May 28, 2017

Sunday May 28, 2017 Pancho Harrison

Theme: "Subtly Seasoned"- Various seasonings are hidden in each theme entry.

23A. Poem title following "Gin a body meet a body" : COMIN THRO' THE RYE. Mint. Herb.

34A. Brahms and Clara Schumann, by most accounts : PLATONIC LOVES. Clove. Key ingredients in Chinese Five-Spice Powder.

51A. Paid informants : NEWS AGENCIES. Sage. Herb.

70A. Axioms : UNIVERSAL TRUTHS. Just salt.

94A. Dietitian's recommendations : HEALTHY MEALS. Thyme. CrossEyedDave just linked a clip of a chef using fresh thyme for egg rolls. The sauce does look amazing, Dave!

109A. Hospital emergency units : TRAUMA CENTERS. Mace. Nutmeg spice.

125A. In danger of being towed : PARKED ILLEGALLY. Dill.

Ah, a well-seasoned puzzle for all the foodies on our blog, esp Steve, who grinds his own spices.

Notice how the seasonings consistently span across each theme entry? Pancho's choices are very limited. Not many herbs/spices are hide-able. Seven entries with 95 theme squares are quite manageable. My very comfort zone: 94/95.


1. Bambinos : TOTS

5. Kaput : SHOT. Not DEAD.

9. Workout set : REPS

13. Emergency : PINCH. Seasoning amount as well.

18. Plugging away : AT IT

19. Show impatience : SIGH. We normally get PACE.

20. Go off : ERUPT

22. End of __ : AN ERA

26. Three-star mil. officer : LT. GEN

27. Nancy Drew series author : KEENE (Carolyn)

28. Hawk's home : AERIE

29. Read carefully (over) : PORE

31. Like many Ariz. residents : RET'D. Lucina grew up here. I remember a survey said that most Americans actually live within 50 miles of where they grew up. Are you one of them?

32. Retained : KEPT

37. Film noir hat : FEDORA

40. Underground systems : METROS

41. Indian author Santha Rama __ : RAU. Never read her book. RAU seems to be a popular Indian name. I just learned that it means "Beloved".

42. What may replace you? : ONE. Oh, you may not like this clue. ONE may not like this clue.

43. Gp. with arms : NRA

45. MS. enclosures : SAES. Self-Addressed Envelope. Sometimes we get SASEs.

47. Optimistic : UPBEAT

56. No longer used : OBSOLETE

58. Replaceable tire part : TREAD

59. Privy to : IN ON

60. Early U.S.'s Northwest __ : TERR

62. One with convictions : FELON. I was thinking of belief "convictions".

63. Oil source : SOYBEAN. High in Omega-6, which is bad. I was told. But I can't live without soy milk and soy sauce.

65. Chopper : AXE

67. Modernists, for short : NEOs

69. Pose : SIT

75. Yank's foe : REB

78. Sticky situation : MESS

79. Madre's hermana : TIA

80. House-warming buys : HEATERS. Literally "warming".

84. Film with a saloon : OATER. Got via crosses.

87. Brood : STEW

89. Actress Kunis : MILA

91. Fellow "I can't be torn apart from," in a 1964 #1 hit : MY GUY. Unfamiliar to me.

92. Mona Lisa, e.g. : BRUNETTE. Such an unexpected clue.

97. GM navigation system : ONSTAR

98. Give off : EMIT

100. Retired NBA big man Ming : YAO. Owner of Shanghai Sharks, where he first started.

101. Solstice mo. : DEC

102. Flamenco shout : OLE

103. 1987 Beatty/Hoffman flop : ISHTAR. I forgot. We had this before.

