May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017 Bruce Haight

Theme: Down in front - Allow me to ush you to your seat. Let me see your ticket. Right this way.

20. Bygone airplane area: SMOKING SECTION

36. Line up: STAND IN A ROW

43. Position behind the steering wheel: DRIVER'S SEAT

57. "Exactly!" ... and a hint to where 20-, 36- and 43-Across' ending words may be found: "THAT'S THE TICKET!"

Rabbit rabbit! Argyle here. Not an arena ticket either, no aisle or tier. Easy-peasy but not insulting our intelligence puzzle, IMHO. Interesting note: no J,Q,U,X,Y,or Z.


1. Sacrificial __: LAMB

5. Paintball impact sound: [SPLAT!]

10. "__ of Green Gables": ANNE. "Are we facing Anne overload? With a new series and 3 TV movies, we might find out soon." CBC News

14. Geometry calculation: AREA

15. Largest city in North Africa: CAIRO

16. Yule song: NOEL

17. Some toy dogs, for short: POMs. (Pomeranians)

18. Llama habitat: ANDES. The South American mountain range.

19. Weekend-starting letters: TGIF. (Thank God It's Friday)

23. Subsided: EASED

24. Statutes: LAWs

25. Electric car brand: TESLA !!

29. Apple music players: i-PODS

33. Home for mil. jets: AFB. (Air Force Base)

39. Be concerned: CARE

41. "Cut corners" or "slash prices": IDIOM

42. Landlocked African republic: MALI

46. Part of a relay race: LEG

47. Coffee lightener: CREAM

48. "Rubber Duckie" singer on Sesame Street: ERNIE

50. Mocking remark: GIBE

53. Works with a needle: KNITS

62. Mop, as decks: SWAB

63. "Fingers crossed": "I HOPE"

64. "Drinks are __!": ON ME

65. Unit seized by a narc: KILO. (kilogram, 2 lb 3 oz)

66. Some surrealist paintings: DALIs. (Salvador Dalí)

67. Info: DOPE

68. Composer Stravinsky: IGOR. The story of "The Rite of Spring". (40:56)


69. Pass, as a law: ENACT

70. Wide-spouted pitcher: EWER


1. Forgetful moment: LAPSE

2. Cinnamon roll lure: AROMA

3. Notes to staff: MEMOs

4. Slam dunk or lay-up: BASKET ball.

5. Read electronically: SCAN

6. Twinge of hunger: PANG

7. Tupperware covers: LIDs. [Urp!]

8. Staggering: AREEL. I don't want to hear about A-words.

9. Puccini opera: TOSCA. More traditional than "The Rite of Spring".

10. Designed to minimize junk email: ANTI-SPAM

11. Scrubbed, as a NASA mission: NO GO

12. Nuremberg no: NEIN. (negation)

13. North Pole worker: ELF. They're off for the summer.

21. "Beware the __ of March": IDES

22. Bed size: TWIN

26. Mix: STIR

27. Chaps: LADS

28. Licorice-flavored seed: ANISE

30. Spoken: ORAL

31. Big name in pineapples: DOLE

32. Big gulp: SWIG

33. Band with a voltage symbol in its logo: AC/DC

34. Jamie of "M*A*S*H": FARR. Max Klinger.

35. Soft French cheese: BRIE

37. Not just a talker: DOER

38. "__ idiot!": "Doh!": I'M AN

40. "Green Acres" co-star: EVA GABOR

44. Radiate: EMIT

45. Word with bar or torch: TIKI

49. Make cryptic: ENCODE

51. Back of a hit 45 record: B-SIDE. But sometimes a hit, too.

52. Patriot Allen: ETHAN

54. "No need to tell me": "I KNOW". Teenager's answer to everything.

55. Phoenix suburb: TEMPE

56. Take the wheel: STEER. Hands up for those that have switched drivers while moving.

57. Bird's nest component: TWIG. Big twigs in an osprey's nest.

58. Symbol of sanctity: HALO

59. Mexican "Hi!": "¡HOLA!"

60. Grand-scale film: EPIC

61. Experiment: TEST

62. Schuss or slalom: SKI


38 comments: said...


Thanks to Bruce and Santa!

Perhaps the fastest LAT that I have ever worked!

Have a great day!

Dudley said...

Rabbit Rabbit

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Easy enough, but I paused at Idiom. Apparently I've kinda misunderstood this word over the years. Hmm.

Morning Argyle, nope, never switched drivers in a moving vehicle. Sounds risky.

Argyle said...

Switching drivers was much easier back in the days of big American cars and bench seats were a must!

OwenKL said...

