Sep 25, 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016, C.C. Burnikel


C.C., our leader here at Camp Crossword, has presented us with a lovely Sunday puzzle where nine theme entries are two word phrases where the first word starts with a T and the second with an M. Therefore her reveal also had this characteristic:

108. Corporate identifier whose symbol is common to nine other puzzle answers : TRADE MARK - with the themed TM on the symbol

Here are C.C.'s  nine TM entries

23. Alternative to Samoas : THIN MINTS - All right, Morgan, you know we're taking 5 boxes of THIN MINTS. What else ya got?

25. Model S automaker : TESLA MOTORS - Plug and go! Founded by 48. 25-Across CEO Musk : ELON

36. Where many races are run : TRACK MEET - Usain's going about 28 mph! He'd give that TESLA a race for a while!

54. Hunting guide of a sort : TREASURE MAP - You can buy a replica of the TREASURE MAP and the Emerald from Romancing The Stone online.

73. It starts at love : TENNIS MATCH - Gotta love this clue! Omahan Andy Roddick's 150+mph serves got the match off love (zero) quickly!

90. Flier with striped wings : TIGER MOTH - Also see 21 Across below

105. Place for emoji : TEXT MESSAGE - Mom might have to look for an I'm Sorry emoji for her last entry

38. "Utopia" author : THOMAS MORE - Some say Sir Thomas's book of this mythical island was a prototype for a communist society with no private property or competition. Others think it was a satire of 16th century society.

43. "Now!" : THIS MINUTE - A handy parental phrase

Here is the rest of C.C.'s TRADEMARK sparkling fill:


1. "I Am __": recent Jenner documentary : CAIT 

5. Parlor order : MALT

9. Home of Spaceship Earth : EPCOT - The ® means it is a registered ™

14. Choker part : CLASP

19. Hanging out, say : IDLE

20. Many a Jordanian : ARAB

21. Touches the clouds : SOARS - de Haviland's TIGER MOTH as it SOARS into the sky (alt. for 90 Across theme answer)

22. Constraint : LIMIT

27. Fights : GOES AT IT - There was a lot of pain for those who chose to GO AT IT with with 81. Legendary fighter : ALI

28. "__ do it!" : LET'S - I had to abandon Nike's JUST

29. Online handle : USER ID

30. Anxious med. condition : OCD 

31. Coffee shop amenity : FREE WIFI

33. Flower from the Greek for "star" : ASTER

35. Overtime causes : TIES

38. Vocal syllable : TRA

41. Madness may involve one : METHOD

44. Bread sometimes dipped in dal : NAAN - NAAN and Dal Nirvana

45. Hit the runway : LAND - Sully tells the story where the plane did LAND but, uh, not on LAND

46. China problem : CHIP

47. Cookout leftovers : ASHES

48. Gobbles up : EATS

49. Complete : END

50. Ice cream alternative, casually : FROYO

51. Mai __ : TAI

52. Snow house : IGLOO

57. Sound of disapproval : HISS - A melodrama staple

59. "Take your time" : NO HURRY - NO HURRY, Mom!

61. __ spray : NASAL

62. Versace headquarters : MILAN

64. Equine color patterns : ROANS

66. Tips that are often dropped : HINTS

67. Bathroom fixture : BIDET - Tired on waiting for my SIL, my BIL brushed his teeth using water from one in Assisi! 

68. "Four Quartets" poet : T.S. ELIOT

70. Blue books? : SMUT

77. "The Princess Bride" co-star : ELWES

79. Nebraska native : OTO - Bronze statues in Ft. Calhoun, NE commemorating the 1804 Council between Lewis and Clark and the OTO people

80. Flu symptoms : AGUES

82. Bass part : GILL

83. "We'll always have __": Rick, to Ilsa, in "Casablanca" : PARIS

85. Shame : PITY

86. Stud starter : ANTE - If you're gonna play stud poker for money, ya gotta ANTE!

87. Exercises on a path : JOGS

88. Holey bread : BAGELS

89. Dallas-to-Memphis dir. : ENE 

92. Barcelona-born surrealist : MIRO and 37. Bauhaus artist : KLEE - Artistic members of our group will immediately know which man painted Harlequin's Carnival

93. "King Kunta" rapper Kendrick __ : LAMAR - I googled the lyrics...

