Feb 28, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Owies - The answers to the starred clues each contain two "OW"s.

18A. *In Hades, euphemistically: DOWN BELOW

30A. *Puffy Chinese dog: CHOW CHOW

49A. *Bovine yogurt brand: BROWN COW

3D. *Auto feature that doesn't need a crank: POWER WINDOW

27D. *Head rest on a sofa: THROW PILLOW

60A. Pained expression, and a hint to two cries hidden in each answer to a starred clue: THAT HURTS

Argyle here. C.C. has given us a neat Tuesday puzzle. The reveal may have not given actual answers but may have disproved an answer already entered.


1. __ New Guinea: PAPUA

6. Closest buddies, for short: BFFs. (Best Friends Forever)

10. Cleaning cloths: RAGS

14. Three through nine, in many golf club sets: IRONS

15. On the sheltered side, at sea: ALEE

16. Old flames: EXes

17. "The Daily Show" regular Black: LEWIS

20. Back to square __: ONE

21. Ballet skirt: TUTU

23. Every bit: ALL

24. Béarnaise sauce herb: TARRAGON. Edible leaves with a distinctive anise or licorice flavor.

26. Pearly whites: TEETH

29. Escorted by: WITH

33. Where to find a sleeper hit, perhaps: B SIDE

35. Lascivious look: LEER

36. "Good point!": "TRUE!"

37. "Raggedy" doll: ANN

38. 601, to Seneca: DCI

40. Obstinate mount: ASS

42. East, in Essen: OST. Essen, Germany.

43. Fishing poles: RODs

45. Leave out: OMIT

47. Actor Cary __ of "Kiss the Girls": ELWES

51. Part of a process: STEP

52. Adjust just a bit: TWEAK

53. "Way to go, sister!": "ATTA GIRL!"

57. Hook shape: ESS

58. "Very cool!": "NEAT!"

59. Where bovines graze: LEA. Cows, cattle, kine.

64. Makes angry, with "up": RILES

66. German automaker: AUDI

67. Commuter's choice: RAIL

68. Popped up: AROSE

69. Fountain of jazz: PETE

70. Poet St. Vincent Millay: EDNA

71. Poked at, cat-style: PAWED


1. First sitcom episode: PILOT

2. Hockey venue: ARENA

4. College, to Aussies: UNI. (University)

5. Per what was previously mentioned: AS STATED

6. Mistreating: BAD TO

7. Frilly addition to a skirt: FLOUNCE

8. "A __ Good Men": FEW

9. Capitol Hill lawmakers: SENATORS or 28. Lawmaking body: HOUSE

10. Put back in office: REELECT

11. Rock singer Rose: AXL

12. Prefix with political or logical: GEO

13. NNE opposite: SSW

19. Failed, as a fuse: BLEW

22. "That's awful!": "UGH!"

25. Divested (of): RID

31. Oil or gas follower: HEAT

32. Dampens: WETS

33. Stinging remark: BARB

34. Stifled laugh: [SNORT!]

35. Long ride, for short: LIMO

39. Intolerably confident: COCKSURE. Does the name, Anonymous, come to mind?

41. Put out bait, say: SET A TRAP

44. Beau or boo: SWEETIE

46. "Sign me up!": "I WANT IN!"

48. Relay race part: LEG

50. Trio member with Crosby and Stills: NASH. The lyrics can be found on the YouTube site.

51. Metro stop: Abbr.: STA. (station)

54. Electrical pioneer Nikola: TESLA. Old friend!

55. Dodger Pee Wee: REESE. He made the move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

56. Zapped with a beam: LASED

60. Activate, as a phone app: TAP. Beyond my ken.

61. Tint: HUE

62. Home security giant: ADT. Founded in 1874; 143 years ago, as American District Telegraph.

63. "Cool!": "RAD!). My comment about the above entry.

65. Nest egg initials: IRA. (Individual Retirement Account)



fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to CC and Santa!

