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May 28, 2018

Monday May 28, 2018 Roger & Kathy Wienberg

Theme: PH SCALE (39. Acidity measurement range ... and where you'll find 17-, 23-, 50- and 60-Across?) - Each theme entry starts with P and H.

17. Simon & Schuster, for example: PUBLISHING HOUSE.

23. Jimi Hendrix classic: PURPLE HAZE.

50. Sort in compartments: PIGEON HOLE.

60. One's cleanliness habits: PERSONAL HYGIENE.
Boomer here.  

Hello all of you Mamas and Papas. Monday, Monday Can't trust that day. Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way. There I go reliving my youth of the 60s. Speaking of the 60s, this puzzle reminded me of my Dad's employer in the 60s. Physicians and Hospital Supplies. Also known as P & H.  However in those days, the drug industry was acceptable with prescriptions mostly around $3.00, Not like it is today with "Ask your Doctor" ads and Big Pharma was a term that had not yet been coined.


1. Emulated Pinocchio: LIED. I enjoy it when the Washington Post awards Pinocchios.

5. Gas and oil: FUELS.  Where is it at where you live?  In Minnesota, we are at around 2.85 per gallon of regular.  I heard in Manhattan it's around $5.00

10. Puppy sound: YIP.

13. Charitable gift: ALMS.

14. "How awful!": OH DEAR. Something Edith Bunker used to say.

16. Artist Yoko: ONO. Then I think Archie would say OH NO

20. Sch. in Charlottesville: UVA.

21. Leave speechless: STUN.  Milwaukee police are facing questions regarding their use of a stun gun on Sterling Brown of the NBA.

22. Path around the sun: ORBIT.  Also the path of an Aaron Judge home run.

27. Longtime senator Kennedy: TED.  Maybe could have been President except for that night in July, 1969.

28. Poetic "above": O'ER. - O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave, and the NFL.

29. Like stretchy waistbands: ELASTIC.

32. Spot on the tube: TV AD.  The number of ads I see for car insurance and prescription drugs, makes me think those two products might be over-priced?

35. Hitching post?: ALTAR. I get it, but it's a stretch.

37. Dove's call: COO.

38. Rolled-up bunch of money: WAD.

41. Sing with a closed mouth: HUM. That's not singing, that's humming.

42. Memorable boxer: ALI.  He put boxing on the map!  Everyone knew who the heavyweight champ was in the day.

43. Highways and byways: ROADS. Country Roads, take me home, to the place I belong.  West Virginia????

44. Stinging insect: WASP.

45. Solarium: SUN ROOM.

47. CIA relative: NSA.

49. Series-ending abbr.: ETC. Abbreviation for Latin et cetera."and so on".  Also a gift shop in Hudson, Wisconsin.

56. Mascara mishap: SMEAR.

58. Westernmost of the Aleutian Islands: ATTU.

59. Chicken __: POX. I thought of LEG and KFC.  I had chicken pox once and that was enough.  Odd name for an illness.  What did chickens ever do to deserve this ?

64. Young Skywalker's nickname: ANI.

65. Lighter filler: BUTANE. Yeah - these things are dangerous.  Glad I don't smoke.

66. Uncle Remus rabbit's title: BR'ER. Born and raised in the briar patch

67. "Delish!": YUM.

68. Ply with alcohol: BESOT.

69. Shopping place: MART. Always seems to indicate lower price.  K-Mart, Walmart etc.  Any more? 


1. Drink from a bowl: LAP UP. No, I just lift the bowl to my mouth and tip it.

2. Candy heart words: I LUV U.

3. Imprison: EMBAR.

4. ISP alternative: DSL.  The computer age has smothered us with three letter acronyms.

5. Kind of child or parent: FOSTER. Half a pair of sunglasses.

6. "Yup": UH HUH.

7. Twin Cities suburb: EDINA.  Edina is known to host the first indoor shopping center I believe in the US, circa 1957.  C.C. and I were there last week.  Southdale Mall has expanded and added and changed tenants, and it seems to want to compete with Mall of America.

8. Novelist Deighton: LEN.

9. Hollywood's __ Awards: SAG.

10. "Darn tootin'!": YOU BETCHA. - This phrase is tied to us Scandinavians Don'tcha know.

