Sep 21, 2016

Wednesday, Sept 21, 2016 Don Gagliardo and C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Heave-Ho - The first words (all nouns) are all synonyms.

16A. "Good Guys Wear Black" star : CHUCK NORRIS. I only knew him in "Walker, Texas Ranger."

24A. Post-performance celebration : CAST PARTY

36A. Stroke with a wedge : PITCH SHOT. Like this.

51A. Display for lecture illustrations : FLIP CHART

61A. Sofa decor : THROW PILLOW

Boomer here. Live from Minnesota. Home of the 3M Company. Believe it or not, Scotch tape is not made in Scotland. It's made right here in St. Paul.

Boomer at 3M Championship, August 5, 2016

Minnesota is known for 10,000 lakes, and that does not include the ones that eat my golf balls.  I feel a fishing theme in this puzzle.  You CAST your line from your reel.  PITCH the lure into the weed bed.  FLIP the fish into the boat; then THROW it back ... Too small.


1. Pour love (on) : DOTE. Maresey Dotes and Doesey dotes ...

5. Sledding spot : SLOPE.  Did not like the clue slopes are for skiing. Hills are for sledding.

10. Work the aisles, slangily : USH. Ush is no word that I've ever heard. Hey I'm a poet and didn't know it.

13. Very familiar with : UP ON

14. Not spontaneous : STAGED

15. Howe'er : THO. Hope you got this with down clues, because I don't get it.

18. Haul to the shop : TOW

19. Sailor's pronoun : HER. I guess this refers to a ship. Why they are all female, I'll never know.

20. Full of energy : ALIVE. Golfer Jim Furyk touts 5 hour energy and he is still alive.

21. Stereotypical Geek Squad employee : NERD

22. Mass-mailing tool : E-LIST. I'm surely on a few of these, my junk mail box is full

27. Went astray : SINNED

29. Pupil's cover : EYELID

30. Drawn-out account : SAGA

31. Not as demanding : EASIER. That's what I am talking about. Better clues would be easier.

35. USN clerk : YEO. Never heard of this - but I was in the US Army

39. Take steps : ACT. Take steps is to walk.  Thespians act.

42. Defiant retort : MAKE ME

43. __-Seltzer : ALKA. Remember Speedy with the funny hat?

47. Touchdown spot : TARMAC. I suppose you wanted people to think "Football". Well football teams fly 10 times per season. 

49. Log-shaped pastry : ECLAIR.  Eau Claire, Wisconsin is about 100 Miles from the Twin Cities.  I suppose you could get an Eclair there.

55. "Siddhartha" author : HESSE.  I'm not good at books. The last one I read was "Harps in the Wind".

56. Charitable gift : ALMS

57. Instagram upload : PHOTO. I don't have Instagram. Facebook upload would be an easier clue for me.

59. "__ matter of fact ... " : AS A. Better clue for me would be Hutchinson Family Singers leader, ___ Hutchinson OR the governor of Arkansas ____ Hutchinson.  (See "Harps in the Wind". Asa Hutchinson was my great great grandfather and founded the town of Hutchinson).

60. Young __: tykes, in dialect : UNs. Too much Beverly Hillbillies watching.

64. Shear (off) : LOP. I recently lopped off my hair. I was starting to look too much like Donald Trump (only thinner and with a smaller mouth).

65. Residences : ABODES

66. __ Romeo : ALFA

67. Onetime rival of Delta : TWA. Founded by Howard Hughes (AKA The hermit at the Desert Inn.) TWA flew from 1925 !! to 2001.  Flight 800 hurt them a lot.

68. Having a key, in music : TONAL

69. Go against : DEFY

 1. Title for Prince William's wife : DUCHESS of Cambridge. See also 17. Prince William's wife : KATE

2. The "thee" in "Get thee to a nunnery" : OPHELIA

3. Seeing the sights : TOURING

4. Letter-bottom letters : ENC. I usually see this as ENCL. Another crossword shortcut I suppose.

5. Dispassionate : STOIC. NFL often used this adjective to describe former Vikings coach Bud Grant. Now nearing 90, did you see him blow the big horn at US Bank Stadium Sunday night?

