Sep 27, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Lonnie Burton and Nadine Anderton

Theme: Jumbles - Take a word, change up the letter order and hide it an answer.

18. Churchgoer's "If it's meant to be": LORD WILLING, and the creeks don't rise.

26. Another name for the gladiolus: SWORD LILY, because of their sword-shaped leaves.

38. Post-Cold War hierarchy ... and what is literally contained in the circled squares: NEW WORLD ORDER

51. Out-of-the-office assignment: FIELD WORK

60. They're often passed on the road: SLOW DRIVERS

Argyle here...or is it Garley? First LAT puzzle for Lonnie and a debut for Nadine. Sure'd be nice if they dropped by.


1. Civil __: WAR

4. Tropical fish with large peepers: BIGEYE. "I've got my eye on you."

10. Add to the staff: HIRE

14. Jungle swinger: APE

15. Rapper whose professional name sounds like a candy: EMINEM

16. Sport, for ports: Abbr.: ANAG. Nag a ram.

17. Kindled: LIT

20. Explorer Ericson: LEIF

22. Kitchy-__: KOO

23. Blame taker: GOAT. A scapegoat.

24. Curtain material: SCRIM. The term scrim has two separate meanings in terms of fabric. For curtains, it is the light gauzy material.

30. Cable box display: TEEVEE

32. Dispensable candy: PEZ

33. High bond rating: AAA

34. Geological epoch in which mammals arose: EOCENE

37. Leave __: reward the waiter: A TIP

42. Mortar carriers: HODs

43. __ Fables: AESOP'S

44. Nonprofit URL ending: ORG.

45. Adherent's suffix: IST. Cruciverbalist.

47. Muscat residents: OMANIs

55. Point of view: SLANT

56. Peau de __: satin-weave cloth: SOIE

57. Wide shoe width: EEE

59. In any way: EVER

64. Holiday threshold: EVE

65. Starting course: SOUP

66. Austrian capital: VIENNA

67. "__ Misérables": LES

68. Chris of "The Good Wife": NOTH

69. First female Shuttle pilot __ Collins: EILEEN

70. H.S. 12th-graders: SRs


1. NYSE locale: WALL ST. (New York Stock Exchange/Wall Street)

2. Per unit: A PIECE

3. Head to bed: RETIRE

4. Brussels' land: Abbr.: BEL. (Belgium)

5. "Don't worry about me": "I'M OK"

6. Copter predecessors: GIROs or GYROs.

7. Provide with funding: ENDOW

8. Evergreen that's a homophone of a vowel: YEW

9. Political refugee: ÉMIGRÉ

10. Judaism: kosher :: Islam: __: HALAL

11. Start: INITIATE

12. Took part in a marathon: RAN

13. Cake mix need: EGG

19. City southwest of Warsaw: LODZ. Łódź.

21. Reporter's quintet of questions: FIVE W's. Who, What, When, Where, Why.

25. Ask for Whiskas, perhaps: [MEOW?]

27. Opinion columns: OP EDs

28. Lion's den: LAIR

29. Jabber: YAP

31. Prefix with friendly: ECO. (Environmentally friendly)

35. Muse of poetry: ERATO

36. Marlins' MLB div.: NLE. (National League East)

37. Source of media revenue: AD SALE

38. "Me neither": "NOR I"

39. Barely beats: EDGES OUT

40. Valentine card hugs: OOO. XXX - kisses.

41. LP measures: RPMs. (vinyl records)

42. Baseball inst. in Cooperstown: HOF

45. "__ it my way": I DID

46. Turn sharply: SWERVE

48. Orange choices: NAVELs

49. "Well, __!": "What an outrage!": I NEVER

50. Blood pressure elevator: STRESS

52. Acid test outcome, possibly: LOW PH. Conversely, alkaline test outcome, possibly: HIGH PH.

53. Party hearty: REVEL

54. Nancy Drew creator Carolyn: KEENE. Somewhat bogus clue. The Nancy Drew books were written by ghost writers, all of them given the name Carolyn Keene. The mystery fiction series was created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer.