Cute theme. Needed perps to suggest LEWIS and ELWES. Otherwise, went pretty fast.

Supposed to be sunny for a few days!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

A FEW false starts: ANTI-MACASAR > THROW PILLOW, IGNITION KEY > POWER WINDOW, PUMP > HEAT, WNE > SSW. Just kidding on that last one. Caught the theme easy, and it helped. Was it a double-half CSO to me?

Guys are "buddies", gals are "BFFS".(?)

"BAD TO"? Maybe if the clue was _____ the bone!


Sen.Claghorn snuck in that Roman numeral 601!
{B, B+, C-, C.}

Declared that her body was too skinny!
So she ate the same CHOW
As her favorite BROWN COW --
Now with udders, her waistline ain't mini!

PETE was a proud papa from PAPUA,
But his kids took all of his stamina!
He said, "As a Dad
It sure would be RAD
If kids could clone me, one papa per capita!

Once SENATORS served in D.C., I say, Washington,
With HOUSE Reps, writing laws they were passin' on.
Anti-vaxxers REELECTED a FEW,
That's when the Zombie plague BLEW,
Now they're served in BEARNAISE SAUCE with TERRAGON!

OW! I'll get you, OW! kiddo!
OW! Don't THROW OW! that PILLOW!
OW! Tomorrow OW! I'm quitting
OW! This job OW! babysitting --
OW! Unless OW! they send me OW! a LIMO!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

PAPUA was a gimme, and I was off and running. Had NEO before RAGS became obvious. Also, I WANT TO morphed to IT morphed to IN. Thanks, C.C. and Argyle.

My pickup has a WINDOW CRANK. It also has a stick shift. Very few FLOUNCES.


I just noticed how much LEWIS Black looks like Al Franken -- or vice versa.

Gotta run...

unclefred said...

Nice CW, thanx, CC! No real problems, just worked my way through. Good write-up, thanx, Argyle! Owen, B,B,C,C. Last doctor visit he changed my BP meds all around. Between the headaches and nosebleeds, my guess is it's not working very well. See him again next week, if I survive till then. I plan on "a few words".

Jinx in Norfolk said...

A bit of crunch for breakfast. Didn't know PAPUA, LEWIS Black, OST, Cary ELWES or FLOUNCE. Still don't see what "boo" has to do with SWEETIE, but then again I've been told many times that I don't know boo.

Erased i see for TRUE, fIrES up for RILES up, congresS for SENATORS and Im all IN for I WANT IN.

I used the theme as a sanity check after completing the fill. My only OWie today was the notion that a fuse failed when it BLEW. It actually worked when it BLEW. I have seen fuses fail, but that means it will not pass power when it hasn't blown. That usually happens in automotive-type fuses that fail (go open) from vibration. (It would also be a failure if it didn't blow when it should have, but I have never heard of that happening. Just bad design and idiot users who put inappropriate fuses into the circuit.)

I took my 3-iron out of my golf bag in favor of a rescue hybrid. I also carry 3 wedges in my complement of 14.

Thanks CC and Santa for a fun, challenging Tuesday morning.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you CC and thank you Argyle.

OW! OW ! How now, BROWN COW ?

Like Desper-otto, I was off and running at 1A. Unlike D-O, I misspelled it. Probably because I still pronounce it like pah paw instead of pop wah.

CC had her own big OWie last week. It can be a royal headache recovering from a computer crash. We all learned a few new things about Windows 10 in the process.

Didn't know FLOUNCE. First time I've encountered it. Rhymes with pounce, no ? Right ? Eh ? Is it not so ?

Argyle, kine, but not beeves ? Hadn't heard of kine before. Another learning moment.

