Sep 19, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016 Grant Boroughs

Theme: ARR! - I'll be hornswoggled; it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016.

17A. Ship-fouling organisms, on Talk Like a Pirate Day?: BARRNACLES

32A. What kids ask on a long trip, on TLAP Day?: "ARR WE THERE YET?"

38A. Ship's right-front section, on TLAP Day?: STARRBOARD BOW

57A. Cold northern region, on TLAP Day?: THE ARRCTIC

3D. Food storage area, on TLAP Day?: LARRDER

40D. Bill for drinks, on TLAP Day?: BARR TAB

ARRgyle here, matey and we have a new skipper, Cap'n Boroughs. I feels he's done a fine job and if'n ya don't arrgree, you'll hang by your thumbs from the yarrdarm 'tils we get back in port. If you check among the booty, you will find many seafaring entries.

1. Dangerous wind for small boats: GALE

5. "You're gonna need a bigger boat" movie: JAWS. Completely off-script ad-lib.

9. Barbecue rod: SPIT

13. Actor Sharif: OMAR

14. Verbal exams: ORALS

16. Actress Lollobrigida: GINA

19. Lights-out tune: TAPS

20. Horse hue: ROAN

21. Spyglass component: LENS

23. With 48-Down, mediocre: NOT 48-Down. See 23-Across: SO HOT

24. "Alas ... ": "SADLY..."

26. Cry of fright: [EEK!]

27. Burning: AFIRE

29. Key lime __: PIE

30. Pigpen: STY

31. Story surprises: TWISTS

36. What George Washington could not tell, according to folklore: A LIE

37. Oregon Trail wagon pullers: OXEN

43. Sends to the Hill: ELECTS

45. Agrees to: OKs

46. Wonderment: AWE

47. Wood-shaping tool: LATHE

48. Urgent distress signal: S-O-S

49. When right turns are sometimes permitted: ON RED

51. Tax agcy.: IRS. (Infernal Revenue Service)

52. Dire fate: DOOM

54. Two of a kind: PAIR

55. The color of tropical seas: TEAL

61. "The Sopranos" actress Falco: EDIE

62. Human trunk: TORSO

63. Ring of light: HALO

64. Flatfish sometimes served stuffed: SOLE

65. Recipe amts.: TSPs. (teaspoon)

66. Online auction site: EBAY


1. Dollop: GOB

2. Doctors' org.: AMA. (American Medical Association)

4. Swashbuckler Flynn: ERROL

5. __ of 6-Down: French heroine: JOAN

6. 5-Down of __: French heroine: ARC. (Joan of Arc)

7. Minnesota's state fish: WALLEYE

8. Like a smooth-sailing clipper ship: SLEEK

9. Rank above cpl.: SGT. corporal/sergeant

10. One tickling the ivories: PIANIST

11. Sitting at the dock of the bay: IN PORT

12. Tries a bite of: TASTES

15. Taxpayer ID: SSN

18. Dissenting vote: NAY

22. Fictional Tom or real-life Diane: SAWYER

24. Massage facility: SPA

25. Balloon filler: AIR

26. Old anesthetic: ETHER

28. Wicked one: FIEND

30. Mixes: STIRS

31. __ Hold 'em: TEXAS. Poker game.

33. Enjoy, as television: WATCH

34. Overjoyed: ELATED

35. Chess castles: ROOKS

38. Shove off: SET SAIL

39. Post-WWII babies: BOOMERS. CSO.

41. Be indebted to: OWE

42. Married: WED

43. Upper crust groups: ELITEs

44. Rio Grande city: LAREDO

49. Rowboat propeller: OAR

50. Specialized market segment: NICHE

53. Giants slugger Mel: OTT

54. All in favor: PROs

56. Director Ang __: LEE

58. Deadly snake: ASP

59. Dockworkers' org.: ILA. (International Longshoremen's Association)

60. Playfully shy: COY



OwenKL said...

{C-, C+, B-.}

There once was a pirate named OMARRR
Who decided to travel away farrr.
The sea desparrrado
Wound up in LARRREDO,
At a SPA for piratical ARRR & ARRR!