{C-, B, B-, A.}

A Bunny and a Bunny gossiped for release:
"My sister's kid is licorice, because she is A-NISE!"
"To see your shoes, my head's A-REEL;
T.G.I.F. is on each heel?"
"Toes Go In First, I sometimes need a MEMO piece!"

There was a brave native of MALI
Who, on trying his first hot tamale,
For the chili's perfection
Made his tongue a TORCH like a TIKI!

In the DRIVER'S SEAT the teenager sat
Prepared to STEER, his route ENACT!
T.G.I.F., ran the GIBE
Was the motto for his ride.
Alas, Tail Gating Is Fun caused -- SPLAT!

A llama there was, who lived in the ANDES
Went to Tibet to compare mountain SKIS
There the placid beast
Was accounted a priest
Which the camelid thought fine and dandy!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Nice, gentle puzzle to ease back in to the LAT habit after being gone for a couple of weeks. Erased Data for DOPE and Slug for SWIG, but only because I'm a big dope. Thanks Bruce and Santa for a good start to the week.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Nice to be back. Thanks, Bruce for a perfect start to the week. As I was trying to figure out what was on the other side of the steering wheel, I was visualizing from the DRIVER'S SEAT, so I stalled there. Duh! I'M AN idiot!!

I have not done a puzzle all week. I have been chauffeuring my PE teacher daughter around. She can't work because she has a broken foot. Doc appts, errands, and a number of trips to the school district. She's out for the year, but has no sick days left. Impossible with two young kids to amass sick days! Her colleagues across the district donated sick days to help her out. Quite nice, I think. Lots of waiting around. I didn't bring CWs, but I did bring my KNITting! I had to switch to socks which are smaller and easier to work in short spurts. I made a mistake on a vest I was KNITting. It has a lace panel on the back, and I didn't see my error soon enough so I had to take it out--unknitting, which we call TINKing. Ha! KNIT backwards. . . . Back on the road shortly for my 26 mile drive to change the cast again.

Thanks, Argyle. Cute photo of the POM puff balls. Thanks for the Osprey link.

Have a good day everyone!

Anonymous said...

"Read electronically" = SCAN = foul.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

May Day! May Day!!

I tried to speed through this this morning, but I hit a small speed bump when I put the word LAP in 46 across instead of LEG. My only other write-over occurred in the SE corner, where ON US was placed before ON ME.

THATS THE TICKET was a favorite expression on SNL by Jon Lovitz.

As the proud father of an accomplished bassoonist, The Rite of Spring ranks right up there with my favorite orchestral pieces. Thanks Argyle for adding that clip to your recap!

My daily Haiku will feature the coincidence of the placement of one clue/solve above another. Daily limerick is more Owen-like than Moe-like (meant as a compliment), and I've totally "flushed down" my WC series limericks, although when the spirit moves, I may get a bit risqué - but I'll frame it with the appropriate MPAA rating...


Man wants to write book
About IDIOMs. Guess he's


Went to Germany, drove near the Rhine,
Where I stopped to taste organic wine.
I took quite a huge SWIG,
Swallowed piece of a TWIG;
Host asked me if I like it? Said, "NEIN"!

Have a great week! Rabbit rabbit

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Bruce Haight, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

As others said, I zipped through this pretty quickly. Good start for the week. I am still working on Sunday's, however. Maybe later today.

Liked the theme.

Tickets reminds me of church yesterday. A lady came up to me and asked when we were counting the early service offering. I said on Monday. She explained that she and her husband were at the early service and when the offering plate was passed she pulled out an envelope out of her purse and put it in the plate. Turned out it was their concert tickets for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She found her offering still in her purse. So, I was able to get the safe key and retrieve her tickets so they could go to the concert. Needless to say she was elated. Phew!

I like TIKI torches in the evening. We do that in Pennsylvania now and then.

Welcome back Madame DeFarge.

Have to run. Guarding the crossing. See you tomorrow.


( )

oc4beach said...

I TINK today was a speed run from Bruce. Argyle did his usual good job at explaining the theme which I didn't even look for. No need with the generous clues today.

Madame D: I remember my mother knitting a lot when I was a kid. She would knit mittens for me which I hated to wear so I would lose them all the time. It didn't work, she would just knit another one. Finally she knitted a string and attached both gloves to it and threaded it through the arms of my coat. Embarrassing for a kid.

She occasionally would have to undo some of her stitches, but I don't remember the word TINKing, but I do remember her FROGGING, which apparently meant tearing out a large section by taking the needles out and pulling on the yarn to get past the mistake. Sometimes it was hard for her to get the needles back on. That's when I realized my mother could swear.