Excluding music videos, the most viral hit in the history of the internet:Charlie bit my finger ! Said to have over one billion views.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

Since I solve the CW using the newspaper, I never know who the constructor is until I read the blog. I should have known it was a C.C. offering- great theme, a little bit of crunch for a Tuesday and some good long fills. Always a fun solve! Thanks, C.C. and thanks Argyle for a great write up (I knew the answer for ADT but not what it stands for)

Only perps were PETE and LEWIS (desper -otto- he does look like Al Franken, lol)

Jinx - boo is a slang term for dear, sweetie, etc and a derivative of beau. It's one of those words that drives me crazy ( or cray-cray as they say now) as does "bay" (for baby) which is also supposed to be a term of endearment. Ugh ;)

Anonymous T- I know you thought of the Rush album POWERWINDOWs with 3D ;)

Fun to see SENATORS, HOUSE, REELECT in the puzzle ( some could say ASS and RILES go with them. Sorry, I know but couldn't help myself with that BARB)

I enjoyed all of the Oscar goof inspired poetry yesterday- great stuff :)

It's pouring here and just started to thunder as well. Which means the dog is hiding under the bed and shaking. Dark, dreary day that would be best spent at home consoling my sweet pup but of course, I have errands to run. Oh well, it could be snow so I'll deal with it but it doesn't do much for my arthritis.

Hope everyone has a great day:)

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up. Especially enjoyed the CSN Southern Cross link.

C.C. Thank You for a FUN Tuesday puzzle.
The OW OW theme will get me in the mood for the speech tonight.

Fave today, of course, was my favorite way to enjoy my Scotch. NEAT

Off for a great walk-on-the-beach ... it is a sunny, heading to 82 degree, perfect day.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Always fun to do a CC puzzle to start the day! Nice mix of the old clues / solves (Dodger Pee Wee REESE) with the new (closest buddies, for short BFFS). I can only imagine how creative one needs to be to put all of these together and make it fun for all. I didn't say "OW" once!

Saw all the W's as I filled in the puzzle, top to bottom, left to right, and again couldn't quite figure out where Ms Burnikel was going. But when 60a revealed itself, I looked back and said, "Wow!" 😜

My only two mistakes were typos - would grade myself 99/100.

Owen, first limerick was a good one

Thanks, TTP for offering the limerick challenge late last night; you got me back on track, I hope! 😀

Lots of possibilities for humor and puns today. I chose two. One a haiku the other a limerick. I drive a 9 yr old 66a so coming up with the limerick was quite easy:

German carmaker thought he could sing,
Wants a Musical role; had a fling.
So the song that he sang,
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang",
Was just perfect, when AUDI-tioning.


Saw dog in a dress
Dorothy likes the ballet
Toto in TUTU

inanehiker said...

Fun run - creative theme as usual from CC!
Carey ELWES always a favorite from The Princess Bride movie!

Late for work -
Thanks Argyle and CC!

Anonymous said...

A blown fuse is not a failure; it's a success. It has stopped an electrical overload.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

BZ to C.C. on a NEAT Tuesday puzzle.

Got the solve unaided, but had to rely on a few perps such as for TAP and UNI.
OST - Nice to see OST. My MOM had trained at a cooking school in Grömitz, a resort town on the Baltic, which is commonly translated as OST See in German.

Did you ever stop to wonder
……why banks charge a fee for "insufficient funds" when they know there isn't enough?

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Nice breezy Tuesday puzzle. Needed perps for LEWIS Black, Cary ELWES, and PETE Fountain. Thanks, C.C., for another fine puzzle, and thanks, Argyle, for the expo.

Enjooy the day!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This CC offering brought some much-needed brightness into an otherwise dismal start to the day and I don't mean the weather! One or two answers needed perp help but it was basically a pretty straightforward coast to the finish line. Thank for the picture of Gary Elwes, Argyle, as, even though he frequently appears in CW's, I had no idea what he looked like and I still don't recognize his face. Liked the theme a lot but liked the way CC keeps it hidden even more. Only misstep was trying to fit You Go Girl before Atta Girl.

Thanks, CC, for a "painless" solve and thanks, Argyle, for the neato expo.