There was an old sailor named BARRNACLE Bill
A marrriner ancient, but not over the hill!
"My place on earth
Is out on the surf
With a GALE in the sail, and grog in me still!"

"I've sailed in the tropics, and up in the ARRCTIC!
Tweezed boatman Noah when he got bit by an Arrrk tick!
Spent time in rehab
With sea-captain Ahab,
And put up with pirates who get on this 'Arrr' kick!"

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Really fast fun puzzle for TLAPD. Thanks, Grant! Thanks, Arrrrgyle!

The theme came with BARRNACLES when I tried to spell it right and the "N" went red. Went on a bit before the light dawned and I went back and stuck in another "R". Made me laugh.

Filled through this so fast, there were six clues I didn't rrread until Arrgyle listed them.

Only real errrorr was trying "aqua" beforre TEAL. TEAL is a waterr colorr? Hmm!

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Grant and Santa!

Very cute puzzle. Took longer than usual Monday because I didn't know what TLAP day meant.

No nits. (NYT puzzle took less time!)

Have a great day!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Got bogged down a bit with all the cross-referential clues today, but nothing too bad. The first theme answer I happened to encounter was 32A, so I had no idea what TLAP Day was referencing. Plus, ARE WE THERE YET fit perfectly, so I didn't even realize there was anything tricky going on at first. It didn't take long to figure it out, however, so a good time was had by all...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Loved this tidy little puzzle - smiled out loud when the light came on.

I usually forget these special days, such as Pi Day (3/14), and today was no exception. Thinking back, it seems like we've had lively discussions on past TLAP Days. Isn't there one particular old movie that set our image of pirates, including the Arr?

Thanks Arrgyle!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, ARRgyle and friends. How nice ARRgyle that you got to comment on the puzzle on a day made for you!

Lots of other clues that can be peripherally tied to the Pirates on the Sea theme:
* Dangerous Wind for Small Boats
* Spyglass Component
* Urgent Distress Signal
* Color of Tropical Seas
* Sitting at the Dock of the Bay
* Shove Off

QOD: t’s been my policy to view the Internet not as an “information highway”, but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies. ~ Mike Royko (Sept. 19, 1932 ~ Apr. 29, 1997)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Who new that The Los Angeles Police had their own day? Got the theme when LARRDER forced it's way in. Cute theme, nicely done.

PK, I didn't think those tropical seas were TEAL, either. Of course, I'm well known for my discerning sense of color. DW thinks it's a major occasion when I correctly identify a color.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning. What fun! Thanks, Grant. I got the theme at What kids ask, but I was confounded by wanting the more formal AARGH! When ARR fit, I knew I was home free. Fun clues and fun fill.

Thanks, ARRgyle for the tour and the selfie!!

Hahtoolah: Love the quote. Royko was a great old school newspaper man, who more than 20 years ago had great insight into the Internet. I barely had my first computer then--and only because it was taking my eldest daughter forever to write papers and print them from a Smith Corona word processor! Blue screen and Word Perfect! Sigh. . . .

Have a fine day all you Corner pirates.

Yellowrocks said...

Having read Talk Like a Pirates Day at 17A almost immediately and seeing it cross 3D, the theme was set. Those fills were obviously barnacle and larder. So just add an extra R.
Hahtoolah, I, too, noticed all those nautical references which made the puzzle more interesting.
I liked your quote. My students frequently read articles on the Internet and could not discern babble from real information. Even people in high places fall victim to this.
I was slightly surprised at TEAL, but then I mused that the sea sometimes is a bluish green color.
All's fair I suppose, but fill like NOT.....SO HOT, separated, seems not so hot to me.
Thunderstorms last night and continuing rain today are so welcome. The grass is drying up.
I was very happy being able to wear jeans and slacks for a change after a hot summer, but it is back to shorts again. I love the cool, crisp days of autumn.

unclefred said...

Thanx, Grant, for a terrific CW and for reminding me that it is TLAPD. Lots of smiles at the fill, --and lots of sailing terms. Terrific write-up,too, Arrgyle, thanx Owen, thanx for the grins: B+, B, C-.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

What a fun puzzle. Not even any erasures, a rare event for me. I too had forgotten all about TLAPD. Figured it out with ARRTIC. TLAPD evokes thoughts of Dark-n-Stormies, beads, and forsaken modesty.

