Feb 13, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017 Kurt Kraus

Theme: blank Team - Echo of Sunday. The first word can precede TEAM.

61A. Players on the same side ... and what the starts of the answers to starred clues can be: TEAMMATES

17A. *Track event with batons: RELAY RACE. Relay team, to run the race.

25A. *Romantic outing for four: DOUBLE DATE. Double team, basketball term.

36A. *Romantic ideal: DREAM GIRL. Dream team.

51A. *Machinist's hole maker: DRILL PRESS. Drill team, marching in formations.

Argyle here, part of the blog team. Impressive sides to the puzzle.


1. Show affection to, as a dog: PET

4. Barton of the Red Cross: CLARA

9. The Congo, formerly: ZAIRE

14. Martinique, par exemple: ILE. I think Kurt wants to go away on vacation. But who doesn't?

15. Archaeological find: RELIC

16. Bother: ANNOY

19. Night, in Naples: NOTTE

20. Congregational "Absolutely!": "AMEN!"

21. "__ beaucoup": MERCI. "Thank you very much"

23. Lab rodent: RAT

24. Schoolbook, or much of its contents: TEXT

27. "Romanian Rhapsodies" composer: ENESCO. George Enescu. Vlad Vizireanu, Romanian conductor.

29. Wears away: ERODES

30. John, Paul and George: Abbr.: STs. (Saints)

31. Under-the-sink fitting: P-TRAP

35. For fear that: LEST

39. Farmland measure: ACRE

42. Steinway or Yamaha: PIANO

43. Crone: HAG

46. Yellow Teletubby: LAA-LAA

49. Meditative music genre: NEW AGE

55. Ache: HURT

56. Announcer Hall: EDD. He was Jay Leno's announcer on The Tonight Show.

57. Use a loom: WEAVE

58. What aces may count as: ONEs or elevens.

59. Black, in Burgundy: NOIRE. France.

64. Hues: TONES

65. The "I" in IV: INTRA

66. High season on the Riviera: ÉTÉ. Busy time on the beach.

67. Grain disease: ERGOT

68. Ruby Dee's husband Davis: OSSIE

69. Period, e.g.: DOT


1. High seas bandits: PIRATES

2. Periodic table listing: ELEMENT

3. Fax forerunners: TELEXES

4. Bawl: CRY

5. The Once-__: "The Lorax" character: LER

6. Mission to remember: ALAMO

7. Houston sch.: RICE U.

8. Biting, as criticism: ACERB

9. More wacky: ZANIER

10. Period with 365 días: ANO

11. For services rendered instead of cash: IN TRADE. (stop snickering!)

12. Revolves: ROTATES

13. Driver's license requirement: EYE TEST

18. Aardvark fare: ANTS

22. The NFL's Browns, on sports tickers: CLE. (Cleveland Browns)

25. Pour affection (on): DOTE

26. Sweetie pie: DOLL

28. EMT procedure: CPR. Emergency Medical Technician/CardioPulmonary Resuscitation

32. Knock hard: RAP

33. Parisian pal: AMI. Might be your dream girl you'll meet on vacation.

34. Ryder Cup org.: PGA. The Ryder Cup is a biennial men's golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States.

36. Big name in computers: DELL

37. Holiday and Days: INNs

38. Caviar: ROE

39. Firm, as pasta: AL DENTE

40. It's usually locked after parking: CAR DOOR

41. Attacking, as the fridge: RAIDING

43. Full of ghosts: HAUNTED

44. Go along with: AGREE TO

45. Prepares: GETS SET

47. L.A. Angels' division: AL WEST. Baseball.

48. Big galoot: APE

50. Stagecoach driver's "Stop!": "WHOA!"

52. 4:1, e.g.: RATIO

53. Alternative to odds: EVENS

54. Theater chairs: SEATS

60. Classic car: REO

62. CAT scan cousin: MRI. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

63. Fannie or Ginnie follower: MAE. (Mortgage Association)



fermatprime said...


