Mar 14, 2017

Tuesday, March 14 2017, Roger & Kathy Wienberg

Theme: Hand in Hand.

17. *Performer's exit direction : STAGE RIGHT. Stagehand. Right hand.

24. *Immediately : FIRST OFF. First hand. Offhand.

30. *High stadium tier : UPPER DECK. Upper hand. Deckhand.

43. *Sports bet based on total points scored : OVER UNDER. Overhand. Underhand.

50. *Like most TV dramas : HOUR LONG. Hour hand. Longhand.

60. In advance, and where you might find both parts of the answers to starred clues : BEFORE HAND

Impressive. That had to have been hard to do. The first AND second words of each theme answer can precede HAND. We've seen Roger Wienberg before, but this appears to the the first collaboration by Roger & Kathy at the Corner.

Melissa here. Although nothing was particularly tough, I made a few W(rong)WAGs that slowed me down.

1. Past due : LATE

5. Place for a safe : WALL
9. Connery and McCartney : SIRS. Moving too fast, I tried SEAN first.

13. "Don't rub __" : IT IN

14. Geometry calculations : AREAS

16. Cool one's heels : WAIT

19. Award for "Game of Thrones" : EMMY. Honoring excellence in television.

20. Dangerous Amazon fish : PIRANHA. I need to remember N before H with this word.

21. "Scotch" sealers : TAPES. I don't usually think of that kind of tape as plural.

23. See 47-Down : CARTE

27. Handed out cards : DEALT

29. Oakland Coliseum player : RAIDER

34. Start of a choosing rhyme : EENY

35. Step on it, quaintly : HIE

36. Form 1099 ID : SSN

37. President pro __ : TEM. "For the present time."

40. Stretchy bandage brand : ACE

41. Damage : HARM

46. Vote out of office : UNSEAT

49. Totally thrill : ELATE

52. Speaks, biblically : SAITH. Couldn't make SAYETH fit.

55. Texas shrine : ALAMO

56. Almond or cashew : NUT TREE. Not BUTTER or LEGUME.

58. Luke Skywalker, for one : JEDI

62. "Absolutely!" : AMEN

63. Schussing spot : SLOPE

64. Novelist Ferber : EDNA

65. Starts to blossom : BUDS

66. Watches : SEES. Not SPYS.

67. Paper quantity : REAM


1. Speak like Sylvester : LISP

2. Storage space accessed via the ceiling : ATTIC

3. Pageant accessory : TIARA

4. "Prepare to duel!" : ENGARDE

5. "Sour to the People" extreme candy brand : WARHEADS

6. "Carmen" highlight : ARIA

7. A joker might pull yours : LEG

8. Christine of "The Blacklist" : LAHTI

9. Honey : SWEETIE

10. "My parents are gonna kill me!" : I AM SO DEAD

11. Glass edge : RIM

12. Mess of a room : STY

15. Drummer Ringo : STARR

18. Joins : ENTERS

22. Free TV spot : PSA. Public Service Announcement.

24. Fraud watchdog org. : FTC. Federal Trade Commission.

25. Stolen jewelry seller : FENCE. Didn't know this term - someone who knowingly buys stolen property in order to resell it.

26. Onion ring maker : FRYER

28. Jay with jokes : LENO

30. "Yup" : UH-HUH

31. Steinway, for one : PIANO. This was so obvious it tripped me up.

32. Convinced : PERSUADED

33. "Hooked on Classics" co. : K-TEL

38. Crossword solver's smudges : ERASURES

39. Change genetically : MUTATE

42. Small falcons : MERLINS. Learning moment.

44. Really relax, with "out" : VEG

45. Reply to bad alternatives : NEITHER

47. With 23-Across, priced separately, on menus : ALA

48. Crypts, e.g. : TOMBS

51. December songs : NOELS

53. Swap : TRADE

54. Reddish-orange dye : HENNA

56. "Don't think so" : NOPE

57. Red-coated cheese : EDAM

58. Fast punch : JAB

59. Australian bird : EMU

61. Nemesis : FOE

Notes from C.C.:

Happy 59th Birthday to JJM, who loves hockey and other thrilling activities. Here is a picture of his zip lining in 2010.


fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Roger, Kathy and mb.