106. Demands it : SAYS SO

114. Gillette Mach3 predecessor : ATRA

115. One who'd like to forget, maybe : RUER

116. Takeout : TO GO

117. Lured (in) : ROPED

119. Earthy pigment : UMBER

123. Mideast ruling family name : ASSAD. Heartless.

128. Cheap cigar : STOGY. Or STOGIE.

129. Company name that aptly begins with a periodic table symbol : ALCOA. Great observation.

130. It meant nothing to Ravel : RIEN
131. Descriptive dance : HULA

132. Really pushes : HYPES. Got via crosses.

133. Lester's bluegrass partner : EARL. Earl Scruggs & Lester Flatt.

134. Head set? : EARS. Cute clue.

135. Memphis middle name : ARON. Elvis.


1. Epitome of sharpness : TACK

2. Platte River people : OTOE

3. What's up at the end of an exam? : TIME. Drew a blank. Nice clue.

4. Snockered : STINKO

5. Droop-nosed flier : SST

6. Cymbals with a foot pedal : HI-HAT

7. Brute : OGRE

8. 1912 Olympic legend : THORPE (Jim). Astonishing career.

9. Practice lines : REHEARSE

10. Before, poetically : ERE

11. Goal : PURPOSE

12. Watch using bugs : SPY ON. Another great clue.

13. Good buddy : PAL

14. Needing assistance, maybe : IN TROUBLE. Boomer got hit by a guy at the stop light on Thursday. The back bumper assembly of our car needs to be replaced. Boomer said the guy was not drunk. Probably just distracted. Hope the insurance claim goes smoothly.

15. More than half of Israel : NEGEV

16. Whence Icarus fled : CRETE

17. Poker holdings : HANDS

21. Garr of "Young Frankenstein" : TERI

24. __-do-well : NE'ER

25. Pinball problem : TILT

30. Tan shades : ECRUS. Spell check does not like the plural form.

33. Stabbing feeling : PANG

35. Wedding reception highlight : TOAST. So happy for Melissa!

36. __ luxury : LAP OF

37. Typeface choices : FONTS

38. Diciembre follower : ENERO

39. 1944 loser to FDR : DEWEY. I knew Dewey Defeats Truman headline. Unaware that he also ran for president four years earlier.

40. "Death in Venice" author : MANN

44. Put back into the company, as profits : RE-INVEST

46. More painful : SORER

48. Congers : EELS

49. French possessive : A TOI

50. Clearing house? : TENT. I don't get it. Does it mean TENT for clearance sale?

52. "A Tiger Walks" star : SABU. Only associated him with "Elephant Boy".

53. Yemeni seaport : ADEN

54. Sandpaper descriptor : COARSE

55. "What You Need" rockers : INXS

57. Hullabaloo : BROUHAHA. Same letter count as FOOFARAW

61. Involve : ENTAIL

64. Draw a bead on, with "at" : AIM

66. Chow down : EAT

68. Fr. holy woman : STE

71. First name in skin care : ESTEE. Forbidding price. This serum.

72. Andean capital : LIMA

73. Founding member of pro soccer's Washington Freedom : HAMM. Guessable.

74. Eye sore : STYE

75. "__Cop" : ROBO

76. Bring in : EARN

77. A/C units : BTUs

81. "Zounds!" : EGADS

82. Makes a judicial decision : RULES

83. Food service giant : SYSCO. I think this is the company Jeannie used to work for. Still remember her? She's a fantastic cook.

85. Retinue : ENTOURAGE. And 95. Otherworldly : ETHEREAL. Sparkly one-word fill.

86. Kingdom : REALM

88. Bridge ancestor : WHIST

90. Space travel meas. : LT-YR

93. Spring for lunch, say : TREAT
96. Royals manager Ned : YOST

99. One of the Balearic Islands : MINORCA. Or MENORCA. Same letter count as MAJORCA.

104. Stepped (on) : TROD

105. Seek ambitiously : ASPIRE

107. Cut __: dance, in old slang : A RUG

108. Steinway competitor : YAMAHA

109. Pan, in filmdom : TRASH. Many other places too.

110. Impaired from disuse : RUSTY

111. Legendary fabulist : AESOP

112. Nightclub of song : COPA

113. The same, in Paris : EGALE

114. Holmes adversary Irene : ADLER

118. Director Kazan : ELIA. I bought this book at the flea market. Plenty mention of Elia Kazan. Best Hepburn book I've read. A. Scott Berg's "Kate Remembered" is great too.