11. Treacherously sneaky: INSIDIOUS.

12. Frost or Browning: POET. He's a poet but don't know it, but his feet show it, They're Longfellows.

15. Pi follower: RHO. It's Greek to me.

18. Cruise stop: ISLE.

19. Disposal scraps: ORTS.

24. Sci-fi escape vehicle: POD. I would pick UFO.  Not even peas can escape from a pod.

25. Greek Zs: ZETAS.  Z is our last letter.  I think Zeta comes early in the Greek lineup.  Somewhere near Gamma Beta Epsilon.

26. Israeli airline: EL AL.

30. Exist: ARE.

31. Give a free pass: COMP.

32. First word in Moore's Christmas poem: 'TWAS.  Contraction for "It was". 

33. Eatery list including 99-cent items: VALUE MENU. Nothing anymore for less than a dollar.  McDonald's has a $1, $2, $3 and others have two for $6.

34. For now, in Latin: AD INTERIM. Technically translates "In the meantime" but I will okay it for now.

35. "Me too": AS AM I.

36. PC monitor type: LCD. I know this is an acronym for liquid crystal display, but I never understood it.  I know you get a clearer picture, but I'm not sure why.

39. Expert: PRO.  Short for professional, also means pretty darn good.  All of you are PRO crossword solvers.

40. Hula __: HOOP. The hoop went public in 1958 and I think everyone in the US had at least one.  I believe they were originally sold for .99 each.

44. Sob syllable: WAH.

46. Early color TVs: RCAS.  Before color TVs, RCA was a leading maker of "Victrola" sound equipment.  Remember The mascot dog "Nipper" ?

47. "Wait a bit longer": NOT YET.

48. Like a bug in a rug: SNUG.

51. Fancy parties: GALAS. Do you pronounce this GAY LA or GALLA ?

52. Prefix with centric: ETHNO. My puzzle's better than your puzzle

53. Rossini work: OPERA. Or a noontime soap.

54. No social butterfly: LONER.

55. Apply, as pressure: EXERT.

56. Fix at the vet: SPAY.

57. Knock over, as a bank: ROB.  I'm now thinking of Mary Tyler Moore's (Laura Petrie's) husband on the Dick Van Dyke show.

61. Pencil remnant: NUB.

62. Had lunch: ATE.

63. PC pioneer: IBM. I don't remember an IBM personal computer.  Most of IBM's computers were the size of a cruise ship.


Note from C.C.:

Here is Boomer's 700 Club champion's plaque. The lights were knocked out due to the severe storm last Thursday night when they had the banquet, so all the bowlers enjoyed a candlelight dinner in hot hot weather.

Jan 16, 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 ~ Roger & Kathy Wienberg

Theme: Petty Theft - Synonyms.

17. Delayed show of surprise: DOUBLE TAKE

23. "Frumious" beast in "Jabberwocky": BANDERSNATCH

38. Cosmetic surgery that removes bags: EYE LIFT

48. Eight-ball call: CORNER POCKET

60. Indicate willingness to date someone, on Tinder ... and an apt hint to the last part of 17-, 23-, 38- and 48-Across: SWIPE RIGHT. Words on the right are synonyms for SWIPE.

Argyle here and I have an alibi. I don't have a device that can be swiped. Can you swipe with a mouse?


1. Soaking spots: BATHS

6. Wile E. Coyote's supplier of iron bird seed: ACME. I'm not kidding. The Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products.

10. Car ad no.: MSRP. (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

14. Cry during a winning streak: "I'M HOT!"

15. Stick in one's __: cause resentment: CRAW. Idiom.

16. Home furnishings giant: IKEA

19. River sediment: SILT

20. "Happy Motoring" company: ESSO

21. Philosopher Descartes: RENÉ

22. "Hamlet" courtier: OSRIC. A young courtier at Claudius's court. Rich and little more, he is affected in his speech and manner.

26. Suave: URBANE

29. Long, wriggly swimmers: EELS

30. "Rock-a-bye Baby" tree limb: BOUGH

31. "From the __ of Montezuma ... ": HALLS. Semper Fi.

34. Q's neighbor, on most keyboards: TAB

37. Tolkien creature: ELF

40. Program file ending: EXE

41. NFL official: REF

42. Graphic showing 50 sts.: US MAP

43. Central Florida city: OCALA

45. To be, to Caesar: ESSE

47. Wound like S-curves: SNAKED

53. Stubble remover: RAZOR

54. Big name in skin care: OLAY

55. Playbill listings: BIOs. SE corner gave me fits.

59. "Am __ early?": I TOO

62. Transmitted: SENT

63. Actress Campbell: NEVE. Quite active on the Corner of late.

64. Word before and after "de la": CRÈME. Best of the best.

65. Quarry: PREY

66. Tram loads: OREs

67. Madison Ave. pro: AD REP. AD MAN slowed me up.


1. __ one's time: wait: BIDE

2. "Famous" cookie man: AMOS. There is a short bio if you watch it on YouTube.