Never heard of WARHEADS. Otherwise, smooth sailing. (I also wanted "sayeth".)

Have a great day!

fermatprime said...

Thanks for the good wishes yesterday. A doc prescribed a Z-Pak by phone. Hope it's bacterial!

(Going to the doctor got me into this mess in the first place.)

Had a few falls from weakness. Conked my head. Lump on back. Had paramedics.

OwenKL said...

FIRbTD! Off to a slow start, and guessed the theme entries wrong on first pass (RIGHT NOW > FIRST OFF, NOSE-BLEED > UPPER DECK, THE SPREAD > OVER/UNDER), but got it filled, and when no ta-da, the first thing I went to was Enie > EENi > EENY, which got me my ta-da! FRYER and FRiER both being accepted spellings for the down word was no help. The theme did baffle me until I read the reveal.

{C+, A, C+.}

EDNA was a little girl who made her BUDS all WAIT.
Everywhere that she would HIE, she always got there LATE!
She drove her parents up the WALL,
Until there came -- the video call!
Tele-presence made her happy, you could say she was E-LATE!

SAITH Goldfish to PIRANHA, "You should take a break to romp!
Take some time to just VEG OUT, no need to be so prompt!
Relax until maΓ±ana!"
Then replied PIRANHA,

The acoustics for the star, in STAGE RIGHT's sounding AREA
Make it the ideal place in which to loudly sing her ARIA
The balcony, and what the heck,
OVER the entire UPPER DECK,
The ladies will be blasted out from UNDER their TIARA!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

One mistake (PIRANnA) and one erasure (Sean for SIRS) today. Didn't see the plural, and didn't remember that he is Sean Lennon, not Sean McCarthy.

Didn't know that merlins were birds of prey, but the Rolls Royce Merlin engine turned the P-51 Mustang from a so-so American fighter into an effective aerial predator during WWII.

Also didn't know WARHEADS or LAHTI. We should know in two weeks if the Raiders will move to Vegas. I bet yes, they will move.

For consistency I'll repeat my distaste for UHHUH and the like.

Thanks to Roger and Kathy for a fun puzzle. And Melisa Bee, thanks for an informative and colorful tour.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Impressive theme for an early-week puzzle. Thanks Roger and Kathy. Nice write-up, Melissa. My stumble was SEES, not EYES. Surprised you were unfamiliar with FENCE, Melissa -- you must've led a very sheltered life.

Happy B'Day, JJM, and Happy Pi-Day to all.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Roger, Kathy, and Melissa.

Well, that was dumb. Not the puzzle. My mistake. Spelled piranha with two Ns.
Never heard of Warheads. Should have slowed down and looked a little closer.

Me too Melissa. With the conjunction, thought Sean first.

Learned that young falcons are called merlins.

Happy Birthday JJM. A little lake effect snow for you today. BTW, Albert Einstein was also born on March 14th.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Neat theme and well executed, especially for a Tuesday. My only stumbling block was reading "Place for a sale" and filling in Mall. As Marheads didn't look right, I finally saw that it was Safe, not Sale. (Never heard of Warheads) Other than that, smooth sailing.

Thanks, Roger and Kathy, for a fun solve and thanks, Melissa B, for the expo.

Happy Birthday, JJM, hope it's full of fun and frolicking! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ

I braved the rapidly rising snowfall in my driveway to retrieve my trash can; at some point, a plow will be coming along and who knows where the can might end up!

Have a great day. Stay warm and safe.

inanehiker said...

fun quiz that needed the theme answer to figure out. No awkward fill to make it work.
WEES about MERLINS for learning moment of the day.

Thanks Melissa and Roger & Kathy!


desper-otto said...

Find your birthday in the digits of pi. Would've been more interesting if they'd also included the year.

MJ said...

Happy Birthday JJM, and good day to all!

Clever theme today, though I needed the reveal to see it. Have heard of WARHEADS candy, but never tried it. Thanks for today's adventure, Roger and Kathy, and thanks for the expo, Melissa.

