Apr 30, 2017

Sunday April 30, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Haiku" - LINE can follow each word of the three-part phrase.

23A. *What it often is on a summer day : HOT OUTSIDE. Hotline. outline. Sideline.

36A. *One-to-one conversation : PRIVATE PHONE CHAT. Private line. Phone line. Chat line.

59A. *Scuba divers' bash : UNDERWATER PARTY. Underline. Waterline. Party line.

83A. *Highly sought-after charter captain : TOP FISHING GUIDE. Top line. Fishing line. Guideline.

99A. *Iconic suburban symbol : WHITE PICKET FENCE. White line. Picket line. Fence line.

15D. *Awkward TV silence : DEAD AIR TIME. Deadline. Airline. Timeline.

68D. *Sale indicator : RED PRICE TAG. Red line. Priceline. Tagline.


119A. Feature of haiku, and of the answers to starred clues : THREE LINES

I think this is the first time we see such a three-part theme in LAT. Some of theme entries are not quite solid in-the-language. Just nature of the game.

We've seen a few both words that can precede/follow gimmick, which is already very hard to make. Three part is just incredible.


1. Word heard in Bedrock : YABBA. "Yabba Dabba Doo!". From "The Flintstones". I drew a blank.

6. West Point letters : USMA. We also have 10. Military setting : BASE

10. Dark horses : BAYS

14. Sam seen in bars : ADAMS. This Sam.

19. Scott who wrote "Island of the Blue Dolphins" : O'DELL. Any of you read the book?

20. A golf green may be shaped like one : PEAR. Like this. I thought of OVAL.

21. Face cream additive : ALOE

22. Paganini's birthplace : GENOA

25. Rodeo goad : SPUR

26. Bother a lot : EAT AT. Not NAG AT

27. WWII spy gp. : OSS. Office of Strategic Services

28. Big mouths : MAWS. Not YAPS.

29. Tampico trio : TRES. We also have 7. José's half-dozen : SEIS

31. Mask wearers : BANDITS. Wanted GOALIES.

33. Salem-to-Portland dir. : NNE

34. Chihuahua or Maltese, in dog shows : TOY

35. Slangy sib : SISTA

43. Texter's "Just a thought ... " : IMHO

47. Candy aisle choice : ROLO. Not SKOR.

48. Kid in a '60s sitcom : OPIE. And 37. 48-Across player : RONNY

49. K-12, in brief : ELHI. El(ementary) + Hi(gh school). Often draws objections from our retired teacher crowd.

50. Its flag features a six-pointed star : ISRAEL

52. Scale starting words : ONE TO

54. 911 responder : EMT

56. Barbecue supply : BUNS. Not RUBS.

58. Functional : UTILE

63. "Wayward __": Shyamalan TV series : PINES. New to me.

64. Salon supply : DYE. Not GEL today.

65. Ancient region of Asia Minor : GALATIA. This clue often calls for IONIA.

66. Longship crew : NORSEMEN

68. Half a track? : RAIL. Two rails on a track.

69. London's "Ye Olde Mitre," e.g. : PUB. Steve might have been here many times.

71. "The Way __": 2007 Timbaland hit : I ARE. I thought it might be I WAS.

72. Loud speakers : STENTORS. Ha ha, I actually know this word. 

76. Travelocity enticement : LOW FARE

79. Pooh, to Roo : PAL

82. Broadway restaurant founder : SARDI. Sardi's.

86. Office holders? : CLIPS. Great clue.

87. Gilbert who created TV's "The Talk" : SARA

88. The Silver St. : NEV

89. Graphic start : ORTHO. No "Garden products brand" today. By the way, Anon-T, we planted both seeds and flowers. The flowers survived the cold weather, thankfully.

90. Warns : ALERTS

92. Frees : RIDS

94. They catch a lot of shrimp : NETS

97. Continue : GO ON

98. Sitcom pioneer, familiarly : DESI

103. Word with link or letter : CHAIN. Lovely clue as well.

105. French article : UNE

106. Damage : MAR

107. Haunted house sounds : SCREAMS

110. Lacking : SANS

112. Eye opener? : OPTI. I thought the clue was asking for DEAD/EVIL/SHUT.

113. Improve, in some cases : AGE. This qualifier makes me smile.

116. Cutie : TOOTS

117. Chop __ : SUEY

 122. Charged : RAN AT

123. Sport with double touches : EPEE. New clue angle.

124. Slices of history : ERAs

125. Minnesota's "10,000" : LAKES. Wisconsin says it has  more lakes than Minnesota. They count big puddles.

126. Play area : STAGE

127. Cold War initials : SSRS

128. Hide from an animal : PELT. Another nice clue.

129. Treacherous type : SNAKE. Girls who were born in Year of the Pig should not date guys who were born in Year of the Snake.


