Mar 12, 2017

Sunday March 12, 2017 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "Peachy" - P is changed into CH in each theme entry.

23A. Large retailer's overexpansion, perhaps? : CHAIN KILLER. Pain killer.

29A. Welcome summer cold snap? : HAPPY CHILL. Happy pill.

36A Measure of stress inflicted by a crowd's roar? : CHEER PRESSURE. Peer pressure.

59A. Storage unit for spray bottles, trowels, etc.? : GARDEN CHEST. Garden pest.

79A. Soup for toddlers? : BABY CHOWDER. Baby powder.

101A. Holiday pantomime game? : EASTER CHARADE. Easter parade.

110A. Necklace for a macho heartthrob? : STUD CHOKER. Stud poker.

119A. Little bird wielding an ax? : GUITAR CHICK. Guitar pick.

C.C. here. 

Rich helped me with the puzzle title. I originally had "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes", which addressed the new phrases, not the replaced ones.

Rich also added surprise and visuals to the theme entry clues. For example: I had [Joan Jett, for one?] for the GUITAR CHICK entry. 

Additionally, Rich added trivia and tidied up my loose wording (space is always an issue with Sunday puzzles). For example, I had [First African-American to win the Best Actor Oscar] for POITIER [4D. First African-American Best Actor].
He does this for every puzzle I've made and makes me look professional. In real life, I often drop "the", forget to pluralize nouns and mess up tense all the time. Not to mention my accent.


1. Baloney : TRIPE. Very conservative grid design. 5/5/4/4 top/bottom edges.

6. Novelist Evelyn : WAUGH

11. "The Sound of Music" high points : ALPS. Also  20. Press the point : ARGUE. Point clue echo.

15. Risk being burned, in a way : BASK.  Rich's clue. Nice.

19. Impressive dwelling : MANOR

21. One with kids : GOAT. And 27. Watch kids : SIT. Rich changed my SIT clue so we could have kids clue echo. He loves echoes.

22. One-eyed Norse deity : ODIN

25. Georgetown hoopster : HOYA

26. Sign word evoking days of yore : OLDE
28. Is too sweet : CLOYS

31. In __ of : LIEU

33. Terrier of old mysteries : ASTA. "The Thin Man".

35. "Oh, sure!" : YEAH, I BET! We also have 3. Post-exam exultation : I NAILED IT

41. GPS displays : RTEs

42. Monster slain by Hercules : HYDRA

43. Printer brand owned by Seiko : EPSON. Did not know this trivia.

44. Black Friday mo. : NOV.

46. Autocrats until 1917 : TSARS. Also 51. Resort in the Caucasian Riviera : SOCHI. Also 118. "Terrible" Russian ruler : IVAN

50. News-selling org. : UPI

53. Stout holder : STEIN

55. Copacabana beach locale : RIO

56. Dole (out) : METE. Not many choices to clue METE/EKE. But they facilitate smoother fill.

58. Sour : TURN
62. __-Canada: Esso competitor : PETRO

64. Don Juan : ROUE

65. Bairns : WEE ONES

66. MLBer with 696 home runs : A-ROD. Dating J-Lo now.

68. Subtleties : NUANCES

71. Unbelievable one : LIAR

72. Like some spore reproduction : ASEXUAL

75. Worms, to robins : PREY

76. Deep pit : ABYSS
81. Marshland : MIRE

82. Draws off, as maple syrup : TAPS. Dear Santa sent me a bottle of this pure New York maple syrup. I like drizzling it over perfectly ripe bananas and sliced almonds.

86. Outback native : EMU

87. To have, to Henri : AVOIR

88. Grace starter : O LORD

90. Its PAC is the Political Victory Fund : NRA. Learning moment for me. Rich's clue.

91. Campbell-Martin of "Martin" : TISHA

94. "A mouse!" : EEK

95. Hawk's claw : TALON

97. Synthetic silk : RAYON

99. On the road : AWAY

104. Colombian export : EMERALDS. Rich's clue as well.

108. Blockheads : OAFS

109. "My stars!" : EGAD. Quaint.

