Feb 3, 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017 Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Do you recycle?

Our 2016 frequent Friday filler JW is back for his first of the new year. He circles his wagons to give us 4 themers, 2 grid-spanning wrapped around a middle reveal which is a must to locate the theme if you did not have circles. With circles, this solved itself.

17A. "Epic fail!" : THAT WAS TERRIBLE (15).WASTE Management dominates the collection business in SoFla.

25A. Like some cheddar : EXTRA SHARP (10). TRASH to me doesn't have the smell.

52A. Electrical backup supplies : SPARE FUSES (10). REFUSE is an old fashioned word, and somewhat timely. This is not a political comment but a quotation. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Emma Lazarus, the base of the Statue of Liberty.

60A. Two of the three founders of the Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino : MARTINI AND ROSSI (15). DROSS is also fancier, and brings to mind dregs, or mineral waste, scum formed on the surface of molten metal. (various sources).
The reveal:

36. "I don't believe a word!" ... or, the truth about this puzzle's circles : IT'S ALL GARBAGE (13).

As with all JW puzzles, we have some new stuff like SETTERS,  TANGLES,  THE TIDE,

Barry G., where are you, I have some circles for you? For the rest, here is what I see.


1. Suggests, with "of" : SMACKS. Really tough place to start, it smacked of Friday difficulty.

7. Cashbox feature : HASP.

11. Wagner's "__ Rheingold" : DAS. Morse loved this music.

14. Uses Blue Apron, say : EATS IN. This COMPANY has created a niche for the millennials to feel good about eating at home without having to shop or make decisions.

15. Baseball family name : ALOU.

16. Space bar neighbor : ALT. Both sides.

20. Lady Gaga's "__ It Happens to You" : TIL. An emotionally charged topic, which you may want to AVOID.

21. Presidential nickname : IKE. My earliest memories are of this non-politician as president. I have a vivid mental picture of his photo on the wall of Big Brother Bob Emery's wall.

22. Makeup remover : TISSUE. Simple and probably factually correct.

23. Put out : EMIT.

28. "Ghostbusters" actor : RAMIS. This enormously talented man wrote many of the best comedies. LINK. He also appeared in many of them. TRIBUTE.

30. Shanghai-born ex-NBA center : YAO. At seven feet six inches he stood out even in the NBA.Sadly his feet could not support his 311 pounds-running and jumping, even as size 18.

31. German : Kopf :: French : __ : TETE. A heady clue for sure.

32. Does really well : SHINES.

34. U.S. intelligence org. : NSA.

42. Deborah's "The King and I" co-star : YUL. I got to see him perform in a revival of the King and I on Broadway. It was awesome.

43. Clearly presented : COGENT. Law school is intended to teach the ability to present cogent arguments.

45. Removed : SHED. Picture a child coming in from the cold removing his garments, or for the romantic, the trail of clothing leading to the bedroom.

49. Nation SE of Cyprus : LEB. Anon? Is the SE a clue that this is an abbreviation?

51. Item on a chain, perhaps : WATCH.

55. One may be broken : RULE.

56. Afghanistan's national airline : ARIANA. My learning moment, as despite past experience with owning a travel agency, I was not aware of this AIRLINE.

57. Northwest Passage explorer : RAE. A pioneer and the SUBJECT of controversy.

59. Word with hole or holder : POT. So sweet.

64. Bridge action : BID.

65. Brown family shade : ECRU.

66. "I'm on board" : AGREED.

67. Década division : ANO.

68. Food buyers' concerns : DYES.

69. Scary flier : TSETSE. The return of the dreaded fly. See 2D. Polynesian catch : MAHI MAHI.


1. English hunters : SETTERS. There are many kinds but the ENGLISH are hunting dogs.

3. Unable to increase : AT A LIMIT. New fill, but I am not sure.

4. Mo. hours : CST. Central Standard Time.

5. Christchurch native : KIWI. New Zealand.

6. Common animal kingdom tattoo subject : SNAKE.

7. Bowler, e.g. : HAT.

8. Cakes go-with : ALE. Only because I have blogged so much of JW did this make sense. His love of Shakespeare dredged this LINK from memory.

9. In a way, in a way : SORTA.

10. One unlikely to experiment : PURIST.

11. Uses a 22-Across on, as tears : DABS AT. Yes many a tissue gets used with certain movies. What are your favorite tearjerkers?

