Apr 4, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Agnes Davidson & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: IM&CC - If you missed them in the NY Times, you can get their LA Times puzzle right here.

17A. Verizon invoice, e.g.: PHONE BILL

30A. Second wife of Henry VIII: ANNE BOLEYN

47A. Country divider that allows unrestricted travel: OPEN BORDER

11D. Molecular link with two pairs of electrons shared by two atoms: DOUBLE BOND

29D. "Button-Down Mind" comedian: BOB NEWHART

63A. Sensitive elbow area, and a literal hint to the circled letters: FUNNY BONE

Argyle here again. I sure hope you found the circles. There is no duplication in the order of the letters.


1. Complain and complain: CARP

5. Frolic in the field: ROMP

9. Searched for shells in the shallows: WADED

14. Where to find Java: ASIA

15. Governor Kasich's state: OHIO

16. Be a ham: EMOTE

19. Way to get there: ROUTE

20. Saint at a gate: PETER

21. Melt frost from, as a windshield: DE-ICE

23. Self-serve salad site: BAR

24. Old World Style sauce brand: RAGU

26. The "c" in a + b = c: TOTAL

28. Govt. agency that lends to start-ups: SBA. (Small Business Administration)

34. "It's __-brainer!": A NO

35. Humerus neighbor: ULNA

36. "__, black sheep ... ": BAA, BAA

37. Pierced ear parts: LOBES

39. Gives approval to: OKs

41. Horse's harrumph: SNORT

42. Consider carefully: PONDER

44. Coup d'__: ÉTAT

46. Opposite of SSW: NNE

49. Free app annoyances: ADS

50. __ Manor: "Batman" mansion: WAYNE. Stately I heard.

51. Mani go-with: PEDI. What is a decent price for the full works?

53. Sound of disdain: [BAH!]

55. Tot's reply to a taunt: DID SO

57. Shady retreat: ARBOR

61. Appliance maker: AMANA

65. Flat hat: BERET

66. Spring blossom: IRIS

Spring Rain over Wild Iris | Maria A. Bales©

67. Moniker: NAME

68. Perfumer Lauder: ESTÉE

69. Pinup Hayworth: RITA. A comely Rita Hayworth in a form-fitting negligee kneeling seductively on a bed made up in silk sheets.

70. Raised, as cattle: BRED


1. "Li'l Abner" creator Al: CAPP

2. Arthur with three Grand Slam singles titles: ASHE

3. Civil mayhem: RIOT

4. Bakery-café bread company: PANERA

5. Steal from: ROB

6. "Hmm, gotta think about that ... ": "OH, I DUNNO ... "

7. Eight furlongs: MILE

8. Well-mannered: POLITE

9. "Mom's gonna kill us!": "WE'RE TOAST!"

10. Latin "I love": AMO

12. Sundance's sweetie: ETTA. Etta Place was a companion of the American outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

13. Bambi, for one: DEER

18. Hurler's stat: ERA. (earned run average)

22. __ salad: COBB. Serving suggestion.

25. Guy's partner: GAL

27. Actor Alda: ALAN

28. Nosy one: SNOOP

31. Not wearing a thing: NAKED

32. Tall tales: YARNS

33. "Big" comics kid: NATE. I must have missed him.

34. Dog food brand: ALPO

35. Milk-souring warning number: USE BY DATE

38. Novelist Ferber: EDNA

40. "Hit the gas!": "STEP ON IT!"

43. Rice-A-__: RONI

45. "__ we alone?": ARE

48. Colorful timber tree: RED FIR. The name red fir derives from the color of the bark on old trees.

49. Online rent-a-room option: AIRBNB. It started out as AirBed & Breakfast.

52. Week segment: DAY

53. Yankee Ruth: BABE

54. Iowa college town: AMES

56. TomKat's daughter: SURI

58. Wild hog: BOAR

59. "I'll pick up the tab": "ON ME". "I've got dozens of friends, and the fun never ends ... That is as long as I'm buying" ~ Styx – Too Much Time on My Hands.