112. Curly-tailed dog : AKITA

115. MinuteClinic operator : CVS

117. Ceramic piece : TILE. TTP once took out all the tiles off his bathroom wall and re-did everything. I could not imagine the work. Caulking is sophisticated enough for me. 
122. Genesis setting : EDEN

123. Like Gen. Shinseki, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs : RET'D

124. Forearm bones : ULNAS

125. Well-timed : ON CUE

126. Pair near your hair : EARS

127. Sailing ropes : TYES. So guilty of putting this in my grid. I just could not get a cleaner fill in that area.

128. Frets : STEWS

129. Requiring a lot of attention : NEEDY

 1. Flix alternative : TMC

2. Sideline shouts : RAHS 

5. Ocean bird : ERN

6. Baby monitor alert : WAIL

7. Folksy Guthrie : ARLO

8. Hard on the eyes : UGLY AS SIN. Have any of you tried Durian? Steve/Jayce? It's not pretty and it stinks (banned in many hotels/airplanes). The smell lingers for days. But so creamy & tasty.

9. "Seems to be the case" : GUESS SO

10. __ Majesty : HER

11. Ottoman honorific : AGHA

12. Not all there : LOOPY

13. Cable option : PAY-PER-VIEW

14. Visit overnight : STAY AT. Every time I pass by Aria, I think of Steve.
15. ["That stinks!"] : BOO HISS

16. Go off-line? : AD LIB. Did you nail it?

17. Move crab-style : SIDLE

18. Helped a tot tie a shoelace, say : KNELT

24. Single-serving coffee choice : K-CUP

29. Bit of a belly laugh : HAR

30. Atkins of country : CHET

32. Time line divisions : ERAS

34. Winery cask : TUN

36. Ground-up bait : CHUM. Learning moment for me. 

37. Fanfare and then some : HYPE

38. Come again : RECUR

39. "Julie & Julia" director : EPHRON (Nora)

40. Major course : ENTREE

45. Ref. for wordsmiths : OED

47. Where to find fans : ARENA

48. Stairway piece : RISER

49. They're unlikely to pass the bar : SOTS

52. Slugger Mel : OTT. Big Easy sent me these two pictures long time ago. He said "Next time OTT appears in a puzzle you can insert this. I was passing there today and stopped and took this picture. It is right down the street from ZYDECOs, which occasionally showed up."

53. Fresh : SAUCY

54. Spokane-to-Edmonton dir. : NNE

57. Modeling adhesive : EPOXY

59. Lost cause : GONER

60. Goofy collectibles? : CELs. Disney Goofy.

61. Lift : HOIST

63. Cabinet dept. : EDUC

64. Closer to being raw : RARER

66. "Same for me" : AS AM I

67. Game inside a Narragansett beer bottle cap : REBUS. Rich's clue as well.  Never heard of the beer. 

69. "Rabbit" series author : UPDIKE

70. Starbuck, for one : SAILOR

72. Conspire with : ABET

73. "Got it!" : AHA

74. Demonstratively romantic : LOVEY DOVEY. Asians are reserved.

77. Rodeo mount : BRONC

78. "__ out!" : YER

80. Blue state? : WOE

81. Maker of fancy notebooks : MOLESKINE. I get a red one for Christmas every year.

83. "I'll take all the help I can get" : ANY ADVICE? Rich's clue as well.

84. Urge : PROD

85. Right in the head : SANE

89. Big bore : DRAG

92. Gets tough : HARDENS

93. "Never Wave at __": Rosalind Russell movie : A WAC. Gluey fill.

95. Screening org. : TSA. They pried open my checked baggage a few days ago. Sigh. I've been using that lock for over 25 years.

96. To blame : AT FAULT

98. Spider woman? : ARACHNE

100. "Java" trumpeter : AL HIRT

102. "__ b?": "Which is it?" : A OR. Gluey fill.

103. Pick up : HEAR

104. Name on Re-Nutriv products : ESTEE. Also Rich's clue.

105. Site of the Cave of Zeus, in myth: Abbr. : MT. IDA

106. Calculus pioneer : EULER

107. Glide on blades : SKATE

111. Calls off : ENDS

113. "... __ a puddy tat!" : I TAW. Gluey fill.

114. Merged news agency : TASS

116. Move quickly, as clouds : SCUD

119. "Breaking Bad" baddie Fring : GUS. Gimme for D-Otto. Have you finished the whole series?

120. Nonpro? : CON

121. Very important : KEY



Argyle said...