120. Run together : BLUR. Got via crosses.

121. Eliza's greeting : 'ELLO

122. House Speaker after Boehner : RYAN (Paul)

124. Prefix with functional : DYS

126. Yellow Sea peninsula: Abbr. : KOR (Korean). Here is a great map. There is also a Yellow River, mother river of China.  It's actually the 6th longest in the world. 3,395 miles.

127. Nav. rank : ENS


37 comments: said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Pancho and C. C.!

Fun and quick!

C. C.: Have lived within 50 miles of where I was born all of my life.

A clearing is where you put up your tent, maybe.

Didn't know RAU.

Have a great day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Enjoyed the outing, and found the hidden spices. It came together very quickly. Thanx, Pancho and C.C.

My family broke the 50 mile rule. We all grew up in Wisconsin, but a brother and sister moved to Arizona, a brother and sister moved to Florida, and I moved to Texas, all over 1,000 miles from where we grew up. I think northerners are more likely to move to avoid the cold weather -- especially in retirement.

I learned yesterday on America's Test Kitchen that the best soy sauce is Kikkoman -- authentic Japanese soy sauce brewed in Walworth, Wisconsin. I remember when they built the factory. My college roommate was from Walworth.

A couple years back I got rear-ended on the freeway feeder in Humble. I was in my 10-year-old pickup. I couldn't even find a (new) scratch on the rear bumper, but the lady who hit me had a couple thousand dollars of front-end damage to her new car. Her insurance people called me, and were surprised I wasn't going to file a claim.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Pancho and thank you CC.

Speed run Sunday. Fastest Sunday ever. So fast I didn't even notice the TADA. Maybe because I didn't get the TADA.

Changed from Majorca to MANORCA when TRAUMA CENTERS, and decided it was probably valid but unknown to me. Glanced at each of the perps. Vaguely remembered aSHTAR and moved on.

Recovered from errant thoughts and misread clues in a couple of places. Read "House-warmimg..." and with HEA in place, entered HEARTHS. The perps didn't agree, and I reread the clue. Oh, add BUY to the clue. HEATERS it is.

I was surprised at the number of people that haven't moved away when reading a high school reunion roster. Very economically depressed area. Zero members of my immediate family live within 50 miles of there. Some first cousins are still there.

I rear-ended a concrete truck in Houston stop and go traffic many years ago.

GMA reporter this morning on the shark attack of the kayaker, "Shark attacks are increasing coast to coast." In the heartlands ? Great plains ? Northwest TERR ?

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. Fun Sunday puzzle. I liked all the "hidden" herbs and spices.

Interesting to see Jim Thorpe (né James Francis Thorpe, d. Mar. 28, 1953)today, since today would have been his 130th birthday, although is birth date is sometimes recorded has having been on May 22. He was a Native American athlete and Olympian Gold Medalist.

I grew up reading as many Nancy Drew mysteries as I could, so knew Carolyn KEENE. Nancy Drew and her boyfriend rode in a Roadster, which was very old-fashioned to my mind.

I had Sulk before STEW and tried SASE before before SAES (yeah, I ignored the plural in the clue).

I live thousands of miles from where I grew up. Even growing up, I lived thousands of miles from where I was. (My family moved around quite a bit.) According to my husband, you are "from" the place where you graduated from high school. For me, that was in New England. Now I live in the South.

My favorite clue was One with Convictions = FELON. Head Set = EARS was a close runner-up.

Good luck to Boomer and his car. Glad he wasn’t hurt. Last May (Friday the 13th), a driver ran a stop sign and we collided. Fortunately, neither of us was hurt, but my car was totaled. She had good insurance, but it still cost me a lot to get a new vehicle.

QOD: Never say “no” to adventures. Always say “yes”, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull live. ~ Ian Fleming (May 28, 1908 ~ Aug. 12, 1964)

Anonymous said...

50 down - A clearing in the woods where you put your tent. Love these crosswords!

Yellowrocks said...