12. Come-hither quality : ALLURE.

13. Dear : STEEP. Really needed perps; we do not use dear to mean expensive much any more.

18. Hot : SEXY. Do you all watch the Victoria Secret TV specials?
19. "__ serious?" : IS HE?

24. Pantry stack : TINS. More from across the pond, as in the USA we stack cans..

26. Picks a fight (with) : TANGLES.

27. Civil rights icon Parks : ROSA.

29. Red __ : SEA.

33. Calculating : SLY.

35. Chip shot path : ARC. Anyone watching Tiger playing in  the desert?

37. Ripsnorter : LULU. Two old fashioned words.

38. Bit of Christmas morning detritus : BOW. Ribbons, boxes etc.

39. Thickening agent : AGAR. Time to refresh our recollection of this secret AGENT.

40. Flip : GET UPSET.

41. Goes around : ENCLOSES. Another harder to parse until it is filled by perps.

44. SEC powerhouse, familiarly : THE TIDE. The Crimson Tide from Alabama. One of the schools i mentioned in first ever Corner post.

45. Runner's woe : SPRAIN.

46. Shag, e.g. : HAIRDO. Same # of letters as CARPET. I blame Dorothy Hamill.

47. Part of Q.E.D. : ERAT.

48. Like some court motions : DENIED.

50. "Feel the __": 2016 campaign slogan : BERN. Now this is clearly political.

52. Iconic Rio carnival activity : SAMBA. They have an annual competition where they appear to spend all their money n the headdress, and not on any other clothing. R-RATED.

53. Like : FANCY. More old fashioned fill that you may or may not fancy.

54. Nasser's successor : SADAT. Anwar Sadat, here is a LIST.

58. Physics units : ERGS.

61. Fight cause : IRE.

62. Mozart's birthplace, now: Abbr. : AUStria. He was born in Salzburg. LIFE.

63. Natural resource : ORE. There's gold in them thar hills!

After so many Fridays, solving JW feels right; I think i have a sense of his sensibilities- like cakes and ale- maybe NC and Steve will chime in. In the meantime, thanks for reading and do not forget to use our sponsors. lemonade out.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Jeffrey and Lemon.

Was able to work w/o circles.

Never heard of BLUE APRON or ARIANA . Do not get BERN.

Nonetheless, worked w/o errors.

Pool heater has crapped out again. Nearly froze to death. Got out early.

Have a great day!

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Jeffrey and Lemonade.

Well, I'm going to have to try to start a new winning streak tomorrow.

Top central and NE was a breeze. Then the NW broke open with SMACKS. AT THE MAX seems more common for "Unable to increase" but the crosses told me we were looking for a different answer.

SPRAIN, BID and ADO broke open the SW corner, and made me replace CARPET with HAIRDO.

Letter count wise, eARnestANDjulio fit. But, the nationality seemed incorrect. And more importantly, it didn't agree with the rest of the perps. Never typed it in.

Did type in BOX before BOW for Bit of Christmas detritus. Fixed it when I read XATCH a few minutes later.

Found all the GARBAGE without the benefit of circles.

No tada. Lost focus and drifted. I entered DEfIED because I mentally replaced motions with orders. "Like some court motions" became "Like some court orders" So defied made sense with the wrong clue in mind. Lindsay Lohan continually defied court orders to get clean. Nuts ! Could have just walked the alphabet...

Ripsnorter - Had BULL until the crossing ALL made me change it to LULU. Let me tell you. When a bull is staring at you, and starts ripping at the ground and snorting, it's probably time to haul tail and put some distance between you and him.

Blue Apron - Hi Hatoolah ! Still with it ? I looked into it after you commented about it, but DW wasn't game.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I usually fail JW's puzzles, but enjoy the effort. This one was just the opposite - I got it without help, but didn't enjoy it much. Translate one foreign language clue into another foreign language fill? GARBAGE. Also, 26D would have been better clued "Fights (with)". Picking a fight is not implied by "TANGLES" in my mind.

The best part was being reminded of Harold RAMIS, who had a hand in some of the funniest movies ever made. I used the circles as a sanity check after the fill. Clever.

I wanted THE 'Cats for SEC powerhouse, since it is basketball season. Kentucky was once the SEC powerhouse in both basketball and football, with legendary coaches Bear Bryant and Adolph Rupp. Bryant left for Bama and the rest is history, as is the UK football program.