Thanks to Kurt and Santa!

Did not know P-TRAP, LAA-LAA, and LER. But they were taken care of by crosses, as Steve would say.

Wow! A day sans rain!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

A tad crunchy for Monday, and the theme perplexed me until I gave up and looked at the reveal.

The second poem today is for yesterday's Anon@12:02, before whom I hang my head in shame.

{B+, A-, A-, B-, A.}

There once was a country, ZAIRE.
Don't look, it's no longer there!
On globes where it usta go
Now it's marked Congo
And most Zairians are NOIRE nowhere!

Fair-haired CLARA likes to GET SET
When for her license she must take a TEST!
O'er the manual she'll PORE
Right up to the CAR DOOR,
So on the EYE chart she'll know all the TEXT!

Finding MATES on the Net's a mixed bag.
In Real Life, is she DREAM GIRL or HAG?
To add to the load,
And confidence ERODE:
Will she think you a DOLL-boy or drag?

The recording star was no loser!
He'd cruise in his new P.T. Cruiser!
He'd record a P.T. RAP,
Or of his plumbing's P-TRAP,
He was really a versatile muser!

ENESCO HAUNTED the church PIANO again!
The ZANIER TONES wafted upward, and then --
The choir loft seemed to glow
Till the galop reached WHOA!
Then a soft, gentle LAA-LAA to AMEN!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

The milk didn't sit too long on the cereal -- it still had some crunch to it. ENESCO on a Monday? Sounds more like a world heritage site. NOTTE is night in Italian? Not sure I've ever seen it before. I was starting to get that "Under-the-sink feeling" -- D'oh! And finally I had to WAG would it be LAALAA or LAALNA. Whew, I guessed right. Thanx, Kurt and Argyle.

Almost 70° this morning. This is one weird winter!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Not a pushover, but a solid puzzle for Valentine's day eve. Thanks Kurt and Santa for a good Monday eye-opener.

My neighbor brought seeds from a beautiful flower called bella di NOTTE when he returned after many years in Naples. They bloom overnight, and need to be dead-headed every morning. They will grow just about anywhere, even in sidewalk cracks.

Two erasures - I had tints for TONES and newave for NEW AGE. I thought it was new wave - I blame decaf.

I was surprised when ENESCO perped himself into the fill. Sounds to me like a professional sports arena. "The Cowboys have been preparing all season for this revenge match at ENESCO Field." Other unknowns were LAALAA, ERGOT or Once-LER?

Since there was no Ringo, STS came easily for John, Paul and George.

Hungry Mother said...

Got it done pretty quickly, but wondered about LER, which I didn't remember.

Argyle said...

There may be an ENESCO Field some day. This company shows up when you google enesco.

billocohoes said...

P-Trap was new to me.

Bella NOTTE was sung during the spaghetti scene in Disney's Lady and the Tramp (that pasta doesn't look AL DENTE)

Double-team is more than a basketball term - double-team blocks in football, defense in lacrosse, and by extension any time a third person enters a debate to help one side.

Anonymous said...

I knew an Al West in college. Didn't find him so divisive though...

BunnyM said...

Good morning!
Nice easy start to the week- thanks Kurt and Argyle

More perps than usual for a Monday but still finished in my usual time.

Liked all the Frawnche today; almost a mini theme :)

Have a great day everyone

Anonymous said...

MAE is not exactly an abbreviation for, or even short for, mortgage association; it's part of the phonetic, or anagrammatic pronunciation, of the initials: Federal National Mortgage Association = FNMA = Fannie Mae; Government National Mortgage Association = GNMA = Ginnie Mae.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

NOTTE was my foreign language learning moment of the day. LAA-LAA was unknown, and will likely be soon forgotten. Never heard the term DOUBLE team. But everything was perp friendly, so thank you Kurt for this mornings entertainment, and thank you Argyle for guiding us through it.