Hungry Mother said...

Needed the 17a clue to get the theme.

Anonymous said...

A "dollop" is not nearly a GOB. See Merriam-Webster.

Yellowrocks said...

DOLLOP and GOB, are both defined as LUMP in various dictionaries. They don't always agree on whether the lump is large or small. It depends on which dictionary you consult. I have consulted many. Please put a dollop of whipped cream on my pie. Yum! Please put a gob of whipped cram on my pie. Gob is logical here, if not so elegant.It depends on which dictionary you consult. I have consulted many. The thesaurus gives GOB as a synonym for DOLLOP. GOBS does not seen synonymous, but GOB does.

Tinbeni said...

ARRRRGYLE: Wonderful write-up.

Grant: Thank You for a FUN "Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day" puzzle.

Fave theme today, of course, was BARR-TAP, go figure.

Here in the Tampa Bay Area TLAPD this is celebrated big-time!

Well "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere."
The "Sun is over the YARRRRRRDARM!"

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice intro, Arrgyle, Had me chortling.

Easy solve today. No issues.
ON RED - In NYS, generally permitted outside NYC., unless signed otherwise.
Like a smooth-sailing clipper ship - SLEEK - A favorite word. The Germans have a phrase "Schlanke Bug" meaning 'slender bow' which appears in some of their sea shanties.

Goin' to the larrder for a high fiberr English muffin.

Yellowrocks said...

Hearing Laredo always conjures up this earworm.

Santa, fun write up. Just curious, what is the story of the Santa pirate in your picture?

Argyle said...

Make up your own story, I guess.

Argyle said...

Spitzboov, is GOB for sailor considered derogatory or just like jarhead for a Marine?

CrossEyedDave said...

& the race is on to find silly Arrr pics...

Tinbeni said...

ARRRRRG ... typo error ...

Fave theme today was BARR-TAB!

Spitzboov said...

I think it is derogatory. Oscar Brand had a song ...'a gob is a slob whereever he may be...'' is all I remember. Here: Gob

Streets of Laredo by Swedes: Link

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I'm beginning to wonder about my mental lapses. I did catch the double "RR" and did realize it was the theme gimmick but, and this is a beaut of a but, I completely forgot about the TLAP day in the clues so that part went completely over my heard until Captain ARRgyle's expo. (Also, TLAP was Greek to me, anyway.) That said, I enjoyed the solve which was smooth sailing all the way.

Thanks, Grant, even though I missed the whole point of your fun offering and thanks, Arrgyle, for steering me on the right course!

Love the Mike Royko quote, Hatoolah. Was he ever prescient! (The same could be said for some of today's TV "personalities".)

OwenKL, I think you short-changed yourself today!

Gloomy and rainy but we need it so no complaints.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Arrrgh! I just lost my post.

What fun and great job, Arrrgyle, on your intro. Thank you, Grant Boroughs, for a fun start to Monday.

I caught the theme at 17A and enjoyed all the subsequent theme entries. Hahtoolah, one more item for your list; ERROL Flynn played one of those swashbuckling pirates.

Had GINA been clued yesterday as it is today, it would have been a snap. Gershon held me up for a considerable length of time but finally emerged. ROOK again today but also clued more easily.

Thank you again, Arrgyle and Grrant!

Have yourselves an arrdently wonderful day!

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 10:13 - Funny clip, plus it was at Saratoga! Also like the #2 finisher being Feline Felon, someone near and dear to your heart, I'm sure. 🐱

Argyle said...

You can pick out much more detail with this enlargeable link. Pirate Santa. Still no story about it; just Santa delivering presents at sea.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Grant, for a FUN puzzle, and with all the seafaring entries, an extra special solve!

Loved the intro, Argyle. Made me laugh! Thanks for the write-up.

BTW, WSJ has a TLAPD theme as well!

Lucina said...

Your poems are timely and delightful today!

Bill G. said...

Speaking about horse racing, here is an old video of my favorite come-from-behind horse of all time, Silky Sullivan. I remember watching this old race from Santa Anita on TV many years back. Silky didn't even fit in the camera's field-of-view going down the back stretch. But then he put on one of his patented blazing finishes for one magical race...


