Apr 27, 2017

Thursday April 27th 2017 Neville Fogarty

Theme: Hash-Slinging - as the reveal tells us, the theme entries have the word ORDER reading upwards:

40D. Diner call ... and what the answer to each starred clue literally contains : ORDER UP!

2D. *One of a romantic dozen : RED ROSE

8D. *Neighborhood TV host? : FRED ROGERS. Here he is with a model of his bailiwick:

17D. *Computer network component : WIRED ROUTER. Routers were just plain routers until wireless routers came along.

26D. *Many a dorm accommodation : SHARED ROOM

This is a neat theme from Neville with the four "ORDER"s breaking at the same place in each two-word answer. The theme answers are all downs, as obviously you need to have the word reading upwards. The central 11 creates the blocky feeling with the two black squares top and bottom which are required. The grid must have been a little tricky to fill because there are six more helper squares in addition to those four. However, there's a lot of fresh fill here, nice work.

There were quite a few unknowns in here for me, but solid crosses made everything fall into place. Let's see what jumps out:


1. Letter from school : GRADE. Nice clue!

6. Tabloid fodder : AFFAIR

12. Pop singer Spektor : REGINA. Russian-born American singer-songwriter.

14. Safari guide's weapon : DART GUN

16. Saws with wisdom : ADAGES

17. Auburn University's avian battle cry : WAR EAGLE! Who knew? (Well, apart from Auburn alums). The mascot is a tiger.

18. Jewish ceremony for a newborn son : BRIS. Yikes.

19. Photographer's buy : TRIPOD

21. Elastic wood : YEW

22. __ fide : BONA

23. Four-time discus gold medalist : OERTER.  Al took the gold in four consecutive Olympic Games (from 1956 to 1968), the first track and field athlete to do so.

24. "The Gold-Bug" author : POE. This came courtesy of crosses, but I read the fascinating synopsis of the book here on Wiki. Now added to my reading list.

25. Admin. aides : ASSTS.

27. Bentley of "Ghost Rider" : WES. Nice looking chap. He had a bad heroin problem for a while but appears to have got that particular demon out of his system.

28. 1930s N.Y. Giants star Lefty : O'DOUL

30. Earn : GET

31. Pay attention to : HEED

33. Land mentioned in the spiritual "Go Down, Moses" : EGYPT

Go down, Moses,
Way down in Egypt's land
Tell old Pharaoh
Let my people go

34. 1959 Gidget player : SANDRA DEE.

36. Classic V-8 : T-BIRD. Cue The Beach Boys. Did Gidget drive a T-Bird?

38. What the nose knows : ODOR

39. "That's amazing!" : WOW!

42. Blow one's top : GO APE

43. Chum : BUD

44. Alarm : SCARE

46. Remote button : REC. RE and wait for the cross.

47. Ohio aviation city : DAYTON

50. Literary alter ego : HYDE. Dr. Jekyll's dark side in Robert Louis Stevenson's novella.

51. Comic strip outburst : ACK!

52. Matures : RIPENS

53. Treated with a pack : ICED

54. Nabisco chocolate treat : MALLOMAR. News to me. I must have walked past these things thousands of times in the store and never noticed them.

56. Extra number : ENCORE

58. Hose connections : SPIGOTS

59. Tottenham tint : COLOUR. North London soccer rivals of my club Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur play in white at home, blue on the road. We beat 'em 4-2 last weekend in the FA Cup semi-finals. Yay!

60. John of "Fuller House" : STAMOS

61. Gives a hand : HELPS


1. Source of party gifts : GRAB BAG

3. Versus : AGAINST

4. Tries to unearth : DIGS AT

5. Storm's dir. : E.N.E.

6. Learns new technology, say : ADAPTS

7. __ Islands: Danish archipelago : FAROE. Although part of Denmark, they have their own soccer association and as such enter the World Cup and European Championships independently. The players are all part-timers and they play their international fixtures in Sweden because there are no grass pitches on the islands.

