Mar 1, 2017

Wednesday March 1, 2017 Ed Sessa

Theme: J CREW (53D. Clothing chain ... or what the answers to starred clues comprise?) - All theme entries are well-known people with J ? initials.

17A. *U.S. Steel co-founder : J.P. MORGAN

36A. *"Whiplash" Best Supporting Actor : J. K. SIMMONS. Know him as Dr. Skoda on Law & Order.

59A. *Peter Pan creator : J. M. BARRIE

10D. *"Lost" co-creator : J. J. ABRAMS. So talented.

36D. *Retail chain founder : J. C. PENNEY

C.C. here.

Total six J's in this puzzle. This is tricky to design and fill, as I learned from my own J ? puzzle five years ago (the last one is so inconsistent!). Puzzles involved lots of J's, Q's, X'es and Z's are all challenging.

Ed's reveal is perfect and gives a solid rationale for this puzzle.  His fill is great too. None of the J's are stretched. All real words.

1. Article : ITEM

5. Die down : EBB

8. Military action toys : G I JOEs. We used to own three GI Joe style Jesse Ventura action dolls.

14. Something frowned upon : NO NO. Tiny dupe with  64. "Almost ready" : NOT YET

15. Graphic introduction? : GEO. Geographic.

16. Harm : INJURE

19. Roofer's supply : SLATES

20. "August: __ County": Meryl Streep film : OSAGE

21. Spinal column part : VERTEBRA. I used to confuse this word with VERBENA.

23. Words on a candy heart : KISS ME. Not BE MINE.

25. "CHiPs" co-star Erik : ESTRADA

27. Newspaper VIPs : EDs (Editors)

28. Crèche figure : LAMB

31. Like Parmesan cheese : AGED

32. "Didn't I tell you?" : SEE

33. Peas, for shooters : AMMO

34. Racetrack equipment : TIMERS

38. Wealthy campaign donor : FAT CAT. Thought of Bundler.

41. Picture framing materials : MATS

42. Orch. section : STR, OK, string.

45. "It's not too early to call" : I'M UP. Also got via crosses.

46. Sprain support : TAPE

47. Dove's call : COO

48. New York brewery known for its cream ale : GENESEE. Learning moment for me.

51. College choices : MAJORs

54. Turncoat : RENEGADE. Code name for President Obama.

57. "Pardon me," in Palermo : SCUSI. Or SCUSA.

58. Singer Warwick : DIONNE

61. "Imagine so" : I GUESS

62. Bird on Australia's coat of arms : EMU

63. Some celebs have delicate ones : EGOS

65. Dollop : DAB

66. Took off : WENT


1. Humor for a select few : IN JOKES. To avoid the IN dupe, INS. is clued as (35. MetLife's business: Abbr.). Insurance.

2. On the open deck : TOPSIDE. Also got via crosses.

3. All together : EN MASSE

4. Classic music synthesizers : MOOGS

5. __ McMuffin : EGG. 86-year-old Warren Buffett goes to McDonald's for breakfast every morning. This lady is 105 years old, and she eats bacon every day. So what's the secret to long life?

6. Cleaver nickname : BEAV

7. Talus or radius : BONE

8. Central points : GISTS

9. Small bay : INLET

11. Serious injustice : OUTRAGE

12. What may be charged for books? : E-READER. Nice clue.

13. French possessive : SES. We also have 29. Bordeaux buddy : AMI

18. Sleep acronym : REM

22. Pickett's Charge soldier : REB (Rebels)

24. Nightmare loc. of film : ELM ST

26. Website pop-ups, e.g. : ADs

30. Matriarchal nickname : MOMMA

33. Wanted poster initials : AKA

34. __ pole : TOTEM

37. AAA handout : MAP

38. Newton fruit : FIG

39. Explorer Vespucci for whom the New World was named : AMERIGO. Chinese characters for United States is below, literally "Beautiful Country".

40. Turn a deaf ear to : TUNE OUT

42. Cause of calamity : SCOURGE. Another great word.

43. Twisting force : TORSION

44. Most cheerful : ROSIEST

46. Twinings product : TEA. Some tea bags can be toxic. Drink loose tea.

49. Sixth __ : SENSE

50. Cast out : EGEST

52. Simile words : AS A

55. Played mixes at mixers, briefly : DJ'ED

56. Jane Austen novel : EMMA

58. Racket : DIN

60. Mac : BUB

Two crossword notes:

1) The 40th American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (March 24-26, 2017) will be held at the Stamford Marriott in Stamford, Connecticut. For those who attend, I hope you won't miss the Cru Dinner organized by the great Mike Alpern. Always makes me smile to see the Crossword Pope.