58. White-tailed coastal bird: ERNE. We see his name but never the bird.

60. Nine-digit ID: SSN. (social security number)

61. Lav, in Bath: LOO

62. Three on a sundial: III

63. __ Antonio: SAN



OwenKL said...

{B+, C-, C.}

A NEW WORLD ORDER will arrive,
The good LORD WILLING and the creek don't rise,
When the election's over!
And if I'm sober
I might tag along to supervise!

Vodka and orange juice for a screwdriver.
A sloe gin fizz has soda and lemon cider.
So gin and O.J.
Or vodka and lemonade,
Which combination would be a SLOW DRIVER?

A Cadbury EGG has a shell that's fairly thick.
A hard candy shell keeps M&Ms from melting quick.
In the WORLD of sweets
Most are layered treats,
And then there's PEZ that's a solid brick!

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Lonnie, Nadine and Santa!

Did not know LODZ, HOF. Otherwise OK.

Anyone found any good new TV shows?

Really hot here today!

Have a great day!

Hungry Mother said...

I finished without knowing what ANAG was. Thanks for clearing that up. Another reminder that I don't like anagrams.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Seemed like some fresh fill in this one. Stuff like LOW PH, FIVE WS, HALAL, NOTH (he's always listed as a guest star). I liked it, Lonnie and Nadine -- sounds like a pair of Mouseketeers. Also nicely done, Garley.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Breezed right through, despite lots of unknowns: Lódź, Keene, and Sword Lily all needed perp help.

Halal was familiar because of an article about halal hotels in major cities. Apparently these hotels require their guests to behave especially well, being respectful of the need for silence, among other things. Too bad that level of civility has disappeared everywhere else. I hate staying in hotels.

Morning, Garley! Well done.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

At first I thought this was way too hard for a Tuesday, and that I would never finish. Lots of unknowns, but after I quit whining and got to work I found that the perps and the theme would save my butt. Got it all with only one erasure - I had sweetpeas for SWORDLILY, a total unknown. Other unknowns were EOCENE, Chris NOTH, HALAL, LODZ, and Carolyn KEENE. When I divorced MLB, the Marlins were in the American League but I kind of remembered hearing about a realignment.

Thanks Lonnie and Nadine for a fun morning.

inanehiker said...

Creative but quick romp this morning - of course I had the circles! Barry won't be here to post about his lack of them - so I figured I'd say something about them. Only complete unknowns were SWORDLILY and BIGEYE, but easily filled by perps.
My favorite coffee spot in our downtown area is owned and run by a man from Jordan and HALAL is on the sign for ordering - so though I didn't know the exact meaning it was definitely in my subconscience after seeing it all these years.

Thanks Garley, Lonnie and Nadine!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Solved it clockwise. Not hard but took a little getting used to some new puzzle constructors. Perps helped get SCRIM and SOIE, and the E in EOCENE. The PEZ crossing helped with LODZ. Liked the ANAG clue.

Have a great day.

billocohoes said...

Because of the marks on the letter, LODZ is pronounced (roughly) WOODGE

Nice Cuppa said...


Thanks billocohoes@8:02. I did cover LODZ/WOODGE/WUJ a few months back. And why Lech WALESA (Wałęsa) is pronounced (roughly, with nasal "N") VAWENSA – proof if ever one was needed that Slavic languages should stick with the Cyrillic alphabet.

MJ said...

Greetings to all!

Fun theme today. Chris NOTH and EILEEN Collins were complete unknowns but were easily perpped. Was surprised that this is an LAT debut for Lonnie Burton as I've often seen his puzzles at Newsday. Congratulations and thank you to Lonnie and Nadine.

And thanks, Argyle, for guiding us through today's offering.

Enjoy the day!

Nice Cuppa said...

– JOHN, HEAD, WASHROOM, BATHROOM. But I never heard LAV used by Americans, although it is widely used/understood in Britain –  maybe more so now than LOO, which is starting to sound a little TWEE.