Morning! Did you change your clocks? (Not counting the car radio. Nobody knows how to change them.)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's 352a already!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Rather than a giant leap forward, I opted for a modest hop, and arose 30 minutes earlier than normal. We'll see how that goes.

Oh, there was a puzzle. I NAILED IT. UPI reminded me of the teletype machines we had at the radio station. Remember teletypes? On the other hand, I was not familiar with K-CUP -- is that bigger than a D-Cup? And I thought MOLESKIN(e) was a fuzzy adhesive patch to put on a blister. It's a notebook? And then there's molasses...

C.C. I've been too busy lately and had to put Breaking Bad on hiatus. I've only made it through a couple of seasons, and had to rely on perps to get GUS. I'll probably get back to it once March Madness and tax season are over.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you CC and thank you CC.

We got the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune yesterday. Solved most of it in ink, but didn't quite finish.

Got HAPPY CHILL as the first theme answer and thought, "That doesn't make sense." Then worked out CHEER PRESSURE and knew what to expect.

More than a few clues left me perplexed. "Name on Re-Nutriv products", "Site of the Cave of Zeus, in myth", ""Rabbit" series author" and others, but they filled with perps.

Had trouble in the NE because of "YEAH I see." I didn't sense that it was a skeptical "Oh, sure." I read it as needing more of an excited "Now I understand" response.

Finished it online this morning. That's when I found out I also had an error in the upper midwest. Had RECap in LIEU of RECUR, so my "Sour" answer was tarn(ish) and the Esso competitor was PEtpO-Canada.

Got the SW this morning. Had S--D CHOKER and couldn't see STUD yesterday. Oh yeah, now I see. EULER and STUD. MT IDA ? OK.

Lemonade714 said...

The rare C.C. write up of the C.C. creation; thank you C.C. and C.C. It is an interesting peek behind the curtain to see what Rich does with your puzzles as well as your reaction to the ch-ch-changes. "Peachy" did not seem perfect either but it does recognize both the after and before. I did like the clue for BASK, but I think you worry about your accent more than you should. If you managed to get the 100 most regular posters all time at the Corner in a large room to discuss the puzzles, our various regional and parental variation in speech would be as unintelligible to others at times as your accent. We all have "accents."

Speaking of accents, you asked, "Have any of you tried Durian?" My immediate thought was your, 15D. ["That stinks!"] : BOO HISS. I tried some at a local Asian grocery store and Oo has agreed to NEVER bring it to our house no matter how it tastes. Worse than locker room unwashed clothing.

Do you have a flow chart of your published puzzles C.C.? I would guess Sunday might be in the lead. Continued admiration.

Overcast for today's Calle Ocho street party. Stay warm in everyone.

Yellowrocks said...

I caught onto CH for P quickly. It made the puzzle easy. There were plenty of perps to help out, too. Fun puzzle and write up, CC.

I awoke as usual at 7:10 AM EDT without the alarm. I don't notice the time difference. I don't suffer from jet lag to and from Europe, either. I am thankful I have so many digital clocks which reset themselves.

BASK took a while, because I don't usually burn when I bask. These days I prefer to read or do x-words in the shade by a lake because basking is boring to me and I don't like the heat. Anything over 80 degrees is too hot.

I liked seeing loopy and sane in the same puzzled.

I had the two upstairs bathrooms done from the studs out two years ago. The drywall was absorbing water and mold due to poor original construction. I love the new tile and fixtures.

Necklace was easily CHOKER, so what kind of 4 letter POKER? Oh, STUD.
I was familiar with CHUM.

My Keurig coffee machine takes only Keurig brand K-cups. I never use it. The water temperature is not high enough to make good coffee.

Have a delightful Sunday. I am looking forward to dancing this afternoon.

desper-otto said...

Now for something completely different...

Many folks have commented here that they've never watched an episode of The Simpsons. As a public service, here's an article about the many times the program has made predictions which ultimately came true...often many years later, including predictions about a Trump presidency and a Lady Gaga half-time show.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I think I must have been in la la land because it took me forever to suss the theme. I don't remember which theme answer I filled in first, but it shed no light onto what was going on. Having loony for loopy didn't help much, either. Finally, finally, I saw the the Peachy connection which, previously, had me scratching my head. (Super title, BTW) However, another FIW due to having tart instead of turn for Sour. I really messed up that area but didn't see it until the missing Tada signaled the error.