Jayce said...

Cool puzzle; gobs of fun. Totally missed some of the down clues.

The whole "arr" schtick was, I believe, invented/originated by actor Robert Newton in his wonderful performance of Long John Silver in the 1950 movie Treasure Island.

Thanks for your humorous introduction, Argyle.

Husker Gary said...

A beautiful morning for golf is a terrible thing to waste and so I just got to Grant’s cute puzzle. It was only a question of how many R’s would be added

-OMAR was a great bridge player. In what movie did he play a professional poker player?
-Sophia, Yvonne and GINA – 1954
-Columbus with a SPYGLASS is anachronistic
-Do you get the reference in this T-shirt shown in a tropical sea setting?
-CPL Klinger did finally make it to SGT Klinger
-We “first of the BOOMERS” turned 70 this year
-A podcast I listen to, routinely changes from Neesh to Nitch for NICHE

Ol' Man Keith said...


Very clever that T-shirt. Smart marketing! I wonder if anyone has had the inspiration to use the name IRL to open a charter boat operation.
Arr, I'm cerrrtainly glad I crrracked ourrr theme from the starrrt. Forrrtunately it was verrry harrd to miss.

Ol' Man Keith said...

With all the attention given to Baby BOOMers and later generations, including Gen-Xers and Gen-(Why?)ers, I can't remember what my lot is called.
Can anybody tell me?
I must be among the very last of the Pre-Wars (often reputed to be quality-made), born in '39.

Misty said...

Totally delightful way to start the week--many thanks, Grrrrant! I got the theme early on and just loved it. And like Hahtoolah, I too noticed how many of the clues and answers had nautical references. I would even add eBAY, KEY lime, JAWS,and SOLE.

Fun expo, and great pictures, Arrrgyle.

Fun poems, Owe.

Have a great week, everybody!

TTP said...

Just the heard the following on TV...

The setup: Plaintiff took used car to defendant's mechanic prior to buying it. Plaintiff took the word of the defendant's mechanic that all was AOK w/ the car.

After purchase, the plaintiff later had her own mechanic look at the car. Some major expenses ensued. Plaintiff sued to have expenses recovered.

Judge ruled for the defendant. Used car, As Is sale.

In post-ruling interview in the hallway, the defendant was asked if his mechanic was objective.

Defendant's answer ? "No, he's ok."

Anonymous T said...

Ahoy Mates!

Grant - fun and awesome execution w/ GOBs of other seafaring references. Thanks. Arrrrrgyle thanks for keeping the fun going.

TLAPD is my fav day just behind Halloween. When I had my STYe removed I got a "pirate" patch. I've been waiting for today to publicly use it. SADLY, I had two appointments today and didn't get to wear it to the office. Would it spell career DOOM if I did wear it to the directors' meeting in the am?

My paper has 17a explicitly saying "Talk Like a Pirate Day," so when I saw TLAP Day, I knew what the other clues meant. And then, realizing that was the theme, laughed my arrrrse off.

WO - I tried to stuff a T in NICHE. Seems like it should have one.

Fav - Theme. Fav c/a: "You're gonna need a bigger boat." I use that line all the time when systems aren't designed for scale.

24d did anyone else read it as message site? Threw me for a second - I was thinking Twitt-arrrr?

Thank you Garrison Keillor! - WALLEYE was a gimme.

{A, A, B+} - ya kept w/ the spirit of the day matey!

CED - LOL ARRRR clip. HG - no, I don't get it.

May be a CSO to C.C.'s SO, but BOOMERSooners - not off to a good start :-(

Not pirate talk, but, if you are on an isle... you'll need a Bottle for your Message [The Police]

Here's what I got CED - Translation...

Manac, you're up :-)

Cheers, -T

Big Easy said...

The only place that I have ever heard of TLAP day is on this blog ( I think it was last year). I doubt very seriously that any past or present cutthroat says 'ARR' but I guess somebody made it up and it stuck. Puzzle was of typical Monday difficulty (none) with no unknowns.

LAREDO had me thinking of MarRty Robbins. On the same river as 'El Paso'.