60. Oboe or bassoon: REED

62. Marriage announcement word: NÉE

64. CIA cousin: NSA. (No Such Agency)


55 comments: said...


Thanks to Irish Miss, C. C. and Santa!

Enjoyable puzzle. Did not know NATE or AIRBNB but otherwise a snap!

Still suffering with taxes. What a drag!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

{B+, B-, B-, C+.}

There once was a tourist from AMES
Went to London to look at the Thames
When told it was Thames
Said, "Maybe to thems,
But in English we call things their NAMES!"

The human elbow, it is well known,
Is where you find the FUNNY BONE.
But if you're gonna
Bump the ULNA
You'd best leave the HUMERUS alone!

The lovers were star-crossed, I fear.
One was a CARP, one was a DEER!
They met in a swamp
Where they had a ROMP --
With fins and antlers their kids looked queer!

There was an old virgin whose NAME was NATE
Decided 'twas time to marry a mate.
But NAKED was unable!
His GAL found a label
That his BONE was past its USE BY DATE!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, missed a twofer by just one day! Congrats, I.M. and C.C. My only SNAFU was RED OAK -- didn't last long. Oh, and I thought TomKat was a cartoon character; well, almost. D'oh!

Taxing day. Gotta run...

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Great Tuesday puzzle. Thanks CC, IM and Santa. Erased AIR Bed for AIR BNB, which is controversial here. Young adults are renting houses on AIR BNB for big parties that overwhelm neighborhoods with cars, noise, trash, and folks who would rather pee outside than in the bathroom. And worst of all (to the politicians), it is hard to collect sales and bed taxes on such arrangements. I also erased NNE and wrote it in 46A where it belongs.

I didn't know RED FIR, WAYNE Manor or SURI. I might remember red fir.

St. PETER appears in many jokes ("Three guys arrive at the Pearly Gates at the same time. St. Peter arrives and asks them...") and songs ("Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate that he'll just have to wait - I've just gotta have another cigarette").

I love all of BOB NEWHART's TV shows, but haven't read any of his books.

They just revamped the "USE BY / sell BY / best BY" date descriptions, but I don't remember the new definitions. Hope it adds some meaning to these nebulous terms.

thehondohurricane said...

Morning everyone,

CC & Agnes darn near did me in with modern day lingo, but for once wags did the job. 49A I figured was AD because ads are all over the place now, so why not in support of the Apps too? The crossing I for 51A & 49D was pure guess work. One of these days I'm going to have to join the modern electronics era.

I can't ever recall seeing an AMANA product for sale in a CT store. My understanding is that it is a very reliable product.

I too began with RED oak.

No circles, but there never are.

When the HH & H season arrives, Casey and I will be in the air conditioned family room watching baseball. Ordered Extra Innings this week, so will be able to watch a game of my choice. Hope the Giants play up to form, because they will be the first option.

Heavy rain today. Hope it will help to put the Damn drought in our rear view mirrors.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

Thanks IM&CC for a great puzzle! ANO Brainer that tickled my FUNNYBONE :)
Thanks Argyle for a great write up. The average price for Mani/PEDI around here is about $50 plus tip. I rarely get a mani- seems like a waste of $15 because it doesn't last long. So I usually do my own unless it's a special occasion. However, I gladly pay the $35 or so for a Pedi. With my back issues, it's almost impossible for me to paint my toenails. I do not like the way they look unpainted, especially during warm weather when I live in flip flops :)

No issues other than not being able to recall NATE and DOUBLEBOND but they were gotten via perps.

Another busy day. The last couple of days have been non stop; not even time for the blog Sun and Mon.

Have a wonderful day!

inanehiker said...

Quick run -- creative theme. I was thinking hmmm what are mixed bones until the reveal clue!

Congrats to IM and CC on two in two days!

Thanks Argyle!

Got the paper at the appropriate time today! YAY!

Husker Gary said...