3. Therefore: THUS

4. Large, bindle-shaped purse: HOBOBAG. For all you bindlestiffs.

5. Abbr. on a Cardinal's cap: STL

6. Performed on stage: ACTED

7. "Whooping" marsh bird: CRANE

8. Manufacturer: MAKER

9. Flock female: EWE

10. Mass book: MISSAL. A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the year. - Aug 11, 2010 and Jan 30, 2014 Crossword Corner.

11. Beef often used in stir-fry: SKIRT STEAK

12. Thing of the past: RELIC

13. Pothole repair: PATCH

18. Fish-eating bird: ERNE

22. Brit's 14-pound equivalent: ONE STONE

24. Busch partner in beer: ANHEUSER

25. Starter starter: SELF

26. Lyft competitor: UBER

27. Playbill listing: ROLE

28. Minimal-conflict area: BUFFER ZONE. NOT the spot where you take your car after it has been washed and waxed.

31. Garment border: HEM

32. First state, alphabetically: Abbr.: ALA. Alabama

33. Impudence: LIP

35. Rod between wheels: AXLE

36. Necklace sphere: BEAD

39. River of Flanders: YSER

44. __ seat: advantageous spot: CATBIRD. Idiom.

46. High-and-mighty: SNOOTY

47. Breed of terrier: SKYE

48. Fruity dessert: CRISP

49. Wild West film: OATER

50. Remote button: POWER

51. Fruit that's black when fully ripe: OLIVE. Canned black olives have often been artificially blackened and may contain the chemical ferrous gluconate to improve the appearance. Acme olives?

52. Lighthouse locales: CAPES

56. Disney CEO Robert: IGER

57. "Good heavens!": "OH ME!"

58. Part of a recovery program: STEP

60. __-Caps: candy: SNO

61. Color TV pioneer: RCA


Sep 20, 2017

Wednesday, September, 20, 2017, Roger and Kathy Wienberg

TITLE: If I had a dime for every time I got distracted, I wish I had a puppy!

Roger and Kathy have given us assembled masses a lovely entry in the Wednesday sweepstakes. Their puzzle celebrates SCATTERBRAINS among us and who better to represent this stereotype than this lovable character who was a truly savvy business person but played her wacky alter ego to perfection.

How the Wienberg's physically did this is shown below as B  R  A  I  N is scattered among the long entries in the grid. I include the grid in the event your medium did not carry the circles.

The reveal shows the gimmick clearly:

53. Forgetful person literally indicated by this puzzle's circles : SCATTER BRAIN

Theme Entries:

19. Bulb that's more sweet than pungent : BERMUDA ONION - What a great home for one!

31. Basic two-element computation : BINARY OPERATION This $1.50 calculator has the four basic BINARY OPERATION keys neatly nested on the right. Those of us that had to use a slide rule rue the fact we never had one of these.

39. Concern for a marketing department : PUBLIC RELATIONS - Their job:

Now for the balance of Roger and Kathy's very focused humpday offering:


1. Helps illegally : ABETS

6. "London Fields" writer Martin : AMIS - Friends in Paris too easy for Wednesday?

10. Serengeti grazer : GNU

13. French name meaning "born again" : RENEE

14. Goal-oriented suburban parent? : SOCCER MOM - Jennifer Lawrence's life before movies intervened

17. Mexican pyramid builder : AZTEC - I have difficulty even pronouncing Tenochtitlan

18. Late with one's payments : IN ARREARS

21. Scheming : SLY

22. Quarterback Dawson : LEN

23. Renewable fuel made from organic matter : BIOGAS - Collecting BIOGAS from a well drilled into a landfill

27. Crow's cry : CAW

28. Building guideline : SPEC

30. Tokyo, long ago : EDO

36. "Want the light __ not?" : ON OR

37. "Golly!" : GEE

38. Good-sized backyard : ACRE - One ACRE lots in Clinton, Utah

44. One of the Galápagos, e.g.: Abbr. : ISL. - Where Darwin changed the world

45. Fed a line to : CUED - ...or not to be! ...or not to be!

46. Cartoon frame : CEL

47. Balance precariously : TEETER

49. Justice Dept. division : DEA

50. Car stat with city and hwy. components : MPG - 8 MPG for a 1959 Caddy was no big deal with $.25/gal gas

57. Fundraising portmanteau : WALK-A-THON - I got swamped with requests at school

60. "You Don't Join Us, We Join You" insurance company : AETNA

61. "Monday Night Football" airer before ESPN : ABC SPORTS - When football morphed into show biz