The Cru Dinner officially kicks off the tournament and is a great opportunity to meet with constructors and fellow solvers. And as a newbie, you'll always get a welcome gift! The space is limited, so be sure to contact with Mike ( as soon as possible.

Not sure if Rich competes this year. He was absent last year.
Rich Norris, Mike & Kim,  ACPT, 2008

2) A few days left to sign up for Peter Gordon's 2017-18 Fireball Newsflash Crosswords. You get 20 puzzles from the master for $7. As I mentioned last year, Fireball Newsflash are mostly of LAT Tuesday level difficulty. Every puzzle features super fresh entries and fun clues.

3) Happy 90-year old birthday to Jean, a long-time crossword solver. Her local paper in Fargo carries LAT crosswords, and she solves it every day.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Ed and C.C.

Only unknown was GENESEE.

Are those Fireball puzzles workable online? (With damaged right hand, that's all I can do without an amanuensis.)

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

{B-, A, B, B+.} [I know FLOUNCE was earlier in the week, but I just couldn't renounce the chance to use it!]

There's pervs waste a lot of their time
On stalking, peeping toming, and spyin'
To catch glimpse of a BEAV,
Or butt-naked cleav,
Or French green VERTE BRA, snapped on spine!

Let me tell of my friend, MAJOR MATT,
If I say KISS ME, he'll kiss me right back!
His tongue I adore,
As he asks me for more --
Of his tuna! He's a really FAT CAT!

If an EMU and LAMB were to race
The bird would no doubt set the pace!
The youngster would FLOUNCE,
Gambol, and renounce
Any interest in the TIMERS or TAPE!

TUNE OUT, if you feel no OUTRAGE
At the treatment of Dakota or OSAGE!
Ute, Otoe, and Cree,
They've become crosswordese!
It's no wonder they turn RENEGADE!

OwenKL said...

White rabbit, white rabbit, you've become such a habit!
Will you give me good luck, or must I nab it!
The first of each month,
You sly little skunk,
You tease me again, white rabbit, white rabbit!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No problems with this one. Got the theme, though I didn't understand the reveal: J.C. Rew (Doh!) I recognize J.K. Simmons from the Farmers INS commercials -- "We know a few things, because we've seen a few things." At least I think he's the guy. Thanx, Ed and C.C.

My itty-bitty pension is administered by Met-Life. This month's payment showed up in my bank acct this morning.

Happy Birthday, Jean! C.C., I'm pretty sure the secret to a long life is to not die young.

inanehiker said...

Enjoyed the theme - all the answers were well known - so another instance of fill in the theme and then the fill

Happy birthday to Jean!
Thanks CC for pinch hitting on the Wed blog and to Ed for the puzzle!

oc4beach said...

Everybody is sleeping late today.

Ed and C.C. did bang-up jobs with today's puzzle. A few perps and some WAGs helped with the puzzle.

Met Life is part of my retirement plan also.

It's National Peanut Butter's Lovers day, so enjoy some and don't get any stuck to the roof of your mouth.

Have a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Way to go Jean! Happy birthday!

I knew this one was going to be tough for me, so I avoided penciling anything in until I was fairly confident. My only erasure was ROSeiST for ROSIEST, simply because "roseist" looks like a bigot who thinks of American Beauty as the ONLY TRUE rose. The spelling of BARRIE and SCUSI was purely from perps.

My lack of pop culture knowledge was really exposed today. Like DO, I only know JK SIMMONS from insurance ads. Never heard of this particular Streep film, and recognized the name JJ ABRAMS but not the context. I also didn't know JM BARRIE, even though I saw the stage production starring Mary Martin as a little boy.

Didn't know GENESEE, but then again I only drank the mainstream beers (Bud, Miller, Yuengling, etc.) back when I was an imbiber.

I loved the E-READER "charging" clue. Didn't have a least-favorite today. Every clue was was fair.

I wonder what percentage of today's high school graduates have ever heard of JP MORGAN (or Andrew Carnegie, JD Rockefeller, or the other men who made America in large part).

