Feb 4, 2017

Saturday, Feb 4th, 2017 David C. Duncan-Dekker

Theme: DCDD

Words: 68 (missing J,X,Z)

Blocks: 33

Well I just about smoked through this puzzle, despite having no answers for the first three long Across fills. A pinwheel grid with triple 10-letter corners meant easier 4-letter fills for crossings, and some of them were too much of a 'gimme' for a Saturday construction.  Hey, they gotta throw us a bone once in a while, no~?  Very few proper names, I knew all of them, and several other clues were in my wheelhouse as well.  One from each corner;

1. Runway covering : TARMACADAM - here I thought this was redundant, as TAR and MACADAM were the same thing, but I went looking and discovered I was wrong

57. Flipper, for one : BOTTLENOSE - I started with "TV----", but 'character' was too long; for some reason, I thought dolphins were "bottleNECK".  Ooops

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

13. Not yet on the shelves : UNRELEASED - my book is unreleased - and uh, unwritten, right now....

24. 1956 rockabilly hit : BE-BOP-A-LULA - before my time, but the phrase appears in this song, which I have linked before, but I think it's worth hearing again

The Afterlife
Paul SimONWARD~!


11. Border : ABUT - dah~! Not EDGE

15. Hedge : EQUIVOCATE

16. Mellow, with "down" : TONE

17. Source of sweet-scented spice : NUTMEG TREE

18. Car alarm : HORN

19. What suspects may be charged with : TASERS - suspect or perp~?  One can be a suspect without getting tased in the process - I hope

20. Grease, often : FAT

21. Squeezed (out) : EKED - gimme

22. Something else : LULU

23. First name in legal fiction : ERLE - his Wiki

24. Good yield : BUMPER CROP
Looks like it's gonna be a good year~!

30. Not a good look : LEER - gimme

31. Made possible : ENABLED

32. Pan Am competitor : TWA - ugh.  I tried UAL, then NWA, and finally got it right

34. Darken, in a way : TAN - ooh, I was close with DYE at first

35. Ordered : BOSSED - yesterday my senior boss thought he'd tell me how to load one of my trucks - so I said to him "why don't you just go sit in the office~?"

36. Manage poorly : ILL USE

38. Leftover bit : ORT - gimme

39. Kid's cry : "MOM~!"

41. Dresses : ATTIRES - ah, the verb, not the noun

42. Like some horses : PIED - pondered "ROAN"

44. Hunting dogs : COONHOUNDS

46. Business opening : AGRO - thought it was agrI, but....

47. Letter-shaped fastener : T-NUT

48. Depict artistically : LIMN

49. Certain game extensions, briefly : OTs - the NY Rangers won in OT on Thursday

50. Force user : OBI-WAN - I use the Force - it keeps me sober

56. Hand or foot : UNIT - measures, not "limbs"

59. "Constant Craving" singer : LANG - k.d., and I remembered this song

60. Police may look for one : EYEWITNESS

61. Gucci or Rossi : ALDO - perps

62. Some talk show personalities : RADIO HOSTS


1. Big top, e.g. : TENT - gimme

2. Water color : AQUA

3. Groovy things : RUTS - "LPs" was too short

4. Street performer : MIME - gimme

5. Claim : AVER

6. Minor players : COGS

7. Perform : ACT - gimme

8. War-torn Sudanese region : DARFUR - featured in this song from Thievery Corporation

9. Got stuffed : ATE A LOT

10. Join for a drink, say : MEET UP WITH - only if it's coffee - OK, Diet Coke, too

11. Close behind : AT HEEL

12. Library feature : BOOK RETURN

14. Gentle quality : TENDERNESS

22. Flat-panel TV component : LCD - had in, took it out

25. Hardly fresh : UNORIGINAL

26. Code-breaking game with colored pegs : MASTERMIND - ah, I remember this game, but I never played it

27. __ Kids: "Sesame Street" brand : PBS - perps

28. Am or Fm : ELEMent - almost got me; I went with BAND first, but this is Americium and Fermium

29. Fictional Soviet sub : RED OCTOBER - I can think of a more difficult way to clue this on Saturday - e.g. "sub captained by Ramius"

33. Chorus line? : ALTO

37. Voice of Master Viper in "Kung Fu Panda" films : LIU

40. Flamenco guitarist Carlos : MONTOYA - perps gave me MONT---, and given the occupation/first name....

41. Social worker? : ANT - gimme

43. "What's the rush?" : "DON'T GO...."