6. Cocoon contents : LARVA.  These are ugly.  Some use them for bait to catch panfish.

7. Ungentle giants : OGRES. They live under bridges and under kids' beds.

8. Shar-__: wrinkly dog : PEI.  I never saw a wrinkly dog, I never hope to see one.  But I can tell you anyhow, "I'd rather see than be one".

9. Paper staff, briefly : EDS. some of these three letter answers are starting to look like abbreviations for illness or drugs.

10. Downright : UTTERLY

11. Skimpy nightgown : SHORTIE.  If you say so.  Spellcheck says it's a word,  I would spell it Shorty, but then it would screw up the puzzle.

12. Folksy greeting : HOWDY DO. I may have heard Barney Fife of Mayberry say this.

14. NBC skit show broadcast from 30 Rock : SNL. Another drug abbreviation. Many people are hooked on this show.

21. Scottish isle denial : NAE. I always thought it was "NAY".  But ask a Scot if they make Scotch Tape and he will say NAE. 

23. Finger-clicking sound : SNAP. Also a really good Ginger cookie.

25. A little laughter : TEE HEE

26. Prefix with technic : PYRO. I've always liked the pyrotechnics at Comiskey and US Cellular Field. I hope the White Sox will continue the explosions at Guaranteed Rate Stadium.

28. Unhook, say : DETACH

32. "Crikey!" : ACK.  Now this really makes no sense.

33. Sailor's pronoun : SHE. There's the ship again

34. Doctrinal suffix : ISM

37. Desktop with an AppleCare option : iMAC

38. "Canterbury" story : TALE

39. Guilty : AT FAULT

40. "Operators are standing by!" : CALL NOW.  I dislike TV commercials that beg you to call. 

41. Bygone weight-loss pills : TRIMSPA. People were duped by Fen Phen. If you want TrimSpa I guess you have to call now - Operators are standing by.  There's a reason this stuff is not sold at stores.

44. French explorer who named Louisiana : LA SALLE

45. Rude dismissal, in slang : KISS-OFF

46. Passage between buildings : AREAWAY. This could also be viewed and clued as ARE AWAY.  (On Vacation ??)

48. AWOL seekers : MPS.  Military Police, Not a drug.

50. Kenneth __, portrayer of Judge Lance Ito in "The People v. O.J. Simpson" : CHOI. Korean surname.

52. Baker's protection : APRON. Or concrete at the end of your driveway.

53. Valerie Harper sitcom : RHODA. Great show. Rhoda got her start on the Mary Tyler Moore epic sitcom - staged in Minneapolis.

54. Item draped on a rack : TOWEL

58. Scout gps. : TPS. Sorry, I have noooo idea what this is. Troops???

61. Skin pic : TAT. Tattoo.
62. "True Detective" network : HBO

63. Stripling : LAD


Jinx in Norfolk said...

Thanks CC and Don. Good level of difficulty for Wednesday. Erased wrap for CAST PARTY. Didn't know ELIST, TRIMSPA, AREAWAY or Kennith CHOI.

A while back I was asked to teach a Project Management class at the local community college. They had a very nice whiteboard that would also display computer images, and it would print out everything on the board including handwritten notations. That's great, but I also asked for a FLIP CHART and the woman from the college looked at me like I had just stepped off a UFO. She explained with an icy tone that "we didn't use that term here" because it could be offensive to their many Asian students. I was supposed to call it a display paper pad. That was my first and last class there.

Can anyone explain why we use TARMAC for runway surfaces, when none of them use that substance? For as long as I can remember, runways and taxiways for airliners and other large planes have been made of concrete.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

There was some less than stellar stuff (CHOI, SHORTIE, YEO, ACK, etc.) and I finished with a typo I couldn't find without red letter help (PITCH SHOP/PALE), but I have to give props to any puzzle that gives us the full TEE-HEE instead of the tepid TE-HEE we often see. The same is true of TEEPEE instead of TEPEE, btw. Just saying...

OwenKL said...


There was a young Yeti who lived on a SLOPE,
On sledding down it the snow-man would DOTE!
He'd shoot down the route
Like a root down a chute --
The other Yetis thought the LAD was a dope!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It was a Wite-Out Wednesday. Started with SHE where HER needed to be, then ORCAS where OGRES fit, and ACH until it was obvious MAHEME wasn't going to pass. Thanx, DG and CC. Boomer, enjoyed your take on the puzzle; is that a kilt you're wearing in the photo?