62. Lingering looks : GAZES

63. Deleted, with "out" : XED - MLK advisor Wyatt King advised him to X OUT the "Dream" part of speech since it was so trite and cliche

64. Scheme : RUSE

65. Wade noisily : SLOSH


1. Many Mideast natives : ARABS

2. Chisel's cutting edge : BEZEL

3. Contest submission : ENTRY

4. Abound (with) : TEEM - These signs are a hot property these days

5. Not connected to the church : SECULAR

6. From Thailand, say : ASIAN

7. Like old records : MONO

8. "__ See for Miles": The Who : I CAN 

9. Metal-marking tool : SCRIBER

10. "Today" rival, familiarly : GMA

11. Fish-fowl link : NOR

12. Hesitation sounds : UMS - Don't use it here!

15. Beethoven's Third : EROICA - Italian for hero

16. Nevada city near Tahoe : RENO - Lots of wedding rings got thrown in the Truckee River there 

20. Like morning grass : DEWY

24. Company with "save you 15%" ads : GEICO

25. Beautify : ADORN

26. Loudness units : SONES

27. Astronomer Sagan : CARL

28. Ignore the limit : SPEED 

29. Spa treatment : PEEL - Sounds painful

31. Hasbro game requiring quick reflexes : BOP IT

32. Unavailable : IN USE - Talk about yer IN USE!

33. Duke or duchess : NOBLE - Royal blood doesn't cut much for me

34. Fairy tale brute : OGRE

35. Elongated comet part : TAIL  - An astronomy prof once told me that the tail of a comet is as close to being nothing and still being something as there is

40. Arctic covering : ICE CAP

41. Museum manager : CURATOR

42. Big name in PCs : ACER 

43. Lipton pouches : TEA BAGS - Some on this site would never consider one of these methods

48. Disdainful clicks : TSKS

49. Like thick fog : DENSE

50. Passover cracker : MATZO

51. Needle bearers : PINES - Pine Wilt has killed millions of trees around here

52. Grind, as teeth : GNASH -The phrase "(there shall be) weeping and gnashing of teeth" (in the original Greek ὁ κλαυθμὸς καὶ ὁ βρυγμὸς τῶν ὀδόντων) appears seven times in the New Testament as a description of the torments of the damned in Hell.

54. Drive-__ window : THRU

55. Youngsters : TOTS

56. Legitimate : REAL

57. Car wash extra : WAX

58. Prez in a stovepipe hat : ABE - Abe's stovepipe hat he wore to Ford's Theater on April, 14, 1865 with the black mourning ban for his dead son Willie. This hat was not put on display until 1893 at the Smithsonian 

59. Type of TV display : LCD

SCATTERBRAINS and regular ones are now welcome to opine:

Aug 21, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017 ~ Roger & Kathy Wienberg

Theme: Things that go BUMP ... in a Monday puzzle.

16. *Feature of gated community entrances: GUARD HOUSE. Bumper Guards.

21. *GEICO product: CAR INSURANCE. Bumper cars.

33. *Plaything for a backyard swimming spot: POOL TOY. Bumper pool.

44. *Source of showroom shock?: STICKER PRICE. Bumper sticker.

53. Abundant farm yield ... and what the first words of the answers to starred clues comprise?: BUMPER CROP

Argyle here. A lot of classics today.


1. DEA agent: NARC

5. Traveller in London's Tube: BRIT

"I took the tube back out of town
Home to the rolling pin."

9. With 15-Across, Apple media player since 2005: iPOD. and 15A. See 9-Across: NANO

13. Over the hill: AGED. Ageism!

14. Colorado-based brewery: COORS

18. Sprouted: GREW

19. Like checks, when splitting the tab: SEPARATE

20. Dungeness and Alaskan king: CRABS

24. "I got a great break!": "LUCKY ME!" Two rock-n-roll classics today.