45. Kicked to the curb : OUSTED

50. A little of this, a little of that : OLIO - I have not seen this in a puzzle for a long time - but I don't get to the weekday puzzles much

51. One of the March sisters : BETH - I had the -ET-, so I figured BETH was a good choice

52. __ time : IN NO

53. Tribulations : WOES

54. No. 2 : ASST. - Always reminds me of Dr. Evil

55. Headland : NESS - new definition for me

58. Light head? : TWI - twilight; second "lead-in" clue in the grid (46a.), which is unusual



OwenKL said...

New 'puter, so spending my time trying to get it set up. Ugh. Makes me hate getting a new machine, even tho this will run rings around my old one.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zip, zip, done. DCDD threw us a softball this morning. I was expecting a pangram; that's his specialty. I think I remember one where he used every letter in the alphabet four times.

Splynter, here's that ORIGINAL Be-Bop-A-Lula -- funny to watch, even if you don't listen.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you David and Splynter.

Nice puzzle pattern.

Good workout. Solved in spurts. Mostly solved.
No idea on Headland = NESS, but the perps were solid. Thank you OBIWAN.

Messed up the SW by mistakenly recalling OLEG Gucci. D'oh ! That was Cassini.
Agri, agra, or agro ?
No idea on the code breaking game, or that 1956 song.
Did get UNIT, but that was the only one in that stack below PIED.
Love the lyrics in this "DON'T GO" song.

Anonymous said...

Woulda been nice to see a call out to the BEAT on 14d

Big Easy said...

Splynter- 'too much of a gimme' were more like lucky WAGS for me. PBS Kids was about the only gimme I had. Then I remembered RED OCTOBER and I worked from it. The NW was the last to fall after I changed DARFIR to DARFUR and LIEU to LULU. I wanted OVERATE or ATE A COW but the incorrect AEOT I had written wold allow anything. TARMACADAM is something I've never heard of, only TAR or MACADAMize. The NE was white until I called in the COON HOUNDS and I worked it from the bottom up with EKED & ERLE in place. Would it be ILL RUN or USE, OGLE or LEER, HONK TOOT or HORN? I figured 14D would end with NESS and worked 'up' from there.

My SW WAGs or BUMPER CROP & BEBOPALULA were lucky but the song's correct spelling was not known, making the crosses difficult.

I had FIVE unknowns that didn't make it any easier today. BETH, MONTOYA, MASTERMIND, and LIU. The 55D NESS was a complete stumper but the crosses were correct so it had to stay.

Lucina said...

Definitely easier than usual for Saturday though it took me longer that it should have by overthinking some fill. The eastern edge filled first knocking it out quickly. And I had no idea about LIU but HOUNDS, ATTIRES and ILLUSE nailed it. I no longer watch any animation films unless my granddaughter is here.

I had a MASTERMIND game but gave it away; after playing a few times the novelty wears off and cluing is too easy.

ALTO replaced AMEN and ALDO went in, went out and in again.

I've not seen or smelled a NUTMEG TREE but have experienced a cinnamon tree and it's a heady scent.

Laughed at COGS, minor players, next to ACT.

Thank you, DCDD and Splynter. Now it's time to return to bed.

Have a spectacular Saturday, everyone!

BobB said...

Macadam and tarmac are named for Scottish engineer John McAdam who develop the process of road building using small crushed stone compacted in top a hard durable pavement. Hence "macadam".
Adding tar on to of the macadam was a latter improvement, hence "tarmac". Never saw the words combined as tarmacadam?

billocohoes said...

Not as easy as some here think. Writeovers of ROAN for PIED, MESA for NESS as well as LIEU for LULU.
Don't think I've seen BEBOPALULA in a CW before, but certainly remembered it after about half the crosses filled in.

Anonymous said...

"Darken, in a way": TAN. You were close with DYE at first? I was closer with TAR.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Anyone know that ALDO MONTOYA is a professional rassler? Me neither, but when I was confirming Gucci and Rossi I tripped over his name. Looked up MASTERMIND and Carlos MONTOYA (knew it probably wouldn't be Santana). Erased John (as in Grisham) for ERLE, misUSE for ILLUSE, LeD for LCD, and hand up for band before ELEM. I really wanted "poop" for No. 2, but knew that Rich would never allow it.