Fast solve today. I loved finding the subtle seasonings. Only hang up was doubting the Y instead of ie in STOGY.
I liked clearing house/tent and paid informants/news agency and one with convictions/felon.
I use Kikkoman soy sauce.
I have a sister who moved from PA to WV and one who moved to IL. I moved to NJ. One sister who moved to NJ then moved back to the town where we grew up. The three PA sibs and I get together often. Tomorrow we will meet for a picnic.
I had better get cooking. I am making blueberry crunch bars, potato salad and macaroni seashell salad with tuna. Then for dinner tonight I will make penne pasta with homemade vodka sauce, inspired by this blog.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

One bad cell, and it was spice-induced. I had OTOE, but thought that the pome title started with CuMIN and so changed it to OTuE. Other erasures were arete to AERIE, valve to TREAD (one doesn't replace the tread, one recaps it), and slur for BLUR.

Also didn't know KEENE, RAU, MILA, NEGEV, ATOI, SABU, retinue, or EGALE. Perps took care of these, but not RIEN x ADLER, but I made a good WAG.

I'm still amazed by how many of my friends still live close to where we grew up. In fact, this was the root cause of the failure of my first marriage. I wanted to pursue better opportunities, she wouldn't move away from mom and dad. Might have been a good thing to discuss before we wed. As Jimmy Buffet sang, cost me much more than a ring.

MJ said...

Good morning to all!

Fun puzzle from Pancho, lots of clever cluing. Favorites were "One with convictions" for FELON, and "House warming buys" for HEATERS. Needed perps for Ned YOST, MILA Kunis, and Irene ADLER. Thanks for the thorough expo, C.C..

I have always lived within 100 miles of where I was born, here in sunny Socal. Thankfully our adult sons have remained close to the city where they were born, too. Today we will gather together to celebrate our granddaughter's third birthday.

Enjoy the day!

maripro said...

Thanks to Pancho and C.C. for a great start to the week.
I thought that 50d meant a tent sale for clearance items. I like anonymous' explanation better.
I've been rear-ended a couple of times and now leave a large space between the car ahead and me. It might save my front end, but the back is still vulnerable. Here in Sarasota several roundabouts have been installed to replace traffic lights. Perhaps it will cut down on fender-benders as well as keep traffic moving.
Have a lovely week, everyone.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a pleasant meander through the park, best described as not too hard, not too easy, but just right, IMO. As CC pointed out, several clues really stood out as did many answers. The title helped to catch the theme fairly early which always helps with the solve. (I didn't miss Anise one bit, either; I despise licorice flavoring.).

Thanks, Pablo, for an enjoyable Sunday solve and thanks, CC, for being such a warm and homey guide!

I live about 3 miles from where I grew up but spent 27 1/2 years away from home in Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, and Maine. Six of my siblings are within 5 miles of my house and the 7th is about 15 miles away.

WikWak from yesterday: You certainly saw one of the most scenic places in Maine at Bar Harbor and Acadia although my most indelible memory of the area is the dread I experienced on the drive up Cadillac Mountain. I think that was when I realized just how severe my acrophobia was. (This is my only embedded phobia but anyone who shares it knows how debilitating it can be.) On the positive side, I hope you enjoyed the abundance of the fruits of the sea, Lady Lobster being number one!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-Ever have a PAIN (PANG) that won’t go away? I did today and got two bad cells.
-If Hitler had realized when his war efforts were KAPUT…
-Many took pseudonymous turns as Carolyn KEENE and Franklin W. Dixon (Hardy Boys)
-To FEDORA or not to FEDORA
-Those UPBEAT feelings of spring training are waning for some
-OBSOLETE – our VHS players work just fine but…
-When you see these, a truck tire has lost its RETREAD covering
-He took ill and died the day he was SITTING for this portrait, 5 months after he beat DEWEY
-I wish that guy who HYPES his pillow trying to ROPE me in would go away
-Ever heard a drunken Best Man give an embarrassing TOAST? Me too.
-Indulging his ENTOURAGE (posse) has put many young athletes in a financial PINCH
-I live within 5 miles of where I was born and have travelled many thousands of miles reinforcing the idea that I love it here

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun puzzle! Thanks, Pancho & C.C.

Forgot to read the title until I was done, then quickly found the seasonings.