-Nice job from Agnes, C.C. and Argyle!
-The Tudors on Netflix mostly showed ANNE NAKED. I was outraged!
-There are 24 ways to arrange B, O, N, E. 4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24
-Good homemade DEICER – Spray bottle with 1/3 water and 2/3 isopropyl alcohol
-A 17-yr-old girl in this class has 6 pierced earrings in each ear
-Yes kids, the chicken wing we will dissect also has an ULNA
-Everyone here will recognize - “As I PONDER weak and weary…”
-Rita was a great singer, dancer and actress in her 61 movies
-What a boy in this school breeds
-Horse racing’s triple crown distances are 10, 9.5 and 12 furlongs
-Most items with “Best if USED BY DATE” are still okay after that date, but milk…
-I made up a Power Point slide show of all the graduates for a reunion and asked my friend if I should put – Peggy Christiansen (NEE Hall) and she had never heard of the word NEE. Is that word very uncommon?

Yellowrocks said...

My, but you two ladies are prolific, CC and IM! Fine puzzle. The circles made the theme easy to spot. I never heard of NATE, but it was easy to wag from perps. No other unfamiliar fill or clues.
Our NJ state tree is the northern red oak. Oops, red fir was needed.
I've lost interest in nail polish,so I have my toenails trimmed and skin smoothed by the podiatrist for $10 with Medicare. It covers a diabetic check and incipient ingrown toenail care before it becomes a problem.
"PANERA Bread company might be for sale and Starbucks might be interested," says Business Journal.
I don't see many AMANA products, either, but AMANA often appears here.
My hand very often feels like I bumped my funny bone when I did not.
I enjoyed the romp today and your expo, Argyle.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Congrats to IM and C.C. on a fine puzzle.

A good Tuesday level, but solved without a hitch. Got the first circled foursome - ONEB - and saw that BONE would be an anagram. Finally got to FUNNY BONE. Wonder if BONAPARTE might have been a good clue here. :-)
ETTA - Saw a recent travelogue on "Globe Trekker" that showed where they holed up in Western Patagonia before eventually heading up to Bolivia. At the turn of the 20th century, that would have been a very isolated place.
Free app - I don't get them, but get plenty of ad annoyances elsewhere.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Wow! Two days in a row for our amazing constructors and corner friends. I don't get the NYT, and I don't know how to find the puzzle--gratis that is. Thanks, Irish Miss and CC for a nice ROMP this morning. My DH almost always orders a COBB salad if it's on the menu. Love the brilliantly witty BOB NEWHART, a Chicago native and all-around good guy.

Thanks, Argyle for the tour and the wonderful Iris piece.

Enjoy this day, rainy or otherwise.

Lemonade714 said...

I am amazed how well C.C. monitors her mentee's puzzles. This is a wonderful Tuesday that required some work and some thinking.

Natalie Dormer has landed many great parts while showing off her parts. In addition to the Tudors she was a central figure in Game of Thrones and on Sherlock cavorting in each.


MJ said...

Good day to all!

Fun puzzle today, but no circles at the Mensa site, so needed the reveal to see the theme. "Big" NATE was unknown, but easily perpped. Loved the alliteration of "Horse's harrumph" for SNORT. Thanks for the puzzle, Irish Miss and C.C., and thank you Argyle for a fine review.

Enjoy the day!

Tinbeni said...

Irish Miss & C.C. Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle.
Good Job on the write-up Argyle.

Fave was the 9-d answer WE'RE TOAST.

Off to donate blood ... I think this is my 300th pint today.


SwampCat said...

Wonderful and witty puzzle from IM and CC! Thanks. Argyle,you are always a treat to read.

Tin, I must ask: Pint of what ?? Oh, you mean blood. I was thinking of another kind of pint from you!

Owen, thanks for the chuckle. Loved the first one, especially.

Hungry Mother said...

Very straightforward today, not crunchy. The NYT puzzle more than made up for it.

Lucina said...

What a nice surprise today after my disappointment at not finding the NYT puzzle yesterday. Congratulations once again, IM & CC!

The broken BONES were scattered and like Sptiz, I saw the anagram at PHONEBILL. What fun and nothing to CAFRP about!