27. ID card picture: PHOTO

28. Adam's grandson: ENOS

29. "... disguised as Clark Kent, mild-__ reporter": MANNERED

32. Hoopla: ADO

36. Fifth month: MAY

37. Warns of: PORTENDS

39. Batman's hideout: CAVE

40. Donna Summer's music: DISCO

41. Spun, as a baton: TWIRLED

47. The Stones' "__ Tonk Women": HONKY

48. Subscribers' continuations: RENEWALS

52. And others, in Lat.: ET AL.

55. Past the deadline: LATE

56. Foreign relief org. created by JFK: US AID

57. Pac-12 sch.: UCLA

58. Hotfooted it: FLED

59. Curve in a road: BEND

60. Easier said __ done: THAN


1. Badgers: NAGS

2. Fever with chills: AGUE

3. Garner from the fields: REAP

4. Music media holders: CD RACKS

5. Infant foot warmer: BOOTIE

6. City where Joan of Arc died: ROUEN

7. Tax form org.: IRS. (Infernal Revenue Service)

8. "The Waste Land" poet's monogram: TSE. (T. S. Eliot)

9. Thankless sort: INGRATE

10. Like "X-Files" cases: PARANORMAL

11. Year before AD yrs. started: ONE BC

12. Wield a divining rod: DOWSE

14. Captivate: CHARM

17. Low, sturdy cart: DRAY

20. Close friend: CRONY

22. Quarrel: SPAT

23. "Sorry, that's not happening": "UH-NO"

24. Jump: LEAP

25. "Go back" computer command: UNDO

26. Match, as clothing colors: COORDINATE

29. Chicago Fire's org.: MLS. (Major League Soccer)

30. Roof projection: EAVE

31. Colored like Easter eggs: DYED

33. Bothersome: PESKY

34. Fairy tale start: ONCE

35. Skunk's defense: ODOR

38. Got giggles out of: TICKLED

39. Close-cropped hair style: CREW CUT

41. Apprehensive: TREPID

42. __ and dined: WINED

43. Cake decorator: ICER

44. Bookcase unit: SHELF

45. Sum: TOTAL

46. Image maker, briefly: PR MAN. (public relations) Sometimes called a spin doctor.

49. Curved foot part: ARCH

50. 1970 Kinks hit: LOLA

51. Stretch across: SPAN

53. Fella: BUB

54. Employ: USE


Aug 11, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017, Roger and Kathy Wienberg

Title: "It's just a jump to your left, then a step to the right..."LINK

This is the third LAT from this couple, with the others running on Tuesday. They clearly worked hard to create this very challenging effort. I know I am still getting my solving skills back, but this was very difficult to suss the theme.  I was very close to use my 'phone a friend' lifeline, but I was able to get most things filled in.  Because there were no clues for 4 words, I knew I had to work backwards from those fill. I saw the connection "m-odule." Then after pondering the reveal: 65A. Like some baseball pitches ... and a hint to locating the second part of four three-part puzzle answers : SIDEARM, the four un-clued fill and the inexplicable clue/fill: 8D. The Eagle, for one : LUN and the light bulb came on.  Voila- The Eagle was the name of the LUNAR MODULE. It was seeing that you got "three parts" going to the side to get the "ARM." The next to fall was also left, then right, 15D. McDonald's offering for tight budgets : DOLL leading to DOLLAR MENUThen the lightbulb came all the way on, just as they told us it was ARM that was on the side in all 4 themers! Wonderful! 35D. Post office standard : REGUL quickly led to REGULAR MAILFinally we have
 37D. Syrup source : SUG to reveal SUGAR MAPLE. This exposed the brilliance as all are separated between two words one ending in AR on starting with M.

There also some nice 7 letter fill ANDIRON,  ANTONIO, EARLOBE, GESTALT. LUCKY ME, RAW DATA and the unknown to me TANGRAM.  I sense this will be a love it/hate it puzzle, but you will let me know.

8D. The Eagle, for one : LUN...(AR M)...26D. - : ODULE.

15D. McDonald's offering for tight budgets : DOLL...(AR M)...34D. - : ENU.

35D. Post office standard :  REGUL...(AR M)...59D. - :  AIL.

37D. Syrup source :  SUG...(AR M)...51D. - :  APLE.


1. Welcome site : MAT.

4. One may be nervous : TIC.

7. Best of the best : ALL STAR. Miami Dolphin great Jason Taylor was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past week-end. He and brother-in-law Zach Taylor have been all stars both on and off the field.