Thanks, Ed for another great puzzle. And CC - Your expos and all your other efforts both before and behind the scenes are greatly appreciated by all of us here.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Great puzzle by Ed Sessa- thank you! And thanks C.C. for a wonderful write up :)

I enjoyed the theme and luckily knew all the names of the "J CREW"
@do- yes, that's JKSIMMONS in the Farmer's INS ads. I loved him in 'Whiplash' ( which was directed by Damien Chazelle who brought us La La Land) He played a grade A jerk in that movie and definitely deserved his Oscar for the role. He's always a delight to watch.

JJABRAMS is another favorite with an impressive body of Work

I used to work for JCPENNEY in the credit department until they closed our office and sent our jobs to India. It was a blessing in disguise as it got me out of a job I detested (I stayed for the money and schedule that allowed me to be home when the kids got off the school bus) and then I landed my dream job as a Librarian Assistant. I worked there until I had to retire due to a myriad of health issues including my VERTEBRAe problems. I miss it a lot.

Favorite clever clue was for EREADER. I do like my Kindle for portability but still prefer paper books (what else would you expect from a former library employee? I had first crack at new titles since I had to process them. I was like a kid in a candy store!)

Only write over was for TORSION- I had Tornado. Maybe because I woke to one of the worst storms we've had in a long time. Heavy wind and rain and a lot of hail. Turned on the TV to hear that 3-4 tornadoes had been spotted in the area. No damage here but our yard is flooded. The dog has been hiding for almost three hours. He was still recovering from yesterday's storms :(

@ Tawnya per yesterday- thanks for the explanation of BAE . I didn't know the meaning of the acronym but have seen it spelled that way as well as Bay meaning "baby" as an endearment. BAY also stands for "Back at ya" in texting. Oh, the world of words ! :)

The storms have ended for now so I'm offf to comfort the dog....

Hope everyone has a great day:)

Anonymous said...

MOMMA? That's a misspelling of MAMA. MOMMY would be OK.

MJ said...

Happy Birthday to Jean, and good day to all!

Many perps were needed this morning as JJ ABRAMS, JK SIMMONS, and GENESEE brewery were all unknowns. Loved the clue/answer "What may be charged for books?" for E-READERS. Great puzzle from Ed, wonderful write-up, C.C. I think desper-otto nailed it on the secret to a long life.

Enjoy the day!

Tinbeni said...

Pinch, Pinch ...

Happy 90th Birthday Jean ... My first Sunset Toast is to you!

C.C. Nice write-up. Good Job!

Ed: Thank you for a FUN Wednesday puzzle. Enjoyed the "J CREW" theme.

GENESEE was a learning moment ... don't believe the sell it here in the Tampa Bay Area.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A little gnarly for a Wednesday, but I like Ed's puzzles; so I persevered and got through with only four whited-out squares needed. Eventually saw what was going on with all the J's and J CREW. Neat theme as C.C. described. Had 'left' before WENT, and wanted either north or south with 'pole'. After getting the M in MAJORS, the fill homed in on TOTEM. Also wanted something like torque before TORSION became obvious.
GENESEE - Years ago the ADS always touted that the beer was made from Hemlock Lake water, whereas in fact the Rochester/Monroe County water system received ⅔ of its water supply from Lake Ontario. The beer was good; not so much the truth in advertising.

Did you ever stop to wonder
……why a round pizza is delivered in a square box?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Ed Sessa is one of my favorite constructors and today's puzzle is a perfect example of why: A simple, but fresh and clever theme; creative cluing and solid fill; perfect execution. Put all these accomplishments together and you have an enjoyable and rewarding solve. What more could one want? Genesee was a gimme as was Osage but needed perps for torsion and a few others. J. K. Simmons is a fantastic actor who deserved that Oscar for his tour de force performance in "Whiplash."

Thanks, Mr. Ed, for delighting us once again and thanks, CC, for pinch-hitting so well.

Happy Birthday, Jean, enjoy your day! 🎂🎈🎉🍾🎁

March is coming in like a lamb (60+ degrees) with blustery winds and rain. I still think Mother Nature is biding her time with a surprise, last blast of winter,. We'll see!

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

The Js have it! This was fun; thank you, Ed Sessa. JJABRAMS was my first theme reveal and so I started looking for the Js. That's very clever and it's interesting how many of those exist. With my granddaughter living here I've discovered how lacking is her education. It's appalling. I'm sure she would not know JPMORGAN or any of those mentioned.

EREADER was cleverly clued. And GENESEE is new to me, too.