Enjoy the day!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This had a bit of a bite for a Monday but nothing perps didn't take care of. Laa Laa was a complete unknown as was Ler, Notte, and Enesco. Needed the reveal to catch the theme. Anyone remember the movie, "The Dream Team " with Michael Keaton, Peter Boyle, and Christopher Lloyd? Very funny flic. (I've been waiting ages for "Sully" from Netflix; they keep showing the availability as "Short Wait" but it's been more long than short.)

Thanks, Kurt, for a smooth slide into the week and thanks, Argyle, from one of your many team mates for the great write-up and stunning visuals.

Not sure how much snow we got but suffice it to say, enough already! My driveway looks like a skating rink which doesn't bode well for putting the trash and recycle bins out. On top of that, the wind is gusting enough to blow me away! Ah, the joys of winter in the Great Northeast!

Jinx, would love to hear about Zoe. (Westminster dog show starts tonight.)

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Breezed right through, only using about an inch of the first mug of coffee.

We got another foot of snow hereabouts, and the place looks white and lovely in today's dazzling sunshine. Last summer's drought has been eased a little - we've been upgraded from "extreme" to severe". Of course, all of this snow must melt and join the groundwater at the right rate, but at least we're heading in the right direction.

CanadianEh! said...

This puzzle started out quickly with fills being entered both across and down at a great pace, but then I ground to a halt right in the middle with the crosses of PTRAP, PGA and DOTE. Thanks for the fun Kurt and Argyle.

Thanks for the smiles today OwenKL.
Interesting Natick info re Doug Flutie from last night, Wilbur C.

Lots of languages today with AL DENTE, ANO, NOTTE (I had Nocte first) plus all the French (as Bunny M noted) with MERCI, ILE, NOIRE, ETE, AMI).

Unknowns, LER, OSSIE, CLE, LAA LAA (Linda or Land?), were revealed by perps.
ENESCO is what the composer is called in France and Enescu is used in Romania, apparently.
My PIANO is a Kawai.

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

Kurt provided a Monday puzzle with a few Wednesday words but very doable. Argyle did a grand tour of the grid for us today also.

Didn't know LER and ENESCO. I tried to put the French word NUIT in for Night instead of the Italian NOTTE.

Also I didn't remember LAALAA because it's been years since I had any reason to suffer through the Teletubbies since my youngest grandchild is now 20. With my kids it was Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. When I was younger, the kid shows were Howdy Doody, Winkie Dink and You and Saturday morning cartoons. Does anybody remember any other kid shows from the early days of TV? Of course, I remember a few radio shows from the time before TV (1952 in our house) like Tarzan, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, etc. to name a few.

I hope all of you in the NE don't suffer with the current round of snow. C'mon Spring.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Kurt and thank you Argyle.

Couldn't get to sleep last night. Woke up really late. Then had computer problems.

No problems with the puzzle. Didn't know all the answers off the bat, but everything perped in easily enough. Didn't DOUBLE check all the clues, so I didn't see some of them until reading Argyle's review and the earlier comments. Did have to change OAF to APE, but that might have been the only change that was needed.

I'm familiar with that ENESCO Argyle. They are HQ'ed in nearby Itasca. They sell different lines of collectibles. They used to market the "Precious Moments" figurines.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy enough, no look-ups needed. Had tints before TONES. Liked the theme.
OSSIE - Liked him in "Evening Shade".

Tinbeni said...

Nice write-up Argyle.

Kurt: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle.

Kinda rare, when on a Monday, I needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get two answers.
The composer ENESCO and that Yellow Teletubby, LAA-LAA, were both "complete unknowns."
Learning moments I will forget by noon.


Yellowrocks said...

Merci for the fun start to the morning, Kurt and Santa. At first I suspected a Valentine theme. Romantic outing for four, doll, dream girl.
The Lorax is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories.In it the Onceler's greed destroys the envioronment and all the trees to run his factories. (Get it? Use something only once and don't renew or reuse it.) The Lorax speaks for the trees.An early "green" message. Another of Seuss's books with a message is The Butter Battle Book.
Off to the doctor for Alan. Nothing serious I hope.