1. Pirate's syllables : YO HO. Partial.

2. They're often about nothing : ADOs

3. Adds to the pool : BETS

4. Rain-__ bubble gum : BLO

5. Smith grad : ALUMNA

6. High hairdo : UPSWEEP

8. Satiric magazine founded in 1952 : MAD

9. Kid-to-kid retort : ARE TOO
11. Hurdle for Hannibal : ALPS

12. Mirror image? : YOU. Not MOI.

13. Homeland of tennis star Novak Djokovic : SERBIA

14. "The X-Files" extra : AGENT. Normally a clue for ETS.

16. Protester : ANTI

17. Defensive ditch : MOAT

18. H.S. hurdles : SATs

24. Ma non __: not too much, in music : TANTO. No idea. I can't read sheet music.

30. Cub great Sandberg : RYNE

32. Bubbly source : ASTI

34. Lincoln Center attraction, familiarly : THE MET

35. Eastern faith : SHINTO. Shin - God. To has the same meaning as Chinese TAO (way).

36. Word in a Marines slogan : PROUD

 38. __-France : ILE DE. Very limited way to clue this partial.

39. Register a preference : VOTE

40. St. Peter's Basilica sight : PIETA

41. Exile isle : ELBA

42. Make, as butter : CHURN

44. Katahdin is its highest peak : MAINE. Never hard of Mount Katahdin.

45. Beatrix Potter's real first name : HELEN. Also a new trivia to me.

46. Cries after fĂștbol goals : OLEs

51. Freudian conscience : SUPEREGO

53. Player in a loft : ORGANIST

55. Vacation choice : TRIP

57. Aleppo native : SYRIAN

60. Reservations can help avoid one : WAIT. You have to have a reservation at our neighborhood Fantastic Sams. Otherwise, 30 minutes wait, at least.

61. Apportions : ALLOTS

62. Eighth-century pope : PAUL I. Not PIUS I.

67. Puppeteer Tony : SARG

 70. Cap'n's aide : BOSN

72. Room at the Louvre : SALLE

73. Doesn't give up : TRIES

74. Enter noisily : ROAR IN. Not a phrase I use.

75. Nautical pole : SPRIT. Forgot. We had this before. Spell checker flashes it.

77. Word of origin : WHENCE

78. Marathon practice run : FIVE-K

79. Spike for Hillary : PITON. Edmund Hillary.

80. Like some focus groups : AD HOC. We often have "committee" in the clue for a fat gimme.

81. Freetown currency : LEONE

82. Slew : SCAD. Normally plural, right?

84. Grow pale : FADE

85. Push : URGE

91. Did a few laps : SWAM

93. Made on a wheel : SPUN

95. Play set on an island, with "The" : TEMPEST. Got via crosses as well.

96. Cabinet department : STATE

100. Greets the villain : HISSES

101. Conforming : IN STEP (with)

102. Elegant trimmings : FRILLS

104. Speed : HASTE

107. Orch. section : STRS. Strings. Gluey fill constructors dread to use.

108. Primer layer : COAT

109. Novelist Jaffe : RONA

110. Psychic : SEER

111. Motion carriers : AYES. I like this clue also. Lots of S's in this little section.

112. Tough test : ORAL

113. Self-titled 1974 pop album : ANKA

114. Many a techie : GEEK

115. Latin being : ESSE

118. FedEx rival : UPS

120. Otto I's realm: Abbr. : HRE

121. Knighted McKellen : IAN. He was on Fresh Air a while ago. Funny guy.

Thanks for letting me know the puzzles in your local paper. I fear I'm the lone voice here asking our local Star Tribune to change the puzzles. So sad. Why their syndicate does not publish LAT crosswords is beyond me. I start to doubt if the Trib Variety Editor even solves crosswords.


37 comments: said...


Many thanks to Pam and C. C.!

