Mar 6, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017 Kathy Jaschke

Theme: Oh No, Oh Yes - The letter "O" is added or taken away, depending on how you look at it.

17A. Place for a haircut and a whiskey?: SALOON SALON

27A. Storage solution for Disney?: CARTOON CARTON

43A. Farmer's wake-up duty list?: ROOSTER ROSTER

57A. How to ask journalist Roberts if she'd like an Oreo?: "COOKIE, COKIE?"

Argyle here with what appears to be a debut for this constructor. No reveal Monday. Personally, I liked the mental image of a flock of roosters arguing about whose turn it was to crow.


1. Scalawag: SCAMP

6. Barber's razor targets, at times: NAPEs. Back of the neck.

11. Folder identifier: TAB

14. Ann __, Michigan: ARBOR

15. "Haste makes waste," e.g.: ADAGE

16. Color: HUE

19. Tiny six-footer: ANT. Cute clue.

20. James Bond is one: SPY

21. Be itinerant: ROAM

22. "Ho ho ho" holiday guy: SANTA

24. "You're it!" game: TAG

25. James Watt, by birth: SCOT

33. Pago Pago's place: SAMOA

34. Singer Edith known as "The Little Sparrow": PIAF

35. Wicked: EVIL

37. Final notice?: OBIT

38. Taps instrument: BUGLE

39. Dust __: tiny house critter: MITE

40. Panhandles: BEGS

41. "Gotcha": "I SEE". Not "Gotcha!"

42. Problem during sleep: APNEA

46. Hawaiian strings: UKEs. Some are oval we've learned.

47. High-tech rte. finder: GPS. (Global Positioning System)

48. Yummy: TASTY

51. Exclusive: SOLE

53. Hockey great Bobby: ORR

56. __ Wednesday: ASH. Timely.

61. 2016 Olympics city: RIO. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

62. Blacksmith's block: ANVIL

63. "Lady and the __": TRAMP. Stored in a carton?

64. Again and again, to bards: OFT. (often)

65. Boglike: PEATY

66. Eye sores: STYEs but then sties can be eye sores, too.


1. Back talk: SASS

2. Losing casino roll: CRAP

3. How experts do their jobs: ABLY

4. __ juice: milk: MOO

5. Equitably divided: PRO RATA

6. Skylab org.: NASA. 18D. Canceled at 6-Down: NO GO

7. Eve's mate: ADAM

8. Buddy: PAL. 28D. José's 8-Down: AMIGO

9. I problem?: EGO

10. Electric eye, e.g.: SENSOR

11. Word after greater or less: THAN

12. Uncle's mate: AUNT

13. Test version: BETA

23. Efforts: ATTEMPTS

24. Brings forward for inspection: TROTS OUT

25. Mountain climber: SCALER

26. Sidewalk eatery: CAFE

27. Pole tossed in Highlands competitions: CABER

29. Numbered musical works: OPUSes

30. Landlocked African country: NIGER

31. Sheeplike: OVINE

32. Fertilizer ingredient: NITER. Wiki link.

33. Cry hard: SOB

36. Grassland: LEA. Where ovine animals may graze.

38. What muzzled dogs can't do: BITE

42. Sides of an issue: ASPECTS

44. Airport luggage checker: SKYCAP

45. Eye rudely: OGLE

48. Hawaiian food staple: TARO

49. "__ I care!": AS IF

50. Photograph: SHOT

51. "Laugh-In" segment: SKIT

52. Greasy: OILY

53. So-so: OKAY

54. "The __ of the Ancient Mariner": RIME

55. Gym units: REPs

58. "Just __ moment": ONE. "Don't put me on hold!"

59. Egg cells: OVA

60. Leftover morsel: ORT



OwenKL said...

Twaining exercise FLN, for WC {A.}
{A, C, C+, v⃗, B+.}

If they burn incense in a censer
Might it alert a smoke-fume SENSOR?
It might make sense
(And earn some cents)
To make a censer sensor censor!

Once a little dust-MITE SCAMP
Went away to summer camp.
He did not like
The nature hike
When thru dust-motes he had to TRAMP.