YEO should be retired. While in the Navy I never, ever heard anyone called a YEO (short for yeoman). "Yeo, Adrian!"

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Piece of cake today, zoomed right through this DGCC offering. Even the theme made sense to me!

Howdy, Boomer, Thanks for pinch hitting. I have seen old Scotch Tape advertising in which a Scot says "Rigid economy, Mon!" or something like that. I gather their focus was on the cost-effectiveness of the tape.

Now, let's clear up this Tarmac business. Jinx at 5:29 is quite right that most commercial runways in the U.S. are concrete, along with taxiways and parking aprons. My complaint, however, is a little different: Tarmac is a trade name that has been appropriated as a common noun, like Kleenex, Plexiglass, or even Scotch Tape. Somehow Tarmac burst onto the scene in America some years ago - I kept hearing it in news broadcasts - as a word for just about any hard airport surface, whether made of asphalt or not. I got the feeling that news people were using the word just to be hip, and somehow it got stuck in common usage with simply incorrect meaning. Tarmac is a material, just like AstroTurf. It is not a runway. It is not a taxiway. It is not a parking apron. /Rant off.

inanehiker said...

Slow start to this solve, but once I got started, it was a fast run.

Thanks DonG, CC and Boomer! Appreciate your sense of humor!

Barry G. said...

BTW, if you're wondering why my comments have been rather brief lately, it's because my son has started middle school and he needs to be there at 7:15 instead of 8:05. Plus, I have to drive him there since we live 1.2 miles from the school and no bus service is provided.

Things are about to get a lot more interesting, however. I've been working remotely ever since the company I work for got purchased back in 2010 and the local office was shut down. Which worked out nicely since it was just before my son started kindergarten and I've been able to walk him to school and pick him up all through elementary school. Well, the company that bought my company got bought out last year, and they have just opened a brand new office in downtown Cambridge. Apparently, my work at home days are at an end, since I have been informed I have to start going into the office starting next month.

Even though I only live about 8 miles away from the office as the crow flies, getting in and out of the office promises to be a nightmare due to traffic. The other day, I did a test run by dropping my son off at 7:15 and then seeing how long it took me to get to the office, and it took exactly 55 minutes (not including the time to find a parking garage nearby and actually walking to the office). The office does not have free parking, so it would cost me around $18 per day to park in a nearby garage.

Alternatively, I could take the subway, but the nearest station to me has limited parking that apparently fills up completely at 7:00. I can walk to it, but it's 1.3 miles away, which would add another 20-25 minutes (and the nearest station to the office is another .4 miles away). So, either way it's going to be a long commute if I still want to be able to drop my son off in the morning. I may have to see if I can arrange to have him carpool with a friend and then leave the house at 6:30 or so to beat the traffic. Or just ask him to walk to school every day. I hate to do that, but it may be my only choice.

Sorry for the long post. And yes, I realize I am suffering from firstworldproblemitis since many people have much worse commutes or don't have a job at all...

TTP said...

Thanks Don, CC, and Boomer. Fun stuff all the way around.

Never heard of TRIMSPA.

In Chicago, the narrow passage between buildings and houses is called a gangway. Read why in this article.

Ceres stands atop the CBOT in "the canyon" on the street in the Loop that was also named for that Louisiana explorer.

Yellowrocks said...

-I found this one easy. I did have FLOW CHART before FLIP CHART. Why would flip chart be offensive to anyone?
-In the 55's my sister and I USHed at a little theater in the park. There was no pay, but we saw all the shows free of charge. We actually called it ushing. (I see that Spellcheck flags it.)
-I often use SLOPE to describe a hill for sledding. A slope need not be that steep. From Wiki under "Sledding," There are four types of sleds commonly used today: runner sleds, toboggans, disks, tubes and backcountry sleds. Each type has advantages and disadvantages if one is trying to get the most out of a given SLOPE.
-Ack reminds me of the old Cathy comicstrip.
Link ACK
-My BIL was a yeoman in the Navy. In the puzzle I just accepted YEO. as an abbreviation. I thought that just as DR. is spoken as doctor, YEO. would be spoken as yeoman.
-Advertisers spell the nightwear either way, SHORTIE or SHORTY. I prefer the first one.
-Dudley, I have come to accept TARMAC, just as I have come to accept BAND AID for adhesive bandages. Everyone calls them Band Aids. Nearly everyone, except those in the aviation business, uses TARMAC indiscriminately. C'est la vie.