9. __ crossroads : AT A

10. The Stooges frontman : IGGY POP. His "Lust for Life" was used as the theme to the movie "Trainspotting". Not for the weak of stomach.

11. Remove from consideration : RULE OUT

13. Regarding : AS TO

15. Banister post : NEWEL

20. Took another plunge? : RE-WED. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, for example.

29. Vat filler : DYE

32. Last part : END

33. Istanbul : Constantinople :: Tokyo : __ : EDO. Where Noh was performed.

34. Nurse : SIP. As one's drink. Cheers!

35. Extra purchase : ADD-ON

36. Boot reinforcements : TOECAPS

37. Like some e-readers : BACK-LIT

39. "Outstanding!" : WAY COOL!

41. Gardening tools : WEEDERS. I wasn't quite sure what one of these was, so I went to look:

42. Lab units : GRAMS

43. Way around the city : BYPASS

45. Chewing gum ingredient : CHICLE. Natural gum sourced from trees.

48. "We __ please" : AIM TO

49. Tiny bit of time: Abbr. : NSEC.

55. Airport near Citi Field: Abbr. : LGA. La Guardia in New York, a few miles from the Mets' ground in Flushing Meadow.

57. Masked drama : NOH. Japanese cultural staple dating back to the 14th century.

That's about it from me. Time to post the grid, and then a stroll down the Strip. I'm in Las Vegas for a convention.



OwenKL said...

FIR! The SW corner was particularly difficult, but had write-overs all over the grid. Saw the reveal before I'd examined the theme targets, but think I'd have seen them on my own.

THUNDERBIRD and EAGLE went to WAR with each other.
Each making jokes about the other one's mother!
"Yo Mama has gotten so stout
To find her feet takes a talon scout!"
"Oh yeah? Yo Mama hires out as a feather duster!"

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

ERUPT in the SW, and my refusal to take it out, almost led to a DNF. Finally came to my senses, and things fell into place. Whew! No, I didn't notice the theme...or the reveal. Thanx, Neville and Steve.

My WIREless ROUTER is an Orbi. Now I've got a super WiFi signal throughout the house, and even outside in the yard. The fire ants are ecstatic!

Chairman Moe said...

From late night / early this morning carryover from Weds puzzle:

Asked female hoopster:
"Would you wear some silk stockings?"

More on today later...

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Neville Fogarty, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

Started this last night from Cruciverb while watching Perry Mason. Finished this morning.

Great theme. I figured it out half way through and it did help me with several answers.


DAYTON was easy. My oldest daughter lives just south of Dayton. Also recently read a good book about the Wright Brothers, entitled "The Wright Brothers"

BY PASS reminds me of Indianapolis. I think it is faster to go straight through the city than take the BY PASS.

Helped my friend last night load his rental truck for his move to Iowa. Hard work but we had lots of help. I wish them luck.

Have to get ready to guard the crossing. See you tomorrow.


( )

inanehiker said...

Fun puzzle today - didn't get the theme until the reveal clue - I had noticed that they all had RED in them but didn't extend it to ORDER, Doh!

Favorite thing to do in Dayton is to go to the National Museum of the Air Force. It's free and so more detail and planes than the Air and Space Museum on the Washington Mall.

Off to work - thanks Steve and Neville!

inanehiker said...

prior post should have said "so MUCH more detail and planes to see" - what happens when I'm in a rush

Anonymous said...

I've been impressed by Al Oerter's career. According to the NYT obit on Al Oerter, each of his four (4!) Olympic gold medals were won "in each case he broke the Olympic record, beat the world-record holder, overcame an injury and was not the favorite to win."

billocohoes said...

Wondered about ACK until I remembered Bloom County's Bill the Cat coughing up a hairball$_35.JPG?set_id=880000500F

Yellowrocks said...