Well done, CC, you had me over a barrel today and thanks for your honest critique of the puzzle's fill and Rich's input. Very interesting tidbits.

If anyone is interested, "American Crime" begins its third season tonight. Felicity Huffman and Regina King return and Timothy Hutton will make guest appearances. The theme is about smuggling immigrants, slave labor and sex trafficking.

It's sunny, windy (what else is new!) and cold, cold, cold! We're under a storm watch from 7:00 AM Tuesday until 8:00:PM Wednesday but, as always, how bad it will be depends on which way the storm tracks, inland or coastal.

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

I didn't catch the theme early but I got it after stumbling my way to the EASTER CHARADE.
It turned out to be a DNF because of WEE ONES. I had filled HEIST for lift (as in theft) and just wouldn't erase the robbery thought for an actual lift-HOIST. The WEEENES triple E just wouldn't work and I gave up. I won't say that I NAILED IT today, nor will I say BOO-HISS.

SCUD was an unknown for me. SCUT yesterday; SCUD missile today. TISHA, REBUS (and Narragansett beer),TYES, GUS, MOLESKINE- other unknowns solved by perps.

Every time I see the fill HAR for laugh I wonder 'does anybody actually say HAR instead of HA-HA?' I've never heard anybody say HAR.
Columbian Export?- Coffee, Cocaine wouldn't fit so EMERALD it was.
Don Juan- ROSE- I was thinking cigar. perp
ASEXUAL directly below the photo of J-LO & A-ROD? Does anybody believe that? And it crossed LOVEY DOVEY IN THE GRID.

Thanks for the local New Orleans pictures and adding AL HIRT to the puzzle.

Lemonade714 said...

Oh, and I never heard of MOLESKINE as a brand name or a manufacturer of planners. All of us who have ties to New England and the Red Sox certainly know Narragansett beer. LINK . 67. Game inside a Narragansett beer bottle cap : REBUS. I learned about REBUS watching CONCENTRATION which was originally hosted by Hugh Downs. Alex Trebek hosted both Jeopardy and Classic Concentration for a while.


maripro said...

What a treat to have C.C. give us the scoop on changes that Rich made. I found the bottom challenging - so challenging that I didn't 3 down. GUITAR PICK did me in as well as TILE in the West.
I especially liked BOO HISS and LOVEY DOVEY.
Thanks, C.C.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Hand up for struggling in a few spots, mostly where the names were. I'm not acquainted with Tyes as a nautical term, have to look that one up.

Morning C.C., I enjoyed your candid words about the process!

Bitter cold and windy here, and as IM wrote, we're watching a Nor'easter that's due to dump 16" of snow on us Tuesday. Been a weird winter...

Anonymous said...

Lemony, tell us some tales of accents at the ACPT. I bet it was a hoot.

Husker Gary said...

-The theme entries kept getting funnier as I went down!
-Is CVS a CHAIN KILLER? They’re usually within a block of a Walgreens
-Great teachers get satisfaction IN LIEU of cash
-The SOCHI Olympics were a major financial boondoggle
-Hilarious ASEXUAL scene! (:48)
-Our robins must have never read where they don’t eat seeds!
-AVOIRdupois possessive? – One definition I found was “to have weight”
-Old names like that of my grandmother TISHA are coming back
-A fun movie about a Columbian EMERALD
-Wilke Boothe did this ON CUE because of the big laugh he knew that line would get
-I’ve never seen an event where I would use PAY-PER-VIEW
-Robin Williams was the king of AD LIBs
-You can make a steak more well done but not RARER
-ANY ADVICE if you STEW too much? Yes, here it is!

Lucina said...

I NAILED IT! Thank you, C.C. This was just right for a Sunday morning and I liked your frank discussion about the process with Rich. Interesting!

Not unusual for me, the eastern front filled first and I did get the CH/P conversion. Now that's rare; my getting it, I mean. AVOIR almost did me in but WOE saved me. We have been in a blue state this weekend because my granddaughter rearended a car and the Nissan is just not worth repairing so now she is without transportation.

Don't worry about TYES, C.C. It perped very well once LOVEYDOVEY emerged.

Well done, C.C.!