Didn't know LIMN, COGS (for minor players), NESS (so Loch Ness is headland lake), or PBS Kids. BETH was a confident guess.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Oh, looked up BEBOPALULA too.

Anonymous said...

Thought I was getting smarter since I was able to do this Saturday puzzle. But when everyone said it was easy, I realized I wasn't smarter. Oh well! I thought of Aaron Neville's 'Don't Go Please Stay' when filled in 43 down. Since I'm from Louisiana, Aaron is a staple.

BunnyM said...

Good morning!
Thanks DCDD and Splynter for a good workout and great write up.

I was overwhelmed at first. I think the combo of the long fills and psyching myself out caused it to be harder than it was. I missed a lot of the gimmes first go around. Thanks to OBIWAN and the down fills, it started to fall into place- but not without some hiccups.

I tried Edge for ABUT, Car alarm/HORN - was it going to be Beep, Toot or Honk? Tried John (Grisham) for ERLE, Misuse/ILLUSE, Roan/PIED, Dial/ELEM ( was thinking radio)

I've never seen the word LIMN and NESS, PBS, and MASTERMIND were perps. That game sounded vaguely familiar and after seeing Splynter's pic, I think I may have seen it many years ago but don't recall ever playing it.

"What suspects may be charged with" - TASER was a favorite clever clue :)
BOOKRETURN- when I worked at the library, emptying this was a job nobody wanted to do each morning. It could be overwhelming at times, especially on Monday since we'd been closed since late Sat afternoon and there was a mountain of returns. That's one of the few things I don't miss about working there.

Wishing you all a great day!

oc4beach said...

I'm glad that others found this one easier than usual. I did for a while and then the brakes on the train ground to a screeching halt in the SW. Which made this an official DNF because of I had to use alphabet runs and red letters to fill in the SW.

Tarmacadam was a gimme because of hanging around airports where they call the aprons where the planes park as the TARMAC. Even though most of it concrete.

TENT provided the anchors that helped fill in the NW. REDOCTOBER was another gimme that helped fill in the East side of the puzzle along with MONTOYA. I did have a hitch for a few minutes there because I had SANTANA before I realized MONTOYA was the right answer.

I also had ROAN at first for the horse clue, but remembered the Piebald horse clue from a few weeks ago. DW grew up riding horses and her Dad had a couple of PIED colored horses.

My father-in-law also introduced me to coon hunting when I was dating my wife to be. He always had COONHOUNDS for hunting. They were usually Blue Tick Hounds or Plott Hounds.

Great puzzle David and Splynter's expo was spot on.

Have a great day everyone.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Agree that today's puzzle was easier than most Saturdays, which allowed me to complete it without a lot of look-ups. Yea! Hand up for "edge" before ABUT. And like BunnyM, favorite clue/answer was "What suspects may be charged with" for TASERS. Thanks for today's entertaining puzzle, DCDD, and thanks Splynter for being our faithful Saturday tour guide.

Enjoy the day!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I'm in the minority on this one as I struggled to no avail in the SW and finally cried "Uncle." For the life of me, I couldn't parse Be Bop A Lula, even though I knew the song. Had Pies instead of Pied (don't ask me why) and Bossed for Ordered just never occurred to me. I finally gave up and asked for help, so a big, fat FWH (Finished With Help.)

Thanks, David, for a true Saturday stumper (for me, anyway) and thanks, Splynter, for the detailed expo. (How did your boss react to your suggestion?)

Just heard that one of my sisters-in-law had to have emergency surgery last night for a femoral hernia. I never heard of such a condition but, based on what I learned about it, it's more common in women and can be life threatening. (This is on top of enduring chemo for the last five months, with the final treatment scheduled for next week.)

Have a great day.

Northwest Runner said...

Am or Fm was a good clue. Lower case m's were a hint that the answer wasn't band, and Fm was a hint that the answer was an abbreviation.

Husker Gary said...

-A just right Saturday that solved corner by corner
-I well remember Gene Vincent’s BE-BOP-A-LULA from 60 yrs ago and this 52-year-old DON’T GO song (3:11)
-NUTMEG from Indonesia was a very valuable commodity in medieval Europe
-While watching a screen test of Raymond Burr, ERLE stood up, pointed toward the screen and said, “That’s Perry Mason”
-AGRObusinessmen had a BUMPER CROP here last year
-Splynter, did your BOSS write you a good recommendation for your next job? ☺
-LIMN was an answer in the SILENT N category on Jeopardy yesterday. No one got it.
-EYEWITNESS testimony sent the wrong man (on the left) to jail for the other man’s crime
-“We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely, And all I gotta do is ACT naturally”
-I thought about the colored pegs in this game
-Loch NESS is a loch (lake) originating in the Scottish Highlands (headlands)
-In what movie did the escapee sprinkle pepper to throw off the COON HOUNDS?