Suffice it to say that my angst this morning stems from the continuing saga of the Discover card fraud. The inconvenience and procedural red tape pale in comparison to the torturous music I had to endure while on hold. It sounded like an elephant was punishing the piano for the poaching of his ancestor's tusks!

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-A clever gimmick and C.C.’s always fun cluing works for me
-Thanks Argyle, Don Bonnee’s version of Stranger On The Shore is wonderful and Southern Cross is my fav CSN&Y song
-Ellen DeGeneres once queried, “Why do we still make a cranking motion to signal for someone to roll down a window when everyone has POWER WINDOWS?”
-Why you never see a one IRON in golf
-The music that inspired (1:54) Hello Muddah and hippos in TUTUs
-Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You - A and B-SIDES were both hits for the Fab Four like many other of their releases
-OST may mean east but Essen ist im Westen Deutschlands
-Jason Alexander (George) thought the Seinfeld PILOT was so bad he was ready to go back to NY
-TESLA’s lack of business acumen
-On March 22 we will have breakfast with our SENATORS and REPS in the Dirksen Senate Office Cafeteria
-Bernie Madoff SET A TRAP and many said, “I WANT IN”
-LASER zapping can undo these

Yellowrocks said...

There was no need to say I BLEW it or OWie for this NEAT puzzle. A perp or two jogged my memory for PETE and ELWIS. LEWIS was unknown, but easily perped. B SIDE was a clever misdirection.Thanks, CC and Argyle.

When I think of CHOW CHOW I think of the PA Dutch vegetable relish which is served as a cold pickled side dish at meals. My mom canned batches of it. My sibs all think it is a treat. To me, it's just okay. I wouldn't go out of my way make or even buy some. Have any of you Pennsylvanians tried it?

I have a black skirt with a flounce. I love it.

Uncle Fred, I hope you feel better soon. My PC recently found a good BP medicine for me. As years go by, sometimes the accustomed medicine is no longer effective and needs to be changed.

I printed out the online Mensa puzzle early this am. No diner or paper. My car was trapped in the garage by a broken spring to the door. Repaired now.

Did you see that many castigated Kellyanne Conway for kneeling on the couch with her shoes on to take a photo? In other years different people castigated Obama for propping his shoes on the desk. Don't these people have more substantive things to discuss? Picky. Picky.

Bunny M, ATTA GIRL. "Fun to see SENATORS, HOUSE, REELECT in the puzzle ( some could say ASS and RILES go with them. Sorry, I know but couldn't help myself with that BARB)"

CanadianEh! said...

Breezed through this Tuesday puzzle. Thanks C.C. and Argyle.

Loved the OW OW theme. LOL OwenKl re your possible double-half CSO.

Learning moment today - BFF is not Best Female Friend!
Smiled at 4D Aussie U and my first 18A fill DOWN Under.

We have 59A LEA and 15A ALEE in the same puzzle to help us remember the difference. I was reminded of the previous bovine discussion too.

I had Saub before AUDI and Tased before LASED.

Perps were required for LEWIS and ELWES (I thought we had Cary Grant for IM).

Canadians were somewhat reassured with your president's comment that he would just TWEAK NAFTA.

Irish Miss: sorry re your Discover problem but LOL re your elephant!

Have a great day.

Bluehen said...

A very clever and fun puzzle from CC. Thank you. Pretty much a speed run, with only two answers left after going through the across clues - DOWN BELOW and the reveal. It wasn't until perps "revealed the reveal" that the penny dropped and I realized how clever the puzzle was. Great job.

Great expo, Argyle, I always enjoy your wit and your links. The link to "Stranger On The Shore" for Pete Fountain puzzles me though. I always think of Acker Bilk with that song. Did Pete Fountain record it too?

Today is Mardi Gras, isn't it? I sure hope so because I'm planning on making pork grillardes, rice, and maquechoux for dinner. Let the good times roll!