I found this easy except for two cells which I red lettered. I forgot to look for the theme, which the reveal would have made easy. I didn't know the R and W in OE-TER, _AR EAGLE, and
-I-ED ROUTER. Using ORDER would have revealed the R and the W would have come from an ABC RUN.These were the only unknowns. Too impatient, I guess.
At first I read dinner call for diner call. We used to call "Soup's on!" at home.
Alan is having an anxiety attack today, obsessing about his upcoming endoscopy procedure. I have to be careful not to have an anxiety attack of my own.
Our grounds are getting mulched today. Allergy alert!
I had a friend who loved MALLOMATRS. STAMOS was in many old sit-coms.
O'DOUL is ersatz beer around here. Alan can't mix alcohol with his meds.

Wilbur Charles said...

I too have to run. But, from AC Doyle:

What of the bow?
The bow was made in England:
Of YEW Wood
Of true wood
The wood of English bows
So men who are free
Love the old YEW tree
And the land where the YEW tree grows

WC. That's from The White Company - The Song of the Bow

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Feeling a little better and, at this moment, enjoying a respite from the cough from Hell! 👿

Enjoyed this offering and was totally in the dark on the theme until the reveal. I haven't heard of Mallomars in years but, then again, I don't pay attention to the supermarket's cookie aisle, either. Al Oerter was a gimme as was ACK, but I was thinking of Cathy saying it. I've never seen "Full House" or "Fuller House" but the handsome Mr. Stamos has been on "The Talk" a few times. Regina and War Eagle were unknowns but perps saved the day.

Thanks, Neville, for an enjoyable Thursday treat and thanks, Steve, for a nifty summary. Watch out for the "one-armed bandits!"

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Clever theme and great write-up by Steve. A few clues required sifting through the mental rolodex. Got chicle from perps. Berkely Breathed has restarted Bloom County and "ack" quickly came to mind. Thought "the Stooges" meant Moe and the crew but frontman did give me pause. JB2

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Started out extremely daunting, but then it gradually came together. Generally worked from the bottom up. had a little trouble parsing SANDRA DEE, but then recollection of the movie kicked in. Had toe tips before TOE CAPS. Lots of fresh fill but it may come at a price; one may not ever have heard of the word. As Steve said, 'many solid crosses.'
YEW - Remembered it from the original Robin Hood movie during making of long bows.
FAROE - came easily since it was the only Danish archipelago I could think of. Occasional cruise liners call at Torshavn, the Islands' capital.
BRIS - Classic MASH episode concerning one. In part, Father Mulcahy gets BRIS advice from the Jewish chaplain aboard the USS Essex (CV-9). But when they show the carrier at sea, transmitting, the hull number is 10, Which is the Yorktown. (The Yorktown is now moored at Charleston, SC as a museum ship.) But I digress.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I forgot to go back and look for the theme after filling the reveal. Might have helped since I was struggling with some of the theme answers. The last to fill was the NE. Didn't know Mr. ROGERS first name or FARROE. Learns new technology = ADAPTS seems off to me. IGGY POP? Really? Didn't know the Stooges was a musical group.

Didn't know OERTER, O'DOUL or WES. WIRED & WAR were slow to come.

EGYPT was a gimmee. Didn't have to sing much of the song which was a childhood favorite, sung very soulfully: "Let my peeee-pull goooo!"

Tottenham COLOUR: ESP. Tried Kindles before BACKLIT.

Thanks for an engrossing puzzle, Neville. ENCORE! Thanks, Steve, always interesting to get your Brit take and hear where you are traveling now.

YR: Poor Alan! I have anxiety attacks any time I hear the word "endoscopy". The procedure isn't bad. It's the overture and aftermath. The only benefit was I lost seven pounds with the last one and still can't make myself go back.

tawnya said...

Good Morning!!!