Tinbeni said...

Excellent and FUN puzzle and write-up Don & C.C. and Boomer.

Had chip shots for "Stroke(s) with a wedge" before PITCH SHOT write-over when I noticed "Stroke" was singular.

Needed ESP to get TRIM-SPA and CHOI ... they were filled before I read their clues.

Fave today was how THROW PILLOW was crossed by TOWEL (as in THROW TOWEL, my first thought for that PILLOW).


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Another challenging puzzle from C.C. and Don hard G.
A little quick out of the chute with SHE. At 19a had to change she to HER only to re-enter SHE at 33d. Cool puzzling.
TARMAC - While a synonym for runway, it usually seems to refer to the APRON area near the terminal.
YEO - Not used as an abbreviation for yeoman in the NAVY that I have ever seen. YN is used by DOD and is the norm. YEO seems to be crosswordese.

Have a great day.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C. and Don H G., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

I have been absent from the blog for a week or so. Sorry about that. I have done the puzzles but was not able to log in here due to my busy schedule. I did a lot of the puzzles away from home. Anyhow, I will try to be better. I was renting musical instruments to school kids' parents recently. That is over now and I will have more time.

Puzzle was great. I got through it quite easily. I was a little surprised at that.

Theme was fine.

No problem with THO. Made sense to me.

Wanted to write in CORNEA for 29A, but held off for a crossword and eyelid made sense. So, I wrote it in.

Passage between buildings could be an ALLEY.

Liked LA SALLE. Big name around Chicago.

OK, I have to run. Big dinner to cook for tonight. See you tomorrow.


( )

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Don & C.C. for a manageable puzzle on Wednesday. Never heard of TRIMSPA either. Some short entries/abbr's were just so-so for me.

Thanks, Boomer, for subbing today. Nice write-up, with several chuckles along the way.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I enjoyed this very much and caught the theme with the third theme answer. Entries like "ush" and "yeo" don't bother me in the least. Constructing crosswords, like getting old, is not for sissies! πŸ™ƒ. No bumps or hiccups, just smooth sailing to the Tada.

Thanks, CC and Don G, for a mid-week treat and thanks, Boomer, for your witty write-up; you were certainly in fine fettle when you wrote it! 😈

Jinx in Norfolk, I, too, am curious why "Flip Chart" would be offensive to Asians, or to anyone else, for that matter. OTOH, it may be interpreted as one of those "micro-aggressions", "trigger words", "cultural appropriations", "safe places" offenses that are permeating many college campuses.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Like Abejo, I have been MIA due to busy fall schedule. Glad today was EASIER! Thanks C.C. Don G and Boomer.

I had Target before TARMAC but cross with IMAC straightened that out.
AREAWAY is a new one for me.
I remember the Phen-Phen combo but not TRIMSPA.
I would clue PEI as "smallest Canadian province".

DUCHESS and KATE were immediately filled. Kate and William are visiting Canada, arriving this weekend, and bringing children, George and Charlotte. Unfortunately THO, they will not be in the Ontario area but in British Columbia and Yukon.

LASALLE managed to explore a huge area, around the Great Lakes as well as down the Mississippi. Many places (towns, streets, parks) in Ontario are named after him.

Enjoy the day

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks to DG, CC, and Boomer for a delightful pzl & writeup.

I never, ever heard of TRIMSPA. I wonder what percentage of the consumer demo I represent and whether my ignorance is therefore partly to blame for its disappearing from the market.

Although this wasn't hard overall, I did find it difficult to get started. My first fill with confidence wasn't until TOW. My last sector to complete was the SW corner, and that was because of TRIMSPA. (Terrible name! I suppose it was meant to combine "trim" and "spa," two words that alone might suggest easy weight reduction at a site that pampers the client, but which combined imply cutting one's father down to size.)