Enough frivolity. Back to doing taxes. I've cut back quite a bit thanks to the new government requirements for paid tax preparers, but I still have plenty of requests from family, friends, friends of friends, etc. to keep me busy.


Yellowrocks said...

A group of police with a hit squad mentality saw some college girls exiting the liquor store and loading a case of bottles in the trunk of their car. The police thought it might be beer or some other alcohol. It actually was only soda. In plain clothes the squad came running and screaming at the driver and motioned for her to crank the window down. The engine was off so she had to turn it on to open the window. Some of the squad thinking she was trying to escape, became even angrier and jumped on the hood of the car and continued to threaten her. The driver called the police on her cell terrified that they were being mugged. The girls were very meek and intimidated. Eventually the situation was resolved in the girls favor. Even if the girls had alcohol this seems to be an overreaction. They were white girls and white polices so no racism involved. We are such a small town, I can't imagine this happening here.
Irish Miss, I feel for your frustrating Discover card situation. I hope it gets resolved soon.

Gap said...

Yup yellowrocks, if kellyanne had been wearing a blue dress and holding a cigar her behavior would have been deemed more appropriate for the Oval Office.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

57A: Wouldn't a hook shape be more like a "J"?

JD said...

Good morning,
It's not often that I cruise along as easily as today. Elwes was my only real unknown. To me, "Kiss the Girls " is a Patterson novel, when he was writing exciting stories in the 90's. He has put out over 200 since (with help) and I'm sure he has dedicated readers since they sell like hot cakes.

I'm not up on yogurt brands, except Yoplait, so Brown needed a perp or 2.

No stars, so did not see the ow's.

Irish Miss,so sorry about your C. card... not fun, no matter how good you are at turning lemons into lemonade.

YR, where did that horrific incident happen? Unfortunately, it just takes one of those type of things to happen to negate all of the good things that the police do.I think when applying to be in the police force there should be more effort to make sure the mental health is as good as their physical health.
Now I need to go get my check up on my dental health.

AnonymousPVX said...

Seemed like a bit of a breeze today, no issues anywhere.

Lucina said...

Thank you, C.C., for the fun run which didn't HURT a bit! In fact it was a quick sashay with pauses only at LEWIS and ELWES. Also, BROWNCOW was new to me. Yes, I noticed SENATORS/ASS crossing.

ATTAGIRL, C.C.! And always a big thank you to Argyle with a gentle tug of your beard.

Since I'm anticipating a tax refund I treated myself to a laptop computer mostly so I can e-mail when I go on vacation and possibly (shudder) solve the puzzle on line though usually there is hardly any time. It was a great bargain at Best Buy for $199 and comes loaded with WINDOWS 10 and security. That's about all I need.

Have a terrific day, everyone! Lent tomorrow.

TTP said...

Jinx, I took both my 3 and 4 iron out of the bag. Hood the 5 iron when absolutely necessary. Still haven't hit the course, but took my 9 iron and two wedges to the range and hit a bucket of balls last week. Frustrating that they all go the same distance, but it's early.

Spitzboov, no points taken away by needing perps. I don't think I've ever completed a puzzle without needing a perp here and there, and sometimes many. An example I would give is a three letter word for "Shade of green," and you already have -EA. A lucky guess might fill the correct letter, but it's going to require the perp to know whether it should be P or S. In other cases, such as I had today, I needed BFFS to give me FLOUNCE. Never heard of it, and if not for the perp, might have put a P in there.

Yellowrocks, 17 of the largest 22 police departments in Chicagoland have begun or are implementing deescalation training. Community leaders and activists need to do their part too, and continue to help tone down some of the rhetoric. Police and community tensions are particularly high here in some areas, as you've no doubt seen.

On a lighter note, my goal for 2017 was to lose just 5 pounds. 2 months in and only 10 to go.

Misty said...