Thank you, C.C., for subbing today. Good job as always.

Have a blessed Lenten Wednesday, everyone!

WikWak said...

March may be coming in like a lamb, but February sure went out like a lion (in northern IL, at least)! Not just the tornadoes but also sustained 50 mph winds, baseball-size hail, and torrential rainstorms. We didn't really get a winter this year--for the first time since they started keeping records Chicago had no measurable snow in January or February. And I OIKE snow!

On to the puzzle: My only real problem was not knowing (or remembering) the second initial of several of the J-folks. Otherwise a pretty smooth fill today; I've seen lots worse Wednesdays. :) Thanks Ed, and thanks to CC; I always enjoy the peeks into Chinese culture you give us.

WikWak said...

And Spitzboov: Maybe to make us think we're getting a square meal?

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Ed and thank you CC. I see you had 2 of the same names in your 2012 puzzle.

Other than JP MORGAN, didn't immediately know the names. Entered JK Stevens but corrected it to SIMMONS with the perps.

Bunny M, I too entered TORNADO and then wanted some version of TORque.

My first sip of beer was from a Genesee Cream Ale somewhere around 1st or 2nd grade. Yuck ! Not what I was expecting. I thought it was a different brand of Cream Soda. We occasionally had A&W Cream Ale in the fridge.

WikWak said...

Geez--where's the spell checker when you really need it? Of course, besides 'oiking' snow, I like it too.

TTP said...

Shoulda been A&W Cream Soda

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks for an original theme, Ed and thanks for the cool expo, CC. I didn't learn about the J- men in high school or college, but in my own reading.
Happy birthday, Jean. I hope you can drop in today.
We had one real snow storm this winter and several instances of icy roads. It has been unusually warm. Today it is warm and rainy. Snow flurries are expected on Friday.

I had an MRI of my cervical vertebrae last week due to bad discs and arm and hand numbness. So now I have an appointment with a spine specialist, I hope for just an epidural.The MRI also showed spots on my thyroid, so I had an ultra sound on Monday. They can't rule of cancer so a biopsy is in order.

That reminds me, Lemon. When is your epidural? Why do you have to put up with the pain for so long?

For the second time my tight IT band made a stress fracture in my kneecap which is healing by itself. It was extremely painful Friday through Monday, but only a 3 out of 10 today.

Alan is doing very well. The dire report of the urologist has turned into a much ROSIER one. I am so relieved.

Whitey said...

This particular anon @ 8:52 has to be the same person over and over. He/she scours the crossword looking for any nit to pick. Then he/she posts, and is invariably proved wrong. Hilarious!

oc4beach said...

Spitz: Round boxes are too hard to make. Plus not all pizzas are round.

If you remember the ads, the water was the GENESEEcret.

Unknown said...

A little tougher than some Wednesday's but I got it with no cheats.

Anon @ 8:52 Momma is not misspelled, it's just a less common spelling of Mama.

Spitzboov said...

ocbeach and WakWak.

Re: hard to make. I knew that, but I wondered if you ever stopped to wonder………

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday Jean,

CrossEyedDave said...

Star ledger Thought for Today:

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." -Rudyard Kipling, English author (1865-1936)

Hmm, words that make me wonder... Pizza Box!

tawnya said...

Happy Wednesday!

Took a test this morning, then a surprise-open-book-group-test, then I got to come home 5 hours early so I'm not complaining. At least I got to do the puzzle with the fun J theme - very creative!

Hands up for every mistake you all made, but I got it figured out eventually. One day I will remember that Twinings is TEA - today is not the day.

We had some crazy weather last night, but I slept through it. People said it hailed and the wind blew and there was rain and thunder...I missed it all.

@F-Prime - the Fireball puzzles come in .pdf and .puz format so you can download into AcrossLite very easily. The are pretty fun, always current, and worth the small donation. I've emailed you one of the more recent ones so check your spam filter.

Enjoy the day :)


C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Ed, for a fun puzzle, and C.C. for pinch-hitting on the comments!

Keep them coming!

oc4beach said...

Spitz: Yes, sometimes I stop to think and then forget to start again.

CED: Awesome arts and crafts.

Misty said...

Fun Ed Sessa Wednesday puzzle, and then a treat having C.C. fill in with a fun expo. So, a great way to start the middle of the week--many thanks, Ed and C.C.

I don't know companies all that well, so had trouble with almost all the names, but perps filled them in without any problems. Well, I did remember J. M. BARRIE as creator of "Peter Pan."