Argyle, here a mani-PEDI costs $30 but instead of just a mani, I have a "fill" which means acrylic powder applied and that costs $20 so my bill is usually $40 plus tip. And I usually wear red polish. I go every two weeks and that is my luxury for the month. The acrylic hardens well enough that I can do anything without breaking or chipping a nail but wear gloves for heavy cleaning. I'm sorry if that's TMI.

My refrigerator is an AMANA bought 17 years ago at Sears.

Thank you, Argyle; I enjoy your pics.

Have a gorgeous day, everyone! It's bright and sunny here.

Lucina said...

Oops. Nothing to CARP about.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Thanks so much for the kind words; I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the puzzle. It continues to surprise me that I forget so many C/A's from the submission date, acceptance date, and the publication date. Of course, some clues are either changed or tweaked by Rich, so that adds a little confusion, too.

Thanks, CC, for another fun collaboration and thanks, Argyle, for the recap.

Hondo @ 7:58 ~ I have an Amana dishwasher, microwave, and glass-top range, all of which have been trouble-free for 13 years. I can't say the same for my GE Profile refrigerator which has needed servicing at least 4 times. (The DW is so quiet I sometimes have to listen carefully to make sure it's running.)

Is anyone else enjoying "Feud" as much as I am? If even half of the story line is accurate, Ms. Davis and Ms. Crawford were boh forces to be reckoned with. Jessica Lange (Crawford) is very good but Susan Sarandon (Davis) is outstanding.

Have a great day.

Maci45 said...

I am still in the dark....why is the L.A. Times still putting ANONYMOUS as the creator of the puzzle?

psguy said...

In my LA Times print edition it's been credited to ATTENTION! Today and yesterday.

TTP said...

Good day all. Thank you Irish Miss, CC and Argyle.

Congrats again to Irish Miss and CC.

Fun little ROMP today. NATE was a total unknown.

Are we alone now ? I Think We're Alone Now

Hahtoolah (FLN), your "Yes, I know the subtle difference" comment spoke volumes.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

First off, kudos to IM - CC for a wonderful puzzle. Love it when one of our bloggers can get published with an xword puzzle. I keep saying that I will eventually try my hand at this ... maybe when I retire ...

Lots of familiar "solving" words but the "funny bone" theme - and the clue/solves that formed it - gave notice that this was not a "basic" puzzle.

I know they're a lot of golfers on this blog. I'm sure many of you recall this image of AMANA from the PGA Tour. George Archer - all 6'6" of him - was the first I think to don the AMANA embroidered golf cap. AMANA paid him $50 a round to wear it, and offered him to join their company's medical insurance plan. Now, most pro golfers can count on several tens or hundreds of thousands of $ to wear a logo cap. It's cheap advertising for the sponsor, especially when that player is seen on TV during and after a round (interview).

I'm not sure if this will tickle anyone's FUNNY BONE, but what the heck:

Though he really could not be much nicer,
Our friend Tin is a rascal; a "sly sir".
See, his latest high jinks
Are to take cubes from drinks.
So should we now call him the DE-ICER?

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, we'd used Archibald and Thurmond last week for NATE.
Owen!! C+??? B+ minimum.


CrossEyedDave said...


I stopped 1/2 way thru a post
to make a sandwich for lunch,
which required emptying the Dishwasher,
which led to moving laundry from the washer to the dryer.

When I got back, I was aghast that some Anon posted
"(The DW is so quiet I sometimes have to listen carefully to make sure it's running.)"
Hmm, rereading the entire post put things in perspective...

Did my confusion tickle your funnybone?

Also, not sure how to segway into the dysfunctional...

AnonymousPVX said...

A straightforward Tuesday puzzle, again appreciated that the theme/gimmick in no way affected the solve. Clever as well.

Northwest Runner said...

Jinx & team, pretty sure diary has a sell by date and generally remains usable afterwards. Meat has a use by (or freeze by) date. Packaged goods can have best by date .

Trubrit said...