FrequentFlyer said...

Interesting story about Doug Flutie who was in yesterday's puzzle. About 30 years ago I was flying on the same airplane as Flutie to Florida. He got bumped from First Class because of overbooking and had to sit in coach. He made a scene and an absolute A** of himself with the flight attendants demanding free drinks and a first class meal since he had been bumped. After downing a few of his free drinks a young boy went up to him to ask for his autograph and Flutie told the kid to go away and don't bother him. Actually he said "Get the f*** away from me." The father was ready to kill him. A real class act.

Husker Gary said...

-Former Husker coach Tom Osborne runs a great mentoring program named for this theme
-The phrase DRILL TEAM has been supplanted by Dance Team (1:46). It’s where all the cool girls are now in H.S.
-A RELIC around here – 200 yrs old. In Europe – 2,000 yrs old
-The Lady And The Tramp scene also leaped/leapt to my mind
-There must not be a ST. Ringo
-We mostly listen to NEW AGE music at Channel 68 on XM radio in the car
-Movies like Pulp Fiction are called neo-NOIR
-ROTATION and Revolution
-There is a scene in Patton where the general made a point of declining caviar from the Russians who(m?) he detested
-Our CAR DOORS lock automatically when they sense the key fob is 10 feet away
-The View usually has a 4:1 ratio of political philosophies
-TTP, PK emailed me to thank you for the Kingsley Dam/Lake McConaughy (near Ogallala, NE) info from yesterday. She did a lot of work with the Ogallala aquifer. Computer issues are keeping her off the blog for now.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Our piano is a 1924 Kranich and Bach. The mechanics were restored by a third-generation piano rebuilder from Atlanta, and refinishing was done by a painter retired from Delta Air Lines.

Irish Miss - Zoe the greyhound is a little love. She cried a little her first night, and wouldn't eat. But she ate like crazy the second day, and has already bonded with us. When she started eating her dinner the second day, she saw herself in the mirror and growled. She hopped up into our bed while we were sleeping the second and subsequent nights. She still is learning about stairs (6 steps from the ground into our motor home), and needs some leash training. House training is going unbelievably well - no accidents so far. She can't get enough petting from us or the many strangers that we run into. We eat lunch at restaurants most days, and only go to those that allow dogs on their porch / patio. She was restless at lunch the first day and wanted to steal from the table, but mild correction has fixed that. Now, she just collects her "aww" from the server, then plops down on her mat. (Yes, we bring a mat for her to the restaurant, but she IS NOT SPOILED! I SWEAR! HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT!) Thanks for asking.

billocohoes said...

Iris Miss - "It's great to be young and insane"

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OC4 - I liked Sky King and Fury. Anyone know if those were NBC products or syndicated?

FF - Doug was probably angry because they didn't give him a phone book to sit on so he could look out the window.

I've done my share of volunteer work, and as a result have come into close contact with quite a few celebs. The only jerks I remember were the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Two charity concerts, two times acting like total jackasses. I still love their music, but would never buy any after those events. We had one musician from another group that wouldn't wear his name tag backstage at one event and was VERY insulted that the volunteers didn't know him on sight. I'm not 100% sure I remember his name correctly, so I won't mention it.

oc4beach said...

Jinx: Yep, I remember Sky King and Fury and I also watched Captain Video, Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy.

Anonymous said...

LAA LAA is the only Teletubby that I do remember, ever since years ago, when I saw it on a license plate - on a bright-yellow VW Beetle!

Bill G. said...

That was a perfectly pleasant, enjoyable and relatively uneventful Monday puzzle. WEES. Thanks Kurt and Argyle.

Jinx: I was sorry to hear that about The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They've long been a favorite of mine. Their "Will the Circle be Unbroken" is a masterpiece I think. It doesn't take much effort to avoid behaving like a jerk. Too bad...