To those in storm's way, stay warm and safe. Sorry to hear of your falls, Fermatprime. Hope you heal quickly.

Enjoy the day!

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

Thanks Roger and Kathy (congrats Kathy for your collaboration debut) for a great Tuesday puzzle. Very clever theme that was well constructed. Thanks Melissa for your fun write up. I especially enjoyed the Ferris Bueller link. That's one of my all time favorite movies.

I had to wait for crosses to spell PIRANHA correctly- I always mix up the N and H. Same for SAITH as I wanted SaYeth.
I guessed "Almond or cashew" as TreeNut so had to switch to NUTTREE.

MERLINS was also a learning moment for me.

Favorite clever clue was "Scotch" sealers/TAPES

I knew WARHEADS because my daughters used to torture themselves eating them. They would see who could eat the most and make the least "sour face" I refused to try them but DH would join in with them sometimes. Really funny to watch them all and the faces they would make. Extreme candy is putting it mildly, lol ;)

fermatprime- hope the Zpack works! You've really had a time of it lately. Take care :)

Happy Birthday to JJM- I admire your adventurous spirit!

Got about an inch of snow late yesterday afternoon. Luckily it didn't stick to the roads. Just iced up on my windshield this morning as it got down to about 20. The poor BUDS on the trees and bushes not to mention my lovely daffodils that are now bent over and drooping. Ugh.

All in the path of the storm- stay safe and warm! Wishing everyone a great day.

BunnyM said...

Fun link desper-otto! My 12/15 birthday is digit no. 11,942

thehondohurricane said...

Same as others, spelled PIRANHA with two N's. Never heard of extreme candy brand so I thought WARNEADS was OK. No other errors.

Thanks for the write up Melissa.

Storm has arrived. Now they have added Sleet and Rain to the precipitation. Will make for a fun clean up.

Lemonade714 said...

No snow but we had tornadoes in Plantation as our weather event. That is where the office is, but I am still not able to work, soI am fine. I am waiting to hear from people.

I guess I do not have the patience or creativity to find five phrases which encompass ten words that can be paired with HAND. I applaud Roger and Kathy (a couple? father daughter?). I wonder what couple has the most puzzles created together.

mb hope all is great on the other coast.

Lemonade714 said...

Digit 620 for me; pi day, pirate day....Barry G. you okay> Hahtoolah, we going to get a pi quote for the day.

Lemonade714 said...

Rats, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday and year JJM!!!! Our resident Einstein.

Yellowrocks said...

-I just erased my entire post by hitting a wrong key. GRR! Control Z works in WORD, but not on the blog.
-I liked the theme, I got PIRANHA readily, but needed the perps to see where to put the H.
-Having been raised reading the King James Bible I knew how to spell SAITH. When we switched to the modernized RSV Bible many older folks were scandalized that the very words of Jesus were changed.(SIC)They felt the same way about the modernized Lord's Prayer.
-Those who view crime TV and movies and read crime novels know FENCE. I like lawyer novels, such as those by Grisham and Turow.
-My students loved War Heads. They did make funny faces, Bunny.
-Merlins are a small sized species of falcon,not necessarily young, just small. I believe I have never seen one. I read that they are more common on the western plains.
-Scotch Brand website advertises TAPES, referring to the various types they sell.
-A very happy birthday, JJM. I admire your active lifestyle.
-Fermatprime, I am sorry to hear you have so many health issues all at one time. I am sending healing thoughts your way.
- It seems we have escaped the extreme wind and white out conditions,but are experiencing a very heavy snowfall. Now ice is tinkling on the windowpanes. I hope we don't lose power.

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday JJM Hope you enjoy some Birthday PIE ...

Nice write-up Melissa. Good Job!

FUN Tuesday puzzle Roger and Kathy. Thank You!

Least favorite clue/answer (of the year!) 21-a, "Scotch" sealers, TAPES.
(Trust me ... I was thinking in a whole different area. LOL)

Needed ESP to get WARHEADS and MERLINS, both learning moments I will forget by noon.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Have to HAND it to the Wienbergs; dominating theme today.