94. Reaction to an insult, maybe : ICY STARE

96. See 35-Down : ACT 35. With 96-Across, bad thing to be caught in : THE 

99. Remington of '80s TV : STEELE

102. "My Way" lyricist : ANKA - Paul said he was moved by the depth Elvis brought to this song

103. Newspapers, radio, etc. : OLD MEDIA - Now it's and others

109. Peace Nobelist Root : ELIHU 

110. Unexpected, in a way : EARLY

111. __ Alto : PALO

112. Click sources : MICE

113. Dished (out) : METED - In Thomas More's UTOPIA, all were METED out the same amount

114. Uses a keyboard : TYPES

115. Layered haircut : SHAG

116. Many are named for presidents : ERAS


1. "Fueling Good" gas brand : CITGO

2. For a specific purpose : AD HOC

3. Ashamed admission : I LIED

4. Column of numbers : TENS

5. Bistro bigwig :  MAITRE D'   

6. __ Army: Palmer's fans : ARNIE'S

7. Starbucks offering : LATTE - It's not a MIRO or KLEE, but it looks pretty!

8. "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee" channel : TBS 

9. Gloria of pop : ESTEFAN

10. Like some justice : POETIC - In Shawshank Redemption, innocent Andy Dufresne escapes after 20 years in prison and gets the corrupt warden arrested for money laundering. Yay!

11. Mama of pop : CASS

12. Magic, on sports tickers : ORL

13. PreCheck org. : TSA - With TSA Pre√, you can avoid this

14. Place for skeletons? : CLOSET - They won't stay there if you run for office!

15. Fanta size : LITER

16. Don Juan's love : AMOR

17. Microsoft : Cortana :: Apple : __ : SIRI

18. Combat vet's affliction : PTSD - It was probably Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that greatly changed my  grandfather after service in France in WWI 

24. Family members? : MAFIOSI

26. Not bright, as colors : MUTED

28. Istanbul coins : LIRAS

32. Serena Williams has been its year-end #1 player since 2013 : WTA TOUR - Women's Tennis Association Tour

33. Name on the range : AMANA

34. Ships : SENDS

39. Saudi money : RIYAL - A Whopper meal costs SR20.00 in Jeddah

40. Per unit : A POP

41. "Do the __!" : MATH

42. Morales of "Criminal Minds" : ESAI

44. Lye, in the lab : NAOH - Sodium Hydroxide or NaOH

46. Wave parts : CRESTS

50. "Social Studies" author Lebowitz : FRAN

53. Pesky swarm : GNATS - They've been terrible this summer and seem to like OFF

54. Odor source : TRASH

55. Ex-Cub Sandberg : RYNE

56. Get together : UNITE - Haley Mills sang Let's Get Together in the cheesy Disney movie Parent Trap in 1961. I had such a crush on her!

58. Oscar winner Poitier : SIDNEY

60. Campus cadets' org. : ROTC

63. Fragrant necklaces : LEIS

65. Where to see runners : SLEIGHS

66. Call of the wild : HOWL

67. Get going : BEGIN - The hardest part of some projects

69. Societal problems : ILLS

71. Elec., e.g. : UTIL - I wonder what Clark Griswold's Elec. Util. bill is in December

72. Eighty-six : TOSS - There are many fun ideas about the origin of this phrase

73. Crime scene barrier : TAPE

74. Comics read vertically : MANGA - Japanese comic form traditionally read right to left. Now found all over the world.

75. Crop in a lab, say : ALTER

76. Stadium section : TIER

78. "Oh, puh-leeze!" : SPARE ME

82. Prankster's cry : GOT 'YA

84. "A long time __ in a galaxy ... " : AGO

86. Rock singer Mann : AIMEE

87. Burdens for horses : JOCKEYS - This is where you guys get off!

88. Spaniel, for one : BIRDDOG - Also a fun song by the Everly Brothers

90. Yeshiva reference : TALMUD

91. Work the crowd : MINGLE

92. Youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate __ Yousafzai : MALALA - If you need a hero, may I offer this young woman who stood up to the Taliban in Pakistan for the right to educate women

93. Underworld river : LETHE - A tributary for the Styxx?

95. Yeshiva reference : TORAH

96. Storied firefighter Red : ADAIR

97. Roughly : CIRCA

98. Viewpoints : TAKES - Brilliant SNL parody

99. Cherry throwaway : STEM

100. Cast lead-in : TELE

101. Way out : EXIT

102. Group concerned with aging : AARP

104. Palindromic plus-size model : EMME - EMME Aronson

106. Prepared : SET

107. For example : SAY

108. Pulls a Charmin shenanigan, briefly : TPS

Feel free to contribute to the electronic TOWN MEETING that is TAILOR MADE for wit and wisdom

Notes from C.C.