Enjoyed todays puzzle, very clever theme, first timeI got it before I completed the CW.
Didn't get "tomkat's daughter' I had it as Nuri until I corrected 'didn't' to 'did so'.
Irish Miss, I too, enjoy Feud and agree Susan Sarandon is SO good.
Check NIS Nola tonight, Chelsea will be on again.

Thanks for an enjoyable crossword.

Ol' Man Keith said...

This is the second time in a row the LA Times has failed to credit the creators of a crossword. Agnes and C.C. were not given their due in today's paper. Instead, the editors ran the same place-holder word ("ATTENTION!") with no explanation as to why they won't give proper attribution.

Otherwise, this morning's challenge was a pleasant one - not at all difficult, but neither was it simple-minded.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I submit the Times owes apologies to our hard-working crossword creators.

Misty said...

Aaargghhh. Another day when the LA Times had ATTENTION! instead of the name of the constructor(s), so I didn't know that this was another delightful Irish Miss/ C.C. puzzle until coming to the blog. No problem with solving, this worked just beautifully and smoothly, but it's so much more fun to open the paper and say, wow! another Irish Miss/C.C. puzzle, and then enjoy the solving knowing they constructed it. Ol Man Keith, is there anything we can do to let the LA Times know they should fix this? I can't figure out who would need to be contacted about something like.

But the good news is that we did have circles and so got the funny BONEs without any problem. I too love BOB NEWHART, so fun to see him in the puzzle. Many, many thanks, Irish Miss and C.C., and please keep them coming--they are a joy!

Great pics, Santa!

So "Big Little Liars" ended yesterday. The LA Times predicts it will get some award nominations for Nicole Kidman, and maybe others in the cast. Guess I'll watch "Dancing with the Stars" tonight.

Have a great day, everybody!

Yellowrocks said...

My newspaper credited Agnes and CC, much to my delight. Could the lack of the authors' names be the fault of some local papers, rather than the LA Times?
Northwest Runner, whom are you blackmailing with selling that diary? LOL

Wilbur Charles said...

For the record IM and CC get credit on the TB Times. Printed version.

C-Moe, I liked your QOD 'lick today.

Does anyone recall when the iceman cammeth he'd sing
"Any ice today lady? Any ice today lady?

The rest is R rated.


Chairman Moe said...

WC @ 2:29 ---> was this what you were referring to? Doesn't seem "R" rated, though . . .

Glad you liked the 'lick


Chairman Moe said...

So, no politics, no religion and no personal attacks; are penis jokes are OK??!

Owen's last limerick and CED's Charlie Brown cartoon made me think of this old joke:

A man and a woman met at a bar. As they were continuing their 'small talk', he asked her, "what kind of guys are you into?" She said, "I really like men with tattoos."

He said, "I have one I think you'd like. In fact, it's on my penis!"

"Really?" she asked. "I gotta see this!"

So they went out to the alley behind the bar, and he willingly showed her his bashful member. And sure enough, there was the tattoo: PUN Y

Of course, she laughed! "Wow!" she said. "Admitting that you have a puny penis!"

He said, "But that's just part of it. Once it's excited, the tattoo reads:
P U N X S U T A W N E Y !"

BTW, I think his name was Phil . . .


Pat said...

What fun, C.C. and Irish Miss! Great expo. Argyle!

Didn't know WAYNE Mansion or DOUBLEBOND.

Since I live in Ohio I knew the governor's name.

Daughter uses AIRBNB so I'm familiar with that.

My Verizon PHONEBILL is on the counter, waiting to be paid.

Have a great Tuesday!


Lucina said...

Misty et al:
Our newspaper prints an e-mail address for the editor of each section and invites readers to contact him/her. Perhaps the LA Times has that feature, too. BTW, a friend sent me the headline series from this week's Times. Interesting reading, to say the least. Just a comment.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Amana used to imply Amish-built, high-quality appliances. Now they are run by Maytag, which is owned by Whirlpool, along with KitchenAid and JennAir. I bought bought one of their fridges several years ago and it was unrepairably broken within 5 years. I'll stick to LG for now.