Am still sick and haven't been doing very well on puzzles lately, so was thrilled to get this one!

Several things perped and Wagged (if you want to read all this): O'DELL, PEAR, GENOA, NNE, ROLO, ONE TO, GALLATIA, TOOTS, UPSWEEP, AGENT, TABTO, PIETA, MAINE, HELEN, PAUL I, ROAR IN, SPRIT and LEONE.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

FIR! But boy, did the theme surprise me! I was counting syllables in each * clue (27), and trying to arrange the words into a coherent haiku! I'm amazed Pam could find 21(!) two-word phrases that all ended with the same word!



There, every theme word (some twice)! Have to read a lot between the lines for them to make sense.

It was a HOT PRIVATE PARTY. The FENCE around the estate was draped with the signal flag with RED above and WHITE UNDERneath to announce it to the cognoscenti. I wanted to CHAT about it with my AIR TIME, post some gifs to Instagram, but there was a jammer, so my PHONE was DEAD.

We were FISHING out on the WATER, but action was DEAD. We'd managed to TAG a GUIDE, who promised us if we paid TOP PRICE, he'd take us to a HOT spot for FISHING. He'd disappointed us twice before. This was number THREE strike-OUT, So we protested with a PICKET LINE!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Complex theme! Impressive.

Morning C.C., hand up for Pius before Paul. Mount Katahdin is the northern terminus of the Appalachian trail. It has a famously narrow path along the Knife Edge, with deadly drops to either side. Serious stuff.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Yup, fell right into the YAPS, GEL, PIUS traps. Tried LOW RATE for Travelocity. But I was proud to get STENTORS immediately. 116a. TOOTS could have been a clue echo with SARDI as another New York restaurateur, Toots Schor.

C.C., be careful what you say about Wisconsin and its lakes. Them's fightin' words!

Wasn't familiar with Mount Katahdin. My favorite Appalachian name is Massanutten. It ought to be located beside Massasumthin.

maripro said...

What a clever puzzle! I didn't get the "line" part; thanks for the explanation, C.C.

My newspaper is the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Last week your puzzle had many clues missing. The editor printed an apology and emailed me a correct copy to work on. So all's well that ends well.

Have a lovely day, everyone.

Yellowrocks said...

About 2/3 of the way through I sussed the three part theme. It helped me finish. Clever. Fine puzzle, Pam. FIR
I have read Island of the Blue Dolphin several times. It was a part of our reading curriculum.
New to me: Wayward Pines and The Way I Are. No other new words or phrases. The Way We Were sung by Barbra Streisand is a totally different type of music..
The powerful sports car roared into the parking lot.
I like the look of picket fences, but would never install one around here. The kids pull off the uprights or break them if they can't pull them off.
When I was an 18 year old waitress in Atlantic City I had to be careful to distinguish between Adam's ale,which is water, and Sam Adams Ale.
One of my sisters hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in segments over several years. Hunt Trail up Katahdin is the northernmost section of the Appalachian Trail and is quite difficult. Wiki says,"Once the tree line is reached, however, Hunt is known for its boulders. These giant rocks are very difficult to traverse. Hikers must use metal handlebars secured in to rock to progress through the latter part of the trail up to the Gateway."

Wilbur Charles said...

After my FIWs it was nice to finish with no red. Of course, I do it in ink. I had some write-overs: Merv, RUSHIN, PIUS and I just noticed TOOTS. Along with sports guys were the Mafia. Like ants to jam.

Salem NH to Portland Maine is also NNE. Our football at BC was two touch before they came up with flags. Things could get a little excitable to say the least. We had a genuine nerds vs shapers game.

And I couldn't get PROUD. That's after my TOUR. Ok, 55d was TRIP.


Ps. Excellent work Pam and CC

Pps2. CC. I think Latimes was simply too hard. After Wed ESP.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I had absolutely no idea what the title HAIKU or the reveal had to do with the apparent theme fills. Thanks for the enlightenment, C.C. But I thought the puzzle was easier than yesterday. Thanks, Pam.

Last to fill was the PROUD/PRIV section, partly because I was working clockwise after not getting anything there the first pass.

Tried Sumeria before GALATIA altho I know the GALATIAns got a letter in the Bible. We have a mini-geography theme going with SERBIA, GENOA, ISRAEL, ELBA, SYRIAN, LEONE, & SSRS also. We'd need an Atlas if they hadn't been in the news so much lately.