I also didn't know ARIANA Airlines. If they buy a 747, will it be an AIRANA Grande?

Erased revolves for ENCLOSES, stitch for SPRAIN and carpet for HAIRDO. I had ten unknowns, but was saved by the perps.

Thanks, Lemonade, for your usual sterling explanation.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

So the SEC isn't the Security and Exchange Commission. Who knew? Got stuck in Lake Tahoe when I couldn't imagine what that "Pantry snack" could be. Oh, it's a sTack! There are circles in my newspaper, so I got the theme for once. Thanx, JW and L14.

Locals are being advised to stay away from Houston this weekend -- some SORTA sports thingee will have traffic tied in bigger-than-normal knots.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. This was a good Friday challenge. It took me a couple of passes, but I made it through.

I wanted CIA instead of NSA.

Although I known about food DYES, that certainly wasn't my first thought when it comes to food concerns.

I am far from being a millennial, but I do use Blue Apron. It certainly has helped me cook in and my DH looks forward to getting the box of food each week.

Happy Weekend.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Today's circles sped up the solve, and helped fix up a few bad guesses. Hand up for Carpet before Hairdo.

Morning Lemon, so glad you knew about cakes and ales. I couldn't make heads or tails of that one.

About Blue Apron: we had a few months' experience with a similar service, Home Chef. It was sometimes fun, sometimes burdensome, but almost always good tasting. In the end, we quit the program because of the amount of packaging waste - boxes, insulation, cooling packs, little bottles, and so on. It was way too much trash.

Tinbeni said...

Great write-up Lemon.

Jinx in Norfolk, ADREED, this wasn't a FUN solving experience for the same reasons you mentioned.
Kinda had a laugh at the theme ITS ALL GARBAGE.

Did enjoy the CSO at TINS.
And LULU is always a nice entry.


Anonymous said...

I'm also far from a Millennial and occasionally use a service such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. I feel good about my decision to use such a service, even if some do not consider that a choice.

Here are the missing names from the puzzle:
Harold Ramis
Yao Ming
John Rae
Yul Brynner

Anonymous said...

Pitch shots have greater ARCs than chip shots.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang --

Jeffrey on a Friday - A bastion of reason and stability in a world of uncertainty and chaos.
And - an excellent puzzle.

Slow solve - had to move around a lot. Seeing GARBAGE then WASTE made the theme fall into place. OIL for ORE slowed down the SE corner. Made for some odd vowel clusters.


Lots of fresh fill.

Some clever cluing - Word with hole or holder.

But, some alternate clues
14A: Gluttony: EAT SIN.
43A: Fellow shared by two or more ladies: COGENT.

The costumery in that SAMBA video is adorned nakedness.

Not for the faint of hart nor the unfit of torso.

Happy weekend everybody.

Cool regards!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Finally got it all with only one search - - check on RAMIS spelling. Liked the theme. SPARE FUSES surprised me as a fill. Liked the EXTRA SHARP cheddar. My favorite is Canadian Black Diamond. RAE we've had before, but it is not a name that comes to my mind when thinking of Arctic explorers.
Kopf to TETE was a gimme. Kopp is L. German. I grew up hearing many Kopp words. Dummkopp was the least of them.
DAS Rheingold - Neuter noun.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Thanks Jeffrey and Lemonade- fine Friday puzzle with just enough crunch. Leaned a few things with the great write up.

I moved around a lot with this one; was all over the place for awhile. I first thought all the circles would contain TRASH after getting EXTRASHARP and having only the S and T for THATWASTERRIBLE.
MARTINIANDROSSI was an early WAG but DROSS was only vaguely familiar.

Hand up for Carpet/HAIRDO. Like Jinx, I tried Revolves/ENCLOSES. Other missteps : SPRAINs- thought Splints as in Shin splints and OSA for NSA and ABE wouldn't work for IKE.

Perps were COGENT, LEB, ARIANA, SAMBA and never heard of Cakes and ALE.

Lemonade- two of my favorite tear jerkers are "Steel Magnolias" and "Terms of Endearment" Both are funny as well but when the mothers in each lose their daughters, it gets me every time. Stellar performances by Sally Field and Shirley MacLaine ( she is amazing in both of the films)

Back to below freezing temps here. It was 19 when I woke up. But the promise of 60 on Tuesday is something to look forward to :)

Happy Friday everyone- hope you have a great weekend!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

JW is one of my favorite constructors and I thought this offering to be just fine, despite the images the theme might conjure! Personally, I thought the circles lowered the level of difficulty and that the solve would have been more challenging and rewarding without them.That said, I had no problems and solved in less than normal Friday time. I haven't seen very many Harold Ramis films, but I loved his portrayal of the Doctor in "As Good As It gets." Of course, my favorite character in that movie was Verdell, the Brussels Griffin pooch.