Lucina said...

Thank you, Don G., C.C. and Boomer. I enjoyed your sensed of humor, Boomer. It is neither STAGED nor STOIC.

For the most part I found this easy and immediately wrote DUCHESS, OPHELIA and TOURING. Then I started having doubts and erased them but soon re-entered them.

My problems appeared in the center where I had ACH and IST but of course MAHETE was obviously incorrect; that got erased and finally straightened out. Like Irish Miss, those fill-in words don't bother me. I realize some concessions must be made to fit the grid.

However, I had a big FIW with FLOWCHART and since TRIMSPA is completely unknown to me TROMSPA seemed all right as did MWS. I also can't imagine why FLIPCHART would be offensive to anyone. And if it is, shouldn't people try to get accustomed to local jargon? They are bound to hear it outside of their comfort zone once they finish college and enter the outside world. Just MHO.

Have a marvelous day, everyone!

oc4beach said...

Thanks to DG, CC, and Boomer for today's romp through crossword land.

It had enough unknowns and blanks to require perps to get it done. Like others, I never heard of TRIMSPA and had to reverse SHE and HER. I knew Yeoman but have never seen it shortened to YEO.

I also couldn't understand why FLIP CHART may be offensive, so I checked the Urban Dictionary and came up with THIS DEFINITION which can refer to someone of Filipino ancestry and may be objectionable. I have friends from the Philippines and have never heard the term about them or from them. Dunno.

At the beach in the rain is still better than not at the beach.

Have a great day everyone.

CrossEyedDave said...

DNF, I WAG'd Choi, but screwed up Hessa. Never heard of areaway.
(& I,m not telling what letter I finally chose...Ack!)

Wilbur Charles said...

Greatly enjoyed Boomer today. I didn't even catch on to it being a CC. Must have had a lot of Don G.

I usually only spill coffee at Owen's verse but Jinx did it. PC has paralyzed discourse. And like Alcoholics they're in denial.

HER/SHE? 50% Chance of being right, then 100%.

TARMAC. I HAD Runway. STONY(as in Bud Grant) before STOIC.

The Scots say "If there's Nae wind there's Nae golf". Furyk's problem was the 16th to 18th holes were played in the sixth hour. Such as his meltdown in the 2012 Open.

Finally, there's no ARRR in Ophelia I see

I was on YR and Missy wavelength on this Wed offering


Dudley said...

This is the first I've heard about Flip Chart. A quick read at Snopes and LanguageMonitor points specifically to Filipinos. Apparently "Flip" is a derogatory word for Filipinos; I faintly recall hearing about that in Hawaii 25 years ago. Seems to me that innocent use should be forgivable any time.

Husker Gary said...

-Phew! HESSE/CHOI/AREAWAY were unknown but right! What a fun “no reveal necessary” puzzle!
-Great write-up as always Boomer. Hmmm…, now who can you talk to about the clues… ☺
-Did you ever make FLIP CARDS that work like this?
-A stuffy prof we had constantly used flip charts and was stunned when he flipped to the third sheet during a yet-again boring lecture to find out my friend had taped a Playboy foldout on that sheet!
-I have an E-LIST of over 100 emails of peeps who post here
-AS A matter of fact, I do own a t-shirt with this sentiment
-If 1 is STOIC and 10 is unhinged, I’m about a 3. You?
-Shrek the OGRE wasn’t ungentle, he was just misunderstood
-With apologies to Longfellow, “When SNL is good, it is very, very good. When it is bad, it is horrid”
-Connoisseur me thinks of The Addams Family theme when finger snapping is brought up
-Say, “GUILTY as charged” and move on. It only hurts for a little while
-CALL NOW!! Yeah, I’ll bet you’re almost out of “Pocket Fisherman”

Husker Gary said...

Quick language story
-We were having issues with our Time-Warner Cable and dutifully called the help line
-I got an immediate answer by a young lady with a very lovely voice, flawless grammar and a great attitude
-At one time I heard what I thought was a New York accent and asked her if that was where she was.
-She replied, “No I am in the Visayas island group of the Philippines, have never lived anywhere else and will live here as long as my mom is sick.”
-We had a great laugh and she said also speaks native Tagalog but most professional exchanges in her area are in English
-BTW, she knew where Nebraska was and what it’s capital was

Unknown said...