If you went to a SALOON SALON
What aftershave would they put on?
Would a barber briskly
Bar-tender whiskey?
Might your NAPE be doused with Napoleon?

A mountaineer-mathematician named Hector,
Fell off a high cliff, and passed in a blur.
He had, in his trajectory
Both angle and velocity --
He couldn't be a SCALER, because he was a vector!

The TRAMP sought alms, as was his habit,
But seeking ten-thousand dollars was his gambit!
His ATTEMPTS were in vain,
This ADAGE his bane:
You shouldn't put all of your BEGS in ONE ask-it!

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Kathy and Santa!

Nice puzzle. Cute theme!

No problems.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Congrats on your debut, Kathy, if this was your debut. Nicely done. No Wite-Out required.

People in Oklahoma City learned a lot about NITER back in '95.

Wanna shake things up? When you phone and they answer, "Thank you for calling. May I put you on hold?" Just answer,"No."

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Is Argyle's CSO too obvious to note? Fun little puzzle with only one nit and one sorta unknown. The nit is that in dice, the singular of craps is craps, not crap. Rolling 2, 3 or 12 is a craps roll, not a crap roll. I have invested many hours and even more MOOlah acquiring this knowledge. The sorta unknown was Edith PIAF. I only know the sewing machine by that name, but I think we've seen Edith's name in this blog before. My eraser got a much-deserved day off today.

Thanks to Kathy and Santa for a fun start to the work week.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Kathy Jaschke, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Got up early to put some air in the car tires. One was low. Therefore got an early start on the puzzle.

Got through fairly easily. A little sticky in spots. Perps saved me.

Unknowns: PIAF and COKIE

Quickly wrote ETUDES for 29D. Had to fix that to OPUSES. Also tried I DIG for 41A. Fixed that to I SEE. A few inkblots.

Theme was catchy.

Nice start to the week. Now I have to go back and enter Sunday's which I finished late last night.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Oas said...

To anonimous Growing up in a country town i would hear roosters crowing at the crack of dawn every morning. The farmers alarm clock is the rooster . Good clue .

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Once again, I'm amazed that a constructor could first think up so many examples within such a confining theme, then fit 'em in exactly. Nicely done, Kathy!

Morning, Argyle, I'm pretty sure I couldn't lift a caber, let alone give it a good toss. Have to leave that chore to the hefty guys.

Oas said...

Quite afew years ago we visited a charming B&B on Salt Springs Island . The bleating of sheep and rooster crowing across the valley added to the serene charm of the place. Memory maker.

inanehiker said...

Fun theme to start the week fast, and balanced with 2 doubling the O in the first word and 2 in the 2nd word.

Thanks Kathy and Argyle!

Hungry Mother said...

No problem, even though I didn't know CABER and PIAF. The COOKIECOKIE/ORT cross might be tough for a newbie not up on the requisite crosswordese.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Had red cap before SKY cap. Otherwise very easy and slick as snot on a doorknob. Filled in different sectors in random order without hesitation. Once the gimmick was clear, filled in SALOON SALON and CARTOON CARTON without perp help. Liked the AUNT / ANT cross. Favorite fill was TROTS OUT. I always thought the plural of OPUS was OPI. :-)
PEAT - L. German is Törf; not a great leap from our 'turf', Schleswig has lots of PEAT bogs.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Kathy and thank you Argyle. Liked the fun theme. Tip top choice of theme titles, Argyle.

Hawaiian food staple was not mass internet mailings.

One T short of two CSOs to our most prolific SCALER. I mean sherpa.

MOO juice: Milk. It's only milk if it comes from a cow according to the National Milk Producers Federation.

Tiny six-footer was my favorite clue.

I'm not kidding. I have one neighbor that almost always ends his assertive statements with the questioning, "No ?", another that uses "Right ?" or "I know, right ?" and a third that unnecessarily agrees to almost any statement by saying "gotcha." Fun when they are shooting the breeze, although two of them seem to be avoiding each other after the recent mailbox incident.

Stave maker problem handler ?
Jamaican lunar lover ?
Sailboat wastewater ?
QED academic ?
Dimwit nod ?
Indiana stocking maker ?
Debatable quip ?

Northwest Runner said...