On this first-day-of-no-more-clinical-hours, I have finished Monday through Thursday puzzles and read the blogs for those days, as well. I may be productive today, but I may not - we will see where the day takes me. Lovely puzzle today, about perfect for a Thursday. I fill in about 75% easily then have to try really hard for the rest. Got stuck on a lot of the same stuff as everyone else. Thanks for the write up, Steve!

I have a vague memory of Mallomars in that I knew they existed but I don't believe I've ever had one or seen them in real life. Turns out they are seasonal so we will all have to wait until September to try them. They look pretty tasty!

Iggy Pop is still kicking!

Happy Thursday!


CanadianEh! said...

WOW, lots of fun today. Thanks Neville and Steve.
I required some red letter and Google help to finish today. I did get the theme which helped as well. (Don't give up Wade. Even CW veterans do not succeed in finishing every day.)
Perps were required for REGINA, BRIS. Unknowns included OERTR,ODOUL,MALLOMARS (not Oreos!)and FAROE. NOH was in the back of my memory from previous CWs. Different cluing for POE.

Moved from Gossip to AFFAIR, Pal to BUD. Like JB2, I was thinking of the Three Stooges!

Smiled at Tottenham COLOUR but not at ODOR. You too Steve??

YR, good thoughts for you and Alan. IM, hope the cough passes quickly.
Good to see you back, tawnya.

Off to enjoy another beautiful warm sunny day!

Anonymous said...

War Eagle!!! Loved to see the reference to Auburn University today. A great school with a loyal and dedicated following.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. For me, that was fairly hard, tricky and enjoyable. Crossing words were very helpful in places. Thanks Neville and Steve.

The Lone Ranger has come up several times lately. I've found a cable station with reruns. Gunsmoke too. It's all very dated and low-tech but strangely appealing...

Husker Gary said...

-You know when you’re on the wavelength of the constructor and sail through a puzzle? This wasn’t one of those for me.
-I SHARED ROOMS with lots of guys trying to beat the draft in the 60’s
-Is this a TRIPOD you encountered in P.E.?
-“Look at me, I’m SANDRA DEE, Lousy with virginity”, sang Rizzo
-Was Y2K the biggest, phony scare ever? What about N Korea today?
-ICE is the second step in R.I.C.E.
-The ENCORE for Mamma Mia was the entire company on stage singing. So did the audience.
-Some colleagues do not ADAPT and proudly resist new technology
-5 ADD-ONS to avoid
-The BYPASS around Wahoo, NE took 8 minutes off our drive to Lincoln
-Yikes, got to go eat lunch and come back and face Juniors in AP History

WikWak said...

@Steve: Would you be in Vegas for the NAB? I have been a few times and my brother goes every year and is there now.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Had one cheat/Google today for Tottenham tint; other than my struggle with the SE corner, my grid is pretty neat. I will give myself a GRADE of B+

I kept seeing RED in all of the starred clue answers, and never bothered to "look up" until the SE finally filled itself in, once COLOUR was discovered. Decent puzzle toughness for Thurs; thanks to constructor and commenter


45d would've been easier if I hadn't stuck with abets in 61a so long. Does anyone else remember this chewing gum brand? I no longer chew gum (since I'm too busy walking!) so not sure if it still exists

Wanted so badly to fit Chairman Moe into 10d but IGGY POP was just Fein! (Let's see who gets that reference ...)

Daily Haiku:

Fay Wray got irate
When planes started shooting. She
Saw King Kong GO APE

Daily Puzzle Limerick:

Can I share a secret? May I confide
That what I reveal will be kept inside?
See, I'm not who you think.
Here is the missing link:
Chairman Moe's the rebirth of Mister HYDE

WC TOOLS limerick (and I thought about using a rhyme scheme with 12a, but wanted to revert back to something more PG-like):

After birth, couple's son had his BRIS,
But just wait 'til you hear about this!!
The Mohel arrived drunk;
Then butchered baby's junk.
The young boy now resembles a Miss.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I almost TITT on Neville's challenge but I stuck with it. One lookup - OERTER helped me finish the east-side. Alas, I still FIW with lYE in my vat an O'lOUL at bat.* Oh well, it was fun. Thanks Neville.