Last to fill was the "A" in NRA/MANN. Didn't know MANN, HAMM or YOST.

Only red-letter run was the "G" in EGALE/TO GO. Duh! I was trying to think of an editing term for "take out". I knew the French but...

I lived within 6 miles of where I grew up until I moved to the city almost 14 years ago to be near 3 of my kids. None of them live within 50 mis. of where I raised them. However, the girls live within a few blocks of where they graduated from college. My one son lives about 50 mis. from where his wife was raised. In two years before I was 21, I made 7 long-distance moves, living in Colorado, Texas, and Massachusetts before settling down back home.

WikWak said...

Today was a 20 minute romp for me but I got to the end still not understanding the clearing house / tent pair. Bloggers to the rescue! Didn't like STOGY as I have only ever seen STOGIE but that's a minor nit.

I live about 220 miles from my growing-up place but my brother is still in that area. It is surprising to me just how many of my high school classmates are still in town.

Irish Miss: I'm sorry for your thing with heights; I love them. We went up Cadillac Mt twice. First we went up in the day time for the view (and to let me play with my tiny portable ham radio) and then we went back about midnight to look at the sky. Living in a metropolitan area as we do means hardly any visible stars most of the time. Fortunately we chose the one clear night of our stay to go up. What a majestic sight! Besides stars, we also saw well over 20 satellites. Very cool.

Lucina said...

Thanks to Pancho Harrison for a spicy outing today! I found them all and I'm sorry, IrishMiss, but I do miss ANISE. Licorice is one of my favorite tastes.

Most of the fill was straightforward and quick. C.C., in the movie, Sister Act, which my girls love and have seen over and over, the words to MYGUY and other songs are parodied to MYGOD, etc. It's one of Whoopi Goldberg's best movies.

I had one bad cell at STOGI instead of STOGY. Drat!

Yes, I live within 50 miles from where I grew up but I was born about 200 miles north in the town of Concho. One uncle still lives there. And like others, I have lived in other states, namely California and Colorado, before returning here to my home state. Two of my siblings live away, one in California and another in North Carolina. The rest live in the Phoenix area.

Thank you, C.C., for your insightful commentary.

Have an exceptional day, everyone!

Bill G said...

I grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, eight miles west of Washington D.C. I went to school at Cornell and interviewed for my first career job at Hughes Aircraft Company in southern California. I found an apartment nearby in Manhattan Beach. We bought a home in the same area. I'm still here, about 2500 miles from where I grew up. Falls Church was a beautiful area and I'd be happy to still be living there so long as I had A/C in July and August. Still, this is a great area to live in too but a long way from where I grew up.

Mimi said...

I loved this puzzle. Clearing house & one with convictions were my favorite 2 clues. I think part of the fun is how differently we read clues. I got tent as soon as I had the first t. Another day, I may have had trouble with it. I guess it's all about your mindset on any given day.

I live less than 10 miles from where I grew up. I was away for the first 2 years of my marriage, but we both realized we needed to go home.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Thanks to all who gave their lives for us. All gave some...some gave all.

Big Easy said...

A non-SALTy puzzle by a 'seasoned' constructor this morning. Maybe "A TIT" instead of AT IT would be SALTy. Very easy fill, as I started in the NW and worked around in a quasi circle, finishing at FEDORA. Only change was ARGON to ALCOA, due to misreading the clue as element instead of symbol.

Didn't know KEENE, RAU, UMBER (wanted OCHER but the perps wouldn't allow), RIEN, and never heard of WHIST. All filled by perps. 'Clearing house' being a TENT? I didn't know a TENT was a permanent structure. Maybe a TENT sale.

ESTEE Lauder. She made her children call her "Mrs. Lauder" at the office.

'50 miles'? No but C.C. probably lives farther away than anybody else commenting.

Misty said...

I almost, almost got the whole thing without cheating--only I kept thinking of an animal for "Droop-nosed flier" (BAT?) and finally had to look up HI-HAT, which I'd never heard of, to get that little top corner. But otherwise this puzzle was a total Sunday treat, Pancho--thank you so much! And I always love your expos, C.C. Thanks especially for explaining how ONE can replace YOU. Sorry to hear about Boomer's traffic accident, and glad to hear he's okay.