1) Thanks for the fantastic wrap-up, Gary! You added so much sparkle.

2) Boomer and I met with long-time blog reader Jim Bordoni and his lovely wife Diane yesterday. It's fun talking with Jim about our blog and the regulars. Jim keeps track of his solving time for each LAT puzzle. He has met Garlic Gal and Chickie in person. Chickie knows Diane's mother, small world! 

Jim used to have his own winery and gifted me and Boomer this special bottle of wine. Now he coaches high school cross country running. Their son (graduate student at Georgia Tech) was here in Minneapolis running the Roy Griak Invitational (cross country meet). Both Jim and Diane are avid runners. Diane runs 5 times (3 miles minimum) a week! 


fermatprime said...


Many thanks, CC and Gary!

Nice puzzle.

Hot here in daytime. Fifty degrees cooler at night.

Biopsy on elbow is killing me. (I use my computer lying on my right side.)

Have a great day!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Hope your elbow feels better soon, Fermat!

Pretty smooth puzzle for me today. I was a bit disappointed when I got to the theme reveal that there wasn't more to it, but that's OK. I started out misreading the clue for 23A as "Alternative to Samosas," which had me trying to remember the name of that other appetizer I sometimes get at Indian restaurants (pakoras?) and the light bulb didn't go on until I had every single perp in place.

Just FYI, I'll be starting my new commute and schedule on Tuesday (I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I'm working from home one last time). I won't have time to post here before going to work (or even do the puzzle, for that matter) and with the open office space arrangement I somehow doubt I'll be able to do it at the office, either. We'll see. I'll still be around on weekends, though, and hopefully I'll be able to work from home now and then as well. If not, well, it's certainly been a fun 8 years of posting here on a daily basis!

Lemonade714 said...

BG I hope your work at home situation improves quickly as losing your early posts would be hard.

This was a wonderful example of the amazing skill C.C. has in creating puzzles. Add that to HG' s special blogging and it was a great beginning for fall Sunday puzzles.

The inclusion of the timely clecho, Yeshiva reference, as we begin the preparation for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur seemed so appropriate. We were at the synagogue late last night for Selichot.

My unknowns were Kendrick LAMAR and FRAN Liebowitz but they were not big hurdles.

Have a great week all.

OwenKL said...

DNF. I breezed thru most of it, but was stopped by a measly 1.5%. 75d, 86d, 86a, and 93a made a square of 4 natick cells, and I had MAhALA instead of MALALA. OLD? MEDIA? That doesn't make much more sense (as an in-the-language phrase) than OHD MEDIA!
I didn't see the initials until I came here! I thought it was referring to trademarked name in the puzzle, and I counted 11 of those (including CREST[S]), not just 9! And a few more in clues! I'll let someone else list them all.

Additional frustration -- Omniscient MicroSoft has gifted me with an unannounced "upgrade" for the Anniversary of Windows 10, by activating a Skype account for me (which as a deaf person I need like another appendix), and adding something called Windows Ink Workspace, to help me use a stylus better. Except I don't have a tablet, nor touch screen, nor stylus. But I did have a bunch of hotkeys set up, which have now been preempted! GAHH!

The reason they call it MicroSoft
Is they've only got a micro-brain in their loft!
They've got a soft head,
And power to dread,
And a grip that goes with "turn your head and cough!"

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Ya almost got me, C.C. Misread "Jenner" as "Jennifer," and thought the "range name" would be ANDES. The major stumbling block was northern New Mexico where it was touch and go filling MANGA, LAMAR and AIMEE. Success was definitely more a matter of luck than skill this morning. Interesting that MALALA, clued the same, appeared in yesterday's NYT.