– The outcome of an ACID TEST could equally well be HIGH or even NEUTRAL pH, if the test came back negative. The misdirection (to its literal meaning) was the fun part of the clue; and the "perhaps" indicated both the misdirection and reality.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I thought this had more bite than usual for a Tuesday but perps solved all unknowns. Am I the only one bothered by AAA, EEE and OOO? And I didn't understand Anag until Hungry Mother mentioned anagram. I caught the World jumble but the reveal produced an aha on the wording.

Nice job, Lonnie and Nadine and congrats on the LAT debut. As always, Argyle, you're the man!

I'm a little grumpy this morning for two reasons: 1) My farm stand is closed until next Wednesday. How I'll survive a corn-less week is TBD. 🌽 and 2) My next-door neighbor and good friend is moving. 😢

Ferm, two new shows that I've seen that have potential (IMO) and deserve a second look are "Designated Survivor" and "This Is Us". Oh, also "Bull".

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks to Lonnie & Nadine for a fun Tuesday puzzle and to Argyle for explaining!

LOL that there would be circles today when Barry is not here to complain. As soon as I saw 38A I moved from Mensa to LA Times and endured the ad to see where the circles were located.

EOCENE and SCRIM were unknowns to me but perps filled them in.
Per unit was A PIECE today not Each or A Pop.

45D My Way was the answer today after 3 days in a row with different cluing (ANKA, SINATRA).

I had Gyros before GIROS but EMINEM corrected that.

I let DH spend the afternoon at HOF while I investigated the shops of Cooperstown!

KEENE's Nancy Drew books were a favourite of mine as well as Cherry Ames.

Have a great day. Glad to be Canadian today ('nuf said)!

Anonymous said...

I believe the same publisher followed the same pattern for the Hardy Boys. I was devastated when I learned, in high school, that there was no such person as Franklin W. Dixon and that the books were written to a strict template by a number of different people. I'm pretty sure that I have seen somewhere a list of all the book series this one publisher had cranked out by unnamed writers. I don't remember any of these others now, but it was not a short list.

TTP said...

Most of what Irish Miss said. Also III. No UUU though. Yes, a tad crunchier. Perps needed in a few places.

Overall, a nice puzzle though. It did feel fresh. I thought NEW WORLD ORDER was a conspiracy theory.

Didn't need the circles to decode that the letters of WORLD would be rearranged. Not sure what that speaks to.

We had EMINEM today. That brought to mind the GEICO commercial with ICE-T sitting in a lawn chair near the child with the lemonade stand. I get a chuckle out of that ad.

Anon at 10:01. Google Stratemeyer Syndicate.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thank you, Lonnie & Nadine... fun puzzle. Congrats on the debut. Perps to the rescue for HALAL.

Thank you, Garley, for another great write-up. And the pic of San Antonio, a great place to visit!

Lucina said...

Crunchy, crunchy for a Tuesday, but it was fun. I didn't know EILEEN Collins, HALAL, SOIE (French, you know)and had to pause at BIGEYE. It's not familiar to me. I loved all of Carolyn KEENE'S books but didn't realize it was a fake name.

The scrambled WORLD was evident and I laughed when I saw the reveal. Very clever. Too bad Barry missed missing the circles.

Thank you, Lonnie and Nadine and Argyle. I like the photos you posted.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Tinbeni said...

Lonnie & Nadine: Thank You for a FUN puzzle.

Wonderful, informative write-up Argyle. Good Job!


And after AAA, EEE, III, OOO I knew the YEW had to be the homophone Evergreen.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Big Easy said...

I noticed the circles on the blank puzzle so I decided to try and complete most of it by filling the downs, purposely ignoring the five theme clues. I didn't know SWORD LILY but since the D in LODZ was my last fill I wasn't about to let the WORLD pass me by. Quit groaning.

I'm not into sewing, so SCRIM and SOIE were unknowns, along with NOTH and BIGEYE (easily guessable).