No trouble with the solve. Liked how AREAS crossed ARIA. Not fond of grunt type words like UH HUH, but perps were ample.

Stella has arrived, so we're hunkered down for the duration.

Argyle said...

Merlins were once known colloquially as a pigeon hawks. The Kestrel is even smaller (Hi, Windhover) and was known colloquially as a sparrow hawk. Of course, neither are hawks.

Argyle said...

Hey, Stella!

desper-otto said...

When did they start naming winter storms? I remember "super storm" Sandy, and now there's Stella. Have there been others?

desper-otto said...

Oops! Sandy was a late-season hurricane which showed up in November.

RAW said...

Kathy and I (retired couple) appreciate the kind words
and the nice write-up by Melissa.
Any many thanks to Rich & Patti for improving a couple
entries in the short fill and a lot of the clues. Made
it a much better early week puzzle. Roger

Big Easy said...

Let me SAITH, SAYETH or SAY IT- MERLINS was a learning moment for me too. That and Christine LAHTI were the unknowns today. But I filled the rest so fast that I missed the HAND connections.

WARHEADS- three grandkids eat them and I don't know why. Janie makes faces I've never seen before after she puts it in her mouth.
RAIDERS- not in Oakland if they go to Las Vegas
ERASURES in crosswords-never- I always use a pen and blot out my mistakes.

Argyle said...

RAW, was Kathy always a collaborator and only now sharing credit?

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Hi bloggers! Back again after a brief absence. As lemonade said, we were under a tornado warning from 12:30 AM until 2 AM. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night! Fortunately, all we got was a lot of rain. My thoughts and prayers are to those in the Northeast, though, as Stella is dropping a lot of snow and creating massive delays.

Thanks to the constructors and to Melissa, for an enjoyable Tuesday crossword romp. No ERASURES, but a couple of write-overs: ENROLS > ENTERS and SAYTH > SAITH. I didn't notice the theme, as the reveal filled itself in as I was doing the down clues. Very clever!

HB JJM - Happy Pi Day

I came up with a couple of limericks with today's words; hope you enjoy!

In Texas, there's some kids that we know,
Who play games in San Antonio.
It's a tag game, I hear,
And it starts out, quite clear:
"EENY, meeny, miney, ALAMO!"

From what I have derived, I can tell,
That our language is harder than hell.
Since a llama's a beast,
But a lama's a priest,
Would this homophone be the First NO-EL?

Husker Gary said...

-I am subbing the last four days of this week and Roger and Kathy’s fun puzzle with six “themers” fit was just right for my “planning” period
-FIRST OFF, General Custer, you should have sent out scouts
-C.C. and Boomer have many UPPER DECK trading cards
-He went the other way
-I’ll bet C.C. and Boomer have this UPPER DECK card
-Kids love candy full of Citric acid or Vinegar (Acetic acid)
-After nearly 50 years in education, this OCD guy has NEVER been LATE
-Worthless = Blank VHS TAPES
-RAIDERS – Oakland to LA back to Oakland and now Las Vegas?
-Has SLOPE ever been clued “Rise over run”. We math peeps would like dy/dx
-Would you walk out on this RIM’S structure for a great view? I would!
-PSA – Today the country attorney had a one hr. program with kids about sexting. He told all kids that there will be a county-wide one-week moratorium to turn in all such pix or tell of someone who has them, has made them or forwarded them

Husker Gary said...

-Addendum: My lovely bride just called to tell me something and she failed to hang up her iPhone and so I kept hearing her scooping the .5” of snow off our driveway. Since every classroom has a roomful of teen tech experts, they told me how to hang up my iPhone in 4 seconds! “Hit the green bar at the top of the screen, Mr. Schlapfer, the red hang-up button will appear and just hit that!”

Argyle said...

Excuse me, Kathy Wienberg. I see now you are a NYTimes contributor. Link I hope we see more from the Wienberg duo.

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun romp, but I can't link every one of the theme answers without getting
kicked into the Spamfolder. So I am limiting the links beforehand?