Sonia said...

Hope Owen gets his puter running................that's two days without his great poems!

Yellowrocks said...

The eastern half was Wednesday easy for me. The western half called up an embarrassing number of red letters. I had ORT, LIMN, UNIT, ENABLED, RED OCTOBER, MONOTYA easily. With red letter changes I wagged most of the rest. Luckily there was not enough frustration to turn me off. Still fun. Good puzzle and expo.
I will spend the rest of the day typing square dance caller contracts.They are due this weekend. The schedule must be in a magazine ad that goes to print very soon. I have spend hours contacting and scheduling the callers. Now some of the members are asking that we dance twice a month instead of four times a month. It seems not the proper time to hastily change things. My co-president agrees, but I feel disheartened and loath to continue. I guess I have to put on my big girl pants and soldier on.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

This one seemed straightforward, but I had to pause at Limn. I know we've had that before but it doesn't seem to stay in the accessible part of memory. Fun clue for Taser!

Morning, Splynter, thanks for enlarging on Tarmac. As I have posted before, it's my sense that using the word tarmac for nearly every airport surface is a relatively new thing (at least in America), having been driven to prominence by news media. It has been used with painful carelessness, and I wish it would just go away.

Yellowrocks said...

Dudley, Aviation Glossary agrees with you. "Tarmac was used extensively to construct runways during World War II but no modern major airports are using the material.The term “Tarmac” may have been further popularized when it became part of the news lexicon following live coverage of the Entebbe hijacking in 1976, where “Tarmac” was frequently used by the on-scene BBC reporter in describing the hijack scene." Even the regular dictionaries say tarmac refers to runways, aprons, and roads covered with tarmac. Most runways and aprons today are made of concrete.
Unfortunately for your sensibilities,I believe that tarmac is changing its meaning, as many words do, and soon will be listed for runways and aprons, even though they may be concrete. Unless I meet with sudden disaster, I predict this will occur in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

"50. Force user : OBI-WAN - I use the Force - it keeps me sober"

"Join for a drink, say : MEET UP WITH - only if it's coffee - OK, Diet Coke, too"


You still think an awful lot about alcohol, which is unusual for someone who has been sober as long as you say you've been.

Have you ever done a proper and thorough 4th step? Particularly, the last but most important past where one fearlessly, thoroughly and, ahem, honestly assesses his or her parts in the incidents which led to the resentments?

AnonymousPVX said...

King of a breeze for a Saturday. Only issue was bebopaluZa, never fixed it, so had Zang instead of Lang.

Enjoy the big game tomorrow. The new "24" just got a great review, so even if the game is the usual stinkeroo snorefest there's that.

CrossEyedDave said...

AmFm was not on my wavelength...

Good Luck Yellowrocks!
(it's like my recycling bin, always something else
to add before or after it's emptied.)

I thought of Battleship too!

Biggest problem for me was misspelling Bebopalulu,
then I realized that my only contact with the song
was presented by someone who mispronounced it.

Lucina said...

Thanks for mentioning LIMN on Jeopardy. While typing I was thinking that but then forgot to insert it. LIMN is also a calligraphy term. It refers to the delicate extensions of letters.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thank you, David, for a true challenge this morning. Not as easy as most others said, but got through it right!

Thanks, Splynter, as always, for your witty remarks!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Well, at least I'm in good company w/ Irish Miss. I couldn't get on DCDD's wave length (neither AM nor FM) and my missteps ENABLED more missteps. IM - God Speed to your SIL.

2nd pass: PBS, __MPERCent (ten percent would be a good investment yield), OTS, TNUT, OBIWAN and the rest of the SE (sans BETH, INNO).
3rd pass: Other smatterings like AQUA, Honk, Ca__HOUNDS.

Hangups: Neither TARMAC nor NUTMEG had enough letters to fit. (ADAM? TREE - D'oh!). "What's the rush?" kept me thinking of a speeding ticket ("Where's the fire son?"). I wish Zeppelin came to mind [Interesting, I found Lady GAGA doing Zep] @43d.