Just before doing the puzzle I read something in the paper about Boehner being critical of RYAN, so that really helped with that answer.

Forgot to check out the theme until I came to the corner, then quickly went back to the puzzle and found all the fun herbs.

Well, I lived in Austria till almost my teens, then in Lancaster Pennsylvania, then married a guy from Florida and ended up there for years, then graduate school in Buffalo, New York, then my first teaching job in Tulsa, Oklahoma and my second one in Ann Arbor Michigan. So it's been great to finally settle down in California for the last thirty years.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everybody.

Bill G said...

I got a chance to visit with CC's junior senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, on CBS's Sunday Morning today. I didn't realize how much I like him.

Wilbur Charles said...

First Saturday. I worked on it all day and until the early morning. After cheating(Orton) I as about to quit and the CANOE tipped. I'm with Misty on NEWB not NOOB.

Today was a nice smooth Sprint. But like Lucina I didn't correct STOGI.

I'll bet Hondo remembers Eddie YOST, Ned's father. The incredible walking man.

I thought the Freedom might have been founded by HEF(f). Does anyone recall the founder of a new Jersey WFL football team? And the Natick who qb'ed it?

I loved those long down's: BROUHAHA, ENTOURAGE. ISHTAR? Anything that bad may be worth watching

Bill G said...

WC, I grew up watching the Washington Senator's third baseman, number one Eddie Yost, take many a walk. Alas, it was usually to no avail. "Washington: First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League."

Anonymous said...

Sometimes? Always. It's SASES, not SAES (self-addressed STAMPED envelopes). Let's at least try to maintain some standards.

Bobbi said...

I'd like to pan (but NOT "trash") this construction: Why do you use adjectives to clue verbs?? Way too many mixed parts of speech -- grammarians are writhing in pain! How dare you misspell " The King's middle name!! Tell the constructors: Your "stretch" marks are showing!

Yellowrocks said...

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I have a dear friend who bought every shiny gadget he saw on HSN and has run up untenable debt, greatly restricting his present life style.
On the other hand, I buy fairly much on Amazon, maybe $800 yearly, but everything I buy, I would have bought in a store if not on Amazon: many major Christmas and birthday gifts, clothing I really need, sneakers, etc. Alan buys DVDs and CDs that are hard to find elsewhere. I pay off my credit card monthly. Just because it is Amazon, does not mean I am spendthrift. I can shop the Internet for price comparison and consumer reviews. With Amazon Prime there is no return problem. I hate shopping in stores and malls.
On another note, I was pleasantly surprised the day we took the mystery bus tour. I’ve had a lot of lower back pain due to bad discs. I knew I would be on my feet for hours so I wore my sneakers with the custom orthotics made for my plantar fasciitis several years ago. My back pain was much less and so I have been wearing clunky sneakers with orthotics ever since. No style, but blessed relief. I hope this might help someone else.

Lucina said...

I forgot to mention Carolyn KEENE, my favorite childhood author! In elementary school I would have a stack of books to take with me and the librarians usually had some ready for me. Most of them at each grade level or new school knew me and knew what I would like.

Yellowrocks said...

Per Wikipedia,"A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), stamped self-addressed envelope (SSAE), or just stamped addressed envelope (SAE) in the UK, is an envelope with the sender's name and address on it, with affixed paid postage and mailed to a company or private individual," We do use British sayings and abbreviations in crosswords.

More and more grammarians accept noun, verb and adjective forms of the same verb, per any major modern dictionary. I frequently research these constructions in the LA Times and realize they are not stretches.
In Bob Dylan's words: Dylan

Irish Miss said...

My sincere apologies to Mr. Harrison for confusing Pablo with Pancho.

Jayce said...

A nicely seasoned puzzle today; fun to solve. At first I thought the seasoning in 23a was trying to be CUMIN, but I knew it couldn't be a U in that spot; I didn't see the MINT.