97A GOON kept jumping out at me.

If the journalists would shun Trump for a while, like he did their dinner last night, wonder what would happen? No news is good news?

Last night I enjoyed receiving pictures of two of my grandsons and their dates in full prom regalia. Hope they had fun. My one grandson is just a sophomore and has gone with a different senior girl to prom two years now. He's a nice polite kid who will treat a girl right so they ask him. Last year he was too young to drive, but this year he took the wheel. I told him he should take his grandma like that kid on the internet did. My other grandson who is a junior this year was shown in a group picture of four boys and six girls as well as a picture of him with just one girl who looked delighted to be with him. He isn't popular enough to get two? He looked pretty happy though.

PK said...

Forgot to mention, it rained all day and night here. Not a good thing for fancy prom dresses & hairdos. There were at least five proms in the area & the pictures showed kids were smiling so maybe it didn't dampen spirits too badly. The local paper has online sites that show pictures of everyone coming to prom. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Pour white - not red wine
It's summer and hot outside
Cast the fishing line

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I think this is the first Sunday puzzle I've ever solved without understanding the theme, despite the title staring me right in my face. I think my brain (if I still have one!) needs some serious recharging. I needed a few perps here and there but, overall, it was smooth sailing to the finish. My only w/o was Low Rate/Low Fare. Not familiar with Stentors, only Stentorian.

Nice work, Pam, you sure kept me guessing and thanks, CC, for explaining the obvious so well.

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...


WikWak said...

Yup; ELHI -- ugh!

The north half of this one came very quickly, but things screeched to a halt in the south. I put the whole thing away and went to the basement to clean up the water that came in through the window well during last night's storms. When I got back to the puzzle the south half fell into place nearly as easily as the north had; I guess my brain needed a break.

More storms coming this afternoon. Time to go out and do a little sandbagging around that window well...

desper-otto said...

The little ospreys in Alabama have hatched! One on the 29th and a second today.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

What a great puzzle, with an impressive number of "lines." For once I knew most of the proper names, though perps were needed for "Wayward PINES" and RYNE Sandberg. Favorite clue/answer was "Improve, in some cases" for AGE. I guess we all improve one day at a time. Thanks for the thorough expo, C.C., as well as for some lovely photos.

Yes, I have read "Island of the Blue Dolphin" a number of times. It is part of our fourth grade curriculum which includes California history. It's a wonderful story. Sadly, however, the real woman upon whom the story is based died just seven weeks after being rescued and brought to the Mission in Santa Barbara.

Feel better soon, Fermatprime and Lemonade!

Enjoy the day!

Wilbur Charles said...

I should have noted Owen's excellent Haikus. Ditto for our anonymous contributor.

I too never saw the theme until I got here. Brains apparently don't improve with age.

I only get a xword like yesterday through persistence and a reluctance to Google. Not that G helped with EEL


Husker Gary said...

-Wow! After wrestling Pam’s wonderful cluing, it took a few heartbeats to see the incredible gimmick!
-PP&M – “I bet on the grey mare, I bet on the BAY, If I'd have bet on ol' Stewball, I'd be a free man today.”
-I learned here yesterday that MOGEN means star in Hebrew
-NORSEMEN beat that guy here from GENOA by centuries
-Travelocity, Trivago, etc. didn’t save us a cent on our D.C. trip
-Those NETS catch more shrimp when everyone’s else’s (2:15) boats are disabled
-I wonder if Pam knew of Art LINKLETTER
-In As You Like It, we read how man’s sixth AGE ends SANS teeth, SANS eyes, SANS taste, SANS everything. 
-TOOTS was my first Broadway entrepreneur
-Super Bowl LI BETS put $4.7B in the pool
-Some “ANTI’S” wore BANDIDT-like masks at USC
-The PIETA is now behind bullet-proof glass
-My cousin just returned from France. She said there was a 3hr WAIT at the Eiffel Tower and 7hrs at the Louvre. Disappointed, they moved on.
-Cutting 2,300 jobs at the STATE Dept. has been proposed
-What coud Travelocity do here?

Misty said...

Well, I got a fair amount of this puzzle before I had to start cheating and didn't get the theme until C.C.'s explanation. But I really enjoyed it, many thanks, Pam, and you too, C.C., for the helpful expo.