Thanks Steve for the expo and the link to Poe's Gold-Bug - it's in the queue. BTW, I don't think you've past them all the time... MALLOMARs are, I understand, an East Coast treat. Thank you Colbert for learnin' me [tawnya - I vaguely recall that NPR episode too; thx.]

WOs: Siren b/f SCARE; REw/REC, ACH and 'one' ROSE due to brain-farts

Fav: 38a clue for sentimental reasons. FIL used to call a popular radio station in Monroe/Ruston La. and bellow out "Who, Knows What the Nose Knows?" They'd reply "Speak Beak." I was told it was popular w/ the locals. MIL, if you're reading... Love!
Runner up: BRIS. Can't not think of this... [Brooks]

{B} {net: cute}

Billo - like IM [glad to hear you're better!], I was thinkin' Cathy at ACK; tho I love me some Bill the Cat. <- your link

HG - Re: Y2K. No, guys like me [and our counterparts in India] worked our asses off to make sure every line of old-code compensated for a 2 digit date. I think it was "The World is Flat" where Friedman pointed out there wouldn't be IT out-sourcing to India if we'd me more future thinking in the '70s. Speaking of which... January 19, 2038 we run out of 32-unsigned bits from the epoch [1 Jan '70]. Y2K ENCORE. That's when I, like COBOL programmers in '99, cash in in retirement :-)

That's enough GRAB-assin' for now; play later. Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Well, I had to cheat on this one--in the northeast and the southwest. For some reason I didn't get the theme, which would have helped. But there were still lots of fun items in this puzzle, so, many thanks, Neville. I loved seeing FRED ROGERS, one of the great delights of my son's childhood, not just for him but for me too. And how great to see SANDRA DEE. Is she still alive, by any chance? I would love to have seen a picture of her. Thought of you, Steve, when I finally figured out that Tottenham tint.

Hope your cough get better soon, Irish Miss--so sorry to hear about it. And hope you and Alan get through your day okay, Yellowrocks.

Have a great day, everybody!

AnonymousPVX said...

A nice puzzle and I got the solve...except:

I have been into cars and classic cars forever, I'm now 64, and no one has ever referrred to a classic V8 as a TBird or vice versa. The TBird was a classic car, it had V8s along with a host of other cars.

Hungry Mother said...

Pretty easy for a Thursday. I didn't need the theme and ignored it after getting the reveal. I knew WAREAGLE from a Sugar Bowl I attended. I'm old enough to have enjoyed watching Al OERTER put the shot.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Got it, but only with some help in the SW corner. EEK (51A) held me up for the longest time. It was only while cheating to fix BACK LIT (from BOOK LIT, doh!) that I saw the need to change the common "Comic strip outburst" into the rarer ACK. That fixed everything.
I solved the theme (ORDER UP) fills early on - and appreciated Mr. Fogarty's artistry. Unfortunately, they had no bearing on my SW problem.

All in all, a fine pzl, with equally fine exposition from our Steve.

TTP said...

Nice puzzle Neville. Write up too Steve. Enjoyed lurking in on the comments as well.

Never tried Mallomars. My favorite way back when were Mallo Cups with the "Play Money" that you could save and redeem. Every once in awhile, you would get the $1.00 one or win a free Mallo Cup.

Saw Husker's remark about Y2K. Yeah, the media did go overboard with some of their doomsday predictions, but hand up for being one of the multitudes of IT professionals that made sure Y2K turned out to be a non-event. As solution providers, we started advising government and commercial customers years in advance which platforms could not be made Y2K compliant, and identified all applications and source code that would not be made Y2K capable.