Yesterday was very busy. In the morning I attended a funeral for a dear friend and I finished the puzzle very late and so didn't post. I found 75% of it fairly easy but the NW took too long as PETEREDOUT would not come to me. Horrors! I had to research it! But that broke open the whole area.

Have a fine day, everyone!

TTP said...

Bravo aired "Maid in Manhattan" starring J-Lo and Ralph Fiennes back to back last evening. DW watched Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. I opted for American Masters on PBS. It was about Loretta Lynn. Engrossing.

Yellowrocks, in my case, the shower valve was failing. I like fixing things and solving problems. DW was going to be out of town for over a week. Opened up the wall and my neighbor sweated in a new Moentrol valve. Over the next few days, new concrete backer board, new tile, then grouting, and finally caulking. I'm sold on Moen products. They stand by their "Buy it for looks, buy it for life" guarantee.

Irish Miss and Dudley, I shut off the petcock and ran the gas out of my snowblower Thursday. We haven't had anything but dustings since Dec 17th. Now we're expected to get between four to six inches between tonight and Tuesday morning. Maybe less, maybe more. Mox nix. We're on the back end of winter. It won't last.

Liked that article D-O. Thanks.

Madame DeFarge from yesterday. My friend's daughter is in her freshmen year at NU. Don't think she's into basketball, but it would be hard not to get caught up in the excitement on campus. Unfortunately, the team looked like they were out of gas after their upset win the night before. Watching to see where they will get seeded in the NCAAs. My gut tells me they'll end up in the same bracket as Duke, just because of the Chris Collins / Mike Krzyzewski tie-in. The selection committee and broadcasters seem to like those types of things...

MJ said...

Good day to all!

C.C., your explanation of the puzzle creation process and Rich's input was a bonus to a great puzzle. Thank you. I caught the theme from the get-go which definitely helped in the solving process. Favorite clue/answer was "One with kids" for GOAT. Also liked the clue for SOTS--"They're unlikely to pass the bar." TISHA Campbell-Martin and MOLESKINE were both complete unknowns and needed 100% perps. Have never heard the slang term "ax" for GUITAR.

I wish we could pack up some of our Socal heat and ship it to those in snowstorm's way. Stay warm.

Enjoy the day!

Misty said...

Total thrill to find a C.C. puzzle in the paper this morning, though after my first scan I turned on the computer, sure I was going to have to cheat to get it done. But I plowed away and plowed away at it, and slowly, slowly it filled in--first in the east, then in the west. It helped that I got the P/CH exchange early and loved the theme. In the end I never did cheat even though I ended up with two small goofs, both silly mistakes on my part. I had TART for SOUR, even though I thought of UGLY AS SIN, but forgot to put in the N. And I had GOAD instead of PROD, even though I knew it should be RAYON and not RAYAN. But what a treat, C.C., to first get this great puzzle from you, and then your extremely interesting expo on the construction and changes. A double Sunday morning pleasure--thank you so much!

Have a great day, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Pain killer chain?

For our snarky Anons, take two & don't post in the morning...

Cheer pressure?

CrossEyedDave said...


Baby Chowder?

Easter charades? OK, I give up. What is it?

CrossEyedDave said...

Well what do you know, Stud chokers are a thing!

and just one of the guitar chicks out there...

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody.

That was a very enjoyable puzzle and analysis. Thanks CC.

Say, what does "Gluey fill" mean?

Re. maple syrup. Have you tried it on coffee ice cream? Maybe with some salted peanuts thrown in?

I LOVE Chet Atkins. He had mastered many different guitar styles. Never showy; just tasteful arrangements played expertly.

Re. LOVEY DOVEY, I've never much objected to mild Public Displays of Affection except maybe for feeling a bit envious...

I hated the time change. It's the second time for me as you may remember. :>) I will be mostly used to it by tomorrow morning. Pick either one and stick to it say I.

Hungry Mother said...

Nice challenge today. Very doable, but it took some thinking. It took the second theme entry to catch the trick.

CanadianEh! said...

Certainly no BOO HISS from this corner. Thanks for the fun C.C. and for giving us some background insights. I wouldn't say I NAILED IT since I had a few ink blots.

I started (like TTP)and finished this last night in our Saturday paper (they don't publish on Sunday so we get both Sat. and Sun. puzzles on Sat.).
I got the P to CH theme early which helped immensely. Favourite was STUD CHOKER!