It's a beautiful day here; pleasant, sunny and warm. My fingers are crossed for those who live downstream of the Oroville dam.

desper-otto said...

oc4beach & Jinx -- how 'bout Wild Bill Hickok with Guy Madison and Andy Devine as his trusty side-kick? Or the serials for kids: I Tobor and Crusader Rabbit?

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

WEES about the unknown clue/solves today, but oddly I have a pristine puzzle page with no write overs. As TB said, I needed ESP to solve and many of these answers will be forgotten by cocktail hour. ERGOT? LAA LAA? ENESCO? I almost didn't commit to RAIDING in 41d when I had two "A's" in the start of 46a

I'm not a plumber; when I had the crossing of CPR/P TRAP I could've bet just as easily that I was wrong as right. But couldn't come up with anything other than CPR for 28d

Lots of "AL's" today: DENTE, WEST, AMO

I had the reveal fill in itself. I ignored the clue for 61a and tried to "see" a pattern, but I didn't.

Again, lots of poem possibilities. Here's my best stab:

Archaeologist brought a DRILL bit
To unearth some RELICs in Egypt.
He was once a beatnik,
So my small "bone to pick"
Is when he asks his crew, "can ya dig it?"

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun puzzle,but...

(alternative view...)

P traps remind me that
20 years ago I shoved a roll of paper towels on end under the P trap in the bathroom sink
to hold it up an inch or two because it would not stop leaking no matter how tight I made it.

Hmm, after watching that video,,, did I use a slip washer?
hmm, do I want to take it apart to check? After all it has worked for twenty years...

DNF on Sundays puzzle, not due to difficulty, but lack of time.
I have not read Sundays Blog yet, but something about that teletubby makes
me think I forgot somebody's birthday...

David Lanz is my Fav New Age Pianist,
check out Variations of a whiter shade of pale!

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun puzzle,but...

(alternative view...)

P traps remind me that
20 years ago I shoved a roll of paper towels on end under the P trap in the bathroom sink
to hold it up an inch or two because it would not stop leaking no matter how tight I made it.

Hmm, after watching that video,,, did I use a slip washer?
hmm, do I want to take it apart to check? After all it has worked for twenty years...

DNF on Sundays puzzle, not due to difficulty, but lack of time.
I have not read Sundays Blog yet, but something about that teletubby makes
me think I forgot somebody's birthday...

David Lanz is my Fav New Age Pianist,
check out Variations of a whiter shade of pale!

Anonymous said...

27A. EnescU. Not O. My former girl friend is from that area and mostly everyones last name in Romania end in "CU". No if ands or buts. Its also a Bulgarian joke about Romania.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Kurt Krauss. I enjoyed this puzzle and filled it fast. Even the foreign language presented no problems as my knowledge of French, Italian and now Romanian (?) progresses. Surprisingly I had not heard of Mr. ENESCO since I listen to classical music most of the time. NEW AGE, never.

My granddaughter is also now 20 and she watched the Teletubbies endlessly though I'd forgotten the spelling of LAALAA.

From yesterday, that was funny; and often, especially on Saturday puzzles, I sidle instead of sashay.

I just don't know how you do it, cleverly incorporating the elements of the puzzle into your poetry.
And thank you,

Argyle. I can always count on you for a full explanation and great pics or links.

Enjoy your day, everyone! Time for spring training here.

Argyle said...

Do you remember the Tinky Winky controversy, Laa-Laa's friend?

Argyle said...

For Chairman Moe, Al Amo's neighbor. Clip(2:11)

Irish Miss said...

Jinx, thanks for the update on Zoe. She sounds like she is adapting quite well into her new life of being petted, pampered, and loved to pieces. And just FYI, there is no such thing as a spoiled dog! 🐶 A spoiled cat 🐈 , yes, but not a dog! 😉

billocohoes @ 10:03 - I'm assuming that's a line from the movie, perhaps by Michael Keaton? I don't remember the dialogue, just some of the hilarious antics, especially those involving Peter Boyle and Christopher Lloyd. (On another note, when one of my nieces was very young, she pronounced Cohoes as Choses. Also, arterial as artillery.)