Spitz, the plural of opus is opera.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

What a fun Monday puzzle. "Tiny six-footer" for ANT was cute. Favorite theme answer was "COOKIE, COKIE?". Congratulations, Kathy, on your LA Times debut. Thanks for the write-up, Argyle.

Enjoy the day!

OwenKL said...

TTP: got 'em all!
Cooper Coper
Moon Mon
Sloop Slop
Proof Prof
Boob Bob
Hoosier Hosier
Moot Mot

I tried to make more, but messed up the order on all these:

Slangy additional cow
Web-crawler footwear
Wolfman waterfowl
Good blessing
Scion anon
16.5 foot cross

Spitzboov said...

NR - Ah, thanks. That's what I get for not taking Latin.

TTP - Hoosier hosier?
Cooper coper?

Husker Gary said...

-A clever, helpful gimmick, some fun cluing and a word I remembered from years ago – CABER
-As I filed away my 2016 tax info, I saw the 1968 TAB. I now make that much subbing 41 days
-An experiment that illustrates a favorite ADAGE of mine about unkind words
-Do these two modern SPYS look like Sean Connery?
-“TAG, you’re hit!” “Missed me!” “Did not!” “Did so!”… Ah the rhythms of our yute!
-Hilarious Watt variation of “Who’s on first?” (3:53)
-In 2012, 33 lives were lost when the Casta Concordia LISTED 20˚ to starboard
-SA MO A or SAM O AH? We heard the latter in Hawaii
-There is a real scarcity in BUGLERS for graveside services these days
-EVE couldn’t really use
-Homemade solution for sunlight blocking your SENSOR
-I always thought men’s college dorm rooms were STYS
-Disney checked our bags for me and my 100 kids at the hotel and then trucked them out to the airport and got them on the plane

Tinbeni said...

Kathy: Thank You for a FUN Monday puzzle. Enjoyed the theme.

Argyle: Nice write-up and CSO to you.

Fave today was the theme answer SALOON SALON. I does like a "place for a whiskey."

Looking forward to that Sun getting over the yardarm.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a cute theme and a fun start to the week. Had necks/napes and idiom/adage, otherwise, breezy, peasy. Fav themer was Cookie, Cokie? And fav clue was Tiny six footer=Ant. Niger and Niter were neat. Frosting on the cake was the big CSO to Santa.

Thanks, Kathy, for such an enjoyable debut and thanks, Argyle, for the neat expo. (Was that plane crash in your area?)

YR, I'm looking forward to watching my tape of the "Feud."

For those unfamiliar with Edith Piaf, Google her "La Vie En Rose" and enjoy!

HG, loved all of your links today

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Google says:

The most common plural of opus in English is opuses. Some people use the Latin plural, opera. Opi is fairly common in the field of classical music, though mostly in informal contexts.

TTP said...

You nailed them Owen. Got yours.
Spitzboov, were those two poorly clued ?

These might be too easy. Well, two of them might be mid week.

Snaps pictures
Gardener's woe
Nine-ball legislator
Nose discharge
Gangster brick carrier
Nocturnal carnivore in the pen

(Just changed the last clue...)

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Kathy, for a fun Monday! And congrats on the debut! CABER was new, but no problems.

Nice CSO to you, Argyle, and nicely done for the write-up.

SwampCat said...

What a fun way to start the week! Thanks, Kathy and Argyle. COOKIE, COKIE was a favorite, of course. Her family is from N'Awlins and a gimme. I got the theme from that and sailed through.

ASH Wednesday was also easy because it was just last week. Mardi Gras this year was the best I can remember. Perfect weather, great crowds, friendly feeling. The last big bash before the austerity of Lent, starting ASH Wednesday. We don't suffer much austerity here in giving up meat , the Boeuf Gras, because of all our fabulous seafood. Hardly a sacrifice!

I loved the Tiny Six-footer. Clever.

Owen, the last few days have been wonderful. Thanks for the chuckles!

CrossEyedDave said...


I had Prorate instead of Prorata

(I dunno, but it got me hungry for S'mores...)

Star Ledger Thought For Today:
"Learn by others' mistakes because you do not live long enough to make them all yourself." - (Author unknown.)