Thanks, Jeffrey, for a fun Friday and thanks, Lemony, for a snazzy summary. BTW, Dorothy Hamill popularized the "wedge" hair style, not the shag. I'm not sure who was responsible for the shag but Jane Fonda sported one in "Klute." (Favorite tearjerker movies: "Casablanca," "An Affair To Remember," "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"; there are probably others, also, but these are the ones that come to mind readily.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-A fun, engaging Jeff Wex puzzle and a Lemon flavored write-up!
-Simon Cowell’s “THAT WAS TERRIBLE” first shocked us
-BLUE APRON is a sponsor of my favorite podcast – The Tony Kornheiser Show
-I remember IKE for the Interstate and NASA
-I remember dummkopf as “dumb head” in my hometown of German heritage, so TETE followed
-I remember YUL as the leader of this group
-Flying ARIANA from Kabul to Kandahar is about $66
-An opening BID flow chart for Bridge. Oh my!
-The U.S. banned red DYE #2 in 1976 because of a possible link to cancer
-Some baseball PURISTS despise the designated hitter despite this
-Variations of this FLIP is going viral in middle schools
-Seeing stacks as snacks and Shag as Shaq made me clean my glasses
-Next to the Mozart house there is the house where this physicist lived

Yellowrocks said...

Yes, Irish Miss. The circles did make this great Fri. puzzle a little easier. I had Trash first and a few letters in WASTE so I knew it was not a jumble and looked for synonyms.
IMO GARBAGE is an appropriate unifier. It refers not only to animal and vegetable waste, but to any unwanted item. I call used paper plates garbage.
We love extra sharp cheddar.
I have known of cakes and ales for a long time, but it sounds unappetizing to me. Cheddar would go better with the ale and coffee with the cake. I have had cake with champagne.
I thought of pantry snack, too, before I reread it the third time. The Internet had a list of Super Bowl snacks by state. For NJ they had jambalaya and other Creole dishes. Must have been a mistake. Wings would be #1, perhaps followed by chili.
I was looking for Securities and Exchange comm., too, and finally went with sports.
Ferm, Bernie Sanders slogan was Feel The Bern.
RAMIS was new to me.
Great expo as usual, Lemony.

Big Easy said...

It was a struggle to finish today. The circled items were obvious because the words weren't scrambled. I started badly in the NW, mainly because the Post office abbr. for Missouri is MO, not Mo. Blue Apron and Lady Gaga songs were unknowns and MAHI MAHI is just the name for what we locally call 'Dolphin Fish'. So all I filled was KIWI and went from there.

My sloppy handwriting had my EXTRA SHARP cheddar looking like extra sharD and I was puzzled how STEED related to 'Dear', and then I changed the D to P. And to further my woes in the NW I misread 24D as 'Party snacks' instead of 'Pantry stacks' and I see that D-O & HG also had a similar problem. But I staggered to the finish.

HAIRDO- my first thought was MULLET for a 'Shag' hair cut but shag's definition in the U.K. is quite different than the US.
AUS-for Austria- that's debatable. The Olympic abbr. is AUT, as AUS is used for Australia. But I knew Salzburg was not Down Under.

50D- 'Feel the BERN'; well those voters who 'felt the BERN' are feeling the BURN now.
ARIANA airlines- the only way I would use them if I were a prisoner; not a chance.

TTP- I had BOX for BOW at first. Wanted COVERT for COGENT but AGAR changed all that.
Jinx- UK as a football powerhouse? Not in my lifetime.
anon@8:27- you are correct; only the pros can 'pitch' it around the green and make it stop dead. I always try to 'bump and run' whenever possible; it's a safershot.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Quite a fine puzzle, Jeff. I failed to see the theme, but eventually filled in the clues. I especially liked SPARE FUSES. Don't need them anymore. Just throw the breaker at the site, even though I still say, "I blew a fuse." All my breakers are marked, which makes it easy to shut one off if I have to. Yep--Madame is the house electrician here. Still follow my dad and uncle's rule--ALWAYS treat electricity as if it's live, even if you threw the breaker! I'm still here, although some days I feel like I need to be re-charged. ;^)

Thanks, Lemonade for a very thorough tour. Hope you are better. DH is also struggling with a bout of sciatica now.