I got OPIE and knew Ron Howard played him when he was a little boy, but R_N_ stumped me, and RONNY just didn't occur to me because I've never heard him called that. Of course, I also didn't get the ungrammatical "The Way I ARE." Finally, I goofed by putting in ENYA instead of ANKA, even though I kept thinking "Enya wasn't around in the seventies, was she?". Not my smartest morning, or my smartest week, for that matter. I'll hope for a better on coming up next week.

Fermatprime, so sorry to hear you're still sick. Take good care of yourself. And you too, Lemonade--we miss you.

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

Big Easy said...

1A- I knew it would either be WILMA or YABBA DABBA DO. And then the puzzle went downhill from there. Just too many unknowns to complete and I had to leave, leaving a good portion of the East blank, which I would never have finished anyway. GENOA, HELEN, MAINE, didn't know which Salem & Portland was reference- New England or Oregon, STENTORS, TEMPEST, Wayward PINES, GALATIA,...etc.

Didn't know what the puzzle was about. It really made no sense to me, as I was trying to solve it and certainly wasn't concerned about the LINES. I wasn't IN STEP with this puzzle.

Spike for Hillary- in the polls but not in the states that counted. PITON- no use for those down here in the swamps.

Nothing would ever 'entice' me to ever use Travelocity (owned by Expedia) or Expedia again. I'm still battling them over some 'Resort fees' that somehow weren't listed when I booked (yes, I ALWAYS print everything out) but somehow showed up on line after I arrived and was forced to pay. It took me over six months to get my money back from Travelocity and am still waiting for Expedia.

Bobbi said...

I totally abhorred the misleading theme today - lumping three LINES with three WORDS or some other connection I really don't understand. Shows the editors' total lack of understanding of this beautiful form of poetry! Also- though I have fished in every nook and cranny of N. America, I wouldn't call a fishing guide a "charter captain". This was a unhappy three hour slog for me. Guess I'll go back to writing my haiku.

Anonymous said...

You obviously do not understand the delightful connection and word play. So sad.

TTP said...

I too did not see the connection of line to each of the three words in the starred clues until reading CC's notes. That made the puzzle all that much better.

Lots of rain here. Everything is so green. Including the weather map on the nightly news. More rain on the way.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. Nothing new to add so I will digress instead.

It is a beautiful day; temperature in the 70s, blue sky, etc. I suggested we hop in the car and take a scenic drive around the Palos Verdes peninsula. There are spectacular views of the LA coastline, the Manhattan Beach pier, etc. We had lunch at an outdoor bistro and split a sandwich, a coffee drink and a pastry. Then we meandered up to the top of Palos Verdes on a special road with even better views. A very pleasant afternoon.

I am exhausted after all the looking at scenery :>)

Time for a nap...

johnking1893 said...

Please click on Comments Section Abbrs (under Olio on blog main page) for some blog-specific terms.

Please Preview before you hit the Publish button to avoid typos and empty spaces.

Please limit your posts to 5 per day and cap each post length at about 20 lines in Preview mode.

No politics, no religion and no personal attacks.

PK. Did you read the last line? It would be nice to just have fun here. Suck it up. You lost. BIG TIME!

Bill G said...

Dear John,

I was having fun until you showed up. Are you our newly appointed Sergeant at Arms?

Yellowrocks said...

Google ate my afternoon blog, asking by me to register again. I closed down and tried again with a successful test, but did not repost. Dang! I lost motivation.

John, reread your last line. It is highly political, violating your own principles.

BobB said...

56A No Southern will buy "buns" as barbecue supply. BBQ is not grilling burgers in the backyard. Ribs, rubs, hogs, butt, pork but not buns.

PK said...

"John King", I have absolutely no idea what set you off. Do you have something against teenagers & proms? I didn't lose anything big time. Certainly not weight, altho if wishes were lo-cal, I'd be lighter. Don't get your knickers in a twist over nothing.

Yellowrocks said...

Bob, we are not all southerners. There are multiple meanings of barbecue. Here you would find buns. We experience words in different ways in different regions.I would love to sample your southern barbecue.

Yellowrocks said...

PS. In Australia they throw a "shrimp", actually a prawn, on the barbie.

CrossEyedDave said...

Well, I usually learn something from a difficult crossword,
but I am still no closer to learning how to compose Haiku...