I hope not all TEA bags are toxic, C.C. I use three or four of them for my afternoon and early evening teas, and I sure don't want to have to mess with those wet tea leaf scraps.

We were blessed to have Met Life long-term care insurance when Rowland had his stroke. This allowed us to have caregivers at home 24/7 for seven whole years to help him walk, bathe, get around, go on outings--a normal life he could not have had without their care. I am still so thankful for that.

Happy birthday, Jean!

So sorry to hear about all your various health problems, Yellowrocks. I'll be thinking about you in the days to come, and please keep us posted.

Have a great March, everybody!

CanadianEh! said...

Lots of fun today. Thanks Ed and C.C.
I got the J theme early; my newspaper was here early and I decided to solve in ink but there were no starred clues! Not a problem except for an initial misstep thinking the explorer at 39D started with a J. Jmerigo would not have led to a good name for the New World!

Hand up for wanting Be Mine before KISS ME. I mentally scrolled through Baby and Magi before LAMB filled into the crèche scene. I had Eject before perps forced EGEST. I did know the Twinings TEA although I always use Red Rose (only in Canada!) Loved the EREADER clue. I did know GENESEE (must be the same Lake Ontario water that I drink)!
I moved from Mommy to MOMMA but unlike Anon@8:52, I forgave the cluing because it did say "nickname".

LOL d-o re the secret to a long life! I suspect that it is the dancing/exercise (and maybe good genes) and not the bacon that is the secret for the 105 year old in C.C.'s link. Our forefathers (and mothers) had a more strenuous lifestyle/workday which probably offset (or necessitated) their diets which might have seemed high in fat to us.

Happy Birthday Jean.
Thinking of you with your health issues, YR. Glad Alan is doing better.
Yes Irish Miss, we may still be due for a last blast of winter. Seems to me that when Easter is late as it is this year, that spring is delayed also.

CanadianEh! said...

Looks like somebody came up with a round pizza box back in 2004. Obviously it never got off the ground.

Husker Gary said...

-Subbing today and the next two days. I had to keep herd on the MS kids in the morning but now I have Juniors and so I can blog safely ☺
-FAT CAT JP MORGAN also financed Tesla (yesterday’s puzzle) and I’m sure he didn’t know much about steel or electricity
-JC’s company’s new slogan
-EBB reminds me of a great Righteous Brothers song
-Handheld stopwatches for TIMERS give times about .15 sec. too fast
-What are the worst MAJORS today for getting a job?
-There is nothing to make you feel less welcome in a business or party than INSIDE JOKES
-REB from Italy at Gettysburg – “Mi SCUSI generale Pickett, si desidera che noi di carica in tutti quei cannoni?” (Excuse me general Pickett, you want us to charge into all those cannons?)
-I have a nice pair of TOPSIDERS
-Why can’t/don’t speakers see when people TUNE OUT?
-Gotta run, here come the seniors
-HBD, Jean. Indeed, what is the secret?

Anonymous said...

Just the tea bags from China are toxic.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A Joy to solve, this Juicy Jumbo Jab at Joining Js to familiar words and names. The letter J is so little used, especially when not followed immediately by a vowel, that the theme was easy to spot.
I sincerely hope the toxicity in tea bags is well under USDA (DEA?!) guidelines. I suppose most foods are poisonous when consumed in unusually high quantities. Don't we have arsenic in rice, for instance? And in (gulp) beer? I am not much of a tea-imbiber myself, but should I be worrying that my wife turns to tea--in tea-bags--when feeling poorly?

My thanks to Mr. Sessa and to our stalwart guide, C.C., for today's pleasant outing!

Bluehen said...

When we lived on the shores of Lake Ontario, the locals referred to Genesee Cream Ale as "The Green Death". Their 12 Horse Ale was pretty good though. I preferred Utica Club and it's high-end cousin that I can't remember the name of now. Oh, well.

HBD, Jean!


Ol' Man Keith said...

The references yesterday by Argyle and Tawnya to the swordplay in Princess Bride led me to visit that link and be amazed once again at the remarkably deft action by Mandy Patinkin and Cary Elwes (and an unnamed stuntman).
As an old (now long retired) fencer myself, I am duly impressed by the fine saber work of these athletic actors. I did not even notice at the start of the duel that they were working left-handed. A stunt double was needed only for the gymnastic flips.
The story on the set is that Mandy and Cary drilled constantly between takes on other scenes to reach the level of finesse that eventually made it into the film. They worked with a master fight choreographer, Bob Anderson, who first created a one-minute duel. It was director Rob Reiner who, after seeing a minute's worth, asked them to expand it to three minutes.