14. It hasn't been analyzed yet : RAW DATA. We make our information like our vegetables.

16. Lottery winner's comment : LUCKY ME. Would you tell people immediately when you win?

17. Shutterbug : SHOOTER. In our troubled time, nice to see this clue/fill.

18. Fireplace fixture : ANDIRON.

19. Like a vertebral region : LUMBAR. My microdiscechtomy was at L2-L3.

21. Meddle, with "around" : NOSE.

22. Biblical songs : PSALMS.

25. Splotchy garment : SMOCK. How many remember Steve Allen and "Smock, Smock"

28. Calendar abbr. : APRil.

29. Blow : MISDO. A repeat from Tuesday, not a word I use, but it has been around since the 1200's. LINK.

30. Suffix with star or tsar : DOM. Never thought of TSARDOM, but like the anagram clue.

33. Flimsy : LAME. Like most excuses.

35. U.K. fliers : RAF.

36. Bearish? : URSINE.

38. Twists : IRONIES.

40. Couple in the news each December : CLAUSES. Santa (CSO Argyle) and the MRS.

41. Like tennis rackets : STRUNG.

42. Color property : HUE.

43. They go with guys : GALS. Is this now an un-pc term?

44. Stable diet : HAY. Cute.

45. Item from a mill? : RUMOR. Nice misdirection.

47. Singer/songwriter Carly __ Jepsen : RAE. She was popular in x-words for a while.

48. Secure, as a ship's line : BELAY. I was long confused by the two meanings. verb
1.fix (a running rope) around a cleat, pin, rock, or other object, to secure it.
2.nautical slang stop; enough! “Belay that, mister. Man your post.”

49. Rascals : SCAMPS.

52. Hook's right hand : SMEE. Also fun. Which hand was bitten off?

55. Intensify : RAMP UP.

57. Seven-piece Chinese puzzle : TANGRAM. Did not know the name, but they are used as part of many IQ tests.

60. Stud location : EARLOBE.

64. Shakespearean merchant : ANTONIO. Our Friday dose of Will. The MERCHANT of Venice.

66. Unified whole : GESTALT. A gimme for anyone with a degree in Psychology.

67. To some degree : ANY.

68. Upsilon preceder : TAU. Greek - one of many alphabets to memorize.


1. Dash or Doubtfire : MRS. Salt free or a very salty Robin Williams.

2. Sound of relief : AAH.

3. Number missing, in a way, from "4 = 16" : TWO. This is interesting as 4 to the 2nd power = 16 and 2 to the 4th power = 16.

4. Ryan's daughter : TATUM. She won an Oscar married John McEnroe and disappeared from fame.

5. Chairperson's list : ITEMS.

6. Energy food component : CARBohydrate. Carb loading was big when I was playing sports.

7. Snooze buttons stop them : ALARMS. Stopped using an alarm once I became ill.

9. PC screen type : LCDLiquid Crystal Display.

10. Lizard that can shed its tail : SKINK. We have lots of them in Florida. I have many friends (ladies) who are terrified by these small creatures.

11. Pro's opposite : TYRO. Beginner.

12. Book after Joel : AMOS. No religion but if you want INFORMATION.

13. Actor Auberjonois : RENE. He has appeared as Father Mulcahy in the M*A*S*H movie, Odo in Star Trek, Deep Space Nine and was in the wonderful Boston Legal.  Do you know his face?

20. "Dream on!" : AS IF.

22. Lacking color : PALISH. Not a word I would ever use.

23. Athens rival : SPARTA.

24D. Weapons source : ARMORY.

27. "Downton Abbey" countess : CORA. The all-American Elizabeth McGovern

29. Uno __: Juan's "one more" : MAS. I learned from Roberto Duran.

30. Captivate : DISARM.

31. A quarter mile, maybe : ONE LAP. We had a 440 track built by the Catholic girls high school next to our house.

32. Cans of worms : MESSES.

39. Memo opener : IN RE.

40. Lowlife : CUR.

42. Georgetown cager : HOYA. The HISTORY.

46. Critter in the same family as chipmunks and squirrels : MARMOT. Cute?

48. Conceived : BEGOT. More biblical wording.

49. New World colonizer : SPAIN.

50. Like Miss Muffet's fare : CURDY. Meh.

52. Guys-only : STAG. I love the Farmers AD.

53. Locks in a barn : MANE. One of the NAME anagrams from Monday.

54. Tolkien race : ENTS.

56. Tableland : MESA.

58. Genetic messenger : RNA.

61. Muffin choice : OAT. Usually Oat bran.

62. Top at the shore : BRA. A LINK to make up for last week's thong?

63. Outback runner : EMU. A CSO to our OZ connection - Kazie.

A true work out, but when I understood the concept I was hooked. YMMV. In any case, thank you Roger and Kathy and all who comment and all who read. lemonade 714 out. Also a special thanks to HG for massaging the grid picture to highlight the 'side arms.'