Hand up for Tart before TURN (oh, verb usage of Sour but OTOH noun usage of MIRE!).
Like Big Easy, I had Heist not HOIST, giving a new Scottish term for Bairns of WEE ENES. Thus officially a FIW.
My grace started with Thank before O LORD and I had Hah before HAR.
I should have known that baseball loving C.C. would have YER out not Get out. I smiled at A ROD. (What, J Lo has dropped Canadian Drake!)
We got a proper clue for TMC this week (although neither TMC or Flix are alternatives here!). I wagged CVS since we don't have Minute Clinic here either.

I saw some Canadian content with Petro-Can (we shorten it down), Edmonton, SKATE, and maple syrup (TAPS). Local sugar bushes have been open for the last few weekends and will be busy daily this March break week with tours, maple syrup demonstrations and of course, yummy-smelling pancake houses.

I came here prepared to have a major nit over GUITAR PICK since I thought Rich had messed up C.C.'s clueing pattern. I was trying to fit in Wren Chopping! Now I see from MJ that Ax is a term for GUITAR. AHA moment. I'll blame it on my regional accent LOL!

Lucina, sorry to hear about your car woes and loss of a dear friend.

I awoke to DST and sunshine on 3 inches of snow this morning. We have warnings for more snow to come also.

Anonymous said...

CanadianEh! - How about TIT CHOPPING - Tit Popping?

Chuck Lindgren said...

well that's it for me ! Ta Da on a Sunday no cheats. Chorus of "We are the Champions".

If you know the famous chess story you know why ! I turned the 'puter on...planning to cheat and a video with the worst call ever popped up and it gave me boo hiss. I didn't like the Euyler fill much. Newton and Liebnitz were THE pioneers of the calculus. I guess Euyler was A pioneer but he was THE pioneer of fluid dynamics.

I still don't know what scud means or what that beer is but it solved. I guess I have to go to Sudoku now.

Chuck Lindgren said...

Time change ??? I thought that was always at the end of the month. Not watching the news anymore does have an effect !

John Cooper said...

How about a title 'Hey Chimp'. Ch-I'm-P

Chuck Lindgren said...

Oh and if you want to hear pure unaccented American English speak to someone born within about 50 miles of the Spirit of Detroit statue downtown. As far south as Toledo but stopping at a the campus of Moo U...Cow turds infected their brains. Native Californians are close (excepting the valley) but they insist on calling pop "soda" when everyone knows a soda has ice cream and expressways "freeways". Everyone else "y'all" destroy the lexicon upon opening their traps !! LOL but not ROTFLMAO at my own brilliance. (native Detroiters are modest as well)

Jayce said...

Doggone time change almost made me miss Meet the Press this morning. And now I'm nodding off. I might just take a nap maybe.
A masterful puzzle today! I was all "Wow" at some of the fill such as I NAILED IT, LOVEY DOVEY, UGLY AS SIN, YEAH I BET, WEE ONES, MOLESKINE (which I didn't know,) and ARACHNE. I totally loved the clues for ARACHNE, KNELT, BASK (thanks Rich), EARS, SOTS, and PREY. Actually, for that last one I entered FOOD at first. Terrific puzzle. C.C. you are a wonder.
A colleague once brought a Durian to work to share. Man oh man that sucker stank! But she cut it into bite-sized pieces, which made it easier to take a taste, but I still had to hold my nose to get it into my mouth. I was shocked at how good it tasted. As I chewed my brain was still screaming "Don't eat that!" What a disconnect, much as my brain screams "This is gonna hurt like hell!" when I am being painlessly drilled at the dentist. Very disconcerting.
I get extremely seasick (and airsick) very easily, and one time when salmon fishing with my dad and friends I was puking like crazy over the edge of the boat. I very quickly caught my limit (somehow I still managed to hold onto and operate my fishing pole) and my dad just nodded approval and surmised it much have been all that high quality CHUM. They took me back to the dock to recover while they all went back out again to fish some more.
Best wishes to you all.

fermatprime said...


Great work, CC!

However, I was not up to to the task. Two visits to OB/GYN at local hospital (she moved, darn it) have given me something resembling pneumonia. Will call internist tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Bill G. said...