Fun, easy speed run today. No complaints here.

Cathie says ACK all the time, so that's good enough for me.

Back in the 70's, Xerox used to complain that its name was being used as a generic term for all photocopiers and as a verb: "Xerox these pages". I guess that's what happened with TARMAC (tarmacadam paving material).

Too PC said...

I don't see a Flip Chart referring to any ethnic group. It is a valid name for a large pad of paper used in presentations.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Hey, good theme which was so simple even I could figure it out. Thanks, Don & C.C. Good to have you back, Boomer.

Didn't know HESSE or his book. Also unknown: CHOI & TRIMSPA. I tried lipozene here but didn't fit. Has anyone tried that fat-burning product? I bought that very expensive bottle of capsules. Took a glass & a half of water to get one down and it didn't feel like it has gone into my stomach. Supposed to take two before each meal three times a day. There is a warning on the bottle about choking. I figured I'd slosh if I drank all that water. The bottle is gathering dust.

Alley__ before AREAWAY. New one on me.

TPS = Toilet Paper Slingers?? Maybe.

Wilbur Charles said...

HG. 50 years ago while conducting a French test I had sliding blackboards.
Yep, same outcome only with chalked nudes.
Nice laugh for the freshmen

Yellowrocks said...

Spitz, you must be correct about YEO. Sometimes just a little knowledge allows us to WAG where those with more knowledge would fear to go.

Anonymous said...

WCCS: Has anyone here EVER ACTUALLY SEEN "troops" abbreviated as TPS?

The LARVA clue should be "cocoon content" (without the "s"). LARVA is singular.

Misty said...

I always love a C.C. puzzle, with Don or others or alone, and exciting to have the extra bonus of Boomer doing the expo today! Made for a great morning! Many thanks to all three!

I found this pretty smooth, except for the middle, which took me a bit of time. And was disappointed to find that I had goofed by writing FLOW CHART instead of FLIP CHART. Lucina, I'm relieved I wasn't the only one. I've clearly never heard of TRIM SPA, but I suppose that's a good thing since I've never had much trouble losing weight.

Loved your witty write-up, Boomer, which mentioned some of my all-time favorite TV shows, "Beverly Hillbillies, "Mayberry," "Rhoda" and the "Mary Tyler Moore Show."

Barry G., how depressing to hear about the horrible commute your job will now require. Let us know if you figure out any way to get help with this--it sounds really awful.

I just learned that a small mole above my upper lip disclosed basal cell carcinoma in the biopsy after I had it removed. Will require surgery (on my face no less). Well, at least I'm not seventeen and worried about how I'll look at the prom afterwards.

For all that, have a great day, everybody!

Bill G. said...

It's been very odd weather yesterday and today for the coastal area of southern California; temperatures and relative humidity in the 80s. It feels more like the weather where I grew in Virginia...

Lucina, are you experiencing similar weather?

Gary, I think I'm about a four.

I don't like YEO or ENC, just like I dislike elhi when it rears its ugly head but if that what it took to make everything come together in a cool puzzle, then I reserve the right to whinge a little bit and then live with the necessary compromises...

Bill G. said...

Joke heard to fill the set-up time at Jordan's drum recital at his music studio.

Q: What do you call a blind deer?
A: No eye-deer.

Q: What if the deer also had no legs?
A: Still no-eye deer.

(It took me a while. I'm not sure if it was worth the mental energy expended.)

Misty, you sound very calm about all of that unpleasantness. Good luck and positive thoughts going your way...

Yellowrocks said...

The Mansfield Handbook of Technological and Scientific Writing says,
"An enclosure notation--Enclosure:, Encl., or Enc.--alerts the recipient that additional material is enclosed." 3 choices!
We are back to to-may-to to-mah-to. Machs nichts.
I cannot understand the urge to find the ONE AND ONLY proper answer. A multiplicity of acceptable answers makes the language richer.
I am broad minded, though since losing weight I am no longer broad hipped.