Wasn't familiar with FROYO, but it was guessable.

CITGO is headquartered in Houston, but there aren't very many CITGO stations around here -- only two within 15 miles of me. Didn't recognize their "Fueling good" slogan.

Barry, good luck with the new routine under the new regime.

Lemonade714 said...

Oops, Fermat feel better soon.

Duke beat Notre Dame?

Where are the Wisconsin fans here?

TTP said...

So yesterday was just over 25 minutes, and today was 2X that + 28. Spent probably 15 to 20 minutes of that thinking about that troublesome area in the southwest while making coffee and letting the dog out.

The breakthrough was STUD clue was about poker, not virile male, nor earring post, nor winter tire feature, nor carpentry framing member. DOH ! ANTE. That gave me the needed N in MANGA and the needed T in ALTER. Then had to think about why ALTER might be correct for "Crop in a lab." It was about then that the the coffee must have kicked in. Double DOH !

That A also gave me AI-EE going down, and AIMEE sounder better than AILEE that I almost entered. The only MANN singer I was previously aware of is MANFRED MANN. That left me with only LAM-R to fill, so I went with another A based on knowing of the pioneering KC Chiefs owner LAMAR Hunt, b-baller LAMAR Odom, and Beaumont's LAMAR University.

Not familiar with FROYO or FRAN either. But the F seemed to be the most likely fit when I tested each letter.

Thank you CC and Husker Gary.

That Auburn - LSU finish must have had fans from both sides screaming.

Saddened to hear that Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez has died in a boating accident.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

As always, I enjoyed CC's "trademark" style but, alas, I was done in by the Lethe/Lamar/Manga crossings. I entered Sethe quickly but must have been conflating (ala Brian Williams) Styx and didn't know Manga nor Lamar Kendrick. So, a disappointing FIW but a valiant try. Liked the theme and the theme answers with lots of other fresh fill. Noted the Torah/Talmud clecho and, as DO mentioned, Malala appeared in yesterday's NYT puzzle but with her full name, which I doubt I could pronounce let alone spell.

Great job, CC, and outstanding write-up, HG. Your above-and-beyond blogging and visual efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ferm, feel better soon.

Barry, good luck with the changes and challenges you're facing. Don't be a stranger as you're an important and valued member of this "family."

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Barry G. - please try to post, if not daily, at least on the weekends. I look forward to reading your posts everyday. After completing a puzzle,especially if it was a particular challenge, I hurriedly log on to see if you had the same take. It's uncanny how we miss (interpret differently) the same words or sections I always chuckle when I see a puzzle with circles as I know you will mention the lack of circles in your solving:)) Good luck with the job.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Another great mind-stretcher from C.C. Thanks to you and Gary.

Good luck, Barry! We will miss your smiling post to start our day.

Didn't know FROYO,RYNE, MANGA, EMME, LAMAR. Never heard of Samantha Bee.

Not cousins, but MAFIOSI. Not saddles, but JOCKEYS. Had JO---& couldn't come up with the rest for awhile. Duh dujoir!

Didn't recognize MALALA's surname until perps rescued me.

Forgot what Samoas were until perps filled in my favorite. I tried Fijians first.

MICE! I have one(?) mouse running by the traps to eat the Decon so often in the evenings when I watch TV, I'm thinking of naming it and calling it a pet. If I could only stop screaming. It's making me crazier.

maripro said...

Thanks C.C. and H.G. Nice start to the week.
I, too, got stuck in the southwest area with Lamar, Aimee, manga and alter, where I was thinking of a biology lab raising a crop of algae. Yikes!
Have a lovely day, everyone.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, C.C., for a great start to the week. I learn so much from your puzzles (FROYO, KLEE, MIRO, FRAN). Never disappointed!

HG - Great, great write-up with so much explanation. Thank you for the hard work you put into each blog!

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle and the write-up. Thanks you two.

It's gonna be hot today (85) and hotter tomorrow (94). I'm not happy...

I see Charles Osgood is retiring from Sunday Morning. I will miss him though I enjoy Jane Pauley too. I still miss Charles Kuralt. He was a poet with the spoken word. His old "On the Road" shows were small works of art in the television medium.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if angry Jerome is sober this morning?

Big Easy said...