Have a fine day.

Yellowrocks said...

To me Farrah Fawcett is the epitome of the shag hairdo.
MO is correct, but Mo caused me no hesitation. HOURS and 3 letter fill suggested time zone and state.
Tinman, no comment from you about Martini and ROSSI?

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

WEES about JW puzzles - AGREED

just needed a lot of time to slog through; no cheats but I did have to stop / start several times. MAHI MAHI got me started in the NW; MARTINI AND ROSSI in the S, and EXTRA SHARP in the mid-Atlantic. Clever clue for 50d - wonder if the progressives/liberals regret that they didn't nominate Sanders? Sorry - please do not reply as this is a no political zone

Clever puzzle and theme; thanks JW and JC for my Friday entertainment.

The following limerick contains a clue/solve word from today but was penned by me a year ago (I think) as part of a dairy-based chain of puns ...

Certain Rocky was known to assert,
That with Broadway he liked to revert
To watch an old musical,
Starring an actor named YUL
Brenner, 'cause then he can shout, "Yo, Gert"!

(Yogurt / after Gertrude Lawrence who starred in The King and I on Broadway)

And another one:

After serving his duty as jurist,
He decided to travel, as tourist.
Saw in Cape Town, a SAMBA;
And in Rio, a mamba.
Guess that he's not a true, travel PURIST.

Glad I get graded only on a pass/fail basis! 😜

Lucina said...

I won a Wechsler! Thank you, JW, though this was an easier than usual Friday fill, it took some time because of the clever misdirections. WASTE Management is the sponsor of the golf tournament this week.

And thank you, Lemonade, for your COGENT review. JazzB, LOL at your daffynitions!!

Luckily CWs have taught me ALOU so that went in quickly and from Shakespeare I learned cakes and ALE. I had no idea about ARIANA airlines but I believe that is the only completely unknown for me. FANCY clinched the final A.

AGREED that Farrah Fawcett likely made the SHAG popular and like IM, I really loved Harold RAMIS in As Good As it Gets and I like your list of tear jerker movies. I would add Return to Me with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny, Unstrung Heroes with Andie MacDowell et al. That one is partly comedy and partly heartbreaking.

Thanks again, JW and Lem!

Have a special day, everyone!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Our newspaper doesn't print the title clue which would have made completion faster I think. Got stuck for awhile in the upper middle. Was sure "cakes go with" was "tea" and had "cashbox feature" as "till" but finally figured it out. Otherwise a relatively easy Friday puzzle.

Chairman Moe said...

Ok - perhaps an "epic fail" on my first two limericks ... maybe the third time's a charm?

Would you say that I'm starting to carp,
Or might think that I'm just EXTRA SHARP?
Clue for 25 across
Is just a big bunch of DROSS;
Should read, "Spare musician's string": EXTRA'S HARP

an Owen A+ !! 😜😜👍

desper-otto said...

Ray o sunshine: The Mon-thru-Sat LAT puzzles have no title. The title you see here is made up by our blogger-of-the-day. The Sunday puzzle does have a title, and it gets printed in the newspapers that carry it.

CrossEyedDave said...

Found the garbage easy enough, it was the rest of the puzzle that gave me indigestion.
1a suggests,with "of", I had "stinks" & never recovered.
46d Shag, e.g., could not understand why "carpet" wasn't working out.
32a does really well is not excels, but shines? (rats!)

with 1,2,3,& 26 down missing, I even thought for a while that the
reveal might be "totally" garbage.

But the puzzle wasn't, great stuff. Keep it up Jeffrey!

Learning moment:Blue Apron
This sounds awesome!
& the feedback comments interesting (Dudley)
I would love to use this, but would they include such mundane items
such as whole milk 3/4 cup???
DW only keeps 2% (or less) in the house
which is awful for trying to make a decent sauce.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A fine Friday pzl from Mr. Wechsler.

I enjoyed working my way through. Progress was in leaps, bounds, and occasional stalls. But I never felt I had to Google or quit. This was a challenge all the way through, a rewarding one.

Bill G. said...