I have been both a rearendee and a rearender. The guy who rearended me definitely suffered the worst of the damage. Amazing how full of noxious gray smoke his subcompact car was after those airbags did their thing; the poor guy was coughing for five minutes after stumbling out of that little smushed car.

Lemonade714 said...

1418 miles according to google. Loved brouhaha but foofaraw is special.

Not sure if you are serious but Mr. Presley spelled the middle name for his son Elvis- Aron.

Always love seeing Pancho for many reasons but his being our first at LAT will always be true.

Thanks Pancho and C.C.

Lemonade714 said...

Jayce, TMI....

Lemonade714 said...

As was pointed out to me, Ned and Eddie Yost are not related, though they are both baseball people....

CanadianEh! said...

Late to the party again after enjoying a beautiful warm day here (42 miles from where I grew up). Thanks for the fun Pancho and C.C.

I shot myself in the foot a few times today and I'm not a NRA member. Hand up for Stogi (disfunctional seemed OK to me). I was thinking of Elide for "run together" but it wouldn't fit and I used Slur (in the sense of speaking indistinctly). That gave me UmSer which didn't make sense but remained unchanged. Hand up for changing Majorca to Manorca which also remained unchanged because I did not know ISHTAR. And I had StinkY instead of STINKO which made my hat a Fedyra until I saw the light.
Plus I had ThrU the Rye which gave me Thurpe instead of THORPE who was before my time.
The cross of YAO and YOST was my Natick.
But I had fun and then came here to correct all my mistakes.

I'm sure we have had INXS and HIHAT before but I required perps.

One small nit - I thought that the use of initials in the "1944 loser to FDR" clue meant that the answer would be initials. But obviously the space was too big and I got DEWEY from the perps.

At first I thought we had a really interesting seasoning theme when I saw RYE (in 23A) and TONIC (in 34A). But when I got to 70A and saw SALT, I knew we were not talking about drinks. LOL!

Canada still has a NorthWest TERR. (plus Yukon and Nunuvut!).
Count me among the young readers of Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew series.

Lots of Spanish and French today with TIA, OLE, RIEN, ENERO, A TOI, STE, EGALE.

Enjoy the evening.

Wilbur Charles said...

From memory: Donald Trump owned the New Jersey??? In the 80s and he signed Natick's Doug Flutie (the Heisman winner)

That venture never made it.

? Generals​.

And do you remember my "theory" about Neils Bohr, Intrepid and Mr Underhill?

Frodo left the Shire as Mr U. as did Bohr escape Denmark both guided by Intrepid/Strider

In case you have LotR fans in your circle.


Oh. Born in Boston, I was gone four years courtesy of Uncle Chesty, lived in Concord, MA and Nashua NH. Live in greater Tampa Bay now.


billocohoes said...

My Guy by Mary Wells in 1964, one of many girl singing acts at Motown in that era

Bobbi, Elvis' birth certificate said "Aron" though he preferred "Aaron"

I'm only 35 miles from where I grew up, but the my mother at 92 still sleeps in the room she was born in (though assisted living is looming). My brother and sisters are all 300-700 miles away, however.

Jayce said...


Abejo said...

Good Monday evening, folks. Thank you, Pancho Harrison, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

This was a very good puzzle and a little easier than many Sundays.

50 miles from home? Since I left Erie in September of 1965, I have never lived within 50 miles of Erie. The closet I ever got was Jamestown, NY, which is about 70 miles. I have lived on the east coast and the west coast. Also in Asia. Now I am 460 miles from Erie, roughly. Never regretted it, but I do enjoy going back to Erie.

Liked the puzzle theme. Very clever.

SST? Monday (Today) we had SSR.

Flatt and Scruggs are my all time favorites. With the Foggy Mountain Boys.

Since I am a day late I will not run on.

See you Tuesday.


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Picard said...

Got the theme and FIR. But I missed "MINT" in the first theme answer. Incorrectly thought "RYE" was the theme bit there.

A bit of a Natick with crossing of THORPE and THRO. Could have been THURPE and THRU for all we know.

ISHTAR/MINORCA also a bit of a Natick. But I have heard of MINORCA.

Fun puzzle!