I always wonder why the term 'Lion's den' is used. They go lay down anywhere they want. They don't dig holes and go underground.

Jim in Norfolk- You're one up on me; I never knew or cared what league or division any team was in. Season is too long, games are too long, prices are too much, cities and states get screwed by the team owners for new stadiums and subsidies. Same goes for professional football, basketball, & hockey.

Michael said...

Dear NiceCuppa @ 8:47:

The problem is that the Poles learned to write from the Germans, so you get these stumblers like Rzaszczoski in Roman letters. There is a Matt Szczur playing for the Cubs, and you can see the broadcasters' eyes curl when they try to pronounce his name as "Caesar."

Husker Gary said...

-A perfect golf morning and now I’m subbing
-I would be shocked if I was the only one to think WORLD series
-Cubs fans are delirious this year but Billy Buckner will always be their GOAT from 1986
-Theatrical uses for a SCRIM
-Our golf club dining room adds a 15% TIP that you can enhance
-The winner of last night’s debate depends on your SLANT
-No amount of AD SALE revenue would make this work today
-Me too on Hardy Boys

Misty said...

Well, I too thought this was a bit crunchy for a Tuesday, but I loved seeing all those messed up WORLDs emerging in the circles, and loved the reveal. So, many thanks, Lonnie and Nadine, and I too hope you'll stop by. And thanks, Argyle, as always.

I did have to cheat and look up HALAL and didn't get the ANAGram until I came to the blog. Fun to have "My Way" come up yet once again.

Fun limericks this morning, Owen.

I'm still enjoying "The Good Place" with Ted Dansen, and thought the opening of "Designated Survivor" looked interesting. Was turned off by Minnie Driver's relentless meanness on "Speechless," but maybe I'll try another episode or two just to support the sweet speechless young actor.

Have a great day, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun puzzle,
Gyro b/4 Giro, and Emynem did nothing to correct it...

Tin @ 10:54
Excellent catch!
Now all those triple vowels make sense!

New World Order?

It's still in the planning stages...

Three reasons It's a crazy mixed up world!

Anonymous said...

Gary - Buckner was with Red Sox in 1986, allowing ball through his legs at first which allowed Mets to score and win game

PK said...

Hi Y'all! No circles. Theme? There was a theme? Hunh! Good one too. Thanks, Lonnie & Nadine.

Thanks, Argyle. Thought the giro link was interesting. I never saw one before. Also glad to see the ERNE after he has soared through so many puzzles unseen. Didn't read about 5 clues until the blog.


TIP: I handed the pizza person (not sure which gender, lots of piercings) a $5 TIP last night. Chattiest delivery person I ever had. Could hardly remember my name to sign the card receipt for listening. Usually, only get, "Have a nice evening." and "Thanks."

Sewed my wedding dress from Peau de SOIE.

FIVE WS was a gimmee. Also a nit. Some of the recent journalists in the 2 papers I read don't seem to know this simple test. Online journalists are worse. Some write opinion essays, not news. And forget about inverted pyramid structure where the 5 Ws are given in the first paragraph with elaboration in the following paragraphs. Run-on sentences that are paragraph length drive me nuts.

KEENE was a gimmee. I had all the Nancy Drew books written up to 1959, ordered from Sears Roebuck every Christmas. Also had Bobbsey Twins books. No book stores in our rural county. But mother got Readers' Digest Condensed Books four times a year that I loved by junior high age. I read and re-read all these. My girls read all these when they came along.

Political debate on TV didn't change my perspective on either candidate.

Fact Checker said...

Re: Jinx in Norfolk said...
When I divorced MLB, the Marlins were in the American League but I kind of remembered hearing about a realignment.

The Florida Marlins began and have always been in the National League (wiki)

Whitey said...

Leon Durham was the culprit for the Cubs in 1984. They've had many infamous playoff events through the years, unfortunately for us Cubs fans ...