Lucina said...

Thanks to Kathy and SANTA for today's fun! Double CSO to Santa at SCOT(t)!

Last week Jeopardy had a similar category, very cute. WEES about the clever theme.

Ditto on ANTS and COKIE being favorites. Besides being an excellent journalist, COKIE is also author of Founding Mothers about the wives of the founding fathers. She may have written others but it's the only one I know of.

CABER is the only unknown; PIAF I learned from the movie about her.

Yesterday I went to see THE SHACK. It's excellent! Very well done. The book when it was published was controversial and I'm sure the movie will elicit some debate.

I'm typing this on my new laptop for practice. So far so good.

Have a marvelous day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely enjoyable! A feel good puzzle for a very lovely Monday morning here in NY. Loved cookie Cokie, so very cute.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun Monday puzzle. This one was more than OKAY. Thanks Kathy (congrats on debut) and Argyle (I noted the CSO).

I debated over whether the sleep problem was dream, snore but perps gave APNEA.
Perps also required Bark to change to BITE.
Like Spitzboov, I wondered about Opi but OPUSES fit.

23D Efforts=ATTEMPTS recalled STABS and my comment to Anon from yesterday.

Favourite today was ROOSTER ROSTER.

Small Ontario town of Fergus has caber toss as part of their Highland Games every year.

Have a great day.

Jayce said...

I like this puzzle very much and think the theme is clever. I echo everybody's compliments to the constructor. I remember first seeing COKIE Roberts on the old "This Week with David Brinkley" show (now moderated by George Stephanopoulos‎.) The ubiquitous George Will was also a regular on that show.

OwenKL, I like your "censer sensor censor" verse.

There once was a lady from Lyde
Who, from eating green apples, died.
Inside the lamented
The apples fermented
And made cider inside 'er inside.

WikWak said...

WEES about nearly everything in this delightful start to the crossword week (I don't think Sunday counts, as Monday is usually easier). The only problem I had was wanting PFAF for PIAF--and of course that didn't work at all! Hand up for liking 'tiny six-footer' and 'rooster roster' best.

And geez--don't any of you SLEEP in the morning? Here I get up at the crack of noon and there are already 30 comments!

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I really enjoyed this. Thanks Kathy and Argyle.

I agree with Jinx about CRAPS vs CRAP. The only time I've ever heard 'crap' used is as a mild curse or for excrement. Never in the dice game.

In case some of you have never seen a caber toss, the object isn't distance but getting the caber flip over and to land on what started out as the top end. Then finish flipping over with what started out as the bottom end pointing directly away from you.

Ol' Man Keith said...

An amusing start to the week. Thanks, Ms. Jaschke. Well done.
I enjoyed seeing a few offbeat words in a Monday pzl - CABER, ORT, even Coleridge's faux-ancient spelling of RIME.
I see I called it "amusing" (above). I have the word on my mind after watching the final episode of Victoria last night. I was amused then to see how the writers managed to squeeze in the Queen's most memorable and oft-quoted phrase. You all remember this one, I'm sure. Historically, this particular quotation is attributed to Her Majesty by a courtier who claims she said it following a tasteless anecdote told by an equerry at the dinner table. But in the TV series, she says it in bed, after a corny joke from her husband, Prince Albert.

As it turns out the joke perpetuates an error. I'm paraphrasing from memory, but Albert sets it up by asking, "Who is Shakespeare's greatest Chicken Killer?" He proceeds to give the answer as "Macbeth, for he doth 'murder most fowl'."
Young Vicky then replies with the above-mentioned quote,
"We are not amused."
She might have offered to correct him, as Shakespeare's line is actually from Hamlet, in Act I when the Ghost comments on Claudius' misdeed:
"Murder most foul, as in the best it is.
But this most foul, strange and unnatural."

Larry Jordan said...

You can crap out in a craps

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes I know the answer before reading the clue usually because it's very obvious. Today was the case with cookie Cokie. But there was a slight glimmer of doubt because I couldn't imagine what the clue could be. I thought it was just excellent. And I agree with comments about crap/craps. I believe there is no singular of craps.

Pat said...