What I did learn today, (from Dudley @ 5:45AM) was that
I am Never,Ever, going to hike
the entire Appalachian trail. (see between 3 and 4 minutes if you dare...)

Which is really a bummer for me,because I have hiked many parts the the Appalachian Trial, in many different states. The thought of doing the whole thing (if not in one shot)was something I always thought about.

But wait a sec, every time I walked the Appalachian, it was a White Blaze. That go pro knife edge trail was blazed blue! What's going on? are there different color trail markers on the Appalachian trail? (some research is in order...)

I thought I found out it was true with this website, but towards the end I could not tell if he was kidding or not...

I finally found out via this map
and numerous other sites, that the white blazed AT trailenters from the SW, and ends @ Mt Katahdin @ 5,267 feet. Theknife edge,blazedinblue, is a side spur. So it can still be said you walked the whole AT without having to do the Knife Edge (Whew!)

Michael said...

Dear John:

It's nice to chew through a 'crunchy' crossword -- and solve it! -- but sometimes we will never be on the constructors' wavelength, so all we can do is what we can, and keep on learning.

The alternative is to spend six or eight hours, macerating our brains in Samuel Adams Cogitation Fluid, and hope to recall that "Puppeteer Tony" has 'Sarg' for a last name.

TX Ms said...

Thank you in advance, C-E Dave, for my nightmare tonight - I'm not only deathly afraid of heights, but also extremely clumsy with no sense of balance!:>) But what beautiful scenery - thank you for finding that clip.

Bill G said...

I cooked a Costco ribeye steak on the BBQ. I just sampled a small piece. Wonderful! I have a tendency to overcook steaks somewhat. I think I got this one just about perfect. My brother gave us some filet mignon steaks for Christmas. They were tender but ribeye steaks have a better flavor I think.

I wish you guys coulda been here to go with us on the drive around Palos Verdes. Great views and lunch.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

Oh, my. I had to scroll back to figure out the ruckus and what John K meant. I caught the little aside PK put in.
A quick test - replace X w/ Y and see if it's still political. "Obama didn't show for the press' event, will the press cover him? Is no news good news?" Still works as an observation and light joke to me.
Apply the same to your comment, and, well,...
We've got, on average (for US & EU), ~75 swings around the Sun - lighten up mate.

Bob - What YR said re: buns. I'm a transplanted Yankee and grew up thinkin' BBQ meant what I now just call a cookout [burgers & dogs] 'cuz I now know what good blue-smoke Que is. <- link

C.C. So glad to hear your flowers made it thought the snow. Your seeds will be fine when the soil hits 70F.

CED - Um, OH HELL NO... I plan to make at least 72 solar orbits... :-)

Play tomorrow, -T

Abejo said...

Good Monday afternoon, folks. Thank you, Pam Klawitter, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

I worked hard on this puzzle on Sunday and Monday morning. Finally got it. Pretty tough.

The theme was outstanding, even though I only got part of the theme until coming here. I did not catch the line connection.

C.C: Mt KATAHDIN is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Very famous Mount to all hikers.

Sam ADAMS for 14A was a favorite answer to me. I love that beer.

Tried TOP FISHING GRADE before GUIDE became the obvious answer.

Edmund HILLARY versus the other HILLARY was a misdirection. Good clue.

Took me forever to get ALUMNA for 5D. I was looking for a mascot. Sometimes simple is better.

Have to run. Going to a Filipino Commandery meeting tonight. Silangan #93. I love the food those guys bring.

See you tomorrow (Tuesday).


( )

Picard said...

STENTORS had to be wrong so I agonized over this a full extra day before deciding I was done. I was wrong. I in fact had FIR. Not easy!

CALL before CHAT hung me up for awhile.

So did SISSY before SISTA.

Struggled for a long time to figure out how THREE LINES related to answers that were not exactly three words nor three syllables. Finally figured it out near the end, but TOP FISHING GUIDE still did not seem quite right. But I was wrong. It was right.

Some unknown names that probably will be forgotten. RONA, IAN as clued, LEONE as clued, HELEN as clued, PAUL I as clued.

Hand up for not knowing that MAINE mountain. It is a mile high, so that is a respectable mountain! Surprised it is not more well known.

I do read music every day but don't remember Ma non TANTO.

Thanks for explaining SHINTO, CC! I knew it was the dominant religion in Japan at the time of Pearl Harbor.