils....sort of. Probably have them once or twice a year during soup season. I'd equate them to Ramen in the present day in a way, since I made any number of meals of them back in the days of being flat broke when ramen wasn't yet available. They provide good sustenance with some flavor on a tight budget and don't take forever to cook.

PK said...

AvgJoe: My camera bag happens to be quite heavy with several different lenses for different distances. If I just took the camera with one lens, it usually turned out to be the wrong one. Usually I was "working" whenever I went to an event. After retirement I just want to be part of the crowd. When they were little, I wanted to carry around the grandkid and not look at him/her through a lens.

I kept books at a Ford dealership when I was in my 20's. My last job was keeping books at a Buick dealership just before I retired for good. So I was loyal to these American brands that paid my wages. Good cars made that easy.

Big Easy said...

Nice positioning for the ARTless phrases. Took a little longer that usual for a Sunday but did it in one try without putting the paper down. VEINY and NU JAZZ really looked strange but there seems to be more musical genres than fleas on a stray dog. The LAZAR and STIERS were the only other unknowns done strictly by perps. NSA & RKO were good guesses. I had a few mis-starts that caused delays- MACRO became SOCIO-ECONOMICS, GET UP became GAS UP, and for some reason I wrote RHOMBS before changing it to RHOMBI.

I loved the AUTO LOAN clue- 'civic duty'. DEEP THROAT was always known by most men as Linda Lovelace. My AMBIEN regimen is about once a week, if I wake up before 2 am, I take half a 10mg pill to get back to sleep. If not, I will be up for at least 3 hours before falling back to sleep.

My NISSAN Murano has had so many problems in 12 years that it is hard to list them all so I'll just list the MAJOR ones that I remember off the top of my head: replaced all six COPs (coils for each individual cylinder) at least once and some TWICE, busted exhaust manifold, CV-joints, brakes twice, fuel pump twice ( conveniently located in the gas tank) to the tune of over $600 each time, radiator, taillights and headlights ( they are a real pain to get to) BOTH valve covers ( they don't sell the gaskets separately from the covers,...etc. My granddaughter wants it but I'm afraid it will leave her stranded somewhere.

Wilbur Charles said...

Owen, I liked all six of them. I was hoping you'd,perhaps, elevate my D- from yesterday to a D. And a feather in Mr Peacock's cap

Lots of CC like clueing. Lots of write overs. Started easy and then came hissing and Fiddler.

Finished about 3pm but just got a chance to check in

Did them all this week.

The Great One

Anonymous said...

One lame puzzle, ALL TOLD.

Yellowrocks said...

Granite and marble for counter and vanity tops are described as veiny.

Ergo said...

Just finished before the midnight deadline! Every square filled, with no help, but with one tiny little exception.

The letter A intersecting ALCAN and ABFAB was a complete mystery. One foreign reference is bad enough, but link it with a second and I'm toast.

No doubt though, an enjoyable puzzle that provided a lot of satisfaction via clever cluing.

Argyle said...

ALCAN is only semi-foreign; it stands for the Alaska-Canadian Highway.

Lucina said...

Yes, I'm surprised anyone would consider the ALCAN highway foreign. Well, partially, as Argyle said.

Wilbur Charles said...

Pentax. Had to buy a new camera in Nam. When they said "Bus boarding for the world" I made a mad dash and left it on a bench in DaNang.

There's really three long stories, there

I cut it way short and left out Laos completely

Wilbur Charles said...

Owen, I liked all six of them. I was hoping you'd,perhaps, elevate my D- from yesterday to a D. And a feather in Mr Peacock's cap

Lots of CC like clueing. Lots of write overs. Started easy and then came hissing and Fiddler.

Finished about 3pm but just got a chance to check in

Did them all this week.

The Great One

Picard said...

Thank you CrossEyedDave for the amusing artistic flourishes!

I loved the theme. Amazing how adding those three letters can change everything. Several unknowns: NUJAZZ/NBATV, ALCAN, LADD but do-able.

Since you asked about cameras: I use and highly recommend the Sony RX10. It is one of a kind. It has a big sensor like an SLR. But it is basically a high end point and shoot, meaning it is much more compact than an SLR/Zoom lens and it has a good zoom range.

To do quality photos in low light, there is no substitute for a big sensor and the optics that go with that. I feel sad when I see a once in a lifetime event being captured on a teakettle, tennis shoe or telephone instead of an actual camera.