Michael said...

oc4beach wrote:

"I also couldn't understand why FLIP CHART may be offensive, so I checked the Urban Dictionary and came up with THIS DEFINITION which can refer to someone of Filipino ancestry and may be objectionable. I have friends from the Philippines and have never heard the term about them or from them. Dunno."

FWIW, here's the deep historical answer. When I was in the Army in the early 1960s, my MOS was such that I had a lot of contact with people who had served at Clark AFB in the Philippines -- and, later, in the RVN -- and almost each ethnic group had a derogatory slang name among U.S. troops. "Flip" was for Philippinos; "Zip" was for Vietnamese; "Gook" was for Koreans; "Slope" was for..., well, you get the idea.

But since these various names were used by Americans, not by the natives, any retroactive guilt is purely American. IOW, any offense is only to our own sensibilities.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

Misty - Best wishes for a complete cure and a long life.

As far as FLIP chat is concerned, it was in fact the derogatory term for Filipino that the CC "flipped out" about. I once had a Filipino boss who used that term about people of his heritage, but it was clear from the context that I wasn't to use it.

I think that community colleges sometimes become overly sensitive about what the four-year colleges think about them. I've had students tell me that profs in computer science classes tell their pupils on the first day that the course they are taking is easier at the local four-year school. The idea is that if they transfer, the four-year school will be impressed with their level of accomplishment. That may be the reason behind the sensitivity to something that seemed to be far-fetched to me. Another possibility is that some student complained, and this was a free and easy way to resolve the issue. This was years before I ever heard the terms "microaggression" and "safe spaces".

JD said...

Happy Wednesday to you all. Loved your puzzle, C.C. And Don, and got a big kick out of your write up Boomer!

The easiest answer was my last fill. SO many answers came to mind for MAKE MEπŸ˜†! LOVED kiss- off!
TRimspa was a new one. Have never understood why people would put those awful pills into their body because they are so bad for your heart.

Snapping fingers has been a momentous occasion for my grandsons when they 1st discover how to do it.

WHen we were given easels for our flip charts, I was one happy teacher!

Big Easy said...

The theme was easy but E-LIST and AREA WAY are two words I've never heard of. Add to that Kenneth CHOI and TRIM SPA. And wasn't 'True Detective' a magazine from many years ago? But the puzzle was an easy one with no write-overs.

Jim in Norfolk- why is FLIP CHART offensive to anybody?

TWA- I wouldn't really call them a one-time rival of Delta. TWA mainly flew international and Delta flew domestic flights. TWA went east to Europe and PAN AM flew west to Asia and south toward South America.

Abejo- LASALLE is a big name in New Orleans.

All my short shots around the green are PITCH shots unless I am force to go over a bunker. Chip shots require too much practice and are easier to either chillydip or blade, leaving them way short or over the green.

Lucina said...

Well, if we really want to get technical, I believe the plural of LARVA is larvae but so many terms that were formerly used only in the Latin form are now Anglicised. Cactus comes to mind. The AZ Republic consistently uses cactuses and apparently that's in their handbook.

Barry, I also sympathize with your plight and hope you find a comfortable solution.

Misty, I love your philosophical attitude! And I do hope that carcinogen will be totally removed.

Yes, Bill G., it is humid here, too, but we actually had a bit of rain last night.

Anonymous said...

It's PC run amok: now the racists want the to called "white nationalists!"

AnonymousPVX said...

This went quickly with few problems. I'm with Big Easy on e-list and areaway.

Trump could come out in Nazi regalia and still get votes. And not just from the "alt-right", the new term for nazis, skinheads and racists.

Pat said...

A bit crunchy, several unknowns already mentioned, but eventually finished. The dead tree version doesn't have red letters so it was a problem with incorrect answers in a couple places. Thanks for the challenge, D.G. and C.C. Fun write-up, Boomer; thanks for helping out!

Barry: Good Luck with the commute. I hope you find a workable solution. In this age of global warming/air pollution/employee productivity and satisfaction wouldn't it make more sense for you to continue to work from home most of the time?

Misty, I hope the surgery removes all the bad cells and you heal quickly.

JzB, Abejo and other musicians, you may like this Talladay Farms Corn Maze
JaB, this is located near Milan, MI, fairly close to you.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Most bicyclists travel between 12 and 15 MPH, and they can short cuts mot available to cars. Might not be workable year round depending on where you live.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


CrossEyedDave said...