Have a good day everyone.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

An easy, breezy start to the week and a new month! Where or where did April go? Wherever she(he) went, she(he) forgot to take the showers with her(him), I think rain is on the weather map for every day this week, right into the weekend. ACK! This nice offering from Bruce helps to chase the grumps away, however, so there's that. No hiccups at all and enjoyed seeing Green Gables and Green Acres as clues and, also Halo and Hola. (Lucina, we miss you.)

Thanks, BH, for an enjoyable solve with a well-disguised theme and thanks, Argyle, for the fun tour, especially those full-faced fur balls! Cute as cute could be! It would be nice to see a different breed of dog each day, particularly puppies! [Hint, hint!]

Welcome back Jinx and Madame Defarge. Sorry to hear about your daughter's foot; makes getting around mighty tough. I broke my ankle and was in a cast for about six weeks; not fun!

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Didn't suss the theme but didn't really pay any attention to it either. Thanks Argyle for explaining, and also for telling us the letters that were not there. Real easy one today.
NEIN - Basically the answer to a yes or no question. Compare with KEIN - meaaning not any. Ich habe KEIN Geld. I have no money.

Montana said...

My cruciverb didn't work so I did the puzzle on the LA Times site using my iPad. That was interesting. I'm glad it was an easy Monday puzzle. It's different from the last time I used it. But it did tell me 100% with No Help so that was neat.

I like to "look" at the whole puzzle to figure out the theme. I could only see a few lines at a time so I missed the theme.
Thanks, Argyle, for explaining.

Rabbit, rabbit,


Hungry Mother said...

Good theme for a Monday. Nice smooth solve. AREEL had me for a moment. I'll store it where I keep "amain", "apace", "alee", "atilt", "aslope", and "afore".

TTP said...

Quick solve today. Thanks Bruce and Rgyle.

Anon-T, FLN, inre grilling v barbecuing... that late nite pic of the brisket made me hungry.

Anonymous said...

Tinbeni here ...

Pinch, Pinch ...

Always enjoy a FUN Monday puzzle that fills in as fast as I can print in black ink on newsprint.

Fave today, of course was SWIG ... though when I am enjoying my NEAT Scotch at Sunset ... I sip.
Don't even remember ever taking a SWIG of scotch or beer.
But it was a kinda "drinking" answer. And I rate puzzles by booze clues.


PS My computer got hacked ... I'm using one at the "Complex Business Office."
May be a few days before my Laptop is "Up and running" ...
And my Avatar is back.

Bur I can use these computers or the ones at the library.
Will read y'all's comment later in the day around 5:00 pm.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Quick and easy puzzle from Bruce today, yet lots of fun. Hand up for Data before DOPE. Thanks for the expo, Argyle. Will have to listen to the rest of "The Rite of Spring" later.

Enjoy the day!

Husker Gary said...

-Me too, Moe, the theme is the trademark catchphrase for him
-Our trip to Hawaii was the row next to the SMOKING SECTION. “Hack, Hack!”
-Yeah, you had E _ _ ED for subsided and didn’t put EBBED like I did
-My iPOD is buried in my sock drawer. I may get it out tonight
-...or not be concerned
-Yes, there is a McDonald in Bomako, MALI (A quarter kilogramer?)
-Here we see GOB, TAR, SALT, etc but not SWABBIE so much
-I used to know the meaning of the word LAPSE but I just had a, uh, never mind
-If you’ve got a cure for hunger PANGS at 9 pm, gmail me!
-Is this an overtaxed TWIN bed?
-The stars line up for a few struggling actors like FARR who got Klinger
-These seniors I see when I sub will soon find out how little they know

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun & fast, Bruce, but not trite. Did mostly downs except for the theme entries, then went back and read the clues. Thanks again, Argyle!

Tried Eddie before EVA.

TWIG gave me pause. I had a couple little red house finches with grass/straw trying to build a nest in my hanging potted petunias. Would have enjoyed watching them, but predicted freezes had me bringing in the two pots at night. My bad shoulders didn't allow me to put them back up. Birds came with more grass and twittered around looking for them. Alas, they weren't interested in the new location of larger pots on the floor. But when the flowers have to be watered, it makes for a damp basement for a nest.

ETHAN: the eldest of my six grandsons.

Madame D: Feel so sorry for your daughter. You are a blessing to her, I know. I remember my broken foot when I had three little ones, the oldest was six. Nuff said. Glad I didn't have an outside job.

Gary: Cure for hunger pangs at 9 p.m. Snack!

CrossEyedDave said...

Easy Peasy Monday, but I do have one nit about knitting...
53A works with "A Needle." = Knits?