I agree about the fathers of calculus being Leibniz and Newton. I've always thought that Euler was mostly known for brilliance in other areas of mathematics.

I guess I'd like to try Durian fruit at least once if I could get past the apparently-foul aroma. Since I like smelly Gorgonzola cheese, maybe I could tolerate Durian fruit.

Jayce, I get seasick and airsick too. Years ago, Marazine worked wonders for me without making me sleepy.

CrossEyedDave said...

A small history lesson...

Bobbi said...

After cleaning the kitchen, finally got down to solving (after slaving??). Fairly straightforward grid a got an early grab on the theme - but disliked the silly "stretches" in some of the theme answers. Since I've always lived in a cave, never heard of KCUP and MOLESKINE ( unless the latter is what I use on my corns). I guess that's corny enough! BYE

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

C.C. - What a cute puzzle and great inside-baseball. Seeing you expo your own creation is a +.

D-O: Cool Simpsons article.

HG - I thought of War Games too at reading ASEXUAL's c/a. Perfect clip.

Re: SCUD for those that donno / don't recall... Saddam's SCUDs were used during Desert Shield / Desert Storm in the early 90's. There was concern that he'd tip the missiles with chemical weapons (that we sold him during the Iran/Iraq war) so we deployed Patriot Missile batteries to (mostly successfully) shoot them down to defend Israeli cities. That short 90-day "war" is why I'm a Vet though I didn't really do nuthin'.

C, Eh! - LOL'd at accent comment. A Canadian buddy of mine said something to me on Friday and I didn't have my Bob & Doug filter ready. Took 3x for me to "get" what he said. He then berated my y'alls and told me to shut up my Italian self. He's slowly learning the American way :-)

Play tomorrow. Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

A bit under the weather today, so instead of poems decided to try tomorrow's puzzle early on the Mensa site. So doing a Paul Revere and warning that there are circles. The theme can probably be guessed without them, and is easy once you get to the reveal.

Big Easy said...

Durian Fruit?? If Andrew Zimmern won't eat it, neither will I.

CanadianEh! said...

Anon@2:50 -- that would go with d-o's K-cup but I don't think it would get past Rich!

Wilbur Charles said...

Yup. I too had HEIST even though I finally figured out CELS for Goofy.
The Narragansett talk indeed brought back memories of the giant imperial quart.

So, the new owners have produced a potable product? I'll have to double up on the AA mtgs, or I'll be tempted to try a taste.
One could buy a six-pack of gansett for a buck and Bud cost an extra quarter. So we stayed with gansett.

Lemonade, did you catch my late ref to the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Pennant and Tony C's beaning?

One person's'gluey' is another's cool. I liked AWAC which could have been the spy plane.

Someone tell me to stop doing the xword at stop lights. Bad WilburšŸ˜„

Wilbur Charles said...

Oh yeah, I second the motion on that hayfever poem, Owen. And I hope you shake off this seasonal bug.


lodsf said...

Nice puzzle. Except for GUITAR CHICK ... I even had the answer entered correctly & still didn't get it. Even after reading here that a guitar can be an "ax" I still don't really get that clue & answer. Other than that a delightful puzzle.

Picard said...

Can someone please explain exactly how changing a P to CH is "Peachy"? I got the theme fairly quickly, but never understood exactly how this made sense?

Regarding SCUD, I don't understand how people brought up SCUD missiles which had nothing to do with the clue or answer.

As for the claim that the PATRIOT missile was successful against the SCUDs, there is no evidence they worked at all. MIT Professor Postol and Reuven Pedatzur of Tel Aviv University testified to Congress that few or none hit their target. Even if they had, would that be a success? The SCUD is an unguided missile. Having it fall in one random place versus another random place could be worse. The main "success" was to Raytheon's profits.

Hand up for TART before TURN. Clever misdirection of a verb instead of an adjective.

Complete unknowns: KCUP (I don't drink coffee), TYES (on line search gives a different meaning), ESTEE as clued (never heard of Re-Nutriv), TISHA, UPDIKE as clued (never heard of Rabbit series), MT IDA, GUS Fring. Got all with perps.

Did anyone else think SASSY before SAUCY?

I really would love to understand if "Peachy" meant something specific about P -> CH! Otherwise I enjoyed the puzzle! Thanks, CC, for the puzzle and for the review and for the explanations about the Rich changes!