DO, TTP & HG - thanks for your DONT GO tunes. (Love me some Chicago!).

Thanks for the fun DCDD. Thanks for All the Fish Splynter!

So Long, -T

Anonymous T said...

Oh, I got OLeO too. Double-D'Oh! Hope everyone has a great Sat. Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Prayers and good thoughts for your SIL. She seems to have more than her share of adversity.

Since I had never seen Blazing Saddles in its entirety, I watched it last night on TCM. What a hoot!

Misty said...

Well, this was a Saturday toughie for me. I got a lot of it, but had real trouble with the long Southwest, and even the short acrosses didn't help me enough to get those long items without cheating. Had trouble with the KENKEN this morning too (I always get these, so don't know why it didn't quite work this morning--maybe not enough sleep last night). At first didn't get the JUMBLE, but it finally worked, thank goodness. I was beginning to worry that I was losing it in my seventies. And thankfully I got the SUDOKU too. Now that I think about it--that's a lot of games every morning, isn't it?

Irish Miss, sorry to hear about your sister-in-law--hope she recovers soon.

Yellowrocks, good luck with the square dance project. And glad you liked "Blazing Saddles," Lucina.

Tax season is approaching, an annual trial. But it's a sunny morning, so there's much to be thankful for.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

oc4beach said...

HG: There has been more than one movie that had a scene where the bloodhounds were rendered ineffective by spreading pepper on the trail. The best I believe was Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke" along with the original "Defiant Ones" and John Voight in "Runaway Train." I imagine there are others.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

I thought this would be a really simple Sat puzzle, as the entire "Canadian Border" as well as the entire northern part of the puzzle fell quickly. Then the east coast filled in; "wow," I said - and then the brakes hit. I never got a foothold in the West or the south. I finally looked up BE BOP A LULA and LANG and soon after the left side fell.

And then, there was the evil south. MONTOYA turned out to be my "Natick" as I had a couple different vowels, and 57a kept reading "battle - something". I had OLIO & WOES, but spelled it OBI WON, so 54d never filled correctly

I had at least two other words that fit into 54d
P**P, and S**T; but I was pretty certain that the editors would not have allowed them 😜

To the actor named Sandler, the madam,
Kept him out of her whorehouse; forbade him.
She said: "hit the road, Jack,
And don't ever come back!"
Don't you mean, "Go to the TARMAC, ADAM?!"

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - Just now saw Blazing Saddles? OMG - one of my top-10 movies. I think my fav is Life of Brian. Also in the the top 10 is Young Frankenstein, Holy Grail, Napoleon Dynamite, Back to the Future, Tropic Thunder, Ferris Bueller, 2001, Blues Brothers, and Arggg! - I'm over 10! [War Games! Ghost Busters, um...].

If you can't tell, tearjerkers are not my cup of tea. I like smart-funny things I can, like a toddler, watch over and over; Python & Brooks rank way up there as they just never get old.

{groan :-)}

C. Moe w/ musical daughter....[and anyone else who gives a s**t (54d?)] I got the letter today (I don't oft check the snail-mail) and Eldest is accepted at OU. Let's see if scholarships follow. Her audition today at UT went "Interesting" (her word[s]) and the feedback was "lame." I'm trying to contain myself not to push her direction... BOOMER!

Tonight I have a date w/ Youngest for the play Curtains. She wants to go so why not? Family-friend's kid's in it and who doesn't like a Whodonit?

Someone has to link Beth from Kiss. Donno if she's a March sister, but there you are.

Cheers, -T

Terry said...

Just the right number of games.

Chairman Moe said...

-T --> congrats to your daughter in getting accepted to OU! Hope that the scholarship follows. We were blessed to have our daughter attend LSU tuition-free (as an out of state student). And while they covered room and board (dorm room and meal ticket) too, our daughter was in an apartment with two other girls for her Jr and Sr years, so we did have some out-of-pocket expense. Your story sounds eerily familiar, as she had similar reactions to her auditions at Rice and FSU. She ultimately got accepted at three schools but chose LSU for a variety of reasons. We were thrilled that she did! Dad got to see a few great FB games over the four years she was there, and for her commencement, 43 gave the commencement address. I still follow the Tigers in FB - almost as much a fan of them as i am my own alma mater

Ol' Man Keith said...