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Kurt Krauss, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Got through fairly easily. Not a cakewalk, though. Theme was fine.

Of course I tried SARAH Barton for 4A. Then when I realized it was CLARA I wound up with a big inkblot up there. Oh well.

TELEXES rang a bell. Didn't we have TELEXED yesterday?

I do not understand 49A. I just accept that it is correct, NEW AGE.

Anyhow, I cannot hang here too long. Off to my part time job.

See you tomorrow.


( )

AnonymousPVX said...

Nice puzzle for the start of the week, with just a bit of Monday crunch.

Now watch the (Lady) Huskies take on #6 SC tonight, ought to be good. Women play real basketball, not the street mashup version the men play. Don't even get me started on the NBA.

CanadianEh! said...

Anon @11:28am

I commented on ENESCO/Enescu @9:19am
I consulted Google when I saw the spelling on Argyle's link and wondered about the different spelling.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Got it! Eureka!!
But that should be a routine cry on a Monday. Today was tougher (at least for me) than most week-starters have been. I almost lost my Ta-DA! at 59-A because I thought the editors had erred in the cluing.
I'll explain: I had TINTS instead of TONES at 64-A, and GTO instead of REO at 60-D, both of which make good sense out of context. That gave me NEIGE instead of NOIRE for 59-A. Everyone can see my error now. I was all set to complain that the clue in the LA Times was mistaken.
But French Snow is not an appropriate response to "Black, in Burgundy." My bad.

Misty said...

Well, I had a couple tense moments when I got to the middle of the puzzle, and feared I might not get a Monday (a disaster!). But I worked hard and it all fell into place in the end even though I had never heard of ENESCO or LAALAA. But in the end, a perfect score with no cheating! Yay! Thanks, Kurt, and nice pics, Argyle. Wish you had posted a picture of LAALAA, but no problem looking him/her? up on Google afterwards. Fun way to start the week!

Loved the update on Zoe, Jinx.

Started working on my taxes this morning and making good progress.

Have a great week, everybody!

Jayce said...

Wow, so much French! Even ENESCO is the French (mis)spelling of Enescu. And NOTTE, for goodness sake!? Definitely unsoaked cereal, as desper-otto said. Did a double-take at Revolves being the clue for ROTATES. Here's a tip of the hat to LAA LAA LINDAA. Maybe it's a good thing that NEWAGE doesn't rhyme with sewage. Seeing WEAVE reminds me of Silas MARNER whom we had very recently, and which novel I remember suffering through as mandatory reading in high school. As Abejo pointed out, we also had TELEX recently. It's a small world.

Heartwarming to hear about Zoe, Jinx. Best wishes to you all.

CrossEyedDave said...

Telex brings me back,,,

My 1st business job (running the mailroom of course)
in my teens was a lesson in multitasking.

Hours were 10am to 7pm,
Between the mail room, and the sample room
(inventory and sending salesmans samples)
the last 3 hours of the day involved cleaning the entire office.

One of the many additional duties was manning the TELEX Machine.
(I couldn't even type, but no one else wanted to go near the dang thingy.)
But back in the late sixties, it was the only way to place production orders
in writing with overseas factories.You also had live communication
with the entire world (by typing)
(which was fun for a kid that could not afford a HAM Radio.)

The 1st thing I learned (after all the control buttons) was:


Which meant, "one moment please," (while I try to decipher your translation of Italian into

Ah yes,and great memories of my wonderful old Boss, Mr. Fezziwig...

Pat said...

Thank you Kurt K. and Argyle! This is a great start to the week along with the sunshine! Other than putting an answer in the wrong place I had no write-overs.

Fav:57a Use a loom/WEAVE. In the late 50's, early 60's my Dad's parents had a loom. One of their projects was to WEAVE several pairs of drapes for our house. I am the proud owner of one pair of those drapes and all these years later, they are in great shape!

I never had to put up with Teletubbies so that was all perps.

Once I got the reveal the theme was easy to see.