A C.C. puzzle is always a treat, and this was an especially delightful one. I got off to a great start and didn't begin to struggle until I got further south. But in the end I got the whole thing, with no cheating whatsoever! Yay! Woohoo! What a fun way to start the morning. Many thanks, C.C. for letting us enjoy the gift of your cleverness! And you too, Santa, many thanks for a fun and illuminating expo!

I had no idea about the theme until the reveal, and then all those OW OWs just popped out. My dad always said "ATTA GIRL" when I got anything right (not often!). BunnyM, thanks for explaining "boo." Like others, I didn't get that at all.

Feel better soon, unclefred, and hope all the credit card hassles end soon, Irish Miss. What a pain (THAT HURTS).

Finally, fun limerick, Chairman Moe.

Have a great day, everybody!

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle; I enjoyed it. Liked the theme.
Far too much hysteria and over-reacting these days.
Two years ago my doctor made some sudden and drastic changes to my BP meds. My heart pounded so hard it felt as if it would burst out of my chest, and I had cold sweats so wet that I had to change my shirt several times a day. When I told the doc about it he said I would adjust and feel better soon. I eventually did, and do, feel fine, but it didn't happen "soon." Quite scary.
Our son is in San Jose for a conference. He is going to treat us to the best xiao long bao (小籠包) and other goodies at a world famous place called Din Tai Fung tomorrow. We are excitedly looking forward to it.
Best wishes to you all.

Chairman Moe said...

TTP @ 12:26 --> Funny, re your weight loss goal!!

Also, regarding the golf stuff:

My 3 and 4 irons are also in a bag of "retired" clubs. I started adding hybrids and wedges probably about 5-6 years ago. Last time I looked, my set was: Driver, 3 wood, three hybrids (corresponding to a 2, 3 and 4 iron), 5 iron through wedge, 52 and 58 degree wedges and a putter.

Back when I was in my youth, and carried a low hdcp, I recall having a matching set of 2 iron through PW, one SW, three "wooden-headed" woods (Driver, 3, and 5) and a putter. I still have the set of irons (I'm a pack rat); the heads are 2/3 the size of the ones I currently play, and the top line is maybe 5/8" wide. No cavity back or other enhancing features; pure forged blades. I think if I took them out to use now, I'd probably shank every other shot!

Finally, I also had to laugh when you said that your 9 iron and both wedges all go about the same distance. It frustrates me to know that I am no longer able to hit my clubs the distance I used to, or have a whole lot of distance difference between them. But when you don't play/practice, and get older, and miss your weight-loss goal (all of which I, too resemble, BTW), you gotta accept it. Play from one set of tees closer, and swallow your pride . . .

Jayce said...

The ultimate flounce?

Yellowrocks said...

Gap @11:02, good example of exactly the kind of snark I was protesting against. The comment isn't even germane. I was defending both Kellyanne and Barak Obama from gratuitous snark. Agree or disagree with their politics, but the snark is uncalled for.

In addition to stories about using SWAT teams for minor infractions, I agree there are many stories about skilled police who deescalate tricky situations at a risk to their own safety, and other stories about police who are subjected to very abusive, uncalled- for treatment by the public.

I mourn the mounting loss of any middle ground in our public life. "My side is all righteous and your side is all evil. Any idea that you come up with has to be bad because it comes from you. Only my ideas are worthy." Please!
I am very much an "on the other hand" type of person. If someone is COCKSURE it's all black, I will find some white in it and if someone else is cocksure that the same thing is all white, I will find some black in it. I suppose this shows up in my posts, as well.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Back from NOLA and drying out. A Tuesday C.C. pzl is perfect for a hangover :-). Thanks C.C., my head doesn't OW so much. I did keep up w/ the pzls and the blog but never had time to post [I can read y'all on my iPhone but posting WITH it HURTS]

Thanks Argyle for the expo and C,S, & NASH's Southern Cross; good listening while reading the comments.

WOs: N/A; ESP: ELWES (who?), & PETE.