Tin - I hope you don't have any ill effects from donating your 300th pint today. It might be better to spread it out over a few days at least. No wonder you are thirsty all the time. Seriously, thanks for donating. I always donated at every drive until I developed afib and started blood thinners. They don't want mine now.

Shorty said...

The variation on that joke with the tatto I heard involved a car crash victim, 2 different emergency room nurses and the events between his admission, when he was unconcious, and the next morning when he'd revived. The first reading of the tattoo was "Shorty". The complete version, though, was "Shorty's Automotive Restoration and Transmission Repair, Albuquerque, New Mexico"

BunnyM said...

My newspaper- The Cincinnati Enquirer- has an insert that they call the "Fun" section. Comics on one side and on the other are puzzles: sudoku, Jumble, Criptoquip, Bridge, an "Easy" CW and a "difficult" CW which is the LA Times puzzle (but they don't even tell you that) The CW constructor(s) is never given so I don't know who it is until I read the blog. I didn't know it was the LA Times until several years ago. While looking up an answer, I somehow stumbled onto the blog and the rest is history, lol :)

I have yet to find The NY Times puzzle available online without a subscription. Is there somewhere I can find it? I used to copy it from the newspaper at the library when I worked there. I suppose I could make a weekly trip and copy all of them at once. Sigh.... ;)

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh dear, what have I started...

Chairman Moe, just thinking about getting that tattoo
gives me the opposite reaction...

Thank goodness I didn't post the link
about where Tin's blood donation might wind up.

Jayce said...

Excellent puzzle. Nice theme. Of all the sparkling fill, I especially liked OH I DUNNO and WE'RE TOAST.

Every production of the drama of Henry VIII's time seems to depict ANNE BOLEYN in a different and unique way. It just happens LW and I watched the first episode of "Wolf Hall" on PBS very recently; Anne was depicted as somewhat plumpish and very condescendingly nasty.

Tinbeni said...

In 3 or 4 days ... someone who is having "an operation" here in the Tampa Bay area is going to be very lucky.

I'm A+ (A positive) ... and probably "5 Proof" ...

Ya gotta like a transfusion "with a kick," LOL


Lucina said...

I saw Wolf Hall, too, and the only character I liked was Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Wolsley although King Henry wasn't too bad.

CrossEyedDave said...

I think I took this vein
(pun intended)
because I really did not want to discuss
what was really on my mind.

(hmm, did I hear the sound of people hitting the Esc key all across the country?)

Yesterday,the link to a review of The Times Puzzle
collaboration by Deb Amlen included the following:

"the early week puzzle queen Zhouqin “C.C.” Burnikel,"

I'm sorry, but this one line offended me.
Is this supposed to mean CC's puzzles are easy?
I beg to differ!
CC has been giving me a run for my money from the get go!
(ok,ok, I stole the paper, what money, you know what I mean...)
And what about that recent Saturday Stumper!
CC's puzzles have been an extraordinary run of
every level of crossword solving ability!

But the above tirade makes me look at todays puzzle even closer.
(Perhaps there were too many gimmes, combined with one toughie.)
46a opposite of SSW?
romp and waded could have been clued harder.
20a saint at a gate?
melt ice from a windshield?
it's ---brainer! (oh comeon)
blankblank black sheep?
pierced ear parts?
Actor Alda?
Rice-a-blank (Tsk)
blank we alone?
week segment = day?
Yankee Ruth?

Don't get me wrong, I loved the puzzle.
& the theme was excellent,
molecular link between 2 pairs of electrons
got a rise out of me!
(did Rich add the shared by 2 atoms?)
(not necessary...)

& then, 55a did so could have been did to.
making the unknown TomKat's daughter Suri or Turi
(I wouldn't know..)

The best puzzles have a delicate balance
of tough, and easy clues. Making the solving experience
something to work for, yet not impossible.

Oh, and Irish Miss, I am still looking forward to that Times puzzle from yesterday.
I am going to ask my neighbors if i can go through their recyclables
to retrieve it...

CrossEyedDave said...

Dear CC & Irish Miss,

Sorry if the above rant/tirade went on too long...