ARR WE THERE YET reminds me of a movie scene from 'Klute' many years ago as Hanoi Jane was looking at her wristwatch while her 'customer' was on top of her and thinking 'ARR you through' instead of 'ARR WE THERE.

Yellowrocks said...

I'M, those were my first thoughts on the quote. It is shocking that these TV personalities are no more discerning than my fifth graders.

Anonymous T said...

YR - and, SADLY, your 5th graders are not paid as such... drivel on TV. "Bubble-headed bleach-blond comes on at 5... give us your Dirty Laundry.

Hatoolah - I delivered SPI State Journal Register and read Royko's column HQ'd in CHI after my route (+ the funnies, hey, I was 12). Then I'd discuss w/ Pop. Royko opened your head. Thanks for the QOD.

Big E - TLAPD is for real (and growing internationally!). If you want to make your own "Played w/ a pro in the Bayou day," :-) this site will help you setup the observance. Anyone can make up their own sh**, er, holiday.. America is great, Eh!

Avast ye 'till latarr, -T

Steve said...

I'm going to be contrarian and say that I didn't like this particularly - there seemed to be a lot of inconsistency with some of the theme entries being nautical, others not at all, dropping the "E" in "ARR" and including other AR sounds in the fill (ARC, OMAR). I think it could have been a lot tidier. Maybe I'd better go back to bed and get out of the other side.

Pat said...

I don't understand the draw of TLAPD so the puzzle didn't do anything for me. I appreciate the work that went into constructing it and the write-up and I thank Grant B. and Argyle.

Happy Monday!


TX Ms said...

Anon-T: Finally catching up on the blog. Thanks for the Saturday Tim Conway [snorkle, snorkle] clip - I loved that show! Guess that format wouldn't be a hit nowadays. And thank you! for the Sunday Springsteen/Aucoin clip - meant to save Hoffman's column and google it. I thought the 19-year-old Aggie wasn't bad and seemed at ease. Nice of The Boss to invite him up, and I was impressed with his warm welcome and friendliness toward the kid.

CED - loved that clip! I guess the announcer needed a bit of throat-soothing libation after that race.

HG - yes, could you please 'splain' the reference to the t-shirt?

And lastly, Anon-T @ 4:04 - thanks for the TLAPD link. I've been wondering for the last two or three years (since I first discovered this while working the LA c|ws) why it's on 9/19. His ex-wife's birthday - hilarious!

Thanks to all the Cornerites - I enjoy all your links and musings from your neck o' the woods.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I didn't hear from anyone regarding my question about naming the Pre-War Pre-BOOMer generation, so I did my own Google search.
Apparently even as late as my birth year, 1939, we were the "Silent Generation." I always thought of them in an earlier time frame and didn't know they extended all the way through WWII (ending in '45, according to most demographers).
The only label I was conscious of during my HS and undergrad years was the "Beat generation," but then being a native San Franciscan I guess we claimed a local exception.
I found one other label that's sometimes used for the 1925-45 set, and that is the "Lucky Few." I guess that's meant to describe those who, except for the very oldest, weren't of draft age in either world war (although we would face Vietnam in the '60s). We also came to adulthood during postwar prosperity and American hegemony.

Steve said...

@TX Ms - the two characters from the "Shawshank Redemption" were named DuFresne & Redding; they finally meet up after release/escape from prison in Mexico at Zihuatanejo.

Argyle said...

That is a scene from the movie in the background.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Yes, Steve, this is Andy Dufresne and Red Redding from the fabulous Shawshank Redemption That shirt may make it into my closet.
-Also, OMAR played an inveterate gambler in this movie

Anonymous T said...

Now I get the shirt... Thanks Steve & Argyle.

OMK - So was you more like Dobie or Maynard? You're certainly not like Silent :-)

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anon T -

I'll go with Maynard. I didn't watch the show (my younger brother did), but since Dobie seems to be clean-shaven and I've had this thing on my chin, or at least the starter version of it, since I was 18, I guess I was a quasi-Beat at least.

TX Ms said...

Thanks, Steve, @ 5:50 - I've been meaning to watch "Shawshank Redemption" while it has been airing on cable for the last few months, but now I will. Knew it was a good movie when it came out.