Spitzboov said...

Bluehen: Maximus Super maybe?

Hungry Mother said...

Easy one today. I'm usually lousy with names, but nailed all of these.

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Jean! I hope you have enjoyed your special day.
I also think that regular exercise is a boon to extending life. It certainly is energizing in my case.

Big Easy said...

My "initial' thought after J.P. MORGAN was the starred clues would start with J. But for the record:

JPM-J.P. Morgan stock was at an all time high today, up 3.28% TODAY.

I'm not familiar with either J.K. SIMMONS( or Whiplash ) or J.J. ABRAMS (or Lost) and they were solved by perps. The rest of the puzzle was easy with OSAGE, GENESSEE, and SCUSI being solved by perps.

I remember the MOOG synthesizers from about 50 years ago.
Secret to long life? When it's your time, it's your time.

H.G. I know some exercise Science majors who make a lot of money doing personal training for people who are too lazy or unmotivated to exercise by themselves. A friend walks around the block with some women and then puts them through exercises.

WikWak- February went out like a lion four years ago at my house with hailstones the size of golf balls. New roof, gutters, and siding were provided compliments of State Farm. There was so much hail that it looked like spring thaw on a frozen river when the 2-3 inch rain followed.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Thank you ED S. (I noticed your CSO @27a :-)) for a fun-words Wed. I liked the theme and cruised through in record (for me) time. Only slowdown was in the SE corner which I worked bottom-up 'til I could WAG.

Thanks C.C. for stepping in today with a fine expo; faces w/ names was a nice touch (hey, I know that SIMMONS guy!).

WO: I started AMERIGO in 36d's boxes, trying nERvE b/f I got the GIST of 8d.

Since everyone else picked E-READER c/a, we've beaten that FAT CAT, so I GUESS
Fav: MOOG. I love that sound. Sample: ELP's Lucky Man @5m

Runner up: RENEGADE [Styx].


CED - Um, someone's got a lot of time on their hands when they're not eating pizza :-).
C, Eh, that was an interesting round pizza-box fail. All I can think of for failure is the round boxes don't ship to stores flat, otherwise, seems like a good idea.

Um, I couldn't find an REM song w/ MOOG... You IN CREW will understand that I have to link one RUSH song w/ MOOG* [Closer to the Heart - listen to the base-line beginning @2:25]

Happy Birthday Jean. I don't think I know you but you're loved EN MASSE so I'll join in :-)

Cheers, -T
*OK, so no MOOG in this live mashup but it's on the studio version. A Farewell to Kings was the 1st album they used one.

Wilbur Charles said...

I never got Tuesday's paper out the sleeve. So I rushed through Wed then tried to do a quick knock off of Tue. Tue was stickier with CC's deft cluing.

I see Simmons all the time in PGA ads and never knew his name. Ricky Fowler has been doing them with him. After winning Honda, he'll be rehired.

Speaking of Tuesday: if John Huh, Kevin Na, Scott Brown and Smylie Kaufman can just line it up...

The streets in Tampa have all these Whig and Democratic presidents from first half of the 19th century and one names MORGAN

Any ideas why?

TORSION is the secret to sports


JD said...

No JD's? I'm offended. LOL! This was great fun and I loved J Crew joining it all together.I could not come up with the K (as in AKA and JK..). Had not heard of Genesee, but it was filled with perps, and egest kept changing because of the perps.I had 2 answers that looked good to me. I also wondered why Beav was a CLEVER nickname until I reread the clue here.

Nice touch C.C., adding the Chinese characters for the U.S. I had an art minor in college, so I often added art to my 6th grade ancient history classes.The children enjoyed copying the Chinese characters with brushes and ink.

Our friend's Great Dane died from portion a few years ago. I had not heard of it until then. It is a problem sometimes for larger breeds.

I did not do well when taking an Italian class before our trip, but I did remember and say scusi many times. I like the sound of it.

Anonymous T said...

JD - I read 6d as Clever too. That's why I had BEAn (um, OK) and went w/ nERvE___ @1st. Took GIST and a 3rd pass to read it right! Yet Another Great c/a @7d. Cheers, -T