Thanks to Argyle for posting (late last night) the episode of MASH where Major Winchester teaches some Korean musicians about Mozart's Clarinet Quintet. If you like Mozart and classical music in general, you should give it a try. It quickly became a favorite of mine.

Tinbeni said...

MARTINI and ROSSI is an Italian Company that produces Sparkling wines and Vermouth (used in Martini's, hence the cocktail's name) ...

I rarely, if ever, consume their products.

Though I am looking forward to "toasting the Sunset" tonight with some Pinch ... Neat!


Jayce said...

Had to turn on red letters to discover that BOX was wrong, even though I SORTA guessed it was wrong because it meant that 51 across began with an X. Tough cluing made this a tough puzzle. I felt that cluing a foreign language answer with a clue in a different foreign language was a bit below the belt, but you all know already how I feel about requiring one to know a foreign language in order to solve an English language puzzle.

Hand up for seeing SEC as Securities and Exchange Commission. Probably Jeff intended that. Therefore there was no way I would ever have gotten the answer without ESP. Even afterwards I kept wondering who the heck is/are THE TIDE? Lucina has difficulty with French; I have difficulty with sports stuff.

As a Christmas present LW and I received a coupon for Blue Apron. We have not yet used it. After having read about it and other competing services, we felt the packaging material waste would be too excessive. We also didn't want to get into that situation where you have to active steps to opt out or cancel.

Best wishes to you all.

Yellowrocks said...

In our youthful dry martini days, my ex and I used Martini and Rossi vermouth. Just a kiss of it was needed. I do know what it is. But mostly I left the martinis to him and I had a gin and tonic or a Tom Collins..

Wilbur Charles said...

I always thought that if a drug addict had just drank dry Martinis he'd never bother with the "hard" stuff. Stirred not shaken, btw. Those days are long behind me adat.

I thought of just filing this but decided to slog on. OLE MISS really did me in. The whole SE was blank. Finally ERGS and SADAT HAD!! to be right and TSETSE bit me

I should have noticed JW was the constructor. What's the word (paucity?) for a XWer for whim COGENcy is ANATHEMA*

ie Great work Jeff. Ditto Lemonade.

Sorry C-Moe, can't give you any As. How about Pass with distinction.

Oops. Time to go


Hungry Mother said...

Slow going today, but I did it.

Big Easy said...

For all of you thinking that the SEC is other than the SouthEastern Conference you probably live where it snows a lot.


Don't know the school? Everybody down here does.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

With only 3 Googles, against Jeff Wex, I'll take it as a win. Like CED, I got the theme and that helped, it was the other fill that, while good, was a (fun?) slog. Thanks JW, you're always a formidable opponent.

Thanks Lem for the expo and 'splain' 13d. I got it but, huh? @8:20a - thanks for confirming the YUL JW meant (not that I know of any others, but he was an ESP).

Caught the theme @ TRASH and that help break up the NE w/ WASTE (only had HAT at the time) and the SE w/ REFUSE (I was going w/ AA batteries in my HAT holder).

Googles: WTF is Blue Apron? I was thinking of margarine...; Lady Gaga's song; and Nasser (rung a bell but not sure why - V8!)
WOs: Red Sox b/f SEA; misspelt RAMoS; GET UnSET (flip a switch?) @1st; AGREEs.
ESP: RAE, YUL, and an airline I hope to never fly.

Fav: I SORTA FANCY 53d c/a. Nice.

Never had a problem w/ 44d being confused w/ Securities b/c clue said "powerhouse" - implied sport.

Moe: {needed expo, Cute, HA!}

Tin - sure the CSO is nice, but you didn't comment re: POT... Smoke 'em if you got 'em :-)

HG- I guess the physicist next door knew if Mozart was coming or going :-)

Cheers, -T

Tinbeni said...

Anon T

oops, you're right re: POT ... I have said in the past:

"Smoke'em if you got'em ..." when we've had that answer.

tears ... my error ...


Lucina said...

LOL re Mozart!

Not only is French a challenge for me but sports as well. In fact, almost everything I know about sports I've learned from CWs. SEC to me meant the Securities and Exchange Commission but as YR mentioned "powerhouse" directed me to sports and even then I had to wait for the crosses to yield THETIDE.

Steve said...

Great puzzle, I always enjog JW's stuff.

Thanks for the expo, Lemon. And you're right, I didn't skip a beat with Cakes and ALE.

Tiger didn't do so well. Maybe not enough arc on his chip shots.