Yes anonymous, it works...

Jayce said...

I learned that Touchdown spot was not INZONE. I learned 2 words I had never heard before: AREAWAY and TRIMSPA. Good one about cutting father down to size, Keith.

I really wanted to like this puzzle, especially since it is by C.C. and Don, but stuff like YEO, TPS, and UNS detracted from the pleasure. However,there is plenty to like in the longer fills such as KISSOFF, CALLNOW, and others.

Excellent write-up. Boomer. Thanks.

PK, that Lipozene stuff is bad bungy. It's basically a highly fibrous substance that swells up to a huge volume when exposed to water. No nutritional value, just bulk to make you full so you eat less. It reminds me of an old grizzled sergeant I once knew who often used the expression, "Eat sawdust and shit logs."

Misty, I hope they get out all the bad cells with no scarring on your face. Barry G, I'm sorry you are having to deal with that commute and parking expense.

Organizations and people who tell me not to use a common word because it might offend someone offend me.

Best wishes to you all.

Irish Miss said...

Misty, best wishes for a swift, safe, and successful surgery. I'll be thinking of you! πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ’πŸŒΉ

Spitzboov said...

Misty - Hope your treatment goes well and is successful. Bad day for moles today. Biopsy on my left shoulder blade area just came back with early stage melanoma. So I've got to have suitable margins removed and sentinel node analysis done. Too much cultivating corn w/o a shirt on as a youth, I guess.

Irish Miss said...

Spitz, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, as well. Best of luck!

PK said...

Misty and Spitz, prayers for complete eradication of the "C" factor. Old age is certainly no fun sometimes.

Jayce, too funny about the logs. I bought that stuff in a weak moment. I sure don't need to add to the bloat.

I think anything one says offends someone sometimes. My kids get mad at me for the strangest things sometimes. Usually I have come too close to the truth for their comfort.

Barry G. said...

Thanks for the kind words about my upcoming commute! I just found out that this will be the least of my worries, however. Apparently, the office is set up as an "agile" workspace, which means an open floor plan with no cubicles. Instead, each "team" is assigned a "neighborhood" (basically a large table with a bunch of chairs) and we are supposed to bring our laptops every day and just grab an available seat. I can't imagine anything more soul crushing than not even being able to keep a family photo on your desk. Oh, and no phones are provided, which means if I have to attend or lead a meeting (which makes up half my average working day) I need to try and reserve a conference room in advance and hope one is available.

This whole setup is designed for software developers who are working collaboratively on projects. Sadly, I am not a software developer (I head up the technical writing department for the company that just got bought and is still operating as a wholly owned subsidiary) and none of the people I work with on a daily basis are going to be in this office with me. Although this may end up being beneficial for me in the long term after the two companies are fully integrated, right now all it will do is make my job nearly impossible to do. My wife says I should just quit, but seeing as how she just got laid of from her job...

Again, though, first world problems! Misty, I am so sorry to hear about your mole and I sincerely hope the procedure knocks the cancer out completely.

Barry G. said...

Aaargh! Same sentiment to you, Spitzboov! I really, really hope that everything works out all right.

Lucina said...

Positive vibes to you as well, Sptizboov.

Anonymous T said...

Haven't read everyone yet. Thanks Don & CC & Boomer. Fav of course was ALFA. Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Read everyone but have to be up in 4 hours so I'll keep it short.

God Speed to yous twos Misty & Spitz.

HG - You've been to JSC. Ever see the "AS A matter of fact I am a rocket scientist" bumper stickers on cars in the lot? I LOL'd when I did.

BarryG - OH, SNAP... 55 min to go a few mi? And "Agile" workspace... Any chance you can negotiate 2 or 3 days at home? I did tech writing (DR plans, operations manuals, etc.) and it's a "leave me alone" tasking. When I consulted, I spent a few days a week working from the house - I'd get to ride bikes w/ Youngest to school. Good times.


Thanks again Don & C.C. Puzzle was slow to begin but picked up to breakneck speed to the finish.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Isn't a pupa in a cocoon? Thought larva was the previous stage before it spins a cocoon around it?