We spent millions making our own internal applications Y2K compliant, and also had to take hundreds of legacy production applications out of service covering all aspects running a very large multinational business. Process re-engineering and solution redevelopment took years. I program managed a major piece of the internal effort nationally for the full last two years. I was so burnt out on Y2K that on the night of Dec 31st 1999 I attended the New Year's Eve party we had made reservations for, even though I was "on call".

I was pretty confident in the areas I had responsibility for, but none the less couched my bet by making our reservations at the golf club near our home, just in case. As a side note, my DW had the distinction of being the first golfer to hit a golf ball starting the year 2000 at the course. I prearranged that. She was so happy that we weren't staying home, and elated when she got to be the first one to tee it up !

Glad it all came off with nary a hitch !

oc4beach said...

TTP @ 2:56: I agree about Boyer Mallo Cups. For a short period they made a Peanut Butter Mallo Cup. The bottom half of the filling was peanut butter and the top was marshmallow. Really good. I inquired whether they were ever going to make them again and they said they didn't think so. You can get the effect by mashing a peanut butter cup and a mallo cup together, but wow, talk about a sugar overload.

Wilbur Charles said...

SW was a slog for me too. I'm surprised no one commented on DART GUN. I believe the intention is the dart guns are to anestheticize animals for tagging and tracking.

Giving Neville the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Owen, I laughed out loud. Steve always makes me laugh too. C-Moe has been hot lately too. What hath Wilbur wrought.

Speaking of.. and you can guess of what

The post gospel new testament is all about circumcision. I don't know how sharp those TOOLS were in those days.

Yes, You can tell I've finished "The Apostle" by Esch. That was a grind.


Tinbeni said...

WOW ... this was a tough test.
Put it down/picked it up 3 times to complete.

Fave today was 20-d, Took another plunge, RE-WED ... I did that once but it didn't last.
A DWI driver took her (and my unborn daughter) away from me 37 days later.

Guess that's why Gal-Pal and I never wed each other ... but it has been a wonderful
35 years together ... off and on. LOL

Needed ESP to GET: REGINA, WES, O'DOUL, complete unknowns, but the perps were strong.


PK said...

Tinbeni, how very sad to lose your wife & baby, but congrats on the long-lived relationship.

Bobby Darin said...

Misty @ 1:57 pm

Sadly, Sandra Dee died on February 20, 2005 (kidney disease) in Thousand Oaks, Ca. at age 62.

TTP said...

oc4beach, I don't recall ever having a Peanut Butter Mallo Cup. But after having to look up the correct spelling of Mallo, and perusing their website, I'm tempted to order some Mallo Cups.

Other favorites were Wise Potato Chips when they still left the overly browned ones in the bag, and Zesta crackers when they used to come in eight smaller packages in the box rather than the four larger packages that are the industry norm. Every once in awhile you would get the package that had the deeply browned edges. I loved those.

Anon-T, I'm sure you understand, but back in the '70's and into the early '80's, every bit and byte counted. Those two digits took up a lot of space :>)

Anonymous said...

And Bobby Darin died in 1973!

MJ said...

Tinbeni--How tragic to have lost your new bride and unborn daughter. So glad for you to have found a special person to share life with after your loss. Married or not, 35 years in a relationship is impressive. Best wishes to you and Gal-Pal for many more happy years together!

Big Easy said...

It was an easy fill except for the SW, filling ERUPT before GO APE, EEK before ACK (Cathy?), I never heard of MALLOMAR, and didn't really know STAMOS; but I did finish it correctly.

REGINA and BRIS were complete unknowns, perped. As for ORDER UP, I didn't notice until 40D was completed by the crosses. MOE, LARRY, SHEMP, or CURLY were the only 'Stooges' names I knew; IGGY POP is a name I'd heard but but I knew nothing about that person. All perps.

WAR EAGLE- a gimme for any fan in the SEC region. Auburn has three nicknames- TIGERS, PLAINSMEN, WAR EAGLES.

Chairman Moe said...