What a great way to start the week! Fun puzzle, Kathy J.! Thank you. I enjoyed your write-up and links, Argyle. Thank you!

Interesting theme that I got with the first theme clue. I like the others being suggested by bloggers. I haven't taken the time to figure those out yet.

Favorites: Ann ARBOR, Michigan, where I grew up. I'm a SCOT(t), but I've never tossed a CABER. My puppy was a stray and developed a very strong fear-bite reaction when she feels threatened, so she gets a muzzle at the vets so she won't BITE.

Have a great week!


Argyle said...

I M, the crash was two miles east of the village. It was either a Cessna 150 or 172. Instructor and student are ok.

Misty said...

My best Monday in ages! I sailed through this utterly delightful puzzle--hope Rich signs you up for many more, Kathy! And then I sailed through a Sudoku, a Kenken, and a funny Jumble. Yay! Hurray! What a great way to start the week!

Great to see you both in and out of the puzzle, Santa. I got all the names without any problem this time, and knew PIAF, COKIE, and ORR. But my favorite was Ann ARBOR. I taught at the University of Michigan for eleven years before coming to California, and--except for the weather--I loved it. So it was nice to have that memory this morning. Although when you have tough winters like that, the spring daffodils and other flowers sure become an incredible gift.

I remember my folks taking me to see LADY AND THE TRAMP at the drive-in movie, when I was kid. Those were great evenings.

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

Bill G. said...

Misty, I remember the drive-in, spent mostly with a arm cramping while I was trying to get up the nerve to put it directly on the girl's shoulder. There was lots of uncertainly and angst in those days due to lack of self-confidence.

We did go to the local movie theater with my parents. Oddly enough, my mother didn't care about getting in to the movie at the beginning. We'd get seated whenever, sit though the intermission, until somebody would say, "I think this is where we came in." Now, it all seems odd to me...

Nice Cuppa said...


CrossEyedDave said...

Image that makes methink of Salon Saloon...

Having trouble finding a silly pic for cartoon carton...

Rooster Roster?

Never heard of Cokie, However, in other news...

Cookies rebuttal...

LOL WikWak @ 12:39, Crack of Noon?
Most puzzlers do their crosswords over morning coffee,
that is why I usually wait til afternoon because most
of my posts do not pass the breakfast test...

CrossEyedDave said...

Most of my posts don't pass the spamfilter either...

Argyle said...

Does it seem it is always about the same time of day?

Lucina said...

Some of you likely already know this and have ABP (Ad Block Plus)but it's new for me and since I had it installed I see no more ads! They were becoming truly annoying not only on this site but everywhere I went on the internet. Now it's all ad free! I love it.

I'm so sorry that Victoria is finished for the season. I really enjoyed it and Mercy Street.

Lemonade714 said...

Back to the medical whee; of fortune. The keep spinning me about an getting money.

I loved the puzzle and theme, thank you Kathy. Are you from Minnesota?

Tinbeni said...

Great job on the "links" ...

Very funny "Who's of first" (I watched it two times) ...

Ahhh, the Sun has set and I'm "toasting" y'all.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Easy-breezy Monday puzzle. Thanks Kathy (and congrats! if this is your 1st ). Thanks SANTA for the expo - cute title.

WO: sOy* b/f MOO. That held up getting the NW and theme for a bit (27a was my 1st themer).
Sparkle: c/a ANT; ANT xing AUNT; c/a for OBIT

Fav: How can you not think of ACME w/ CARTOON CARTON and ANVIL in the same pzl?

*I said the other day I couldn't, for those that didn't know, link Louis Black b/c he's too political... I forgot until sOy Juice reminded my of this bit. [1st 2:33 - MA-L]

{B+,B,B-,A+}. //I read FLN - thanks.

NPR does an occasional segment called #AskCOKIE - Tweet it if you wanna know if she likes OREOs... :-)

WikWak - I second CED's LOL re: crack of noon :-)

CED - I suspect you get filtered because you TROT OUT more links than text - esp. at the top of your posts. Just a guess. The link for ROOSTER ROSTER had me laughing for at least 10 seconds.

TTP - I thought of Spam too at 48d and thought "Awe, I gotta, but it's too soon to link the same Python." Imagine my, er, Corner's collective, relief that it was TARO today.