OwenKL, that A was an A+

Happy Birthday JJM!

If you read the instructions beforehand, you might come out a little smarter than your dog.


JJM said...

Thank you all for the kind sincere B-Day wishes. You're all wonderful people! Glad you let me in the community.

Lemonade.... I only wish I was as smart as Einstein!

Went down last week to see my Frosh daughter at Tulane... so that was a great present.

My other present was going to fly my wife and HS Sr. to the Hawk game tonight for the Canadian game.... but to much snow here in Chi-town. Cancelled flight

Lastly..... I'm 60 today. I wish it were 59!

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, JJM! I'm sorry to hear of your cancelled flight but hope you enjoy your day otherwise.

And thank you to the Wienbergs, Roger and Kathy, for a fun romp. It was a swift sashay around the grid and just as I was congratulating myself on having no ERASURES I spotted the reversed HN in PIRANHA. Drat! I see that I'm in good company, though.

WARHEADS is new to me, too.

My pepper tree has many BUDS and the rose one is just ready to burst. Temps have been in the high 80s and likely to reach 90 later this week.

Thank you, Melissa, for a grand tour.

Have a happy PI day, everyone!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

do - Winter storms aren't named by any government agency. The Weather Channel names them as part of their coverage, and some papers (and other news outlets) pick up those names. Nothing official about it, but it seems to be catching on.

CanadianEh! said...

Great fun today. Thanks Roger and Kathy, and Melissa Bee.
No ERASURES today (or Inkblots) as I was doing the puzzle on Across Lite.

I did think briefly of Sean before SIRS, and like OwenKL, Nosebleed before UPPER DECK.
WARHEADS and LAHTI were unknown but filled in with perps.
I moved to VEG out when Chill would not fit.
Hand up for Enrols before ENTERS.

I recognized MERLINS and was reminded of Merlin the wizard in the King Arthur/Camelot stories. There may be a bird/falconry connection there.

Husker Gary, LOL re teen tech experts!
Would you attempt the walk on this RIM like this 94 year old?

We have about 10 inches of snow (light and blowing) but we have seen far worse (ie. Blizzard of '77). But I am staying inside (one of the benefits of retirement). (Didn't realize they had given the storm a name, Stella.)

HBD JJM. Sorry you will not be able to visit Montreal for the hockey game.
fermatprime - wishing you improved health

Stay safe and warm.

CanadianEh! said...

Forgot to wish everyone a Happy Pi Day.
Thanks for the link d-o; my digit was 1185.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Breezed right through. Nice, clean package!

Hello MBee, thanks for filling in some knowledge gaps (such as Merlins).

TTP from yesterday - thanks for alerting me about City in the Sky. I was unaware it existed, now I plan to find it and watch it.

Spitz from Yesterday - I gather it's not cost effective to re-power an aged vessel like the Independence. Seems a shame to scrap it, but I'm sure clear heads have weighed the matter carefully. Or so I hope.

We're well into this whopper of a snowstorm. More than a foot has fallen, and we have hours to go. We prepared well, though; I brought in extra firewood and extra gas for the generator, so we're warm and cozy. However, the phone has started to ring. Panicked neighbors are hoping that John Deere will provide some assistance...

Misty said...

This was a bit tougher than yesterday's Monday, as it should be, but I got it just fine, and really enjoyed the complex theme once I got the reveal. So, many thanks, Roger and Kathy, and thanks for checking in with the corner. And I always enjoy your expo, Melissa.

Sorry about the tough weather many of you are having. We're fortunate to have lovely sunshine this morning. Wish we could share it with you.

Loved your second limerick, Chairman Moe.

Happy Birthday, JJM.

Have a good day, everybody.

WikWak said...

'Tis a favorite project of mine
A new value of Pi to assign
I would set it at three
For it's simpler, you see
Than three point one four one five nine

--unsure of author; probably Heinlein.

AnonymousPVX said...

A very clever Tuesday puzzle that was also well constructed, no belabored or arcane clues. Nice that both parts worked with hand, impressive.