It is just that the two of you
have made me passionate about Crossword Puzzles...


Ol' Man Keith said...

I sent an email to the LA Times asking for corrections and apologies. I don't know if we'll get an explanation, but my fingers are crossed.

~ Kf (OMK)

Yellowrocks said...

If some papers published the names of the authors of the puzzle correctly, where did they get those names? From the LAT, most likely. It would be wiser IMO to contact the paper which omitted the author's names.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Back to back (NYT/LAT) IM & CC plzs!?! TOTAL fun. Thanks you two for another ROMP in the grid. Thanks Argyle for the fun writeup (and confirming SURI and 'splainin' WTF a TomKat is).

I had a little problem getting started... EMOTE was my 1st tentative entry, then I thought of covalent BONDS and started counting blocks. Unlike CED, I thought some cluing crunchy enough to NOT get a solid perp-foothold at 1st. 'Course once I got going, I was soon done. [e.g. after Baseball pzl yesterday I went right to BB w/ Grand Slam in 2d].

WO: sAgaS b/f YARNS

Fav: PETER as clue'd. Three Guys get to Peter's gate...

{B+,A,B-,A} {cute; FUNNY joke}

Jinx - LOL, that's how I read Tin's donation schedule... 300/day!

HG - I've seen NEE b/f xwords but it wasn't until doing xwords that I understood it.

Crowd-sourcing here: I froze 1lb ground sirloin 1day after USE or Freeze BY DATE... Chunk the chuck?

SNORT == Horses Harrumph... :-)

C.Moe & CED - ya'll started it!!!
Two Winos are walking along a bridge and stop to pee in the river below...
Wino1: Damn, the water's cold.
Wino2: Yeah, and it's deep too.
[RIP Richard Pryor]

Cheers, -T

Shorty said...

Again proving that old jokes don't die, they just get recycled. The version of the pissing in the river joke involved a Texan and an Alaskan that were touring Colorado after hours. (Just go with it) .They'd had a few beers, and stopped on the Royal Gorge bridge to deal with the aftermath. The punch line is the same, but the worlds tallest bridge adds a little oomph.

Anonymous T said...

Shorty - so right! I heard it 1st from Pryor (Live in Concert or That N****'s Crazy?) who BOB NEWHART called "the seminal comedian of the last 50 years" [according to Wiki]; Pryor's delivery stuck w/ me.

Speaking of NEWHART - Bomb Guard on Dean Martin's show. Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Very late to the party today. I completed this puzzle on Across Lite on my IPad (and I had the circles) while holding my sleeping 10 day old grandson. Precious!
Then I was too busy to get here, but I do want to thank Agnes and C.C. for the ROMP and Argyle for the write-up.

Both Across Lite and my Canadian newspaper, which I just checked, properly credited Agnes and C.C.

Argyle said...

I believe it was the first episode of "Home Improvement" where Tim answered the phone, listens for a bit and then says, "And deep, too". I knew right then I would like the show!

Misty said...

Thank you, everybody, for the suggestions, but most of all--thank you, Ol' Man Keith, for contacting the LA Times to let them know about the problem. It may take a day or two before they fix it, but hopefully it will get done soon. I loved Agnes and C.C.'s puzzle so much this morning, and want to make their next one is clearly credited!

Has anyone been watching the program on the Bronte family (Walk the Invisible . . . something or other)? I finally finished it today, and it broke my heart. I didn't realize how early two of them died (in their 20s) after having worked so hard for their family with little chance to enjoy their future fame and reputation. A sad and tragic story.

I'd better watch "Dancing with the Stars" to cheer up!

Picard said...

Fun theme!

Remember, you can get the full puzzle with circles (and full credit to the constructors) here:

A speed run for me. But the cross of ANNE BOLEYN and NATE required a WAG.

Never heard the term TomKat nor of SURI. Apparently TomKat is no longer an item.

When I first moved to the San Francisco Bay Area I was amused to see that the cable cars really do have ads for Rice-A-RONI. But I have never actually tasted this supposed "treat". I get back there a couple of times a year and I think the ads are still there.