Smiles: Lewis Black - I love his comedy; bright, biting, and always political (hence no links); ASS xing SENATORS; HOUSE xing TRUE doesn't ring as such...

Fav: Bunny M nailed it: POWER WINDOWs evoked RUSH. Here's Big Money

{B+,B+,A-,A} {Cute, Nice!}

TTP - Thanks for the "Charlie bit me" bit; cute.

From Sat: WikWak - Glad you went blue; stay & play. I'm from SPI and visit fam every year up there.

IM - Cleaning up CC fraud is bad enough but the hold music is the real PITA!

YR - I'll second your ATTA GIRL for Bunny's funny. I also know CHOW CHOW as a pickled something that's yummy.

No one else thought A.ROSE was a gimme w/ AXL Rose clued @11d? ;-)

Happy Fat Tuesday! I had a great time at Bacchus and just wondering the Quarter. NOLA is absolutely beautiful in the morning... And the food!!! This was the first time I stopped at Royal House. I just ate from the appetizers - oysters duo were good, the gator great, and the crab claws... amazing.

Cheers, -T

Hungry Mother said...

Very nice, right in my comfort zone. I find myself enjoying the LA Times puzzle every day of the week, whereas I usually find a NY Times puzzle that doesn't suit me on at least one day. Maybe it's because I do the LA Times on paper and the NY Times on my iPad, but I think it's more than that.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I like how Argyle dubbed today's entry from C.C., "The Owies"! This was a much smoother experience than the Oscars, but there is always something similar in the tension that builds up before each individual answer (not to mention that a big embarrassed "OW" was on the lips of nearly everyone involved in Sunday night's delightful fiasco).
Speaking of the Oscars, I am a little surprised that so few media reports gave credit to the supremely talented stage designer who constantly transformed L.A.'s Dolby Theater from one inspired look to another throughout the long evening. From the glitzy striated proscenium to the series of art deco backdrops and versatile LED screens, this design topped anything seen in previous Oscar shows.
Derek McLane is the brilliant stage designer whose credits, curiously enough, don't include film work. He has won Drama Desk and Tony awards for his work on Broadway and in regional theaters. He has designed the last several Oscars with real imagination, but nothing has touched Sunday's mark.
The Academy is smart in turning to a legit stage designer when it comes to awards time.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous T, I was concerned for you when I heard about that
DWI driver down in NOLA. Glad to know you are ok...

Yellowrocks, was that police incident local?
I would like to know more,
especially since Madison NJ has enacted an ordinance that
prohibits anyone from out of town from using their train station to go to work!
(Madison council enacts ordinance that creates a town wide 4 hour parking limit)
(directed at out of towners parking on town streets to use the train)
(Don't we pay taxes for these trains they are prohibiting us from using?)
(Sorry CC, but this ordinance really hurt, ow,ow,)

(end of rant..)

CrossEyedDave said...

Speaking of painful,

Sorry tinbeni, but I thought I could convert you...

It was not until I researched how to freeze Scotch,
that I discovered you were right all along!

Scotch is all about the aromatics!

Argyle said...

Elwes was the stable boy turned swashbuckler Westley in Rob Reiner's fantasy-comedy The Princess Bride. Great sword work there.

CrossEyedDave said...


This puzzle was not a brain freeze...

but it did remind me of down below problems...
(I can't remember what I had for breakfast, but I remember diaper rash?)

Why ChowChow?

Sorry for the cow joke,Ow!

Power windows? I remember when the power was within ourselves...

Hmm, throw pillows, what to post...
Well, I would have to direct this at CC's puzzles...

And finally,

The ultimate Owie...

CrossEyedDave said...



I got spamfiltered again!

Do me a favor,
check my post,
if anything is too much, dump it in the garbage,
but I think I was on this side of the line...

Anonymous T said...