Ray o sunshine said...

Doing the puzzle early, everything in Utica NY is closed including our office for the first time ever. Roads and driving conditions generally are abysmal. Fast Tuesday complete with a couple temporary errors. My puzzle isnt smudged with "erasures", rather overwritten in pen!. My only beef is "amen" usually means "thus it is so or thus be it" not really "absolutely"...
Amen to that.

Spitzboov said...

Dudley - In spite of our Navy carriers having gone all nuclear, which the Independence wasn't, I'm guessing there were mounting issues of hull conditions, and costs of back-fitting updated technologies including environmental (sewage mgt., etc.). A Wiki site states, that she was in poor material condition at retirement, made a strong case for not retaining her as a potential museum ship. BTW, she was the last of her class to be decommissioned. The Forrestal, Saratoga, and Ranger were retired in the early nineties.

Happy Birthday to JJM.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Easy Peasy. My only hitch was that I couldn't do my favored NW to SE diagonal solve because of 33D. I got the TEL part, but couldn't be certain of the K without doing 30A, which was outside my preferred range. I had to resort to my first-level compromise, which was to mentally suss 33A without inking it in.
Sadly, that wouldn't work. I could mentally solve for UPPER, but the elusive ending (DECK) needed more perps for me to close in on it. I tried to suss 24D but had to go for 24A also, and that was still too foggy to be of much help. By this time I was hanging onto too many mental solutions and not enough ink. I had to throw in the towel and just start filling everywhere. My Ta-DA came quickly enough, but it lacked the joy of my preferred solving pattern.
But thanks anyway to the Wienbergs and Melissa B!

Lucina said...

Roger, thank you for looking in on the Corner and please send us more puzzles. This one was fun.

My birthday, 12/06 in PI is #3,259. That's impressive.

I'm so sorry for all you who are snowed in and hope the storm abates soon.

Tinbeni said...

My birthday, August 23rd, was Pi digit #114

Glad the Sun is over the yardarm ...

"Scotch" will come into play ...
And I'm NOT talking TAPES ... LOL


Pat said...

Thank you, Roger and Kathy, for the fun puzzle! Excellent expo, MBee!

38d I wanted ink blots (I had a few) b/f ERASURES,56a butter/NUT TREE, PIRAhnA/PIRANHA, 10a nose bleed/UPPER DECK and the rest filled in easily.

My 9/30 birthday is #194.

Happy Birthday, JJM!

As Bunny M said, we got some snow yesterday and all traces are gone. We have temps in the high 20s with a good breeze that makes it feel colder. I am not a fan. I was enjoying the spring weather we had.

For those of you dealing with the wrath of Stella, I hope you continue to have power and no damage.

Have a nice evening.


Lemonade714 said...

Kathy's first published puzzle was the NYT on JANUARY 18, 2016 or less than 4 months after this AUGUST 28, 2015 puzzle from our own JW. As you can see while they include two identical fill, hers was submitted, but unpublished before his. So as I find all the time, my great ideas for puzzles have often already been thought of by others even if I have never seen them.

I wonder if Roger won the marital bet by getting his LAT published first; thank you for stopping by

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

FIRST OFF, thank you Roger and Kathy for a fun Tuesday puzzle and for stopping by Roger. Is Argyle right - you PERSUADED Kathy to let you get some credit? :-). Nice theme execution guys.

Thanks Melissa - nice to know what a MERLIN is and I love Ferris Beuller.

WO - Handup 2n'd PIRANNA. I was going for NErDs for 5d but was DEALT an A and not an r.
ESP: LAHTI, MERLINS, EDNA, EENY-Enie-meeny-minie-how are we going to spell it this time?

Fav: NEITHER's c/a... It made me think of last November... Anyone think we need a NOPE-to-the-above party? If the NOPEs win, we just draw a name out of a hat :-). After three months maybe we UNSEAT 'em by-vote vs. #2 or #3 (seeded like March Madness!). [Anyone read Asimov's Franchise? I'm sure OKL has.]

{B,A+,B} {Cute, Nice!}

FermatP: +news re: Z-Pak; -news re: fall.