I'm sorry, I know nothing about knitting,
but I get a visual of someone trying to knit with ONE needle
being as busy as a one armed paperhanger...

I was going to link some CrossEyed views of theme entries smoking section,
stand in a row, and drivers seat, but looking at silly ticket pics was just to much fun:





CrossEyedDave said...





CrossEyedDave said...



And on and on it goes...

AnonymousPVX said...

A nice easy Monday effort. Not much to add.

Wilbur Charles said...

C-Moe, I'd decided to come out of the Water Closet too. So Bruno and his LLAMA are retired.
And you alerted me to that LAP/LEG mistake. LEP and SWIP ???

I agree that Bruce made "Easy" interesting. I could see that the theme would be about those last words.

Celtics had a serious first period LAPSE before recovering.


I'll have to get back to Argyle's links.

Wilbur Charles said...

Oh yeah. Owen, some of your most clever and funny 'licks you grade C. You artists are so demanding.

Ps. My sources tell me that DNF was a lesser evil than outright drowning at St Pete's Iron Man triathlon yesterday.


Yellowrocks said...

Madame D,healing thoughts to your daughter. She is lucky to have you. When I broke my foot I was not allowed to put any weight on it for 12 weeks. I had to use crutches. I was alone with Alan. David came very other Saturday to help me buy groceries.Someone picked me up for church and the township van for the disabled and/or elderly took us to doctor visits and PT. With my three knee replacement operations I walked and drove very early and was on my own. It would be wonderful to have a mom like you nearby.

Misty said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bruce, for that wonderful speed run this morning. After the tough solving times I had last week, I needed a puzzle like this to get my week off to a great start, and it did the job. I sailed through it with just one erasure when I put DATA before DOPE, but everything else was perfect. I loved the references to two of my favorite TV shows, M.A.S.H. and "Green Acres." And thanks for posting a picture the latter, Argyle! References to DALI and IGOR Stravinsky were nice too, Bruce--great mix of high and popular culture! Anyway, a great morning--thanks again! Oh, and Argyle, like Irish Miss, I loved the photo of the POMS.

Best wishes for your daughter's recovery, Madame D. Spoke to my Dad this morning. He's home from the hospital and looking forward to cooking dinner tonight. Great news!

Have a wonderful month, everybody!

Bruce Haight said...

Thanks everyone! It's always a little tough cluing a Monday because you have to throw out most interesting ideas you might have and remember what day it is. Good chance to improve your times! I have a puzzle coming out on Mother's Day (titled "For Mom")that will be considerably more challenging......Bruce Haight

Ol' Man Keith said...

A solid Bruce Haight contribution, just a little too light for my taste. And apparently for his as well. But it's consistent with our old Monday practice. On the "chewy" scale, maybe a bit syrupy.
Still, I couldn't do it, so very much appreciated!

Yellowrocks said...

Irish Miss,
Just for you.


Wade said...

Yeah, it's going to be a good week! Only problem was AREEL. Thank goodness I guessed SPLAT instead of SPLOT!

What's the deal with adding an A in front of answers?

desper-otto said...

Wade, it keeps you from falling asleep.

Irish Miss said...

YR @ 3:40 ~ Bruce's puzzle brightened my morning and your slideshow did the same for my evening. I admit I'm partial to the smaller breeds and this clip had many of my favorites, especially my beloved Bichon. Other favs include the Maltese, Brussels Griffon (Verdell, who stole Jack Nicholson's heart in "As Good As It Gets"), Pom, Papillon, Yorkie, Pug, and, oh, I love them all! Thanks for thinking of me. 😉

Chairman Moe said...

PM Haiku:

Louis Armstrong met
Catalonian artist.
Said, "Hello, DALI"

Wilbur Charles said...

Misty, I'm so happy your dad is home and well.


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

TGI Monday! WEES, a nice smooth offering from Bruce to start the week and May. Thanks Bruce!

Argyle - Thanks for the expo - where's that TESLA police car? I can imagine just out-run 'em 'till his batteries die :-)

WOs: DRIVERS SIde and Data DOPE-slapped me too

Fav: 48a - "Rubber Duckie, you're the one..." Fun ear worm all day.

{B-.B-,B+,A} {ha!, haha!; nice}

M.Defarge - for just a second I thought I learned a new word, TINK :-)

Tin - What about "Drinks are ON ME"?

Abejo - Please tell us the parishioner exclaimed "THATS THE TICKETs!" as Jon Levitt when she saw her envelope.

CED - Those TICKETS were LOL.

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Thank you for the kind words, Wilbur.