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Bill G., loved hearing about your drive-in experiences in the old days, and your mom's handling of movies in movie theaters. Great stories!

TTP said...

Anonymous T, I'm glad somebody got that.

Owen, since nobody else wants to play, here's what I got for your reverse order entries:

Slangy additional cow - mo moo
Web-crawler footwear - bot boot
Wolfman waterfowl - lon loon
Good blessing - bon boon
Scion anon - son soon
16.5 foot cross - rod rood

Tinbeni said...

Anon T

I watched the entire 10:10 "Moo / Water" Lewis Black Link ...

OK, I don't drink 8 bottles of water a day ...

But I do consume the appropriate amount of Scotch !!!


Wilbur Charles said...

Tin, the PGA golfers have come your way.

Nice Monday swing, especially if the weekend went a bit crunchy. I actually finished this about 900 am but never could get in here.

Lucina: Was the NYT xword the one with Fu Manchu? I found it and finished and second your kudos.

TTP and Owen. I don't know how you figure those out. How about #10 fav? Or R*
You can't be done!!! Or Cawphonious?

The last has an extra non-pronounced letter

As I see, I'm not the only gloamer groaner.


Wilbur Charles said...

Oops I did mine in reverse too.


Wilbur Charles said...

And I plagiarized Owen's#4.

Warren Buffett said...

FYI...CC constructed the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle today.

Bill G. said...

I came across old episodes of The Lone Ranger on a cable channel. I'm enjoying them very much though they seem old-fashioned compared to modern TV dramas. I happened upon the first several episodes that set up the beginning of his character; mask, silver bullets, etc. His signature cry seems closest to 'Hi O Silver' though it could be 'Hi Yo Silver' but certainly not 'Hi Ho Silver.'

Misty, I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. I'm sure I inherited or learned it from my father who loved telling stories. I'd sometime hear a new one when we had company for Sunday dinner though often it would be the retelling of an old one I'd heard a couple of times before. As I moved into young adulthood, when my father would come from Virginia where I grew up to visit Barbara and me in California, he would sometimes be in the car with me when he would be reminded of something and ask, "Say, did I ever tell you about...?" Often I would respond "Yes" which meant he would tell me the story again anyway but maybe in a slightly shorter version. I now realize that it wasn't important whether I knew the story or not but rather, that he enjoyed the process of telling it. I've got a lot of that strand of DNA.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G - Your dad sounds like a hoot... Humans thrive on stories. And a good story teller BEGS for a finish. Your CAFE stories follow in his footsteps.

Lucina - AdBlock is fun. For more, try NoScript and Ghostry. The former will muck up some sites [like Blogger] if you only use one browser. I use 4, Firefox for surfing with aforementioned blockers; Safari on my iThings [and Blogger]; Internet Explorer for company internal goodies; Chrome for Trusted stuff [bank, Fidelity, et.]. I do my best not to cross-pollinate accounts. My PALs & AMIGOS think I'm a bit too paranoid... That doesn't mean they're not out to get me though!

TTP & OKL -- OOH, how do you do it? Nice job with the theme'd mini-puzzles. And yous got follow-up puzzle ideas. [TTP - How could I miss it :-)]

SCAMP, TRAMP, Scalawag... Com'on, that's just too much fun! (Kathy's showing off, I mean, Right? TTP :-)).

Tin - I'd been waiting all day for you to take a SHOT on the TAB (OKAY, I know you pay as you go) - I assume it was TASTY.

Y'all think of F-Troop at BUGLE? Just me?

C, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

#10 fav: Bo boon
You can't be done?: so soon?
Cawphonious: crow croon

I'm old enough(sigh) to remember The Lone Ranger on the radio


TTP said...

Owen, Anonymous T and Wilbur, here are the answers, even though you probably got them.

Snaps pictures - SHOOTS SHOTS
Gardener's woe - ROOT ROT
Nine-ball legislator - POOL POL
Nose discharge - SNOOT SNOT
Gangster brick carrier - HOOD HOD
Nocturnal carnivore released from the pen - COON CON

Wilbur Charles said...

I got hood hod anyway