Well, all I can say is that I 'almost' finished. 1A & 1D ( CAIT & CITGO) killed me. I haven't seen a CITGO station in 40 years ( my dad had a Cities Service station after WW-II). Tried I'M MAD for I LIED; HOME for IDLE; ADD for OCD; never heard of THIN MINTS or knew what 'Samoas' were.

I was also stumped because MANGA and LAMAR were unknowns, tried ALGAE for ALTER, and had my mind on some prefix for 'Stud' instead of thinking poker. Very tricky clue C.C. The RIYAL worked itself out after filling RIALS.

I knew the WTA TOUR even thought Serena was replaced by Angelique Kerber after the US Open earlier this month. The only revenue source for OLD MEDIA's 'want ads' seems to be lawyers looking for relatives of long dead people. Craigs List has decimated it at zero cost.

TESLA MOTORS and ELON Musk. Their only value comes from tax credits. Now he's combining TESLA with SOLAR CITY, which can only exist through government supplied tax credits.

TTP- as an LSU fan, it's crazy that LSU has lost games TWICE in the last few years because the quarterback couldn't get the snap off. It's insane. With 25 seconds left he should have just taken a quick snap and thrown the ball to the ground, forcing a time out.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I agree with Peg about learning a lot from the constructors, editors and commentators. I misinterpreted the theme, and was really excited when I found nine trademarks (Thin Mints, Tesla, EPCOT, Igloo, WTA, AARP, Jockey, Amana and Citgo.

Looked up TIGERmoth and Kendick LAMAR. Missed ELIHU (elias) and associated crosses. Had no idea of FROYO, ELWES, RIYAL, ELON, FRAN, AIMEE, TALMUD, MALALA, LETHE or EMME.

Fairly typical for me on a Sunday crossword. Still fun though. Thanks CC and Gary.

Jayce said...

Man oh man, the amount of imagination and cleverness in this puzzle is astounding. It was really fun to work it and I savored every entry. I had to do two alphabet runs to get RIYAL and FROYO (the F and the Y). As I was working on ELIHU I read the clues backwards, wondering who TELE ROOT (or ROOT TELE?) is, and how ELIHU can be a cast lead-in. One heck of a good puzzle.

And Gary, outstanding write-up. Thanks for it and all you do to make this an interesting place.

Very interesting about Jim Bordoni

Best wishes to you all.

Bill G. said...

I just finished watching Sunday Morning. Geez, I love that show...

CanadianEh! said...

I was on C.C.'s wavelength with this one. I only required a couple of Google HINTS to help. Thanks for the fun C.C and Husker G.

Trying to stick with Cango instead of CITGO held me up in the NW. We don't call them Samoas either and that didn't help the situation.

Like others, I didn't know FROYO and I really wanted Nitro Spray. That created my other problem area.

I laughed at the contrast of 59A and 43D, NO HURRY and THIS MINUTE.

"I am MALALA" is an inspiring read.

Our Elec. UTIL bill was high after this hot summer. Don't get me started about Ont. Hydro! Water UTIL bill was up also.

Hope your elbow improves fermatprime.
Barry G, we will miss your early morning comments but please chime in at night or weekends.

Beautiful fall day. Time for pumpkin LATTE!

Misty said...

Double sparkle this morning, from both C.C. and Husker Gary! Thank you both for a great way to start a Sunday.

I actually got much more than I expected, but not everything, of course. Like others, I too had never heard of MANGA, FROYO, RYNE, and others. At the same time I had some silly goofs. I kept thinking BRUCE Jenner, and am so embarrassed about this since I had followed her gender change on TV and in People magazine. But I never saw the documentary. And I kept thinking I should know that "My Way" answer but what musical name starts with AN__? Duh--ANKA, of course. But it all makes for a fun morning.

Hope your elbow feels better soon, Fermatprime. And Barry G., I hope you'll find some time in the evenings to do the puzzle and a quick post. We'll miss you so much.

Have a lovely day, everybody!

MJ said...

Greetings to all!