Whew! A truly fine Saturday pzl from the alveolarly named Master D.C.D.D. And a richly linked response from our Splynter! I'm particularly grateful for the connection to Paul Simon's The Afterlife, a fun and evocative opus I hadn't known before.
By coincidence I was watching Annie Hall last night, the Oscar-winning film I haven't seen in over 35 years. Mr. Simon plays a short role ("short" in both senses) in it, and today's link reminded me of his longevity (and of mine too, as a devotee).

I got a kick from today's challenge. Very difficult at first, with no immediate response, no gimmes at all. Ah, but when it began to crack, whole sections came crashing in at once, giving me a wonderful sense of conquest.
It's why we do these, isn't it... ?
I have to admit to two look-ups, one large and one small, but only because I didn't want my rhythm to be thrown.

Lucina said...

Obviously we have very different tastes in movies! Love and tears compose most of my favorites. While Blazing Saddles is funny it's a bit too crude to stay in my fav column. Young Frankenstein, though, is a must watch about every two or three months. Space Balls is one my daughter introduced me to and I like it.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anon-T, let me add my congrats to your daughter for her OU acceptance. And good luck concerning scholarships!
I am amazed/troubled by the financial difficulty faced by so many students today. I was lucky in that my sons didn't face such heavy charges. One followed me and studied where I taught (UC Irvine) and the other split between UCLA and NYU, but in a decade when costs were not cheap exactly, but reasonable.
I think back to my own undergrad days, back in the late '50s, when the cost (tuition and fees) was $35 a semester...
Today most of our undergrads pay no tuition because of the availability of financial aid. But this only points up our elaborate shell game. Tuition is still being paid on behalf of those scholarship students, with a hefty portion of that going right back into financing financial aid.

Anonymous said...

DNF thanks to Bebopalupa instead of Bebopalula. Of course that gave me Pang instead of Lang but for all I knew perhaps Darren had a singing career to go with his NHL one.

Bill G. said...

Irish Miss, good luck wishes for your sister-in-law and you.

Yes, Cool Hand Luke. It was one of my favorite movies but I wouldn't want to watch it again right now. Too much adversity...

Count me in for Young Frankenstein.

We had a nice visit and lunch with Barbara's brother and family. For some reason, he and I began talking about favorite things and we agreed on Dave Barry and a classic skit by Steve Martin called The Great Flydini. We even agree on politics. Whew!

AnonT, congratulations to your daughter and you.

Bobbi said...

Fun puzzle. Still don't get LIMN,but I DO remember dancing to BEBOPALULA. Does that make me a relic of the past??

Wilbur Charles said...

This was the single hardest puzzle I've completed since the one that sat in my bathroom for three months. I was getting nowhere, no footholds other than RED OCTOBER
I refused to give up because I knew I'd look at the answers and DUH myself to death.
Did anyone try to work in MESA for NESS. Thx for explaining NESS eg Loch ..
OBIWAN was the impossible fit to cleanup the SE. I actually did think of Star Wars but dismissed the idea.

It's none of my business but I just talked with a guy with 60 years sobriety and he still keeps constant vigilance.

And in accordance with the principle of Honesty I had to look up BEBOPALU BA to get the right spelling and I think it was Lucina who pointed out that EQUIVICATE has an O as in COGS.

I'm here so late because I was forever solving.

Ps. Loved your 'lick C-Moe. Owen-ish in its creativity.

Thanks to Splynter and DCDD. The latter for ruining and making my day


Misty said...

You're a brave soul, Wilbur. So glad you're on the blog.

Lucina said...

Bravo, Wilbur! Persistence is the key.

Wilbur Charles said...

Thx. I just finished Sunday with two lookups😖

Picard said...

Surprised everyone else thought this was so easy. Not me. FIR but I was sure I was wrong in the SW.

AGRObusiness is just wrong. That had me stuck until I gave up and put it in, figuring I got something else wrong. If you Google it, there is only one spelling: AGRIbusiness.

Learning moment about LIMN. And NESS. Fun misdirection about Hand or Foot being UNIT.

Thanks for explaining Am and Fm. Had no idea why ELEM made sense. Not the most commonly considered elements.

Glad you got to watch Blazing Saddles, Lucina. I just watched it again with my lady after many years and loved it as much as ever. Yes, a few bits are crude. But I agree with AnonymousT. It is smart and funny. Native Americans speaking Yiddish? There is a lot of high level humor with real depth.