Jinx, thanx for the update for your new companion. I hope you have many happy years with her.

In 2012 a few people started a huge animal adoption event, to be held the weekend before Valentine's day and called My Furry Valentine. All shelters and rescues are welcome to participate and along with dogs and cats there are ferrets, rabbits, mice...whatever has fur. It was held this past weekend and a total of 780 animals were adopted from the event. Several rescues require a home visit so the number will go up. What a great idea!

Happy Monday!


Wilbur Charles said...

EERIER before ZANIER and ADDRESS before EYE TEST taught me to slow down

Sorry you caught the bad side of Doug FLUTIE. He's done yeoman's work on autism

He was forced into Canada which was a blessing. He "scabbed" his way into the NFL during the 80s strike. The Patriots signed him and nearly sold out a replacement game and the union capitulated shortly thereafter. The regulars wouldn't block for him.

Later he signed with Buffalo who, after reaching the conference final unceremoniously benched him. And then lost on the famous forward lateral runback

Sorry. That was a long sports post but perhaps Can-eh enjoyed.

How about Kukla Fran and Ollie

C-Moe, very clever. Ditto what was said re. Owen

kk, nice Monday, Argyle nice write-up


Yellowrocks said...

Why do place names differ in substance and/or spelling from country to country? I do not consider these differing names or spellings incorrect. I find them exceedingly interesting.
Link text
IMO each language's spelling and pronunciation is correct for that language. Wein or Vienna?

Chairman Moe said...


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WEES - a bit of a crunch in Kurt's offering. Nothing not perpable though. Thanks Kurt, 'twas fun! Same goes for the expo Argyle [and yes, I remember the flap over the purple Teletubby - silly]. Thanks.

WOs: 2 squares: I put in nL WEST and started to go w/ tens for my Ace value b/f I checked the perps.

Liked the SOs to two TX cities along I-10 side-by-side (6&7d).

Well, OK they're mice, but 23a's c/a made me think of Pinky and the Brain.

Fav: c/a for 53 got me humming You Bet Your Life from Roll the Bones all day. [I know, it likely ANNOYs that I link RUSH - don't worry, it won't HURT my feelings if you don't PRESS click to DRILL into the link.]

{A-,A,A,C+,A} {Funny}

D-O: I can't believe I'm wearing shorts in Feb! I so want to plant tomatoes but I know we have EVEN Odds of a frost b/f 3/15...

Jinx - Zoe seems like a lovely addition! Keep us updated.

Oc4 - I'm the product of Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Looney TuNES.

CED - I thought of Linda @46 too. Funny story re: 20yro paper-towel roll :-)

YR - I also thought the theme was going for ST Valentine's Day. There certainly was a sub-theme as you noted. Speaking of which, I'm all ready already for DREAM GIRL. For my DOLL: Flowers?; Check. Card?; Check. Wine?; Check. Chocolates?; Check. I just hope she doesn't say WHOA to my woo ;-)

Cheers, -T

Spitzboov said...

Die Österreicher sagen 'Wien'.

Wilbur Charles said...

Speaking of YR's subject in a general sense. And I know I can look this up somehow but.

What is the pronunciation of Tacitus?

Eg. Hard or soft C? I skipped Latin in HS; four years of French.

I did read the Honorable T. Boring and interesting at the same time. He'd be a good xword answer. All those vowels.


Roman historian. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Misty said...

Yellowrocks and Spitzboov, actually, they do occasionally (well, often) enjoy Wein (wine) in Wien (ween, Vienna, Oesterreich) in my experience.

Anonymous T said...

WC - Disclaimer: I've never studied Latin nor do I even have a full grasp of English [It's my main non-computer language, but I still don't get it...], I'd go w/ a soft-C since it's followed by an 'i' and Wiki shows it w/ an s in the pronuciation. Interesting to read up on him - Thanks!. Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

Misty, good catch. EI is long I and IE is long E. Having a college minor in German, I plead a typo. I transpose letters all the time.