Enjoyable puzzle today, but I needed some help from Google to complete. Didn't know FROYO (looking it up it looks like it's based in Missouri), ELWES, LAMAR, or AIMEE. The crossing of the last two doubled the trouble in the SW. KLEE and MIRO were gimmes for me. We have an art program that visits our school called "Meet the Masters". A visiting teacher gives a lesson on a particular artist including a slide show to demonstrate the artist's particular style and medium. We had Paul KLEE last year, and Joan MIRO last week. As follow-up to the lecture, an art teacher visits each classroom and leads the students in creating an art project representative of the artist's style. We have that to look forward to on Tuesday of this week.

Best wishes, Barry, for your commute. Hopefully you'll have some resolution before too long.

Fermatprime, best wishes sent your way, as well.

Thank you C.C. and Gary for a great puzzle and wonderful write-up.

Enjoy the day!

Lucina said...

It's Sunday afternoon and the party is almost over! Thank you, C.C. for a sparkling grid and Gary for an animated presentation!

Most of this was finished before going to church but like others I was stuck at MANGA/LAMAR as well as FROYO/APOP. After erasing EACH, APOP seemed logical and I reasoned that FROYO was a mesh of frozen yogurt.

The R in RYNE filled in when TREASURE MAP appeared. I see one error at HOWL where I had HOOT/GILT. Bass part, GILL, means nothing to me. ALTER finally hit me like a bomb and LAMAR seemed reasonable so that area resolved itself.

Barry, say it isn't so!!! I'm so sorry about your job demands and really hope you won't abandon us completely. Like others I look forward to your posts. Good luck with that schedule!

Our party yesterday was a huge success though the clubhouse here is small we managed to fit everyone; as luck would have it not everyone came or we might have been in trouble. Still, some went outside the weather was so nice and of course the children went swimming. A good time was indeed had by all.

I also hope your elbow heals and soon.

I'm hoping your Sunday is going splendidly, everyone!

Mike the Tiger said...

TTP and Big Easy: Since you both referenced the LSU-Auburn game earlier today, I thought you should known that Les Miles has been fired as the LSU coach. I don't think sports discussions are verboten on this blog, but my prior post seems to have been deleted.

Argyle said...

Sorry, Mike. Sometimes the system decides something is spam and automatically boots it to the spam folder.

Argyle said...

Lucina, a bass is a fish, ergo, it has gills.

Tinbeni said...

Tough day in the "Sports World"

R.I.P. Arnie ... and Jose, who went to young!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Argyle. Big "doh!" I was thinking musical bass. A case of V-8, please.

OwenKL said...

Jinx: Your list of trademarks in the puzzle is the same as mine, except you left out FROYO and CREST.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I still don't get how "Crop in a lab, say" gets ALTER.

PK said...

Owen, I used to "crop" a lot of pictures in our photo lab. That's the only thing I could think of to jib with ALTER. Cropping did ALTER the pictures.

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, here's the great unread one in the bathroom(hint Steve: you can knock off a Mon or Tue there) finishing up.

I had CLAMP for CLASP. SIRI? Duh!!!!

Serendipitous QOD to Arnold Palmer and his ARMY. I remember yakking while he was teeing up at the old Legends at Concord only to be met by Arnie's ICY STARE which from him was an amused smile. Not so amused were caddies,marshalls and a few troops.

I was so grateful to see CC's name after the dreadful slog of last Sunday, still unfinished. And Gary's terrific write-up and delicious verse from Owen.

I puzzle, drive, puzzle drive some more etc. Got Red Adair on the road. We had him and blogged about him earlier.

I did the alphabet thingy like Jayce and stopped at U,V. Then it hit me: FROYO!


Wilbur Charles said...

When the latest price gauge hit the bay there was a citgo on the beach of all places that had the old $1.99 when everyone else had $2.19.

I've figured out the gas-gauge gambit, btw.

Was the Ali clip from the 2nd Liston fight?

Aren't they Omahahans Gary?

Speaking of the SIRIs etc. Someone wrote "Particularly nasty weather" and Siri translated it as "Tickle your ass with a feather"

Those ducklings reminded me of the three way war in the pond out back between the mother ducks and the ospreys. Now, Mr Gator is another story. Make hay, ducklings.

Well, back to 9/18

I I'll try to knock off Monday and be back in real time, blog wise

Husker Gary said...

-Thanks for the kind comments to this visual teacher/learner.
-I've only known Omahans Wilbur!
-Every golfer making millions today owes a debt to Arnie who made the sport palatable to us great unwashed