"Groundball hit to Durham...RIGHT THROUGH HIS LEGS!!! Here comes Martínez, we're tied at three!"

— ABC's Don Drysdale calling Cubs first basemen Leon Durham's crucial error in the bottom of the seventh inning in Game 5 of the 1984 NLCS.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Aesthetically, this was among the nicest pzls this year. Because I like to fill first along a diagonal from 1-A through (today's) 70-A, I appreciated the steepness of the line that took me from WAR down to EOCENE, thence through the center--NEW WORLD ORDER--and penultimately plunging through AD SALE and NAVELS to the final fill, SRS. No filling was required in any other side or top blocks to stick to a truly sharp angle.
What economy, what style! My hat is tipped to you, LB and NA!

And thanks for the theme, which actually helped this time. I paid little attention to it until I was near the end. When I did a final check, it saved me from letting stand an unheard-of species called SWORA LILY. Changing that to SWORD LILY also corrected 19-D, so that LODZ could assume its rightful place among Polskie miasta.

All in all, a very satisfying Tuesday Xwd.

Wilbur Charles said...

Buckner was a Cub before he was a Redsox. I believe he was traded for Eckersley. Of course he was a Dodger before that. Scapegoats are an integral part of the religion that is Redsox nation.

They hired a rehabbing addict as a sports host. The caveat: Bash Manny Ramirez for four hours a night.

OK. ANAG is short for Anagram. Where does Sport for ports. Aarrgghh. I just got It

I also had FIVNWS.

I'm down to the NW corner on that 9/18(Sunday) xword. Or is that last Sat. One corner left on both.

Now to hop over to Monday.

Lemonade714 said...

Jinx, it was the Milwaukee Brewers who moved to the NL THE STORY . This also paved the way for the Houston Astros move tot he AL in 2013.

The Florida Marlins were part of the 1993 Major League EXPANSION along with the Colorado Rockies, ironically the only two teams that have never won a division title. The marlins have however won two world series titles as a wild card team.

Additionally Fact Checker, they are now the Miami Marlins and have been since they moved into their new retractable roof ballpark on the site of the old Orange Bowl in 2012.

Happy Tuesday, and yes I thought it was crunchy in places.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Lonnie and Nadine, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Very good puzzle. Got through it easily, a few stumpers, however. Theme was good. Clever.

Almost wrote un BUGEYE, but I'M OK saved me. BIGEYE won.

Tried GYROS first. So my inkblot appeared when I wrote in the I. One and only inkblot.

FIVE WS and EOCENE came slowly and with a wag. Lucked out and got it.

SCRIM was easiest one on the grid. We use one all the time at the Commandery.

EILEEN was with perps. As was KEENE.

OK, I have a meeting at church in a short while. see you tomorrow.


( )

Jayce said...

Crunch crunch, yum! A nice, tasty, chewy treat today; plenty to sink my teeth into. And today is only Tuesday? Yikes, I wonder what is in store for the rest of this week! I'm already drooling in anticipation.

CrossEyedDave, from last night, you are right; that Neuschwanstein castle was built by, well, commissioned by, that crazy guy Ludwig II of Bavaria, known in some circles as Screwy Louie.

When I used to work as a plumber, the term "lavvie" always referred to a bathroom sink, or more accurately, basin. The sink in the kitchen was called a, um, sink.

I wonder if Ethiopian Harar beer is made according to halal standards...

Garley, I love your sense of humor. I know I've said it numerous times before, but it is no less true today.

Best wishes to you all.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Thanks Lemonade and Fact Checker. I guess my memory has faded more than I realized since I quit following MLB. I also goofed last week and said that Sunday was Vin Scully's last day. It was his last HOME game, but his last broadcast will be from SF this coming Sunday. He is receiving some great and well deserved kudos on his way out. Makes me almost miss MLB.

Anonymous said...

Since when is it ok to
1. Use part of the answer in the clue - Op-Ed - OPED (Opinion)
2. Use an abbreviated answer, without an abbreviated clue: FIVEWS