My favorite part of pre-Superbowl starts now - figuring out what to put on the menu!

Lemonade714 said...

Perhaps Tiger's back spasms were sympathetic to what I have been going through. I would love be able to walk unaided let alone swing a golf club. I do miss golfing this is time of year.

JW is a gift for Friday.

Thanks all.

AnonymousPVX said...

This one went quick for me, unlike yesterday.

So the Samba video…uh,,there were headpieces? Guess I'd better take another look…

CanadianEh! said...

I started this CW this morning on Mensa and discovered the circles (or lack thereof). But since I had an appointment and my newspaper had arrived on return, I finished with pen and paper and found the GARBAGE. Thanks for the Friday fun, Jeffrey and Lemonade.

Several unknowns like Blue Apron and SEC. Like others, I moved from Carpet to HAIRDO, Abe to IKE, Lock to HASP, Excels to SHINES, Splint to SPRAIN. I really wanted Are You serious before IS HE but was AT LIMIT.

I have a photo somewhere in front of that AUS birthplace. I don't remember the neighbour.
Quebec City Carnival (Carnaval) is in progress currently. It requires considerably more clothing than the one in Rio (except maybe for the snow bath)!

QOD "If you contemplate the Golden RULE, it turns out to be an injunction to live by grace rather than by what you think other people deserve." Deepak Chopra

TX Ms said...

Great fun puzzle! Equally fun 'splaination, Lemon!

Anon T, my first thought was Blue Bonnet margarine. Duh, but when I quickly filled in "snake", "CST", and "kiwi," and then "smacks" which led to "setters", I finally remembered what Blue Apron is. But, geez, $9 a serving? I know they grocery shop and deliver, but my Krogers is a three-minute walk away.

Thank you, Bill G, for the heads-up on Argyle's late post. And much thanks to Argyle for posting the clips! I enjoyed all of them, especially the review of that particular MASH episode. I had forgotten the last episode although I watched it with sadness. Have a good weekend everyone.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Big Easy - Before my time, too. Bear left Lexington in 1953, and with him went the UK football program. Joe Namath's brother played for Bryant at UK; Joe had to pick between following his brother at UK or playing for the legendary coach at Bama. Of course he chose the Crimson Tide over the Wildcats. I suspect that many other top prospects made the same choice.

UK has won more BASKETball games than any other school, more than 2,000. Easy to do - just average 20 wins per season for 100 years. Their first win was against the Lexington YMCA, but that wasn't in my lifetime either.

Terry said...

Thanks for the clarification, I have been blaming my local paper for losing the theme!

Wilbur Charles said...

I actually thought of SPASMS Before SPRAIN. My * was for ANATHEMA appearing recently.

I was a stubborn PURIST thinking "The" TIDE was 'off'. The first circles I saw were REFUSE and DROSS and I said????


Manac said...

68A Dyes

Anonymous T said...

TX Ms - Blue Bonnet! Thanks. Bonnet/Apron... Same thing-ish in Little House on the Prairie :-) At least I'm not totally nuts thinking oleo.

Lucina - glad someone "got it" re: Doppler & Mozart; I was afraid I was too frequency-dense. :-)

Manac: Love me some Barney Miller. Thanks for the laugh!

I talked w/ Army bro tonight - does anyone know what MRC means. I was thinking about it for future pzl fill if I've time to pen one again. [MRC==Mission Ready Capable]

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

You must have been in AUT to have missed the "Feel the BERN" campaign slogan. I kid. Have a great weekend all'

Picard said...

Hand up that SEC only means Securities and Exchange Commission to me. Took ESP.

Hand up that team sports is not my thing. Too busy being active to watch or follow them! But I did know YAO Ming.

For some reason I got stuck thinking of Star Wars when I saw "space bar"! Eventually got it! Anyone else have that confusion?

Loved the TSE TSE misdirection. Sometimes the scariest things are not what we think of first as scary. And often what people find scary is not really much of a threat. I wish public policy was based on actual statistics instead of on scary stories.

RAMIS and ARIANA were unknowns. Learning moment about ALE. I thought it was ALA as in A La Mode. Learning moment about Blue Apron. I would rather eat out if it is not our own cooking!

Even though we snorkeled in the Red SEA not long ago, I was still stuck thinking maybe it was Red TEA!

I was at the SAMBA in Rio in 2004, but I still had trouble remembering that as the iconic activity.