CED - We wondered why the Endymion parade was late (my buddy got on with that Krewe too) only to hear about the drunk driver later. The 1st round of hearsay was 21 died. Thankfully, it turned out 28 were injured (5 seriously) but all revellers will be OK w/ a story to tell. I'm hoping the folk today that got hit in an Alabama parade are OK.

It was a madhouse. Imagine 20 people deep pressed against the baracades, drunk off their ASSes, and wanting beads. Fun in a box.

I did call Pop the next morning b/f he saw his paper. We get heavy rain in Houston and he sees the new and I have to assure him I'm >20mi from whatever disaster the news play'd.

Argyle - Oh, that ELWES! I do recall Westley in Princess Bride but never knew the actor's name. Thanks. -T

tawnya said...

Happy Tuesday!

I've been catching up in batches the last few weeks - Sunday I did Thursday through Sunday puzzles and today I got in Monday and Tuesday! Will be very happy when this block ends next Thursday and I get a little break!

Lovely puzzle today, C.C. - I enjoyed your work as always. Interestingly, tarragon is one of the few differences between mother sauce Hollandaise and Bearnaise. Not that I've ever made either one, but Chef DH likes to explain these things and sometimes I pay attention.

The Chinese dog stumped me for a minute - first I thought shih tzu or shar pei but they didn't have enough letters. Pekingese didn't fit either. Then the aha moment CHOWCHOW! Adorable creatures but I always ask if they are friendly before I get too close, they'll get ya! Devoted to their families, but often don't like strangers.

@unclefred - please call your doctor today. Uncontrolled blood pressure can cause all kinds of problems including stroke and heart attacks. Of course, all I do is study scary things about hypertension, but's better to make a phone call today and have them tell you not to worry about it. Please don't wait, it's a side effect they probably want to hear about.

@Bunny - BAE is actually short for Before Anyone Else. Similar to BFF, but referencing one's significant other.

I was going to post a Princess Bride clip anyway, and since Argyle mentioned the sword fighting...

Severe thunderstorms this afternoon, so the windows are shut, the music is playing loud, and the storm-phobic dog is medicated. Should have a nice quiet evening to study!


Irish Miss said...

Just heard someone on TV pronounce "churlish" as curlish. Wonder how he pronounces Beijing, Jace? 🙃

Thanks for the kind words on my Discover disaster. I know it will get resolved satisfactorily sooner or later so I'll try to be patient and placid; I just hope I don't have to listen to that talentless, tone-deaf elephant 🐘 tormenting the ivories 🎹 again!

Anonymous T, that Royal House menu made me want to get on a plane ✈️ to Nola!

Tinbeni said...

CED @3:41

All I can say is ...

THAT link was about as close as ANYONE could come to CONVERT me. LOL

Alas ... When I "toasted you" at Sunset ... there was no "_ _ _" in my glass.


PS And it was 82 degrees here in the Tampa Bay Area today ...
Hmmm, February 28th ... 82 degrees ... Global Warming??? ... Nah!

Yellowrocks said...

CED, I do not remember where the police incident happened. It was about five years ago, but so shocking I still think of it. That is terrible about Madison's parking ban. If every town where there is a station did that no one from surrounding towns could commute.
A few years ago I set up a password with my credit card company so that no changes could be made without it.
TTP, my weight loss story is the similar to yours. I set out to lose ten pounds, now I only have 15 left to go. Maybe my pretty flounded skirt will be an incentive. It does not zip these days.

Yellowrocks said...

Spell check keeps changing flounced, first to flounder and then to flounded.

TTP said...

Chariman Moe, yesterday afternoon I stopped at a local watering hole after seeing an old golfing friend's truck in the parking lot. One of the league members was also in there. He was telling me I'm eligible to play from the gold tees now that I have turned 60.

Yeah, I still have my first set of forged irons. They are stored in a golf travel bag up in the rafters of my shed. That's so I'm going to have to think long and hard if I really want to go to the effort of getting them down. Hey, maybe I should take those to the range for practice and then play with the cavity backs...