HG - You beat me to Snagglepuss... Posting early gives you the UPPER HAND -- again!
D-O - I agree, more cool if Pi BD calculator included the year (#121)

Lucina & Misty - Don't rub IT IN re: great weather today w/ Stella out there... Karma got me yesterday [see: LATE last night :-)]. I wish no HARM come to y'all.

CED - Ο€ r²? No, pie are round; cake is square. Nice 'cake' today. Happy Birthday JJM!

Cheers, -T
//discovered there a difference between Π and π

Anonymous said...

Stupid puzzle.

By the way, ALL trees are NUT TREES.

Lucina said...

I'm sorry, I don't mean to rub it in, only wish everyone could enjoy some nice temperatures. Remember, in three months we'll be baking in torrid heat while you will be enjoying 70s & 80s.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - I know you and Misty weren't. I was just joking around w/ the puzzle's words (13a). I too hope everyone in the storm's path is safe w/ power.

Last night, however, after having posted about getting my garden in yesterday had Karma get me. I was cleaning up late and stepped on the blade of my hoe resting against the back door. Tha' Hoe whack'd me in the chin ALA The Three Stooges. So look out... Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk. ;-)

Cheers, -T

Dudley said...

Well, the snow is winding down and the wind is easing. We're not at Lucina's comfortable conditions yet, but we're progressing.

Spitz, interesting update. I assume hull corrosion is a very big deal on 60 year old vessels.

Anonymous T said...

@6:53p - I missed your "all TREEs are NUTs' comment. Dates are not nuts. Unless, of course, you met her on Tinder. -T

TTP said...

Dudley, you're welcome. Hope you get to see it.

Husker Gary, your link in:
"I’ll bet C.C. and Boomer have this UPPER DECK card" didn't work.
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it might have been of Joe Mauer or Tony Oliva.

Speaking of going out on a limb... to both you and Canadian Eh... my answer would be no. Not after I had vertigo once.

Canadian Eh, I was watching Globe Trekker on one of the PBS stations a night or so ago, and the guide went out on the CN Tower's Edgewalk. I had to change the channel.

This link is for a YouTube video of that program.Globe Trekker - Eastern Canada, but it's a pay per view. If you take the link, click on the "Show More" text to see what the episode covered.

-T, it's Tinder. You know, like flammable material for starting a fire. Or for wedded people that frequent that site, flammable material for starting a divorce. :>) Just in case it comes up in a puzzle one day. :>) Tender is the night

TTP said...

- T, I see you corrected it while I was putting my note together in notepad... Anyway, your comment was funny.

CanadianEh! said...

TTP- that sounds like it was a great show. I think I have been too all of those areas of Canada. Beautiful!

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Roger and Kathy Wienberg, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a fine review.

This was a good Tuesday puzzle. A little tough in spots.

Theme was clever. Liked it.

As others said, I had to really think about spelling PIRANHA. Several crosswords helped.

I wanted to spell SAITH a different way, but too many letters.

Never had WARHEADS. They sound interesting. If they are sour I would probably like them.

Liked MUTATE. Good word and clue.

Getting late. See you tomorrow. Our Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner is tomorrow. Wish me luck.


( )

Wilbur Charles said...

Very smooth Tuesday fill. On the Thurs to Sunday xwords I often do a diagonal solve but through necessity.

I've often wondered why some stick the K M I'M S sign on their own butt

Great'licks all around today. C-Moe, haven't you had "fun with llamas" before?

So to clarify my late Monday post which arrived Tuesday(EGAD it's Wed!)..
After seeing Misty's post "I know nothing about Hobbits" there at the Publix checkout was a Newsweek special "All about Hobbits", JRR Tolkien 100 Years.

I had to buy it.

The Asimov sci-fi more apt to the current situation is his second Foundation book. Remember, I pointed out who Hari Selden actually was awhile back.

And of course, no mention of Tolkien's Strider - Intrepid (S)Stevenson anagram

WC in the gloaming

Chairman Moe said...

Not sure about the llama repeat - will have to check ...