Several SEC players off the board so far in the NFL draft; two LSU "backs"; S Jamal Adams and RB Leonard Fournette. Coach O looked happy!

Geaux Tigers!

Steve said...

@Wik Wak - when NAB week starts, it's the only game in town. Insanely large, hotel rates go through the roof, I try to get in and out with minimum overnights. This week was 6:00AM Monday from LAX and 6:05AM today back home. Fun show, but a LOT of walking.

Anonymous T said...

D'oh - I forgot my * Re: O'DOUL - but I'm sure WC already knows that.

TTP - Yes, I'm well aware of the cost of core in the '70s and the engineering trade-off of bytes (back in the days when developers were engineers and dudes weren't just copying code from the Net!)

Steve/WikWak - I had to lookup NAB Show - National Association of Broadcasters. Ok.

C. Moe: {meh, cute, LO-F'in'-L! - very Nice}

Congrats Tawnya on a well deserved day off. What does the countdown-'till- graduation-clock say?

I'm likely the only one that confused SANDRA DEE w/ Sandy Duncan (I was goin' for it...) @34a. I was thinking of Scooby Doo and Duncan's Jekyll & HYDE episode. Ok, I'm a dolt, but thanks perps.

OK, Neville, I'm going to speak out against the retronym WIRED ROUTER. At some point (and leave your hot-spot out of this - that's a gateway!) they're all WIRED. ACK! now that that's of my chest... (And I got to use retronymn :-))

Tin - my goodness... My Toast to you and yours, past and present, at Sunset. Cheers Mate, -T

Misty said...

My goodness, so much sadness. Thank you, Bobby Darin for telling me about Sandra Dee's early death. And Tinbeni, what a sad story about your wife, but I'm so glad you've had a loving supportive relationship since then. Our lives--my goodness--happiness, sadness, all there.

CrossEyedDave said...

Very late to the party today,
as I was flying over France fighting 109's all day.

Anywho, in one of the map rollovers, I entertained the chaps while we were waiting
with excerpts from this puzzle. I.E.: tottenham tint=Colour, as most of the the guys I fly with are Brits...

Our leader came back with what I thought an appropriate addition to this Blog:

Argue with a dictionary?

CrossEyedDave said...

P.S.none of the Brits got the answer to the clue Tottenham Tint...

AnywhoWho, ACK! was very appropriate description of this puzzle!

SW Corner, 44a Alarm: Siren b/4 Scare, 61a:Claps b/4 helps.

Hmm, Oerter, Oerter, Oerter,
(Is there any way we can ban proper names from Crosswords?)
Sigh, I guess not. But there should be a rule that this kind of Natick is perpable,,,
(Which todays was, with the exception of maybe Faroe, which I happened to know...)
(Insert Jeopardy theme here...)

Irish Miss, There is no way to describe Full House,
as it had its funny, and serious moments, and was well worth watching.
Here is 10 minutes worth.
(Note, you must stick around for "flounder Tarts>"

Just some silliness about order up...

and, of course, What the fast food industry thinks of all this...

Anonymous T said...

CED - The Wendy's sign was that laugh I need to finish the day. Cheer, -T

Picard said...

I was sure OERTER was wrong, but I was wrong. Crazy to start a name with OE.

Hand up for only thinking of Larry, Moe and Curly with regard to Stooges. I also had heard of IGGY POP but had no idea he was one member of a band called the Stooges.

BRIS a gimme from my Jewish heritage. Glad not to have seen one.

As a child I enjoyed MALLOMARS as a special treat. They were always quite expensive. I did not realize they still existed.


Got the theme early which did help.

Tiger Paw said...

Great puzzle, loved everything about it and this is is now my favorite puzzle! Searching for more from Neville now. As an Auburn fan, WAR EAGLE was great to see. Filling in 29 Down "DYE", I thought of Auburn's football coach in the 80's, Pat DYE. Since Neville is a student at Kentucky, maybe we'll see C-A-T-S or Go Big Blue some day.